AGNPH Stories

My True Tribe by slimfox


Story Notes:

All the anthro Pokemon in these stories have humanoid hands, feet, genitals, and nipples. 

Dreams of Reality

A nice, cool breeze whooshed through the camp as Terrakion’s tribe was hard at work making new bags to replace the old, tattered ones. The bags were made of fur and sewn together using the thin strip edges of the fur and thin bones from the remains of Pokémon. They also had a long, fur strap that could be slung over the shoulder and held there to allow for easier carrying.


Jolteon, who was working on the large bag Terrakion used with Tack, Raichu, and Sableye, was working at a hasty pace. He wasn’t minding his hand placement and ended up jabbing his thumb with the sharp end of the bone.


私をファック!” he snarled, grabbing his thumb.


“Take your time there,” Tack apprised. “We aren’t in a rush.”


“I hate when we have to replace the bags,” Jolteon grumbled. “They’re so tedious to work with.”


“Well, it will become less tedious when Terrakion finishes scouting the new recruit he’s been talking about,” Tauros told him. “Until then, keep up the work.”


“Maybe he’ll give you a pardon then,” Sableye suggested.


“Doubt it,” Jolteon sighed, getting back to his work.


The tribe had nearly finished replacing all the bags when Terrakion showed up accompanied by a Charizard. He was identical in build to Terrakion, even down to the pecs. However, he also had a slight six pack on him.


All of Terrakion’s tribe got on one knee, “おかえりなさい、兄さん!”


Charizard folded his arms and nodded, “Yeah, that’s totally fine with me.”


“Perfect,” Terrakion replied. “In that case, brothers, let me introduce you to Charizard. Starting now, he’ll be a member of this tribe.”


“He sure is muscular,” Ambipom stated, giving a cheeky grin.


“That’s because before becoming a nomad, I lived in a tribe that put an emphasis on power. It was a tradition among the males of the tribe to hold strength competitions to prove their worth,” Charizard explained. “It’ll… be nice not having to do that here.”


He gazed over in Tack’s direction, looking fairly intimidating.


“I see you have a human in your tribe.”


Tack cowered a bit. From his experience with Sableye, he knew not all Pokémen would be that trusting or open to humans, even if they were associated with other Pokémen. He didn’t admit it, but he’d been fearing this day. He was afraid the new member wouldn’t take kindly to him being a human, and act hostile towards him. Terrakion assured them he’d always have their back, but even if the new member was kicked out, it’d still play on his mind.


“Yeah, that’s Tack. I took him in almost two years ago,” Terrakion told him. “He didn’t come from the best of circumstances.”


Charizard walked over to Tack. He tried not to show nervousness, but found it hard to with such a specimen in front of him. To his surprise, he squatted down and patted his shoulder.


“So you came from a bad place, too? I think the two of us will get along great then,” he said in a jovial voice.


Tack sheepishly chuckled as he regained his composure.


The tribe finished the bags, and seeing as Charizard had just joined, Terrakion decided to take him on a test food run. He gave him a bag and told him where they would be heading. Charizard gave a head nod and took to the skies. Terrakion rallied Tack, Raichu, and Mudsdale together and gave them bags. He told the rest of the tribe they’d be back shortly, and since they were in a non-human tribe area, said they could venture out a bit from camp. Once they gave nods of understanding, he set out with his group.


They arrived at the fruit grove to see Charizard busily picking fruit from the high up branches.


“Wow, he sure is efficient,” Raichu remarked, watching him fly around the tree.


“Right…” Mudsdale added, taken in by Charizard’s movements.


“I figured our tribe could use a flyer. Much easier than walking everywhere to check things out,” Terrakion stated. “Plus, he really wanted to be a part of a tribe again, so it was perfect.”


They set to work picking fruit and soon were on their way back home with bags full of them. For the trek back, Charizard decided to walk with the others. He slowed down a bit to chat with Tack and Raichu.


“So, Tack, you’ve been here almost two years,” Charizard said. “What first brought that about?”


“Well, it was kind of sprung on me,” Tack replied. “Terrakion had been watching me and took notice of how much abuse I was taking from my old tribe. He didn’t like it, so told his brothers to come and ‘rescue’ me when they saw me next.”


Raichu interjected, “I was the one to get him and bring him to our camp. By night’s end, he was a full fledged brother. Later on, he and I became actual brothers since we bonded so well. I’m so glad to have him here!”


He affectionately nuzzled Tack’s cheek.


“It is nice to be with a loving tribe, but I still find myself worrying about my old tribe coming to get me,” Tack admitted. “It’s silly to think since it’s been almost two years, and we’re nowhere near their location, but it does play on my mind.”


Charizard patted his shoulder, “If they do, bud, I’ll be right out there sending them packing. They won’t get a chance to take you from us.”


“You’d really do that for me?” Tack asked. “But, we barely know each other.”


“True, but you’re my brother, that trumps everything between us to me,” Charizard replied. “Besides, how will I get to know you if you aren’t here?”


Tack didn’t fully understand his line of logic, but did agree to the part about not being there to bond with him. It made his stomach slightly knot just thinking about being anywhere but with his tribe.


That evening after eating, the tribe decided to officially welcome Charizard into the tribe by showing him their way of bonding. Tack was thrusting his cock into Charizard’s ass as Sableye did the same to Mudsdale. The two muscular men were on all fours and locking their lips together, precum dripping out of their long, erect cocks. Tack gave Charizard’s butt a playful slap as he stimulated his cock. Sableye noticed him doing this and mimicked his actions. He playfully slapped Mudsdale’s butt causing him to emit a muffled gasp. Sableye was worried by this, but relaxed when the big guy blushed and continued kissing Charizard.


Before long, Tack and Sableye reached their climaxes. They cried out in unison as cum blasted into the holes they were blocking. The two receivers barely reacted to the warm cum flowing into them; they were still very much occupied with each other. This was only made more apparent when Tack and Sableye pulled out. The two big guys, with their lips still locked, moved onto their knees and hugged each other tightly.


Sableye was in awe, “Man, they really are into it.”


Terrakion chuckled as he rubbed Tack’s nipples.


“I’m glad to see it. I knew he’d be a good fit for us.”


Charizard and Mudsdale finally took their lips off each other. Mudsdale licked Charizard’s nipple before sucking on his erected cock.


“Gotta say, Tack, you really know how to fuck a guy,” Charizard complimented. “You’ll have to show me how you do it.”


Tack blushed and sheepishly rubbed his neck, “S-sure thing.”


Despite this, he was really starting to enjoy having Charizard in the tribe.


That night, it downpoured. However, Tack took no notice of it as he was too caught up in the dream he was having. His dreams usually consisted of the others in the tribe in either a non-sexual or sexual way. He always liked the latter dreams, but since they always resulted in wet dreams, the others would find the evidence and ask who he was dreaming about. Sometimes he’d give an accurate description; other times, he’d make up stuff if he couldn’t remember well. It got rather tiring to wake up and be bombarded with questions immediately.


Tonight’s dream was different. In it, Tack could see himself locked in the cell of a temple. He looked outside and around the cell to find no one else around. He rattled the bars on the door, only for no one to come. He tried to call out for someone, but found he had no voice. He furiously rattled the bars again to no avail. All of a sudden, he felt his gut get hit which woke him up.


Tack opened his eyes to find himself back in the comforts of his tribe’s tent. He looked down and noticed Sableye’s arm across his gut. He looked at the guy, who was staring at him with scared eyes.


“Sorry, I had a bad dream,” he apologized to him.


Tack gave him a warm smile and said he could sleep right next to him. Sableye put his arm fully around Tack and snuggled next him, immediately falling back asleep. Tack nuzzled his head as he went back to sleep as well.


Outside in the pouring rain, a Simisage was hastily running through the jungle. He was bare from the neck down aside from a small area of grass above his crotch. He was making his way towards an abandoned temple.


Dashing past ruined pillars, he entered the structure as a Meowth, who was waiting for him, stood up from the rusty throne he was sitting on. Around his neck was an old koban that still had some luster to it.


“So, how was the scouting?” Meowth asked Simisage.


“Excellent, your excellence,” Simisage said, putting his arm across his chest and bowing. “I’ll send them here tomorrow.”


“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Meowth sternly told him. “Don’t forget, bare, you’re still on the chopping block from the last screw up you had.”


Simisage cringed, “Please, don’t call me that. I can’t help it that I was born without grass from the neck down.”


Meowth smirked, “Considering I saved your life, you should accept whatever name I call you. Unless, of course, you want to be called ‘dead.’”


Simisage’s heart beat fast as he cringed again, “S-sorry, sir. I won’t ask you again.”


Meowth grinned at him, “Good! Now get some rest; judgement day’s tomorrow.”


Simisage bowed and exited the room, leaving Meowth to sit back in his throne and play with his cock, musing over what Simisage would bring him.


The next morning, the rain had stopped. While everyone else exited the tent, Tack sat up with the blanket still over him. In spite of having better dreams when he fell asleep again, he was still weirded out by that one dream he had. After breakfast that morning, Raichu decided to talk to him.


“You feeling alright, bro?” he asked. “You were awfully quiet during breakfast.”


“Just had a strange dream last night,” Tack replied. “I’m perplexed by it.”


“How so?” Raichu inquired.


“I was all alone in the prison cell of a temple with no one else around,” Tack explained. “I had no voice and no one came when I rattled the bars.”


“Sounds like a nightmare to me,” Raichu remarked.


“I guess, but I wasn’t scared and didn’t wake up scared. I just found it weird as I never have those kinds of dreams,” Tack replied.


“True,” Raichu said, putting his index finger on his lips and blushing, “I do know the type of dreams you have.”


Tack stared at him before playfully scruffing up his fur. Raichu chuckled and moved his hand off his head.


“I think you should just let it go for now,” Raichu suggested. “Just let me know if you have any dreams like that again.”


Tack was hesitant to, wanting to really understand what it all meant. However, he gave in realizing it could’ve just been a weird dream he had and nothing significant.


Later on that day, Raichu decided to take Tack, Sableye, Mudsdale, and Charizard to a pond he found a few days ago. Terrakion agreed to the arrangement on the condition they’d be back before evening fell. Raichu promised they would and led the guys to the spot.


The pond he took them to was fairly sized and contained a ramp that led to a cliff that overlooked the pond below.


“Pretty impressive spot,” Charizard remarked, folding his arms.


Raichu excitedly ushered them all up the ramp to the cliff. He walked over to the edge and looked down. He could barely see his reflection in the glimmering water. He looked back up and walked a few feet back from the edge. Making a determined face, he ran at full speed and jumped upon reaching the edge. Flipping once in the air, he landed in the water with a huge splash. The others looked over the edge as Raichu emerged, spitting water out of his mouth. He smiled and waved at them.


“That was so cool!” Sableye cried out.


He and Tack jumped off the cliff and joined him in the water below. Raichu put up his arm to guard from their splashes. Mudsdale decided to do what Raichu did and walked away from the edge. Giving a snort of confidence, he ran towards the edge and jumped off. Whilst in the air, he held his legs and formed a cannonball. He hit the water with a mighty splash causing a large wave that moved Tack and the others close to the edges of the pond. Mudsdale emerged seconds later and shook his dreadlocks.


“Man, that was awesome!” Raichu cried, swimming over and fist bumping him.


“Thanks,” Mudsdale said, fist bumping him back.


“You going to jump, Charizard?” Sableye asked him, noticing him still on the cliff.


“I don’t think he is,” Tack said. “It’s dangerous for Charizard to have their tails get wet.”


“Nah, that’s just for regular Charizard,” Charizard called down. “Charizard like me don’t have tail flames. It’s just gas that gives off the appearance of a flame. Which explains why I didn’t burn down the tent last night.”


“Ah, I see,” Tack replied, a bit embarrassed by his assumption.


“I’m not actually going to jump, though,” Charizard continued. “Rather…”


He flew up high into the sky and positioned himself above the centre of the pond. With a leap into it, he dived down towards the pond. When he was halfway down, he put his arms to his chest and used his wings to spin himself. He closed them down thereafter to speed up his descent. He crashed into the pond with a marvelous splash. The others were completely in awe.


“Nice showing,” Tack complimented.


“I might have been practicing that one,” Charizard chuckled.


It was soon later afternoon and Tack and the others were heading back to their camp.


“See, heading home already and the sun is still shining,” Raichu said, stopping to take in the rays.


“We’ll have to convince Terrakion to take us all there,” Sableye remarked. “I want to see him do a cannonball.”


Unbeknownst to them, Simisage was watching from a tree branch.


“What luck is that,” he whispered to himself.


He jumped out of the tree and right in front of them. Everyone was startled by his appearance while Sableye cowered behind Tack.


“Who are you?” Charizard asked, putting himself in front of the others.


Simisage put an arm behind his back and bowed, “I’m Simisage, pleased to meet you. I’ve come asking for your assistance.”


“What for?” Tack asked, feeling Sableye’s hand clutch his arm.


“My master is in desperate need of a few good men to entertain him, and just from looking at you, I can tell you’re just what he’s looking for,” Simisage replied.


“Forget it, dude,” Charizard told him. “We’re not horny enough to fall for this trap.”


He walked past Simisage as the others followed suit. Simisage began to panic. He jumped in front of them.


“I’m sorry, but I have to do this,” he apologized.


Before anyone could react, Simisage bombarded them with Seed Bombs. Tack fruitlessly put his arm up to shield himself from the onslaught. All of a sudden, one conked him right in the head and caused everything to go black and silent.


It didn’t seem that long at all until he felt someone shaking him. The voice was muffled at first, but gradually became more audible. He finally made out the voice as belonging to Raichu.


“Bro, you gotta wake up!” he pleaded, quite in a state of panic, “Your dream came true!”


Tack opened up his eyes to see his brother’s crotch. He laid on his back and rubbed his eyes open. He sat straight up and noticed he was sitting on a bench. He looked forward and gasped. He and the others were locked in the cell of what appeared to be a temple, just like he was in the dream. Charizard was rattling on the bars while Sableye, sitting up in the fetal position, was in the corner of the cell as Mudsdale, sitting next to him, rubbed his back.


“You have some kind of future sight!” Raichu cried. “Man, I’m sorry I ever doubted your dream.”


“I-it’s alright,” Tack told him.


While it was eerily similar to the dream he had, it wasn’t absolute. He wasn’t alone in this case, and someone did actually come for them in the form of Simisage. He wanted to explain this to Raichu, but figured he’d save that for later.


Simisage came up to the cell, “Meowth’s ready for you guys.”


Charizard was furious to see him.


“You’re pretty sick, bud!” he growled. “I can’t believe you’d make us into his sexual entertainment.”


Simisage sighed, “I didn’t want to, but I had to. It was either to enslave you or get killed.”


Tack came up to the bars, “He was going to kill you over this?”


Simisage nodded, “I’ve screwed up too many times for his liking. He told me straight up that the next time I don’t get him men to entertain him, he’ll slit my throat.”


Charizard felt a bit sympathetic towards him, “That’s pretty fucked up. Why doesn’t he just relieve you?”


“That’s the agreement he forced me into,” Simisage responded. “He saved my life when I got ambushed by a pack of Mightyena and forced me to serve him as a form of payment. He said I either was going to agree to it or he’d give me to the Mightyena. That threat carried over since that day, I was either going to serve him or be killed.”


“That seems a bit much,” Raichu remarked.


“He used to be an assassin for a human tribe, who dealt in ultimatums,” Simisage replied. “He only understands that you either do what he says or you die.”


He sighed, “That’s why I had to do what I did. Please, just go along with it.”


Tack and others weren’t sure, but nonetheless agreed, not wanting him to die. Simisage opened the cell and had Tack, Raichu, Mudsdale, and Charizard get out.


“I won’t tie your hands,” Simisage told them. “Since you’re agreeing to help me.”


Sableye ran to the front of the cell, “Don’t leave me alone here…”


Simisage looked at him and closed his eyes. He had Raichu get back in the cell with him. Raichu was hesitant to be away from Tack, but figured Sableye needed him more. Simisage closed the cell and escorted the others to Meowth’s room.


The room was large and empty save for a stairway that led to a rusty throne that Meowth sat on. Simisage took the three right up to the bottom of the stairs.


“This is your first batch, your greatness,” he said with a bow.


“Why aren’t they tied?” Meowth questioned with snarl. “You better not be planning to let them go again!”


“No, sir, they gave no resistance. I saw no need to tie them up,” Simisage answered.


Meowth didn’t fully believe him, but couldn’t be bothered to further question him. Simisage walked off to the side as Meowth ordered the others to “get on with it”. Before Tack knew it, Charizard was kissing him on the lips as Mudsdale rubbed his nipples from behind with his erected cock sawing his crack. Tack glanced over and saw Meowth start to stroke his cock. He turned back to Charizard and began pinching his pecs up.


Charizard took his lips off Tack’s mouth and got onto his knees. Tack got on all fours and began sucking on his erected member. From behind, Mudsdale licked his hole with his tongue before inserting his long member inside.


The burly men moaned and groaned with every bit of stimulation that hit their cocks. Simisage looked over at Meowth, who was very invested in the sex scene in front of him. He looked down at his crotch. His member was erect and throbbing away. He was tempted to start tending to it, but knew Meowth wouldn’t like that.


With a large gasp from each of them, Charizard and Mudsdale reached their climaxes. Cries of joy emitted from their mouths as they loaded Tack’s mouth and butt with warm, gooey cum. Having their cum enter his body made Tack feel a bit more secure about the situation they were in. He was glad to be with his brothers.


The cocks soon ran dry and the muscular men removed them from Tack. Strings of cum came out of the human’s mouth and butt causing Meowth to stroke his cock faster. Simisage was quite impressed by this.


For their next act, Tack lubed up Mudsdale’s butt and inserted his cock inside of him. As he thrusted away, Charizard walked over to Simisage and flicked his erected dick.


“If I’m doing this, you are too,” he told him with a smirk.


“Hey, he’s off limits!” Meowth hollered.


Charizard paid no mind to him and passionately kissed the guy. Simisage wrapped his arms around the man as his tail alluring swung around. Meowth’s cock throbbed at the sight of it. He gave in and furiously stroked it.


Charizard picked up Simisage and carried him over to Tack and Mudsdale, still keeping his lips locked. Once over there, he took them off and placed Simisage on the ground. Instantly, Simisage was on all fours and getting his butt lubed up by the big guy’s tongue. Charizard thrusted his cock into him and began pounding away.


Moans filled the room as mens’ cocks got stimulated. It was later toned down to just Meowth’s moans as Charizard and Tack made out with each other.


Simisage was completely over the moon. It had been so long since he had this last that he had forgotten how great it felt. Suddenly, he felt a large hand touch his chin and turn his head. His eyes met Mudsdale’s as the guy kissed him on the lips.


It was at that moment that Charizard and Tack had their orgasms. The two cried out loudly as they dumped their cum into the holes they clogged. Meowth’s cock couldn’t take it anymore. With another movement of his hand, it gushed out a load of cum onto its wailing owner, face completely flushed.


Meowth’s breathing slowed down as the cum pouring out died off. Watching the men below remove their cocks, he rubbed his finger over his koban to remove the cum that had gotten on it.


“Well done,” he sighed. “No need to get the next batch, bare, I’m satisfied for today.”


Simisage scrambled to his feet and bowed.


“Yes, sir. Sorry about getting involved, sir.”


“Just be lucky I had a good time,” Meowth replied with a vicious grin.


He dismissed the four and Simisage took Tack and the others back to their cell.


“If I may, I must commend you on that performance,” Simisage told them. “It never takes Meowth two performances to cum like that.”


“Must come from the practice we do with our tribe,” Tack responded. “We use sex as a form of bonding.”


“Is that so?” Simisage said, voice trailing off.


He never witnessed them do that during his scouting. Just thinking about it, and how good it felt when he received it, made his heart sink.


“You… close to them?” he asked, albeit very quietly.


“Yeah, we’re like a family of brothers,” Charizard replied. “Heck, I’m fresh meat, yet they make me feel like I’ve been there forever.”


“That’s right,” Mudsdale chimed in.


Simisage didn’t say anything and clenched his chest.


They got back to the cell and noticed Raichu and Sableye on the floor. The two were rubbing each others’ cock and had cum splattered all over themselves. Simisage opened the cell, but instead of putting Tack, Mudsdale, and Charizard back in, he had Raichu and Sableye get out.


“What’s this all about?” Tack asked.


“I’m letting you go,” Simisage replied. “You don’t deserve to be like this. You deserve to be with your brothers.”


“But, won’t Meowth kill you?” Raichu asked.


“He will, but you guys have more than I do. It’s best if things go this way,” Simisage told them. “Please, don’t worry about me.”


“But…” Tack objected before Simisage interjected.


Don’t worry about me,” he sternly said.


He showed the group a hidden exit they could escape out of. They quickly took their leave, but not before Tack took one last look at Simisage. Putting on a brave face, he waved back to him as Tack followed the others out the exit.


It was the cusp of evening when the gang arrived home. Appletun greeted them as Terrakion was busy roasting some fruit on the campfire.


“おかえりなさい、兄弟たち!” he said. “Boy, you guys were gone some long time. You must’ve been having a blast!”


Everyone casually agreed to the response so as to not arouse suspicion. While everyone else was distracted, Tack looked behind him. He still couldn’t stop thinking about Simisage’s fate, having let them go against Meowth’s orders.


Five months later, Terrakion’s tribe had moved to a new location. It was no different from their previous location, but no one minded that. Once again, Terrakion was scouting a new person to join the tribe. Raichu cited it as odd considering he usually would wait a year before deciding to scout after the last.


One day, he came home and his tribe greeted him in the usual way. However, Tack, Raichu, Charizard, Sableye, and Mudsdale almost fell over when they noticed Simisage standing next to him. He looked no different from when they last saw him, however he had a koban coin around his neck.


“Brothers, this is Simisage, he’ll be a member of our tribe starting today,” Terrakion boomed.


Simisage bowed, “Pleased to be with you.”


Terrakion chortled and patted his back, “No need to be formal. They’re your brothers, not masters.”


Simisage rubbed his neck, “Right. Still getting over that.”


Later on that day, Tack and others asked him what happened. Simisage clenched the necklace he wore.


“Well, after you left, Meowth found out about me letting you go. He was furious and told me my servitude to him had ended,” he explained. “He sharpened up a stick and went to slit my throat. However, right when he was about to strike, something hit him. He tripped and ended up stabbing himself with it. It was shocking to watch.”


He smiled a bit, “At the same time, it meant I was free. Free from being his slave. It felt so great!”


“Why did you take his necklace?” Sableye asked.


“Just as a reminder of the life I never want to live again,” Simisage somberly replied.


Tack hugged him, “Don’t worry, brother, you’ll be safe with us.”


Simisage hugged him tightly.


“Thanks, brother…” he whispered, shedding a tear.


That night, the tribe had an orgy to welcome Simisage in. He was having a blast pounding his cock into Tack as Appletun thrusted into him. The two thrusters soon cried out together as they dumped their loads into the asses.


“You having fun?” Tack panted.


“Yeah!” Simisage cried, blasting his cum into Tack’s ass.


Tack smiled, enjoying the warm cum entering his body. Though, as he did, he couldn’t help but wonder what caused Meowth to trip. Unknown to him, Terrakion was watching them from the side, cheekily smirking.


-The End-
























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