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Rescuing Sashi

Rescuing Sashi

Before we begin, I want to thank a very good friend of mine, who inspired me to write the first Sashi story... Thanks to him, I've- *looks at Sashi's evil glare* We've come this far... ^ ^' If he didn't start with a story with the sentence "Pokemon? I'm no Pokemon!", I would have never started the first Sashi story... Said that, let's begin!

"Maybe we can get to Darren's Daycare from here..." Eevy said, looking at the map in her Pokemon Guide. She found out that near Bokui was a harbor. "I hope the boat there goes to Four Island!" Eevy added, and shut her Pokemon Guide. "Let's go!"
"Wait!" Espeon said.
"What's wrong?" Eevy asked.
"We can't leave them behind!" Espeon nodded at Sashi's Pokeballs containing Vulpix, Dragonair and Gardevoir.
"How come they're here?" Eevy asked.
"I don't know... Sashi had just returned everyone in their Pokeballs, when that smoke-bomb exploded... She must've dropped them when that happened..." Espeon said.
"Then I'll hold on to them for the time being..." Eevy said, and grabbed Sashi's Pokeballs.

The two, along with Espeon, arrived at the harbor, and asked if a boat went to Four Island. Luckily for them, one did. And to make it even better, the boat was about to leave too.
"Wow... That's lucky..." Audry said as the three got on board. Surprisingly, the trip to Four Island was shorter than when Eevy first went. They arrived at Four Island in less than 2 hours this time. Then Eevy remembered something.
"Oh Audry?" Eevy said.
"The Anthro's on this island aren't that used to humans..." Eevy said.
"Why not?"
"Well most of them thinks humans hate them, so they hate humans in return..."
"How terrible..." Audry said.
"Yeah I know... And that's why I want to ask you to stay out of the house when I go in..." Eevy said.
"And why can you go in and I can not?" Audry eyed Eevy.
"Because I've been there before, and they know me..." Eevy smiled.
"Well they can get to know me too if they want.. All I need to do is introduce myself..." Audry smiled.
"And how were you suppose to do that if they hate you from the beginning?" Eevy asked.
"Well how did you do it when you came here?" Audry asked.
"Sashi explained everything to them..." Eevy replied. The two were now in front of Darren's Daycare.
"Well if I have to, then I will wait outside..." Audry said.
"Okay thanks..." Eevy said, and ran over to the front door. She knocked three times, and later, Darren opened.
"Oh hey Eevy... What brings you here?" he asked.
"We need Brian's help!" Eevy said.
"Ehhh... Why do you need him?" Darren asked.
Eevy looked over Darren's shoulder, and saw nobody was near. "It's Sashi..." Eevy whispered.
"Now that you mention it, where is she?" Darren asked, looking around.
"She's uhhh.. Resting on the boat... She had a long fight yesterday, and this morning she was arrested too..." Eevy explained.
"Sashi was arrested?!" Darren gasped.
"Uh-oh, he didn't know that... Stupid!" Eevy thought. "It's a long story..."
"Tell me everything about it!" Darren said.
"Okay, but... Can I bring her with us inside?" Eevy asked, pointing at Audry.
"Who's that?" Darren asked.
"Another one of Sashi's friends... She's a Pokemon Trainer, and also one of Sashi's rivals..." Eevy explained.
"How does she think about Anthro's?" Darren asked.
"I told you she was a friend of Sashi, didn't I?"
"Oh, right..." Darren said, rubbing the back of his head. "Of course she can come in..."
"But what if the Anthro's see a new human in their house?" Eevy asked.
"That's the funny thing... After you came here, everybody started thinking different about humans, even the ones who have had bad memories of their past with humans..." Darren said.
"So you're saying I changed their opinion about humans?" Eevy asked, and Darren nodded.
"And Sparkess even changed her speech into 'humans are bad, except for Sashi's friends...', so she can come in, if she's a friend of Sashi's..." Darren said. Eevy smiled.
"Wow... Okay, I'll tell her..." Eevy said, and walked over to Audry. Later, Audry followed Eevy to Darren.
"Hi, I'm Audry..." Audry said.
"Welcome to my Daycare Center..." Darren replied. "Now come in, and tell me everything about Sashi..." Darren said.

Inside, they sat down on the couch, and Eevy started explaining.
"It all started this morning, when Sashi..." Eevy told Darren everything that happened.
"Team Rocket, huh?" Darren said, after he heard about Team Rocket invading the Police Station.
"Yeah, and it happened to be one of Team Rocket's members was an Anthro Espeon..." Eevy said.
"And that's the one they confused Sashi with?" Darren asked.
"Yes..." Eevy said.
"I'm wondering... Why did that Espeon Anthro join Team Rocket? How could that have happened?" Darren said.
"That's exactly what Sashi said..." Eevy said. "It bothered her a lot..."
"I understand her feelings..." Darren nodded. "But that still doesn't explain why you need Brian..."
"I'm coming to that..." Eevy said. "We had just left Bokui City, we met up with another one of Sashi's rivals, one I already knew... Sashi and he had a battle, and afterwards, we continued our journey to Sashi's home... But during that journey, we took a break to rest and sleep... I don't know what happened in that time, but I was woken by Espeon, saying Sashi was gone... She told me that they were attacked..." Eevy said. "And I'm sorry I lied about Sashi being on the boat..."
"I see..." Darren said. "But why do you need Brian?"
"We need his help to find Sashi..." Eevy said.
"Oh I get it now..." Darren said. "So this means you know about the Anthro's special ability?"
"What special ability?" Audry asked confused.
"Anthro's have the ability to track down fellow Anthro's... It is very rare, of course, but when an Anthro has been in contact with another Anthro for a long time, they learn to recognize the other's spiritual energy..." Darren explained. "It's something like a sixth sense..."
"Whoa..." Audry said, her mind spinning. This was all too much for her.
"And this means Brian's must be very strong... Considering he felt love for Sashi..." Darren added.
"Yeah I know, but do you think he still feels the same way as before?" Eevy asked.
"I dunno... Ask him yourself..." Darren said, and got up. "Follow me..." he said, and Eevy and Audry did.

They went upstairs, turned right, and walked past a few rooms. When they came to the end of the hallway, Darren stopped, and knocked three times on the door on their right.
"Yeah?" a voice called. Eevy recognized that voice immediately. It was Brian's.
"There's someone here to see you..." Darren said. A moment later, the door opened, and Brian came into view. His hair had grown a bit since Eevy last saw him. He gasped when he saw Eevy.
"Huh? What are you doing here?" he asked in not such a nice tone.
"Brian... We need your help..." Eevy said when Darren gave her room.
"Why would I help you?" Brian asked. "Don't tell me you forgot what you did to me..."
"I know that, but let's put that aside right now..." Eevy said.
Brian was silent for a while, and thought it over.
"Well okay... Why have you come here? Come to hurt me even more?"
"It's about Sashi..." Espeon said, and Brian's eyes widened.
"Sashi..." he said softly. "I knew it... You're doing this for fun, aren't you?!" Brian said, and wanted to close the door.
"We believe she's kidnapped!" Espeon said.
The door closed, and there was a moment of complete silence. Then, it opened again.
"Kidnapped?" Brian said.
"It happened this morning..." Espeon said, and explained everything to Brian.

"And why exactly do you need my help?" Brian asked.
"Because you've been in close contact with her..." Espeon said. "We need you to help us track her, because we can't do that ourselves..."
Brian was silent.
"So... Will you help us?" Eevy asked.
"..." Brian didn't reply.
"Please help us!" Espeon said. Then, suddenly, a black Pokemon with yellow rings joined Brian in the door
"Did I just hear..." he asked Brian, when he spotted Espeon. His eyes widened.
"Um... Umbreon..." Espeon said.
"Espeon?" Umbreon replied. "Is it you?"
"Umbreon, get back inside!" Brian said.
"Espeon!" Umbreon cried out happily, not hearing his Trainer's order, and ran forwards, rubbing his head against Espeon's.
"Umbreon!" Espeon cried out as happily as Umbreon, rubbing her head back at him.
"Awwww..." Audry smiled. "How cute!"
"Umbreon..." Brian said.
"Oh I missed you!" Umbreon said, tears in his eyes.
"I missed you too!" Espeon replied.
"Umbreon!" Brian growled.
This made Umbreon raise his head to his Trainer.
"What?" he asked.
"Get back inside!" Brian said.
"But why?"
"Because I tell you to!" Brian said.
Umbreon looked at Espeon, then at his Trainer, and with a bowed head, he walked back into the room.
"I'm sorry you had to come all the way over to here for nothing..." Brian said.
"What?!" Espeon said.
"I'm not helping you..." Brian said.
"How can you say that?" Darren suddenly asked.
"I need more time away from her..." Brian said.
"Do you see her?" Espeon suddenly asked.
"Mmmm?" Brian replied confused.
"Do you see her with us now?" Espeon said.
"No of course not!" Brian said.
"Then you can help us, because then you would be away from her while you're with us!" Espeon said.
"But then I would be getting closer to her, wouldn't I!?" Brian replied.
"What's all this about?" Umbreon asked, now curious.
"It's nothing..." Brian said to his Pokemon.
"It's Sashi! She's kidnapped!" Espeon said to Umbreon.
"What?!" Umbreon gasped. "And you're not helping them?!" he growled at his Trainer.
"It's none of my business..." Brian said, and closed the door. But before the door was closed, Umbreon had slipped out of the room.
"Eh.. Umbreon? Get back in here!" Brian said.
"No, Brian..." Umbreon said, standing next to Espeon.
"I told you to come back inside!" Brian said.
"It may not 'be your business', but it is mine..." Umbreon said.
"What's that suppose to mean?" Brian asked.
"Sashi, or should I say Espeon's Trainer, has been kidnapped... I feel connected to Espeon, so I will help her..." Umbreon said. Espeon smiled.
"Well then you'll have to go without me... Can you do that; leave your Trainer?" Brian smiled.
"This time... I can..." Umbreon said, ad Brian's jaw dropped. And he was not the only one. Brian tried to find the slightest hint of a lie in Umbreon's eyes, but he could find none.
"You're serious?" Brian asked.
"Oh yes..." Umbreon said.
"Well, have a good time then..." Brian said, and closed the door. The five were standing outside Brian's room in front of his door for a while.
"Sooooo..." Darren said.
"That was really impressive..." Espeon smiled at Umbreon.
"Like I said, I want to help you... He's taken me away from you once, and I won't let that happen again..." Umbreon said, rubbing his head against Espeon's. She rubbed back happily.
"So was this the Brian you talked about?" Audry asked.
"Yup..." Eevy replied.
"Why is he acting so angry?"
"Long story..." Eevy said, and she explained it.
"As if he can decide who Sashi loves..." Audry said.
"Exactly..." Eevy said. "And in the end, he said he needed some time away from Sashi, and that made Sashi's Espeon and Brian's Umbreon separate..."
"How sad..." Audry said.
"What can we do now?" Espeon asked.
"I don't know... I could ask another Anthro to help you guys, but none of them here had any close contact with Sashi..." Darren said.
"But what about the times Sashi fought against the Anthro's to train her Pokemon?" Eevy asked.
"They couldn't make the recognition of their spiritual energy then, because they weren't in contact with each other... Sashi fought with her Pokemon, not with herself..." Darren said.
"I see..." Eevy said.
"But again; now what?" Darren said.
"I guess we'll leave now..." Eevy said.
"Are you sure you want to come with us?" Espeon asked Umbreon.
"Of course... I said that, didn't I?" Umbreon replied.
"Oh Umbreon..." Espeon said, rubbing her head against him.

The five were walking out of Darren's Daycare, and stopped.
"Sorry you had to come all the way over here to hear Brian's rejection..." Darren said.
"I know..." Eevy said. "I really thought he would help us when he heard Sashi was kidnapped..."
"Well I'm glad that Umbreon's with us now..." Espeon smiled. She was walking next to him. The two had never been so happy in their lives.
"And maybe I guess I'm glad to be away from him too..." Umbreon said.
"Enough of this..." Eevy suddenly said. "We need to focus on finding Sashi!"
"You're right!" Espeon said.
"But like Darren already said; we can't find Sashi if we don't have an Anthro with us who can sense her spiritual energy..." Audry said.
"Yes you can..." Brian suddenly said, leaving the house.
"Ehhh... Excuse me?" Darren said.
"What?" Brian replied innocently. "They can..."
"I thought you didn't want to-"
"I changed my mind..." Brian grunted, silencing Eevy.
"But Brian, what about-" Umbreon began.
"If it's that important to you, than it should be important to me too..." Brian said.
"Thanks..." Eevy softly said.
"And to be honest..." Brian began, but hesitated for a moment. Still, he said it. "To be honest, I kind of missed you, Eevy..." he said.
"Oh?" Eevy replied.
"I guess... I even miss Sashi..." Brian then said. "Isn't that weird? She's the whole reason we broke up..."
"I guess I miss being close to you and Sashi..." Brian said.
"Thanks, buddy!" Umbreon smiled, rubbing his body against Brian's legs.
"But if I find out this all is just a joke, that it's only to bring me and Sashi back together..." Brian warned.
"Trust me... This is not a joke..." Espeon said.
"When you say it like that, I have no choice but to believe you..." Brian nodded.
"Thanks!" Espeon smiled.


"Is she awake yet?"
"Not yet... but she will..."
"Maybe you shouldn't have knocked her out..."
"It's all in the past now..."
Sashi slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw were two blue eyes. Apparently, the bandage was taken off while she was unconscious.
"She's awake..." the person grinned, and removed her (Sashi could see it was a female) head. Sashi didn't say a thing, as she awoke in a room full of strangers. Well, not everyone was a stranger... She recognized the Espeon, and the Mightyena, but the rest were all she didn't know. The red female looked a lot like a female Mightyena, but then with red fur instead of black and grey.
"Quite a silent type, isn't she?" the red furred female asked. She was dressed in the same outfit as the others in the room, only she didn't wear a hat, Sashi noted. Why was she thinking about that anyway?
"Well how would you feel after being kidnapped?" the Espeon asked.
"I would scream the lungs out of my chest..." the red female said.
"Well I'm not as crazy as you then, am I?" Sashi said to her surprise.
The red female looked up, then grinned, and walked over to Sashi. She grabbed the collar of Sashi's T-shirt, and pulled her up, until Sashi's head was just underneath hers.
"Well well well, the lady has a tongue after all..." the red female growled.
"Easy Cath..." the Espeon said. "You don't want to look bad in front of the boss, do ya?"
The red Mightyena known as Cath looked back, and saw Giovanni standing in the doorway
"Oh hi boss..." Cath smiled, and let go of Sashi. She fell down to the ground with a grunt.
"So this is the Espeon that bothered you so much Yazmin?" Giovanni asked.
"It is, sir..." Yazmin replied.
"Take off your hat, Yazmin..." Giovanni said, and Yazmin did.
"Why, sir?"
"I find it quite remarkable that either of you look the same..." Giovanni smiled. Yazmin looked down at Sashi.
"I don't even look close like her!" Yazmin growled. "And she doesn't look close like me either... She's on the side of those humans..." Yazmin spit on the floor, just next to Sashi. "Sir..." she added.
"She's on the side of the humans?" another female - a Furret - said. "How can she be, sir?"
"We'll find out soon..." Giovanni smiled.
"What are you planning on doing with her?" Cath asked. Sashi noticed she didn't call Giovanni 'sir' at the end of her sentence. Sashi also noticed she noticed a lot.
"I dunno... Maybe a little experiment or two... See what happens..." Giovanni said.
"You're not going to kill her, are you, sir?" Yazmin asked.
"Why would I do that? She's a fellow Anthro, isn't she?" Giovanni asked.
"Yes, sir..." Yazmin smiled. Giovanni grinned.
"Bring her to my lab..."

Meanwhile, back in Bokui City...

"Can you feel her spiritual energy already?" Eevy asked Brian.
"Calm down, I'm trying..." Brian replied. He closed his eyes, stuck his head high up in the air, and waited. He turned his head into several directions, before he stopped. He opened his eyes, and smiled.
"I sense it..." Brian said.
"So fast?" Audry asked.
"It's because I've been with Sashi for quite some time that I found her so fast..." Brian said.
"Lead the way..." Espeon said.
"All right..." Brian said, and started walking. The other four followed.
"Umbreon?" Espeon said.
"I'm glad to see you again..."
"I know, you've been telling me that the whole boat-trip from Four Island..." Umbreon smiled. "But I can understand why... I missed you too..."
"What have you been up to all this time on Four Island?" Espeon asked.
"Training..." Umbreon said.
"Nothing else?" Espeon asked when Umbreon fell silent.
"So, what level are you now?" Eevy asked.
"Somewhere around 51, I guess..." Umbreon said.
"Yes, he's level 51..." Brian confirmed.
"I see..."
"And you, Espeon?" Umbreon asked.
"I'm level 42..." Espeon said.
"Looks like you need some good training..." Brian said.
"Hey!" Umbreon growled. "Let her train on her own pace!"
"Whoa take it easy, Umbreon..." Brian said. "I was just-"
"Saying Espeon's weak..." Umbreon finished.
"And what if she is?" Brian said.
"Okay that's enough!" Eevy screamed, making the two turn their attention to her. "Have we forgotten Sashi's gone?! We need to find her! So let's just save the fight for later, okay?!"
Brian looked down at Umbreon, and sighed.
"Fine, whatever..." Brian said.
"I agree..." Umbreon said.
"Now let's go!" Eevy said.

In no time, Brian had led the group to a large, grassy field.
"I sense Sashi's spiritual energy coming from that building..." Brian said, pointing at one of the many buildings ahead.
"What is this place?" Audry asked.
"I don't know, but I don't like it either... This is exactly the place for Team Rocket to hang out..." Eevy said.
"So... I've shown you where to find Sashi..." Brian said, and turned around. "Let's go, Umbreon..."
"What? You're leaving us?" Eevy asked.
"Well yeah... I did my job, now you do yours..." Brian replied.
"I think we should help them, Brian..." Umbreon said. "They could use our help..."
"Well I think we've helped them enough..." Brian said.
"What happened to you, Brian?" Eevy asked. "You were always so kind and nice..."
"I used to be, yeah..." Brian said. "But I've changed... Coming, Umbreon?"
"I want to help them!" Umbreon said.
"Well I also want a lot of things, but you don't hear me complaining!" Brian said.
"What do you think Sashi would do if you were in her position? That you were the one who was kidnapped, and I asked Sashi to help you? Would she also go away and not help you? No! She wouldn't!" Umbreon barked.
"Well I'm not Sashi! Now are you coming or what?" Brian asked.
"Just like I said earlier today, no Brian..." Umbreon said with a bowed head.
"Do I have to ask you again if you could leave your Trainer?" Brian asked.
"You already know the answer..." Umbreon said.
"So you're saying this is goodbye?" Brian asked.
"I am..." Umbreon said with a stern face.
"Goodbye, Umbreon..." Brian said. "Nice knowing you..."
"I wish I could say the same..." Umbreon replied as Brian walked away, into a new life without his Pokemon... His friend... The Pokemon he began his journey with.
"Umbreon..." Espeon said.
"It's his will against mine... He chose what he wanted, and I chose what I wanted..." Umbreon sighed, and then he turned his head. "Are we going?"

Eevy, Audry, Espeon and Umbreon were walking on their toes. They had to be careful not to be seen by any Team Rocket member. They sneaked over to the building, and slowly looked through a window.
"Mmmm... doesn't look like much..." Audry said.
"That's how a hideout of a criminal organization should look like..." Eevy replied. "It has to look completely harmless, so that no one will suspect anything of it..."
"Hey Eevy.. Shouldn't we call the police to inform them about this?" Audry asked.
"And tell them what? 'We think we know where to find Sashi!' we'll say, and they'll say 'You think? So you're not sure?' And that won't make them take a look on this place..." Eevy said.
"I see..." Audry replied.
"Besides... This is personal..." Eevy said. "I want Sashi to remember I was the one who saved her..."
"I see..." Audry said again.
"Hey but we should concentrate on getting in..." Eevy said, taking another look through the window. She saw two (human) Team Rocket members sitting at a table, playing cards.
"Should we break a window?" Audry asked.
"That might set off the alarm..." Eevy disagreed. "We should look for a door or something, or an open window..."
"How about this?" Espeon asked, nodding over to a big hole in the wall.
"Perfect!" Eevy smiled. "But it's not big enough for the two of us..."
"We can go through..." Umbreon said. "We can go to the door, and open it for you?"
"How? You'll be seen!" Eevy said.
"Not if I take those two out?" Umbreon suggested.
"He can also distract them, so that I can open the door, and you two do the rest?" Espeon said.
"Sounds both good to me..." Audry said.
"All right, we'll do it..." Eevy smiled.
"Okay..." Umbreon and Espeon said as Espeon went through the hole first, followed by Umbreon. When inside, Eevy and Audry waited, and waited, until they heard a loud gasp, and a moment later, they heard something fall down on the ground. Another moment later, Eevy and Audry saw the door open, and Espeon walk out.
"Done..." she said.
"Perfect!" Eevy smiled.

Sashi was hung up to the wall with chains. She was in the lab. Several Team Rocket scientists were working with tubes and a lot of different colored mixtures of potions. Nothing happened, until one of the scientists approached her.
"What are you going to do with me?" Sashi asked.
"Don't you worry... You won't remember it anyway..." the scientist grinned, and approached her some more, until he was a centimeter away from Sashi. Suddenly, Sashi felt a needle being injected into her skin. Not a second later, Sashi gasped when she felt cold fluid suddenly enter her body.
"What is thi-"

Eevy, Audry and the two Pokemon had gone through a few rooms, before they ran into trouble. They didn't expect what they saw there. It was a tall, red furred female Pokemon Anthro.
"What the... More Anthro's?" Eevy gasped.
"What in the world?!" the red furred Anthro gasped, and pushed an alarm-button on the wall. Immediately, an alarm was set off.
"Crap!" Eevy cursed.
"Intruder alert!" the red furred female called.
"Jolty! I choose you!" Eevy called, and threw Jolty's Pokeball into the air. Later, Jolty appeared in the hallway. "Use Thunder wave!"
Jolty complied without hesitation, and sparks of electricity were fired at the Anthro. The Anthro jumped out of the way fast, and the Thunder wave attack missed its target.
"Whoa she's fast!" Eevy gasped in silence.
"You think you can defeat me with that?" the anthro laughed, and pushed on one of the yellow circles on her belt. It gave light, and a second later, a tiny Pokeball appeared. She grabbed the Pokeball, and threw it into the air. "I choose you, Houndoom!" she said, and the Pokeball opened. A second later, a big, black dog appeared. Houndoom [Fire/Dark type] growled at its opponent.
"Jolty! Use Thunderbolt!" Eevy called, and Jolty glowed with light, before a jolt of electricity was shot at Houndoom.
"Houndoom! Jump out of the way, and use Flamethrower!" the female called, and Houndoom jumped out of the Thunderbolt attack. It landed on the ground, and opened its mouth wide. Later, a big beam of fire came out, aimed at Jolty.
"Jolty, return!" Eevy called, and Jolty was called back into her Pokeball. "A Fire Pokemon, aye? I choose you, Vapora!" Eevy called, and threw Vapora's Pokeball into the air. Later, the blue-finned Pokemon appeared. "Use Hydro Pump!"
Vapora obeyed, opening her mouth wide, and shooting out a big beam of water at Houndoom. It hit Houndoom hard, and he cried out in pain as the water attack hit him.
"Houndoom, return!" the female cried, and Houndoom returned into his Pokeball. "This battle ain't over yet! I choose-"
Venusaur! Use Vine Whip!" Audry suddenly called, and the green Pokemon with the big flower on its back shot it's tentacles at the Anthro. It surrounded her, and grabbed hold of her, not giving her the slightest chance of breaking free.
"Son of a!" the female cursed when she was trapped.
"Now use Sleep Powder!" Audry called, and a cloud of blue powder came out of Venusaur's flower. It surrounded the female, who tried her hardest not to inhale the powder. But it was no use. The powder invaded her body through her nose, and a second later, she fell asleep.
"Good work!" Eevy said.
"If she can jump out of the way of a Thunder wave attack, she must be pretty fast... She would also have dodged the Sleep Powder attack if I didn't hold her down..." Audry smiled.
"Now let's go!" Eevy said. "Now that they know we're here, we need to be extra fast!"
"You're right..." Audry said, and Venusaur let the sleeping body of the Anthro loose, and lay it down on the ground softly. Then, Audry called Venusaur back, and Eevy did the same with Vapora.

"Giovanni, sir, we've got intruders!" Yazmin said.
"As if I don't know that... I heard the alarm..." Giovanni replied.
"My apologies, sir..." Yazmin bowed. "Shall I take care of it?"
"You may as well..." Giovanni said.
"As you wish, sir..." Yazmin said, got up, and walked away. Yazmin walked past Jason, and she motioned for him to follow.
"What's going on?" Jason asked.
"We've got intruders... And I bet it's the Espeon's friends..." Yazmin said.
"Your friends?" Jason asked confused.
"Not mine! The prisoner's..." Yazmin said.
"Oh, sorry..." Jason apologized.
"Never mind, just follow me, okay?" Yazmin asked, and Jason nodded.

"Maybe it's this way?" Audry guessed, looking to her right.
"Let's try!" Eevy agreed, and the two humans entered the hallway. But before they could take one more step, there was a small explosion. Not one that destroys things, but one that exploded into smoke. A smoke-bomb, just like the one Espeon experienced when Sashi was kidnapped. And a second after the smoke-bomb exploded, two figures were visible in the smoke.
"Prepare for trouble!" one said.
"Oh shut up, Jason! It's not the time for that!" Yazmin growled.
"Well sorry, I thought we had to do that every time we-"
"Sweetie, hush..." Yazmin placed a finger on Jason's lips.
"Why are all Anthro's Team Rocket members?" Eevy said.
"Good to see you two again..." Yazmin said.
"I bet you're the one who kidnapped Sashi!?" Eevy said.
"Correct!" Yazmin replied.
"Give her back!" Audry screamed.
"And why should I listen to you humans?" Yazmin said. "You humans hate us!"
"Not all humans are like that!" Eevy said.
"As if I should believe you!" Yazmin said, pushed a yellow circle on her belt, and later, a Pokeball appeared. She threw it into the air, and a Breloom [Grass/Fighting type] came out. This Pokemon looked like a mushroom on legs, and it had a long tail with four green balls at the end.
"Then I will choose-" Eevy said, but Espeon interrupted.
"Let me handle this!" Espeon said. "If she wants to fight, then I will fight her! Then you can look for Sashi!"
"Not while I'm still here!" Jason called as Eevy and Audry wanted to walk away, and also pushed a yellow circle on his belt, and a Pokeball appeared. "Go, Crobat!" Jason called, and later, a big, purple bat with 4 wings appeared. Crobat [Poison/Flying type] flew up over Espeon. "Use Bite!" Jason called, and Crobat flew down. Suddenly, Crobat was hit by waves of energy, and he crashed into the wall.
"You're not touching Espeon!" Umbreon growled. He had used his Psychic attack just before Crobat hit Espeon.
"Thanks!" Espeon said to Umbreon, and then turned her attention to the two humans. "Go find Sashi!"
"Okay!" Eevy and Audry said, as they left.
"Foolish Pokemon..." Yazmin laughed. "Breloom! Use Sky Uppercut on that Umbreon!"
"Crobat! Use another Bite attack on that Espeon!" Jason called, and Crobat flew down again.
"Umbreon! Watch out!" Espeon called, but it was already too late. Breloom had kicked Umbreon into the air hard. She jumped after Umbreon, and then turned around in the air. Finally, she kicked Umbreon down again, and he hit the ground.
"Umbre-" Espeon said, before four teeth dug into Espeon's neck. She cried out in pain as the Dark type attack hit her.
Sky Uppercut may be a Fighting attack, and it may be very effective on Umbreon, still he survived because of his high level. But surviving the attack may have been a curse, because now he had to watch his loved one being hurt badly in front of his eyes. Immediately he growled loud, and used another Psychic attack on Crobat. This, Crobat couldn't handle, and he closed his eyes, then fainted, letting go of Espeon's neck.
"Fuck!" Jason cursed, and called Crobat back into his Pokeball. When he was, Jason pushed the Pokeball back into the yellow circle where it came from, and it disappeared.
"Espeon!" Umbreon cried, running over to her. But before he could reach her, Breloom stepped in front of her.
"Going somewhere?" Yazmin asked.
"Get out of my way!" Umbreon screamed, and used a Shadow Ball attack on Breloom. The black ball of Dark energy pushed Breloom away from Espeon, so that Umbreon could get to her. Breloom held on to the Shadow Ball, as it pushed her backwards, and then she was able to push it away from her.
"Espeon! Are you okay!?" Umbreon asked.
"Breloom! Use Mach Punch!" Yazmin called, and Breloom used another Fighting type attack on Umbreon. Umbreon tried to counter it with one of his attacks, but it was no use. Mach Punch is an attack that always strikes first, no matter what. Umbreon was punched hard, and he flew over against the wall with a big crash. He cried out in pain as he was knocked unconscious, falling down on the ground.
"Um-" Espeon gasped. "Umbreon!"
This was the last Espeon said before blacking out herself. Yazmin chuckled.
"Foolish Pokemon..." she said again, and called Breloom back into her Pokeball.
"What do we do with them?" Jason asked, nodding at the two Eons.
"Bring them to the lab as well..." Yazmin said. "I'm going too... If they want to rescue Sashi, they'll go there..."
"Okay..." Jason said, as he grabbed Espeon in his arms and Yazmin grabbed Umbreon in her arms.

"Look!" Audry said, and pointed at one of the doors in the hallway.
"Laboratory?" Eevy read from a sign on the door.
"You think she's in here?" Audry asked.
"Perhaps..." Eevy said. "Let's try!"
Eevy opened the door, and when it was open, she gasped. On the wall was Sashi. Her eyes were closed, and she was not moving.
"Sashi!" Eevy gasped, and ran over to her. But before she came even close, Sashi's eyes opened. "Sashi! Thank god you're alright!" Eevy said.
"Mmmm?" Sashi replied.
Eevy walked over to Sashi slowly.
"I was so worried!" Eevy smiled, and wanted to unchain her from the wall. But when Eevy touched Sashi's hand, Sashi said something so horrible, that it made Eevy and Audry gasp.
"Don't touch me, you disgusting human!"

To be continued for sure!

Sashi: I don't remember saying that...
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