AGNPH Stories


Shadow Pokemon, they are magically gifted Pokemon who can become stronger than anyone of their species. This gift for many has become a curse and has led many to be hunted, enslaved for their power and used as weapons. For one young Zorua he has begun to awaken to his shadow powers and with it the guidance of his Omen. "Are you prepared to face yourself?" 

  1. Chapter 1 (4360 words)

    For young Chip he never wanted to do anything more than be an ok student, he didn't want to stand out or have too much attention on him and for the longest he was able to maintain that illusion. He was normal. But its hard to maintain the illusion when deep inside of you something wants to come and show itself. 

  2. Chapter 2 | Alister (5024 words)

    Chapter two begins a the same time that Chip's Chapter takes place but from Alister's point of view. For anyone that attended school assemblies you remember how boring those can be. For Alister Basil decides to help spice up their boring graduation ceremony but invoking some old school traditions that buts our favorite little Minccino in a odd position.

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