AGNPH Stories

Sashi by natsuke




Yeah number 19!
Sashi: Yay! One more to twenty!
Sashi: What's wrong? You look so down...
It's nothing...
Sashi: Oh...

"'Don't make me fight you'?" Sashi chuckled.
"I don't want to fight you..." Eevy said.
"Well I'm making you fight me!" Sashi said, no longer with a smile on her face. She now had an ordinary Pokeball in here hand; one with a red roof. "I choose you!" Sashi said, and threw the Pokeball into the air. It opened, and white light came out. It landed on the ground, and formed into a shape. When it did, Eevy gasped.
Espeon was lying on the ground, sleeping. Suddenly, she opened her eyes.
"Whoa I just had the weirdest dream..." she said, yawning. Then she noticed Eevy. "Eevy?"
"Espeon?!" Eevy gasped.
"Eevy? What's going on? Weren't you and Audry trying to rescue Sashi?" Espeon asked.
Eevy was silent.
"You mean... me?" Sashi giggled, and Espeon looked back. Then she too gasped.
"S-Sashi? What's going on? Why are you dressed like THAT?" Espeon asked.
"Well I can't be a good Team Rocket Member without these clothes, can I?" Sashi replied.
"What?!" Espeon gasped. "'Team Rocket Member'?! What are you ta-"
"SILENCE!" Sashi growled, and that made Espeon flinch. "I didn't call you out of your Pokeball to chat!"
"Out of my... You returned me into a Pokeball?!" Espeon gasped.
"Well isn't that where a Pokemon belongs?" Sashi replied.
"What is wrong with you?! Don't you remember that I don't like being caught up inside a Pokeball?!"
"I said SILENCE!" Sashi said, and almost kicked Espeon if she hadn't jumped out of the way.
"Sashi! Stop it!" Eevy cried. Sashi looked up, chuckling softly.
"Make me!" Sashi replied. Espeon gasped.
"What have they done to you?" Espeon asked.
"They set me free..." Sashi said, repeating what she said earlier to Eevy. "For a long time I was brainwashed by humans, making me think that they were my friends... Disgusting..." Sashi spat on the floor.
"But not all humans are like that!" Espeon said. "Look at Eevy! You love her!"
"I could never love such a disgusting creature!" Sashi hissed.
"Well at least I'm not a freak!" Eevy said.
Sashi growled.
"Oh you're gonna pay bad for saying those words... Espeon! Attack that human!" Sashi said.
"NO!" Espeon replied. Sashi looked down.
"You DARE to ignore me? I'm your Trainer!" Sashi growled.
"You're NOT my Trainer!" Espeon replied. "At least not anymore!"
"If you don't want to follow my orders, get lost then!!" Sashi cried.
"I was already on my way..." Espeon replied with a mean look (not the attack!).
Espeon started walking... Away from Sashi... While she was walking, she looked back one more time, only to see the smirk on Sashi's face. Espeon arrived next to Eevy.
"Espeon..." Eevy said.
"Hello Eevy..." Espeon replied calmly.
"You left Sashi..."
"Just as with Brian and Umbreon; it's her will against mine..." Espeon replied. "Eevy? Can I fight by your side?"
"Of course you can..." Eevy replied, smiling.
"Are you prepared to fight Sashi?"
"It's still hard for me... But," Eevy said, glaring at Sashi, "You've helped me realize that that is not Sashi... So yes! I'm prepared!"
"Well it's about time!" Sashi chuckled. She looked down at her belt, and grabbed another Pokeball with a red roof. "I'm pretty sure all the other Pokemon I have are like Espeon... I have no choice..." Sashi said, and grabbed the other two red-roof Pokeballs. Suddenly, she threw them all away, making Espeon and Eevy gasp.
"Your Pokemon!" Eevy said.
"They aren't mine if they won't listen to me!" Sashi said.
"But I thought you wanted to fight?! How are you going to do that now? Without Pokemon?" Eevy said, picking up the Pokeballs.
"I'll use the Pokemon I got from Yazmin..." Sashi replied.
"Yazmin?" Eevy replied confused.
"That would be me..." Yazmin said. Stepping next to Sashi.
"You?!" Eevy gasped.
"Me..." Yazmin chuckled.
"Now are we going to fight or what?!" Sashi asked, pushing a yellow circle on her belt. A Pokeball with a black roof appeared.
"Oh can I join?!" Yazmin asked.
Sashi looked at Eevy, then at Yazmin, and then shook her head.
"I can handle her on my own..." she said.
"If you say so..." Yazmin smiled, walked to a wall, and leaned against it.
"All right! I choose you!" Sashi said, and threw the Pokeball into the air. It opened, and a bug, green Pokemon with horns sticking out of its back and a blue stomach appeared.
"Oh my god!" Eevy gasped when she saw Tyranitar [Rock/Dark Type] in front of her.
"Don't be afraid!" Espeon said. "He's just another opponent..."
"Y-you're right..." Eevy said, calming down. She grabbed a Pokeball from her belt, and took it off. She threw it into the air, and it opened. "I choose you, Vapora!" Eevy said, and Vapora appeared. Suddenly, a lot of sand started to blow through the whole room.
"What's... Going on?!" Eevy asked, shielding her eyes.
"Tyranitar's ability; 'Sand Stream'!" Espeon said.
"Great! How am I able to defeat Tyranitar if I can't see him?!" Eevy said, when suddenly, the sandstorm died down. "What the..."
"The sandstorm dies down after each attack..." Espeon explained.
"Then I better prepare for the next one..." Eevy said, and took a pair of sunglasses out of her pocket. She put it on, and smiled.
"Tyranitar! Use Crunch!" Sashi said, and Tyranitar approached Vapora, and swiftly lowered his head, mouth wide open.
"Vapora! Quick Attack!" Eevy called, and just before Tyranitar hit, she disappeared out of sight. She reappeared behind Tyranitar, and he had trouble looking back. "Now! Hydro Pump!" Eevy cried.
Vapora's eyes started to glow.
"Vapooooooo!" Vapora cried as she opened her mouth. "Reon!" she finished as water started to pour out of her mouth, straight into the back of Tyranitar. He cried out as the water hit him, but managed to jump away from it.
"Hyper Beam!" Sashi cried, and Tyranitar made a small jump to turn himself around. Then he raised his head in the sky, opened his mouth wide, where a ball of energy had started to grow. Suddenly, Tyranitar's ability got to work again, and sand was blowing through the room, concealing himself in the sandstorm. Then he lowered his head, and fired his attack.
"Vapora!" Eevy called when she was hit by the Hyper Beam. She was thrown against the wall with a loud crash, making smoke appear, and it didn't look like she survived. When the smoke cleared, Vapora's unconscious body lay on the ground. "No..." Eevy whispered.
"Tyranitar! Use another Hyper Beam!" Sashi ordered, and Tyranitar aimed his head at Vapora.
"What?!" Eevy gasped. "What are you doing?! You've already taken her out!"
But Sashi didn't listen, and Tyranitar was almost done with restoring all the energy he needed for the Hyper Beam.
"You know, it's funny, but I agree with the human..." Yazmin said, placing a hand on Sashi's shoulder. Sashi glared back.
"Don't touch me..." she said.
"I can handle her on my own! I don't need your advice!" Sashi growled.
"Okay I got it..." Yazmin shrugged, and walked back to the wall.
"Now Tyranita- Damn it!" Sashi said when she noticed Eevy had called Vapora back.
"You've changed... A lot! You were about to fire an attack on a fainted Pokemon!" Eevy cried. "It would have completely destroyed her!"
"Serves her right for working with humans!" Sashi replied.
"Whoa..." Yazmin thought.
"Now pick your next Pokemon! Or do you want me to attack you?" Sashi growled.
"Fine..." Eevy said, and grabbed another Pokeball. She threw it into the air, and called for the Pokemon to come out. "Jolty! I choose you!"
The Pokeball opened, and Jolty came out. She landed onto the ground, and gasped when she saw Sashi.
"What's going on here?" she asked.
"Jolty, listen..." Eevy said, kneeling down. "Sashi's the enemy right now..."
"What are you talking about? When did this happen?"
"Apparently during our last visit to this place..." Eevy said. "Now I want you to listen, and follow my orders without hesitation, okay?"
"Whatever you're planning..." Jolty said, turning around. "I'll do it..."
"All right! Jolty! Use Thunder wave!" Eevy said. "On Sashi!"
"What?" Sashi gasped when Jolty fired her sparks of electricity at her, and not Tyranitar. They hit her, and Sashi had now trouble moving even a finger.
"What are you doing?!" Yazmin growled, and approached Eevy.
"Jolty! Now use it on her!" Eevy quickly said, and Jolty used her attack on Yazmin as well. She was paralyzed too. "Great work!" Eevy said.
"You... You bitch!" Sashi cursed.
"Look who's talking..." Eevy replied, and turned around.
"Eevy? You really wanna leave them here like this?" Jolty asked. Eevy stopped, and turned around.
"You're right..." Eevy said, and reached into her backpack. She took out a Full Restore, and put it on the ground. "If you can get this, you're free to go again..." she said, and turned around again. "But until then..." Eevy giggled, and walked out of the room. Jolty soon followed.
"This is all your fault!" Sashi growled.
"My fault? How can it be my fault?!" Yazmin replied.
"You should have paid more attention!" Sashi said.

Brian was thrown into a room, and landed on the ground roughly. He groaned, and woke up. He then looked around, and gasped when he spotted Audry, lying on the ground, not moving.
"Audry!" Brian called, got up, and moved over to her. He shook her shoulders, and Audry groaned.
"What time is it?" she asked still half asleep.
"I don't know... They took my watch... But, are you okay?" Brian asked.
Audry looked around, and it took her a moment to figure out where she was. Then she remembered.
"Uh, yeah, I'm fine..." Audry said.
"How did you get here?" Brian asked.
"Well how did you?" Audry replied.
"I was defeated in battle..." Brian said, lowering his head.
"You too?" Audry asked, and Brian nodded. "That sucks..."
"Yeah, especially because they used Umbreon..." Brian said.
"Umbreon? Your Umbreon?" Audry asked.
"That really sucks yeah..."
Brian sighed. He started thinking. How did it turn out this way? He thought back to the moment he first met Sashi. She was so beautiful, cute and innocent. Someone you would love to grow up with, side by side. He fell in love with her. He started thinking about how he was going to approach her, the things he was going to say. But then, everything went wrong. It didn't turn out the way he'd planned. Sashi said she'd love someone else. A girl. Another one he was friends with. And to make it even worse, they didn't tell him about it. He had to find it out on his own. Who would do a thing like that? Well, Sashi, obviously. But now that he had some time to think - and to experience having sex every day since he and Sashi parted - about it, he realized that he was wrong. Like Umbreon had said before, he couldn't decide who Sashi would love. He was only thinking of himself. He looked down at the ground, sighing deeply.


"Al... most!" Sashi said, her hand almost reaching the Full Restore. Then, finally, she could grab it. "YES!" Sashi said, and aimed the Full Restore at herself. Immediately, she started to feel better, and in no time she could move freely again. When she was able to, she aimed the Full Restore on Yazmin, and she too got better. "Now let's go grab that bitch!"

Eevy ran over the hallways, going everywhere she thought was safe. But that wasn't enough, because when she turned another corner, she met up with the Furret girl, Fury.
"Oh no.." Espeon said.
"Look what we have here..." she grinned, and approached Eevy.
"Please..." Eevy said. "Don't you see this is wrong?"
"Wrong? That you humans hate us, that's wrong!" Fury growled.
"But not all humans are like that!" Eevy said.
"And I should believe that?"
"It's true!" Espeon said.
"I should believe not all humans are like that just because you - a human - says so?"
"I know you don't believe me, but-"
"No more talking!" Giovanni said, approaching Eevy from behind, grabbing her.
"Eevy!" Espeon gasped, and tried to save her, but Fury grabbed her.
"Sir..." Fury said, trying to hold on to Espeon.
"Excellent work, Fury..." Giovanni said.
"Thank you sir..." Fury replied. "She tried to brainwash me too by saying not all humans hate us... But I know only you are not like those others..."
"Correct..." Giovanni said.
"What?!" Eevy gasped. "He's the worst of all! He-"
Fury slapped Eevy's face hard with her hand.
"Disgusting..." Fury growled. "To say such things about our leader..."
"Your leader! He's the disgusting one!" Eevy cried.
"Silence!" Fury barked, and slapped a bit harder than the last time, knocking Eevy unconscious.
"Eevy... " Espeon said as they both were carried away...

Eevy woke up by Brian shaking her shoulder.
"Eevy? You okay?" he asked.
"Where am I?" Eevy asked.
"In a cell..." Brian replied. "We're trapped..."
"Well then it's a good thing we-" Eevy said, when suddenly the door of the cell was unlocked, and then it opened.
"There you are!" Sashi said, looking at Eevy. She closed the door behind her, locking it again.
"S-Sashi..." Eevy said.
"You're going to pay for paralyzing me!" Sashi said, and tried to hit Eevy if it wasn't for Brian and Espeon, who stepped in front of Eevy.
"Stop it Sashi!" he growled. Sashi looked Brian in the eyes, and stopped.
"Don't you touch her!" Espeon said.
"You... You are the Anthro who actually believes humans are your friends?" she asked. "That they don't hate us, right?"
Brian was silent.
"You're as disgusting as them!" Sashi said, and grabbed Brian by the neck.
"Let go of him!" Eevy cried, hitting Sashi in her back.
"Shut up!" Sashi growled, and hit Eevy in the stomach with her elbow. Eevy cried out in pain, as she sunk to the floor, grabbing for her stomach. Audry gasped.
"You..." Sashi said to Brian. "Come with me... I need to have a little chat with you..."
Brian had no choice but to follow Sashi. Sashi was still holding onto his neck, and if he made one wrong move, she might slit it.

Sashi and Brian walked over the hallway, until Sashi stopped in front of a room. She threw Brian into it, and then walked in herself. She locked the door behind her, and faced Brian, who was just getting up.
"You're going to answer me a few questions..." Sashi said.
"And why should I?" Brian asked.
"You're not in the position to ask questions!" Sashi growled.
"Okay fine... Ask your questions..." Brian growled in return.
"Why are you doing this?" Sashi asked.
"Doing what?"
"Pretending humans are your friends... Don't you know all humans hate us Anthro's?"
"Of course I know humans hate Anthro's, but that's just because people like Giovanni," Brian pulled a disgusted face when he said that name, "Make us do bad things..."
"Don't you dare talk about Giovanni that way!" Sashi growled.
"What has he done to you? How was he able to change you to this... Horrible creature?"
"You think I look horrible?" Sashi asked.
"It's the only way to describe you..." Brian said.
Sashi was silent. Then she chuckled.
"My, you flatterer..." Sashi giggled.
"You changed Sashi... You're no longer the Sashi I once fell in love with..."
This made Sashi raise an eyebrow.
"You're saying you love me?" Sashi asked.
"Loved..." Brian corrected her.
Sashi grinned.
"I know what you want..."
"Oh really? Surprise me!" Brian replied.
Sashi didn't say a thing. He only approached Brian, and grabbed him by his throat again. She then pulled his head to hers, and slowly pushed her lips against his. While Sashi's eye were closed, Brian's were wide open with surprise. Was this really happening? Was Sashi kissing him? No... This was wrong. Sashi wasn't in her right mind. He should stop Sashi, before it was too late. Just as he moved his hand to push Sashi away from him, Sashi squeezed her hand harder around Brian's neck. She broke the kiss, and chuckled.
"Remember handsome... I have you in my grip... So one wrong move, and you're history..." Sashi smiled. Brian growled.
"Sashi! This is wrong!" Brian said.
"What's so wrong about it?" Sashi giggled, and moved her other hand over Brian's chest, moving it down.
"S-Sashi..." Brian said, feeling Sashi's hand go down to his crotch. "S-sto-" That's when Sashi pushed her hand into Brian's pants, and slowly grabbed his growing cock. Brian gasped.
"You can't deny that you like this..." Sashi smiled.
"N-no, but-" Brian began, but Sashi didn't let him finish, as she pulled down Brian's pants with one move. Sashi then looked down, and smiled when she saw Brian's dick trying to push its way through his underwear.
"Underwear... Always I the way..." Sashi said, and grabbed the underwear in her hand. She pushed it down, and that made Brian's 8 inch long dick bounce up and down. "Mmmm..." Sashi moaned. She moved her head down, but was stopped when her arm stretched, and she couldn't go on further.
"What now? You can't hold on to my throat and go down at the same time..." Brian grinned.
"You've got a point... but that's not going to stop me..." Sashi said with a sly smile. Brian looked at Sashi with a confused look. Sashi moved up again, released Brian's throat, and replaced her hand on Brian's chest. Then she pushed forwards, making Brian land on the ground with a grunt. Sashi quickly crawled onto Brian, and turned her body around so that they were lying in the 69 position. "Now stay down..." Sashi whispered, and moved her head between Brian's legs. She quickly surrounded the head of Brian's dick with her lips, receiving a gasp from Brian.
"Oh!" Brian gasped when he felt Sashi's lips surround his dick. He hated to admit it, but he was starting to enjoy this. This was what he wanted for so long. He closed his eyes, and let Sashi blow him. Sashi released Brian's cock, letting it slip out of her mouth. She gave the head one last playful lick, before she turned her head.
"I see you're starting to enjoy it?" Sashi chuckled.
Brian didn't reply. He could only gasp for air as he calmed down. Sashi smiled.
"Now just relax..." Sashi said, and turned her head around again. She opened her mouth, taking in Brian's cock once again. She increased her pace, sucking harder and faster. Then, suddenly, she stopped, and pulled her head back. Brian let out a sigh of disappointment.
"Oh don't worry..." Sashi chuckled, sat up, and crawled away from Brian's face. Then, she turned, grabbed for her belt, and took it off. She threw it aside, and then pushed her pants down, until they were to her knees. Brian looked down between Sashi's legs, seeing her already exposed pussy, glistering with juices. Sashi then got on all fours, and removed the rest of her pants, so that it was off. She finally crawled over Brian, and stopped with her head over his. "You want this, don't you?" Sashi asked, and Brian nodded. He didn't care anymore. He was too horny to argue. "I knew it..." Sashi grinned, and slammed her butt down hard.
"OH!" Brian gasped out loud when he felt his dick being taken by Sashi's pussy. This felt so great!
"Mmmm ohh yeah..." Sashi moaned, and moved her butt up once. Then she pushed back again, taking in a few more inches. Sashi's pussy lips completely surrounded the shaft, giving him more pleasure. "You like this, don't you!" Sashi said, talking dirty.
Brian replied by moving his head up, and kissing Sashi on the lips, pushing his tongue inside.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned, pushing her own tongue back at Brian's, while she started slamming her butt down harder and harder. While doing this, she broke the kiss, and pulled off her T-shirt, revealing her two beautiful breasts. Brian moved his body up, grabbed Sashi by the back, started to kiss her again. He then moved his head down, licking his way past Sashi's neck, down to her chest. There he took one nipple into his mouth, and bit down on it. Sashi pushed Brian's head back, and he wanted to return to her breast, but Sashi wouldn't let him. When Brian gave up, Sashi grabbed the edge of Brian's T-shirt, and pulled it over his head. When it was off, she threw it aside, and released Brian's head. He quickly returned to Sashi's breast, while she closed her eyes, and moved her head back. They continued this for a while, until Sashi told Brian to stop. She got off him, and crawled away from him on all fours. Then she stopped, and waved her butt from side to side, inviting Brian to enter. He smiled, and crawled over to Sashi. If he were thinking straight, he could have escaped. But he was thinking with his dick instead of his brain now. He placed his hands on Sashi's butt, and slowly squeezed. He then positioned himself in front of her entrance, and pushed the head inside.
"Take me!" Sashi purred.
Brian couldn't hold himself anymore, and slammed his dick straight into Sashi's pussy again, receiving satisfied moans from her. They both closed their eyes, as they stayed in this position for a while. Then, Brian started to push forwards softly, and Sashi started to push backwards. Suddenly, Brian began to hump Sashi harder and harder, making Sashi purr louder. Sashi raised her chest, and Brian grabbed the opportunity to grab Sashi's breasts in his hands. He took both breasts' nipples between his middle and index finger, squeezing softly.
"Mmmm... Almost..." Brian whispered. He could feel his orgasm approach swiftly, and he knew it would be any second now. He increased his humps a bit, and Sashi humped back in his rhythm. Surprisingly, Sashi came first.
"Mmmm! Yes! Oh god yes!" she cried out, quickly placing her hands onto Brian's, and closed her eyes. Warm pussy juice came pouring out of Sashi's pussy, flowing past Brian's dick. This was the best feeling he had ever felt before in his life. This feeling caused him to have his most intense orgasm ever.
"Oh my god!" Brian screamed, and then came hard. He shot the biggest load of cum deep into Sashi's pussy, as it mixed up with Sashi's juices. It leaked out of her pussy as the two kept on humping each other, both trying to make the orgasms last forever. Finally, Sashi stopped, and Brian pulled back. They both lay down on the ground, gasping for air as they felt their orgasmic traces disappear.

"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned as she sat up. "Satisfied?" she giggled.
Brian didn't say a thing. Brian thought it over. He now got what he wanted for such a long time, so he should be satisfied. But he wasn't. It was now that he realized what he's done. He'd taken advantage of Sashi. He felt worse than before.
"I'm sorry..." he said softly.
"Whatever..." Sashi said, and pulled on her pants. "Now get dressed!"

Sashi had grabbed Brian by his neck again, holding him just in case he'd try and escape. They passed a few room, but at one, they stopped. Sashi smiled.
"Hey Fury... Having fun?" Sashi asked.
"Mmmm! As you can see..." Fury replied. She was lying on her back on the ground, being taken by her Houndoom. He was standing over her, pushing his dick into her pussy fast, receiving satisfied moans from her.
"Looks like fun yeah..." Sashi said.
"Want some of him too?" Fury asked.
"Mmmm no.. I've had my fun already..." Sashi grinned, nodding at Brian.
"Mmmm I see..." Fury smiled, and Houndoom continued humping her. Then, Houndoom came, and shot his male seed deep into Fury, who moaned when she felt his cum shoot into her. Houndoom humped Fury harder while he came, enjoying the feeling. They both gasped, and after a while, Houndoom pulled back. Fury smiled, and petted Houndoom's head.
"You've done great once again... Return..." she said, and called Houndoom back into his Pokeball. She then quickly got dressed.
"Why don't you borrow him for a while?" Fury asked, as Houndoom momentarily sopped. "I'm sure he'd love to try out something new..."
"Maybe another time.." Sashi said, leaving the room. "We've got all the time in the world anyway..." she laughed. Suddenly, Sashi stopped laughing as Brian started laughing.
"What? What's so funny?" Sashi asked surprised.
"That you think you have all the time in the world..." Brian replied after a while of laughing.
"And what is that suppose to mean?" Sashi asked.
Brian didn't reply.
"I asked you a question!" Sashi growled.
"What time is it?" Brian asked.
"What time is it?" Brian repeated.
Sashi looked down on a watch; Brian's.
"Eleven thirty, why?" Sashi asked suspicious.
Brian started laughing again.
"Then they're on their way already!"
"Who are?!" Fury asked. She had heard everything.
"You'll find out soon enough..." Brian grinned.
"What do you think?" Sashi asked Fury.
"Let's take him to Giovanni..." Fury said. "Maybe he can get out what he's hiding..."

"Excuse me, sir..." Fury said, knocking on Giovanni's door.
"Yes?" Giovanni asked rather irritated. Fury and Sashi entered the room anyway. "We think this Anthro is hiding something..."
Giovanni was sitting in his chair with his back to them. He turned around.
"All right, spill it!" Giovanni said. "Don't let it be the thing I'm thinking of!"
"That depends on what you're thinking of..." Brian chuckled.
"He said something about 'them already on their way'..." Sashi said.
"So it is true!" Giovanni growled.
"What's going on?" Sashi asked.
Giovanni didn't reply. Instead, he got up, and walked to a window. He looked outside, and growled. Several police cars were approaching the building.
"What have you done?!" Giovanni growled at Brian.


"We're leaving, Nurse Joy..." Brian said as he, Eevy and Audry had just packed everything they needed.
"Just promise you'll be careful... You know how Team Rocket is..." Nurse Joy said.
"I know..." Brian said, and started to leave. Suddenly, he stopped. "Nurse Joy?"
"Yes, Brian?"
"If we haven't come back in at least 5 hours, promise me you'll call the police, and tell them to go to..." Brian said, and wrote down an address on a piece of paper. He gave that to Nurse Joy. "This place..."
"What if they ask me why?" Nurse Joy asked.
"Tell them Team Rocket's there... I'm sure they'll come then..."
Nurse Joy nodded. "I promise, Brian..."

*End flashback*

"I came prepared... " Brian smiled. Giovanni growled, as he looked outside once again.
"Giovanni!" Cath said, entering his office without knocking. "The police are here!"
"I know that!" Giovanni replied.
"What should we do?"
Giovanni was silent for a while. Then he chuckled.
"Not we, I..." Giovanni said.
Everybody was silent.
"What do you mean by that, sir?" Fury asked.
Giovanni pushed a button on his desk, and suddenly, a wall of glass appeared around Giovanni.
"It means I escape..."Giovanni said.
"But... What about us?!" Cath asked.
"Well you will have to get caught, I'm afraid..." Giovanni replied. He pushed anther button, and suddenly a voice said;
"Self-destruction in 5 minutes..."
"What?!" Brian gasped.
Giovanni then pushed a third button, and the floor underneath him started to sink.
"Bye bye..." he said before he disappeared out of sight.
"He's... abandoning us?!" Fury gasped.
"Well what'd you expect from the head of Team Rocket?!" Brian said, now free. He needed to get out of here before the building exploded. He needed to rescue Eevy and Audry. He-
He stopped, and turned around. Cath, Fury and Sashi were standing still.
"He..." Cath said.
"What are you all doing?" Brian asked, and grabbed Sashi's arm. "We need to get out of here before-"
"Self-destruction in 4.30 minutes..."
"Before we don't have any time left!" Brian finished.
Everyone was silent, but then Fury nodded.
"He's right! We gotta go!" she said. Brian pulled on Sashi's arm, and she had no choice but to follow him out of the room. Fury soon followed, but stopped.
"Cath! Come on!" she screamed, and grabbed Cath's arm.

The four were running over the hallways, telling everyone they met that the building was going to explode. They also met up with Jason.
"Jason! We need to get out of here! The building is going to explode!" Fury said.
"I know that! Why?"
"Giovanni did it..."
"Why?" he asked again.
"He's trying to escape..." Fury said.
"But what about us?" Jason asked.
"He doesn't care about us..." Fury said softly.
"Just get out, okay?!" Brian said, and started running again. Jason just stood still for a moment. Then he looked around. "Where is she?" he thought.
They soon came to a part where the hallway split up in two ways; one to the exit, one to the cells.
"Sashi, listen! I need you to go to the exit, to safety!" Brian said.
Sashi didn't say a thing.
"We'll take her..." Fury said, and grabbed Sashi's arm.
"But what are you going to do?" Fury asked.
"I'm going to save my friends!" Brian said, running into the other hallway.
"Good luck..." Fury said, before she ran to safety, with Sashi and Cath following her, both speechless about what happened.

"Eevy! Audry!" Brian called as he arrived at the cells.
"Brian! What's going on? Why is there a voice saying something about self-destruction?" Eevy asked.
"Because this building is going to self-destruct!" Brian said, trying to find a way to open the door. If only he had asked for the key. Suddenly, another Anthro came running by. It was Jason.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
"Trying to safe them!" Brian said, pointing at Eevy, Audry and Espeon. "And if you don't like that, you're responsible for their death!"
Jason thought it over.
"All right, I'll help you... But only if you help me too!" Jason said.
"I promise!" Brian nodded.
Jason reached into his pockets, and found a key.
"I hope this one's the right one..." Jason said, and pushed the key into the lock.
"Self-destruction in 3.50 minutes..."
"Darn!" Jason cursed as the key wouldn't open the lock. He reached into his pockets again, and brought out another key. "His one maybe?" Jason said, and pushed the key into the lock. Once again, It didn't open the door.
"Do you even have the key?!" Brian asked.
"Yes, I do!" Jason replied, and reached into his pockets again. He brought out a third key.
"This is the last one... If this one doesn't do the trick..." he said, and pushed the key into the lock. He turned the key, and the lock opened.
"YES!" Jason smiled.
"Eevy! Audry! Come, before this whole place blows up!" Brian said.
"But what about Sashi?!" Eevy asked.
"She's safe! I sent her to the exit!" Brian said. "Now go!"
"What about you?!" Audry asked.
"I promised to help him..." Brian said, nodding at Jason.
"But... he's a Team Rocket Member!" Eevy said.
"I don't have time now! Later I'll explain!" Brian said, and faced Jason as Eevy and Audry - followed by Espeon - left. "Okay, what do you need my help for?"
"It's Yazmin... I can't find her..." Jason said.
"Okay, let's go..." Brian said.

"How does this Yazmin look like?" Brian asked.
"You could say she looks a lot like Sashi!" Jason said.
"An Espeon Anthro?" Brian asked, and Jason nodded. "Wow..."
"Oh Yazmin! Where are you?!" Jason asked no one.
"She's that important to you?" Brian asked.
"She's the one I love..." Jason replied. "I knew I shouldn't have left her alone.. This is all my fault!"
"You can apologize to her when we find her!" Brian said.

Time was running out as Brian and Jason ran through the hallways, trying to find Yazmin.
"Self-destruction in 1.45 minutes..."
"We're almost out of time..." Brian said. "Is it possible she could be out already?"
"I don't know... Maybe..." Jason said.
"Then let's get out of here before we can't do that anymore!" Brian said, and turned around.
"But what if she's still here?" Jason asked.
"I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to stay with a voice saying the building is going to self-destruct..." Brian said.
"You're right!"
The two ran through the hallways, trying to find the exit.
"This building looks like a maze!" Brian growled.
"This way!" Jason said, and ran into a hallway.
"I hope you know where you're going!" Brian said.
"Of course! I've lived here most of my life! I know this place better than anyon-"
"Self-destruction in 1 minute..."
"We gotta stop talking now!" Brian said. "Lead us to the exit!"
"Okay!" Jason said, and turned a corner. It led to a bigger room, and a stairway down. "Down here!" Jason said, and ran down. Brian followed, and soon they saw the exit. Hey ran out, and not a second too late, because when they were in a safe distance from the building, the ground shook, and a big explosion followed. The force was so big, it pushed Brian and Jason to the ground. They turned around, and watched the building explode. It seemed that there were only explosions at the bottom of the building. When they exploded, the rest of the building crashed down to the ground, making smoke appear, covering the whole area with it...

To be continued...

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