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Sashi by natsuke


"Don't make me fight you..."

"Don't make me fight you..."

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Night again in Bokui City... Just like last night, only this time without Sashi next to her. Eevy sighed. Brian had agreed upon helping them rescue Sashi, now that he knew Team Rocket was behind her kidnapping. But even as much as Eevy wanted to go right then, she knew she could use some time to rest. After introducing Audry to him, Brian had said she and Eevy could sleep in his room tonight, so that they could leave all together the next morning. But Eevy wasn't worried about just Sashi... About Espeon too... She had disappeared... Eevy felt like she had lost two of her closest friends. She didn't remember anything about her, except that Brian told her that she and Umbreon both went with her and Audry to save Sashi... But what happened then? Where could Espeon be? Could she be at the same place as Umbreon? Only time will tell...

While Eevy, Audry and Brian slept, Sashi didn't. She had passed her first trial. She had received a long, sharp sword, and with that she had to fight against a fellow (Yes, it's 'fellow' now) Team Rocket Member. Her opponent was a human Team Rocket Member. He fought bravely, but Sashi's speed was too much for him. He was defeated. Sashi smiled when she passed her first trial. It made her feel good. She was up for her next trial, so - under the observation of Yazmin - she pushed her hand into the sack again, and grabbed a coin. It had the number 1 written on it.
"Number one?" Yazmin smiled.
"What's this trial?" Sashi asked.
"A very nice one..." Yazmin purred.
"What do I have to do?" Sashi asked.
"Go to Giovanni's office - alone - and tell him you picked trial number one... He'll understand..." Yazmin smiled.
"Okay..." Sashi said, turned around, and walked away.
"And before you begin..." Yazmin said, just before Sashi had left the room. She turned her head around. "The record is set on 2 minutes..."
"Record of what?" Sashi asked.
"You'll see..." Yazmin smiled.

Sashi knocked three times on the closed door of Giovanni's office. After a while, Giovanni called.
"Giovanni, sir... It's me, Sashi..."
"Ah Sashi... Come on in..." Giovanni said, and Sashi opened the door. "What brings you here?"
"I have picked trial number one, sir..." Sashi said, and the second those words left Sashi's mouth, Giovanni smiled.
"Sashi? Close the door..." Giovanni said, and Sashi complied. "Now lock it..."
"As you wish, sir..." Sashi said, and switched the lock, so that the door was locked. Sashi turned around, and smiled. "What now, sir?"
"Come here..." Giovanni said.
"Okay, sir..." Sashi replied, and approached her boss, walking to his desk.
"Now for your trial... Do you have any experience in oral sex?" Giovanni asked.
"Oral sex, sir?" Sashi asked, and Giovanni nodded. "Ask Yazmin... she'll answer..."
"That's good..." Giovanni smiled, while his hand went down between his legs, and there he pulled the zipper down. "Have you also heard of the record?"
"Is that the 2 minutes Yazmin told me about?" Sashi asked. "Sir?"
"Correct..." Giovanni smiled, and pulled his pants down to the ground. He then removed hia underwear, and his dick bounced up, erect already. "If you can break the record, you've passed..."
"Then I will do my best, sir..." Sashi giggled, and knelt down. Although she didn't have enough experience about oral sex with males, she figured out what she had to do. She looked down at Giovanni's cock, and smiled.
"Time starts... now..." Giovanni said, and Sashi moved her head down slowly. She took Giovanni's cock into her mouth, and closed her lips around the head. Then she moved her head down, but instead of pumping up and down fast, she took her time, wrapping her tongue around the shaft. Giovanni shut his eyes, and moved his head back as Sashi finally started pushing her head down, taking in more of Giovanni's cock. With her left hand she reached for Giovanni's balls, and slowly grabbed them. With her other hand she grabbed the shaft when she pulled her head up, releasing the cock out of her mouth. She started rubbing up and down slowly, occasionally licking the head or closing her lips around it. Then she let go of the shaft, and licked her way down from the head. She started licking the shaft all the way down to his balls, and took each one into her mouth. Then she went up, closed her lips around the head again, and pushed down hard.
"Oh!" Giovanni gasped.
Sashi pumped her head up and down, until she could feel Giovanni was to come very soon. She sped up her pace, and when Giovanni grunted, she slowly stopped. Giovanni gasped for air as he felt Sashi's lips release his dick.
"Why did you stop? I was almost there!"
"I know..." Sashi winked. "How much time do I have left?"
"Your time is up..." Giovanni said.
"Good..." Sashi said, and moved her head down, taking in Giovanni's dick again.
"Ohhhh!" Giovanni sighed as he felt Sashi's lips surround his dick again. This time he wouldn't let Sashi stop him from cumming, so he grabbed her head with his hands, and helped her head move. Sashi smiled, and sped up again. This time Sashi didn't - and couldn't - pull her head back.
"Yes... that's it... Almost!" Giovanni said, and made several little humps every time Sashi's head went down. This was all he could take. Without any warning, Giovanni came, and shot a large amount of cum deep into Sashi's throat, and she gasped softly. Sashi's lips however didn't leave Giovanni's cock as it released its seed. She swallowed as much as possible, until it finally stopped. She pulled her head back, and licked her lips clean of cum. She then looked up at the panting Giovanni.
"How'd I do, sir?" Sashi asked coyly after Giovanni had released her head.
"Uh... Great..." Giovanni replied.
"But I didn't break the record..." Sashi said.
Giovanni looked down at Sashi, and grinned.
"You may not have broken it, but you have given me the best orgasm ever..." Giovanni smiled. "And that says a lot..."
"Thank you, sir..." Sashi said.
"You have passed this trial..." Giovanni said.
"Thank you, sir..." Sashi said again.
"And because you have made me cum this good, I appoint you a Special Member..."
"What does that mean, sir?" Sashi asked.
"You have the ability to do a lot more things than normal members... For example, you don't have to call me 'sir' after each sentence anymore from now on..."
"As you wish... Thank you, sir..." Sashi smiled.
"Now go ahead, and pick your next trial..." Giovanni said, pulling up his pants.
"How many do I have to do?"
"You've passed two now, am I right?" Giovanni asked, and Sashi nodded. "Well normally one who does the trials has to do at least 5 to be called worthy... But since you've been appointed Special, you may only have to do three..."
"As you wish..." Sashi said, got up, and started to walk out.
"Hold on..." Giovanni said, and Sashi stopped.
"What is it?"
"If you'd like I can pick your next trial..." Giovanni said.
"If you want to..." Sashi said.
"All right, then I will pick trial number two for you..."
"Which one is that?"
"Come back here, and I'll tell..." Giovanni smiled.
Sashi walked back to Giovanni's desk, and stopped.
"Sit down on the desk..." Giovanni said, and Sashi did. Giovanni got up from is chair, and walked in front of Sashi. He then grabbed her belt, and unbuckled it. He threw it aside, and then grabbed the edge of Sashi's pants. Sashi did not resist when he pulled it down. Giovanni pulled Sashi's pants down until it was all the way off. Giovanni could already see Sashi's wet pussy in front of him.
"Well what is my next trial?" Sashi asked even though she already knew the answer.
"Letting me have fun with you..." Giovanni smiled, and Sashi leant back on the desk as she let Giovanni look at her privates. He slowly moved his head forwards, and surrounded Sashi's pussy with his lips. He pushed his tongue through the barrier of flesh, and Sashi let out a soft moan. With one of her hands, she reached for Giovanni's head, and pushed it closer between her. Giovanni got to work, and Sashi could feel he had a lot of experience in this, because in less than two minutes Sashi gasped out loud, and came. Her juices poured out of her cunt, and Giovanni happily drank everything Sashi gave. After Sashi stopped, Giovanni pulled his head back, and licked his lips clean.
"Mmmm... Tasty, just like Yazmin..." Giovanni said.
"Mmmm... I know... Is my trial over now?"
"Officially, it has, but I'm deciding that right now..." Giovanni said.
Sashi giggled at that, and got off the desk.
"Now put your hands on the desk..." Giovanni said, and Sashi turned around. She placed her hands on the desk, and moved her butt up, knowing what Giovanni was about to do. Giovanni rose from the ground, and pulled down his pants again. He grabbed Sashi's butt, and looked down. He saw Sashi's tail - which was waving from side to side happily - so he grabbed it and pulled it aside. He then saw her entrance, and slowly positioned himself in front of it. Suddenly, Giovanni pushed forwards hard, and Sashi took in his whole length at once, but she didn't mind. She could feel she had something inside her before that was much bigger and longer. She just closed her eyes and bucked her hips back when Giovanni pushed forwards again.
"Ohh yeah this is how a pussy should be like!" Giovanni moaned.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned in reply.
"You are really going to fit in good around here..." Giovanni said.

He continued humping Sashi until he could feel another orgasm approach. He was almost there, when Sashi came.
"Oh yeah!" Sashi cried out, squeezing her butt more as her climax rushed through her body. The liquid shot out of her past Giovanni's cock.
"Almost there..." Giovanni gasped. He pushed into her a few more times, when at last he came too. "Here it comes!" he said, and exploded into Sashi's pussy. He released several shots of cum deep into Sashi, while continuing to hump forwards. When he felt his orgasm die down, he stopped, and pulled back, gasping for air.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned, still feeling Giovanni's cock inside her.
"That was better than I expected..." Giovanni said. "But as promised, you've passed your trials..."
"Thank you..." Sashi replied. She pulled her pants up, and then wrapped her belt around her waist.
"Now you can proudly call yourself a worthy Team Rocket member..."
Sashi was silent. Giovanni pulled up his pants, and sat down in his chair.
"What now?" Sashi asked.
"You can get a Team Rocket hat from Yazmin... You can wear it, like any other member... But if you don't want to, you can also not wear it, just like Cath..." Giovanni said.
"The red Mightyena, right?" Sashi asked, and Giovanni nodded.
"She too has the title 'Special Member'..."
"Yeah I noticed before she didn't call you 'sir' either..." Sashi said.
"And what about you? Do you want to wear a Team Rocket hat?"
"I dunno... I've never worn a hat before... I'll think it over..." Sashi said, and walked out of Giovanni's office.

"So how'd it go?" Yazmin asked. "Did you break the record?"
"No, but I got appointed a 'Special Member'..." Sashi replied, grinning.
"You..." Yazmin said.
"Made him cum like never before..." Sashi finished.
"Wow... And that on your first day here..." Yazmin smiled. "But what next? It's been over 10 minutes since you entered Giovanni's office... What have you done all that time?"
"Well after I was appointed a 'Special Member', Giovanni said that because of that I'd only have to do three instead of five trials..." Sashi said, and Yazmin nodded.
"Well when I wanted to pick out my next trial, Giovanni asked if he couldn't pick out my next trial..." Sashi said.
"I see..."
"And he did... He picked trial number two for me..."
"Oh that one..." Yazmin giggled. "I love that one! I always try to pick that one out as well..."
"So you're guessing I've passed my trials?" Sashi asked.
"You want your hat?" Yazmin asked.
"I'm not sure about that... I'll try it out for the time being, and if I don't like it, I won't wear it... Just like Cath..."
"It's your decision..." Yazmin said, and walked away. Sashi followed with a big smile on her face. She was now a worthy Team Rocket Member...

The next day Brian, Eevy and Audry got up early. The sky was still dark, but still they got out. Surprisingly, Brian was the one who wanted to go first, and not Eevy. He wanted to fight Team Rocket, to let them pay for what they did to him in the past. Brian led the two to the large grassy field, just like before. Then he stopped. This brought back a lot of bad memories. This was also the place where he and Umbreon got separated.
"Brian? What's going on? Is this the place?" Eevy asked.
"Then why are you stopping?"
"This is the place where Umbreon and I left each other..." Brian said.
"Oh..." Eevy said, and placed a hand on Brian's shoulder. "Then let's get him back... If he's in there, then he's in Team Rocket's possession too..."
Brian growled.
"You're right..." Brian nodded, and walked forwards. Eevy and Audry followed.
"Hey wait a second..." Audry said.
"What?" Brian and Eevy asked.
"I recognize this place..." Audry said.
"Weird..." Eevy said.
"I... remember you and I went that way..." Audry said to Eevy, and pointed to one of the buildings.
"Yes, that's the place Sashi's in..." Brian nodded.
"Wow..." Eevy said.
"Let's go..."

The three walked to the building. They looked through a window, and saw two human Team Rocket members, just like last time.
"We have to take them out before we go in..." Brian said, then stopped. "How do we get in?"
"That door..." Audry said, pointing at a door a few meters away from them.
"I see it can only be opened by the inside?" Brian said.
"Yeah... That's why there's that hole..." Eevy said, pointing at the hole in the wall where Espeon and Umbreon went through last time.
"This hole is too small for us to go through, so we'll have to use our Pokemon..." Brian said. "But mine are to big as well..."
"I'll use my Pokemon..." Eevy said, and held out two Pokeballs. Hey opened, making Vapora and Flara come out, landing on the ground. "Vapora? Flara? Go through that hole, and open the door for us after you've taken out those two humans..."
"Okay..." Vapora nodded as Flara crawled through the hole. Vapora followed a second later. There was a silence. Suddenly, there was a gasp and a "Oh no not agai-", followed by two objects falling on the ground. Not long after that the door opened, and Vapora walked out.
"Done..." she said.
"Good work..." Eevy smiled, and walked inside, followed by Brian and Audry. When they were inside, Eevy shivered.
"You're cold?" Brian asked.
"No it's not that... This place just gives me the shivers... This is a place full of evil..." Eevy said.
"I understand..." Brian nodded, and started walking through a hallway.
"Wait a second... I know this place..." Vapora said.
"So we have been here before..." Eevy said.
"Huh?" Vapora said confused. "What do you mean by that?"
"Vapora... The memories of Eevy and Audry have been erased a bit... They don't remember anything about being here before..." Brian said.
"Who did that?" Vapora growled.
"Probably Team Rocket..." Eevy said.
"Then they will pay for doing that to you..." Vapora said. "But another question... You don't remember we were here before, but we were on a mission to save Sashi... Did we do it?"
"Do you see her?" Brian asked.
"Well no..."
"Then they haven't..."
"I know..."
"I know you're just worried..." Eevy smiled. "And maybe it didn't work the last time, but this time we have Brian with us, so the chance we rescue Sashi is bigger now..."
"Thanks..." Brian said, and started to walk again. That's when they ran into trouble. The same red furred female Eevy and Audry met before, was walking through the hallway, and spotted them.
"You again?!" she gasped, and pushed an alarm circle on the wall.
"Oh great!" Brian cursed as the alarm went off.
"Do we know you?" Audry asked.
"I do!" Vapora gasped.
"You mean you've seen her before?" Eevy asked.
"When we were here before, this is the same one who we met first in this hallway..." Vapora said.
"Wanna fight again?" the red furred female asked.
"Sure! I choose you, Jolty!" Eevy called, and threw Jolty's Pokeball into the air. It opened, and Jolty came out.
"What? Her again? Here again?" Jolty said all at once.
"You know her too?" Eevy asked.
"You don't remember?" Jolty asked confused.
"Long story..." Eevy replied as the red furred female pushed a yellow circle on her belt, just like last time.
"We don't have time for this!" Audry growled, and threw Venusaur's Pokeball into the air, and she came out. "Use Vine Whip!"
Venusaur complied, using her vines to surround the red furred female. She got trapped, with no way out.
"Now use Sleep Powder!" Audry called, and Venusaur did.
"Whoa... Talking about a déj� vu!" Eevy heard Jolty say. Venusaur let go of the female, and lay her down on the ground slowly.
"An Anthro, working for Team Rocket?" Eevy said, realizing what the female was.
"Never mind!" Brian growled. "If I could only find who I'm looking for, then you can go look for Sashi..."
"Who are you looking for then?" Audry asked.
"Giovanni..." Brian growled. "He's the one who did those horrible things to me when I was young..."
"And what will you do when you find him?" Eevy asked.
"I'll see what I'll do when I find him..." Brian replied.
"Good luck then..." Eevy smiled.
"Thanks..." Brian said, and walked away from the two.
"You did well, Venusaur.. Return!" Audry said, and called her Pokemon back.
"Which way now?" Eevy asked.
"Maybe this way?" Audry said, pointing to their right, when suddenly someone dropped to the floor. It grabbed Audry, and took her with it.
"What the..." Eevy gasped.

"Let go of me!" Audry cried. She was still being carried by someone, but by who? Suddenly, Audry was dropped on the ground. She groaned, and got up on her knees. "All right, you'll pay for do-" Audry began, when she spotted her captor. It was Cath. "Who are you?"
"My name is none of your business..." Cath replied.
"Why did you grab me?"
"To have some fun..." Cath smiled.
"What?!" Audry gasped.
"Not THAT kind of fun..." Cath grinned. "We wanted to get you separated, so that we can take you out without any interruptions..." she added, and pushed a yellow circle on her belt. A second later, a Pokeball appeared. "Go, Breloom!" Cath called, and threw the Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the Pokemon with the mushroom on her head and a long tail with four green balls at the end appeared.
"Breloom!" Breloom said.
"A Breloom! A grass Pokemon..." Audry said.
"Yeah so?"
"Weak against Fire Types!" Audry smiled. "Go, Ninetails!"
Audry threw Ninetails' Pokeball into the air, and a moment later, the yellow fox with nine tails appeared.
"Nine!" she said.
"Use Flamethrower!" Audry called, and Ninetails did. Just when the Flamethrower was about to hit its target, Breloom jumped out of the way. "What speed!" Audry thought.
"Breloom! Use Sky Uppercut!" Cath called, and Breloom ran forwards with the speed of light. Then she kicked Ninetails into the air hard, and jumped after her. When she appeared above Ninetails, she turned her body, and kicked Ninetails back to the ground.
"No Ninetails!" Audry gasped as Ninetails crashed down onto the ground. Audry growled.
"You are too easy!" Cath laughed.
"Ninetails? Can you get up?" Audry asked. Ninetails did after a while. "Good!"
"Looks like you're Ninetails has some energy left..." Cath smiled.
"Ninetails, use Quick Attack!"
"Not gonna happen!" Cath said as Ninetails started running. "Breloom! Mach Punch!"
Breloom moved even faster than before, and before Ninetails knew it, she was hit by Breloom's Mach Punch attack, an attack that always strikes first. She spit out blood when Breloom punched her in her stomach, and she fell down on the ground, unconscious.
"Ninetails!" Audry cried in horror, and as Breloom jumped back next to Cath, Audry ran over to the very first Pokemon she ever got. She knelt down next to her. "Ninetails? You okay? Answer me!" Audry said, but Ninetails didn't reply. Audry put her ear on Ninetails' chest, and listened for a heartbeat. Luckily, there was one. "You've done great..." Audry said, even though Ninetails hadn't done any damage. She aimed Ninetails' Pokeball on Ninetails, and she returned. Audry looked up with a face full of anger. "You'll pay for what you did to my Ninetails!"
"And what will you do? Attack me with another weak Pokemon?" Cath replied, grinning.
"That's it!" Audry called, and grabbed Meganium's Pokeball. "Go!" she said, and threw it into the air. It opened, and the big Pokemon with the flower around its neck appeared. "Use Razor Leaf!" Audry cried, and Meganium complied, firing thousands of leafs at Breloom. It were too many to dodge, and Breloom was hit several times. Not that it did any damage, of course not. It was a Grass type attack. But it got Breloom distracted. And that's the real reason Audry made Meganium use it.
"Now use Body Slam!" Audry called, and Meganium jumped into the air fast. Breloom looked up, just in time to see the big, green Pokemon land on her.
"Breloom!" Cath gasped as Meganium landed. The ground shook for a second, and then stopped. Meganium got off Breloom's unconscious body, and walked back next to Audry.
"You think you've won? It's far from over!" Cath chuckled.
"What's so funny?" Audry growled.
"The look on your face when you see my next Pokemon!" Cath said, called Breloom back into her Pokeball, and pushed it into the yellow circle again. She moved her hand to the circle next to it, and pushed on it. Another Pokeball appeared, and she grabbed it. "Go Arcanine!" Cath said, and threw a Pokeball into the air. It opened, and a big, furry dog appeared on the ground. Arcanine [Fire Type] howled when it was released out of his Pokeball.
"Oh no..." Audry growled.
"I told you!" Cath smiled. "It's far from over..."

Brian ran through the hallways, trying to find the man who was behind his kidnapping that long time ago. He went through a lot of hallways, not knowing - but also not caring - where he was going. If he could find Giovanni, he would be happy. But he didn't find Giovanni... When he ran into a big room, he met up with the Mightyena male; Jason.
"A Mightyena?" Brian thought.
"Oh good! Someone to fight with!" Jason smiled, and pushed a circle on his belt. It gave light, and later, a Pokeball appeared. "I choose you, Nidoking!" Jason said, and when the Pokeball opened, the big, purple Pokemon with lots of horns sticking out of its body appeared on the field.
"Oh yeah?" Brian said. "If you'll choose a Poison type, then I'll choose Um-" Brian began, but stopped. "I totally forgot! I don't have him anymore!" Brian thought.
"Who will you choose?!" Jason laughed.
"Alakazam!" Brian said, and threw Alakazam's Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the big, yellow Pokemon with two long moustaches and two spoons in either hands appeared.
"Uh-oh..." Jason said.
"That's right... Use Psychic!" Brian said.
Alakazam placed both spoons - crossed over each other - in front of his glowing eyes, and waves of energy were shot at Nidoking. He closed his eyes tight as the waves hit him. He was pushed back by the Psychic attack, but managed to survive.
"What?!" Brian gasped.
"Okay! Nidoking! Use Megahorn!" Jason called.
"Uh-oh!" Brian said this time, knowing Bug type attacks were very effective on Psychic types. Nidoking ran forwards hard, with his head down and his horn pointed at Alakazam.
"Alakazam! Jump out of the way!" Brian called, and Alakazam did, just in time. Nidoking ran past him as he jumped to the left, avoiding the Megahorn attack.
"Crap!" Jason cursed.
"Alakazam! Another Psychic attack!" Brian said, and Alakazam aimed his vision on Nidoking. He placed both his spoons in front of his glowing eyes again, and struck Nidoking in the back. This time, Nidoking didn't survive, and he fell down to the ground.
"Oh shit!" Jason said.
"Great work, Alakazam!" Brian smiled.
"Nidoking! Return!" Jason said, and Nidoking went back into his ball. Jason pushed the ball back into the yellow circle it came from, and pushed a different one. "I'll choose you, Houndoom!" Jason said, and threw the Pokeball into the air. It opened, and a big, black dog with horns on his head appeared.
"That's not gonna scare us!" Brian said, and called Alakazam back, because Houndoom was also a Dark Type, meaning Psychic attacks didn't do anything. "I choose you, Gyarados!" Brian called, and threw Gyarados' Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the big and blue snake appeared. "Use Hydro Pump!"
Gyarados looked down at Houndoom, and fired a beam of water at him. Houndoom jumped out of the way, and the water hit the ground.
"No!" Brian moaned.
"Houndoom! Use Faint Attack!" Jason called, and Houndoom glowed for a second, and then he disappeared. A second later, Gyarados cried out in pain by something unseen, and when he fell down to the ground, Houndoom reappeared on top of him.
"Gyarados!" Brian gasped. "You're gonna let a Fire Type defeat you?!"
Gyarados growled loud, and raised his head. He fired a Hydro Pump attack on Houndoom without giving him the chance to even know he was under attack. Houndoom cried out in pain as the Water attack hit the Fire Type, sending him crashing into the wall. Jason growled when a second Pokemon of his got defeated by Brian. He called Houndoom back into his Pokeball, and pushed it back into the yellow circle. "I only have one Pokemon left..." he said.
"Bring it on... I can take it!" Brian said.
"You asked for it! I choose you! Umbreon!" Jason called, and threw a third Pokeball into the air.
"U-Um... Breon?" Brian gasped as the Pokeball opened, and white light came out. It landed onto the ground, and when the light disappeared, a small black Pokemon with yellow rings on his body appeared.
"Umbreon!" Umbreon said.
Brian was speechless. It was his Pokemon! His Umbreon! No doubt about it!
"Umbreon! Use Psychic..." Jason smiled.
Umbreon complied without hesitation, and lowered his head, ready to attack his former Trainer.
"Brian? What should I do? Should I attack him? Should I attack Umbreon?" Gyarados asked. Brian didn't say a thing. He could do nothing but watch as his old Pokemon was about to use the Psychic attack. Umbreon's eyes started to glow, and an aura surrounded his body. Suddenly, Gyarados was knocked against the wall just as Houndoom a few seconds ago. Brian just stood there motionless as Gyarados fainted. Only then he realized what happened.
"Gyarados!" Brian gasped, and ran over to his Pokemon. Umbreon smiled, and the aura disappeared.

"No! Grovyle!" Audry gasped as her last Pokemon got defeated by Arcanine's Fire Blast Attack.
"You should have chosen different type of Pokemon!" Cath laughed. Audry called Grovyle back into her Pokeball, and put it back on her belt. "Awww, out of Pokemon?" Cath asked, and approached Audry.
"What are you go-" Audry said, when suddenly, Cath threw something into her face, and everything went black. She fell to the ground, fast asleep. Cath smiled, grabbed Audry by her hair, and pulled her up from the ground.
"Keeping you as a prisoner..." Cath said, and pulled Audry over her shoulder. Then she walked away. She walked through the hallways, and ended up in the room where Brian and Jason were fighting. "Hey Jason... How are you holding up?"
"Fine... I just used the Umbreon I just got to defeat his Gyarados!" Jason smiled.
"Good work!" Cath smiled.
"If only it weren't Umbreon..." Brian softly said. This reached both Jason and Cath's ears no matter how soft he had said it.
"And why not?" Cath asked.
Brian looked up.
"Because he is mine!" Brian growled.
"Correction... was..." Cath smiled.
"So this Umbreon was yours?" Jason asked laughing. "Then you must be one pathetic Trainer if you let your own Pokemon go into a Team Rocket hideout without going in yourself!"
"I am not pathetic!" Brian growled.
"Is that so? Tell me, Umbreon... Do you think he's pathetic?" Cath asked.
Umbreon smiled.
"He's pathetic all right..." Umbreon said, and Brian gasped. "I'm glad I'm away from him..."
"Looks like everyone here thinks you're pathetic..." Cath said.
"Umbreon..." Brian moaned.
"Now finish him off!" Cath said.
"As you wish! Why don't you pick your next Pokemon? Or don't you have any?" Jason asked Brian, grinning.
"Go, Scizor!" Brian said, and threw Scizor's Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the red Pokemon with four wings on its back and two claws instead of hands appeared.
"Scizor..." Scizor said. Then he saw Umbreon. "What the... Umbreon?" Then he noticed Cath and Jason. "Brian? What's going on? What's Umbreon doing on their side?" Scizor asked. He, of course, knew about Team Rocket. Brian had told his Pokemon a lot about Team Rocket in the past, that if they ever met up with them again, they'd know what to do. But this caught Scizor by surprise.
"He's the enemy now, Scizor..." Brian sighed.
"The enemy?" Scizor asked confused. "How?"
"Doesn't matter now! I want you to follow my orders and attack him!" Brian said.
"I don't know what's going on, and I don't know why Umbreon's on their side, but if he's our enemy now..." Scizor said, and jumped into the air.
"Use Slash!" Brian said.
"Slash attack!" Scizor called, and flew over to Umbreon.
"I'm sorry Umbreon..." Scizor thought as he slashed down with one of his claws... but hit nothing.
"Watch his speed, Scizor!" Brian called.
Scizor stopped his Slash attack, and landed on the ground. He looked around, but saw no Umbreon. Then he got hit in the back by Umbreon's Quick Attack. Scizor gasped, and fell to the ground.
"Heh!" Jason laughed.
"And I thought I was pathetic..." Brian said.
"You still are, you know..." Cath said.
"And attacking someone from the back isn't?" Brian asked.
"Do you see any rules we should follow?" Cath asked.
"No, but-"
"No 'but's'... We make our own rules here..." Cath said.
"If you say so... Hey Scizor!" Brian called, and Scizor flew back next to Brian.
"I want you to..." and the rest was muffled.
"I get it..." Scizor nodded. Scizor walked back onto the field, and stopped. He then crossed his arms, and split up into two Scizor, then four, then six.
"This old trick, huh?" Cath chuckled.
"Just wait..." Brian smiled. "Scizor! Use Sword Dance!"
Scizor once again crossed his arms, closed his eyes, and suddenly glowed. Sword Dance increases your Pokemon's Attack, and Brian needed this to defeat Umbreon, knowing how strong he was. When Scizor stopped glowing, he opened his eyes again.
"Now! Use Slash again!" Brian called, and the eight Scizor jumped into the air.
"Don't let that attack hit you! Use Quick Attack again!" Jason called, and Umbreon started running through the whole room while the Scizor crashed down on the ground, some fading. The ones that remained faced Umbreon again.
"Umbreon! There are only four left! Use Psychic!" Jason called, and Umbreon stopped running. His eyes glowed, and the aura surrounded his body again. Then a wave of Psychic energy was shot at the four Scizor, and it hit them all.
"Great work! That should take them ou-" Jason began, when he realized that all four Scizor had disappeared. Normally, when you take out all the Pokemon created by Double Team, one of them is the real one. But this time, there was none.
"What the..."
"Scizor! Use Slash!" Brian called, looking up. Scizor had grabbed hold of something on the ceiling to keep him up, and now let go. He fell down from the high ceiling straight down, right above Umbreon. Umbreon looked up quickly, and took one step aside.
"No!" Brian cursed. His plan had failed. "Quick! Attack him before-" Brian said, when suddenly Umbreon disappeared, and reappeared behind Scizor.
"Psychic attack!" Jason called, and when Scizor looked back, he only saw Umbreon's glowing eyes once. Then everything went black.
Scizor fell down to the ground next to Jason.
"Return!" Brian called, and Scizor returned into his Pokeball.
"You really want to continue? You of all should know the power of Umbreon... After all, he was your Pokemon..." Cath chuckled. Umbreon was gasping in air fast, a result for using the Psychic attack so many times. If he were still Brian's Pokemon, Brian would have told him to stop using that attack... But he wasn't... He was in Team Rocket's possession now... And they didn't care anything about a Pokemon's feelings. Brian sighed.
"Y-you're right..." he said.
"Good boy..." Cath smiled, and threw the same powder she threw into Audry's face into Brian's. "Now that two of them are taken out, what happened to the third one?" Cath asked.

Eevy was alone... She had called Vapora and Jolty back, Audry was gone, and Brian was nowhere to be found. Why did they split up anyway? If they wanted to rescue Sashi, she needed help. Especially because Sashi had changed now. It was not like Eevy could ask Sashi nicely to come with her. She wouldn't agree anyway. Suddenly, she heard someone chuckle. Eevy knew this chuckle.
"Sashi..." she sighed.
"Hello... I see you've found your way back here?" Sashi asked, stepping from out of the shadows.
Eevy gasped. Sashi had changed a lot. Not only did she think different... She has dressed herself different too... She was wearing a red pants, black T-shirt, long black gloves, and a black hat. She was dressed like any other Team Rocket member. Eevy didn't say a thing.
"Awwww... Did I make you speechless?"
"What have they done to you to make you like... this..." Eevy asked.
"They set me free... For a long time I was brainwashed by you humans... Making me think humans were my friends... Disgusting..." Sashi said.
"Did you forget you were raised by humans? Huh? Do you remember Tim and Suzy?" Eevy asked.
Sashi was silent. True, she didn't know this.
"Do you remember how happy you were when Nurse Joy accepted you as a Trainer, not a Pokemon? Or when Darren told you you were not alone?" Eevy said.
Sashi still didn't say a thing. She just looked down to the ground.
"And don't forget about when we met Chris... He said he wasn't scared of someone like you... Someone, not thing..." Eevy said.
"Has someone ever told you you talk too much?" Sashi said in an unusual tone, one Eevy never heard before.
"I did not came here to talk... I came here for something... else..." Sashi said, pushing a yellow circle on her belt.
"No... Don't..." Eevy said.
"Don't... WHAT?" Sashi growled.
"Don't make me fight you..." Eevy said.

To be continued...

Sashi: I said that?
Sashi: Me?
Sashi: Really?
Sashi: Oh...
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