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My True Tribe by slimfox


Story Notes:

All the anthro Pokemon in these stories have humanoid hands, feet, genitals, and nipples. 

A New Start

The sun was high in the sky as a group of loincloth wearing men walked through the jungle on the hunt. Some were equipped with long, sharp spears, while others were equipped with gun-esque weapons that shot out sharp rocks laced with poison.


Tack, the youngest of the men at twenty, was having trouble keeping up with the others due to his weak calves.


“Hurry up already!” Falco, a tall, muscular man ordered.


“I’m trying,” Tack panted. “It’s just my calves are hurting.”


Falco forcefully grabbed his arm and yanked the hair over his left eye up so he could get a good look at his face.


“Listen, I’m not getting in shit again for your inability to keep up!” he hissed. “You will follow swiftly behind me without argument.”


Meanwhile, within the trees, a pair of eyes glared at them.


“I’m not even sure why I have to be here,” Tack replied. “I’m an awful hunter.”


“Because you are expected to be here!” Falco retorted, shoving him away.


The two continued on walking as the eyes watching them disappeared. Later on, Falco gave Tack a warning.


“Be careful, this is where a spotter said he saw Pokémen at,” he informed.


“Pokémen?” Tack asked.


“They’re Pokémon, but they look like humans. They have the same capabilities and intelligence as us,” Falco explained. “If you see any, kill them.”


“W-why?” Tack asked, a bit astonished.


“They’re too dangerous to be kept alive considering what they are capable of,” Falco answered.


“What if they’re docile?” Tack questioned. “Surely if they have all our capabilities, they’ll be more reasonable and approachable than regular Pokémon.”


Falco punched him square in the chest, almost causing the wind to get knocked out of him.


“Imbecile!” he yelled. “Pokémon are dangerous creatures no matter what they look like! Having them be human just makes things worse!”


He punched Tack’s shoulder for good measure before turning away.


“You’re fucking hopeless!” he declared. “No wonder no one likes you. Now shut your trap and get moving!”


Tack rubbed his shoulder as he followed behind Falco. The conversation had clearly affected him as he never said a word to Tack after. Eventually, Tack’s calves started to pain intensely and he began slowing down. He called for Falco to wait up, but he kept on walking, ignoring his plea. It wasn’t long before Tack had to stop to rest, completely alone in the jungle.


As he rubbed his sore legs, he heard footsteps from behind him. He swiftly turned around and saw a Raichu, but it wasn’t a regular Raichu. He had the head and tail of a Raichu, but his body was humanoid and had human genitals and nipples as well as a small mohawk. He was a Pokéman!


Tack nervously took out his gun and aimed it at Raichu, who looked at him frightened. Tack poised his index finger on the trigger as Raichu stared at him motionless. He looked at the scared creature and shut his eyes in pain. Raichu prepared for impact, but was surprised to see Tack lower his gun and throw it away.


“I can’t,” Tack told him, tearing up. “You don’t deserve to go like that. I’m sorry for scaring you.”


He fully expected Raichu to go on the attack, instead, he went up to him and patted his shoulder. He was the same height as him.


“It’s alright, buddy,” he grinned. “I can’t really fault you for following your fellow human’s beliefs.”


Tack jumped back.


“Y-you guys can speak English?” he asked.


“Of course we can,” Raichu replied. “We’re fluent in both English and our native tongue.”


“So you can communicate with us!” Tack remarked. “I had a feeling you could.”


“We can, but we just keep to ourselves since, well, you know,” Raichu explained, rubbing his neck.


“Yeah, there’s far too many people like Falco out there,” Tack sighed.


“Speaking of him, what the hell’s his deal?” Raichu asked, slightly miffed. “I’ve watched you guys conversing about us and he treated you like shit.”


“It’s because I’m weak and soft hearted. My calves aren’t as strong as everyone else’s and I exhaust easily. I also can’t bring myself to kill anyone even if I tried,” Tack explained. “They’re all like that. The chief even suggested I let him cut off my parts.”


Raichu cringed and asked to see them. Tack complied and lifted up the flap on his loincloth. His genitals were average size and had a small amount of pubic hair on top.


“I think they’re really nice,” Raichu complimented, feeling up his sac.


Tack blushed, “I know, but no one else thinks so.”


He put his flap down and turned away.


“Anyway, I should catch up with everyone else,” Tack told him.


He was about to leave when Raichu put his hand on his shoulder.


“Will they really mind if you’re gone?” he asked.


“Probably not. If anything, it’ll just make things easier on them,” Tack replied.


“Why don’t you come to my tribe’s base with me?” Raichu suggested. “I think after all that, you could use a break.”


Tack wasn’t sure, “Will your kind want me there?”


“I believe so,” Raichu assured.


Figuring he had nothing to lose, Tack decided to trust Raichu and follow him. They arrived at a small camp where a few other Pokémen were hanging around. Tack didn’t have time to look at them though as a muscular Tauros stood in front of them intimidatingly.




He spoke in the native tongue Raichu mentioned earlier. Tack didn’t understand a lick of it and tensed up a bit.


Raichu nudged his shoulder with his elbow.


“I got this,” he whispered.




Tauros looked over Tack’s hair.


“Right, he is the one he mentioned,” he said. “Sorry about that. Please, make yourself at home.”


He moved out of the way to reveal a large campfire with an Appletun, Ambipom, Jolteon, and Mudsdale around it. Ambipom and Jolteon were around the same figure as Raichu, Appletun was slightly pudgy in the stomach area, and Mudsdale was muscular like Tauros, except he seemed to be a head taller than him. He also had a rather long cock and sac on him.


As Tack approached them, Raichu pulled off his loincloth.


“As you can tell, we’re a bit of a nudist tribe, so you need to be nude like us,” he explained, tossing it away. “Then again, your loincloth was just a flap to cover your genitals, so it’s not really that different.”


Tack was a bit uneasy being nude around them. Not only did he not know them, but he was afraid of his genitals not being up to snuff.


“くそー、あなたはええ、ベイビーに素敵なコックを手に入れました!” Ambipom remarked, pointing his tail hand at Tack’s package.


Tack blushed and covered his genitals, much to Ambipom’s confusion.


“No, no, no, he was complimenting you on your genitals,” Raichu told him.


“Oh!” Tack gasped, removing his hands. “Sorry about that.”


“兄弟、怒らないでください。彼は私たちの言語に慣れていません.” Raichu told Ambipom.


He then looked at the others, “私たちは自分たちの言語と英語を交互に使うことを知っていますが、今のところ英語を話すことができますか。彼は少し緊張していて、私は逃げたくありません.”


They all nodded in agreement.


“You’ll be able to understand them now,” Raichu told Tack.


“Thanks, but I don’t want to strain you guys by forcing you to speak English,” Tack replied.


“Don’t worry about it, baby,” Ambipom told him. “We alternate between languages freely here. Ergo, we have no problem speaking English for long periods of time.”


Raichu sat Tack down by the fire as Ambipom wrapped a tail around him.


“Hopefully this makes you feel a bit comfortable,” he remarked.


Appletun, who was chowing down next to a stack of apples, handed one to Tack.


“Here, take this as well,” he meekly offered.


Tack thanked him for the apple and took a bite out of it. It was incredibly juicy. It was hard for him to admit, but he was already starting to feel more at ease with these guys than his own tribe.


As they sat peacefully around the fire, Tack introduced himself to the others as they introduced themselves to him. Afterwards, Raichu explained more about them.


“We’re a nomadic tribe, who go from place to place without any sort of proper base,” he told him. “Not that food’s ever a problem as we stick to fruit and fish, which is plentiful.”


“Isn’t it troublesome not having a constant place to call home?” Tack asked.


“You get used to it after a while,” Tauros responded. “Besides, you start to refer to the ones you travel with as home.”


“What?” Tack questioned, finding the concept foreign.


“No matter where we are, we’re always home when we’re together,” Appletun piped up.


“A band of naked males standing against the elements!” Jolteon excitedly added.


Mudsdale nodded, “That’s right!”


“You guys must be really close, then,” Tack sighed. “I wish my tribe upholded those values.”


“I know, Terrakion told us about it,” Tauros commented.


“Who’s Terrakion?” Tack inquired.


“He’s our leader, who is currently gathering right now,” Raichu expounded. “Truth be told, he was looking over you the past few days after watching you get harassed by your tribe mates.”


Tack was spooked, “H-he was?”


“Yeah, he told us if we ever come across you to bring you back here,” Appletun said. “Figured you could use a break from your tribe.”


“I really appreciate the gesture,” Tack said. “I figured you guys weren’t as bad as Falco said.”


Tauros glared at him, “Are you implying you had doubts?”


He held up his fist as Tack flinched, he knew what was coming next. Suddenly, he felt Tauros’ fist playfully jab his arm.


“Nah, I’m glad you thought highly of us, considering where you come from,” he laughed.


As Tack sheepishly chuckled, Ambipom unwrapped his tail from around him and started groping at his crotch.


“You know, that reminds me, I’ve always been wanting to see a human in action,” he smirked. “Mind showing us a good time?”


Tack was caught off guard by the request, “Y-you sure?”


“Of course!” Raichu beamed. “Sex is how we bond with each other!”


Tack started rubbing his nipples as Ambipom kept groping his crotch.


“I’ve been horny for a while now, so why not!” he replied.


All the Pokémen cheered as Raichu had Tack get on all fours. He then began lapping at his hole in order to lube it. Mudsdale kneeled down in front of Tack and pointed towards his erected cock.


“You want me to suck it?” Tack asked.


“That’s right,” Mudsdale succinctly remarked.


With it tapping his nose, Tack smirked as he put the long cock in his mouth. He was only able to fit it halfway in and was a bit worried that Mudsdale would try to force it all in, but he seemed satisfied with what he’d done. As Tack began sucking, Raichu had finished lubing up his butt. He slipped his cock into the wet hole and started thrusting into him.


Loud moans were soon heard from the camp as Mudsdale and Raichu’s cocks got stimulated. The other men looked on with intrigue as they masturbated along. Tack was in complete elation, he was enjoying himself more than he ever had been with his human companions.


All of a sudden, Raichu felt a quivering in his cock and it wasn’t long before he was crying out as he poured his cum down into Tack’s ass. Mudsdale presently joined in as his creamy cum filled up Tack’s mouth. Due to the sheer size of his genitals, he came a lot, but Tack was a trooper and drank the cum like it was water.


The cum ended shortly and the two Pokémen pulled out as cum dripped out of Tack’s holes. As Tack licked his lips to get the cum off, Ambipom came over to him.


“That was amazing, baby!” he exclaimed, patting his back. “Let’s see how you please a male, now.”


He got Tack to lay on the ground as he positioned himself on top of his erected cock. While Tack started thrusting, Ambipom waved over Appletun and Jolteon with his tail hands. The two got on their knees and started licking Tack’s nipples, causing the human to quiver.


While that was happening, Tauros kneeled in front of Raichu’s sticky cock and began sucking on it.


兄さん、私のチンポはまだ敏感です!” Raichu cringed.


“I know, I’m just cleaning it,” Tauros chuckled.


Mudsdale kneeled behind Raichu and began licking his butt. Seeing as he was sandwiched between two muscular men, Raichu just shrugged and accepted the situation.


Over with the other group, Tack’s entire body turned red as he moaned from the stimulation in his cock and nipples. Ambipom was getting turned on by this and was rubbing his nipples with his hands as he masturbated with one of his tail hands.


Soon, Tack reached his orgasm. Cries of sheer delight emerged from his mouth as he blasted his nectar up into Ambipom’s ass. At the same time, Ambipom had reached his orgasm and was howling out as cum splattered all over his tail hand and Tack’s red body. Noticing the free to take cum, Appletun and Jolteon moved on from Tack’s nipples and began licking the cum off his body.


Tack panted hard as his cock squirted the last bit of cum out. Ambipom sighed and lifted his butt off his cock as cum poured out on top of it. Appletun and Jolteon swiftly claimed the soaking cock and began licking it clean of all the cum. Tack cringed for his cock was still sensitive, but at the same time, enjoyed the feeling of their warm tongues rolling over his dick.


They finished their cleaning and Tack sat up. Mudsdale tapped his shoulder and gave him a carved out coconut full of water, which he drank up.


“I really needed that,” he told the big guy, rubbing his muscular chest.


Mudsdale didn’t say anything and merely smiled.


Seeing as he already did anal and oral, the Pokémen decided to put Tack into a “secondary” role. Tauros laid on the ground as Appletun sat on his cock. While Appletun moved his butt up and down Tauros’ cock while he masturbated, the latter wriggled his toes as Raichu and Tack sat in front of his feet. They each lifted up a foot and began licking it. Tack had never licked a foot before, but just felt a strange urge to jump in there and do it.


While that was going on, Mudsdale was sucking on Jolteon’s cock as Ambipom thrusting into his butt. The latter two were leaning over his body passionately making out.


Back with the other group, moans of pure lust were going on as cocks were getting steadily stimulated. Tack and Raichu were happily licking away at Tauros’ feet and sucking on his toes. His feet had a tough yet smooth surface to them. They were also very well kept. Before long, Tauros let out a triumphant roar as cum splattered out of Appletun’s rump. Appletun soon cried out himself as he splat his cum all over Tauros’ face and body.


As Tack finished off Tauros’ foot, he looked over to the others and saw Ambipom and Jolteon crying out as they injected their loads into Mudsdale, who took it all in without any hesitation.


Even after all that, they still continued with the orgy. Raichu explained having grand orgies was common for them, and told Tack he could tap out at any time. However, Tack stuck it out, much to the others’ surprise and elation.


As it turned evening, Tack laid on the ground cumming as the others cummed on him, all with a large smile on his face. When the cum was done, he stood up as Raichu and Appletun licked his cum soaked body. Suddenly, they heard a foot stomp on the ground.


Tack looked ahead and saw a Terrakion. Similar to Mudsdale, he had a muscular build, long genitals, feet and hands double everyone else’s size, and was a head taller. However, he had large pecs compared to Mudsdale’s less defined ones. He also had a fist marking on his right arm.


“I see you’re making our guest feel right at home,” he said in a relaxed tone.


He put down the giant bag of fruit he was carrying as everyone aside Tack fell to one knee.


おかえりなさい、兄さん!” they welcomed.


Tack just stared at them in confusion.


Terrakion calmly smiled at him, “It means, ‘Welcome home, big brother.’. It’s our way of welcoming the head of the tribe back.”


“Big brother?” Tack inquired.


“That’s my title in the tribe. I’m Big Brother Terrakion, and everyone’s a brother to each other. Though, in an honorific sense,” Terrakion explained.


“It’s just like with languages. We alternate between calling each other brother and our regular names,” Raichu added.


“I think I’m starting to understand,” Tack replied.


Ambipom stood up.


“Hey, Terrakion, you should let Tack fuck you! He’s amazing at it!” he told him.


Tack blushed brightly.


“Is that so, Tack?” Terrakion mused. “I am rather in the mood after my long journey today, so why don’t I put you to the test?”


Terrakion got on all fours and presented his behind to Tack, who began lubing it with his saliva. When it was nice and wet, he stuck his cock in and began thrusting into the large man.


It wasn’t long before Tack started cooing out as he stimulated his cock. Terrakion hummed softly as he felt Tack’s cock move within him, he was quite pleased with his work so far. All around them, the others were stroking their cocks, eyes glued to the scene in front of them. Eventually, Terrakion called over Raichu, who got on all fours in front of him. Once Terrakion had lubed up his butt with saliva, Raichu crawled underneath him and inserted his cock into his ass. After he finished positioning himself, Terrakion started thrusting into him.


As the sun set in the sky, Tack and Terrakion moaned out in harmony as they continued vivifying their cocks. With another thrust, Tack hit his limit. He cried out with vigor as he emptied the contents of his cock into Terrakion. The leader wasn’t far behind, he cried out loudly and triumphantly as he filled up Raichu with his fresh nectar. Raichu purred softly while the warm cum of his big brother filled him up.


The two releasers thrusted their cocks one last time to ensure there was no more cum, and then pulled out. Tack stood up and panted.


“Not that I ever doubted my brother, but he was right about you,” Terrakion praised.


To Tack’s surprise, he pulled him in for a hug. It was a firm and loving embrace, almost as if he was hugging a member of the tribe. Tack rubbed his head against Terrakion’s pecs, they were very similar in feel to a firm pillow. He embraced him back.


“Thanks for letting me stay here for a while,” Tack told him, shedding a soft tear. “I actually felt happiness for once.”


Terrakion allowed Tack to join them in their meal. It was a combination of roasted and unroasted fruit, much less what Tack usually had. However, he still felt satisfied after having his share.


Everyone wanted Tack to stay overnight, but he figured he better get back to his tribe, even though he didn’t really want to. Terrakion could see his hesitation.


“I kept an eye on your tribe after seeing you were safe with mine. They were totally unaffected by your absence. Even when they arrived back at base, no one seemed to care, not even the chief, which appalled me,” he informed him.


Tack rubbed his hands together, “I’m not surprised. No one there likes me. I only stay with them since I have nowhere else to go.”


Terrakion stood up, “Which is why you’ll stay with us! I don’t care what you say, you’re joining my tribe!”


Everyone was shocked by the announcement.


“But why?” Tack asked.


“It’s been something I’ve been thinking about ever since I began watching you,” Terrakion explained. “I didn’t know you, but I knew you were in a bad place and had to get you out of there. And by that, I meant joining my tribe.”


“B-but, I’m not a Pokémen and I don’t know the language!” Tack argued.


“That doesn’t matter to me, and we’ll teach you our language,” Terrakion replied. “You’ll be a pseudo-Pokémen in no time.”


“What about my calves, though?” Tack asked. “They’re weak and I won’t be able to keep up with you guys.”


Terrakion shook his head, “Doesn’t matter. Mudsdale and I can carry you if you’re too sore to walk. Besides, we don’t do strenuous things like hunting anyway.”


Mudsdale nodded, “That’s right.”


There was then an uproar of chanting as everyone tried convincing Tack to stay. Tack just stood there overwhelmed by it all, he tried to say something, but all he could do was start sobbing. As he weeped, he was nervous that they would take things the wrong way. However, Terrakion embracing him as everyone joined in on the hug gave him his answer.


After things settled, it was time for bed. Their sleeping quarters consisted of a single tent with lots of fur blankets. Terrakion explained they all sleep together to keep warm. Tack was used to sleeping alone, but was all for trying it. He was situated between Raichu and Terrakion and, after getting comfortable, found it rather nice, especially after Raichu cuddled up to him. Tack was tempted to put his hand on Terrakion’s chest, but didn’t know how he would react. Though, Terrakion doing it for him answered that question.


The next morning, Tack awoke actually eager to start the day, something he never felt before. The tribe had their breakfast and decided to hang around the campsite for a bit. Appletun asked Tack if he could cum in him, which he was all for. As Tack thrusted into a blushing Appletun, Tauros came over with Tack’s discarded loincloth.


“Hey, what do you want to do with this?” he asked. “You won’t need it to wear anymore.”


Tack thought about it and came up with a plan, which involved assistance from all of the tribe.


Falco was walking alone in the jungle as he flipped his gun in the air.


“I wonder what happened to Tack?” he pondered. “Perhaps he got eaten. I do feel sorry for that poor creature that did the deed.”


Suddenly, he stepped on something, something sticky.


“The heck?” he said.


He moved his foot off and picked up a cum drenched loincloth.


-The End-













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