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Back to normal?

Back to normal?

Sashi: All right! Chapter 21!
Sashi: I'm so glad you decided to continue!
Well I'm glad you're glad...
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Sashi, Eevy, Audry, Cath and Brian were walking, which seemed weird, because Sashi could remember they were setting up a tent to spend the night in. Anyway, all seemed to go fine, but suddenly, everything around her turned dark. She couldn't see a thing.
"Whoa what's going o-" Sash started, but stopped when she realized she was alone. Eevy, Audry, Cath and Brian weren't there. "Guys?" Sashi called. "If this is a joke, it ain't funny!"
"Oh this is no joke..." a voice said, and Sashi recognized it from somewhere.
"Who are you?!" Sashi called. "And what is going on?!"
The voice didn't speak again, and Sashi looks around, into the darkness. Suddenly, a man appeared out of nowhere, and Sashi recognizes him. It was Giovanni.
"G-Giovanni?" Sashi gasped.
Giovanni smiled, and approached her. Sashi tried to run, but couldn't somehow. Then she knew why she couldn't; she was tied, to a wall. Giovanni grinned as Sashi relived what happened in the Team Rocket hideout. Giovanni was now a centimeter away from her, and suddenly he moved his arm to Sashi's throat, grabbing it. Sashi felt like she couldn't breathe. That's when Giovanni brought up something. A cup. He pushed it against Sashi's lips, as he was trying to pour something into her mouth, but Sashi wouldn't open her mouth. Giovanni then moved his hand to Sashi's nose, and squeezed it tight. Still, Sashi didn't open her mouth, but she realized she'd have to open it sooner or later, in order to breathe. And finally, she opened her mouth, and breathed in fresh air. That's when Giovanni pushed the cup over her lips, and the liquid that was inside poured into Sashi's throat. She froze, as she felt the cold liquid run through her body, and then...

Then she woke up screaming, gasping for air.
"Sashi?" Eevy asked, waking up as well.
Sashi looked around quickly, and noticed she was in a tent. Cath, Brian and Audry were still asleep next to her.
"Sashi... What's going on?"
"I... I think I had a nightmare..." Sashi said softly.
Eevy puts an arm around Sashi's head, and slowly kissed her on the cheek.
"Well it's over now..." Eevy said. "It was just a dream..."
"Yeah, I guess..." Sashi said, and Eevy smiled. She lay down on her back again, and Sashi did too. "Yeah... Just a dream..." she said, and closed her eyes.

Sashi woke up, and yawned. It's been a few days since the group had left Bokui hospital. Audry has never been so happy to see Sashi when they came down. She told Sashi she had heard everything from Nurse Joy, and she had gotten worried. Sashi told Audry everything was fine, and that she would continue her journey. She asked if Audry would come too, and Audry replied;
"Well I said I would, didn't I?"
But Audry wasn't the only one who was worried. Espeon was still waiting downstairs, for reasons unknown to her. But when she saw Umbreon back at Brian's side, she was so happy, she tackled him hard, sending the both of them crashing into the wall. But they didn't mind. They were too happy to see each other again, that they didn't feel any pain.
"I didn't know what happened to you! I was so worried!" Espeon said.
"I don't remember all of it..." Umbreon replied. "It's all vague..."
That's when Brian explained everything he could. He told Umbreon he was caught by Giovanni, and given to Jason.
"Jason I remember..." Umbreon nodded. "But our fight, that I don't..."
Brian then explained everything that happened in it.
"Oh..." Umbreon said, and lowered his head. "I'm sorry for all of that..."
"Don't be... you were in Team Rocket's control..." Brian said.
And if they thought the worst part was over, they were very wrong, because they were still dressed in Team Rocket uniforms. Well, Cath and Sashi. So, hurrying over to the nearest cloth store, they bought some regular clothes. The people working there couldn't believe their eyes when they saw two 'Pokemon' enter their store. After getting used to their customers, and when Cath and Sashi had changed clothes, they asked what they had to do with the Team Rocket clothes. Cath replied;
"Burn them, or throw them away... As long as you don't sell it!"
A salesman then replied;
"What are we? Nuts?"
Then the two walked outside.
"Much better..." Sashi said. She had bought a white T-shirt, and blue pants. She also bought a coat, to keep her warm in cold times.
"You know, it's funny... I've never actually worn normal clothes..." Cath said. She was wearing a jacket over a T-shirt, red pants and two similar gloves like the ones she used to wear. The only difference was that the Team Rocket symbol wasn't on these gloves.
"I think they look great on you..." Brian said, making Cath blush.
"You're so sweet..." Cath said, waving her long and thick tail against Brian's face, making him blush this time.
Then it was time for Sashi to take back her Pokemon.
"Eh... Sashi?" Eevy said.
"Mmmm?" Sashi replied.
"I still have your uhm... Pokeballs..."
"Oh yeah..." Sashi said as Eevy grabbed them from out of her backpack. She handed them over to Sashi, and she looked down on them. She threw them into the air, and called for the Pokemon to come out. They all appeared on the ground, and looked at Sashi.
"You okay?" Vulpix asked.
"You're all better now?" Dragonair said.
"We know what happened..." Gardevoir said.
"Even though we were inside our Pokeball, we could see everything that happened..." Vulpix said.
"Yeah, about that..." Sashi said, and knelt down. "I'm so terribly sorry for acting like that..."
"Hey, you must have been in some sort of weird mind control if you would ever throw us away, so we understand..." Dragonair said.
"Thanks..." Sashi smiled.
They started walking, walking to... to...
"Where are we going again?" Audry asked.
"Well we were planning on going to my home, didn't we?" Sashi asked.
"Oh yeah..." Eevy smiled. "So that I can meet Tim and Suzy..."
Sashi giggled.
"Is that the only reason you wanna go?" Sashi asked.
"No of course not, silly..." Eevy replied.
Elsewhere, Espeon and Umbreon were watching the group from a distance.
"It's great to see them back together..." Umbreon said.
"Who?" Espeon asked.
"Brian and Sashi... Eevy and Sashi... Everyone..." Umbreon said.
"And let's not forget us..." Espeon said, rubbing her tail against Umbreon's face.
"Especially us..." Umbreon said, moved Espeon's tail aside with his head, and rubbed it against hers.
"But tell me... what happened to you after we were defeated by that Breloom and Crobat?" Espeon asked.
"I was caught..." Umbreon said.
"Caught? By who?" Espeon gasped.
"Giovanni..." Umbreon said.
"And then he gave me to Jason, the Mightyena male..." Umbreon said.
"Oh Umbreon..." Espeon said.
"And then he used me in a fight against Brian..."
"Against Brian? Oh you must have felt terrible!" Espeon said.
"Actually, I was under Team Rocket's control... I didn't feel any emotion towards Brian, let alone show it..."
"And how did the fight end? Did you defeat Brian?" Espeon asked, and Umbreon nodded.
"Afraid so..."
"But... Now you're back... How did that happen?"
"Jason gave me back to Brian... I was still under Team Rocket's control, but Brian fixed that by destroying the ball I was caught in..."
"Wait a second... You were caught in a ball?" Espeon asked.
"But you hate that!"
"I was unconscious when it happened... But what about you? What happened to you?"
"Well, I don't remember a lot of it, but when I woke, I was just called out of my Pokeball..." Espeon said.
"You too? You were called into a Pokeball too?" Umbreon asked.
"Not 'a', but my..." Espeon replied.
"Who did that?"
"Sashi..." Espeon said softly.
"Oh..." Umbreon said. "When she..."
"Was in Team Rocket's control..." Espeon finished.
"Oh I'm so sorry..." Umbreon said.
"It's not your fault..." Espeon said.
"What happened next?" Umbreon asked.
"Sashi called me out, because she was about to fight..."
"Fight who?"
"Eevy..." Espeon said, and Umbreon gasped.
"Against Eevy?" Espeon nodded. "What did you do? Did you fight her?"
"I didn't..." Espeon said. "Sashi ordered me to, but I refused... And when I did, she told me to get lost..."
"You mean you left Sashi?" Umbreon asked.
"It was the only thing to do..." Espeon said.
"Well, now we're even..."
"Huh?" Espeon replied confused.
"You've left your Trainer once, and I've left my Trainer once..." Umbreon smiled.
"'Once'?" Espeon giggled. "What about that time in Darren's Daycare?"
"Okay, twice..."
"Does this mean I have to catch up to you?"
"Why would you want to do that?" Umbreon asked.
"For no particular reason..." Espeon replied.
"Well, okay, I guess..." Umbreon said, unsure what to say.
"Okay..." Espeon said, and took a step away from Sashi. "There, I've left her..." She then took a step forwards. "And now I'm back..."
"And we're even..." Umbreon said. For a while, they were silent, but then they burst out in laughter. It seemed to be the best thing to do at that time.
"And what's so funny?" Sashi asked. Espeon and Umbreon stopped laughing, and looked up.
"Nothing..." Espeon said, and looked at Umbreon again. Then, not able to hold back, they burst out in laughter again.
"You're weird..." Sashi said, but Espeon couldn't hear it over the sound of her own voice.
After Espeon and Umbreon were done laughing, Sashi started walking.
"Come on..." she said. "We need to go now..."
And together, side by side, Espeon and Umbreon followed Sashi, Eevy, Brian, Cath and Audry, with Espeon's tail wrapped around Umbreon's, never losing contact.

And now Sashi is, along with Brian, Cath, Eevy and Audry, on Route 153, close to her house. Sashi got out of the tent, and closed her eyes for a second because it was so light outside.
"Oh hey sleepyhead..." Eevy smiled. She had made everyone a ham-sandwich; her specialty, and Cath loved them. "Here, I made you one already..." Eevy said, and reached out a ham-sandwich to Sashi.
"No thanks... I'm not hungry..." Sashi replied.
"Ehh... You've never refused any of my ham-sandwiches before..." Eevy said.
"I know... I just... feel weird..."
"You okay Sashi?" Brian asked. Sashi didn't reply.
"Sashi?" Eevy said, and placed a hand on Sashi's shoulder. Suddenly, Sashi backed off.
"Don't touch me!" Sashi suddenly growled.
Everybody was silent.
"Sashi? What's wrong?" Eevy asked confused, pulling her hand back. It was as if Sashi didn't want her to touch her.
Sashi gasped when she realized what happened.
"I... I don't know how, but... I seem to... hate you..." Sashi said.
"What did you say?" Eevy gasped.
"I... I'm sorry..." Sashi said softly.
"Something must be wrong with you..." Espeon said.
"Could it be that fluid the doctors found in your body?" Brian asked.
"Didn't they remove that?" Espeon asked.
"Oh yeah..."
"Well..." Cath said, and went silent.
"What?" Brian asked.
"The potion... I'm not sure, but it might have a side effect..." Cath said.
"Like what?"
"I don't know... I've never asked Giovanni, or the scientists what it was..." Cath said.
"Well what should we do about it?" Espeon asked.
"Maybe Tim and Suzy know?" Audry said.
"Good idea... Let's take her there!" Espeon said.
Eevy was silent the whole time. Did she lose Sashi again? Did that Team Rocket thing start all over again?

Audry, Brian, Cath and Eevy did their best to bring Sashi back to her home, but it wasn't easy. Especially on times when Eevy came close to Sashi.
"Oh sweetie, you know it's not your fault..." Sashi then said. "I too wish that it was different..."
For a while Eevy thought Sashi was back to normal, but when she came closer again, Sashi backed off, growling softly. This showed her Sashi couldn't return to normal unless she got help from someone who could help her. For another while she thought it was just her, but she showed hatred towards Audry as well.
"I don't know what's wrong with her... She wasn't like this when she woke up this night..."
"She woke up?" Brian asked.
"Yeah... She woke up screaming... She said she had a nightmare..."
"Weird..." Brian said, as they continued running.
After a while, they reached Route 151, the Route Sashi's house was located on. They followed the road, until they saw a big house. It looked a lot like Darren's Daycare, only smaller. They also saw someone outside in the garden, watering the plants. It was an old female, so that must have been Suzy. She looked up when she noticed someone approaching her. She then gasped.
"Oh my.. Sashi!" Suzy smiled, happy to see her 'daughter'. Sashi looked at Suzy with a smile on her face, but then it faded. "It's so good to..." she said when she saw the smile fade. "What's wrong?"
"Are you Suzy?" Brian asked.
"I am, yes..." Suzy replied. "And you're an Anthro too... And so are you..." Suzy said to Cath.
"Yes... but can you help us?" Brian asked.
"Does it have to do anything with Sashi's abnormal behavior?" Suzy asked.
"Yes, we don't know what's wrong with her, and we thought you might..." Audry said.
"Oh you're that girl who spied on Sashi all that time ago..." Suzy said.
"Yes, I know... But, what about Sashi?!" Audry said.
"Oh, right..." Suzy smiled. "Come on in, and I'll let Tim have a look..."

"Mmmm..." an old man said as he checked if there was anything wrong with Sashi. Tim, the husband of Suzy and 'father' of Sashi, had heard the news from Eevy and the rest. "So this Team Rocket has brainwashed my little girl?" Tim asked.
"Yes... It was to make her turn to Team Rocket's side..." Cath said. "I'm very sorry..."
"Why are you sorry?" Tim asked confused.
"Because I was once a team Rocket member..." Cath answered, and Tim was silent. Then, he smiled.
"I see you're not anymore now?" he said.
"No... Team Rocket's gone, but I still feel guilty for what I've done..." Cath said.
"Well as long as you have learned from your mistakes, you're okay to me..." Tim said.
"Thanks... yes, I've learned from my mistakes..." Cath said.
"I say it one more time; humans aren't that bad now, are they?" Brian said.
"No..." Cath smiled.
"Mmmm..." Tim said again. "I don't know what to make of this... If it were a cold I would know what to do, but this... This is beyond my knowledge..."
"Oh no..." Eevy said. "What now?"
"What you can do is go to Professor Yuuki's lab... He's got many scientists who can figure out Sashi's problem..." Tim said.
"Okay, then we'll do that..." Brian said.
"We'll bring her back to normal!" Eevy said.

"Okay which way to his lab?" Brian asked.
"This way!" Espeon cried, and started running. Espeon had to know. After all, the lab is the place where she was born.
"She's right!" Audry said, and followed Espeon.
"If you say so!" Brian said, and followed the two. The rest just followed Brian.

After a while they reached what they thought was Professor Yuuki's lab, but soon their doubt disappeared, because, who else would own a big, white building with a sign 'laboratory' standing outside? They ran to the entrance, opened the door, and entered without permission. They had bigger problems right now. They were spotted on the hallway.
"Eh excuse me, but what are you doing here?" a scientist asked. "Do you have an appointment with the Professor?" That's when he noticed Sashi. "Hey... aren't you... Yes, it's you! You're Sashi!" he smiled.
"Yes, she is! But can you tell us where to find Professor Yuuki?" Brian asked.
"Hey, you're..."
"An Umbreon, yeah I know!" Brian said impatiently. "But can you?"
"Why? What's the problem?" the scientist said.
"We need to find out what's wrong with Sashi!" Eevy said. She was standing as far away from Sashi as possible, and she didn't like it.
"In that case, right this way please..." the scientist said, and started walking. Everyone followed him, until he brought them to a room at the end of the hall. "Excuse me, Professor?" the scientist said.
"Yes, Charles?" an old man dressed in a white jacket replied. He had a beard and moustache all together in one package. He started smiling when he noticed Sashi. "Ah, Sashi, I see you're back?" he asked, but his smile faded when he noticed the way Sashi looked back at him. "Something wrong?"
"Yes... We don't know wha-"
"Hey, you're an-"
"Yeah I know!" Brian replied irritated.
"Sorry, you may enter the room..." Professor Yuuki said.
"Thanks..." Brian replied calm, as he and the rest walked in.

Sashi was placed in a chair by Brian and Cath, as Eevy and Audry kept at a distance.
"Now tell me what's wrong..." Professor Yuuki asked, as Brian and Cath both sat down in the chairs next to Sashi.
"It all started a few days ago..." Brian said, and started explaining.
"Arrested? Why?" Professor Yuuki asked when Brian began about the morning after the Master Ball was stolen. That's when Brian mentioned about Team Rocket, and how one member looked exactly the same as Sashi.
"Team Rocket you say?" Professor Yuuki said, and Brian nodded. "And this member was also an Espeon Anthro?"
"Yes..." Eevy answered this time.
"Go on..." Professor Yuuki said.
Brian continued explaining, about how he was called for help by Eevy and Audry, how he found out about Team Rocket, and then Eevy explained what Sashi had told her about team Rocket setting her free. Professor Yuuki continued asking questions as Brian and Eevy both answered them. Then Brian was finally done explaining.
"And that happened this morning..." Brian said.
"So you say she started acting strange when being close to humans?" he asked.
"That's what happened every time Eevy laid contact with her, or got close..." Brian nodded.
"And you are sure that the doctors of the Bokui Hospital removed all the potion in Sashi's body?"
"They said they did..." Brian said.
"But did they do any tests to see if nothing remained?"
"I don't know..." Brian said. "It's not as if they told us exactly what they did... They just said they 'successfully removed' everything..."
"I see..." Professor Yuuki said. He thought it over. "I think I'm going to need to do some tests with her... To see what's wrong..."
"How long is it going to take?" Eevy said.
"I'm not sure... It might take some while..." Professor Yuuki said.
Professor Yuuki got up, and walked around his desk. He approached Sashi, and stopped a little distant away from her.
"Now, Sashi?" he asked.
"Yes, Professor Yuuki?" Sashi replied.
"Good, you still remember me..."
"How could I forget you?" Sashi asked. "You gave me my very first Pokemon..."
"That's right..." Professor Yuuki said, and took a step closer. Sashi moved along with her chair a bit backward, growling softly.
"You don't have to be afraid of me..." Professor Yuuki said.
"I-It's not that..." Sashi said. "I'm not afraid of you..."
"Then will you let me help you get back to normal?"
"Yes..." Sashi said softly, but when Professor Yuuki came closer again, Sashi moved backward.
"I guess this is not going to work..." he said.
"We'll take her with us, if that's okay?" Brian asked, and Cath nodded.
"It would be the best for her, yes..." Professor Yuuki agreed. "You two better stay here..." he then said to Eevy and Audry.
"Why?" Eevy asked.
"Sashi might feel disturbed if she sees you..." Professor Yuuki said.

Brian and Cath held on to Sashi's hands as they led her to a room where Professor Yuuki went in. When inside, Professor Yuuki explained what he was going to do.
"I'm going to make a scan of her body, but in order to do that, I need to put her down on that..." Professor Yuuki said, pointing at a big machine. It had a long plate, where someone had to lie on. Then the plate would move through the machine, and outside the scientists could see if there was anything wrong in the body. It was pretty much like a CAT-scan. "And you know how she thinks about humans now..."
"I understand... You need us to help you place her on that plate?" Cath asked.
"Yes..." Professor Yuuki nodded.
"Sure, we'll help..." Brian said, and together with Cath, they led Sashi to the machine.
"W-what's this machine going to do to me?" Sashi asked.
"It's going to see if something's wrong with you..." Brian said.
"Bu-But nothing's wrong with me!" Sashi replied.
"But you say you hate humans..." Cath said.
"I know! I can't do anything about that! But I'm sure it'll pass over in no time!" Sashi said, and tried to break free from Cath and Brian's grip. She succeeded, and was now released.
"Sashi!" Brian gasped. "We're only trying to help!"
"I..." Sashi replied, then looked around, and saw an open window. Brian looked at the window too.
"Sashi? Don't!" Brian said, as Sashi started to move to the window. "Sashi!" Brian said, but it was already too late.
"I'm sorry..." Sashi said, and jumped out through the window.
"What's going on?" Eevy asked, entering the room.
"Sashi's gone..." Brian said.
"When we tried to help her, she freaked out, and fled..." Brian said.
"Then we need to find her!" Eevy cried.
"I know..." Brian said, and looked out the window. "And soon... It's getting dark!"

Sashi ran through the bushes, trying to run away. As hard as she tried to convince herself she was not afraid, she was. She had been running for some time now, not thinking straight. She continued running, until suddenly, she stopped. She didn't know where she had been running to, or where she was at the moment. She looked around, and saw nothing but trees, more bushes, and an orange sky in where the sun was slowly disappearing at the horizon. This area was unknown to her, and even though she was born around here, the place she was right now was far beyond the area she knew. She tried going back, but even that was hard. If only she had paid more attention while she was running away. The sky was turning dark blue, meaning night was about to begin. Several stars had already appeared in the blue ocean.

"Okay if you two go that way, then Cath and I will go this way!" Brian said, and Eevy and Audry nodded. They were now carrying flashlights.
"We'll go this way!" Espeon said, and Umbreon followed.
"What if we see her?" Audry asked.
"Call for us..." Brian said. "Our ears will pick up your voice..."
"Okay..." Eevy said, and she and Audry ran away. Cath and Brian went the other way. And even though everything around them was turning dark, the place was still lit very well by lanterns standing outside. They went uphill, until they felt the air around them heathen up.
"Whoa it's hot here..." Cath said, wiping the sweat off her forehead.
"Yeah..." Brian said. "I wonder how that could be? The earth should be cooling down, now that the sun has set..."
"I think that's causing the heat..." Cath said, and pointed ahead. Brian followed her finger, and saw what she meant.
"Hot springs?" Brian said. "I didn't now there were any around here..."
"Well apparently there are..." Cath said, with a very unusual smile on her muzzle. She walked forwards, and slowly took off her jacket.
"Ehh..." Brian said, seeing Cath strip down her cloth. "What are you doing?"
Cath didn't reply. She just continued stripping, until she had pulled off her T-shirt. She threw her clothes on the ground, and then grabbed the edge of her red pants. She pulled it down slowly, hearing the effect from Brian. He was gasping in air fast, getting turned on.
"W-we sh-should go and f-f-find Sashi..." Brian said.
"I know... But I thought I could have some fun while doing it... And besides," she said, stepping out of her pants, "She'll still be there when I'm done..."
"Bu-But..." Brian said.
Cath pushed one of her feet into the hot water to feel the temperature. She shivered once, enjoying the heat. She then pushed the whole leg into the water, and the rest of her body followed soon. With a splash she dove under water, and a few seconds later, she appeared above again. She turned around, and smiled at Brian's expression. "Well, hop on in..." Cath grinned. She was keeping her chest below water on purpose, so that Brian couldn't see anything.
"Ehh Cath? We need to-"
"Afraid?" Cath interrupted.
"'Afraid'?!" Brian replied, as he grabbed his T-shirt, pulling it over his head. Cath smiled as Brian started unbuckling his belt. She swam forwards, and slowly leant her chest on the edge of the spring, still not showing anything by covering her breasts with her arms. Brian had just pulled his pants down, and his underwear showed he was pretty much turned on because of what Cath has done. She smiled even more when Brian pulled his underwear down, and revealed his 8 inch dick, bouncing up and down.
"Mmmm... I'm going to like having you around..." she said.
That's when Brian realized what he'd done, and he started blushing.
"What? Ashamed?" Cath asked.
"Well this is the first time we expose ourselves to each other..." Brian said.
Cath didn't reply. She pushed herself out of the water, showing her body to Brian, and got out of the spring. She stood up, and now Brian could see everything. He looked down at Cath's red, furry breasts with its white nipples, and then more down until he saw her pussy, covered with white pubic hair. It was a delicious sight
"There... Now we have both seen each other naked..." Cath grinned. Brian was still staring at her body, but his stare was broken by Cath bringing his face up with her hand.
"Hey, I'm up here..." she giggled.
"You are... so beautiful..." Brian said. Cath smiled, and moved her muzzle forwards. Soon, her lips touched his, and immediately they started exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. They shared a French Kiss for almost a minute, until Cath broke with a smile.
"That's more like it..."
"I just needed to get warmed up first..." Brian said, placed his hands on Cath's back, and pulled her closer to him. He pushed his lips against hers again, and they shared another kiss, until Cath pushed Brian away. "What?"
"Save it for when we're in the water..." Cath said, turned around, and jumped into the hot spring, making water splash in all directions. Brian smiled, and tested the water with his foot. Suddenly, he was surprised by Cath grabbing his leg, and pulling him down, straight into the spring. Cath giggled as Brian went underwater, but she stopped giggling when she noticed he didn't come up.
"Brian?" Cath said, looking around to see if he came up somewhere else, but he hadn't. "Brian, where are you?" Cath called, worried now. Suddenly, she was pulled under water hard, and she managed to gasp in air just before her head went under. When under water, she spotted Brian, grinning. Cath pulled a smile, and grabbed his head. She pulled it closer, and then pressed her lips against his again. Slowly, they both appeared above water, still embraced in the kiss.
"And that's for pulling me in..." Brian smiled, pulling his head back.
"And this..." Cath said, grabbing Brian's still erect dick in her hand, "Is for saving my life..." she finished, and dove under. Brian couldn't see what she was doing, but he had a pretty good idea of what came next. And he was proven right when suddenly he felt something surround around his dick, closing around the shaft, until it came to the base, where he felt fingers grab his balls. Brian closed his eyes, and leaned his head back, enjoying the feeling Cath was giving him.

Meanwhile, Sashi was still wondering where she was. She had walked some distance since a few minutes ago, but still she didn't recognize anything.
"Oh I'm never going to find my way back..." Sashi sighed, and sat down on a big rock. She placed her hands over her eyes, and started sobbing softly. Suddenly there as a rustle in the bushes next to her, and that made her look up. Suddenly, a little Poochyena cub jumped out.
"A Poochyena..." Sashi said softly.
The Poochyena looked up at Sashi, and saw that she had been crying.
"What you crying for?" he asked in a high pitched voice.
"I'm lost... I can't find my way back..." Sashi said. By the tone of his voice and the use of words, Sashi guessed he must have been very young.
"Can I help?" he asked.
"Do you know if there's a laboratory around here?" Sashi asked.
"Ehhh..." the young Poochyena started thinking. "I don't know what a labaro... Lobaro... whatever it is called, because my mom doesn't let me out so much..."
"But if your mom doesn't let you out so much, how come you are out right now, and at this time?" Sashi asked.
The Poochyena started grinning.
"I sneaked out..." he said, wagging his tail from side to side. "She won't let me out at this time, but I want to play!"
Sashi did something she hadn't done in a while; she giggled.
"You're a very naughty little Pokemon, aren't you?" Sashi asked.
"Little? I'm not little!" the Poochyena replied with a playful growl.
Sashi sighed when he said that.
"What? Why are you sad?" he asked.
"You just said something my Pokemon Espeon always says..." Sashi said.
"Oh..." the Poochyena said, and his tail disappeared between his hind legs. "I'm sorry... You probably hate me right now, don't you? So I'll just-"
"No wait!" Sashi said, and the Poochyena stopped. "I don't hate you..."
"Really?" he asked, turning his head.
"Why would I?"
"Because... Because I said something that made you sad..."
"You couldn't help it..." Sashi said.
"You're not mad?"
"Why are you sad?" he asked.
"Because..." Sashi said, and then sighed again. "Because I did something stupid..."
"Something's very wrong with me... My friends tried to help me, but I ran..."
"Because I was afraid..." Sashi said.
"Why are you afraid?"
"I'm afraid, that if they can't help me... I might lose them forever..." Sashi said.
The Poochyena was silent for once. Sashi looked down at him, a tear appearing in the corner of her left eye.
"Don't be sad..." the Poochyena then said.
"Mmmm? Why not?"
"Because... If they're really your friends, they'll never leave you... They'll be there for you, no matter what happens..." the Poochyena said.
Sashi was silent. She was speechless. He was right. If they were really her friends, they'd stay with her no matter what. She then smiled, and picked up the Poochyena.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, hugging his small body. She closed her eyes as she buried her head in his gray fur.
"Happy to help!" the Poochyena said, wagging his tail even more. Sashi then slowly put him down on the ground again, and got up.
"Now all I need is to do is find my way back..." Sashi said.
"I can ask my mom? She may know!" the Poochyena said.
"Great idea..." Sashi agreed.
"Follow me!" the Poochyena said, jumping up and down happily as he started running. Sashi followed him through the bushes, until they came to a grassy field with several hills. In one hill was a den, a good place for a home. The Poochyena went to the den, and stopped. He turned around, and looked at Sashi. "Come on!"
"Poochy? Is that you!?" someone else asked, and the Poochyena flinched.
"Y-Yes mom..." he said. A second later, a Mightyena female walked out.
"How many times have I told you not to go outside after sunset?" she asked.
"Oh mom! I don't wanna go to bed yet!" Poochy whined.
"Doesn't matter what you want! I make the rules around here..." the mother said, and then noticed Sashi. She took a step backwards.
"Don't be afraid..." Sashi said, raising her hands in defense, smiling softly. The mother calmed down when she noticed Sashi didn't pose a threat.
"Who are you?" she asked.
"My name is Sashi... I'm a Pokemon Trainer, and-"
"A Pokemon Trainer?!" the mother gasped, and backed off, disappearing half into her den.
"No, no, wait!" Sashi said.
"Yeah mom! She's not scary!" Poochy said.
The mother Mightyena kept herself hidden for a while longer, until she finally came out slowly.
"You're not here to catch us, are you?"
"Of course not!" Sashi said. "I would never break up a family..."
"Well... Okay..." the Mightyena said, getting out completely. "So you're not her to catch us, but why exactly are you here then?"
"I'm lost... And I was wondering if you would know where I could find the laboratory of Professor Yuuki..." Sashi explained.
"Well I don't know anything about a Professor Yuuki, but I have seen a few buildings somewhere near..." the mother said, and looked around. She sniffed the air sometimes, and then she nodded. "That way... I smell human scent coming from that direction..."
"Thank you..." Sashi smiled, and reached into her backpack. She brought out a can of Pokemon food, and opened it. She took out some food, and put it on the ground before the Mightyena. "Here you go... For helping me..."
"All right! Food!" Poochy said, and immediately jumped at it. But his mother was quicker, and grabbed him in his neck with her teeth, pulling him back. "Awwww... So close..." Poochy said.
"Thank you for the food..." The mother said with a mouthful of fur, and carried Poochy into her den. Then she came back. "You can just follow the river flowing near here. You'll find a bridge. Go over it, and walk to the east for a few more minutes..."
"Thanks again..." Sashi said, and left. She then stopped. "Can I say goodbye to Poochy first?"
At that, Poochy stuck his head out of the den.
"You're leaving?" he asked in a sad voice.
"Afraid so..." Sashi replied. "But I promise I'll visit again..."
"You promise?"
"I promise..." Sashi said again.
"I'll look forward to it!" Poochy said as Sashi started to leave.

"Mmmm..." Cath moaned when Brian dragged his tongue over her slit. Brian had just discovered Cath could hold her breath for a very long time. Without even getting up for air, she had made Brian come. Cath had finally come up for air, and she received a 'Wow... that was amazing!' from Brian. And now, he was repaying the debt. Cath was lifted out of the spring by Brian, and placed on the edge, spreading her legs with his hands. "You're doing a great job..."
"Mmmm..." Brian replied, and moved his hands up. He moved them between Cath's legs, and slowly used his fingers to spread her pussy lips. He then pushed tongue inside deeper, making sure to lick the bulb at the top.
"Oh yeah..." Cath moaned. She couldn't take more, she could feel it. Any second now, and she would come like never before. Just before she felt she was going to explode, she pushed Brian's head away.
"W-what are you doing?" Brian asked.
"Come out and find out..." Cath said seductively. She sat up, got on all fours, and stuck her butt up in the air. She then waved her tail from side to side, until she left it to her right, showing off her wet and beautiful white furred pussy. Brian smiled, and pushed himself out of the water. He got out, and crawled forwards on hands and knees. When he arrived at Cath's butt, he placed his hands on her back, and slowly positioned himself in front of her entrance. With one swift move, he pushed himself in without hesitation. He knew Cath wanted this. He guessed that she wanted to feel it together with him. And to be honest, Brian felt he was up for another round. They both gasped in pleasure as Cath felt Brian enter her. It felt even better than anything she ever felt before, and though Brian's dick wasn't as long as Jason's, it was still enough for her, as she closed her eyes, and slowly relaxed her muscles. Brian held himself back, feeling Cath's pussy lips surround his shaft, and it felt great!
"Go on..." Cath said. "Move..."
"Uh..." Brian moaned softly, as he thrust himself forwards, making the both of them starting to moan. Then, Brian pulled himself back, until only a part of him stayed inside Cath. Then he slammed back hard, and the pleasure started.
"Oh yeah! That's more like it!" Cath said, and started moving her butt back in Brian's rhythm. Brian moved his chest down, and surrounded Cath's body with his arms. He grabbed a breast in each hand, and squeezed softly, receiving satisfied moans from Cath. "Faster..."
Brian complied, and increased his pace. This continued for a few minutes, until Brian could feel he was getting close again. He could feel fresh cum boil in his balls the faster he humped. And he did.
"I... think... I'm..." he began, and just when he felt his climax was going to hit him, Cath beat him to it.
"Oh yeah!" Cath moaned, closed her eyes tight, and came. Her juices came pouring out of her past Brian's dick.
"Oh!" Brian then moaned when he felt Cath's hot juices. It immediately sent him over the edge, and he groaned as he shot his seed deep into Cath's pussy.

The two were lying on the ground, recovering from what they just did.
"That was awesome..." Brian said.
"You were great..." Cath replied, and laid her head down on Brian's chest. Hey kept silent for a while.
"Shouldn't we go back to searching for Sashi?" Brian asked.
"While we're looking like this?" Cath asked, looking at her body covered in sweat.
"Well okay I guess we could use a bath..." Brian said, as Cath got up, and jumped into the hot spring again.
After they washed their bodies clean of sweat, the two continued looking for Sashi, unaware that she was on her way back to professor Yuuki's lab at the moment...

To be continued...

It's great to write 'to be continued' again...
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Sashi: Well at least you're done now...
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