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Team Rocket hideout

Team Rocket hideout

My 17th chapter!
Sashi: Yup! ^ ^

Eevy walked back slowly. Sashi's face was filled with anger, while Eevy's was a mixture of horror and disbelieve. She couldn't believe Sashi just said 'disgusting human' to her. What had Team Rocket done to her?! What did they do to make her hate humans? Her train of thoughts was broken by a soft chuckle. Eevy looked to her right, and Audry did the same. Out of the shadows came Giovanni. He was smiling.
"Looks like it works..." he said.
"What have you done to her!?" Eevy growled.
"I merely changed her personality..." Giovanni replied.
"But why!?"
"I'm sure you know that Anthro's are considered monsters to humans?" Giovanni asked.
"Not all humans are like that!" Audry said.
"So I've seen... Humans hating Anthro's is something that's part of life... That's the way I see it... "
"Well you're wrong!" Eevy growled. At that moment, Yazmin and Jason entered the room.
"I see they're already here... " Yazmin chuckled.
"Espeon! Umbreon!" Eevy gasped as she saw the unconscious forms of the two Eon lovers.
"Es... Peon? Sashi said softly.
And besides, the Anthro's trust me... " Giovanni continued. "They'd do anything for me... They see me as the human who helped them... I saved their lives! Plus, in exchange of hating them, the Anthro's hate the humans... This gives them some very useful abilities... In order to be a worthy Team Rocket member, you have to steal things from humans..." Giovanni said.
"And because Anthro's hate humans already, it makes it easier for them to steal from them..." Eevy finished.
"Exactly..." Giovanni grinned.
"But you're human too!" Eevy said.
"True, but I saved their lives, remember?" Giovanni grinned.
"But it's still wrong!" Eevy said.
"Don't tell me what's wrong and what is not!" Giovanni growled.
"Sashi! You gotta snap out of it! Look what they did to Espeon!" Eevy said. Sashi was being taken down of the wall by Jason.
"Enough of this!" Giovanni said.
"Sir," Yazmin interrupted, "I didn't know what to do with these two... So I brought them here as test subjects..."
"Good plan, Yazmin..." Giovanni said.
"What about these two, sir?" Jason asked, pointing at Eevy and Audry. The two had backed up against each other's backs.
"They're useless..." Giovanni said. "Just throw them out or something..."
"But they know where our hideout is..." Yazmin said. "Sir..."
"True..." Giovanni thought it over. "Hang them up to the wall..."
"As you wish, sir..." Yazmin bowed, and Jason approached Eevy and Audry.
"Don't you touch me!" Audry cried.
"You're not in the position to make demands..." Yazmin chuckled, and Eevy and Audry were caught.
"Sashi, does your Espeon have a Pokeball?" Giovanni asked.
"Yes, but she doesn't like to be locked up in it..." Sashi said in her hypnotic voice.
"Well here everyone does what I say, so why don't you put her into her Pokeball?" Giovanni asked.
"Right, sir..." Sashi said, and aimed Espeon's Pokeball at her. A red beam came out, and it hit Espeon. And for the first time in 2 years since she came out of her Pokeball as an Eevee, Espeon returned. "Anything else, sir?"
"No... That's it for now..." Giovanni smiled.
"As you wish, sir..." Sashi replied.
"Sashi!" Eevy cried again.
"Be quiet!" Giovanni said, and hit Eevy's head so hard with his fist, that it knocked her out. Sashi looked at Eevy's unconscious body, and smiled. It didn't bother her that Eevy was hit. After all, she was just a human...

Time passed by, and Eevy was experiencing the worst moments of her life, especially when Sashi entered the room. Eevy tried her hardest to bring Sashi out of her... her... whatever what was wrong with her. After a while, she had no choice but to give up...

"All right, here's what we're gonna do..." Giovanni said, as he entered the room after one hour. "You are going to leave this place, and you will never come back..."
"You're gonna let us go?" Audry asked. Eevy was silent. She didn't care anymore.
"And you will never come back..." Giovanni repeated.
"And why won't we?" Audry asked.
"Because if you do," Giovanni said, and approached Audry, until he was a centimeter away from her, "I'll kill Sashi..."
"What?!" Audry gasped. "Why will you kill her? She's an Anthro too!"
"I did..."
"Then why kill one Anthro?" Audry asked.
"One Anthro more or less, I don't care..." Giovanni smiled.
"You're just using the Anthro's, aren't you?" Eevy said, breaking her silence.
"That's the beauty of it all..." Giovanni smiled, and turned around.
The two girls were silent. What could one say in such a situation?

Yazmin and Sashi were sitting in a room.
"Sooooo..." Yazmin said. "What do you think of humans now?"
"I hate them..." Sashi said in a growl.
"Good.. Good...That's how it should be..." Yazmin grinned. "Remember anything from the time when you worked with them?"
"Why would I want to work with humans?" Sashi asked surprised. "Did I work with them once? Don't tell me I worked with them?!"
"No..." Yazmin shook her head. "Just asking if you really hated humans..."
"Well of course I do..." Sashi said. "But, why did you ask if I remembered anything about working with humans?"
"Those two humans who were in your room earlier today have used you... Our leader Giovanni says they brainwashed you, so you thought they were your friends..." Yazmin explained.
"I don't remember anything of that..." Sashi said softly.
"Well don't worry... Luckily I found out about you, and brought you here... Giovanni then helped you... He gave you a potion which brought you back the way you should be..." Yazmin smiled.
"Thank god... Just thinking of humans disgusts me..." Sashi said. "Thanks for saving me..."
"No prob..." Yazmin said, pulling an arm around Sashi's neck. "I can't let a fellow Anthro be used by humans..."
"Thanks..." Sashi smiled. "By the way, what do I have to do to have any fun around here?"
"I'm starting to like the way you think..." Yazmin smiled. "All you have to do is ask, or call a male over..."
"And what about females?" Sashi asked.
"Females?" Yazmin asked confused.
"I may not remember much from my past, but I seem to feel attracted to females for a reason..." Sashi said.
"Well then we'll ask a female over if you'd like..." Yazmin smiled.
"Why don't we just do it? You're cute..." Sashi said.
"Thanks, but no... I'm straight..." Yazmin said.
"You will love it, I'm sure..." Sashi said, looking through half closed eyes.
"I dunno... I've never done it before..."
"There's gotta be a first time for everything..." Sashi said. "Now why do I feel like I've said that before?"
"I dunno..." Yazmin said again.
"Try it, and if you don't like it, you won't have to do it anymore... I promise I will stop when you say I must..." Sashi smiled.
Yazmin was something she had never been before; nervous. But she thought it over. What could a female do to another female? Was the pleasure as great as with a male? She couldn't answer that question. She had to find out for herself to do that.
"O-okay, I'll try..." Yazmin said.
"Great!" Sashi smiled.
"Just promise you'll be careful..."
"Oh don't worry... You'll feel pleasure instead of pain..." Sashi said, and got up. Yazmin followed. Sashi grabbed Yazmin's shoulders in each hand, and pulled her closer. Yazmin closed her eyes as she felt Sashi's lips touch hers. In the beginning she just held them closed, but when Sashi pushed her tongue against her mouth, she had no choice but to open them. Immediately Sashi's tongue pushed deep into Yazmin's mouth, and Yazmin started to play back with her own tongue. This didn't feel that bad, Yazmin thought. She let out a soft moan, meaning she was enjoying herself. Sashi smiled in her mind, and pushed her head harder against Yazmin's. She also placed a hand behind Yazmin's head, and pushed it closer to her. This made Yazmin's hat fall off. Yazmin didn't matter. She was enjoying herself too much to care about a stupid hat. Yazmin placed her own hands on Sashi's back while they kissed. She began to rub them over Sashi's back, going over Sashi's butt. Sashi moaned when Yazmin did this. After what seemed an eternity, Sashi and Yazmin broke the kiss. They both gasped for air as their heads parted.
"That was nice... Yazmin smiled naughty.
"It's going to get even better..." Sashi replied, and placed her hands on Yazmin's shoulders again. She grabbed Yazmin's black and sleeveless T-shirt, and pulled the sleeves over her shoulders. Yazmin suddenly backed off, holding her T-shirt up.
"What's wrong?" Sashi asked.
"I dunno if I should do this..." Yazmin said.
"You're afraid?"
"A bit yeah..." Yazmin replied honestly, pulling the sleeves back up.
"If it helps, you could do it to me first?" Sashi smiled.
"I dunno..." Yazmin said.
"What's so bad about female to female sex?" Sashi asked.
"I dunno..." Yazmin said again.
"Don't you want to try this out?" Sashi asked.
"Yes, but-"
"Then I think it's best if you made the first move..." Sashi nodded, and stood back.
"If you say so..." Yazmin said, and slowly approached Sashi. She placed her hands slowly on Sashi's shoulders, doing the same Sashi just did, and grabbed Sashi's T-shirt. She pulled the sleeves over her arms, until they were down at her elbows. Sashi's chest was almost completely visible, and Yazmin gulped.
"Oh come on, it's not the first time you see a girl's chest naked, is it? I mean, you've seen your own, right?" Sashi giggled.
"Yeah, but never someone else's..." Yazmin replied, and looked down. Sashi had lowered her arms, and that made the T-shirt fall down, revealing her two beautiful breasts. Her nipples were already erect from the kissing. Yazmin looked up at Sashi.
"Haven't you ever licked breasts before?" Sashi asked.
"None but my own..." Yazmin said.
"Hey, calm down... Besides, you're an Espeon, I'm an Espeon... Maybe we taste the same!" Sashi smiled saying that. Yazmin giggled.
"You give me the feeling like everything's alright..." Yazmin said.
"Everything is alright..." Sashi said, placed a hand on Yazmin's cheek, and slowly rubbed. Then her hand reached over to behind Yazmin's head, and Sashi slowly pushed it closer to her chest. In seconds, Yazmin's nose touched Sashi's right nipple. Yazmin sniffed Sashi's breast once, and decided she enjoyed the smell. She stuck out her tongue, and slowly took the nipple into her mouth. She closed her lips around the nipple, and circled her tongue around it. Sashi let out a soft moan of pleasure, giving Yazmin the sign she did well. Sashi closed her eyes, and leant her head backwards. Yazmin continued doing this until she got bored of the nipple, and decided to go to the other one. With her tongue never leaving Sashi's chest, Yazmin moved her head to Sashi's left breast, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Sashi giggled when she felt this.
"I get the feeling you're starting to like this, am I right?" Sashi asked.
"Mmmm..." Yazmin moaned, surrounding Sashi's nipple with her lips.
In the meantime, Sashi had unbuckled her belt, and threw it aside. She grabbed the edge of her pants, and pushed it down a bit. This made Yazmin look down, releasing Sashi's nipple. Sashi's pussy had gotten wet, and a drop of juice leaked out of her. Yazmin smiled. She got down on her knees, and just looked at Sashi's crotch. Sashi looked down at Yazmin.
"Are you up to it? Or do you want to stop?" Sashi asked.
Yazmin looked up, but didn't say a thing. Instead, she grabbed Sashi's pants, and pulled it more down, until Sashi could step out of it.
"Are you kidding? I've come too far to stop now..." Yazmin smiled. She looked down again. She could smell the aroma coming from Sashi's pussy. She slowly moved her gloved hand to Sashi's pussy, and pushed a finger inside. Sashi moaned at this, and closed her eyes again. Yazmin's glove gave Sashi some extra pleasure. Yazmin pushed her finger deep into Sashi, until she moved back. She looked down at her finger, and slowly moved it to her mouth. When her finger was inside her mouth, she closed her lips, and sucked on it. She moaned when she tasted Sashi's juices. It kinda remembered her of how her own juices tasted.
"Mmmm..." Yazmin moaned. "You taste strong... Just like me..."
Sashi smiled.
Yazmin then looked down at Sashi's pussy again, placed her hands on Sashi's butt, and pulled her closer to her face. Immediately, Yazmin placed her lips on Sashi's pussy lips, and stuck out her tongue. It went deep into Sashi, and that made Sashi gasp loud. It also made her lose all strength in her legs, and she almost fell down, if Yazmin hadn't placed her hands on Sashi's butt. This held Sashi up as Yazmin pulled her tongue back, and looked up.
"You okay?" Yazmin asked.
"Maybe I'll sit down..." Sashi smiled, and sat down on the couch.

"What do you think of the new one?" Jason asked.
"Cute..." Cath said. Cath and Jason were alone in a room.
"Yeah, I agree... But she and Yazmin... Don't they look a lot like each other?" Jason asked.
"I suppose, I don't care..." Cath said.
"What's wrong? Why are you acting so angry?" Jason asked.
"Why am I feeling this way? Am I jealous of the newcomer?" Cath thought.
"Catherine?" Jason said, calling Cath by her real name. This snapped her out of her thoughts.
"What did you call me?!" Cath growled.
"I ehh..." Jason replied.
"Don't EVER call me by that name!" Cath said, getting up and approaching Jason. He was running scared.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't hurt me! I forgot!" Jason said, shielding himself with his arms.
Cath stopped.
"Oh right... I forgot you're not one of the most intelligent beings on this planet..." Cath chuckled.
"Are you mad?" Jason asked.
"Not anymore..." Cath replied. She looked at Jason. "Question... Why has Yazmin fallen in love with you anyway?"
Jason lowered his arms as soon as he realized she wasn't going to hurt him.
"Sh-she says it's because I have a long penis..." Jason said.
"You do?" Yazmin asked.
"I-I don't know if it's long, but Yazmin says it is..." Jason said.
"I can check if you want..." Cath giggled.
"Where are you going with this?" Jason asked confused.
"Oh don't tell me you've never thought of me naked?" Cath smiled.
"Ehhh... I never thought of you naked..." Jason said.
"I see... Wanna see me naked?" Cath asked, and approached him a little bit more.
"W-why?" Jason asked.
"Aren't you curious?" Cath asked, and her face was now only a centimeter away from Jason's.
Jason was nervous. This wasn't like Cath. She was never this way.
"Ehhh... I gotta go..." Jason gulped, and turned to leave.
"No?" Cath asked, and pulled her face away. "Pity..."
Jason sighed, and turned around.
"I'm sorry..." he apologized when he got to the door.
"Just you know, that whenever you are curious, I'm always there for you..." Cath said, and sat down on a couch. She slowly pushed her hand into her pants, down to between her legs, and easily found her pussy.
"What are you doing?" Jason asked.
"Well if you don't want to play with me, then I'll just have to play with myself..." Cath replied, and pushed a finger inside her cunt. She let out a soft moan.
Jason sighed again, and then left. The reason why Jason didn't want this with Cath was that if he had sex with someone else than Yazmin, and she would find out, she would be mad at him. And he didn't want Yazmin to be mad at him. He had to find Yazmin, to tell her all about Cath, and what she said to him. He went to her room, and stopped. It was empty.
"Guess she ain't here..." Jason said to himself. "Probably with the newcomer..." he said, and left.

"Oh yeah! That's it!" Sashi moaned louder than before, as Yazmin's tongue went deeper into her pussy. This was all Sashi could take, and she came with a gasp. "Oh!"
Her juices came pouring out of her fast, and Yazmin closed her lips around Sashi's cunt, catching as much of Sashi's juices as possible. The rest just leaked out of the corners of her mouth. When Sashi finally stopped giving, Yazmin pulled her head back, got up, and sat down next to Sashi on the couch.
"So how was that?" Yazmin chuckled.
Sashi didn't reply. Instead, and moved her body over Yazmin's, so that she was sitting on her knees over Yazmin, looking down on her. She moved her head down, and slowly placed her lips onto Yazmin's. Yazmin smiled, and opened her mouth wide, giving Sashi's tongue the room it needed. They shared a long, passionate French Kiss, making Sashi taste her own juices. She didn't mind. She could remember that she had tasted her own juices lots of times before in the past. They finally broke the kiss after a minute, and Sashi smiled.
"My turn now?" she asked playfully.
"Sure..." Yazmin said.
"Now are you sure about this? No hesitation? No turning back at the last moment?" Sashi asked. Yazmin looked Sashi in the eyes, and winked once. She grabbed the sleeves of her T-shirt, and pulled them over her shoulders. She pulled her T-shirt down, so that her breasts were exposed, and then pulled it over her head. She threw her T-shirt aside, and smiled.
"How's this?" Yazmin giggled. Sashi looked down, and smiled.
"You're getting naughtier by the second..." Sashi said, and moved her hand to Yazmin's face. She slowly rubbed over her cheek.
"And hornier..." Yazmin said. "So please, if you would be so kind..."
"Patience sweetie..." Sashi said, and rubbed her hand over Yazmin's face once more, before moving it down over her neck, and then at last her chest. She grabbed the left breast, and its nipple in her fingers. Sashi then moved her face forwards, and copied the thing she did with her hand earlier. She dragged her tongue over Yazmin's face, down to her neck, until she came to Yazmin's breasts. She removed her hand, and replaced it with her mouth. Her hand went down to Yazmin's belt, and she slowly unbuckled it. Sashi then had to get off the couch as she went down, never losing contact with Yazmin's body as she crawled down between Yazmin's legs. Sashi tried to pull Yazmin's pants off without success. Yazmin decided to help by raising her butt up, so that her pants could be pulled off easier. It helped, and Sashi now pulled Yazmin's pants down until it was on the ground. Sashi noticed Yazmin didn't wear a panty, but didn't say a thing about it. She just licked her lips as she looked at the wet slit in front of her. Sashi placed her hands on Yazmin's knees, and slowly spread her legs some more. At that moment, Jason came in.
"Yazmin?" he asked, and stopped when he saw Sashi between Yazmin's legs, both naked. His eyes widened.
"Oh hey sweetie!" Yazmin smiled.
"What..." Jason said.
"Who's this? Your boyfriend?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah..." Yazmin said.
"Oh, then he can join..." Sashi smiled, and raised her butt high up in the air, showing Jason her wet cunt. "You know what to do..."
Jason didn't say a thing. Instead, he turned around, and walked away.
"What's wrong with him?" Sashi asked.
"I don't know..." Yazmin replied.
"Want to go after him?" Sashi asked, hoping Yazmin would say no. And she did.
"Mmmm no... I'm busy right now... He can wait... Now continue!" Yazmin ordered.
"As you wish..." Sashi giggled, lowering her butt, and moved her muzzle forwards, until her lips were on Yazmin's pussy. She slowly pushed her tongue our of her mouth, straight into Yazmin's slit.
"OH!" Yazmin moaned when she felt Sashi's tongue penetrate her privates. She closed her eyes, and held her head back. Sashi pushed her tongue deeper and deeper, until she came to Yazmin's most sensitive area. This made Yazmin to wrap her legs around Sashi's head, and pull her closer.

Cath was still alone in the room, playing with her pussy, when suddenly Jason entered.
"Oh hey Jason..." Cath said, but Jason didn't reply. He approached Cath, and she looked him into the eyes. She noticed something in them. "What's wrong?"
"Does that offer still stand?" Jason asked.
"What offer?"
Jason again didn't reply. Instead, he grabbed the sleeves of Cath's T-shirt, and pulled them over her arms, so that in less than a second Cath's breasts came into view. Her white nipples were already erect from pleasuring herself, and they were visible in her red fur.
"Ohhh.." Cath smiled, looking Jason into the eyes again. "You changed your mind?"
"Shut up..." Jason whispered, and pushed his lips against Cath's. Cath's eyes were wide with surprise, but a second later she closed them. Jason changed a lot more than just his mind. He was now much more forward. Jason proved this by pushing his hand into Cath's pants, going over her pussy, and pushing a finger inside.
"Mmmm!" Cath moaned, and broke the kiss. "Good boy!" she said as Jason moved his head down, and started to suck on one of her nipples. After a while of rubbing, he pulled his hand back, and brought the other one down to pull Cath's pants down. When down, Jason kissed his way down Cath's belly to between her legs. He smiled when he smelled the aroma coming from Cath's pussy. Cath moved her leg up - so that Jason had all the room he needed - and placed it on Jason's shoulder. Jason moved his head forwards, and quickly covered Cath's pussy with his lips.
"Mmmm!" Cath moaned, grabbed Jason's head, and closed her eyes. "That's it!"

"Ohhhh!" Yazmin moaned when she came, her juices pouring out of her pussy straight into Sashi's mouth. Sashi loved the way Yazmin tasted. It tasted almost the same as her own.
"Satisfied enough?" Yazmin asked.
"Mmmm..." Sashi replied, swallowing Yazmin's honey. "I've had fun..."
"So I hear..." Yazmin giggled.
"And you?" Sashi asked. "Do you think you'll be able to do these things again?"
"Well as long as it's you I'm doing it with..." Yazmin replied, winking.
"Now what do we do now?" Sashi asked.
"Bored again?" Yazmin giggled. "Well normally around this time, Giovanni wants me to wait until he gives me an order..."
"And what do we do about your boyfriend?" Sashi asked.
"Oh, Jason?" Yazmin asked, and Sashi nodded. "Let's look for him..."
"Okay..." Sashi said as the two got dressed.

"Ohhhh..." Jason moaned when Cath closed her lips around his erect dick. After her orgasm, Cath had pulled Jason's pants down, and smiled when she saw his 8� inch dick in front of her. She pushed her head down some more, and took in 5 inches. Then she pulled her head up, and left the head inside. After licking the head all over, she pulled her head back.
"What are you doing?" Jason asked, as Cath got up. She turned around, and wiggled her butt once.
"Fuck me..." she said. Jason smiled as he grabbed Cath's butt, and slowly positioned himself in front of her entrance. He slowly pushed the head of his dick inside, and that already made Cath gasp.
"Mmmm come on in..." Cath moaned.
Jason replied by pushing his whole length into Cath's pussy.
"Oh! Yeah!" Cath cried out, and closed her eyes. She bucked her hips back against Jason's as he humped forwards, entering her over and over again. Cath's' pussy was so tight, it gave Jason the best feeling he ever had. It felt even better than with Yazmin, he had to admit. This brought him to a powerful climax fast.
"C-Cath... I-I'm..." he said, as he closed his eyes tighter. Then his climax hit him, and he groaned in pleasure as he released his male seed deep into Cath's pussy.
"Mmmm that's it big boy..." Cath said as she felt him cum inside her.

"I may be a fool to ask, but why did you change your mind?" Cath asked.
"If Yazmin can do it, then so can I..." Jason replied.
"Did Yazmin cheat on you?" Cath purred. "With who?"
"The newcomer..." Jason replied, and Cath's eyes widened.
"Wow... Only six hours here and already causing trouble..." Cath giggled.
"You were very good..." Jason said.
"Thanks, hon..." Cath replied, winking.
"I'm sure to do this more often..."
"So you're saying you're completely over Yazmin?" Cath asked.
"If she doesn't want me, then I don't want her..." Jason said.
"I see..." Cath said, pulled her T-shirt over her head, and down over her chest. "I'm starting to like this new you..."
"Thanks, I guess..." Jason replied.
"Cath! I want you in the lab, right now!" the voice of Giovanni called through the intercom.
"Well, back to work..." Cath said, and got up. "Care to join me?"
"Sure... I've got nothing else to do..." Jason said, putting on his hat, and got up as well.

"What did you call me for?" Cath asked, entering the lab.
"Why are you here too, Jason?" Giovanni asked.
"I brought him along..." Cath answered.
"Good, then he can help you... I want you to take these two out..." Giovanni said, nodding at the two motionless bodies behind him. Eevy and Audry were fast asleep.
"As you wish..." Cath replied, and walked past Giovanni. Jason followed. Then he stopped.
"Pardon me for asking, sir, but if I remember correctly, the Espeon of the newcomer was with an Umbreon... What have you done with him, sir?" Jason asked.
Giovanni grinned.
"He came here without a Trainer, didn't he?" Giovanni asked, and Jason nodded. Giovanni smiled, and grabbed a weird-looking Pokeball. It had a black roof instead of a red one, and on the ball was a red R; the Team Rocket logo.
"You caught him, sir?" Jason asked.
"And I want you to have him..." Giovanni said, reaching out his hand. Jason looked at the Pokeball, and grabbed it.
"As you wish, sir..." Jason said, and made the Pokeball turn into a little ball. Then he pushed the ball into one of the yellow circles on his belt, and it disappeared into it.
"Now take these two out of here, before they regain consciousness..." Giovanni ordered.
"As you wish, sir..." Jason said, walked over to Eevy's body, and took it off the wall.

Eevy opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw were the lights on the ceiling.
"Ohhh where am I?" she asked.
She sat up, and looked around. She was in the Pokemon Center.
"Ah, you're awake..." Nurse Joy said as she entered the room.
"Nurse Joy?" Eevy asked confused. "What happened?"
"I think I should ask you that question..." Nurse Joy replied.
"What do you mean?"
"Can you tell me where you've been the last few hours?" she asked.
"Well..." Eevy began, and started thinking. But for some reason, she couldn't think of a good reply. "I don't know..." Eevy said.
"I see..." Nurse Joy said.
"Why? What's going on?" Eevy asked.
"I have to tell you something, Eevy..." Nurse Joy said. "I was doing the things I normally do at this time... I shut down the Pokemon Center for the night, starting with sending everybody to bed... When that is done, I always lock the front doors, and that's where I stopped. You were lying in front of it, fast asleep... And so was Audry..."
"What?" Eevy gasped.
"But what I'm wondering... Where is Sashi? Wasn't she with the two of you?" Nurse Joy asked, and Eevy suddenly gasped.
"S-Sashi..." she said. "I... I remember we were going to Sashi's parents... And then Sashi had a fight against Timmy, one of her rivals..."
"Yes, Timmy was here a while back..." Nurse Joy nodded.
"Then, when we continued our journey, we stopped to get some rest... I woke up by Espeon saying Sashi was kidnapped..." Eevy said.
"Kidnapped?! Oh my god..." Nurse Joy gasped.
"Yeah... That's when Audry and I went to get another Anthro, called Brian, so that he-"
"Brian?" Nurse Joy suddenly asked.
"Y-yeah..." Eevy said.
"Wait here..." Nurse Joy said, and walked out of the room. A while later, she returned, with Brian next to her.
"Brian?" Eevy gasped.
"Eevy? What are you doing here?" he asked. "I thought you were rescuing Sashi?"
"We were..." Eevy said.
"Then why isn't she here?"
"She's..." Eevy said, and went silent. "I don't remember..."
"Ehhh... You don't remember?" Brian asked.
"Well if you couldn't rescue Sashi, then you should go back..." Brian said, and turned around.
"But I don't know where that is..." Eevy said silently, but hard enough for Brian to hear, making him stop.
"You don't remember?" Brian asked confused. "But I led you two to it. You should know where it is!"
"But I don't..." Eevy said.
"Something's wrong..." Brian said, and turned around again. He approached Eevy. "You remember nothing of where it is, but have you found Sashi?"
"All I remember is that we went to get you, and you agreed to come along with us to rescue Sashi... But after that, I don't remember anything..." Eevy said.
"I don't understand..." Brian said. "It looks like the whole time of me leading you there and after that has been taken out of your memory..."
"I suppose..." Eevy said.
"Let's wait until Audry wakes up too..." Nurse Joy said. "Maybe she knows more..."

Audry did wake up, but she too couldn't remember anything about where Brian had led the two.
"Hey Brian..." Eevy said, and Brian nodded. "Where's Umbreon?"
"Umbreon..." Brian sighed.
"What?" Eevy asked confused. "What happened?"
"You forgot that too?" Brian asked, and Eevy shrugged. "He wanted to help you guys rescue Sashi, and I did not... So he said that if I didn't want to help you, he'd leave me... And so he did..."
"Well that's an awful thing to do..." Audry said.
"Well sorry for still being mad at Sashi!" Brian growled.
"Calm down!" Eevy cried. "Let's not forget we still haven't rescued Sashi!"
"Yeah, sorry..." Audry said.
"Mmmm..." Brian said.
"Now Brian, I may not know what happened to Umbreon while we were... Where ever we were, but I think that you should at least come with us to find him... You have to lead us the way again anyway..."
"I... dunno..." Brian said.
"So you're saying you can just leave your Pokemon there?" Audry asked.
"He's not my Pokemon! At least, not anymore..." Brian said.
"But he was, and that's what counts... He's saved you several times before, so I think you should repay him..."
"I agree with her, Brian..." Nurse Joy said.
"I dunno..." Brian said again.
"Wait a sec..." Audry said, and that made the three look at her.
"What's wrong, Audry?" Brian asked.
"I dunno... I vaguely remember... A red 'R'..." Audry said.
"A red 'R'?" Brian asked confused.
"Yeah... me too..." Eevy said.
"Oh no..." Nurse Joy said, and they all looked at her.
"That red 'R'... That can only belong to Team Rocket..." Nurse Joy said.
"T-Team Rocket?" Eevy, Audry and Brian gasped.
"It's the only thing I can think of..." Nurse Joy said.
"So.. Team Rocket has kidnapped Sashi?" Eevy asked.
"I think so..." Nurse Joy said.
"Then we gotta go back for her!" Eevy said to Audry, and then to Brian.
"I know..." Audry said.
"Brian?" Eevy asked confused. "You okay?"
Brian's face was filled with anger.
"I can't believe they're doing it again..." he said.
"'Again'?" Eevy asked.
Brian sighed, and calmed down so he could explain.
"When I was young, I too was kidnapped by Team Rocket..."
"You were?"
"Yes... I was caught as a test subject when I was young. They used all sorts of experiments on me. This made me think that all humans were evil. I was able to escape from them, leaving no trail behind so they couldn't capture me again. I then tried going on with my life, swearing I would make Team Rocket pay for what they did to me. When I grew up, I learned that not all humans were evil, but just those who are Team Rocket members." Brian explained. Everyone was silent.
"So this is why I can't let Team Rocket do this again..." Brian said. He looked at Eevy, and smiled. "I'm coming with you!"


"What are the trials?" Sashi asked.
"Those are tests to prove you're a real Team Rocket Member..." Yazmin replied.
"Are they hard?"
"Not really... I've done them all once..." Yazmin smiled.
"So you can help me through them?" Sashi asked.
"Sure, I'd love to..." Yazmin said. "Now I still wonder where Jason went..."
"I'm sure you'll find him soon..." Sashi said, as the two entered a big room.
"Welcome Sashi..." Fury, the Furret girl said.
"Hi!" Sashi replied.
"You're ready to pick your first trial?"
"I think I am..."
"Now keen in mind, that you will only have to do five trials... If you win each, you'll receive the Team Rocket hat..." Fury said.
"That's what I'm wearing..." Yazmin added.
"I see..." Sashi smiled.
Fury grabbed a big sack, and in it were several coins. Written on each coin was a number, and that was the number of the trial you would get. Fury opened the sack, and Sashi pushed her hand in. She grabbed a coin, and brought it up. She looked on the coin, and saw her number.
"Number 21..." Sashi said.
"Great trial to begin with..." Yazmin said.
"Why? What is that trial?"
"This means you'll have to fight against another Team Rocket member..." Yazmin said.
"What? Against who?"
"It could be anyone, but we don't control that... It's up to Giovanni to decide who you'll have to fight against... And who knows? Maybe it could be me?" Yazmin chuckled.
"If so, I'd have a hard time ahead, don't I?" Sashi asked.
"Who knows?" Yazmin said again. "But first... we need to get you out of these disgusting clothes..."

To be continued...

Is this really the end of Sashi?
Sashi: Who knows?
I see you've picked up something from Yazmin?
Sashi: Who knows?
It's starting to become annoying... Anyway, what will happen? Will Brian, Eevy and Audry rescue Sashi in time to save her? And can they bring her back to normal?
Sashi: *Giggles* Who knows?
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