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Lore of Mysticfell by lightsoul


Author's Chapter Notes:

Chapter two begins a the same time that Chip's Chapter takes place but from Alister's point of view. For anyone that attended school assemblies you remember how boring those can be. For Alister Basil decides to help spice up their boring graduation ceremony but invoking some old school traditions that buts our favorite little Minccino in a odd position.

Chapter 2 | Alister

Chapter 2




“As your Headmaster I could not be prouder of each and every Pokemon in this crowd today. All of you have grown so much since you walked through the halls of Noble Highlands Guild and Adventure Academy. You have all grown over the past three years to become beautiful and strong Pokemon who shall step out into that world behind you and do great things. For some this will be the last time they walk in this hall as someone associated with this fine institution. While for others they shall these halls today and return here at the end of the summer ready to become their training to become full guild members of this yet again fine institution.

“Like wise as the Guild Master Bangam Blacktail I hope to welcome as many of you as possible come the end of summer for I know many out there shall make fine additions to this Guild. Be wary though, there are Pokemon out there beyond these halls who shall tempt you into using your abilities for a life other than one of just. Do not let yourself become swayed and fall into the life of an outlaw…”


Out in the crowd the wary Alister groans as he struggled to keep his focus.

“Mon does he ever shut up?” Alister groans. The Minccino lets out a long yawn as he was trying to keep himself awake while listening to his father speak to the graduating class. Looking around he saw a few of his friends passed out.

“Why does Chip always seem to have the right idea?” The Minccino notes the Zorua sleeping near Hathor and Darious. He looked like he was having an intense dream as his legs were twitching from time to time. “Lucky bastard.”

“You could go to sleep too you know.” Basil says. Her eyes were glued to the front of the Great Hall.

“Didn’t you get enough of this last year when you graduated? I sure as hell did.”

“And I was so happy that you toughed it out just for me.” The Quilava smiles. “You’ve always been my supportive little red Minccino. Yes, you are…yes you are.” Alister tries to dodge a fury of hugs and kisses but was easily scooped up by his mate.

“Basil stops…that tickles.” Alister laughs while trying to free himself. He hears a bit of snickering from nearby as Shawn was overhearing them, the Bulbasaur always seemed to like butting himself in where he didn’t belong.

“Oooo…What you two up too?” Shawn pushes his way past their friends Lilith and Ribbon, the Rattata and Vulpix bitterly swipe at the saur.

“Aaahhh!” Alister jumps. He gets hushed by their fellow students. Looking around the Minccino sighs, it was so annoying to be stuck in this crowd. Shawn chuckles before sliding himself in between Alister and Basil.

“So Alister how are you enjoy the ceremony? Your Dad was always a long talker uh?”

“Shawn, you do know there is a perfectly good spot on the other side of Alister right? You don’t have to put yourself in between us.” Basil crosses her arms.

“True…but being right here both of you can enjoy my company.”

Alister and Basil get wrapped up by Shawn’s vine and yanked closer to him. “I have some interesting news to tell you two. It’s about the Summer Festival, guess who is thinking of trying to sponsor the whole thing. Come on guess, guess…”

“Uh…you?” Alister questions

Shawn eagerly nods. “That’s right me and my family. As you guys know the Cheater’s are proud owners of various ventures and companies. We own the largest magazine company in the seven kingdoms. We also are proud investors into our region’s magical essence supply with all the fancy fear that everyone uses having a little bit of Cheater in them. Plus, Daddy owns a piece of the stadium that is based out Evergrande City, Venice and the stadium based here. You know the venture that Daddy is taking a part in now, one that yours truly will be overseeing personally?”


“The Domination League. Or at least that is the running title. Picture it guys…battles between two males, all sweaty, panting as they have been battling for who knows how long. Their fight only ending when one of them submits to the other and then…and then…the winner stands over his fallen opponent, picks him up…his cock throbbing as he is all worked up from the battle.”

“You alright Shawn?” It was Basil who asked. “Does anyone smell that?”

“Did you fart Basil?” Alister asked. He hears Shawn snickering. The Minccino feels a paw placed on his lap by none other than Shawn.

“It ends Alister with winner dominating the loser and what better spot than in front of roaring crowd and pay-per-view audience.” Shawn grins. “Daddy is putting together all of the details now and after this snorefest is over he’s going to talk to your dad and some of the other Guild Masters to see if they will assist him in putting together the first championship tournament. Its going to be awesome.”

“There are some things I question about it but…I could see it working.” Alister says.

“That’s nice in all but I don’t really see Pokemon wanting to watch two boys fuck one another like you described.” Basil smirks. “I didn’t think you was into such things Shawn “The Hearbreak” Saur.

“I’m not…why would I be interested in something like that.” Shawn sticks out his tongue. “Its just that most battle are between males. That fantasy could have had anything in it.”

“Oh that’s a fantasy of yours…” Basil jokes and Shawn gets up finally. “Look I’m getting all hot…I will see you two after this is over.” The saur marches off.

“Hmm that funny aroma is gone now…I wonder what caused that.”  Alister then feels a tug on his side as Basil sits a paw on his crotch.

“You know what I want to do?”

“I hope your next words is “ditch this place.”

“Yes…and then…” Basil’s paw slides down his crotch to his inner thigh.

“Um…dinner and a movie?” Alister gulps.

“We could do that; I mean graduation dinner is a thing. Plus, there are some very lovely romantic comedies worth watching…” Basil’s paw feel up against his sheath making the male gulp again. “You know one nice thing about the movies Alister…hmm?”

“Its dark…”

“Yes…” Basil’s paw slides slowly up and down his sheath. Before long the Minccino was looking down to see a little pink showing against his red fur.

“Its darker than in here Basil…”

“What we’re among friends.” The Quilava points to Ribbon and Lilith who were pressed against the other. Alister saw the Vulpix was pawing at her mate’s crotch, her paw was already wet.

“Don’t you want to have a little fun?”

Alister feels Basil’s warm breath blowing against his ear. His tail twitches as he feels her paw fully make him erect now. Before he could say anything, the fire type presses her cheek against his while getting in front of him. He tries to speak but she leaves a paw on his mouth.

“Its fun to be a little naughty sometimes Alister.”

“What if someone sees us?”

“Oh, we’re being watched.” Basil winks. “It’s a Noble Highlands tradition Alister, get laid while your daddy is speaking…well the daddy part more involves you. I guess me too in a way…I mean he’s going to be my dad someday too. It’ll give us something to laugh about. Now…”

Basil slides herself down enough to be at eye level with Alister’s cock, the pink member bounced back and forth as she nuzzles her cheek against it.

“I’m going to fucking enjoy this…”

“Hey…hey…the miscolored Minccino and the horny Quilava…how about keeping down. You’re not the only ones trying to get laid right now.” A random male voice called from a short distance away. Alister felt his nerves catching up to him as he tries to see who it was but soon finds a Basil’s butt hovering over him.

“Their talking about us…” Alister didn’t get a chance to keep looking around as a hot Quilava butt pushes down on his face.

“If you’re going to use your tongue Alister…” Basil plants her paws on the Minccino’s lap and then bouncing herself back and forth of his face getting her scent all over Alister’s nose. The male opens his mouth for some air only get to Basil’s cooch all over his tongue.

“Oh, that hits the spot…” Basil giggles. “Don’t’ worry…I’m going to make sure you get fed.”

‘Her puns…. why does she always say such silly puns when she get horny…what kind of bedroom talk is this…’ Alister thinks. He feels something warm take his cock…

‘She’s giving me a blow job…now…we’re in public! Everyone is going to see my cock…’

“Mmm…I love having big…stuffed cheeks…” Basil could be heard. The Quilava continues sliding herself back and forth against his face, the aroma of other musk made the Minccino slowly forget his worries. He reaches up gripping Basil’s butt, a finger casually slips into her anus.

“Oh…” Basil murres. “Is someone pushing my button.”

’Please stop the puns…’

“HEY…HEY…LESS PUNS, MORE FUCKING.” The voice calls out.

“Hey Axel shut the fuck up buddy, if they want to make puns and say funny things while 69ing one another…let them do it.” Another voice pitched in. “Don’t get made because the headmaster’s boy is getting fucking laid while you’re sitting there pawing them.”

Wait…wait…wait…someone is pawing off to me, right?!’

Oooohhh…. that’s so kinky…. I love it.” Basil bounces herself back and forth on Alister’s face the Quilava’s scent was becoming too much for the male to bare. Shutting off his mind Alister feels himself digging his tongue as deep into his mate’s hole as he possibly could. In response he feels Basil’s entire mouth take his length, knot in all…

‘This girl…why are we always doing crazy things when I’m around her…and…fuck why do I enjoy it?’

Suddenly Alister feels something very warm, very moist, and most of all a powerful aroma splash against his face covering him. Basil gripped his face with her thighs while letting out a long moan of excitement, the Quilava gave him another wave of her orgasm splashing even more of her fluids over him. Alister feels some dripping down his cheeks while the rest he managed to catch in his mouth. It was salty and if Basil had a flavor that Alister could describe besides being spicy…well…she tasted a bit like her name’s sake…Basil.

Alister wasn’t off the hook yet as his mate crushes his head with her thighs. “Someone didn’t cum yet…don’t worry it won’t be from a lack of trying.” Basil murres and Alister felt her mouth engulf against his cock again, his tip touched the back of her throat at she eagerly takes every inch that she could. The fem pushes her tongue up against his rod, pushing and rubbing out as much pre as she could get. The sounds of Basil’s sucking made a few of the Pokemon near them giggle and comment as the words, “She’s a natural” and “That is such a lucky Minccino” while the last was, “I can’t lie, I wish I was Basil right now just so I could suck him off too.”

‘Huh who said that one…they sounded familiar, though its hard to tell since their voice sounded like it was muffed.’ Alister couldn’t continue thinking as the Minccino lets out a long gasp from the sudden change in heat. He felt Basil’s mouth warming up suddenly, the female wasn’t just deep throating anymore. The male finally let’s go though as he couldn’t hold out anymore and rewarded his mate with a gush of his Minccino making juice. He squirted every drop he had into the Quilava’s throat sending it right down to her stomach. His orgasm was so strong that Alister felt his entire body begin shaking.

‘What have I…done? I’m never going to hear the end of it.’


A few of their fellow students cheered for them while a few others barked about how nasty they were. The ceremony had ended literally while the two were doing it and from what Alister heard his father possibly saw them though he didn’t stay around for very long and instead rushed off to a meeting of some kind. Instead, it was the other various teachers who ended up kicking everyone out as the hall was about to be used for a big meeting instead. Before they left Hathor caught up to the pair with a surprising compliment from Hathor.

“Not going to lie…that looked like a lot of fun.” The Fennekin murres. “I would stay to chat but…I need to go wake up sleepy head over there since they are about to do some important guild work.”

“Alister is the same.” Basil slaps the Minccino’s back. “Times like these you need to just grind it out.”

“That can have so many meanings…” Alister sighed.

“I know right?” Basil giggles. “Come on let’s go clean up and then get some dinner, its on me tonight.”

“Are you playing or is that in a literal sense?”

“I don’t know…why not we find out.” Basil pinches Alister’s cheek.

“I just need to run over to the restaurant real fast and see Mom, after that we can go have some fun.” Basil kisses’ Alister’s head before the two walk outside together. The Quilava heads off to take care of her business leaving Alister to catch up with his friends before going out for the evening.

Alister speaks to Kyuubi, Chip and Hathor about their plans though he soon gets bored as they went on one of their little fox rants about sex and other things that interested foxes. He talks to a few random Pokemon around the courtyard before he gets stopped by a Growlithe.

“You smell good, I like it.” The puppy Pokemon presses his nose against Alister’s crotch. The Minccino moves his tail in front of it.  

“Hey don’t do that…its rude.”

“I’m sorry your right.” The dog bows his head. “I’m just um…a fan…”

“A fan…?” Its then that Alister remembered the voice from the crowd who had commented about him and Basil. “No way…”

“My name is Axel.” The puppy blushes and then offers a paw. Alister looks at the paw, then up at the puppy’s face before looking back at the paw, the memory of what he heard earlier made him think about it.

“Um…maybe I’ll just bow.” Alister follows suit with a bow and then dog does the same. Though before Alister could so anything else he feels a lick across his face.

“You were amazing, I loved watching you. You cock is so big for someone your size and your anus…Oh my gosh I want to make puppies with you.” Axel bounces up and down. “Oh, my Giratini your so sexy.”

“Geez um…thanks?”

“That Quilava was your mate, right? She’s so lucky…the chance to be filled with your seed daily, no fear of doing it in public though I’ll say make sure to be mindful where you do it at alright because you could be in a bit of a gray area…”

“I’ll keep that in mind…”

“You wouldn’t believe how often I catch Pokemon in the park doing it…I mean the neve. The park is for having battles and relaxing, not for someone to make puppies in.” Axel says “Granted…I mean…its not like I like watching or anything, that would be you know…weird am I right.”

“Um…I mean…you kind of watched me and my mate do it.”

“Ya but wasn’t in the park. That was here and its kind of custom.” Axel rubs his head. “You want to I don’t know…grab a drink some time? I mean when I’m not at work or anything.”

“Are you asking me out?” Alister gulps.

“I mean…ya. Your kind of cool and we went to school together and well…kind of wouldn’t mind making puppies with you.” Axel grins. “I know this is weird and…”

“Basil says I should get to know more than just my small circle of friends, and by small, I mean her, Shawn and foxes…oh and the rodent and um…another dog.”

‘Am I ok going on a date with a dog, not just any dog, the dog that not only watched me and Basil have sex in public but pawed off to it. Alister you really should just go home, crawl under your covers and think about your life choices.’

“I can understand if your group has too many dogs already…” Axel turns to leave and Alister grabs the puppy’s butt. The already red Minccino found a way to turn redder.

“Alister…?” Axel blushes but then jumps on top of Alister knocking him to the ground. The puppy frantically licks his cheeks before getting off. “You really like me you really do.”

“Its not what you think…” Alister sighs as he feels there was little way of getting out of it now. Guess his circle is growing a little bit bigger now.

Finally feeling like he could catch a breather the Minccino slips out of the area, the courtyard was finally starting to settle down as Pokemon were heading off to enjoy their summer. Alister holds himself up against a bench a short distance from the school.

‘Come on Alister keep it together you can do it.’


Alister couldn’t get that far away from school before he ends up getting stopped again, this time by his best friend and favorite rival.

“Alister where you going, where you going?” Shawn comes walking from the courtyard the Saur looked extra happy to see him. “Aww you don’t look all that happy to see me. Did I do something?”

“No Shawn…no its me not you.” Alister admits as he felt pooped. He sits down on a bench. “This day has just not been that great.”

“I don’t know what you mean?” Shawn asked as he sits on the bench next to him. Alister saw him scoot over a little bit. “I’m here for you if you need someone to talk too.”

“Thanks, but all I need is a break from everyone and everything. I’m never going to hear the end of what me and Basil did back there. All those students watching us, I don’t even know if Dad saw what happened and then there is Axel now who wants to get with me.”


“Ya he’s this adorable Growlithe who I think has a fetish for watching others mate. He told me he’s a fan of mine and blah, blah, blah…Arceus why me...”

“Um…so…you have other close male friends?” Shawn questioned. Alister wondered where the saur was going with this. “This feels kind of odd…”

“Shawn its nots like that, this Growlithe pawed off to me getting a blow job, he liked how my dick looked and asked me out. I don’t see the issue here.” Alister lays back on the bench. He looks up at the blue sky the male pictured what it was like to be among the cloud…

That was until something blocks out the sun.

“Wait you’re going on a date with this dog?”

And that thing was Shawn.

“I’m not really going on a date…I mean I messed up and couldn’t say no. Like come on Shawn how long have you know me? You know I don’t swing that way; I mean come it’s me…Alister Blackitail.”

“So…if I was to do this then…” Shawn leans in and the next thing Alister felt was the Saur press his cheek against his. Alister’s cheeks turn extra red though he didn’t push Shawn off right away. “You want to play chicken like back before we met Basil.”

“I don’t know Shawn we were younger then, plus…you always won.” Alister rubs his head as he gets the saur off him. “I remember the time you went a little too far…”

“I mean we only made out.” Shawn chuckles.

“No…you went down on me…” Alister didn’t want to talk about it, just bringing it up made him feel uncomfortable as he puts his paws over his crotch. When he thought about that moment it always got him worked up. “Look we promised to not talk about it and that rule still stands.” Alister looks at Shawn. “Come on don’t look so down that’s not like you, Shawn.” Alister grins as he saw that his friend looked upset. He couldn’t figure out why. “Look that Growlithe is not going to replace you, who else would be my cocky rival that keeps me on my paws?”

“You really think that…” Shawn stops talking and closes his eyes. “So you like Rival Shawn instead of Friendly Shawn?”

“Don’t talk like that Shawn, I mean we’re friends and rivals, we make the other better. What more could I ask for?”

“Your right…” The saur chuckles and shakes his head. “That’s all your buddy Shawn is good for is making you better.”

Alister watched Shawn tilt his head.

“Am I right?”

“When you put it that way it makes me sound like an ass hole.” Alister gets up, he about had it with his friends acting weird around him. “Look Shawn we’re friends and friends don’t get weird with each other. Besides why spend shouldn’t you spend your time around I don’t know…someone you really like? You know its custom for Pokemon after graduation to express their feelings. I’m pretty sure there is some Chikorita or Eevee or Nidoran that you could be hitting on right now. Don’t waste your time with me.” Alister laughs.

“Ya…um…I should do that huh.” Shawn gets off the bench to the saur seemed even more upset than he already was. “I’ll see you later Alister, if I hear anything else about my Daddy’s project, I’ll tell you about it.”

“I didn’t ask...”

“I know you didn’t.” Shawn didn’t say anything else and continues walking away.

Ironically Alister couldn’t help but feel that he messed up somehow.



Basil surprised Alister by making his graduation dinner at her family’s restaurant, it was both cheaper and meant more as Basil had taken the time to not only make a good meal, but it featured many of his favorite foods. She had created a plate with beautifully grilled pork chops that were topped with sweet cherries and a special sweet and spicy sauce. She created a chopped salad complete with her own special salad dressing. While there were mashed potatoes with gravy that Basil yet again made herself just for him.

Cream’s Café was featured in Vine Magazine as one of the goes to places while visiting Noble Highlands. Cream the owner and Basil’s mother was a Alcremie who once traveled around the seven kingdoms learning different styles of cooking and then brought all of them back here. The café was famous for its good drinks and over the past couple of years became very famous with its feature foods like their cakes and curry. What Basil made for Alister was something that wasn’t on the menu, and she came up with herself during her spare time.

“How’s the food?” Basil asked as she slowly at her own meal. Alister didn’t have to verbally answer as he had food all over his face.

“Oh, my Arceus where did you learn to cook like this?”

“Well, I am the daughter of a master chef.” The Quilava giggles.

“Adoptive mama.” Alister points out. Basil frowns.

“We don’t say that Alister you know that. Adoptive or not she’s still the Pokemon who loved and cared for me. She did so while maintaining a restaurant, raising me and teaching others how to cook. Cream is amazing.”

“I know, I know…” Alister smiles as he looks the Quilava in her eyes. “You know Basil…we never washed ourselves after our little you know…venture.”

“Why would I want to get clean Alister.” Basil points her fork at his nose. “When I want to get dirty all over again. Maybe I’ll call you daddy next time while I hump that little crotch of yours.”

“Oh mon, are you in heat?” Alister nearly choked on his food.

“Me so horny….” Basil giggles and Alister spits up his food getting it all over the table. He felt embarrassed from his reaction. Basil always did things like just to catch him off guard. He began working on cleaning up his mess when they get a unsuspecting new customer.  


“My, my, my…look what I found here.”

‘No way…there is no way…no way Shawn found us here.’  Alister turns to see the saur had walked into the restaurant, he had his infamous cocky smile on. He is pointed in the direction of Alister and Basil by hostess.

“Whats up.”

“What are you doing here Shawn?” Alister questions.

“You two are looking at the new commissioner of the up-and-coming Domination League.  Its official we’re going live in the coming days.”

“Oh, wow congratulations Shawn.” Basil gasped. “I’m so happy for you.”

“Ya…” Alister didn’t like the sound of this. The saur chuckles.

“Daddy knows how to get things done. You guys should watch out because this is just the start. The Domination is set to begin the qualification tournaments that will be held around our kingdom and the kingdom of Venice. They are going to start off small though we have plans to get the league featured at Evergrande during the Summer Festival. Father is working out the details though we don’t foresee too many issues.” Shawn gets close to the table.

“I guess…. I’m happy for you.” Alister says while rolling his eyes.

“Alister behave yourself.” Basil says.

“What’s wrong Alister, jealous of my success?” Shawn asked is a cocky voice.

“I wouldn’t say it’s your success Shawn, your just the bottom feeder who caught some crumbs.”


“What?” Alister pouts. He hears Shawn laughing.

“Don’t worry Alister I wasn’t planning to invite you out anyway. We’re doing a small tournament this upcoming weekend, its going to be TV. We can’t zoom in enough to show your tiny dick.”

“What did you say?”

“You heard me Alister. Your too small to even get a Caterpie horny. And they love to suck.” Shawn perks up his lips and pretends to suck.

“Oh, how long have you had that one back burner?” Alister balls his fist. “Don’t worry I don’t care about your fucking tournament.”

“Good because you would have gotten knocked out round one. Face it Alister your too weak to even Rockruff horny. You’re lucky you’ve got Basil…cause honestly, she’s too good for you.” Shawn looks at the Quilava. “Honestly, she got with you because she felt bad for you. Cute little Pokemon whose all by himself…”

“Shawn….” Alister’s fist tightens. “You say one more thing about my mate…”

“This is what you wanted Alister right, the cocky me. The confident me who is BETTER THAN YOU.” Shawn chuckles. Basil puts her paws over her mouth.

“What did you do Alister?”

“Oh, he didn’t tell you about our little conversation, did he?” Shawn asked. “Of course, he didn’t. He’s too spineless to tell you such things. Alister said that he only liked me when we’re being rivals so I’m giving him what he wants.”

“Shawn…” Basil turns away from them. “I…I was hoping you would be bigger than this.”

“I’m just being the me that you guys always wanted.” Shawn stares down at Alister. “You’d be better off with me Basil, I’m the boyfriend you always deserved.”

“I told you…” Alister felt himself leap out of the chair; his horns aimed right for Shawn’s face. “Keep my mate’s name OUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!!” The next thing Alister knew was he was lying near Shawn; the boys had landed a few feet from where they started. Alister gets on all four and slammed himself into Shawn again this time they roll on the ground, they threw paws at one another as both tried to dominate the other.

“You always have to be in the spotlight.” Alister says as he swipes at Shawn. The saur takes the blows but then grabs Alister’s paws with his vines and head butts him back.

“Don’t get mad because I’m better than you.”

They kept fighting until Basil jumps in between them, the Quilava pushes them apart, her paws were glowing red.

“You two need to stop or else I swear I’m going to drop you both. And I promise it won’t feel good.”

Alister noticed the damage he had done to Shawn as he saw blood running down from his nose. The boys pant as they stare the other down. Shawn blinks a few times, he had a puff eye thanks to Alister’ punching him.

“That all you got…bitch.” Shawn spits some blood out of his mouth. “Ya, you couldn’t cut it in my league.”

“Shawn stops trying entice Alist—”

“I don’t need you fighting my battles, Basil.” Alister pounds he ground. “I can take care of Shawn myself. Fight me, Shawn.”

“If you’re going to fight me Alister…you’re doing it on my terms.” Shawn slowly rises to his paws. “Fight me in a domination battle Alister, prove that your worth my league’s time.”

“Fuck your league.” Alister gets up, the Minccino was surprised how much more damaged he first though.

“Maybe if you win, you’ll get to fuck me.” Shawn turns around and presents himself. “You like what you see.”

“Stop pretending to be gay, it’s so unbecoming of you.”

“Oh Alister…. oh Shawn….” Basil’s tone seemed sad. Why would she care about?

“Time and place Shawn.”

“Sunset that’s in a hour. Meet me in the park, we’ll fight under the setting sun like warriors of the past. You’ll be my first opponent in this league. I’m going to whoop your ass and then fuck it.” Shawn snickers. “After I’m done with you Alister you’ll wish…” Shawn stops bragging. He seemed trouble by something but then he shakes his head with a chuckle. “Just get ready Alister. Don’t be late.” Shawn leaves. Alister falls onto his knees.

“When did he hit me…”

“Alister…” Basil helps Alister up. “Your such an idiot.” She walks towards the door and looks out. “Neither of you realize the pain the other is in.”

“The only pain I’m in Basil is the cheap shot Shawn gave me.”

“You don’t realize Alister, but Shawn wanted this…I can tell.” Basil sits her head against the window. “He played you and you fell right for”

“Trap or no trap I’m going to kick his ass.” Alister throws out a few punches. “Let’s go Basil I’ve got a weed put a shovel in.” Alister pounds his paws together. Basil rolls her eyes and walks outside. Alister didn’t know how to take his mate acting funny. Did she know something he didn’t? Regardless in a hour all of this will be put to red when Alister pins this saur to the ground and shows him whose boss.


But as stories go it’s never as easy as one might think.

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