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Jungle Fever by slimfox



The man took her up to a tree branch and sat her down. He let go of the vine and sat next to her.

“Thank you for rescuing me,” Ninetales graciously thanked.

“Really no need to thank me. I just saw you were in danger and knew I had to help,” the man remarked modestly.

“In any case, I very much appreciate it,” she said. “The name’s Ninetales, you?”

“Well technically my name is Taylor, but I changed it to Tanz as I liked it better,” Tanz replied.

“Where did Tanz come from?” Ninetales asked.

“My mates gave me that name. Before I wedded them I was part of a group that came here to hunt for Tanzanite. They all ended up perishing in a cave in and I was left to fend for myself. That was when I met my future mates, they took me in and helped me survive in the jungle. They didn’t like the name Taylor and so called me Tanz since I was a tanzanite hunter. The name stuck with me so I changed it to my real name,” Tanz explained.

“So you were a gem hunter, what made you quit?” Ninetales asked.

“Part of the reason was because my whole team was gone, though the main reason was love. I didn’t have any family and my teammates were “help you to help themselves” sort of people, so when they showed me love and support I felt a real sense of belonging. I spent a year with them and we really bonded. When they asked me to marry them, I stripped naked and said yes,” Tanz told her. “I never regretted that decision.”

“I see, speaking of which, why were you and him looking at our campsite?” she asked.

“So you saw us, huh. Well, we wanted to see if you were poachers or researchers. If you were poachers, we would chase you out to keep the wildlife safe. If you were researchers, we would keep you safe from said wildlife. You were the latter so we’d keep you safe,” Tanz said. “Sorry if we unnerved you.”

“No not at all, I was merely curious,” Ninetales assured him.

“Hey, I know we just met but you want to come back to my place? My wife would really love some female company,” Tanz asked her.

“Sure, besides I need a rest after that marathon I did,” she chuckled.

“Alright then,” Tanz replied, picking her up.

He grabbed a vine from the tree and backed up to the trunk. He then performed a running start before leaping off the branch. Ninetales held on tight as he started swinging from vine to vine. She wanted to scream out in enjoyment but she didn’t want to potentially startle him. So instead she laughed causing him to smile brightly.

Eventually they reached his place which was a grand treehouse that had a deck built around it. Ninetales was impressed and could hardly believe they built it without the convenience of power tools. When they reached the deck Tanz put her down and she dusted herself off. A naked female leafeon came out of the house.

“Oh Tanz, welcome home. The others aren’t back yet,” Leafeon said before realizing he was with someone. “Who’s this?”

“I’m Ninetales, and you must be Tanz’s mate,” Ninetales said as she gave Leafeon a firm handshake.

“My how polite, you must really be seri-” Leafeon then got interjected by Tanz who realized the conclusion she drawed.

“No Leafeon, she’s just a friend. I saved her from a pack of mightyena,” Tanz corrected.

“Oh, but didn’t we say that if we brang hom-” Leafeon began before getting interrupted once more.

“We did, but I brought her thinking you’d like another female to talk to,” Tanz explained.

“Is that so? Oh well how sweet!” Leafeon commented. “Sorry about that, I just got excited.”

The couple then laughed it off before kissing each other and inviting Ninetales to come in. Leafeon brushed the whole thing off as nothing in an attempt to not make her suspect anything. It was fruitless as Ninetales had already figured out what she was talking about but acted clueless as to not make them feel embarrassed.

The three sat down at a dining table as Ninetales inquired about it.

“Oh we built this so we wouldn’t have to eat off the floor. Actually, we built everything in here so we wouldn’t have to do it off the floor,” Leafeon explained.

By everything she was referring to the bed, the couch, a small table, six chairs, and the aforementioned dining table. There was also a chest in the room however it wasn’t made of forest material.

“If you made everything then what’s that chest all about?” Ninetales asked suspiciously.

“There’s a story behind that one,” Leafeon explained. “It also explains how we got here, care to hear?”

Ninetales nodded in excitement. She finally would find out what the meaning of anthros in the jungle was all about.

“About three years ago me and my husband Flareon were on a ship heading to Vatalia on a work trip. However, a storm hit en route and caused our boat to shipwreck on the coast of Florana. We were the only ones who survived the ordeal since everyone else either went overboard or were crushed by heavy objects that were flung around,” Leafeon explained. “After coming to and getting our bearings we started salvaging parts of the ship to make a treehouse for us to take shelter in. We also gathered any other useful items we could find in the wreck and put them in that chest over there.”

“Why did you end up staying here?” Ninetales questioned.

“We originally hadn’t planned to as Flareon wanted to get back to his work as quick as possible. He was quite the workaholic due to having such a demanding job and became flustered if he didn’t work a day. As you can imagine being here was just killing him. I actually wanted him to take this opportunity to relax since he had become rather stressed to the point where he had passed out cold twice from it. I eventually convinced him to relax and he actually started enjoying himself and over the course of a week I saw his attitude change. He was much more lax and he became more romantic; our love for each other ended up rekindling as we spent more time with one another. One day, Flareon asked me if we could stay here permanently and I was all for it as I was quite the naturist and dreamed of living in the wild. Once it was decided we tore off our clothes and went for a nude swing in the trees,” Leafeon recapped.

“I never knew Flareon was a workaholic,” Tanz commented.

“Don’t tell him, but the reason he never brought it up was because he’s quite ashamed of it and didn’t want to relive it. Though, neither did I as I almost divorced him because of it. I understood he was trying to make money to support us but he hardly had time for me as he worked non stop. I swear, if we hadn’t shipwrecked I would have had to leave him,” Leafeon said tearing up as Tanz consoled her.

Realizing she had hit a sore spot Ninetales decided to change the subject, “Sooooo, how did additional mates come up?”

Leafeon wiped away her tears and recomposed herself, “Well, one day I told Flareon I was finding it lonely with no one else to talk to and asked him if he’d be interested in bringing on multiple mates. He was hesitant but I told him it was alright since, living in a jungle, we weren’t restricted by any marriage rules and could have as many mates as we wanted. He eventually agreed and said he didn’t care about what genders they were and neither did I. Eventually we ended up with Tanz, who you probably already know about and Jolteon, who we took in after he got rejected by his tribe while on our trip to the nearby jungles of Renko.”

“So there’s four of you,” Ninetales responded.

“Yep, though we’re looking for a fifth to complete our family,” Leafeon remarked.

Leafeon then asked Ninetales if she had any more questions which she said she didn’t. Truthfully though, she did want to learn about how they lived but wanted time to take in all the information she was just given.

The two asked Ninetales to tell them about herself which she did. She also explained her group’s reason for coming to Florana. As she was telling them she stopped mid sentence realizing someone was radioing her. She picked up the radio and heard Tyrantrum’s voice on the other end. He told her he was just checking in on her and said Lycanroc’s swelling was going down. She was elated by the news and told Tyrantrum she was doing fine and not to worry. He was glad to hear it and told her to stay safe as he hung up.

“Who was that?” Leafeon asked.

“Tyrantrum, our guide. He let me borrow his radio so I could go exploring on my own,” Ninetales explained. “I was just about to radio him to give him an update.”

“What were you looking for? I can help you find it if you want,” Tanz offered.

“Actually you were the thing I was looking for. I got so intrigued by people living in the jungle that I just had to know more about you,” Ninetales said.

Tanz laughed, “Hah, I guess rescuing you was really convenient then!”

Leafeon then asked Ninetales if she wanted to get out of those clothes for a while. She did as all the running she had done made her sweaty and she wanted to air out her damp clothes. Before doing that though she decided to take off her necklace first, only to discover that it was gone.

She then started to panic much to the confusion of Tanz and Leafeon. She frantically explained that it was a gift from her late grandmother who had it made before her passing. They sat her down and calmly told her to retrace her steps. It didn’t take her long to realize that it came off during her cartwheel. Immediately visions of the mightyena running over it and destroying it entered her mind causing her to start sobbing. Tanz offered to take her to it but through her tears told him she had no idea where she dropped it as the mightyena had distracted her and she couldn’t get a good look at her surroundings. As Tanz looked on despondently he heard someone land on their deck.

“Hey Leafie, I found something for you!” an ecstatic naked jolteon said as he entered the house.

Ninetales turned her head towards him and was shocked to see him holding her necklace.

“My necklace!” she cried confusing Jolteon.

She went up to him and studied her necklace, it was barely nicked and hardly dirty. She gave Jolteon a hug before snatching her necklace from him. Jolteon just stood there stunned, he looked over to Tanz who explained the situation to him.

Ninetales happily put on her necklace and held it tight. As she did she then realized her manners.

“Oh, I’m dreadfully sorry about snatching that from you. I was just so excited to have it back that I forgot my manners. Anyhow, thanks for finding it. I’m Ninetales by the way,” she said politely while shaking his hand.

“Jolteon, I’m, uh, glad that you got reunited with it,” Jolteon replied as he folded his arms and looked away glumly.

“What’s wrong?” Tanz asked him while gingerly rubbing his lover’s back.

“I wanted to give Leafeon that as a present similar to how you and Flareon each got her a gemstone. I couldn’t find any stones so I tried looking for something else when I stumbled upon the necklace thinking it would be perfect for her,” Jolteon remarked. “I didn’t want you two to think of me as a lesser male because I didn’t give her anything.”

“You didn’t have to get her a gift to prove yourself,” Tanz explained. “We still would have treated you as an equal male, besides you made her happy by helping out her friend.”

Tanz then embraced Jolteon as he kissed him on the lips causing Jolteon to blush.

“I understand that, it’s just that being seen as equal is a bit foreign to me. It will take some time before I get used to the concept,” Jolteon blushed.

“Take all the time you need,” Tanz said, hugging him once more.

Now in a much better mood Ninetales could finally strip. She took off her necklace and Leafeon gave her a little box to put it in. She took off her jacket and then her shirt and laid them on the couch. She then took off her boots and socks along with her pants and laid them aside. Now in her lingerie she took off her panties first exposing her pussy to everyone before unclipping her bra and letting her boobs fly out. Everyone stared with interest at her naked body as she was all too glad to show it off.

Ninetales then went outside and leaned against the railing and pleasantly sighed as she felt a cool breeze brush against her naked body.

“Feel nice?” Jolteon asked her.

“It sure does,” Ninetales remarked. “I always wanted to know what a breeze from up high felt like on my naked body.”

She waltzed back inside and sat on her chair relaxing back. Leafeon asked if she could feel her breasts which she agreed to. Soon Leafeon was fondling them trying to get a good feel for them. Her fondling had turned Ninetales on who asked if they could go further.

Leafeon stopped fondling Ninetales’ breasts as the latter stood up. She then laid in the middle of the bed motioning Leafeon to come over before motioning the boys to come over as well. Ninetales had Leafeon get on all fours next to her and told her to start licking her nipple. She did so and as she licked Tanz came behind her and inserted his cock right into her pussy. Jolteon then inserted his cock into Tanz and the two began thrusting in unison. Ninetales started moaning as her nipple got stimulated by Leafeon’s licking. She also was moaning as she felt Tanz’s throbbing cock thrust into her. Tanz and Jolteon also cried out as their cocks got stimulated by all the thrusting.

Soon the boys reached their orgasims and cried out in sheer delight as they dumped their cum into the holes they penetrated. Leafeon stopped licking to scream out as she felt Tanz’s milk flow into her. Ninetales just sat back and started rubbing her pussy as she watched the flushed jungle dwellers cry out with passion.

Once the cum was finished Jolteon and Tanz pulled out their cocks and sighed heavily.

“So now that we got the warm up done, ready for the real rounds to begin,” Leafeon asked Ninetales coyly.

“You bet!” Ninetales exclaimed.

Suddenly she heard a voice causing her to jump.

“What’s going on here?” the voice called.

She turned towards the direction of the sound and saw a naked flareon standing in the doorway looking right at them.

“Flareon, welcome home,” Leafeon said to him.

Flareon walked over to the bed and glared at Ninetales who gazed back at his one visible eye. Ninetales was nervous about what he was going to say. Then, his eye softened and he gave her a warm smile.

“I know you, you’re from the campsite me and Tanz looked over. Never would have guessed you would end up here,” Flareon commented in a low voice.

“It’s a long story,” Ninetales responded.

“Well anyway, I see that you guys are about to have sex. Could I join you? Or is this a private party?” Flareon asked.

“Sure you can join! Besides, you are a mate of theirs,” Ninetales said.

With that Flareon crawled onto the bed as Leafeon started passionately kissing him starting up the orgy.

-To Be Continued-

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