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As two eevee twins wander too far, one of them steps into unknown and returns changed. But maybe her evolution isn’t the only change that has happened to her? And how would the pack, being known for old-fashioned views, react to her newfound inclinations? And, most of all, will the twins be able to find a truly fulfilling happiness in their lives?

Story Notes:

DISCLAIMER: Pokémon and all the corresponding trademarks are property of Nintendo / Game Freak / The Pokémon Company. This is a purely non-commercial transformative work which is not intended to infringe upon any copyrights in any legal sense, or negatively impact public image and sales of products of any involved party. The author wholeheartedly promotes purchasing authentic and legitimate products released and licensed by the aforementioned parties.

NOTE: This work is a quick-and-dirty one shot written with assistance of AI dynamic storytelling service NovelAI by Anlatan (see to find out more), and is not intended to represent ‘real’, conventional human art as it is generally understood as of the time of writing, nor any remotely realistic take on relationships and lesbian sexual behavior. Still, hopefully you would be able to enjoy it nonetheless.

  1. Chapter One and Only (2092 words)

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