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Sashi by natsuke




Sashi: ...
Sashi... I know this makes you sad...
Sashi: ...
Say something...
Sashi: ...
Sashi: Goodbye everyone... It's been nice knowing you...
Anything except that...
Sashi: Sayonara!
Or that...
Sashi: Au revoir!
Stop that!
Sashi: Then continue writing about me!
I can't do that... Like I said before, my source of inspiration has run dry... And besides, do you know how many words there are in one chapter? At least over 5000... If you multiply that with 20 you'll get 100000 words I've written... And that's A LOT of typing...
Sashi: It has never stopped you before...
Sashi: Ha!

The sun was shining bright, and there were almost no clouds in the sky... To be honest, there was nothing in the sky, except...

Smoke was rising from the destroyed Team Rocket hideout. There were several Police cars, fire-engines, ambulances, anything to help the injured, even the Anthro's. After all, they were injured too. Lots of people (and anthro's) were either standing still, not yet realizing what had happened, or helping others get out of the ruins. And while the firemen were extinguishing the fires that were still burning, Cath was looking at the rubble, lost in thoughts. Jason saw this, and walked to her.
"Cath? You okay?" he asked.
Cath shook her head softly.
"What's wrong?"
"He said I was special..." Cath said.
"Who? Giovanni?" Jason asked, and Cath nodded. "We all thought we were special... looks like we were all fooled..."
"We trusted him..." Cath said.
"I know..." Jason said, putting a hand on Cath's shoulder.

Somewhere else, Brian as looking around, trying to find his friends. He easily found Eevy, Audry and Espeon, but Sashi was nowhere to be found. He was getting worried. Then he spotted Fury, the Anthro who took Sashi with her. Brian approached her.
"Hey, wasn't Sashi with you?" he asked.
"She was, but suddenly she pulled free from my grip..." Fury said. "I asked her what she was doing, and she said 'Yazmin's still in here!', and she disappeared..."
"Oh no..." Brian said softly when he heard Fury saying it.
"Help!" someone called. It was Eevy.
Everyone looked at her as she started to pull rubble from the ground.
"What's wrong?" a Police officer asked.
"I think I see Sashi!" Eevy cried, and when more people started to gather, they all saw a purple tail sticking out of the rubbish which split up into two ends. The people helped Eevy get rid of the stones and pieces of ceiling away from the tail, and not long after that, they dug up Sashi's body.
"Sashi!" Eevy gasped, and checked to see if she were alive. Luckily she had a heartbeat. Eevy sighed in relief.
"She okay?" Brian asked.
"She's still alive!" Eevy replied.
"Sashi!" Espeon gasped.
"We'll take it over from here..." a nurse said, and two other nurses helped her carry Sashi from the ground onto the stretcher. Eevy followed the stretcher to the ambulance - and like Espeon - not daring to leave Sashi's side.
"Yazmin!" Jason gasped as he found her. When he heard Eevy, and saw she found Sashi, he realized Yazmin was nowhere to be found either. He had started looking for her, and he had found her under a pile of rubble. He started digging, pushing the rubble away. Cath helped, and they were soon joined by other people. Yazmin looked even worse than Sashi when they dug her up, and she was bleeding. Blood was pouring out of her stomach.
"Oh my god! Someone help her!" Jason cried, tears appearing in his eyes.
"Out of my way!" a doctor said, but Jason did not. He had to be pulled aside by Cath, so that the doctor had all the room he needed. He pressed a cloth against the wound, to make the bleeding stop. Then some more nurses helped the doctor carry Yazmin on a stretcher...

They arrived at the hospital, and Sashi, Yazmin and the other injured were sent to the Intensive Care, while Eevy, Jason, Cath and the others had to wait. In there, the doctors had to put their fear for Anthro's aside in order to save their lives...

Time passed, and Eevy kept on asking if Sashi would be okay, only to hear "We're not sure yet..." as a reply. Soon, it became noon, and Eevy still didn't know anything. But when the clock stroke 6, a doctor approached Eevy and the group.
"A-hem... We did all we could..." the doctor said, and Eevy's heart almost stopped when she heard that. "Sashi's fine, but she needs a little more time to recover before you can visit her..."
"Oh thank you, doctor..." Eevy smiled.
The doctor then looked at Jason.
"And Yazmin will be okay too, we hope..." he said.
"'We hope'? You're not sure?!" Jason gasped.
"It's too early to say, but she's fine for now..." the doctor said.
"Okay, thanks..." Jason said.
"See? Humans aren't that bad... Even now that your kind needed help, they put aside all the differences between you for you..." Eevy said.
"I see now..." Fury said, and smiled weakly.
"Is there something bothering you?" Eevy asked.
"N-no, it's nothing..." Fury said.
"Please tell me, so that maybe I can help?" Eevy said.
"It's just that... I don't know why you're so nice to me and all the others after all the things we've done to you..." Fury said.
"I know what you did was bad, but it's not your fault... Giovanni made you believe you were doing the right thing..." Eevy said.
"But why are you so nice to us?"
"Like I said many times before; not all humans hate Anthro's..." Eevy smiled. "Look at me... Even after all the bad things Sashi's said to me, I still love her, because I know that deep down inside, she loves me too... Even after you brainwashed her..."
"Thanks..." Fury said.
"No problem..." Eevy said, and reached out a hand. "Friends?"
Fury looked down at the hand, and smiled. She grabbed the hand, and shook.
"Friends..." Fury said. "I'm Fury..."
"And that also includes you..." Eevy said to Jason and Cath, who were sitting on a couch.
"Oh..." Jason said, and got up. He reached out his hand, and shook Eevy's. "I'm Jason..."
Cath didn't shake hands.
"Cath?" Jason asked.
Cath didn't reply, but got up, and walked away. Eevy wanted to follow, but Fury stopped her.
"Just let her be alone now... What happened in Giovanni's office really hurt her... She needs time alone..." Fury said.
"Oh..." Eevy said, and looked at the other Anthro's. She has never seen any of them before when she was in the hideout. There was a Zigzagoon male, a Mr. Mime male, a Vaporeon female and a Pidgeotto female, with arms and hands instead of wings, which were fold onto her back. They were sitting on a couch, away from the rest. "Hey you!" Eevy called, and they looked up. "Why don't you come closer?"
"Ehh... O-okay..." the Pidgeotto female said, and got up. The other three followed, and shook hands with Eevy. "Nice to meet you all..." Eevy said.

"Any news, doctor?" Eevy asked, getting up from the couch as the doctor approached the group.
"Sashi's doing fine... She's resting right now... She's got through the worst part, and now it's time for her to sleep." The doctor said, and then wanted to say something, but hesitated.
"What's wrong?" Eevy asked.
"While we were operating on Sashi, we discovered some weird fluid in her body..." the doctor said.
"A weird fluid?" Eevy repeated.
"I think I know what that is..." Fury said, and that made all turn their attention to her.
"Explain..." the doctor said.
"In order to make Sashi turn to our side... I mean Team Rocket's side, we made the scientists create a potion... It would make Sashi 'back to normal', as Giovanni referred. It changed her personality..." Fury said.
"That must have made her this evil..." Eevy said.
"Does it have any side effect?" 
"Not that I know of..." Fury replied.
"Thank you for the information..." the doctor smiled.
"Glad to be of assistance..." Fury said.
"Can I see her now?"
"Not yet... We thought we were done with Sashi, but now that we discovered about the potion, we have to work on that..." the doctor said.
"What are you going to do?" Eevy asked.
"We're going to try and take that potion out of her veins..." the doctor said.
"Okay..." Eevy said, and sat down on the couch again.

The doctor returned after a few hours.
"We've successfully taken out the fluid..." the doctor said.
"Okay, thanks..." Eevy smiled.
"But the thing is... The fluid... It appears it has been injected into her..."
"Is that bad?"
"No... She'll make it..." the doctor said. "Now all we need to do is wait..." He then faced the Anthro's. "I need to ask you all something..."
"Ehh... sure..." Jason said.
"When we found that weird fluid in Sashi's body, it made me think. Can it be that you also have it in you?" the doctor said.
"In us? I don't know... I don't remember anyone ever injecting me with something..." Fury said.
"But to be safe, we want to check... is that okay with you?" the doctor asked.
The Anthro's looked at each other.
"Of course it is..." Jason said.

The Anthro's followed the doctor to a room, and there the doctor took blood-samples from everyone. He did some tests, and the results were negative.
"It looks like none of you was injected by the same stuff we found in Sashi..." he said.
"That's good to hear..." Jason said.
"Now all we need to check is Yazmin..." the doctor said.
"Just promise me you'll be careful..." Jason said.
"Don't worry... I'll treat her he same way I treated you..." the doctor smiled. 

The doctor was alone in Yazmin's room, testing her blood. He stuck a needle into Yazmin's arm, and took some of her blood. When he did some tests, he gasped softly. "What in the... I've... seen this somewhere before..."
He printed the results out, and took the paper with him. He grabbed another paper, and placed them next to each other. "They're... Exactly the same..."

The doctor returned after a few minutes, and approached the group.
"Good news... The results for Yazmin's test were also negative... You all seem to be clean..." he said.
"Wonderful news!" Jason smiled. "So does this mean she'll be okay?"
"That is correct..." the doctor said.
"Can I see her?" Jason asked.
"You can..." the doctor nodded, and Jason took off.
"Me too?" Eevy asked. "Can I see Sashi now?"
"You can, but take it easy, okay?" the doctor said.
"Of course I will! I love her!" Eevy said, and ran away. The doctor raised an eyebrow.
"Love? Love between a human and an Anthro?" he thought.

When Eevy entered Sashi's room, she gasped. A bandage was wrapped around Sashi's head, so this meant she was hurt in the head. But the rest of the body seemed okay, since it was under a white blanket. Eevy grabbed a chair, and placed it next to Sashi's bed. She sat down on it, facing Sashi.
"Oh Sashi..." Eevy sighed. "Please be okay... And back to normal..."
Suddenly, Sashi moaned, and started moving wildly in her bed.
"Sashi! Sssssh! Calm down..." Eevy said, placing her hand in Sashi's, squeezing softly. "Everything's going to be okay..." she whispered, as Sashi calmed down, and continued to sleep.

The next morning, Sashi woke up. She opened her eyes slowly, and shut them again when she caught sight of the beams of sunlight breaking through the curtains.
"Wha... Where am I?" she asked. Then she noticed something lying on her, so she raised her head a bit and looked down. It was Eevy. "Eevy?"
This made Eevy wake up. "Mmmm?" Eevy moaned, looking up.
"Hey sweetie..." Sashi smiled.
"Sashi? Is that you?" Eevy asked.
"Huh? What do you mean? Of course it's me... Who else did you think it was?" Sashi replied.
"No, I meant... Do you hate me?" Eevy asked.
"What? Why would I hate you?" Sashi asked confused.
"It's really you!" Eevy cried happily, and jumped onto the bed to hug Sashi.
"Ehh... I guess..." Sashi said, not quite sure what was going on.
"I'm so glad you're back!" Eevy said, with tears in her eyes.
"I'm glad you're glad... But can you tell me exactly why you are glad?"
Eevy pulled her head back, and looked Sashi into the eyes.
"You don't remember?" she asked.
"Remember what?" Sashi asked, and at that moment, Brian entered the room.
"Sashi! You're awake!" Brian said, smiling.
"Brian?" Sashi asked, seeing him for the first time since he left her. Brian was silent. Sashi too. For a long time there was silence between them.
"W-when did you get back?" Sashi asked, breaking the silence.
"Ehh... A while back..." Brian replied.
"Eevy... Why did you ask me if I hated you before?" Sashi asked.
"You don't remember?" Eevy asked.
"Remember what?" Sashi asked again.
"Sashi... When you were kidnapped by Team Rocket, they injected a fluid into you which made you think you hated humans..." Brian said. 
"Kidnapped? Team Rocket? Fluid?" Sashi asked all at once.
"Remember when you fought against Timmy just outside Bokui City?" Eevy asked.
"Ehh... Yeah, I remember..." Sashi said, thinking back.
"Well then you also remember we took a short nap on our way to your parent's house, right?" Eevy asked.
"Yes..." Sashi said, remembering they took a nap. But she didn't mention what happened when she woke up to have sex with her Pokemon. It didn't seem to be important right now.
"I don't know what happened next, but I was woken by Espeon, coughing like mad, saying you had disappeared..." Eevy said.
"I... I think I do remember...a little..." Sashi said, thinking back as hard as she could. "I remember a smoke bomb, so that would explain Espeon's coughing... But from that point, everything went black. I believe I was blindfolded..." Sashi said.
"The next thing I know I'm screaming and asking where I've been taken to. I hear... voices on the background, but do not know from who. I did recognize one voice... One who sounds just like mine... It was the one from the other Espeon Anthro. I kept asking who she was, and that's when everything went black once again..." Sashi said, rubbing her cheek where Yazmin had hit her. "When I woke, I could see again, so the blindfold must have been taken off. I recognized the Espeon Anthro first, but noticed more Anthro's in the room. That's when a man entered the room..." Sashi said, and Brian gasped.
"That must be Giovanni..." Brian said softly.
"I believe so... Anyway, he ordered the Anthro's to take me to the lab, where I was hung up a wall. I could see several scientists working on potions..." Sashi said.
"That's the fluid I was talking about..." Brian said.
"I see... Anyway, that's when one approached me, and... injected me with something... From that point, I don't remember anymore..." Sashi said.
"I now remember Audry and I went to get Brian so that he could help us find you..." Eevy said. "At first he didn't like the idea of coming along with us, but he finally agreed. He led us to an abandoned building, just outside Bokui City, the Team Rocket hideout."
"And that's the place I said goodbye not only to Eevy and Audry, but to Umbreon as well..." Brian said.
"Oh yeah, Umbreon... Have you any idea where he is?" Eevy asked.
"Not the slightest..." Brian sighed. "Last time I saw him, he was fighting alongside the Mightyena..."
"Then we should ask him..." Eevy said.
"Later... I want to know everything that happened." Sashi said.
"Okay..." Eevy said. "After Brian had left, Audry, Espeon, Um-"
"Espeon... Where is she?" Sashi asked, noting she wasn't in the room.
"I'm coming to that... Anyway, Audry, Espeon, Umbreon and I broke into the warehouse. We immediately ran into trouble, because we were spotted by a red furred Anthro. She pushed the alarm button, and challenged us with a fight. We defeated her Pokemon, and then Audry used Venusaur to capture her. Venusaur then used Sleep Powder on her to put her to sleep. When that was done, we continued searching for you, but soon we met up with more Anthro's... The ones we saw at the Police Station... The Espeon and the Mightyena Anthro..." Eevy said.
"They also challenged us to a fight, and when we grabbed for our Pokeballs, Espeon entered the field... She said she'd fight them - and Umbreon joined her - so that we could continue to look for you. We don't know what happened to them from that point..."
"Oh..." Sashi said. At that point, Espeon entered the room.
"E-Espeon!" Sashi gasped, and all looked down.
"Sashi..." Espeon replied.
"What happened to you?" Sashi asked.
"What do you mean?" Espeon asked.
"I heard from Eevy that when they wanted to rescue me from Team Rocket, you and Umbreon disappeared, and never returned..." Sashi said.
"That is correct..." Espeon said. "Don't you remember?"
Brian explained to Espeon what he had explained to Eevy.
"I see..." Espeon said, and then turned to Sashi. "Umbreon and I distracted the two Anthro's so that Eevy and Audry could look for you... We lost, and I don't know what happened next... The next thing I know, I'm called out of my Pokeball..." Espeon said.
"What? But you hate being locked up in your Pokeball!" Sashi gasped.
"You didn't seem to mind back then..." Espeon said.
Sashi gasped again.
"I... did that?" Sashi asked, and Espeon nodded. "Oh Espeon... I'm so sorry..."
Espeon didn't reply. Instead, she jumped onto the bed, and walked over to Sashi.
"It's good to hear you're back to normal..." Espeon smiled, and rubbed her head against Sashi's. Sashi closed her eyes, grabbed Espeon's head, and rubbed back.
"Was I really that bad?" Sashi asked.
"Yes!" all three said at once.
Sashi was silent.
"Hey, it's not your fault... you couldn't help it..." Eevy said, placing her hand on Sashi's.
"Yeah... it's Team Rocket's fault!" Brian said, sitting down on Sashi's bed.
"And now they're gone too..." Espeon said.
"'Gone'?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah... Giovanni panicked, and destroyed his hideout..." Brian said. "But not before telling the Anthro's he didn't care about them..."
"Awww... Poor Anthro's..." Sashi said.
"Yeah, it hurt their feelings... For a long time they trusted Giovanni... He was their savior... He helped them when they were hated by humans... but in the end, it turned out he was like just like them..." Brian explained.
"And... What about me? What did I do this whole time?" Sashi asked.
"You became a Team Rocket Member, like any other..." Espeon said. "You started dressing like them, acting like them, and talking like them..."
"'Talking like them?'" Sashi asked confused.
"You changed a lot... You cursed all the time..." Eevy said. "You called me all sorts of things..."
"And you did a lot of bad things as well..." Espeon said.
"Yeah..." Brian said, remembering himself of when he and Sashi had sex.
"And you made me fight you..." Eevy said.
"Oh no..." Sashi said.
"And when I didn't want to fight Eevy, you told me to get lost..." Espeon said.
"Oh no..." Sashi said again. "And did you?"
"Yes..." Espeon replied.
"Oh Espeon..." Sashi said, petting her head again. "I'm so sorry..." She then turned her attention to Eevy. "And I'm sorry for making you fight me... Please tell me I didn't hurt you that much..."
"Nahhh... I managed to paralyze you by Jolty's Thunder wave attack... But you did hurt my Vapora..."
"I promise I'll apologize to her when I get the chance..." Sashi said.

The four continued to talk about everything that happened, from talking about Eevy's fight against Sashi, to Brian running over the halls with Jason to find Yazmin.
"She was still in there?" Sashi asked.
"Yes... And when time ran out, we had to get out of the building, or we would have been blown up with it..." Brian said.
"Oh..." Sashi said. "And you didn't find her?"
"No... Jason found her the same way we found you..."
"Poor Yazmin..." Sashi said. Then she looked around. "Hey... Where is Audry?"
"She's still in the waiting room..." Eevy said.
"Oh, okay..."
Suddenly, the doctor entered the room.
"Ah Sashi, you're awake..." he said.
"Yes..." Sashi nodded.
"Do you feel any pain?"
"Not that I know of... Thought my head hurts a little..." Sashi said, and reached for her head.
"Mmmm... No wonder... It seemed you got hit in the head by something very heavy..." the doctor said.
"Perhaps it happened when she was still in the building when it exploded..." Brian said.
"That could be the cause..." the doctor said. "Can I ask you all to leave Sashi alone so I can check if there are any other injuries?"
"Oh, of course..." Brian and Eevy said, and left. Espeon hesitated for a moment, but then jumped off the bed, and walked out of the room.
When they were gone, the doctor faced Sashi.
"I have some good and some weird news for you..." he said.
"Oh?" Sashi replied. "Then start with the good news..."
"You will recover completely... Right now, you're in no physical danger... You're free to go anywhere you want now..." he said.
"Can I get out of bed already?" Sashi asked, and the doctor nodded. "Oh..."
"Okay, and now we get to the weird news..." the doctor said.
"And that is?" Sashi asked.
"It's about Yazmin..."

Yazmin opened her eyes. She looked around, and at first she saw nobody. But when she sat up, she noticed someone sitting in a chair next to her bed.
"Sashi?" Yazmin asked.
Sashi now tried to come up with the best thing to say to Yazmin. She found one.
"Hey sis..."
Yazmin looked at Sashi confused.
"'Sis'?" she replied.
"Yup..." Sashi grinned.
"What do you mean?"
"The doctors told me everything... It appears we're twin-sisters..." Sashi said, and Yazmin gasped.
"Twin-sisters? We're family?" Yazmin said.
"I'm as surprised as you are..." Sashi chuckled. "But the doctors found out when they took a blood sample of you... we have the same DNA..." Sashi said.
"But... how is this possible?" Yazmin asked.
"If I knew that, I would have told you..." Sashi replied. "Well it would only make sense... Someone as beautiful as have to be related..."
Yazmin giggled.
"You've got that right..." Yazmin laughed, and shook her head. "I can't believe I have family... I thought I was alone in this world..."
"That's what I thought too..." Sashi said.
Yazmin then looked to her right, and spotted Jason, sitting in a second chair, fast asleep.
"Jason?" Yazmin asked.
"The doctor said he's never left your side, even after they asked him a thousand times to." Sashi said.
Yazmin smiled. It was good to see him again. She hasn't seen him since he saw her and Sashi naked.
"I was worried I would never see him again..."
"He felt the same way..." Sashi said.
"When the hideout was about to explode, he was looking for you in the building..." Sashi said.
"He was looking for me?"

Meanwhile, Brian and Eevy had bought several cups of coffee, and they were handing it out to everyone. Brian looked down, and noticed he had two cups left. He looked around. They had given every Anthro a cup, except one; Cath, the red furred Mightyena. He quickly found her. She was standing by a window, looking outside. He approached her.
"Hey, want a cup of coffee?" he asked. Cath turned her head, and looked at Brian.
"Uh, yeah... sure..." Cath replied, and grabbed one of the cups Brian was holding. She brought it to her mouth, and drank a little of it.
"So..." Brian said. "What are you doing here all alone? Don't you want to be with your friends?"
"Friends? I don't have any friends..." Cath said.
"But what about Jason, and Fury?" Brian asked.
"They're not my friends..."
"Why not?"
"Because we've never really... you know... Hung out with each other..." Cath replied. "We've never given ourselves the chance to get to know each other..."
"And that's why you're here?" Brian asked.
"Because I have nowhere else to be..." Cath nodded.
"Well if you never got the chance to know them, then why don't you do that now?" Brian asked.
"They wouldn't want to anyway..." Cath said softly.
"Why not?" Brian asked.
"Because of the way I acted when I was still a Team Rocket Member..." Cath said.
"What did you do then?"
"I constantly hurt their feelings..." Cath said.
"Why did you do that then?"
"I thought it was the only way for a Team Rocket Member to act like..."
"And that's why I have no friends..."
"Then make some..." Brian smiled.
"Didn't you hear what I said? They don't-"
"You won't know if you don't try..." Brian interrupted.
Cath was silent.
"I think that if you explain it to them, they'll understand..." Brian said.
"You really think so?" Cath asked.
"I do..." Brian smiled.
Cath looked at Brian confused. He then stuck out his hand, and she looked down.
"Friends?" Brian asked.
Cath looked up into Brian's eyes, and slowly, she started to smile. She grabbed Brian's hand, and shook softly.
"Friends..." Cath said.
"Now that was easy, wasn't it?" Brian asked.
Cath giggled.
"Now let's go to the others..." Brian said, and wanted to release Cath's hand, but she wouldn't let him. He looked down at his hand, and then at Cath.
"Thanks..." she softly said.
Brian said nothing as Cath pulled Brian to her side, pressing her body against his. Slowly, they started walking.

Cath and Brian returned to the group, and there Cath explained everything. She told them she felt bad about the way she acted, and also why she did that. The others took it better then she imagined. She thought they would hate her, but no one did. They understood everything. And in the end, they all shook hands. Cath felt great after doing this. She now knew she had others who she could talk to.
"Wow..." Cath said after a while. "I can't believe they took it so well..."
"That's because you explained the reason why you did it..." Brian said.
"I owe it all to you..." Cath smiled, and grabbed Brian's hands. She pulled him closer, until their bodies connected again. Cath lay her head down on Brian's shoulder, and slowly hugged him. Brian was speechless for a while. Then he placed his arms around Cath's body, and hugged back.
"No one has ever been this nice to me before..." Cath whispered.
"Well if you are nice to others, they will return the favor..." Brian replied. 
"Thanks..." Cath said, and smiled sweetly. This made Brian turn his head, rubbing the back of his head, blushing madly. He was starting to feel uneasy. Okay, she had hugged him just yet, but that was just to say thanks... right? Or did it have a different meaning? He turned his head back to ask Cath about it, when suddenly he felt someone's lips press against his. It were Cath's. Brian's eyes couldn't get wider, as Cath continued the kiss. She finally broke after a while, and pulled her head back. She looked at Brian's face, and giggled at his goofy expression.
"Why'd you do that?" Brian asked.
"Do you have a girlfriend?" Cath suddenly asked.
"A girlfriend?" Brian replied. "Ehh no, no I don't..."
"Well you do now..." Cath replied, winking.
Brian was speechless. Then, he smiled.
"I see..."

"How long before she too can get out of bed?" Sashi asked as the doctor checked Yazmin.
"Well she was in a pretty bad shape when you found her, and we had to stitch her stomach closed, so she needs to stay at least one day here for recovery..." the doctor replied.
"Okay thanks..."
"Now Yazmin, I need you to stay in bed until tomorrow, to give it time to heal..."
"Understood..." Yazmin nodded.
"Don't worry... I'll keep you company..." Sashi smiled.
"Family, you gotta love 'em..." Yazmin smiled, and the doctor left. "Hey but what exactly happened?" Yazmin asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Well what happened that made the Team Rocket hideout explode? And what happened to Giovanni?"
"Well I'm not sure, but Brian told me Giovanni escaped, saying we had to get caught by the police..." Sashi said, and Yazmin gasped.
"He... left us?"
"He didn't care about us Anthro's..." Sashi said.
"But... he said..."
"He lied..." Sashi said. "He just used us for his evil plans..." Sashi said.
"I can't believe what I'm hearing..." Yazmin said. "I've always seen him as a father... I trusted him..."
"You're not the only one who thought that..." Sashi said.
"Yeah you're right..." Yazmin nodded. "I must not forget about the others..."
"Precisely..." Sashi said.
"What about the others?" Yazmin asked.
"They're okay, I think..." Sashi said.
"I'd like to see them..." Yazmin said, and tried to get out of bed.
"Hey, didn't the doctor say you had to stay in bed for at least one more day?"
"I know..." Yazmin said. "But I can't wait that long..."
"Do you want me to ask if they can come here?" Sashi asked.
"If you would be so kind..." Yazmin said.
"Wait here!" Sashi said, and got up.
"As if I'm going anywhere..." Yazmin replied just before Sashi had left the room.

Sashi brought everyone to Yazmin's room, except for Cath and Brian, who had disappeared somewhere. Everyone was very happy to see Yazmin was fine. Fury told Yazmin exactly what Giovanni had said just before he escaped. When Yazmin saw Eevy, they shook hands, and called themselves friends too.
Then the doctor entered the room.
"I see you're doing better?" he asked.
"Yes, much better now that everyone's here..." Yazmin smiled.
"Listen... all..." the doctor said, and all immediately knew this was going to be bad news. "I've spoken to the Police just yet... They're downstairs, waiting for you to come down..."
"What did they say?" Eevy asked.
"They said that he was here to arrest all of you..." the doctor said. The Anthro's knew he was referring to them with 'you'.
"What?" Eevy gasped.
"Why?" Jason asked.
"You all were Team Rocket Members... You stole from people..."
"But... Th-they did that because of Giovanni! He's the one they should arrest!" Eevy said.
"I know that..." the doctor sighed. "The Police knew this too, but Giovanni covered his tracks. They have no clue where to find him, or even where to look..."
Every Anthro in the room looked down to the ground.
"It's not fair..." Eevy said. "Giovanni made them think they were doing the right thing..."
"Look... You know this, but the Police still thinks they're the bad guys..." the doctor said.
"Then why don't we explain it to them?" Eevy said.
"What is going on?" Audry asked, entering the room.
"They want to arrest the Anthro's!" Eevy said.
"What? Why?" Audry gasped.
"They were once Team Rocket Members..." the doctor said.
"Exactly; 'once'..." Eevy said. "But now Team Rocket's gone..."
"It's not my decision..." the doctor said. "If you don't want the Police to arrest your friends, talk to them..."
"Okay then, I will!" Eevy said.
"Eevy... wait..." Fury said.
"Why are you doing this?"
"To save you guys..." Eevy replied.
"We don't need to be saved... We know what we've done was bad, and we now know we have to pay for what we've done..." Fury explained.
"But it's not your fault..." Eevy said.
"We know that too... It looks like there's no other way..." Jason said.
"We appreciate the gesture..." Fury said. "But it's no use..."
"What about me?" Yazmin asked.
"You're in no physical state to travel yet, so they'll come for you tomorrow..." the doctor replied.
"And me?" Sashi asked.
"I'm afraid you'll have to go too..." the doctor said.
"Okay that's it!" Eevy barked, making everyone look at her. "I thought it was bad they arrested the other Anthro's... But they ain't taking Sashi away from me after I've almost lost her!"
With that, she rushed out of the room. Everyone was speechless.
"She won't give up, will she?" Fury asked.
"That's Eevy..." Sashi smiled.

Arriving downstairs, Eevy immediately spotted the police officers.
"Oh, it's you..." one said. "You were with those Anthro's when that building exploded, weren't you?"
"Yes..." Eevy replied. "And I've heard what you want to do with them..."
The officer looked into Eevy's eyes.
"Listen, you have to understand that they are criminals... They've committed crimes like stealing rare objects and destroying areas..." he said.
"They were thought that was a good thing!" Eevy said. "But they were all brainwashed by Giovanni!"
"'Brainwashed?'" the officer asked.
"When they were operating on Sashi, they fou-"
"Sashi? By that you mean..."
"One of the two Espeon Anthro's... but anyway, they found a weird fluid in her body... That fluid was used to brainwash Sashi, making her think she too hated humans..."
"And that's not true?" the officer asked.
"No of course not! Sashi doesn't think that way!" Eevy said.
"And yet she joined Team Rocket..." the officer said.
"They kidnapped her!" Eevy cried.
"And can you prove that?!" the officer barked back.
"Yes she can!" Espeon said, arriving downstairs.
"Espeon?" Eevy said surprised.
"An Espeon..." the officer said to himself.
"Eevy, if you would be so kind to translate to the police officer what I'm saying..." Espeon said.
"Okay..." Eevy nodded.
"What in the..."
"I know this looks bad, but Eevy is telling the truth..." Espeon said, and Eevy translated. "I was with Sashi when she was taken away from me... We were just minding our own business when suddenly a smoke bomb exploded. It drove me and Sashi apart, and when the smoke disappeared, she was gone..."
The police officer listened to everything Eevy translated, and when she was finished, he grinned.
"And you expect me to believe you understood her? That you were translating everything that Espeon said? What do you think I am? Crazy? You can't understand Pokemon language!" the officer said.
"Yes she can..." someone said from behind, and the Police officer turned. Eevy gasped.
"Darren?" Sashi asked, as she and the other Anthro's (except Brian and Cath) had come down.
"Hi Sashi..." Darren smiled, and walked further into the hall.
"Wha-what are you doing here?"
"I saw the news... I've heard what happened..." Darren replied. "Well, not the complete story, but that can wait..."
"And who might you be?" the officer asked.
Darren didn't reply. He reached into his pocket, and brought out a card; the same card he gave Sashi the first time he met her.
"'Pokemon 'Anthro''..." the officer read out loud. "'Pokemon not like other Pokemon... Four Island Pokemon Daycare'... Yeah, so?"
"My house is a daycare for Pokemon Anthro's... I keep them there..."
"Well apparently these got loose..." the officer said.
"I didn't say I kept all the Anthro's there... There are a lot more Anthro's on this planet then just these, hidden in groups, trying to survive..." Darren explained. "And that all because we humans forced them to..."
"I don't know what that has to do with any of this..." the officer said.
"Let me explain... From the beginning of their lives, the Anthro's were already feared. They were born as Pokemon, but have the appearances of a human being. From the beginning of their lives, they had to learn how to survive on their own if they didn't have anyone to be with... Can you imagine that when a human offers you food, new clothes and a roof over your head in exchange for your service, you'll accept?" Darren said.
The officer was silent.
"That's exactly what Giovanni did to them..." Darren said, and nodded at the Anthro's behind Eevy.
Now, the whole room was silent.
"He's good..." Fury said. 
"But it's not just Giovanni's fault... It's us humans who gave the Anthro's such a hard time..."
The officer couldn't say a thing. He was completely speechless.
"And about the human Team Rocket Members... They're the ones who willingly became Team Rocket Members...They're the ones you should arrest..."
"What's going on here?" Brian asked, as he and Cath arrived in the hall.
"Brian!" Eevy said. "They're trying to arrest Sashi and the others!"
"And that also includes you and your girlfriend..." the officer said.
"Arrested? Us?" Cath gasped. "I know what we did was bad, but that's because-"
"Silence! You're under arrest!" the officer said.
"You ain't arresting her, or anyone else!" Brian growled, stepping in front of Cath. "And especially not me! If I didn't ask Nurse Joy to call the Police, you wouldn't even be here!"
"He's right..." Nurse Joy said, entering the hall.
"Nurse Joy!" Sashi said..
"Sashi, it's good to see you're back..." Nurse Joy smiled, then turned her head to the Police officer. "Brian's right... If he didn't ask me to call you, you wouldn't have known where to find Team Rocket..."
"That is true..." the officer said. He thought it over. "I'm going to discus this with my boss... You all stay here until I come back..."
With that, he turned around, and walked out.
"Thanks Darren... Nurse Joy..." Eevy said.
"Are you okay, Sashi?" Darren asked.
"A little hurt in the head, but okay, yeah..." Sashi replied.
"Tell me... Why is the Police here?" Nurse Joy asked.
"They're here to arrest us..." Fury said.
"And who are you?" Darren asked.
"I'm Fury... I'm... no wait, I was a Team Rocket Member..."
"Ah I see... And that's what you're being arrested for?" Darren asked, and Fury nodded. "But now that we've explained everything to the Police officer, he might think differently about it..."
"You really think so?" Jason asked.
"I don't know..." Darren said.
"What now?" Fury asked.
"We wait for him to return..." Nurse said.

Later that day, the Police officer returned, and every Anthro (except for Yazmin) was anxiously waiting for him to tell them with what news he had returned; good or bad news.
"I need to ask you to come along with me..." he said to Darren.
"Why?" Darren asked curious.
"Because you need to tell my boss exactly what you told me..." the officer replied.
Darren looked back at the Anthro's and nodded.
"If it means trying to save them, I will..." Darren said, making the Anthro's smile. When Darren was gone, Fury approached Sashi.
"That boy is amazing! I've never seen a human care so much about Anthro's before..." she said.
"Well what about me?" Eevy grinned.
"Oh right..." Fury smiled.

A couple of minutes later, Darren returned with good news.
"They're willing to withdraw your warrant of arrest, only if you bring back the rare ball you," Darren looked at Jason, "And Yazmin stole 2 days ago..."
"Sound easy enough..." Jason said.
"You know where it is?" Darren asked.
"Why of course, it's hidden in the-" he said, but stopped. "Oh wait, the building has exploded, right?"
"Ehh... Yeah?"
"Uh-oh..." Jason said. "Then it's probably hidden somewhere under the rubble..."
"Oh great..." Darren groaned. "Well okay, we'll dig it up... But I'm going to need the help of all you guys on this one..."
"We'll help..." Fury said.

The Anthro's and Darren went back to the place the Team Rocket hideout once stood, and searched through the rubble. With a little help from the Pokemon who were in the Team Rocket balls, the found what they were looking for. They brought it to the Police Station, and as promised, their warrant of arrest was withdrawn.
"So now that you're free to go again, what will you do?" the police officer asked.
"They can come with me if they want to?" Darren suggested. "They can live at my Daycare... But it's up to them to decide that..."
"I think it's a great idea!" Fury smiled.
"I'm not going yet..." Jason said. "I'll have to wait for Yazmin to be better again before we decide what to do..."
"I understand..." Darren said, and brought out the card he gave to the Police officer earlier. "Here's my card... It's got my home- and e-mail address written on it, so you can come over any time you want..."
"Thanks... I'll show Yazmin..." Jason smiled.
"So this means goodbye again, Sashi?" Darren asked.
"Seems like it..." Sashi replied.
"Well it's been nice seeing you again... And you can come over any time you want either, you know that right?"
"I know..." Sashi smiled. "Thanks for your help..."
"I did it with pleasure... So this means you'll come with me?" Darren asked the Anthro's.
"We're not coming..." Brian said.
"Why not?" Darren asked.
"I loved staying at your house, but I think I belong on the road..." Brian said.
"Oh okay... your decision..." Darren smiled. "Anyway, you know where to find me, so if you feel the urge to come back, or over, come and visit..."
"I sure will..." Brian smiled. "And tell Voira and Eeve I loved the time we spent together..."
"Will do, bye!" Darren said, waving his hand.
"Bye!" Brian and Sashi said.
"Voira and Eeve? Who are those?" Cath asked.
"Ehh... Just friends..." Brian said.
"So where were you when the Police tried to arrest us?" Sashi asked, eying Brian.
"I was with Cath..." Brian simply replied, looked into Cath's eyes, and smiled.
"A... ha... So anyway, what will you do now?" Sashi asked.
"Like I said before, I belong on the road, so why don't Cath and I join you and Eevy again?" Brian asked.
"I'd love to have you around again!" Sashi smiled. "It's been so lonely without you..."
"Well that is if Cath wants to go too..." Brian said.
"Sure, I would like to travel too..." Cath said.
"Okay then..." Sashi said.
"You want to go now?" Eevy asked.
"Well, I'd like to visit Yazmin first..." Sashi said.

Sashi, Eevy, Cath and Brian entered Yazmin's room, where Jason just told her the good news.
"That's great!" Yazmin smiled, and then spotted Sashi.
"Oh hi Sashi... Jason just told me the good news..."
"Great!" Sashi smiled.
"So... What now?" Yazmin asked.
"Well I've decided to go and defeat all the Gyms again... That was my goal before I became a Team Rocket Member, and now that I'm not anymore, I'd love to continue it..." Sashi said.
"Then why don't you?" Yazmin asked.
"I was wondering if you wouldn't come along with us..." Sashi said. "It would be great to have family around!"
This made Eevy, Brian, Jason and Cath all look at Sashi.
"'Family'?!" Eevy gasped.
"Haven't I told you guys yet?" Sashi asked, and all shook their heads. "Oh... Well, when the doctor did a blood test today to find out if the other Anthro's had the same fluid in them, he discovered our DNA was the same..." Sashi said.
"So this means you're family?" Brian asked.
"Twin-sisters..." Yazmin answered.
"Wow... I would never have imagined you two were related..." Eevy said. "I mean, you practically look the same, but that doesn't say you are..."
"I know... It surprised me too, but it's proven we are family..." Sashi said. "And that's why I wanted to ask you if you would come with us on our journey..."
"It's a great offer, but I think I will refuse..." Yazmin said.
"But why?" Sashi asked.
"Because I've been through enough already... I think I need some time to rest... To take it easy..." Yazmin replied. Sashi was about to argue, but stopped. It made sense.
"I understand..." Sashi nodded. "Then this is goodbye?"
"Until we meet again..." Yazmin said.
"Yeah..." Sashi said, and turned around.
"Wait!" Yazmin called, and Sashi turned around.
"We can't meet again if we can't contact each other..." Yazmin smiled.
"Oh, right... You have an e-mail address?" Sashi asked.
"Yes..." Yazmin said, and wrote it down on a note. She then gave it to Sashi.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, grabbing the note. "I'll make sure to send you an e-mail every once in a while..."
"I'm looking forward to that..." Yazmin said.
"Well... See you later..." Sashi said, and turned around.
"And Sashi?" Yazmin said.
"Mmmm?" Sashi replied, looking over her shoulder.
"Good luck..."
With that, Sashi left Yazmin's room. Followed by Eevy and Cath. Brian didn't.
"Excuse me, Jason?" Brian asked, making the others stop.
"Mmmm?" Jason replied.
"I know he's now your Pokemon, and I can't do anything about that... But as much as I've tried, I can't live without my Umbreon..." Brian said.
"Oh..." Jason said, and pushed a yellow button on his belt. It turned into a Pokeball. "You want him back, huh?"
"Yeah..." Brian said.
"Well, okay..." Jason said, and gave the Pokeball to Brian. He took it, and looked down on it for a while.
"You've always hated being locked up in a Pokeball, and look where you are right now..." Brian said, and held out the Pokeball. "Umbreon! I choose you!" he called, and the Pokeball opened. Light came out of it, and formed into a shape.
"Umbreon!" Umbreon said. He looked at Brian, then at Jason. "What's going on here?"
"You're not my Pokemon, and you never have been... You belong to Brian, not me..." Jason said.
"That's not true!" Umbreon said.
"He still thinks you're his Trainer..." Brian said.
"I know how to undo that..." Cath said, and Brian looked at her.
"Destroy the Pokeball he came out of..." Cath replied.
"How?" Brian asked again.
"Hit it with something hard..." Cath said.
"Okay..." Brian said, and grabbed for a Pokeball of his own. He held it out, and it opened. "Scizor! I choose you!"
The Pokeball opened, and Scizor came out.
"Scizor..." Scizor said, saying the usual. He looked at Umbreon. "Umbreon?"
Umbreon took a step backwards.
"Brian? What's wrong?" Scizor asked.
"Scizor? I need you to break this Pokeball... It's the only thing that's keeping him in Team Rocket's control..."
"All right, if it means bringing Umbreon back, I will!" Scizor said, and Brian laid the Pokeball down on the ground. Scizor walked over, and raised his claw high. He then slammed it down, and in a second, you could hear a crack. The ground shook for a second, until it stopped. And when Scizor removed his claw, you could see the Pokeball had split into two. Suddenly, Umbreon shook his head. When he stopped, he looked at Jason, and then at Brian.
"B-Brian?" he gasped.
"Umbreon?" Brian replied.
There was a silence between them, broken by each other screaming each other's names.
And with that, the two hugged each other.
"Ohh I've missed you SO MUCH!" Brian said, rubbing his head against Umbreon's.
Umbreon did the same.
"I'm so sorry about everything..." Brian said.
"Me too..." Umbreon said.
"Will you forgive me?"
"I will if you will forgive me..." Umbreon said.
"Okay..." Brian said.
"Okay..." Umbreon repeated.
"Now come..." Brian said, calling Scizor back, and getting up. He walked over to Sashi and the others, and smiled. Umbreon followed, and finally, Eevy, Cath and Brian followed Sashi, to continue her journey she started such a long time before...


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