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As two eevee twins wander too far, one of them steps into unknown and returns changed. But maybe her evolution isn’t the only change that has happened to her? And how would the pack, being known for old-fashioned views, react to her newfound inclinations? And, most of all, will the twins be able to find a truly fulfilling happiness in their lives?


I only wanted 1 world where the best of everyone came. But it didn't go as planned -X

This story has been permenantly moved to fanfiction.


Turning this into a book series let's hope it turns out well :D

Looking for a beta reader and editor. Contact me Via FA as zackarykidder787. -Zero


Deep in a region of the world ruled only by Pokemon stands four tribes. After a time of warring, fighting and killing the four tribes found peace between one another. Each year the tribe Pokemon come together and mate with one another. A young Shinx who does not understand why the tribes do what they do goes on a journey in a attempt to find the answers he seeks. Though as he pushes forward he begins to find out that the world of the tribes live in goes deeper than he could ever have imagned. 


The completed story of Bangam Academy of Sexual Intercourse and Survival Book 1. On a island of a large lake is a castle that stands tall and proud. Here Bangam the Absol established a school for helping to train young Pokemon in the ways of survival, both in the wild and in the bed room. Mystical and wonderes things await those who attend, but this school is not a simple place and there are more going on behind the scenes than any of the students, teachers and even its Headmaster and founder know. 

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Years ago, I was just a lonely person with no one to love with. Until Jirachi came to my life giving new meaning to my own life. I'm not a great lover, but I married Jirachi herself. This one, I will tell you my story as to how making love with her is different from other human females. Sometimes, the best sexual lifestyle is being bigger in size than your wife.

Human Male (Identity unknown) & Female Jirachi pairing.


White the Mew finds hirself in a strange contraption, wearing a collar, and scared. The truth is revealed as shi's released from a Pokeball, into a room, greeted by a sinister voice. And shi's soon joined by Celebi and Jirachi. What's the purpose of all this? A breeding program.

Original Finished Date - Jul 14 2004