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Jungle Fever by slimfox



While on their walk, Ninetales caught Lycanroc and Tyrantrum up on what happened and who Flareon and the others were. They were quite impressed by what she told them and amazed by how well they adapted to jungle life. Tyrantrum then remarked that Ninetales could probably adapt quite well to the jungle which she just laughed off.

They took them to many parts of the jungle and at each location they encountered many different species and even some rare ones that Lycanroc eagerly took notes on. They kept on hiking until Leafeon decided that they should stop for today as it would be turning to dusk soon. Lycanroc was quite pleased with today’s progress as he had filled out thirty pages in his pad.

Since they were doing the tour the jungle dwellers offered to get supper for them. Before they had a chance to ask what it would be, Flareon, Jolteon, and Tanz left them as Leafeon guided them to a nearby river. Upon reaching the river she told the others to get comfortable while they waited for her mates to arrive. Eventually they showed up carrying spears and Tanz had a fish net over his shoulder. They told them they were going to spearfish their dinner for tonight. The three boys, with a spear each, then waded into the river. Jolteon then stopped and looked back.

“We brought you your spear, Leafie,” Jolteon said to her, noticing she was still ashore.

“I know, I just feel like taking it easy for today. I know you boys can handle it,” Leafeon replied.

Jolteon nodded as he went over to the others. Ninetales asked Leafeon how good she was at spearfishing. She told her she was second best after Jolteon and had actually learned all her skillset from him. She then added in a murmur that Tanz was the worst, though he could still catch fish. Leafeon usually never phrased it like that and only said it that way thinking Ninetales would phrase the question to her like that.

As the guys caught the fish they took it off their spears and tossed it to Leafeon who placed it in the net. Lycanroc watched the guys fish and felt like trying it as well. He called out to them asking if he could join in, they agreed and Leafeon handed him her spear. Lycanroc waded into the river as Jolteon motioned him over.

“Alright, the key to catching the fish is to stand absolutely still and observe them. Once you see an opening, swifty go in and spear them,” Jolteon advised.

Lycanroc nodded in understanding and stood still as he watched the fish. He wasn’t quite sure what opening he should look for but figured he would know when he saw it. Trying to concentrate was the biggest challenge as Lycanroc found the rushing water and fish dancing around his feet to be quite distracting. However, he was able to concentrate long enough to notice an opening, in which a fish was in the water completely stationary. He quickly thrusted his spear down and speared it dead centre.

Lycanroc cried out in excitement as he lifted up his spear and proudly showed off his catch. Everyone congratulated him on his catch and Jolteon even high-fived him. He then made his way back to shore and took the fish off the spear before handing it to Leafeon who put it in the net. Lycanroc then put down the spear and sat down.

“Not going in for another catch?” Leafeon asked him.

“Yeah, I did what I wanted to do and I’ll let the pros handle the rest,” Lycanroc responded.

Once a few more fish were caught Jolteon and the others came ashore and asked the others to collect some firewood so they could start cooking the fish. Leafeon and Tyrantrum helped Ninetales and Lycanroc pick out good pieces of firewood and each of them returned with a bundle of it. Once the campfire was built up Tanz rubbed two sticks together and started the fire. Ninetales asked how they were going to cook the fish until she noticed the jungle dwellers put the fish on long sharp branches and started cooking the fish four at a time. She asked where they got them from and Tanz explained him and his husbands gathered them while they gathered the firewood.

Lycanroc noticed that the fish cooking was taking quite a while so he asked if he could help. They agreed and put a fish on a stick for him to cook. Lycanroc had never cooked a fish before but figured it couldn’t be too hard. He ended up burning the fish much to their chagrin and politely told him that they would do the cooking. Once the fish were all cooked and eaten up Flareon and the others escorted them back to their campsite and wished them goodnight and would see them in the morning.

The three of them were quite tired, so they all called it an early night and went to bed still with their clothes off. While Tyrantrum and Lycanroc found it easy to fall asleep, all the excitement Ninetales went through that day had made her unable to get to sleep. She then realized how she could cure herself of that. Quietly she made her way over to the mens’ tent and opened the door. Once inside she shook Lycanroc’s shoulder as he yawned and rubbed his eyes open.

“Follow me,” she whispered.

Lycanroc followed her outside and into her tent. After she closed the door behind them she asked Lycanroc if he could do a quickie with her so she could fall asleep. Lycanroc was hesitant as he didn’t want to wake Tyrantrum up but Ninetales assured him they wouldn’t so long as they stayed mute. Lycanroc wasn’t sure what she meant but Ninetales said to just follow her lead.

As he licked her pussy in order to lube it she started to moan, however she was only making the mouth movements of the moan and made no noise. Lycanroc, now fully understanding what to do, inserted his cock into her and as he stimulated it performed the silent moans. Soon Lycanroc hit his orgasim and as he poured his milk into her he clenched up his face trying to refrain from crying out. Ninetales also did the same as she felt his milk enter her. Eventually the cum ended and Lycanroc pulled out without so much as a sigh. The two looked at each other flushed, they then smiled at a job well done. Ninetales took out a towel from her suitcase and wet it with some water from her water bottle before handing it to Lycanroc to clean his dick with. Once he was finished he handed it back to her and wished her goodnight before leaving the tent. After Ninetales had cleaned off her privates she went back to bed as well, this time being able to fall asleep without any issues.

For the remainder of the trip, Flareon and his mates escorted them around the jungle as Lycanroc took notes. Despite what Flareon had told them, Ninetales and Lycanroc decided to put on some clothes, wanting to give nudity a break. Tyrantrum on the other hand remained naked and never touched clothing at all. Lycanroc asked him why one day.

“Well you see, I’m a nudist at heart. I pounce at every opportunity to be naked!” Tyrantrum enthusiastically explained to him.

On their final day Ninetales and Lycanroc decided to ditch their clothing, wanting to be naked with their new friends one last time. After they finished their final expedition Leafeon took Ninetales to her treehouse so she could grab her things as well as give her a present. She opened the chest and rummaged through it.

“I hope we’ll see each other again, but if we don’t I want you to have this,” Leafeon said as she pulled out a rose gold pearl necklace.

Ninetales was shocked, rose gold pearls were incredibly rare and only found in Florana. She told her that she couldn’t take something so rare but Leafeon was adamant on it.

“I have no use for something like this, I just made it since I found so many of them. I know when I give this to you that you’ll treasure it and keep it close to you like you do your necklace,” Leafeon insisted.

Ninetales put it on alongside her necklace and held it close, “I will.”

The next day, when everything was packed, Ninetales and the others waved to the jungle dwellers who had come to see them off. As they walked away Ninetales kept on waving until they were out of sight.

While on the boat ride back Ninetales glumly looked out the window as Florana got further and further away. Lycanroc looked over at her and gently rubbed her hand.

“Don’t be sad, M’lady. I know you’ll see them again, maybe another cause will come up that you can fund. Or you could even plan a trip there yourself, I’m sure Tyrantrum will take you,” Lycanroc said comforting her.

Ninetales put her free hand over Lycanroc’s hand and kissed him on the lips causing him to blush intensely.

“Thanks for trying to cheer me up, you’re such a gentleman. That reminds me, I wanted to ask you if you’d be interested in going out with me one night,” Ninetales asked him elegantly.

“R-r-really?!” Lycanroc responded tongue tied.

“Of course, just from the way you’ve been acting I can tell you’re my type and I want to get to know you more. So are you up for that?” Ninetales asked him urbanely.

“Y-yes!” Lycanroc exclaimed blushing bright red.

Ninetales chuckled as she put her arm around him as he did the same. The two then cuddled together as they watched Florana disappear into the distance.

-The End-

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