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Whoa, my 15th chapter! This I never expected... But still, one day, when I was starting my 6th chapter or so, I said to myself: "9 chapters isn't enough... I need more... 14 or 15 chapters or so..." and look where I am now!
Sashi: Congratulations...
Thank you ^ ^
Sashi: Going for 20 chapters now?
I dunno... I might... I have a lot of things planned...
Sashi: I know...
Sashi: Question...
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Sashi: When will I challenge Drake, or should I say 'Blade', as you once called him?
Drake? The eighth Gym leader?
Sashi: Yeah...
Blade is just a nickname they gave him, because he attacks your memory and cuts things out of it... Figuratively speaking of course... But anyway, you'll challenge him after you've defeated Sheila and Debbie...
Sashi: I know that... My question is; in which chapter?
I don't know yet...
Sashi: Oh...

"Congratulations!" Sashi said to Audry.
"Yeah thanks..." Audry replied joyfully. She held her new badge high up in the air, admiring the view. "Now I too have five badges!"
"Good work..." Eevy said.
The three were now walking back to the Pokemon Center, to heal Audry's Pokemon.
"Now hurry up and heal your Pokemon, so we can go home!" Sashi said.
"Ehhh..."Audry said, and Sashi and Eevy stopped.
"What?" they both asked at the same time.
"Where are we?"
"In Bokui?" Eevy guessed.
"No, she's right... I've never been in this part of Bokui City before..." Sashi said.
"Look! Stores!" Audry smiled.
"Uh-oh... I feel an urge to spend money on thing I don't really need!" Sashi said.
"You've never had that before..." Eevy said.
"There's always a first time for everything! I should know!" Sashi said.
"Okay, I guess we could use a break..." Eevy said.

The three were walking out of Bokui City. They had finally collected Audry's Pokemon at te Pokemon Center (After asking directions) after 2 hours of shopping. Like Sashi said; they bought things they didn't really need...
{Author's note: *Rolls eyes* Women...}
"Finally I'm going home after such a long time!" Sashi said.
"And finally I get to see Tim and Suzy again..." Audry said.
"And I finally get to meet them..." Eevy said, feeling a little bit left out because she was the only one who didn't know Tim and Suzy. Sashi noticed Eevy's sad mood.
"Why are you feeling sad?" Sashi asked.
"Huh? Oh, it's nothing..." Eevy replied.
"Come on... Remember I once told you you could tell me about it if something was bothering you?" Sashi said.
"Yeah, I know... You're right..."
"What's wrong then?"
"It's that you both already know Tim and Suzy in real life, and I only by name..." Eevy said.
"Well if it's any help to you, I don't exactly know them in real life either..." Audry said.
"I don't understand..." Eevy said.
"Remember when I explained about how Sashi and I met?" Audry asked, and Eevy nodded. "Well I said I only watched Sashi for a long time, and that we then became friends after a day... I said we were spending time together, but I never mentioned anything about knowing Tim and Suzy... The only way I know about the is because I saw them sometimes... and because of Sashi of course..." Audry said.
"So you see, you're not the only one who doesn't know them..." Sashi smiled.
"Yeah..." Eevy smiled too.
"So it will be the first time for the both of you..." Sashi said, putting an arm around Eevy's and Audry's head, hugging them softly.
Suddenly, there was someone ahead of the three.
"Hey, isn't that..." Espeon said.
"Timmy?" Sashi replied.
"Timmy?" Eevy repeated.
"Timmy?" Audry asked confused.
"He's one of Sashi's many rivals..." Eevy said.
"`Many rivals'?" Audry giggled.
"Huh? Oh hey there Sashi!" Timmy cried, waving his arm.
"Hello... How are you and your Pokemon doing?" Sashi asked.
"Better since our last battle..." Timmy replied. "I have a Raticate and a Gyarados now!"
"That's wonderful news!" Sashi smiled. This made Sashi think. Timmy's Pokemon may be weaker than hers, but this was - once again - a perfect opportunity to train her Kirlia. "Hey Timmy?" Sashi asked.
"Wanna hold a battle?" Sashi asked.
"Sure!" Timmy said.
"Okay! Then I'll choose Kirlia!" Sashi called, and threw Kirlia's Pokeball into the air. It opened, and Kirlia came out.
"Still a Kirlia?" Timmy asked.
"Yeah..." Sashi said. "And maybe, just maybe, that will change at the end of this battle..."
"All right, then I'll choose Raticate!" Timmy called, and threw Raticate's ball into the air. It opened, and a big rat with long whiskers appeared on the field.
"You've trained your Rattata quite some levels..." Sashi said as she saw the level 21 Raticate.
"Yeah! Raticate! Use Tackle!" Timmy said, and Raticate suddenly began running to Kirlia. When he came close enough, Kirlia jumped out of the way.
"Crap!' Timmy cursed.
"You gotta be a lot faster to hit my Kirlia!" Sashi smiled. "Kirlia! Use Psychic!"
"Psychic!" Kirlia called, raising her arms up. Suddenly, she glowed bright, and waves of energy shot out at Raticate.
"Whoa what a strong attack!" Raticate groaned, before he lost conscious.
"Whoa!" Timmy gasped. "Only one attack?"
"Only one attack?" Sashi said at the same time. "I guess our training on Darren's Daycare really helped!" she thought.
"Crap! Raticate! Return!" Timmy said, and Raticate returned into his Pokeball.
"Great work, Kirlia!" Sashi cried happily. She was even happier when she found out Kirlia's fight against Raticate pushed her a level up. Kirlia was now level 29. Only one more level, and she would evolve into a Gardevoir.
"All right! I choose Gyarados!" Timmy said, and threw another Pokeball into the air. It opened, and white light came out of it. That light landed on the ground, and formed into a shape. When the light faded, a big, long, and blue Pokemon with a mouth wide open appeared. The Water/Flying type looked down at Kirlia, and smiled.
"Are you my opponent?" he asked.
"Whoa... What a big Pokemon!" Audry said.
"Nahh..." Sashi said.
"Why not?"
"I've seen Brian's Gyarados, and that one is much bigger..." Sashi said.
"Who's Brian?" Audry asked.
"Oh right, you don't know him..." Sashi grinned.
"Is he a friend of your-" Audry began, but Timmy interrupted.
"Can we please go back to fighting?"
"Oh, of course... Kirlia! Use another Psychic!" Sashi said, and Kirlia complied, shining again.
"Gyarados! Use Bite!" Timmy said, and Gyarados moved quicker than Kirlia could fire her attack. He dug his teeth into Kirlia's body, and that made the Psychic attack vanish, and Kirlia cry out in pain.
"What the!" Sashi gasped.
"Whoa... Did he just use an attack super effective on Kirlia?" Eevy asked.
"Yes!" Sashi said.
"How did he know?"
"How should I know? Kirlia? Are you okay?"
"Sure... He's of a lower level than me, so I can survive this..." Kirlia replied.
"Great! Then finally use your Psychic!" Sashi cried, but once again, Timmy called for Gyarados to use Bite. If only Gyarados' speed wasn't higher than Kirlia's... Gyarados bit down in Kirlia again, and Kirlia cried out again.
"She's losing!" Eevy gasped.
"I see that!" Sashi snapped.
"Well excuse me!" Eevy replied.
"Please, Eevy... I'm sorry I yelled at you..." Sashi said, calm this time.
"Nah it's okay... You were so caught up in the battle... I understand..." Eevy said.
"I think you should switch Pokemon..." Audry said.
"I know... But I really wanted to use Kirlia this time..."
"If you don't switch, you can not use her anymore for the whole battle..." Eevy said.
"I guess..."
"Then use Dragonair! Her Thunderbolt attack would take Gyarados down in a second..." Audry said. "It's automatically super effective, because both his types are weak against electricity..."
"Yeah..." Sashi said, and aimed Kirlia's Pokeball at Kirlia. "Kirlia! Return!" she said, and Kirlia did.
"Giving up?" Timmy asked.
"No of course not! Dragonair! Go!" Sashi called, and threw Dragonair's Pokeball into the air. Later, the blue Dragon Type appeared. "Use Thunderbolt!"
"Uh-oh!" Timmy gasped when his Gyarados was hit by electricity, and fainted. "No... Return!"
Gyarados returned into his Pokeball.
"Two down, and one to go!" Sashi cheered.
"Go! Gardevoir!" Timmy called, and threw a third Pokeball into the air. It opened, and Gardevoir came out.
"She's grown a level you know!" Timmy smiled.
"That's great!" Sashi replied.
"And I feel I can win!" Gardevoir said.
"We'll see..." Sashi smiled. She looked down at Kirlia's Pokeball. "I wonder if I can use her again... And that she's not too hurt from her fight against Gyarados..."
As if reading her mind, Espeon spoke.
"I'm sure she'll do fine..."
"You think so?"
"Hey, I've been in the same situation a dozen times before..." Espeon said. "Go on and use her..."
"Okay! Dragonair! Return!" Sashi said and Dragonair returned into her Pokeball. "I choose you again, Kirlia!" Sashi called, and threw Kirlia's Pokeball into the air.
"Why is Sashi using a Psychic type against a Psychic type?" Audry asked. "This makes no sense!"
"Nothing Sashi does makes any sense..." Eevy smiled.
"Hey Timmy... Wanna know something?" Sashi asked.
"Sure..." Timmy replied.
"Kirlia here has an attack that's very powerful..."
"Really?" Timmy asked, and Sashi nodded. "Or are you messing with my brain again?"
"Nothing there to mess with..." Eevy mumbled, but Audry heard.
"What? What did you mean by that?"
"Timmy here isn't one of the brightest..." Eevy said.
"Oh..." Audry said.
"I'm not messing with your brain, Timmy..." Sashi said. "I've taught her this attack when I was at a Daycare Center..."
"Oh, now I get it..." Eevy said.
"Get what?" Audry asked.
"You'll see..."
"It was on advice of one of the Anthro's there that I should teach Kirlia attacks that weren't only Psychic attacks, just in case she got to fight one in the future..." Sashi said. "And look who Kirlia is going to fight with..."
"A Psychic type..." Audry said.
"Yeah I know she's a Psychic type... So what?" Timmy said.
"Kirlia! Use Return!" Sashi said, and Kirlia nodded.
"Return?" Audry asked confused.
"You don't know this attack?" Eevy asked, and Audry shook her head. "It's an attack that gets more powerful the more the user likes its Trainer..." Eevy explained.
"I see..." Audry said.
Kirlia ran forwards, and then hit Gardevoir in the stomach before she even knew Kirlia was attacking. Gardevoir softly cried out in pain, as the attack hit her. It didn't do much, because the Attack Return was still new to Kirlia. She had to get used to the attack first before she could put enough strength in it.
"So that's your powerful attack?" Timmy laughed.
"Darn... I'd hoped the attack would be much more powerful by now..." Sashi said.
"Gardevoir! Use Confusion!" Timmy said.
"Why is he using a Psychic attack on a Psychic type?" Audry asked.
"It's Timmy, remember?" Eevy said.
"Oh, right..." Audry chuckled.
"Confusion!" Gardevoir said, and her eyes glowed bright, before waves, unseen by the eye, hit Kirlia. It didn't do her much, of course it didn't. But when Gardevoir finished her Confusion attack, Kirlia looked up with half closed eyes, and shook her head a couple of times.
"Oh no, she got confused!" Sashi gasped.
"What?" Eevy gasped too. "Is that possible?"
"Confusion may look like a normal Psychic attack, but it can also confuse the opponent..." Sashi said.
"All right!" Timmy cheered.
"Kirlia? Can you hear me?" Sashi called.
"Wha?" Kirlia asked, looking around her. "Who said that?"
"Uh-oh..." Sashi said.
"Gardevoir! Use Double Team!" Timmy called, and Gardevoir split up in more Gardevoir.
"Not something we can use right now!" Sashi growled.
"Looks like I'm winning!" Timmy smiled.
"You're not winning! You've got two Pokemon out, and Sashi none!" Audry shouted.
"Kirlia! Try to use another Return attack!" Sashi called, and Kirlia nodded at whoever had said that.
"Ehhh..." Kirlia said, and then noticed Gardevoir. She smiled, and ran forwards.
"What? I thought confusion would always hurt your own Pokemon!" Timmy gasped.
"Sometimes, yes! But not always!" Sashi said as Kirlia hit Gardevoir with her Return attack. Suddenly, when Kirlia was done attacking, Gardevoir groaned in pain, and sunk through her knees.
"What?" Sashi gasped. "She's down?"
"Gardevoir?" Timmy gasped.
"That was... a much more powerful... attack than the... last..." Gardevoir said, before she fell down on the ground.
Everybody was silent.
"Must've been a 'critical hit'..." Audry said.
"Critical hit?" Eevy and Sashi both asked.
"Yeah... Sometimes when a Pokemon attacks, it can be a critical hit, meaning the attack-power is doubled..." Audry explained.
"Wow..." Sashi smiled.
"Awww... Gardevoir... return..." Timmy groaned, and Gardevoir was called back into her Pokeball.
"Great work, Kirlia!" Sashi cried.
"Ehhh... Sashi?" Kirlia said.
"Yeah? What's wrong sweetie?" Sashi replied.
"I... feel strange..." Kirlia said, before glowing suddenly.
"Huh?" Sashi gasped.
"Is she..." Audry said.
"Evolving!" Eevy smiled.
"She's evolving?" Sashi said, as the white light that once was a Kirlia grew bigger, until it stopped, and formed into a different shape. It had a long, white dress, and green hair running down her back.
"It's a Gardevoir!" Espeon smiled.
"Gardevoir..." Gardevoir said. Her voice had turned from high-pitched to ultra soft.
"Whoa..." Gardevoir said. "That was awesome!"
"Heh..." Sashi grinned, and walked over to her newly evolved Pokemon. "Hey Kir-... I mean Gardevoir..."
"Oh hey Sashi!" Gardevoir smiled.
"You finally evolved into a Gardevoir..."
"Yeah I know... Isn't that great?!" Gardevoir smiled, and hugged Sashi. Sashi hugged back.

"How come you're all the way over here anyway Timmy? Have you already defeated Tiara in Salia City?" Sashi asked. Gardevoir was back into her Pokeball, where she belonged.
"No I have not yet... But... Hey! Isn't this Salia City?" Timmy asked, pointing at the City behind the trio.
"No, that's Bokui City..." Eevy said.
"Are you sure?"
"Completely..." Eevy nodded.
"Then this isn't Route 158?" Timmy asked, and Sashi shook her head.
"Hey psssst... Is it me, or is this guy not completely 100%, if you know what I mean?" Audry whispered to Eevy.
"It's not you... I told you he really isn't that intelligent, remember? But he loves his Pokemon, and his Pokemon love him too... And that's what counts..." Eevy whispered back.
"How do you know all this?" Audry whispered.
"Because that's what his Gardevoir said when I first met him..." Eevy whispered.
"I see..."
"Then I guess I got lost..." Timmy said.
"Looks like it..." Sashi said.
"Well thanks for the battle anyway... I need to heal my Pokemon now... Bye!" Timmy said, and walked away.
"Yo Timmy!" Sashi called, and Timmy turned his head.
"Bokui is that way..." Sashi said, pointing behind her. "If you ask directions to Salia City there, you'll get there in no time..."
"Oh... Thanks!" Timmy said, and ran past the trio.
Sashi giggled.
"Shall we continue to your house?" Espeon asked.
"You want to go back that much?" Sashi asked, and Espeon nodded.
"Then we better do that..." Eevy said.
"Oh I wish I could understand Pokemon language too..." Audry moaned.
"No way I'm teaching it to you..." Eevy said.
"Buuuuut I can understand Sashi, and she's-"
"Don't even say it!" Sashi warned.
"Just kidding!" Audry laughed, and Sashi laughed too.

The three were sleeping on a grass field later that day. They thought they could use some rest after Timmy's battle... And besides, they had walked a lot today. Anyway, Eevy was dreaming about Sashi, and Audry was dreaming about cute Pokemon. Sashi however, woke up suddenly. She slowly got up, and looked at her friends next to her, fast asleep. Sashi smiled, and slowly got up. She shook Espeon's shoulder once, and when she opened her eyes, Sashi mentioned for her to be silent, and to come with her. When the two were quite far from Eevy and Audry, Sashi stopped.
"Sashi? Why did you wake me?" Espeon asked.
"Remember our time in the bathroom?" Sashi asked.
"You mean at Darren's Daycare?" Espeon asked, and Sashi nodded. "Yeah sure..."
"Well I promised we'd do it again some time..." Sashi smiled.
"Oh..." Espeon smiled too now. "I see... So that's why you didn't wake Eevy or Audry up?"
"Precisely..." Sashi nodded.
"Oh... And will it be only between you and me?" Espeon asked seductively, rubbing her body against Sashi's legs like a cat does.
"Patience, my sweet Espeon..." Sashi said, and grabbed her other Pokeballs. "I choose all of you!" she said, and threw them into the air. All Pokemon came out of it.
"Why did you call us Sashi?" Vulpix asked.
"Are we going to have sex again?" Dragonair asked.
"You got that right..." Sashi smiled. "And as promised... Far away from water..."
"Thanks..." Vulpix said.
"Okay, now let's go..." Sashi said, and sat down on the ground. Immediately, Espeon jumped onto Sashi's lap, and started to lick over Sashi's cheeks.
"Don't be shy..." Sashi said, and grabbed Espeon's head, and pulled it back. She positioned Espeon's head the way she wanted, and then moved her head forwards. Her lips touched Espeon's, and soon, they were kissing. Sashi pushed her tongue deep into Espeon's mouth, and she pushed her own back into Sashi's. Vulpix couldn't wait any longer, and called Sashi.
"Are we gonna watch you and Espeon kiss all the time, or do we get to the real thing?" she asked.
"Oh sure..." Sashi said, and grabbed the sleeves of her T-shirt, and pulled them over her arms. When her arms were free, she pulled the T-shirt over her head, and threw it aside. Dragonair moved in, and moved her body over Espeon - who quickly took a nipple into her mouth - and pressed her lips against Sashi's. Sashi accepted the French Kiss, and kissed Dragonair the way she kissed Espeon.
Meanwhile, Gardevoir had undressed herself, and was unbuckling Sashi's belt. Espeon noticed this, and released the nipple, so that she could go down and help Gardevoir. Vulpix helped too, using her teeth to pull Sashi's pants down when the belt was off.
"Lunch time!" Vulpix smiled, and for the first time ever, she jumped between Sashi's legs, and quickly dove her head between them. Her nose pushed deep into Sashi's already wet pussy, and she used this opportunity to stick out her tongue.
"Oh!" Sashi moaned when she felt her insides licked by the 6-tailed fox Pokemon. Vulpix' nose rubbed against Sashi's clitoris, giving her more pleasure. Meanwhile, Gardevoir had walked over to Sashi's head, and rubbed her cheek softly with one of her long and green hands.
"Hey Gardevoir..." Sashi moaned.
"Hey Sashi... Satisfied with my latest evolution?" Gardevoir asked.
"Yeah of course... Mmmm... Your strength has... increased a lot..." Sashi said.
"I'm not talking about my strength..." Gardevoir said. "I'm talking about these..." she said, and grabbed one of her now grown breasts in her hand. Gardevoir softly gasped, feeling a new sensation. She may have had small breasts in the past, but now they've grown a lot. Gardevoir moaned softly as she held on to her breast. "Wanna give these a test?"
"Always..." Sashi moaned, and Gardevoir smiled. She lowered her chest over Sashi's head, and Sashi slowly placed her hand on Gardevoir's back, pushing her down. When one of the breasts was above her mouth, Sashi used her tongue to lick over the whole breast. Gardevoir immediately gasped out loud. This felt better than when she was a Kirlia. She closed her eyes, and let Sashi suck on her nipple.
"Well, ain't this great..." Espeon said. "Everyone's doing something..."
"Except for us..." Dragonair agreed. Vulpix was eating Sashi out, and Sashi was sucking on Gardevoir's breast like a newborn baby. "But that doesn't mean we can't have any pleasure..." she added after a while.
"Keep talking..." Espeon smiled.
"I dunno... Lie down on your back, and we'll see..." Dragonair said naughty.
"Okay..." Espeon replied, and got down on the ground. Dragonair crawled over, until she was between Espeon's legs.
"You wanna know how Sashi felt in the bath?" Dragonair asked.
"You mean with you in her?" Espeon asked, and Dragonair nodded. "Love to..."
"Get ready then..." Dragonair said, looking down at Espeon's dripping slit. Seeing Sashi naked had made her horny. Dragonair smiled, slowly lowered her head, and stuck out her tongue. She then licked the whole slit up until she came to Espeon's clit. There, she closed her lips around, as well as her tongue.
"Ohhhh!" Espeon moaned loud. "I thought..."
"Mmmm..." Dragonair moaned, tasting Espeon's juices once again. "Patience..."
"If you say so..." Espeon moaned in reply.
For a while, Dragonair continued to eat Espeon out, until finally, she stopped licking Espeon's pussy lips, and went up over her body, her tongue never losing contact with Espeon's body. Dragonair came to Espeon's chest, and slowly surrounded one of Espeon's nipples with her tongue.
"Ohh..." Espeon moaned when she felt Dragonair's tongue play with her nipple. Espeon moaned even louder when she felt Dragonair's tail rubbing over her slit, until finally the end of Dragonair's tail ended up at her entrance.
"Ready?" Dragonair asked as Espeon moaned.
"Yes please!" she literally screamed, needing someone to fuck her hard right now.
"Okay!" Dragonair smiled, and pushed her tail deep into Espeon's pussy, hearing satisfied moans and gasps from Espeon.

"OH!" Sashi moaned as best as she could, when Vulpix used a little Ember inside her slit. Gardevoir had sat down on Sashi's face, and was now being eaten by her. Vulpix, wanting some pleasure as well, had turned her body, so that she was lying with her butt on Sashi's belly, and her mouth at Sashi's pussy. Vulpix' pussy was now being licked by Gardevoir. She was pushing her tongue deep into Vulpix, also making sure to lick the slit all the way up every time she removed her tongue. Because of this, it didn't take long before Vulpix moaned out loud, and announced she was almost there. This made Gardevoir only lick harder, playing with Vulpix' clit, wrapping her tongue around it, and sucking on it softly. This set Vulpix over the edge, and she stopped licking Sashi for a moment to raise her had, and close her eyes.
"Yes I'm-" Vulpix said, before she felt herself explode. Juice came pouring out of Vulpix' pussy straight into Gardevoir's mouth, who gladly accepted the Psychic type's honey. Gardevoir kept on licking until Vulpix stopped giving, and then licked Vulpix' pussy lips clean of juice. Vulpix moaned and gasped for air as she slowly continued on Sashi's pussy. Gardevoir had done her job of getting Vulpix off, and could now fully concentrate on getting herself off as well. She raised her chest, so that she fully sat on Sashi's head, and rubbed her pussy while Sashi pushed her tongue in it.
"Mmmm..." Gardevoir moaned.
Sashi then placed her hands on Gardevoir's tights, and pushed her head deeper between her legs and her tongue deeper in her.
"Ohh!" Gardevoir gasped when Sashi did this.
Vulpix had crawled off Sashi's stomach, and had turned around again. She was now in the same position as before; in front of Sashi's pussy. She thought she could repeat the thing she did before Gardevoir offered to eat her out. She pushed her nose over Sashi's pussy, inhaling her scent. Then, she opened her mouth, and licked the slit all the way up again, receiving moans from Sashi.

Dragonair's tail was now deeper in Espeon than a few minutes ago, but Espeon didn't seem to mind at all. She had her eyes closed tight, as Dragonair pushed her tail into her pussy like a cock. Dragonair was enjoying it too, feeling the warmth of Espeon's insides on her tail. This was a feeling she knew well, considering this was the only way of masturbation to her, except for licking her own pussy of course (and not everyone can say that!). It was a matter of seconds before Espeon grunted, and came, releasing her juices past Dragonair's tail onto the ground.
"Ohhhh!" she moaned.
"Mmmm..." Dragonair moaned when she felt Espeon's warm juices against her tail. Dragonair then removed her tail from Espeon's pussy, and licked it clean of juices. Espeon shakingly stood on her legs, as she felt the power of her climax subside.
"Wow..." Espeon moaned. "So this is how Sashi felt..."
"Ain't it great?" Dragonair smiled. "Now if you wouldn't mind... I haven't had any yet..."
Espeon looked over at Sashi, who had just made Gardevoir climax. Then she looked at Vulpix, who was too tired from her own orgasm to do anything to Sashi.
"Nooo... I have a better idea..." Espeon smiled. "Follow me..."
"Okay..." Dragonair said without arguing. They walked over to Sashi, and Espeon told Vulpix to stop.
"You're tired from your orgasm, aren't you?" she asked, and Vulpix nodded slowly. "Then let me do it..."
"Okay..." Vulpix said, and gave Espeon the room she needed.
"Sashi?" Espeon asked.
"Get on all fours..." Espeon said.
"It will be worth it..." Espeon grinned.
"Okay..." Sashi said, got off the ground, and got on all fours. She trusted Espeon with her life, so what she was doing now could only end good. Espeon then jumped onto Sashi's back.
"Have you ever masturbated with your tail before?" Espeon asked.
"No, but I wanted to try that out soon..." Sashi said.
"Well how about I did it for you?" Espeon smiled, and lowered her tail so that the two ends were at her entrance. "You want both holes filled?"
"No.. Just my pussy please..." Sashi smiled, relieved Espeon asked before she did anything.
"If you say so... Oh, and Dragonair hasn't had any pleasure yet..." Espeon said, as Dragonair crawled over to in front of Sashi.
"On it..." Sashi said, as she grabbed Dragonair in her hands, and pulled her closer until she could see her pussy. It was already wet from her own juices, and even some of Espeon's. Sashi smiled, opened her mouth, and covered Dragonair's pussy with her lips, pushing her tongue deep in.
"OH!" Dragonair gasped when she felt Sashi's tongue push deep inside her.
"OH!" Sashi moaned when she felt Espeon's tail enter her pussy. Espeon's tail had two endings, and right now both had entered Sashi, giving her more pleasure than ever as she felt her vaginal walls spread more than usual. Espeon continued to push her tail into Sashi, until she felt it was far enough. Sashi relaxed her muscles after Espeon stopped, and began enjoying the feeling of Espeon's tail inside her. She then went back to Dragonair's pussy. Sashi was surprised that after a few seconds of licking her pussy, Dragonair came.
"OHH!" Dragonair moaned when she felt her orgasm run through her body. Her juices poured out of her into Sashi's mouth.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned when she tasted Dragonair's juice for the first time.
Meanwhile, Espeon's tail was now almost completely inside Sashi. Only a few centimeters were still visible, as she continued to pump it into Sashi.
"Oh! Yes! Almost!" Sashi moaned loud, and closed her eyes tight. Then, her climax hit her. "OH!"
Espeon didn't stop pumping her tail into Sashi when she came. She continued this to give Sashi more pleasure, and trying to make the orgasm feel like it lasted forever. Sashi's pussy juice shot out of her past Espeon's tail onto the ground, and Espeon smiled when she felt Sashi's warm juices rub against her tail...

"You were great, guys..." Sashi said, as she called Vulpix, Dragonair and Gardevoir back.
"Thanks..." they all said before they went back into their balls.
"Well now you've finally eaten out all of your Pokemon..." Espeon smiled. "Well, except for me, of course..."
"Yeah, that's true... Man... I never thought Vulpix could eat me so good... If I knew that, I would have let her sooner..." Sashi said. "Too bad she didn't finish it..."
"And I never knew my tail could go in so far... You had it in you almost completely..." Espeon said, to Sashi.
"Yeah that was a great feeling..." Sashi said, petting Espeon's head. "You should do that more often... Maybe even without the others with us..."
"You selfish girl..." Espeon giggled.
Sashi got off the ground, put on her pants, and put her Pokeballs back onto her belt.
"I know I am..." Sashi smiled. "But I can't help i-" Sashi said, when suddenly, there was a small explosion, and soon, the whole area was covered in smoke.
"Sashi?!" Espeon cried. "Sashi where are you?!"
"I'm right over here!" Sashi called, unable to find her Pokemon. Suddenly, Sashi heard a soft giggle from behind, so she turned around, and gasped. It was that Espeon Anthro.
"Sweet dreams..." she said, before she sprayed something into Sashi's face, and Sashi could no longer keep her eyes open...

"Eevy! *cough* Eevy!" Espeon called, and that got her awake.
"Mmmm?" Eevy moaned, opening her eyes. "What's wrong?"
"It's Sashi! *cough* She's *cough* gone!" Espeon said, coughing after each word because of the smoke.
"Why are you coughing?" Eevy asked.
"We were *cough* suddenly *cough* attacked *cough* by someone... *cough* And he *cough* or she threw *cough* a smoke-bomb!"
"Here..." Eevy said, and gave Espeon a bowl of water. Espeon gladly drank out of it, and when she raised her head again, she felt the coughing had stopped.
"You were saying you were attacked?" Eevy asked.
"Yes..." Espeon said.
"Well it's a good thing I can understand you..." Eevy said.
"Yeah that's nice and stuff... But Sashi's gone!" Espeon cried.
"What should we do?" Eevy asked.
"We got to inform the Police about this!"
"I suppose... But the police won't help us search the first 24 hours... Or 48 hours, I dunno... But we can't wait that long!" Eevy said.
"What do you suggest?" Espeon asked.
"We need help from someone else..." Eevy said. "How about Brian?"
"Brian?" Espeon asked. She thought about this. If he needed to come over, he sure would bring along Umbreon, and the two could finally be together again. She was about to agree, when she remembered how much trouble he had caused Sashi, because he loved her, and she loved Eevy. What would he say when they told him Sashi was gone, maybe kidnapped? "Would he help us? Or does he still need time away from Sashi? Which brings us back to the 'Sashi is gone' thing, which makes Brian away from Sashi if he comes..." Espeon thought, then raised an eyebrow. "What kind of a thought was that?"
"Huh?" Espeon said, snapping out of her train of thoughts.
"You think we should call Brian?"
"I'm sure he's willing to help us, when we explain to him Sashi's gone..." Espeon nodded.
"Okay..." Eevy said, and wanted to call Brian, but stopped. "Eh... Do you know his number?"
Espeon shook her head.
"What would I need with a number? I have no phone..." Espeon said.
"Oh right..." Eevy said.
"But what we can do, is go to Darren's Daycare..." Espeon said.
"And take him with us then?" Eevy asked.
"Yes..." Espeon said.
"Sounds like a good idea..." Eevy nodded. "And Audry has said she'd like to meet Darren..."
"True... We better wake her..." Espeon said, nodding at the snoring Audry...

"Where am I? Where have you taken me?!" Sashi cried. She could see nothing. Everything was black. She knew why. She was blindfolded.
"Quiet!" someone snapped. Sashi recognized the voice earlier. It was the voice of the Espeon who broke in on the Police Station, and stole something there. The only thing she didn't know was Yazmin's name.
"Who are you?" Sashi called.
"Don't you remember me?" Yazmin said, and playfully rubbed her two-tipped tail against Sashi's cheek.
"Stop that!" Sashi growled. "I remember you of course! But I want your name!"
Yazmin laughed out loud.
"You're not getting my name, prisoner..." Yazmin said.
"Why am I here? And why am I blindfolded?!" Sashi growled.
"You talk too much!" Yazmin said, and slapped Sashi so hard, she fell to the ground unconscious. Yazmin grinned.
"Good work..." Jason said, entering the room. He looked down at Sashi. "What have you done?"
"She wouldn't shut up, so I put her to sleep..." Yazmin smiled.
"You killed her?" Jason gasped.
"No of course not! Giovanni asked us to bring her back alive, didn't he?" Yazmin said.
"Uhh... Yeah, he did..." Jason said.
"Yes..." Yazmin smiled. "Now all we have to do is wait for another order..."

To be continued...

Uh-oh... Sashi's kidnapped! What will happen to her? And what will Brian say when he hears Sashi's gone? Find out in the next chapter ^ ^
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