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Back to normal...

Back to normal...

Chapter 22!
Sashi: Yay!

Professor Yuuki was staring out the window Sashi escaped out of, looking at the dark sky with the moon shining bright in the middle of it. He sighed.
"I wonder if she's okay..." he said.
"Of course I am..." Sashi said as she entered the room.
"S-Sashi?!" Professor Yuuki gasped. "What are you doing here?"
"Well I was about to ask you to help me return to normal..." Sashi said.
"No, I didn't mean that... Your friends are looking for you outside right now!"
"Oh... Well... I'll just call them to tell them I'm back..." Sashi said, and reached into her pocket. She took out a cell phone, and pushed a few buttons. She then brought the cell phone to her ear, and waited.
"Hi... Eevy..." Sashi said.
"Sashi!? Where are you?"
"In Professor Yuuki's lab..."
"Oh... Sashi, please stay there! I'm coming right away!" Eevy said, and hung up. Sashi did the same, and then pushed another few buttons. She brought the cell phone to her ear, and waited some more.
"Hello Brian..." Sashi said.
"Sashi? Thank goodness you're okay! Where are you?"
"In Professor Yuuki's lab..." Sashi said.
"Stay there! We're on our way!" Brian said, and hung up. Sashi hung up too, and put the cell phone back into her pocket.
"But what about your Espeon?" Professor Yuuki asked. "She's gone to find you with the Umbreon..."
"I'm sure she'll come back soon..." Sashi smiled.
"Why did you run away before?"
"I was afraid..." Sashi said. "Afraid I might lose my friends if you couldn't help me return back to normal..."
"I see..." Professor Yuuki nodded. "And what made you come back?"
"I met up with a little Poochyena cub, who made me see the light..." Sashi said. "He said that if my friends were really my friends, they would never leave me..."
"And he's right..." Professor Yuuki said.
"I understand that now..." Sashi said.
"But you still feel hatred towards humans?"
"Of course..." Sashi said. "But that will be over soon..."

Later that night, everyone returned. Even Espeon and Umbreon, because Espeon somehow felt Sashi was back.
"You're ready to let me help you?" Professor Yuuki asked.
"Ready..." Sashi said, and lay down on the plate.
"Now before we begin... Are you claustrophobic?"
"Then you'll do just fine..." Professor Yuuki smiled, and pushed a button. Suddenly, the plate started moving into the machine, and Professor Yuuki walked to the side, and looked on a screen. On it he could read the data the machine sent out from Sashi's body scan. Brian, Cath, Eevy and Audry also looked on the screen to see what was wrong, even though they didn't know what all the numbers meant.
"Anything, Professor?" Eevy asked.
"I don't read any data of showing any abnormality in Sashi..." Professor Yuuki said. "But that's probably the same thing the doctors in Bokui thought..."
"Perhaps we should make another scan, but this time an X-ray?" a scientist asked.
"Good idea, let's try that..." Professor Yuuki agreed, and pushed another button.

A few minutes later, Professor Yuuki finally found out what was wrong with Sashi.
"It appears the Team Rocket scientists didn't only pour this liquid into Sashi, but they also implanted some sort of chip in her body..." Professor Yuuki said.
"A chip? What kind of chip?"
"I'm not sure, but I think that's changing her thoughts all the time..." Professor Yuuki said.
"Can you get it out?" Eevy asked.
"Yes, but it requires a lot of time... And I don't want any of you near Sashi when we operate on her... You might get in the way..." Professor Yuuki said.
"We understand..." Cath said. "Come, Eevy..."
"Yes..." Eevy nodded, and together with the rest, she left the room, and Sashi.


"What now?" Audry asked.
"We wait..." Eevy said.
"I think we should find a place to sleep..." Brian said. "It is pretty late..."
"I agree... Any ideas?" Cath asked.
"We can stay at Tim and Suzy's place?" Eevy suggested.
"We can try..." Espeon said, and started walking. The rest followed, until they reached Tim and Suzy's house. Eevy knocked three times, and they waited for someone to answer. Tim opened the door, yawning, and rubbing his eyes. He stopped rubbing when he saw Eevy and the others.
"Oh hello, kids..." Tim said.
"Hello Mr. Tim..." Eevy said.
"Mister? Don't call me that. It makes me feel old..." Tim said.
"Okay, Tim..." Eevy said. "We were wondering if we could spend the night in your house..."
"Of course you can! Friends of Sashi are always welcome..." Tim said, and gave Eevy, Audry, Cath and Brian the room to get in. Espeon followed soon.
"Hello Tim..." she said.
"It's also good to see you, Espeon... I haven't heard of you since Sashi phoned me, telling me you evolved..." Tim said, and slowly petted her head. Espeon let out a purr in reply, and then continued walking.
"Where can we sleep?" Cath asked.
"I'll show you to the rooms..." Tim said, and walked up the stairs. They followed him, until he stopped.
"Which room is Sashi's?" Eevy asked.
"This one..." Tim said, and opened a door. Eevy entered, and smiled when she saw the stuff in Sashi's room, pictures on the wall of when she was little, and a few dolls lying on her bed. It was a pretty big bed.
"Can I spend the night in here?" Eevy asked.
"Of course..." Tim said.
"But then there's not enough room for the rest of us..." Audry said.
"There are other rooms where you can sleep in..." Tim said. He then looked at Eevy. "Sleep well..." he said.
"Thanks..." Eevy replied, and wanted to close the door.
"Eevy?" Espeon asked.
"Can I sleep in here with you?" she asked.
"Sure..." Eevy smiled, and opened he door enough for Espeon to fit through. Then she closed it.
"Can we have a room together?" Cath asked.
"Sure, this way please..." Tim said, and showed Cath ands Brian their room. It wasn't as big as Sashi's, but it had a bed, and that was all that mattered.
"Thank you..." Brian said, and entered. Cath soon followed, and closed the door behind her.
"And then you can have this room..." Tim said, and showed Audry her room.
"Thank you for letting us stay in your house..." Audry said.
"Like I said before; friends of Sashi are always welcome... It's really nice to see Sashi found some - sorry for saying it like this - humans, who treat her like normal..." Tim smiled.
"Well, I can speak for Eevy when I say that we don't care how she looks from the outside..." Audry smiled back.
"Thank you..." Tim said. "For taking care of her the way you're doing now..."
"No problem..." Audry said, and opened the door to her room.

"Wow... I can't believe I'm in Sashi's room..." Eevy said, as she picked up a picture, standing on a table next to Sashi's bed. "Awww... She already looks so cute..." Eevy said.
"I know..." Espeon replied.
"Tell me, Espeon..." Eevy said as she sat down on the bed. "What was it like, when you first met Sashi?"
"Well..." Espeon said, and jumped onto the bed, sitting down next to Eevy. "I was released out of my Pokeball by Professor Yuuki... I didn't know why he returned me in it earlier that day, but when I spotted Sashi, I figured out... I've heard the Professor talk about starter's Pokemon before, and he has also told me I was one, so when I saw Sashi, I knew I was going to be her Pokemon..." Espeon said. "In the beginning, I didn't like being with Sashi... She made me do things I didn't like, like getting back into my Pokeball... But, as time went on, she understood I didn't want it... And I began to understand it was hard for Sashi to be a Trainer, since she looked different from everyone else... So I started to accept the things Sashi made me do. When I grew older, Sashi had improved much since the first day we met... She began to use different strategies in battle, and outside she started caring for me more and more, and so did I. We created a bond between each other, a friendship. We started to understand each other. In the beginning, I was afraid Sashi would leave me if I did something wrong... I once lost a fight, and I could see Sashi didn't like that. I felt terrible then... Especially when she lost a few more fights. I thought it was me that made Sashi lose, but Sashi then said something that changed my mood. She said: 'I'm sorry...'. I didn't know what she was talking about. Then she said 'I'm the worst Trainer ever... I don't deserve to be a Trainer...' She then looked at me, and said: 'And I especially don't deserve you...' That's when I jumped onto her lap, and slowly licked her face clean of tears, showing a 'Yes-you-do' face. She understood that, and hugged me hard, saying 'Thank you, Eevee... Thanks for having faith in me...' And ever since that moment, I know Sashi loves me for the way I am, and if I make any mistakes, she doesn't mind, because... Who doesn't make them? And about losing a fight; she doesn't mind... It just makes her and me stronger... We learn from our mistakes..." Espeon said.
"Wow..." Eevy said.
Suddenly, Espeon yawned.
"Yeah, I agree..." Eevy said, and started to undress herself. She threw all her clothes on the floor, and pulled the blanket back so that she could get under it, naked. When under the blanket, Espeon jumped onto Eevy's belly, and lay down.
"Goodnight, Eevy..." she said.
"Goodnight..." Eevy replied, and lay her head down on the pillow.

In the room next to Eevy's - or should I say Sashi's? - Cath and Brian were silent. Cath was resting her head on Brian's chest, and he had placed his arm on her back. Suddenly, they both breathed in air, and sighed deeply, letting it escape out of their mouths. This was enough to tell the both of them what they were thinking about; each other.
"Brian?" Umbreon asked, breaking the silence.
"Can I go to Espeon's room?" he asked.
"Of course you can..." Brian replied, and Umbreon smiled.
"Thanks, buddy!" he said, and wanted to walk away, but stopped. "Ehh Brian?"
"Did you lock the door?"
"Yes, I did..." Brian said. "Want me to open it for you?"
Umbreon looked around, and saw an open window.
"Nahh never mind, I'll go through there..." Umbreon said, walked to the window, and jumped out of it. There was a small edge under the window where Umbreon got on, and he slowly looked to his left. He saw that Eevy's window was open too, and smiled.
"Goodnight, Brian... Cath..." Umbreon said.
"Goodnight..." Cath said.
"See ya tomorrow..." Brian said.
Umbreon smiled, and started walking. He arrived at Eevy's window, and slowly looked inside. He spotted Espeon, lying on Eevy's belly, snoring softly. He walked in, jumped onto the floor, and then onto the bed. He slowly walked over to Espeon, and nudged her head softly. This made her wake up, and smile.
"Hey..." she said.
"Hi sweetie..." Umbreon said.
"What are you doing here?"
"Can't I be with the one I love?" Umbreon asked.
"Well of cou-"
"Cause if you don't want to, I can go..." Umbreon said, acting hurt. He got up, but was pulled down when Espeon wrapped her tail around his hind legs. He fell down on the bed making Eevy wake up.
"Wha?" she said, opening her eyes. Then she noticed Espeon and Umbreon. "Oh hey Umbreon... What are you doing here?"
"Being imprisoned by my girlfriend..." Umbreon replied, trying to break free from Espeon's tail.
Espeon giggled, and released Umbreon's legs.
"He was talking about leaving, so I stopped him from doing that..."
"I was only kidding!" Umbreon chuckled.
"I wasn't..." Espeon said, and moved her muzzle towards Umbreon's. She quickly pecked his lips, and then pulled her head back.
"Hey if you two are going to fool around, get out..." Eevy said, giggling. "But I want to sleep..."
"Yeah I guess we need to sleep too..." Umbreon said.
"Yeah we need to be in full strength tomorrow in order to be there for Sashi..." Espeon nodded, and slowly lay down again. Umbreon lay down next to Espeon, and moved his head against hers, closing his eyes.

The next morning, Eevy was the first to wake up. She slowly got out of bed without waking up the two Eon's, and pulled on her T-shirt. Her pants followed soon, and her shoes as last. She walked out of the room (after unlocking the door) and walked downstairs. Tim and Suzy were already up, and she greeted them.
"Good morning..." Eevy said.
"Ah, did you sleep well?"
"Yeah, I feel rested..." Eevy nodded.
"Would you like to eat some breakfast?" Suzy asked. "I've made some sandwiches for each of you..." she said, and pointed at a plate full of sandwiches.
"I would love to try your sandwiches..." Eevy smiled, and grabbed one. She took a few bites, and chewed on them. Then she swallowed, and smiled. "They're very good, Suzy..."
"Thanks..." Suzy replied.
"But I have to say... Mine are better ^ ^..." Eevy said.
"Oh?" Suzy replied. "Then why don't you make some of yours?"
"I'm sure everyone would love that..." Eevy said, and finished her sandwich before she got up. She grabbed her backpack - which she left standing in the hall - and walked to the kitchen.
"Always curious, huh Suzy?" Tim grinned.
"Well I'd like to see if she can do better than me..." Suzy replied.
After a while, Eevy returned with one ham-sandwich.
"Only one?" Suzy grinned.
"This one's only an example of what I can do..." Eevy said, having heard what Suzy had said to Tim. Eevy grabbed a knife, and cut the sandwich in two pieces, one for Suzy and one for Tim. They both took a bite out of it, and chewed down on them.
"Oh my..." Tim said, enjoying the taste.
"Not bad..." Suzy agreed. Eevy smiled.

Later that morning, everyone came down, and smiled when they saw Eevy's delicious sandwiches.
"They are really delicious!" Cath said, taking a bite of her third sandwich.
"Thanks..." Eevy giggled.
"So tell me..." Suzy said to all. "What kind of Pokemon do you have?"
"I have a Scizor, Gyarados, Alakazam and Umbreon..." Brian said.
"I have a Ninetales, Grovyle, Meganium, Venusaur and a Roselia..." Audry said.
"I have a Arcanine and a Breloom, from when I was a Team Rocket member..." Cath said. "But now that I think about it, officially they aren't mine, but Team Rocket's..."
"Hey... They fought by your side, right?" Brian asked.
"Yes, but only because they were given to me by Giovanni..."
"But you used them, so they know you..." Brian said.
"I know, but-"
"And since Team Rocket's gone now," Brian interrupted, "You can have them, because they have no one to be their Trainer..."
"Yeah..." Cath nodded. "But... do you think they will like me?"
"Why wouldn't they?" Brian asked.
"Because I was a team Rocket member..." Cath said.
"Cath... it's time to put the past behind you..." Tim said. "You were a Team Rocket Member... but not anymore, and that's what counts... I believe I've already told you that once..."
"Yeah..." Cath said again.
"Why don't you let them decide?" Brian asked.
"What do you mean?" Cath asked.
"Call them out, and destroy their balls..." Brian said, talking about the black-roof team Rocket Pokeballs.
"Okay, then I'll dot that..." Cath smiled. "Thanks, Brian..."
"And you?" Suzy asked Eevy. "What kind of Pokemon do you have?"
"Me?" Eevy asked, and Suzy nodded. "Well, my Pokemon are a Jolteon, Umbreon, Flareon, Vaporeon and her child Eevee..." Eevy said.
"An Eevee child?" Suzy asked, and Eevy nodded. "Awww how sweet!"
"Yeah, I know..." Eevy smiled.
"What level is he?"
"It's a she, and I think she's level 8 or 9..." Eevy said. "I'm not so sure... I've let her out of her Pokeball a few times, but we haven't really trained or anything..."
"If you'd like, you can do that here..." Suzy said.
"I can?" Eevy asked.
"Of course! It's a Daycare, remember?" Suzy smiled. "There are lots of Pokemon around here for her to fight with..."
"How high are their levels?" Eevy asked.
"Around level 10 maybe... So she'll do fine..." Suzy said.
"Okay, then I will train her here..." Eevy smiled. "But first I'd like to see how Sashi's doing..."
"Of course... And remember, you can leaver your Pokemon behind here as well... We'll watch over them..."
"That sounds like a good idea..." Brian said, and grabbed for his Pokeballs. "Where can we leave them?"
"Just outside... There they have all the room they need..." Suzy said.
"Okay..." Brian said, and got up. He walked outside, and threw his Pokeballs into the air. "I choose all of you!" he called, and the Pokeballs opened. Scizor, Alakazam and Gyarados appeared in front of him n the field. "Good morning you guys..."
"Hey Brian..." Scizor said. "What's wrong?"
"Then why did you call us out?"
"Right now, we're at Sashi's house... It's a Daycare, and Tim, the owner, said you could stay here and train..." Brian said.
"I see..." Alakazam nodded.
Then Cath came out. She threw her Pokeballs into the air, and called for Breloom and Arcanine to come out. They did, and appeared on the ground. Then they spotted Brian's Pokemon, and started growling.
"Stop growling!" Cath said. "They're not your enemy!"
"Go on... Destroy their Pokeballs..." Brian said. He looked at Scizor, and nodded once. Scizor nodded too, and approached Cath. Cath put the Pokeballs down on the ground, and Scizor stopped in front of them. He raised both of his claws, and slammed them down, cutting the two Pokeballs in two. Breloom and Arcanine suddenly shook their heads, and when they looked up again, their eyes seemed different.
"Breloom... Arcanine..." Cath said.
"Ehhh..." Arcanine said. He had a very low voice. "Cath?"
"You're Cath..." Breloom said in her soft voice.
"So you recognize me?" Cath asked.
"Barely, but yes... I remember we've fought together a couple of times... but I'm not sure why..." Breloom said.
"I remember fighting a Ninetales..." Arcanine said.
"Yes... about that..." Cath said, and took a deep breath. "It all started a long time ago when..." she said, explaining everything to the two Pokemon, until....
"So if you two like to go and lead a normal life, you're free to go..."
The two Pokemon were silent for a while.
"Well..." Arcanine said. "I don't mind what happened in the past..."
"Yeah..." Breloom nodded. "A Trainer's a Trainer..."
"So... You..." Cath said.
Arcanine walked over to Cath, and slowly rubbed his big, furry head against hers.
"We would like to stay your Pokemon..." he said.
Breloom joined Arcanine at Cath's side, and slowly rubbed her head against her, careful not to use her ability 'Effect Spore', which inflicts Paralysis, Poison or sleep to the opponent.
"Thank you..." Cath smiled, tears running down her cheek. "Thank you so much..."
"Good work..." Brian said.
"Thanks..." Cath said wiping the tears off her face. "Now all you need is a Pokeball to get in..."
"I can take care of that..." Tim said, coming out of the house. "I have loads of empty Pokeballs, ready to be used for the newly hatched Pokemon."
"You would give me new Pokeballs?" Cath asked.
"Like I said; I have loads of them..." Tim smiled, and reached out two Pokeballs to Cath.
"Thank you..." Cath said, and grabbed them. She then looked at Arcanine and Breloom, and threw the two Pokeballs at them. They didn't try to avoid them, as the Pokeballs hit them. They turned into red light, and were soon sucked into the Pokeball. The Pokeballs fell down to the ground, and shook a couple of times, until they stopped. Cath smiled, and walked over to the two Pokeballs. She picked them up, and looked at them. "Thanks again..." she said, and placed a kiss on both balls. {Author's note: POKE-balls! :P} She then threw the balls into the air, and released them. Soon the others joined Cath and Brian outside, and they too released their Pokemon.

When they had released their Pokemon, they went to Professor Yuuki's lab again, to see if Sashi could be brought back to normal.
{Author's note: Just forget about the title for a second ^ ^}
"Good morning..." Yuuki greeted, and everyone said 'good morning' back. He was sitting in front of his desk in a chair in his office.
"Any news about Sashi?" Eevy asked.
"We've taken out the chip, so she should be back to normal now..." Professor Yuuki replied.
"That's great news!" Eevy smiled, and wanted to run out of the room.
"Wait!" Professor Yuuki said.
"Why? I wanna see Sashi..." Eevy replied, stopping.
"She's sleeping now..." Professor Yuuki said.
"I'll be quiet..." Eevy said, and turned to leave again.
"But-" Professor Yuuki started, but Eevy was already gone.
"No point in arguing with her..." Brian said, and Professor Yuuki looked at him. "Once she's got something in her head, there's nothing to make her think otherwise..."
"Like when she wanted to stop the police from arresting the Anthro's?" Professor Yuuki asked.
"Yup..." Espeon said. "That's what makes her so special..."

Eevy went to visit Sashi. She was lying in a bed, something that looked a lot like when she was in the Bokui Hospital. She sat down in a chair next to Sashi's bed, and slowly watched her.
"You'll be back to normal soon..." she said. "I know you will..."

Sashi kept on sleeping, until she opened her eyes slowly later that day.
"Sashi! You're awake!" Eevy smiled.
"Hey Eevy..." Sashi smiled.
"So how are you?" Eevy asked.
"Still a bit tired, but okay..." Sashi replied.
"You remember anything of the past days?" Eevy asked.
"I remember I woke up from a nightmare, but you said it was just a dream..." Sashi said.
"That's right..."
"And then..." Sashi said, but stopped. "I... felt hatred.." she said softly.
"Yes..." Eevy replied as softly as Sashi.
They were both silence now.
"Oh... I'm so sorry..." Sashi said, looking down. "I'm sorry you had to experience that again..."
"I know... It's not your fault..." Eevy said.
"Why?" Sashi asked confused.
"Professor Yuuki found out Team Rocket had implanted a chip in you, which made you go crazy, so to speak..." Eevy said.
"A chip?" Sashi asked, and Eevy nodded.
"That's what made you hate humans all of a sudden..."
"Ohhhh... Come here.." Sashi said, and opened her arms wide. Eevy smiled, and crawled onto the bed. She got between Sashi's arms, and slowly put her arms around her. The two slowly hugged, resting their heads on each other's shoulders. Eevy was so happy she could touch Sashi again, and pressed her head hard against Sashi's. Sashi placed a hand on Eevy's head, and slowly rubbed. "I'm all better now..."
"I'm so happy you are..." Eevy replied.
The two slowly let go of each other, and Sashi crawled out of bed.
"Yep! All better nohohooooooow?!" Sashi said, as she placed her feet on the ground, trying to stand up. But her legs wouldn't support her weight. If Eevy hadn't been there to catch Sashi as she fell, she would've fallen on the ground.
"You okay?" Eevy asked, worried something might be wrong with her.
"I feel... weak..." Sashi replied.
"I'll go get Professor Yuuki! Wait here!" Eevy said, placed Sashi back on the bed, and walked out of the room.
"Oh don't worry... I can't go anywhere ^ ^" Sashi said.

"You don't have to be worried..." Professor Yuuki laughed. "It's a normal reaction after the operation we did on your body to take out the chip..."
"When will I be back to normal?" Sashi asked.
"In a few days your body will have its own strength back..."
"So I have to stay in bed for a few more days?" Sashi asked.
"If you want to fully recover, then yes..."
"Well, okay, I guess..." Sashi said.
"Don't worry..." Eevy said. "I can wait..."
"And so can we..." Cath said.
"You would all wait for me?" Sashi asked, and all nodded. "Thanks..."
"You are really lucky to have such good friends..." Professor Yuuki said.
"Yeah, I'm the luckiest girl alive..." Sashi smiled.
"So how is your journey to become a Pokemon Master going?"
"Well I just defeated Karl when team Rocket showed up..." Sashi replied.
"Ah so you have five badges now?" Professor Yuuki asked.
"Yup..." Sashi smiled.
"And don't forget your promise when you get all badges.." Professor Yuuki smiled.
"I know..." Sashi giggled.
"And what about you? Are you two Pokemon Trainers too?" Professor Yuuki asked the rest.
"Well, I am a Trainer, but I don't fight for badges..." Eevy said, and Cath nodded.
"Me either..."
"I'm as far as Sashi now..." Audry smiled.
"Five badges too?" Professor Yuuki asked, and Audry nodded. "And you?" he asked Brian.
"I haven't fought a Gymn Leader since Tiara..." Brian said.
"And did you win?"
"No... I lost..." Brian said.
"Ohh that's a pity..." Professor Yuuki said.
"Yeah..." Brian said.
"You're planning on catching up with Sashi and Audry?" Professor Yuuki asked.
"Well I was thinking about it..."
"Then you should..." Sashi said.
"What?" Brian asked confused.
"Go get those badges... I'm sure you can beat Tiara now... Your Pokemon have grown a lot since then..." Sashi said.
"You sure? What about you then?"
"I'm trapped here for a few more days... In that time you can win the badges... And when I'm ready to go again, I'll call you..." Sashi said.
"Okay then..." Brian smiled.
"And you're not going anywhere without me..." Cath purred, grabbing Brian's arm.
"What will you do then?" Brian asked.
"I'll root for you from the sidelines..." Cath smiled.
"With that, there's no way I can lose..." Brian smiled, and then faced Sashi again. "Okay, I'll be back when I'm done..."
"And I'll be here waiting... Unless I'm gone when you're done of course..." Sashi grinned.
"And you would leave without me?" Brian laughed.
"If you don't hurry..." Sashi laughed back.
"See you soon then!" Brian said, and walked away, followed by Cath.
"We would really leave without him?" Eevy asked.
"Of course not... I was just kidding..." Sashi smiled.
"Hey but I will wait..." Audry said.
"You really want to wait for me to recover?" Sashi asked.
"I said I would, didn't I?" Audry replied. "Besides, I haven't seen my mother since I left.. It would be great to see her again..."
"Okay then..." Sashi said.
"See you in a few days..." Audry said.

Meanwhile, Brian was getting his Pokemon from Tim and Suzy's Daycare.
"Hey Umbreon..." Brian said.
"Mmmm?" Umbreon replied, raising his head from the ground, where he and Espeon had curled up together on.
"Guess what? I'm going to fight for badges again!" Brian said.
"And you need me to help you do that?" Umbreon asked, getting straight to the point.
"Yes..." Brian replied.
Umbreon looked at Espeon, and she nodded.
"Go..." she said.
"You sure?" Umbreon asked.
"Yes..." Espeon nodded again.
"But what about us?"
"At least this time I know you'll come back..." Espeon replied, smiling. She then looked up at Brian. "You will come back, right?"
"Yeah of course we will... It's different from last time..." Brian smiled.
"Well see you soon then.." Espeon said, and kissed Umbreon on the lips. Umbreon quickly pushed out his tongue, but Espeon pulled back. "Nu-huh... Not this time..." she giggled.
"Okay.." Umbreon smiled, and kissed Espeon on the lips. Then he pulled his head back, and looked at Brian. "Okay, I'm ready to go.." he said.
"Okay then..." Brian said, and grabbed the Pokeballs of Scizor, Gyarados and Alakazam. He called them back, and put the Pokeballs on his belt. Cath called her Pokemon back, and she too put the Pokeballs on her belt.
"I'm ready to go too..." Cath said.
"Then let's go..." Brian said, and started walking.

Audry said goodbye to Sashi, for now, and returned to her home. Her mother was delighted to see her, and she embraced Audry with all the strength she had, asking her how her journey went, and what she was doing here.
Eevy stayed with Sashi, until night fell, and she had to go back to Tim and Suzy's Daycare to spend the night in, only to return to Sashi in the morning.
Espeon had to live without Umbreon for a few days, until his return. He would come back, and she would wait for him until he did.

Everything seemed to have calmed down, until Brian and Cath arrived back in Salia City, the big city where Tiara's Gym was located. He and Cath entered, and he smiled when he saw her.
"You are the Umbreon from a long time ago..." Tiara said.
"Indeed I am... I came back here to fight you again..." Brian said.
"Come back to lose again?" Tiara replied with a grin. Brian only grinned back.
"This time, I won't lose..." Brian said. "And your Attract won't influence me anymore... Cause I now have someone to really love..." he said, looking at Cath.
"Whatever..." Tiara said, as a referee appeared, and announced the battle to begin. Tiara fought hard, but in the end, Brian defeated her strongest Pokemon; Delcatty, with one attack.
"You have improved much since the last time..." Tiara said, as she called Delcatty back.
"That's right..." Brian smiled.
"Continuing this battle does not lead me to victory..." Tiara then said, and sighed. "I know when I am outpowered... You win..."
The referee nodded.
"Tiara had given up the fight! The challenger Brian wins this match!" he said.
Brian was silent. "You... Give up?"
"It is no use fighting you when I know I can not beat you..." Tiara said.
"Wow... I never expected you would do these things..." Brian said.
"Hey, I am human too, you know..." Tiara said, smiling.
"But it's not like you showed that the last time..." Brian said.
"Well I have to play hard when I fight, do I not?" Tiara said.
"I... guess..."
"Well you have won..." Tiara said, and reached out in a bag. She took out a badge. "Take this..." she said, and threw the badge to Brian. He caught it, and looked at it.
"Wow..." Brian said.

"Congratulations..." Cath said as the two got out.
"Thanks, but... This went too easy..." Brian said.
"Just be glad you finally have the badge..." Cath said. "And besides... You said you lost the last time, didn't you?"
"Well didn't you want to take revenge on her?" Cath asked, and Brian nodded. "Well now you have..."
Brian smiled.
"That'll teach her not to mess with me..." Brian said.
"Yeah... Well, where's the next Gym?" Cath asked.
"It says here... Bokui City..." Brian said, and the two were silent.
"Bad memories about that city..." Cath said.
"But my next badge is there..." Brian said. "Are you up to it?"
"If it means you're going to get your next badge there... I am..." Cath said, smiling softly. "Like Tim said before... I have to put the past behind me..."
"Okay then... Let's go..." Brian said as he started waling, and Cath followed soon.
And together, they went back to Bokui City, and Brian then challenged Karl. His Pokemon defeated each of Karl's, and soon he received his badge. They also went to the Pokemon Center, since Brian had to heal his Pokemon. Nurse Joy was happy to see Brian again, and told him to tell Sashi she said 'hi'. Well, after they had spent the night there, because it became dark soon. The next day, Cath and Brian went back to Route 151, back to Tim and Suzy's Daycare, back to Sashi.
"Well, I'm back..." Brian said, as he entered Professor Yuuki's lab, and Sashi's room.
"Brian!" Sashi smiled. "How did it go?"
Then Brian explained everything.
"Tiara? Human?" Sashi replied.
"Hard to believe huh?" Brian said.
"Yeah, but did she really give up?" Sashi asked.
"Yup..." Cath said.
"Who would have thought Tiara was like that?" Sashi said, shaking her head.
"But what about you?" Brian asked. "Do your legs have enough strength to stand yet?"
"Professor Yuuki says I have to stay in bed for one more day..." Sashi said. "But I don't feel bored... I have Eevy and Espeon to keep me company..."
Suddenly, something jumped through the window, onto Sashi's bed.
"Poochy?" Sashi asked, wondering what he was doing here.
"Hey!" he replied, smiling.
"What are you doing here?" Sashi asked.
"I missed you..." Poochy replied.
"Sashi? Who is this?" Eevy asked.
"Remember I told you guys about the Poochyena I met while I ran away?" Sashi asked, and all nodded. "This is him..."
"So you're the one who made Sashi change her mind about coming back?" Eevy asked.
"Yup! That was me!" Poochy replied, wagging his tail from side to side fast.
"Then we need to thank you... If you hadn't done that, Sashi wouldn't be back to normal right now..." Eevy said.
"Happy to help!" Poochy replied happy.

Meanwhile, somewhere on Route 166, in a desert, a vehicle landed on the sand. Suddenly, a big door opened, and when it was, a female Ninetales Anthro was thrown out. She landed in the sand, but didn't move.
"Goodbye, traitor..." a man dressed in red clothes grinned, and the big door closed again. The vehicle then lifted up from the ground again, and flew away, while the unconscious Anthro was covered by sand...

To be continued...

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