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Lore of Mysticfell by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

For young Chip he never wanted to do anything more than be an ok student, he didn't want to stand out or have too much attention on him and for the longest he was able to maintain that illusion. He was normal. But its hard to maintain the illusion when deep inside of you something wants to come and show itself. 

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


“Tell me, are you prepared to face yourself?”

These were the words that woke Chip from what felt like dead sleep. The Zorua was slow to open his eyes, his body felt sore, his mind was in a daze as if he had taken a great fall. The world that he opened his too was one that seemed to as came from a story book, or something that his mother would have spoken about. The first thing that he noticed was the rainbow like sky, different shades of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and even purple colored the sky. The colors seemed to be moving like the sky was a flowing river with the colors flowing towards the horizon.

Getting up Chip saw that he was in what seemed like an endless field of golden grass. The aroma of various herbs touched his nose making the dark fox a little hungry but unfortunately it wasn’t going to help him to figure out where he was. The only thing he saw in the distance was what seemed to be a shine with a statue of fox creature. Slowly the Zorua walked towards the shrine, his paws felt the soft grass under him, it tickled. He shakes his head trying to fight the urge to roll in the grass.

“Where am I?” Chip asked out loud.

“Don’t stop walking, your almost here. The truth will reveal itself in time.”

“Who are you?”

“That’s the question you need to answer Chip, who am I?” The voice murres. The closer Chip walked towards the statue the loud the voice became. It was feminine like, it almost sounded like his voice though just…girly. Girly…that’s such a sick thing to think of, him as a girl. Granted it didn’t help that he was a herm, cursed to have both parts. There was some Pokemon who had the idea to call him a shi or hir or something along those lines but he always gave them a good reason to not call him something so disgusting. A good scratch in the face teaches them a lesson or two.

“Why should I care who you are?” Chip reaches the steps to the shrine, there wasn’t many steps to walk up and he easily reached the top with little effort. The statue was of a Zorua, it wore a crown on its head, had a collar around its neck with several notches on it that suggested it was studded with gems. The Zorua looked familiar.

“Why should I care about someone who is too afraid show themselves.”

Chip hears a outburst of laughter from in front of him. A fox like figure walks from behind the statue, it…it looked just like him. The fox was a Zorua just like him, complete with his tan coat, purple paw pads and purple head fur. There was a small difference with this Zorua compared to him was that it had silver colored eyes rather than his purple eyes and it wore a pair of gold loop earrings.

“I hope you don’t mind that I stole your colors, they are rather nice.” It was the feminine voice that had guided him here.

“What are you?”

“That’s a silly question to ask me, why I’m you.” The Zorua giggles.

“Your not me, I’m me!” Chip growls. “Where am I? How did I get here? And better yet who are you?” Chip felt like he wanted to pounce on this Zorua and make her, it…what ever this thing was talk. How did he get here? Why can’t he remember where he was before this? What was going on?

“You should really calm down before you tire yourself out.” The female Zorua chuckles. “Everything is fine in the waking world, no one knows that your not who you normally are. Plus nothing important is happening giving us time to catch up.”

“WHAT IS GOING ON!” Chip draws his claws and scratches the ground. “Tell me or else-“

“Else what? You want to strike at me?” The Zorua chuckles again. “You couldn’t hit me even if you tried.”

“You want to bet on that?!”

“How about we play a game. You try to hit me and if you touch me I’ll answer one of your silly questions. Deal?” The Zorua winks. “This will give me a chance to see weak you are anyway.”

“I don’t know who you think you are…” Chip charges at the female Zorua and swipes at her slashing the air as quickly as he could. His swipe hits nothing but air as the other fox slightly moves out of the way. The male falls onto his face.

“Ooohh…I think I felt a breeze.” The Zorua murres.

“Shut up.” Chip swipes at the Zorua’s legs though he only sweeps up rocks and dirt. He feels his nose touched by a paw.

“My name is _______” The Zorua says.

“What?” Chip blurts out.

“What wrong Chip?” The Zorua steps away as Chip swipes at her again. “You’re not ready to face yourself yet?”

“Why do you keep saying that?” The male fox gets up. “Why do you keep asking me that question?”

“Because Chip your powers are starting to awaken and yet you are still in denial of who you are.” The Zorua turns her back to the male, her tail was raised revealing her herm parts. Chip saw that unlike him she didn’t have a pair of external balls while her slit was more defined than his.

“Um…why are you turned like that?” The male points.

“Trust me I’m not interested in getting laid by you.” The female sits down, her back still to him. “Besides you couldn’t handle me anyway.”

“Oh please I bet your easy! I bet you’ve been used more than a few good times.”

“Is that what you really believe?” The herm smirks. “When you finally figure out what my name is I might tell you my history. It’ll surprise. Us Shadow Pokemon are a mysterious group of Pokemon.”

“I’m…” The Zorua looks down at his paws.

“Still not ready to face yourself are you? Sad since I am ready to face you.” The Zorua scratches her ears with a hind paw like a dog. “I’m able to pronounce your name though can you pronounce mine?”

“I don’t give a shit to pronounce you name!” A nasty snarl came out of Chip’s mouth. Why would he want to say her name, who did she think she was? The herm Zorua rolls her eyes and looks up at the sky.

“I’ll answer your questions that you ask earlier, its my job to do so.” The herm said while staring up at the sky. “My name is _____” The fox says though like before Chip couldn’t hear her name. Why can’t he hear her name when she was literally telling him. “Let me guess muffled again.”

“Shut up and just keep going.”

“How did we get so hardheaded…” The Zorua sadly laughs. “Thank Arceus there is time…I have time to get through to him.”

“Stop talking to yourself!” Chip felt his claws dig into the stone. This was becoming more and more annoying. Who did she think she was?

“We only have so much time before you awaken and return to the real world. So pay attention!” The Zorua glares. “This is your Soulscape, this is the realm where a Shadow Pokemon can speak to their Omen. You know what is a Omen is right or have you denied everything that you are?”


“This is going to be harder than I would have thought.” The herm Zorua sighs. “Your Omen…my job is to help guild you, to help you learn to harness your vast potential and to save you from becoming a Lost Soul. Pokemon who deny their Shadow abilities, or who allow their souls to become corrupted by their negative emotions or feelings can become a Lost Soul. Should that happen…it’ll be my job to give your soul salvation.”

“I’ve heard the stories…” Chip sulks. A cold breeze blew against his face and he saw the herm Zorua glow for a moment.

“Don’t make me have to make that tough decision ok?!” The Zorua looks at him and smiles. “You come from too great of a linage for it to be lost because you refuse to accept what you are.” The Zorua raises a paw and a hole in space formed right in front of him. “We’ll speak again. I really can’t wait until you can all my name, then the real fun begins.” The herm winks. “When your ready to face yourself let me know cutie.”

“What does that mean? And I’m not CUTE!” Chip asked but before he could possibly get an answer the world turns white….

“Chip…Chip…..Chip would you wake up!” The voice of his upset girlfriend Hathor brought Chip out of his afternoon name. The Zorua looks up as he was laying on the floor of the conference hall, the dark pink Fennekin was staring down at him blocking out some of the light. Chip noticed her necklace was dangling inches from his face the silver and gold item always was very good at reflecting light back on whatever was casting the light or redirecting it to what Hathor wanted it to go to.

“Huh…Hathor…what are you doing here?”

“Uh…we go to school here remember, and you my good Zorua passed out during the assembly. Lucky for you the Guild Master didn’t decide to do his rounds around the students during his speech, so you got away with it.” The Fennekin swats the Zorua’s face with her bushy tail.

“You’re so fluffy.”

“You were doing so well too Chip, you passed out for a moment but then you woke back up.” Hathor’s orange eyes bore into the Zorua as if she was trying to figure something out. “You were so talkative than normal; it was kind of refreshing.” She smiles.

“You wouldn’t believe the dream I had, I was in this field…and there was this weird sky and…this weird shrine that looked kind of like me and…and…there was this Zorua who looked just like me. Though she wore earrings and had silver colored eyes. What was her name again? She told me or tried too but her voice became muffled every time she said it.” Chip noticed that Hathor was quiet as if she was trying to process everything he just said.

“You, ok?”

“You dreamed of speaking to an Omen huh.” Hathor closed her eyes. “Chip do you know what an Omen is?” Hathor looks around and then pushes the Zorua over to a corner. “If an Omen is coming to you then that means…” She leans in close to whisper in his ear. “That means you’re awakening to your Shadow powers.”

“Don’t tell me that Hathor?” Chip shakes his head. “Why would I be a Shadow Pokemon, if I was one of you then I would have to live in secretly.”

“Geez thanks Chip.” Hathor rolls her eyes. “I’m sorry that our kind makes you feel bad, you act like we want to live a life of being put down by everyone else who is not like us. Our gift of being stronger than our normal blooded brothers and sisters make us worth hunting down or being shunned wherever we live.”

Chip felt bad, he didn’t mean to hit a sore spot. Hathor was a Shadow Pokemon from Port Lore the home of Shadow Pokemon. She came out to Noble Highlands to join the guild and to get away from her hometown. The two of them started off as friends and classmates during their first year at the guild and over the course of the past three years they grew from just being friends to being lovers. Hathor had told him more than once that she thought that he could be a Shadow Pokemon like her though Chip didn’t want to believe it. If he was a Shadow Pokemon that meant that he would be shunned or even hunted, who would want to live that kind of life?

“I’m sorry.”

“Are you really?” Hathor shakes her head. “Honestly once you get past the being shunned, hunted like wild animals or being used as a sex slave its not all that bad being a Shadow Pokemon. The ability to see mist concentrations, our well of mana and energy, the ability to use our abilities in more than a normal Pokemon ever could dream of. Plus we and when is say “we” I mean you too Chip!”


“We Chip have powerful souls which means we can live longer than any normal Pokemon. Sure we start off weaker than them and if we don’t train we’ll never even be able to keep up with a novice level Pokemon of our species. But should we accept ourselves for what we are and train our asses off…our possibilities know no limit. Just look at my mother Delphine, she is the most powerful Shadow Pokemon known to Poka kind. Not once has she ever regretted being who she is and it has paid off greatly.”

“You’ll be there some day I’m sure of it.” Chip tries to lighten Hathor’s mood. The Fennekin’s smile was so warm that he thought he could feel it. The Zorua felt bad, Hathor was always trying to help him be more comfortable with himself and here he was spitting on her efforts.

“Hathor I’m sorry…”

“Its alright Chip, you’ll be you. We’ll talk about it later. Besides it just means you get to owe me something and you know I love my sweets.” Hathor touches her necklace. “Everyone else is already outside. We should catch up them before they want to start their summer vacation. Can’t you believe it that this is our last summer before having to start living our lives?”

“Not really, I kind of like my old life.” Chip notices Hathor starting to walk towards the exit to the hall and he quickly follows behind her. This wouldn’t be the last time he is in the halls of Highland Guild though it will be for the time being. The Pokemon Guilds of Mysticfell were the peacekeepers of the seven kingdoms of Mysticfell with the guild located in Noble Highlands being one of the main ones in the Endora Kingdom.

“You’ll never grow Chip if you don’t get out of your comfort zone.” Hathor brushes herself against him. “And I want to see you grow sweetie, how are we going to form our team if our leader doesn’t want to step out there and well…lead.”

“I really don’t know why you and Kyuubi want to make me the leader of Team Fire Fox. I mean…you literally are a fire fox.”

“True but do you really want me being our leader?” Hathor giggles. “The last time I led the way you couldn’t stop complaining about everything. Plus I think Darious was traumatized for days, the puppy didn’t want to come out of his room out of fear that I’d drag him back through the mud.”

“Well, you like overextending everyone.” Chip chuckles as he followed Hathor down the hall. The Fennekin slightly changes her pace letting Chip take the lead. “I see what you’re doing.”

Hathor just giggles before giving the Zorua a slight smack on his rear. “And you don’t think I see what you looking at when I’m up front? Maybe sometimes I like getting a good view too…leader.”

The pair reach the front of the Guild where everyone from their year group had gathered. Chip saw his kithood friends Darious, Ribbon and Lilith all together in one spot. The Rockruff was jumping around the ice Vulpix and Rattata barking about something that he hardly cared to figure out now though from the looks of it Ribbon wasn’t looking that pleased while Lilith was silently reading a book while nodding from time to time. There was a bunch of other random Pokemon that Chip had met throughout his time at school all over the place making a little hard for him to pick out his friends faces. But as he finished scanning the area, he saw Kyuubi talking to the red Minccino Alister. Chip leads the way over to the pair.

Kyuubi was looking better today than normal, the Vulpix-Eevee hybrid had only one tail though it was very well groomed, his ears were long and Eevee like instead of the short kind that Vulpixes had. He had taken extra care to fix up his head fluff making him look extra attractive today. It had been dark in the conference hall and Chip hadn’t taken the time to admire Kyuubi before now.

“Careful Chip.” Hathor giggles. “You might start showing a little if your not careful.”

“Hathor!” The Zorua gulps.

“You and Kyuubi look so cute together, I really can’t wait to walk in on you two sometime.”

“What kind of girlfriend are you?” Chip sighs. “You want to see your male in a relationship with another male?”

“Well I do have this crazy fantasy of walking in to find you getting railed by Kyuuib and then he offers to share you with me and then I sit on your face fuck you until drown in my fluids. And then…I get to ride that cock of yours and moan your name begging for you to give me every drop of cum you have in those balls of yours.” Hathor bounces her head back and forth. “That would be so much fun.”

“For you…I didn’t hear you say you want me to be in control at any point in that little fantasy.” Chip rolls his eyes.

“Chip you wouldn’t know what to do with that herm cock of yours even if there was a guild book in front of you.”

“Are yo—”

“Sheesh…its my fantasy anyway…don’t ruin it.”

“….” Its then that Chip and Hathor notice Kyuubi and Alister staring at them.

“Are you two done having your little fantasies?” Kyuubi sighs.

“Not really…I kind of hadn’t cum just yet.” Hathor giggles. “Can I excuse myself?”

“Girls are so weird.” Alister groans. The Minccino was the son of Guild Master Bangam and was possibly the next in line to take over the Guild once Bangam decided to retire though that was far down the line. Alister was like Kyuubi and was born as a hybrid Pokemon with him having his mother’s species along with some of his father’s parts. Alister had a pair of black horns and the signature Absol head bead on his forehead though outside of those things he was basically a Minccino. Not much to really speak of if you asked Chip.

“We are complicated creatures.” Hathor says.

“I can tell.” Kyuubi smiles at Chip. “Did you get enough sleep?”

“I think so.” The Zorua blushes as he feels Kyuubi brush up against him. “Did they put anything good out?”

“At the end of summer, we can come back and register our official team. Bangam wants to give us the summer to see what we want to do before making any kind of commitments. Plus, there is the Summer Festival up in Evergrande City that he really wants everyone to attend if they can make it. It’ll be a great time.”

“I need to get ready to go, Basil is getting off early today and she wants to take me out to eat to celebrate.” Alister says. “What are your plans tonight, maybe we can get a reservation at that fancy place where you get to cook your own meat.”

“I was going to go home and play some video games.” Hathor says. “Ribbon and Lilith offered to play with me, we’re going to do a trio stream and play some Pokemon Royal. Besides I’m more of a breakfast kind of girl, let’s do something special tomorrow.”

“Deal.” Kyuubi nods. “Chip how about you come out to where I work tonight, I want do something special for you.” Chip notices Kyuubi looking over at Hathor who nods as if she was approving of something. The fox nods back and then return his focus on Chip.

“So how about it, why not come out to Tail Lifters and have a good time.”

“Do I have too…” Chip groans but nods. “Sure alright, I mean maybe it’ll be fun.”

“What did I tell you about getting out of your comfort zone?” Hathor says.

“I said yes!”

“Calm down you two.” Kyuubi says. “Come by around 8:30 to 9pm tonight. That should give me enough time to prepare, and I can actually get some work done before you arrive. Plus, it’ll give me time to make Madam Holly get the feel good about me taking the last half of my shift off just for you.”

“I’m not sure I like the sound of that…” Chip gulps. He feels Hathor grab his ass.

“A little soft…you should firm dat ass up.”

“What has gotten into you!?” Chip blushes. He hears Hathor murr and kiss his cheek.

“I just love seeing my male actually put his paws out there.” The Fennekin kisses the Zorua again and again. “Take good care of him tonight ok Kyuubi.”

“Just the way we discussed.” Kyuubi nods.

“Guess I’ll see you guys for breakfast tomorrow then.” Alister chuckles as he prepares to leave. “You guys really live up to the fox stereotype you know. Its kind of scary how horny your kind can be.”

“Careful Alister, if your careful we might have to firm that soft tush of yours up too.” It was oddly Chip who says it. The Zorua snickers and he feels Hathor grip his butt again.

“Oh is your balls starting to drop?”

“Shut it…” Chip murres happily.

The rest of the day was spent with Chip hanging out with Hathor and Kyuubi, the trio went to the east side of the city and spent the afternoon hanging out in the market. Chip bought Hathor some ice cream while Kyuubi did a little window shopping. Before long the hybrid fox said his goodbyes as he rushed ahead to go to work. Afterwards Chip and Hathor hung out together a bit longer before Chip walks her back to her apartment.

“Be sure to blow a kiss for me.” Hathor said as they approached her home. The Fennekin lived near the center of the city, the guild had paid for several apartments to house its members in. The apartments were duplexes that featured a second level that overlooked the overall first floor. She lived with one other roommate which turned out to be Lilith. Speaking of Lilith, the rodent was sitting near her window on the second floor reading a book.

“Hey there roomie!” Hathor waved up to rodent.

“….” Lilith looked down at the pair and then went back to reading.

“She’s a rodent of so many words.”

“Geez I would never have guessed.” Chip jokes. “Why don’t you come out with me? We could go see Kyuubi together.”

“Because I promised Kyuubi that this is his night and I’m going to interfere with anything that he has planned for the two of you.” Hathor holds up a paw and presses it against a scanner, the door is heard unlocking. “Chip you and Kyuubi are as close as you and I are. I mean you two are roommates and have been together since before me and you decided to become a thing.”

“Just because we’re roommates doesn’t mean that we were you know…doing it.”

“Maybe but you two cares about one another a lot and Kyuubi has wanted to show you how much he cares about you for a while.” Hathor steps away from her door. “I know you’re going to be out of your comfort zone by going to tail lifters, but this is something me and him have talked about doing for you for a while. If there is anyone else in this world who I think can make you happy its Kyuubi. And don’t forget he’s going to be out of his comfort zone too doing this. He’s never let either of us see him at work so this is a big moment for him too.”

The Zorua groans. “Can’t you at least go there with me?”

“Oh, stop being a baby, don’t worry the streets are safe right now. I don’t think any of the reported insane Pokemon are roaming around here right now. Just make sure that you don’t come back alone alright.” Hathor brushes her cheek against Chip’s.

“Be a good boy tonight and tomorrow I’ll make it worth your wild ok.”

“Do say more…” Chip’s tail twitch.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.” Hathor nips the Zorua’s ear. “Now go get that tail hole blow out.” Hathor starts laughing while Chip pulls away from her.

“Why….” Chip whines. “Why would you ruin the moment.”

“You’ll be alright. Now go have some fun.” Hathor jump into the house closing the door behind her. Chip laughs out a long sigh and begins walking away. As he left, he heard a voice speak from up above.

“Make sure to relax yourself when the knot goes into you, it’ll hurt a little less if you’re not as tense.” It was Lilith, the Rattata still had her nose in the book. Chip was about to respond to her, but the rat holds up a paw.

“No need to thank me Chip, just got have fun and remember my advice. I tell it to Ribbon all the time before I shove my favorite strap on into her tight ass. She whines a little bit but then stops. She’s a very good partner.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“It’s called being a good bitch…bitch. Oh, and make sure to be on the lookout for insane Pokemon while on the way home after you’re done making love with your roommate. The streets haven’t been a safe place lately. Now off with you.” Lilith turns her back to the window, her tail points him away from the apartment.

Chip looks out at the setting sun, he needed to hurry up and get going. Time was not on his side, and it won’t be long before Kyuubi went on stage. He had to be there when he went on.

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