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Jungle Fever by slimfox



Back at the campsite, Lycanroc was resting in a folding lawn chair as he elevated his foot on a crate. Tyrantrum had bandaged an ice pack to it so he wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it in place. Speaking of the aforementioned, he was sitting next to him in his own chair. He had taken off his boots and socks in order to rest his feet after the hike they did. He had also taken off his shirt as well claiming he wanted to air out his chest though Lycanroc figured it was because he just liked being shirtless. Regardless, the two of them sat silently under the shade of the jungle canopy.

“Hey Tyrantrum, can I ask you something?” Lycanroc asked breaking the silence.

“Hm, sure,” Tyrantrum replied stretching out as he put his arms behind his head.

“Do you think I’m pushing Ninetales away with my overly polite attitude?” Lycanroc posed.

“I don’t think so, I think she finds it kind of charming,” Tyrantrum replied.

“I only ask because Ninetales isn’t like any other aristocrats I met. Sure she’s well mannered, but she also has a wild side to her. I’m not sure how to act around her. Do I act like a gentleman or will she find me too formal? Do I act carefree or will she find me too zany? I’m not sure…” Lycanroc sighed.

“I think you’re acting just fine, besides she would have told you if she was uncomfortable,” Tyrantrum assured him.

“Yeah, but she’s the first girl I found myself drawn to and I don’t want to risk losing her,” Lycanroc replied.

Tyrantrum got out of his chair and patted Lycanroc’s shoulder, “Don’t worry about it dude, if you fret about it you’ll end up losing her. Just keep doing what you're doing and see how it goes. Even if you lose her, it’s not the end. Sure it will be painful but you’ll find love again.”

“Yeah you’re right,” Lycanroc said blushing.

“That said, I got a feeling things will work out fine. After all, I watched you two interact and I can feel some chemistry between ya,” Tyrantrum said winking.

Tyrantrum then checked on his foot, the swelling had completely gone down and so decided to take off the ice pack. He asked Lycanroc to try and walk on it. He did as instructed as Tyrantrum observed him. He asked him how it felt.

“Pretty good, still a bit sore but at least I can walk on it,” Lycanroc told him.

“Good, just keep walking on it and you’ll be good as new,” Tyrantrum remarked.

Lycanroc sat back in his chair as Tyrantrum did the same. Lycanroc then looked over to him and wanted to say something but was too afraid to. Tyrantrum noticed this and told him to say what was on his mind.

“I wanted to ask you what having sex with a guy feels like,” Lycanroc asked.

“It feels pretty great. Getting enveloped by raw male energy, feeling the soothing sensation of velvety smooth cum flow into you, putting your body parts against someone else with the same body parts, it’s quite the satisfying feeling. Why do you ask?” Tyrantrum asked curiously.

“Well you see, I always wanted to know what it felt like and kind of wanted to try it. Since we were alone I was wondering…” Lycanroc responded as his voice drifted off.

“If we could have sex? Sure, since your ankle’s better,” Tyrantrum said much to Lycanroc’s shock and awe.

Tyrantrum stood up and undid his belt buckle before dropping his pants and boxers. He took them off and discarded them and then stood in front of Lycanroc completely naked with a semi erect cock.

“Well?” he asked, looking at him.

Nervously Lycanroc stood up and took off his shirt. Eventually he completely disrobed and stood next to Tyrantrum stark naked. Despite seeing Tyrantrum naked before he felt kind of awkward seeing him like this, though it was probably from the fact that he was about to have sex with this guy. Tyrantrum went behind him and crossed his arms around his waist. He then started playing with Lycanroc’s privates causing him to start giggling. Tyrantrum then stopped as Lycanroc calmed back down.

“Could you go easy on me? This is my first time after all,” Lycanroc asked with pleading eyes.

“Of course, just a kiss and a cum dump in the butt each,” Tyrantrum told him.

He then gently turned Lycanroc around and the two locked lips. Despite Tyrantrum’s gruff appearance he had incredibly soft lips which made Lycanroc enjoy the kiss more. As they kissed the two embraced each other and began rubbing their cocks together. After a few more minutes of smooching they broke the kiss and Tyrantrum asked him to get on the ground on all fours.

Lycanroc did as instructed as Tyrantrum began licking his butthole in order to lube it. He actually preferred to have sex unlubed but since Lycanroc was delicate, both physically and emotionally, he didn’t want to risk scaring him. Once Lycanroc’s hole was thoroughly wet Tyrantrum carefully inserted his cock into him and began gently thrusting. He told Lycanroc to take mental notes and to tell him if he was going too rough. Lycanroc said he could pick up the pace a bit and so he went a bit faster. As Tyrantrum thrusted he started moaning as he stimulated his cock. Lycanroc could feel his cock throb within his hole, it had quite a nice, inviting pulse to it. As Tyrantrum could feel his orgasim come on he told Lycanroc to brace for his cum. Soon he hit it and cried out as he poured his mating milk into Lycanroc’s insides. Lycanroc could feel the milk enter into his body and gave off satisfied whimpers as it warmed him up. Once all the cum was inside him Tyrantrum took out cock and sighed heavily as cum leaked out of Lycanroc’s butt.

After Lycanroc had a chance to recompose himself they swapped positions. Lycanroc licked Tyrantrum’s hole to lube it before sticking his cock in and thrusting. As Lycanroc thrusted Tyrantrum gave him compliments and when Lycanroc started moaning as his cock got stimulated he did as well as he felt Lycanroc’s cock throb within him. Eventually Lycanroc hit his orgasim and cried passionately as he cummed into Tyrantrum who gave off content moans.

When Lycanroc had finished he took his cock out of Tyrantrum who rolled over onto his back.

“How was that?” Tyrantrum asked.

“I-I actually kind of enjoyed that, thanks for doing that for me,” Lycanroc said rubbing his neck shyly.

“No problem,” Tyrantrum replied.

“Um, do you think I could also lick your nipples?” Lycanroc asked blushing.

“Sure, might as well make the most of our nudity,” Tyrantrum chuckled.

Lycanroc laid next to Tyrantrum and began licking one of his nipples with his tongue causing Tyrantrum to shiver. He then started rubbing Lycanroc’s head as he watched him lick away.

Meanwhile back at the treehouse the orgy was still continuing. Ninetales laid on the bed as Flareon thrusted his cock into her pussy, while on the floor Jolteon was licking Leafeon’s pussy as Tanz thrusted his cock into him. The sounds of moaning filled the room as sexual parts got stimulated. As Flareon thrusted his throbbing cock into Ninetales he started licking her nipple causing her to quiver. He then leaned over and softly kissed her forehead as he neared his climax. He finally reached it and cried out as he poured his cum into her. Ninetales also cried out as she felt the cum flow into her body.

After that had happened Leafeon had reached her orgasim and was spraying her glory juice all over Jolteon’s face and into his mouth. Tanz had also reached his orgasim and cried out as his liquid went down into Jolteon who blushed with satisfaction.

Once the men had emptied, they removed their cocks before sighing heavily. Ninetales then fully laid on the bed as Leafeon got on top of her. The two of them then started rubbing their clits together as they moaned out in enjoyment. Jolteon watched the two as he rubbed Leafeon’s juice off his face. That was until Tanz and Flareon came over and started licking it off their mate. After the juice was cleaned off Flareon started kissing Jolteon before moving on to Tanz. Tanz then kissed Jolteon in return as Flareon got on all fours.

“Come on my loves, let’s have some guy time. I’ll take the middle,” he called motioning them over.

Tanz sat on the floor in front of Flareon and spread his legs open as Flareon started to suck his cock. Tanz sighed with pleasure, Flareon’s soft lips and soothing saliva felt nice on his swollen cock. As Flareon was doing that, Jolteon came up behind and inserted his cock into Flareon’s ass before beginning to thrust. Jolteon and Tanz soon started moaning as their cocks got stimulated as the latter started caressing Flareon’s hair.

The girls were enjoying their time together too. After enough clit touching and a breasts grope from Ninetales, the two had reached their orgasims and squealed out together as they soaked each others’ pussy with their juices. The boys weren’t far behind as soon Tanz was yelling out as he poured his cum down into Flareon’s throat, who had no trouble swallowing it all down. Jolteon later joined him as he blasted fresh cum down inside of Flareon, who started pinching his right nipple out of enjoyment.

Once all the orgasims had finished, the girls removed their sticky pussies from each other as Flareon removed his mouth and Jolteon his cock. Flareon then noticed Tanz was in a bit of pain and asked him if he was alright. Tanz said his cock ached, not having put so much strain on it before but claimed he was fine for one more round.

The final round of which consisted of Tanz thrusting his cock into Ninetales’ ass as she sucked Flareon’s member. Meanwhile Jolteon licked her pussy as Leafeon sucked his cock. Soon Tanz hit his climax and cried out in agony as he poured cum into Ninetales who was gulping down the cum of the howling Flareon. Ninetales then took her mouth out as she had to scream as she sprayed her juice into Jolteon’s awaiting mouth. He also had to stop licking in order to cry out as he shot his cum into Leafeon’s mouth who drank it all up.

Eventually all the orgasims finished and everyone removed their parts from whatever was holding them. Tanz removed his cock and started moaning in pain as his bright, red, swollen cock throbbed profusely. Everyone looked at him worriedly as tears welled up in his eyes. He then limped over to the bed and flopped in the middle of it. His cock ached badly and every throb hurt. Flareon and Jolteon sat next to him and rubbed his back as Leafeon rubbed his head. Ninetales looked on and immediately felt full of guilt and regret.

“I’m so sorry about all this, I should of never have gotten naked as I just get way too frisky,” Ninetales sincerely apologized.

“It’s alright dear, it’s just that Tanz never strained his cock this much before as our sessions aren’t as wild or as long as the one we just did. I’m sure after he rests up he’ll be back to normal, though if we decide to rough it up in the future we’ll make sure that he goes easy on himself,” Leafeon explained while comforting Ninetales.

An hour went by and sure enough Tanz did feel better, he was still sore but wasn’t in agony anymore and was happily licking Flareon’s erect cock with Jolteon on the bed. As they did that Leafeon was telling Ninetales about how she and her husbands lived in the jungle. They only lived on a diet of fruits, vegetables, and fish and grew the former two in their own garden to prevent taking it from the ferals. They had also discussed the idea of starting trades with some tribes from Renko as they wanted jewelry and since gems were abundant in Florana they were open to the idea of making jewelry in trade for items. They were still talking it over but were leaning towards going for it.

Once Leafeon had answered all Ninetales’ questions and the boys had finished their thing, Ninetales told them it was time for her to leave. However, before she got to her clothes Flareon called her.

“You know Ninetales, I think you’re the kind of person we’ve been looking for as our fifth mate. You’re kind, polite, and are quite comfortable naked, qualities we’re looking for in a mate. We’d be honored if you would be our fifth and final mate, of course the decision is ultimately yours,” Flareon offered her.

Ninetales took a deep breath before saying her peace, “Look, I really like you guys but I can’t be your mate, not under my current circumstances. See, I’m quite happy with the life I live and have many responsibilities that I simply can’t throw away. I want to do good things for the world and I can’t do them living wild. I’m sorry but I have to turn you down.”

“We understand,” Tanz told her. “Besides you seemed quite happy telling us about your life and we could never make you that happy.”

Ninetales felt a burden lift off her chest. She was nervous about turning them down as she didn’t want to upset them. So she was quite relieved hearing that they understood. Flareon then told her that after she got ready he would take her back but she had other ideas.

“If you don’t mind I would actually like to remain naked and show you guys to the others,” Ninetales suggested.

“Whatever you want, we’ll keep your clothes here for safe keeping.” Leafeon said.

“Thank you, I think I’ll get them before I leave the jungle since I have three spare outfits back at the camp,” Ninetales said as she put on her necklace. “That said, I will put this on!”

She rejoined the other outside as Flareon picked her up. The four jungle dwellers each grabbed a vine and performed a running start before swinging off. Ninetales had never experienced this in the nude before but soon took a liking to it.

At the camp Lycanroc and Tyrantrum were sitting in their chairs still in the nude. They then noticed four figures swing towards them and got up to get a better look. Ninetales waved at them as they got closer, surprising the both of them. Flareon and his mates then let go of the vines as they jumped off and onto the ground. Flareon then put down Ninetales as she greeted the boys.

“Guys I would like you to meet my new friends, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon, and Tanz. Everyone this is Lycanroc and Tyrantrum,” she introduced.

“Hah, so there were people living in the jungle. Hard to believe that in my five years I never saw you,” Tyrantrum uttered.

“Well the jungle is quite large, though we did see you but never introduced ourselves seeing as you managed your groups quite well and didn’t need us to help you out,” Flareon complimented.

He then noticed Tyrantrum’s package and went in for a closer look. He then started fondling it as Tanz and Jolteon went over and admired his sexy pecs before touching them and feeling them up. Tyrantrum just stood there as they touched him, he wasn’t weirded out by it, rather he actually was enjoying being surrounded and touched by naked men.

“Don’t mind us, it’s just that we’ve never seen a body like yours before,” Jolteon commented which Tyrantrum had no objection to.

Leafeon laughed as she watched the scene unfold in front of her as she was quite enjoying her men swoon over Tyrantrum. While that was going on Lycanroc was looking over Ninetales’ naked body.

“Um, Ninetales, why are you naked?” Lycanroc asked her.

“Likewise,” she said looking at Lycanroc’s nude body.

“It’s a long story I’d rather keep private,” Lycanroc said blushing.

After the guys had finished swooning Tyrantrum, Tanz told Lycanroc what Ninetales had said and wanted to see how much research they did. Lycanroc grabbed his pad and showed him what he had done. Tanz flipped through the pad and was quite impressed by his notes. Lycanroc remarked that he had wanted to do more but had to stop due to an injury. He also said he had to revisit a place since no ferals showed up.

“You know, I think we can help you get some information on these ferals. Being around them for so long has gotten us pretty used to knowing where to track them down,” Tanz remarked.

Lycanroc was quite ecstatic to hear that and asked Tyrantrum if they could do it right now. He agreed and told them to go get their clothes on, however Flareon interjected and said that wouldn’t be necessary.

“It’s much better if you don’t wear clothes in the jungle, not only for personal reasons but it makes you stand out less and less likely to attract predators. Speaking of which, leave those to us, we know how to deal with them,” Flareon said.

Tyrantrum was hesitant but agreed after reasoning that since they lived in the jungle they would be experts in handling predators. Once everything was a go ahead Lycanroc grabbed his bag and put his pen and pad inside while also putting in a radio and stun gun per Tyrantrum’s request just in case. After he had packed everything Flareon led the naked party into the jungle.

-To Be Continued-

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