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More Anthro's!

More Anthro's!

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The sky was clouded, the wind was blowing hard, and the leaves were falling. It was late in the evening, and it was pretty dark already. The three, along with the two Eon lovers, were walking on the streets of Salia City. Still dressed in their T-shirts, and bare arms, the three shivered from the cold.
"Man how could it have become colder all of a sudden?" Eevy said, rubbing her hands. "If this goes on, it will be snowing in no time!"
"I guess we need to dress ourselves some more, if we want to feel warm..." Sashi said.
"And what were you suppose to so?" Brian asked.
"We'll buy some new clothes..." Sashi said, and looked at a store across the street. "Let's buy some over there..." Eevy said.
"You sure about this? I mean, I don't know what they will say to an Anthro buying clothes..."
"I think you're right..." Brian said.
"Then why don't I buy you some clothes?" Eevy suggested. "I'm sure the shopkeeper won't suspect a young beautiful girl buying clothes..."
"Great idea!" Sashi smiled.
"Thanks..." Eevy smiled back. "Now give me some money, and I'll go-"
"Why give you money? Don't you have your own?" Brian said.
"Do you want clothes?" Eevy replied. Brian nodded after a while of silence. "Then you'll have to pay them for yourself!"
Sashi laughed at that.
"All right..." Brian grumbled, and grabbed into his pockets for his wallet. He took out a 20 euro bill, and gave it to Eevy. Sashi did the same.
"Thanks..." Eevy said, grabbed the money, and ran across the street. A while later, Eevy returned. She was carrying a bag, and in there were the clothes.

"Now we just need a place to put on these clothes..." Eevy said.
"Why don't we go back to the Pokemon Center?" Eevy asked. "I'm pretty sure no boat will depart today anymore..."
"Yeah, I suppose..." Brian said.

The three were in the Pokemon Center, trying on their clothes. Eevy had bought two similar jackets, both purple. For Brian, Eevy had bought a light-brown jacket. Further, she had bought three pairs of trousers, and once again, two similar red trousers with weird marks on them.
"Yeah I couldn't find any other clothes for women..." Eevy grinned.
"Doesn't matter..." Sashi said, and pulled on her jacket. "They look good... Thanks sweetie..."
"You're welcome..." Eevy replied. "And you, Brian? Do you like your clothes?"
"I guess it doesn't look that bad..." he replied.
"Good..." Eevy said. "Oh before I forget!" Eevy Said, reaching onto her pockets. "I bought some gloves too, to keep the hands warm as well..." she said, and gave Sashi a pair of red gloves. For herself, she - once again - bought the same pair, also red. For Brian...
"Let me guess... Different type and color?"
"They had no more red gloves..." Eevy smiled.

When Eevy looked out a window of the Pokemon Center, she gasped. It had snowed! In the time they were putting on their clothes - which would have been like 30 minutes or so - snow had fallen from the sky, covering everything. It looked beautiful, but also dangerous because of the hard wind. It looked like a blizzard.
"I told you it would be snowing!" Eevy said.
"You sure did..." Sashi laughed. "Guess we better stay here..."
"You better do that..." Nurse Joy said, approaching the three. "Unless you'd like to get killed?"
"No thanks..." Eevy smiled.
"Well we better get something to eat..." Brian said, as the three walked into the diner room.

That night...

Sashi and Espeon were lying in bed. Espeon was curled into a ball, and was lying on the blanket, on top of Sashi.
"So..." Sashi whispered. "What's the deal between you and Brian's Umbreon?"
"Now that you mention it, what exactly happened with you and Eevy?" Espeon whispered back.
"Nu-huh... I asked first..." Sashi whispered.
Espeon was silent. Should she tell her? Would Umbreon be okay with it is she told Sashi?
"We're... Just good friends..." Espeon answered.
"Oh really? Then why did you gasp when you heard Umbreon would maybe be separated from us?" Sashi asked.
"Y-you heard that?" Espeon gasped softly.
"Hello, look at me... With ears as big as mine, I hear everything..." Sashi said.
"Oh, right..." Espeon said. "But I'm not sure if I can tell..."
"Why not? Is it something private?"
"Kind off..."
"You didn't have sex with him, have you?" Sashi asked.
"What?" Espeon blushed. "N-no, of course not..."
"Espeon... You are a bad liar..." Sashi said.
"I know, but I can at least try, right?" Espeon said, and giggled.
"So it is true?" Sashi asked.
"We... kinda did, yeah..."
"And do you have feelings for Umbreon?" Sashi asked.
"Yes..." Espeon said. This was the first answer she replied honestly.
"I see..." Sashi smiled.
"Now it's your turn..." Espeon said. "What exactly have you done with Eevy the time you were away?" Espeon asked.
"Okay, I'll tell, but only if you promise not to tell Brian or Umbreon..." Sashi said.
"Why can't I tell Umbreon?" Espeon asked.
"He may tell Brian about it..." Sashi said.
"And what's so bad about that?" Espeon asked.
"Eevy and I want to let him find out for himself..." Sashi said.
"Find out what?"
"First, you have to promise..."
"All right, I promise I won't tell anything to Brian or Umbreon... Now tell me!" Espeon hissed.
Sashi looked to her left, seeing Umbreon and Brian fast asleep. "Okay, Eevy and I have admitted our love to each other..." Sashi said.
"You mean..."
"I've fallen in love with Eevy, yes..." Sashi said, blushing slightly.
"Wow... And I thought my secret was much worse..." Espeon said.
"You have problems with me and Eevy?" Sashi asked.
"No of course not! I like Eevy a lot too... It's just, it surprised me a bit..."
"'A bit'?" Sashi asked, confused.
"Yeah... I've seen you look at Eevy before... You look different to Eevy then to anybody else... Then I suspected you two felt something for each other..." Espeon said.
"It's just... She is just so cute... Asleep or awake..." Sashi said, smiling as she looked at Eevy. "And did you know she fell in love with me the first night we spent at her house?"
"She did?" Espeon asked.
"Yes... She stayed awake for a while, watching me sleep and purr..." Sashi replied.
"Heh..." Espeon smiled.
"She was afraid I would be mad at her if she told me she stayed awake while saying she didn't..." Sashi said.
"Why would you ever be mad at her? She's such a sweet girl..." Espeon said.
"Hey, she's mine, get it?" both girls giggled softly. "But you're right... I could never be mad at her... I've told her that..."
"Wow... Look at us... A while ago we were all alone, traveling together to defeat other Trainers and Gym Leaders to become Pokemon Masters... But now we have friends to do that with..." Espeon said.
"Yeah... How things can change in life surprises me... Now let's get sleeping... We have to get up early tomorrow..."
"Yeah..." Espeon said, and yawned. "Good night, Sashi..."
"Good night, Espeon..." Sashi said, and closed her eyes.

The next morning, the alarm clock went off. Sashi groaned, half opening her eyes, and turned the alarm clock off.
"Ohhh why did we set it anyway?" she groaned.
"Good morning!" Eevy said, entering the room.
"Hey sweetie... When did you get up?"
"Just before the sun came up..." Eevy replied.
"You always get up that early?" Sashi asked.
"Not always... But yeah, most of the time... I want to be prepared for anything..." she said.
"Like what?"
"Like making breakfast..." Eevy grinned as Sashi's eyes widened.
"I love you!" Sashi smiled.
"What was that?" Brian asked, sitting up.
"Ehhh..." Sashi said, looking at Brian.
"Did you say... 'I love you' to Eevy?" Brian asked.
"Yes... She always makes the best Ham-sandwiches for me..." Sashi said.
"But 'love'?"
"You gotta love a girl who makes delicious sandwiches..." Sashi said, getting up.
Brian thought it over, then nodded.
"Good point..." he said, and got up as well. Sashi and Eevy grinned in silence at each other.

"So where did we have to get the boat again?" Brian asked.
"At the Salia harbor..." Sashi said. "Which is..."
"That way..." Nurse Joy said to Sashi, approaching the three.
"Thanks..." Sashi smiled.
"Have a good trip!" Nurse Joy said.
"Thanks..." Eevy said.
The three started walking through the snow. It had snowed even more this night, and the whole world seemed to be covered in a thick layer of snow.
"I can't believe this much has fallen in just one night..." Eevy said.
Eevy turned her head to where the sound came from, only to be hit in the face by a snowball. Eevy gasped, and fell backwards, landing on her back in the snow.
"Hahahaha!" a young boy laughed, clapping his hands, running away.
"Eevy? Are you okay?" Sashi gasped, ran over to Eevy, and helped her up. Sashi wiped the snow off of her face, and looked if she wasn't bleeding.
"I'm fine..." Eevy said.
"If you'd like I can catch him, so you can pay him back with even more snow?" Brian said.
"Won't be necessary..." Eevy said. "I know he didn't mean to hurt me... This is snow... Lots of young kids throw snowballs..."
"I know, but he still could have thrown somewhere else on you..." Brian said.
"Calm down, Brian..." Sashi said. "They're kids... It's only a game to them..."
"If you say so..."

A while later, they arrived at the harbor. It was pretty much on the other side of Salia City, and it took them a long time, but they have arrived.
"Okay, to get to Four Island, we need that boat..." Sashi said, pointing at the only boat in the harbor.
"You think?" Brian replied, sarcastically.
Sashi bought three tickets, and two Poke-tickets for the Eon Pokemon. They got on board, and immediately it left Salia Harbor.
"Whoa that was fast..." Brian said.
"Yes, that is because we are so happy to have some passengers..." an old man said, approaching the three.
"What do you mean?"
"You three..." he said, but looked down at the Pokemon. "Correction, five... you five are the first passengers in weeks..."
"And why are we?" Eevy asked.
"I dunno... Most people expected the weather to change into this snowy landscape... They know that when the weather gets this bad, a trip on my boat will be dangerous..."
"This is your boat?" Sashi asked.
"Yep! Captain Pete, at your service..." Pete said, taking a short bow.
"But why do people think it's dangerous to take a trip on your boat in this weather?" Sashi asked, when suddenly the wind started blowing hard, and the boat started to stir.
"Because of the strong winds on open water..." Pete replied. "But sit back and relax... Never before has this boat capsized..." Pete said, and walked away.
"Yeah, maybe never before... but what if never stopped today?" Brian said, grabbing something to hold on as the boat moved from side to side. "Let's just hope this ride will be over soon!"

5 hours and a lot more going up and down later, the group reached Four Island.
"Hope to see you soon!" Pete said as he let them off the boat.
"Bye!" Eevy said, and waved at Pete. The three started walking. When they had walked quite some distance, suddenly there was someone ahead of them.
"Hey look..." Eevy said, and Sashi and Brian looked at where Eevy was pointing. There was someone... Who looked different somehow.
"Is that an Anthro?" Brian said.
"I think it is!" Sashi said. "It's Sparkess!"
"Huh? How do you know?" Brian asked.
"When I met Darren earlier, I didn't trust him then... He said he had friends who were just like me, and he then showed me a picture of him and her... The one on the picture was a Pikachu, called Sparkess..." Sashi explained.
Sparkess looked at the three approaching her, and slowly took a few steps back.
"Sparkess?" Sashi called.
"Yeah? How do you know my name?" she replied.
"I'm a friend of Darren's..." Sashi said. "He told me about you..."
"Oh, if you're a friend of Darren," Sparkess said, reaching out an arm, "Hi... Welcome to Four Island..."
Sashi took the hand, and shook. Sparkess looked at Brian.
"Hello..." she said.
"Hi..." Brian said, also reaching out his arm. They shook hands.
"Wow... An Anthro Pikachu..." Eevy said, coming from behind Brian. Sparkess immediately jumped a few steps back when she saw Eevy.
"W-what's a human doing here?!" she cried.
"..." Eevy was silent.
"Sparkess... Calm down!" Sashi said. Sparkess didn't.
"What's with her?" Brian asked.
"I don't know..." Sashi said.
Eevy was still silent.
"Can you take us to Darren?" Sashi asked.
"I can take you two to him, yeah..." Sparkess said, grabbed Brian's and Sashi's hands, and pulled them with her. Sashi looked back at Eevy. She looked sad.
"Wait! Sparkess..." Sashi said, and Sparkess stopped.
"I can't go on without Eevy..." Sashi said, and pulled herself free from Sparkess' grip.
"Well I ain't taking her to him..."
"You don't need to..." Sashi said, and grabbed Eevy's hand. "You can show Brian the way from over there, and we'll follow the two of you from over here..." Sashi smiled.
"Why on earth would you want to travel with a human?" Sparkess asked. Every time she mentioned the word 'human', she pulled a disgusted face.
"I have my own reasons..." Sashi replied.
"Forget it..." Sparkess said, and looked at Brian. "This way..."
"Uh... Okay..." Brian replied, being pulled forwards.
"Thank you, Sashi..." Eevy said.
Sashi bent forwards, and placed a quick kiss on Eevy's cheek.
"I meant it..." she said, starting to walk. "I can't go on without you..."
Eevy smiled.

The four walked for a long time before they reached a house in the middle of nowhere. It was a big house, with a wooden fence around it. There were also lots of trees around the house, and a little pool on the right side of the house. From the fence to the front door was a paved road. At the beginning of this road was a sign:

Darren's Anthro Daycare
If humans hate you because of your looks
You're gonna love it here!
No humans or Anthro-haters allowed!

"Well, I guess we're at the right place..." Sashi said.
"Yes..." Sparkess said, and walked to the door. Brian followed, and Sashi wanted too, but Eevy didn't come.
"What's wrong sweetie?" she asked.
"It says here 'No humans or Anthro-haters allowed!'..." she replied.
"Owwww..." Sashi said, rubbing Eevy's cheek. "Are you an Anthro-hater?"
"No, but I am human..." Eevy replied.
"Haven't I told you Darren wrote in his e-mail that he would love to meet you?" Sashi asked.
"Yes, but..."
"Then come..." Sashi said, grabbed Eevy's hand, and pulled her with her.
"But what about Sparkess?" Eevy asked.
"She doesn't know the real you... You are the sweetest person a human could be..." Sashi said.

In front of the door, Sparkess stopped, and knocked three times. Then they waited a while, until a familiar boy from around Sashi's age opened the door.
"Sashi! It's you!" Darren said, recognizing Sashi.
"Hello Darren..." Sashi said, as Sparkess walked past Darren inside the house. She walked upstairs, and disappeared out of sight.
"Welcome to Four Island Darren's Daycare..." Darren said.
"Thanks... Darren, this is Brian..." Sashi said, and pointed at Brian.
"Ah, the Umbreon Anthro..." Darren said.
"Yeah, so?" Brian asked, feeling insulted for some reason.
"So you are also on a journey to become a Pokemon Master?" Darren asked.
"Yes..." Brian said, calming down.
"That's awesome! Follow your dream, is what I always say..." Darren said, smiled, and reached out his hand. Brian looked down, and hesitated.
"Go on, Brian... He is one you can trust..." Sashi said.
"Well if Sashi trusts you..." Brian said, reaching out his hand, and shook Darren's.
"Nice to meet you..."
"And Darren? This... Is Eevy..." Sashi said, and pointed at Eevy by her side.
"So you are the human who has kept Sashi company?" Darren asked.
"Yes..." Sashi smiled. Eevy still looked a bit sad.
"What's wrong?" Darren asked. Eevy didn't reply.
"It's... She thinks she is not welcome here..." Sashi said.
"Oh... Don't tell me Sparkess brought up her 'what's a human doing here?' speech?" Darren gasped.
"Afraid so..."
"Oh then I'm terribly sorry..." Darren apologized.
"But that's not all that bothered her..." Sashi said. "It was the sign that said 'No humans or Anthro-haters allowed'..." Sashi said.
Darren looked at Eevy.
"You're not an Anthro-hater..." Darren asked. "I've read Sashi's mails, saying how a wonderful friend you are to her..."
"Yes, I know... But I am still human, and the sign says 'no humans' too..." Eevy said.
"That's only to keep Anthro-haters out of here... And do you know most anthro-haters are human?"
"I'm confused... Are there other Anthro-haters than humans?" Brian asked.
"There are also Pokemon who dislike Anthro's..." Darren replied.
"Whoa... I never thought..."
"Yeah, me neither..." Darren said. "But Sashi trusts you a lot..." he said to Eevy. "And you trust her too, right?"
"Then you are no Anthro-hater..." Darren smiled.
Eevy smiled too now.
"Thanks..." Eevy said.
"And welcome!" Darren said, and reached out his arm.
"Thanks..." Eevy repeated, shaking Darren's hand.
"Please come in..." Darren said.

The three entered the house, and then the living room. They couldn't believe their eyes. A lot more Anthro's were sitting on the couch, playing on the ground, sitting in front of the computer. There were lots of different Anthro's. A female Skitty - tall, blond hair, pink clothes - was in front of the computer, visiting internet sites. A brown-haired male Raichu was sitting on the couch, reading a book about Pokemon. There was a Gardevoir anthro, a Rattata anthro, a Belossom anthro, an Eevee anthro, and even a Vulpix anthro. All female. There were also other males, like a Jolteon, a Machamp with two arms, and - surprisingly - another Eevee.
"Wow... I never realized there were so many Anthro's..." Sashi said.
"Yeah makes you think huh? How could so many Anthro's excist... And why do people hate them? What makes you so different?" Darren said. "Okay, the appearance, maybe, but aren't we all living beings? Don't you have a right to live?"
"Beautiful words..." Brian said.
"So, in your mail you said something about a special training area?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah, we get to that later... First, introductions..." Darren said, and walked into the living room.
"Okay..." Sashi said, and followed Darren, who walked to the pink dressed Skitty first.
The Skitty turned her head slightly, looking at Sashi first. Then at Brian, and last at Eevy.
"Sashi, this is Kitty..." Darren said.
"Hi, nice to meet you..." Sashi said, reaching out an arm.
"No, it's nice to meet you!" Kitty said, getting up from in front of the computer, and shook Sashi's hand furious. "Darren told me about you, how you wanted to become a Pokemon Master in a world full of humans! I think it takes much courage to do that. I think I would never dare to do anything like that..." the Skitty said, still holding Sashi's hand. Sashi smiled.
"And Kitty, this is Brian..." Darren said, and pointed at Brian.
"Are you too a Trainer trying to become a Pokemon Master?" Kitty asked.
"Yes..." Brian replied.
"Wow... Two Anthro's who are trying to do that..." Skitty said. "You two are my heroes!"
Brian smiled, and Sashi did the same.
"And Kitty? This is Eevy... She's-"
"A human? Why would a human be in company of Anthro's?" Kitty asked.
"Well you see Kitty... Not all humans dislike Anthro's..." Sashi said.
"That's impossible..." Kitty said.
"Not quite..." Brian said this time. "Want me to tell you something? Sashi and I once got stuck in a tunnel that collapsed, trapping us inside. And you know what Eevy did? She found someone to help us get out... She could have just let us in there, but she didn't... That makes her a special human..." Brian said.
"Wow..." Kitty said. "In that case," Kitty said, reaching out her hand, "You are a hero too..." she said. Eevy smiled, grabbed her hand, and then shook.
"She doesn't appear to hate humans..." Sashi noted.
"True... She knows about humans, of course, but she has never met any in her life... Eevy is her first one..." Darren said.
"Lucky for her..." Brian said.
"Yeah... There are a lot more who haven't met any humans before... Those are the ones who were born here..." Darren said.
"But if you say they were born here, how do you get these eggs of us Anthro's?" Sashi asked.
"From other Daycare people..." Darren said. "We Daycare people know exactly how a Pokemon egg looks like, and how an Anthro Pokemon egg looks like... If any Daycare receives an 'Anthro-egg', they send it to me..." Darren said.
"How sad..." Brian said.
"But what about me?" Sashi asked.
"What do you mean?"
"I was born in a Daycare, but not in yours..." Sashi said.
"You were born in a daycare?" Darren asked.
"Who are your parents?"
"My parents?" Sashi asked. "I don't know my original parents..."
"No, sorry, I meant... who were running the Daycare?" Darren said.
"Oh... That would be Tim and Suzy..." Sashi said.
"Ah yes, Tim and Suzy... I know them... And now it doesn't surprise me they kept you..."
"They said it didn't matter what you were, as long as you were alive..." Sashi said.
"Exactly..." Darren said. "You are very lucky you had them as your parents..."
"Anyway, on with the introduction..." Darren said.

Later that day, everyone was introduced to everyone. Not everybody liked Eevy's presence, but Sashi explained to everyone she was okay for a human, so nobody argued.
"So are we going to the training area now?" Sashi asked.
"If you want to..." Darren said, and walked to the back of the house. He opened the backdoor, and walked outside. Sashi and the rest followed them. Outside was a huge battle field, and you could see it was used before by the holes in the ground.
"Here it is..."
"And where are the Pokemon to train against?" Brian asked.
"Wait here..." Darren said, and walked to the door, opened it, and shouted a name.
"Mach! Could you come here please?" Darren shouted.
"Mach? Wasn't that..." Brian said, but was silent when the Machamp they met earlier stepped out.
"So you want to make your Pokemon stronger?" the two-armed Machamp smiled.
"Eh.. Sure... But... where are the Pokemon?" Brian asked.
"Don't you get it?" Darren asked.
"Get what?" Brian replied.
"Here you don't fight against Pokemon... Here you fight against the Anthro's..." Darren explained.
"What? Against the Anthro's?" Brian gasped.
"Isn't that dangerous?" Sashi asked.
"Not quite... The Anthro's here are well trained..." Darren said. "They can survive an attack from a Pokemon..."
"But they can still hurt them, right?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah, but don't worry... I've got plenty of good healing potions here to make them back to 100% normal..." Darren said.
"But I still think it's not good for me to attack a fellow Anthro..." Brian said.
"Hey I don't mind..." Mach said.
"Are you sure?"
"Positive... And I've gotten used to it by now..."
"What do you mean?"
"You're not the first I battle against... I fought other Trainers before I came here..."
"Without Pokemon?"
"Yes... I had no Pokemon... And they wanted to catch me, so they could use me as entertainment..." Mach growled. "But I fought against their Pokemon... And I won..."
"Awesome..." Brian said. "Okay, if you know how to handle an attack by a Pokemon, then I will fight against you..." Brian said, and looked at Umbreon. "Ready, buddy?"
"Always!" he replied, and stepped onto the battle field.
"So it's a Dark type against a Fighting type?" Mach said, and shook his head. "Don't you know Dark types are weak against fighting types?"
"I do, but I guess you don't know Umbreon can learn a Psychic attack!" Brian said, and Umbreon used a Psychic attack.
"What the..." Mach could say before he was hit by waves of strong psychic power. Mach groaned in pain as he knelt down, fighting not to faint. Then Umbreon stopped his Psychic attack.
"You okay?" Brian asked, running over to Mach, and helping him up to his feet.
"Yeah I'm fine..." Mach said.
"Were you hurt by Umbreon's Psychic attack?"
"No, only surprised..." Mach lied. "But feeling that Psychic attack makes me think he's a lot powerful than you think..."
"Shall I use a different Pokemon?" Brian asked.
"Sure, I'd like to see all of your Pokemon in battle..." Mach said.
"Okay!" Brian said, running back to Umbreon. "I choose you, Scizor!" Brian called, and later, Scizor appeared on the field.

It became night soon, and Brian had trained a lot. He felt that his Pokemon had become stronger, so he quit training against Anthro's. After Scizor, Mach told Brian he had enough or today, so Darren called in an other Anthro, the one they met first; Sparkess. She was a lot tougher than Mach, and that was hard to believe, considering Pikachu have less Power than Machamp, but she managed to withstand a lot of Umbreon's attacks. It was around 8 p.m. that Sashi decided to ask Darren if they could spend the night at his house.
"Why would I call it a daycare if you aren't allowed? This is a place where I keep Pokemon or Anthro's after I found them in the wild, or welcome them if they come here..." Darren said. "Of course you can stay here... You can stay here as long as possible!" he smiled.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, and they were given their rooms. Sashi asked if she and Eevy could share a room, and Darren looked confused.
"Is it me, or do I feel something going on between the two of you?" Darren asked.
"That's private..." Sashi said, repeating what she had said to Darren in a mail she sent earlier.
"Okay, if you don't want to tell, then I won't bother you with it anymore..." Darren replied.
"Thanks..." Sashi replied.

Sashi and Eevy were lying in one bed. It was now 11 p.m. There were two beds, but Sashi thought it wouldn't be right for two lovers to sleep in separate beds. They had spent the rest of the evening getting to know the other Anthro's a little more better; how they lived with Darren, what they ate, how they survived. Then Sashi told the Anthro's about Eevy's delicious Ham-sandwiches, and even though Eevy was a human, they couldn't wait for breakfast the next morning.
"Hey Sashi..." Eevy said.
"Is it strange for a human to fall in love with an Anthro?"
"Well I guess it is not something you see every day..." Sashi replied.
"I love you so much..." Eevy said.
"I know.."
"Shouldn't we let our Pokemon know we are a couple?" Eevy asked.
"Are you sure?"
"We could wait for Brian to find out, but our Pokemon aren't out of their Pokeballs that often, so they wouldn't find out so quickly..." Eevy said,
"I guess you're right..." Sashi said.
"Oh but I already know..." Espeon said, and Sashi giggled.
"What?" Eevy asked, and Sashi explained. Sashi had agreed on telling everything Espeon told Sashi, because Eevy couldn't understand Pokemon language. Eevy giggled when she heard what Espeon said.
"I choose all of you!" Sashi said, and threw all her Pokeballs in the air. A moment later, every Pokemon was out.
"Hey Sashi, why did you call us?" Dragonair asked.
"We've got something to tell you guys..." Sashi said.
"Then tell us..." Vulpix said.
"Let's wait until Eevy has called out all of her Pokemon first..." Sashi said.
"I choose all of you!" Eevy said, and threw her four Pokeballs into the air, and later, Flara, Jolty, Umbro and Vapora were out.
"What's going on?" Flara asked, in Pokemon language.
"Eevy and I have something to tell you all..." Sashi said, placed an arm around Eevy's head, and kissed her on the lips. She broke the kiss after 10 seconds, and awaited the reactions.
"What in the world just happened?" Kirlia gasped.
"Awwww that is so cute..." Vapora smiled.
"Yeah..." Flara agreed.
"Did they just kiss?" Vulpix asked.
"Is that possible?" Kirlia asked.
"Are you two lesbian?" Dragonair asked.
"Well, in some way we are... But also not... We are like bi-sexual.... We like both males and females..." Sashi said.
"Whoa that's hot..." Umbro said.
"And cute, yeah..." Jolty said.
Sashi smiled, and translated everything for Eevy.
"I hope this isn't a problem for you all..." Eevy said.
"Not a problem at all!" Vapora said.
"I think it's okay too..." Dragonair said.
Sashi smiled.
"Now that was all we had to say..." Sashi said, and aimed her Pokeballs at her Pokemon. They returned into their Pokeballs quickly. Eevy did the same, but Vapora and Flara didn't return.
"What's wrong?" Eevy asked.
"We'd like to uhm..." Flara said.
"Find a quiet spot and make out..." Vapora finished.
Sashi laughed, and explained.
"Oh, I see... Get back here before dawn!" Eevy said.
"We will!" Vapora said, and slipped out via the window. Flara followed.

Vapora and Flara were walking through the forest behind the Daycare, trying to find a quiet spot, when they heard soft giggling. They quietly approached the spot from where the sound came from, and hid behind the bushes. Their eyes widened. On the grass field behind the bushes were two Anthro's. It were Sparkess and the male Eevee. Eevee was sucking Sparkess' pussy, playing with her clit.
"Ohhh this is so hot..." Vapora moaned.
"Can't wait for me to do it to you?" Flara giggled softly.
Vapora looked at Flara through half open eyes. "Is that a request?" she purred. Flara giggled again, as Vapora lay down on her back, legs spreaded wide. The Eevee was now being blown by Sparkess. She was using her tongue to lick the shaft up and down. From the looks of it, it looked like his dick was 8 inches long. Sparkess was also playing with his balls, rubbing them in her hand.
Vapora moaned as Flara licked her pussy once. She had always liked it when she started with that. She closed her eyes, and continued to moan.
"Mmmm..." Flara moaned, pushing her tongue between Vapora's lips, licking her insides.
"Oh..." Vapora moaned softly.
"Oh!" Sparkess gasped as the Eevee entered her from behind, pushing his dick into her pussy.
"Oh!" Vapora moaned as Flara used a little Ember attack to increase the pleasure.
"Huh?" the Eevee gasped when he heard Vapora's voice.
"What was that?" Sparkess asked, with the Eevee still inside her. He quickly got out of her, and Sparkess got up.
"Who's there?!" the Eevee called, and Vapora and Flara stopped. Did they disturb them during their mating?
Vapora and Flara stopped with what they were doing, and got up as well. They slowly came out of the bushes, and then stopped, waiting for the two lovers to say something...

To be continued...

Sashi: Are Vapora and Flara in trouble?
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