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My True Tribe by slimfox


Story Notes:

All the anthro Pokemon in these stories have humanoid hands, feet, genitals, and nipples. 

Reach Out to Me

Tack took in some fresh air as he exited the tent. Today marked one full year since he had been adopted by Terrakion’s tribe. Though, it hardly felt like it since he had been too busy living to notice. In that span, he had fully adjusted to his tribe’s lifestyle and was getting a grasp on the language, which he learned was called Pokénese. He had also grown out his hair a bit and now sported a short, straight, spiky ponytail.

Groping at his exposed crotch, he walked around the camp to wake up. They had moved a lot since the night he was taken in, and were far away from where Tack’s old tribe resided. Tack had his worries that they might try to come get him, but after a few months had passed without incident, he figured they’d never come. Regardless, everyone assured him they’d be willing to fight for him if need be.

As he wandered aimlessly around, Raichu came out of the tent bright eyed and bushy tailed.

おはようお兄さん!” he cried to him.

Tack immediately got what he was saying.

おはようお兄さん!” he said back.

“Ah man, you’re doing great at this!” Raichu cheered.

He ran over and hugged Tack, who embraced him back. The two of them had gotten incredibly close over time, and had become actual brothers. Tack was quite surprised when he asked him one night, but was more than happy to agree seeing as he loved Raichu and always wanted a brother.

“Hard to believe a year has passed since you joined us,” Raichu remarked.

“You've been keeping track, huh?” Tack asked him.

“Of course!” Raichu exclaimed. “I mean, how else are we going to mark special occasions like this?”

Tack sheepishly rubbed his neck, “Still hard to believe you went through with bringing me to your tribe after I tried to shoot you.”

“You still thinking about that?” Raichu questioned, a bit baffled. “Tack, you’re my brother now, and you’ve proven yourself to us. I’d say we have that all behind us.”

He smirked as he put him in a playful headlock. As Tack struggled to free himself, Terrakion exited the tent.

“Hey, you two play nice now,” he chuckled. “By the way, Tack, it’s your turn to help me with our gathering.”

“Righto!” Tack smiled, freeing himself at last.

Soon, everyone but Mudsdale was up. As Tauros, Jolteon, and Appletun, who were all on gathering duties as well, prepared the bags, Tack was tasked with waking up Mudsdale.

Mudsdale was a bit of a heavy sleeper, who was always last to wake up. He also had a loud snore. Tack found it a bit hard to sleep some nights at first, but eventually came to fall asleep to it. He entered the tent and saw the big guy still fast asleep. He’d been tasked with waking him before and knew the fastest method.

Pulling the blanket back to expose his chest, Tack began licking his nipple, looking out of the corner of his eye to see how his cock was making out. When he saw the cock fully erect, he stopped licking. Mudsdale’s large dong pulsated underneath the blanket as he winced and blushed. Eventually, he opened his sleepy eyes and sat up.

“You can probably guess why I did that,” Tack remarked.

“Right….” Mudsdale yawned, rubbing his eyes open.

The two exited the tent, and after getting some food in their stomachs, got their bags to head out gathering. As they did, Terrakion addressed the members staying at camp.

“Remember, brothers,” he warned, “don’t head off by yourselves. There are many human tribes around us, and while I don’t think they all have malicious intent, it’s better to stay away from them. If you do get into trouble though, remember your call.”

The call in question was a sharp screech that caused anyone in its vicinity to flinch. It also alerted the other members to provide assistance to whoever made the screech.

They all nodded in understanding. Terrakion nodded back at them before setting off with his party to gather fruit.

It wasn’t long before they had arrived at the first of five fruit groves. Terrakion assigned each member to a specific fruit before dismissing them to go pick. Appletun and Tack were tasked with picking peaches. Appletun reached up and grabbed a peach from a low hanging branch. Licking his lips, he sat down and took a bite out of it.

“Peachy!” he remarked.

Jolteon, who was in a tree picking apples, jumped down and walked over to them.

“Hey, dude, we’re here to pick the fruit, not sample them!” he cried.

“I’m sure one little peach won’t hurt,” Appletun apprised. “Besides, we need to make sure they’re ripe enough.”

Jolteon shook his head, “You are aware that’s not how it works…”

Appletun blushed as Tack chuckled. Suddenly, Tack heard a rustling noise behind him. He twirled around and saw a purple figure dash off. He knew it was a Pokéman, but couldn’t make out who it was.

“You alright there, brother?” Jolteon asked, noticing Tack looking off.

Tack turned around, “I thought I saw a Pokéman just now.”

Jolteon was about to say something when the figure dashed across again. It was still too fast to make out, but did park itself behind a large tree.

Tack put down his bag and nodded at the others. They reciprocated the gesture back at him. Slowly and carefully, Tack made his way towards the tree the figure was behind.

With Tack getting closer, the figure peeked their head out. It was a Mega Sableye with eyes as timid as could be. Tack could also see he was a male as his visible nipple was flat on his chest.

Tack tried getting right up to him, but noticing Sableye was recoiling behind the tree, stopped dead in his tracks. Sableye stared at him with his jewel eyes.

“バナナノーシーゲットクシモートライアングル!” he yelled.

Tack couldn’t make out all what he was saying, but from what he could, knew Sableye was just spouting Pokénese in an effort to scare him off.

“大丈夫です。私はあなたを傷つけません,” he replied back.

Sableye’s eyes widened with pure panic as a short, soft gasp exited his mouth. Before Tack could say anything else, he rapidly scampered off.

Figuring that giving chase wouldn’t help matters, Tack relented and went back over to Jolteon and Appletun, who saw everything.

“So, that was Sableye,” Appletun remarked, chomping on yet another peach.

“I wonder what he’s doing by himself?” Jolteon mused. “I hope he doesn’t get himself mixed up with a bad tribe.”

Tack was a bit guilt ridden.

“I really shouldn’t have spoken Pokénese to him,” he lamented. “I just thought he’d be a bit more at ease that way. Kind of stupid now that I think about it.”

“Don’t beat yourself up like that,” Jolteon remarked, a bit annoyed. “He was just timid is all. In any case, we should let Terrakion know about him.”

Tack slowly nodded. He looked behind him only to see nothing but trees.

Later that evening, Tack was happily sucking on Raichu’s cock as Mudsdale pounded his ass. The two Pokémen were making out as Tauros watched on, lustfully stroking his cock. Tack still had Sableye on his mind, but that was soon pushed to the side as his brother’s milk filled his mouth. Raichu cried out with Mudsdale as the two emptied the contents of their nuts into Tack’s body. Tack took it like a trooper and finished the orgasm round with a cum ring around his lips and cum stuck to his ass.

Once the two exhausted males had pulled out, Tack got to his knees as Tauros crawled over to him.

“It appears you have some leftovers,” he gruffly chuckled.

He planted his lips firmly on Tack’s and began getting the cum off. Meanwhile, Mudsdale had flipped over on his back and was licking the cum off Tack’s buttcheeks and in his ass. Mudsdale’s tongue was both strong and stimulating. Tack always developed goosebumps whenever he got his butt licked up by him.

“Still can’t believe you saw a Sableye today,” Raichu commented to Tack.

Tauros finished getting the cum off Tack’s lips and removed his own, allowing the human to speak again.

“I know,” Tack remarked. “It’s too bad he was afraid of me.”

“Don’t worry about it, bud,” Tauros consoled him. “Once Terrakion takes him in, you’ll be chummy with him in no time. If he’s lucky, you may even start tonight!”

Terrakion departed from the camp to go search for Sableye. He returned right as night fell completely alone.

“No luck, guys,” he sadly stated. “I couldn’t even find him.”

“Perhaps he left the location after you babes left,” Ambipom suggested, then smirked. “Maybe he was intimidated by your sexy bodies.”

He proceeded to laugh a bit, but when no one else entertained him, he stopped and rubbed his neck sheepishly with his tail hand.

“In any case,” Terrakion remarked, taking control of the space, “I’ll keep looking for him.”

Tack spoke up, “You think I could try to find him?”

Everyone looked at him.

“Is that so?” Terrakion asked. “Any reason why?”

“I was the one to find him, so I should be the one to bring him back,” Tack explained. “That, and after my first impression, I want to prove myself to him.”

Terrakion mused it over, “Fair enough. I’ll permit you to do it. However, if you’re taking too long, I’ll have no choice but to intervene. Nothing personal, but I’d rather not have him wandering alone too long.”

“I understand,” Tack replied.

“You sure he’ll be alright alone?” Raichu asked, quite concerned.

“I’m sure,” Terrakion answered. “Unlike our species, no one will look twice at a human wandering around, especially if he’s naked and unarmed.”

Despite his assurance, Raichu was still uneasy about Tack going out alone. That night, he held him tightly as he slept. Tack tried to reassure him he’d be alright, but Raichu didn’t budge.

The next day after breakfast, Tack made his way over to where he saw Sableye. Raichu seemed to have gotten over his anxiety as he was in better spirits, but Tack couldn’t help but feel his eyes were glued on him all the way until the camp was out of sight.

Getting to the grove, Tack looked around for any signs of Sableye. Just like Terrakion though, he couldn’t find him. Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming from behind him. Slowly turning around, he caught a glimpse of purple ducking behind a tree. Moving behind the nearest apple tree, Tack peeked out to see Sableye’s resplendent, ruby eyes peeking from behind his tree.

Snatching an apple and a leaf from a low hanging branch, Tack waited for Sableye to fully hide behind his tree before venturing out. He placed the leaf down and looked up to make sure Sableye hadn’t darted off. He then placed the apple down and backed away to his tree. He didn’t hide behind it, though.

Sableye peeked out from behind his tree. Seeing the apple in the open, he came out and went over to it. Squatting down, he picked it up and started eating it. That was Tack’s cue to make his move.

He tiptoed over to Sableye, who was completely preoccupied with the apple. However, his attention soon turned when he noticed Tack getting close. Tack froze mid step as Sableye stared at him. Starting to lose his balance a bit, Tack gently placed his foot on the ground. Sableye didn’t budge.

“I, um, hope you’re liking the apple,” Tack said, trying to make conversation. “I know you could have gotten it yourself, but I figured it’d be a nice gesture.”

“I am,” Sableye replied in a meek voice. “Thanks….”

There was a long moment of silence.

“I’m Tack,” Tack said at last.

“Sableye,” Sableye whispered.

“What are you doing by yourself?” Tack inquired.

Sableye didn’t answer and looked about ready to sprint. Tack didn’t press the issue, instead opting to sit on the ground. Sableye looked around him cautiously before speaking.

“I’m…… lost…..”

“Lost from your tribe?” Tack asked.

“No, I lost my tribe a while back,” Sableye corrected, voice starting to crack. “I was taken in as a slave to the human tribe that destroyed them soon after. I hated it there, but I had nowhere else to go since I had lost everything. I only left when the rest of the slaves planned a breakout. Now that I’m on my own, I don’t know where to go.”

Tack didn’t say anything.

“No Pokémen tribe is willing to take me due to being an outsider, and I know I can’t dodge humans forever,” Sableye went on. “That’s why I’m lost.”

“You can come and join our tribe,” Tack suggested.

At that exact moment, Sableye dropped the apple as his breathing accelerated. Before Tack could explain further, Sableye dashed away into the jungle. Sighing heavily, Tack stood up, looking directly at the discarded core on the ground. He shook his head and walked back to his camp.

Back at the camp, Raichu was sitting on the ground staring off in the direction that Tack had left in. Appletun sat next to him and patted his back.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be back soon,” Appletun assured him.

Just then, Tack’s nude body emerged from the dense trees. Raichu jumped to his feet and ran over to his brother, embracing him in a big hug.

“Hey, I wasn’t gone that long,” Tack sheepishly chuckled, although appreciated the gesture.

“How did things go with Sableye?” Terrakion asked, exiting the tent.

“Not great,” Tack sighed. “I got him out and to talk to me, but he dashed off upon my asking for him to join our tribe.”

He then told Terrakion about what he told him.

Terrakion put his hand on his chin, “That would explain everything.”

“What I don’t get is why he can’t see Tack as a member of a Pokémen tribe,” Raichu remarked. “I mean, no other humans are completely naked with a firm grasp on Pokénese.”

“Simple, he thinks it’s a trap,” Terrakion answered. “Wouldn’t you think a human coming up to you naked and speaking Pokénese be a tad suspect?”

“Yeah, but Tack’s different,” Raichu softly protested. “He just wants to help Sableye like a fellow Pokéman.”

“We know that, but Sableye doesn’t,” Terrakion replied.

This made Tack have an idea. He pulled Raichu aside and told him to join him on his walk tomorrow, which he was more than glad to comply with.

The next day, Tack and Raichu made their way to the fruit grove. Unlike yesterday, Sableye was already parked behind one of the trees. He cowered a bit when he saw Tack, but relented when he noticed Raichu with him.

“Hey, Sableye,” Tack called to him. “I want you to meet someone.”

Raichu stepped forward.

“Heya, Sableye! I’m Tack’s brother, Raichu!” Raichu yelled.

Sableye moved out from behind the tree.

“B-brother?” he asked softly, a bit in disbelief.

Raichu nodded, “Yeah, the two of us became brothers after bonding for a while.”

He hopped onto Tack’s back as he scruffed up his hair.

“Couldn’t imagine my life without him!” Raichu smiled.

Sableye took careful note of this.

“So, does that mean he lives among Pokémen?” he asked.

“He sure does,” Raichu responded. “He was getting abused by his old tribe, so we adopted him into our tribe. Two days ago marked one whole year since he joined. Believe me, he’s a real special guy!”

Tack got Raichu off his back.

“I completely understand why you fear humans, but we’re all not monsters,” Tack said. “I, along with the rest of my Pokémen brothers, want you to be safe from harm’s way. Please, just come with us. You don’t even have to acknowledge my presence. I’ll just be happy with seeing you safe and sound.”

Sableye looked at Tack with unsure eyes. Then, to Tack’s surprise, he slowly walked up to him, getting up within arm’s reach. Shaking like a leaf, he put out his hand.

“あなたは私たちの一人です,” Sableye said to him, voice quivering.

Tack gingerly touched his hand.

“ある意味、私は,” he replied back.

Sableye stopped shaking, still gripping Tack’s hand. Now having earned his trust, Tack and Raichu escorted him to his new home. Never once did Sableye let go of Tack’s hand.

Arriving at camp, Terrakion greeted them as Sableye finally let go of Tack’s hand.

“So, this is the guy that I’ve been hearing about,” Terrakion chuckled, putting his hand on Sableye’s shoulder. “This will be your new home if you so choose. Any proven outsiders are welcome in, and you have proven yourself.”

Sableye looked at him in awe before hugging him warmly. Everyone else came out to see the new recruit as Sableye went around to hug each of them. When he had hugged Raichu, he looked at Tack. He wasn’t ready to hug him yet, but he did shake his hand.

That evening, the tribe sat around the campfire celebrating their newest member. Sableye squatted next to Terrakion as he scarfed down his portion. Tack watched him from across.

“I really hope he warms up to you,” Jolteon remarked. “That’s the thing I value most about this tribe is our close bond with each other.”

“It’s alright if he doesn’t,” Tack told him. “As long as he’s here, he doesn’t even have to acknowledge me.”

“It shouldn’t be like that, though,” Jolteon muttered. “Considering what you endured.”

That night, while Tack was in the midst of falling asleep, he heard some ruffling coming from the other side of the tent. He opened an eye and saw Sableye exiting the tent. Wanting to make sure he didn’t wander off, he quietly got out of bed to see what was up. He found him squatting in front of the put out campfire.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked him.

Sableye turned around and nodded slowly. Tack sat down and the two quietly stared at the stars.

“You couldn’t sleep?” Tack asked, trying to make conversation.

“Not really,” Sableye answered. “I'm not used to sleeping like that. It’s comforting, don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of different.”

“I know what you mean,” Tack empathized. “You get used to it, though.”

“I’m really glad you’re here,” he went on. “It’ll be nice to have another mentor brother around.”

“What do you mean?” Sableye asked him.

“I mean I’ll have another person to help me adapt to life as a Pokéman,” Tack explained.

Sableye was confused, “But, you lived with this tribe for a year. Surely you learned everything there is to know.”

“I have learned a lot of things, but there’s still more for me to learn,” Tack told him. “You never really stop learning things, especially if it’s part of a new culture.”

“I guess you’ll also be my mentor in that regard,” Sableye replied. “I never lived in an all male tribe before, and the things you do vary wildly from the tribe I was in.”

“Such as?” Tack inquired.

“The handling of sex,” Sableye answered. “My tribe had sex as a sacred thing that was used to keep numbers ups. I was told that you guys have sex to bond with each other and do it quite frequently.”

Then he added softly, “We also never had any homosexual sex in our tribe.”

Tack relaxed back, “Yeah, it was a bit amazing to see how much they fucked, but you get used to it after a while. That, and it does feel really great.”

He looked at Sableye, who was blushing with shy eyes.

“I’ve always wanted to try gay sex,” he meekly stated, slowly rubbing his dick. “I once saw two male Pyroar go at it. Just seeing the enjoyment they were getting, and the mere thought of making out with someone with the same parts as you was enough to get me interested in trying it.”

“Well, you’re in the right place for that!” Tack chuckled. “You’ll have to ask someone tomorrow. They’ll surely agree to it.”

He wanted to put himself forward, but knew Sableye wouldn’t respond well to that.

“A-actually,” Sableye stammered, “I was wondering if we could do it right now...”

Tack was shocked.

“I know it’s a big leap, but I’m kind of intimidated by having sex with males who did it for a long time. I’d feel more comfortable with someone who’s still new to it all,” Sableye admitted.

Tack patted Sableye’s shoulder, “I’ll be happy to show you the ropes, and don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you. I promise.”

A small smile formed on Sableye’s face as he held Tack’s hand firmly.

Since Tack didn’t want to wake up the others with their escapade, he decided they’d do mutual blowjobs. He had Sableye lay on his back as he crawled over him. He positioned his cock over Sableye’s face as he centered himself above Sableye’s cock. The two dongs were fully erect as if knowing what was to come.

“Alright, Sableye, on my count, you’re going to start sucking on my cock as I suck on yours,” Tack apprised. “You’re going to go until I start cumming, alright?”

“Gotcha,” Sableye replied.

“Also, you don’t have to drink the cum if you don’t want to or like it. Just make sure you cover your mouth so no one will hear us,” Tack added.

“Alright,” Sableye responded back.

“On the count of three,” Tack said. “One… two… three!”

The two put their mouths on the cocks and began sucking away on them. Tack assumed Sableye would go at it slowly since he was new to this, but to his bemusement, Sableye sucked on his dick hard. He wasn’t sure if it was because he didn’t know the proper way to do it or he was merely enjoying it too much, but he sucked like he was going to pull it right off. Tack didn’t stop him, though. Not only was it providing great stimulation, but he enjoyed the feeling of it.

A few minutes passed before the two felt tingling in their cocks. They were right about to empty their loads out. With a muffled cry of pleasure, Tack released his load into Sableye’s mouth, who actually drank it all down. He was so into ingesting Tack’s cum, he was barely fazed by his own orgasm. Shots of cum exited Sableye’s dong and entered Tack’s mouth. It was sweet tasting, but had a slight metallic kick to it.

The two continued with the drinking until there was no more cum left in the cocks. Sableye figured he had to remove his mouth next, but when he felt Tack lick his cock’s slit, he decided against it and mimicked him. He persisted with the licking until Tack removed his mouth, to which he followed suit.

Tack crawled off Sableye as he sat upright.

“So, how was that for gay sex?” Tack asked him.

“I-it felt really good, better than I always imagined,” Sableye responded. “U-um, mind if we do some more tomorrow?”

“Of course!” Tack cried. “Then, we’ll be able to do some more intense acts.”

Sableye blushed and nodded excitedly.

With the moon high in the star-filled sky, Tack and Sableye decided to call it a night. As Tack walked back to the tent, he heard Sableye call out to him.

“What is it?” Tack said, turning around.

As soon as he fully turned, Sableye embraced him. It wasn’t a short one either. He hugged him as if his life depended on it. Tack was completely nonplussed. He just stood there motionless as their nude bodies touched and their now soft genitals squished together.

Eventually, Tack came to his senses and smiled at the Pokéman. Gently, he wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled his head next to his. He wasn’t going to let go anytime soon.

-The End-

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