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Sashi by natsuke


The Ninetales

The Ninetales

Sashi: Oh good! From the looks of the title, we're finally going to find out what's with the Ninetales...
Sashi: So what about it?
You wanna know now?
Sashi: Sure...
Don't you want to find out for yourself?
Sashi: ...

Sashi yawned, and stretched her arms. Although Professor Yuuki had told her to stay in bed for another day, she couldn't sit still... She needed to travel again. She looked outside the window, and saw all the Pokemon playing. The Pokemon were very curious about the little Poochyena cub that had appeared out of nowhere, but soon they got used to him. Poochy was a very hyperactive little Pokemon. He kept jumping up and down, playing, rolling over his back. It made the other Pokemon move away, but when he eventually calmed down, the others came back. Not all the Pokemon had met Poochy yet. Eevy's group of Pokemon was trying to relax, or just sleep. Vapora was playing with Eevee, teaching her new tricks like how to use a Tackle Attack.
"You just... run as fast as you can, and then jump at your opponent, hitting him with your head..." Vapora said.
Eevee looked back at Vapora with her cute little eyes, and smiled.
"Now you go ahead and try..." Vapora smiled, and looked around. "Try Tackle on that tree over there..."
Eevee looked at the tree Vapora pointed at, and nodded. She started running, going faster by the second, and just when she reached the tree, Poochy appeared. Eevee gasped, and tried to change course, but failed. She hit Poochy, sending the both of them crashing against the tree.
"Eevee!" Vapora gasped, and ran over. "What happened?"
"Ow! My head..." Eevee groaned.
"What in the world was that?" Poochy said, shaking his head.
"What is wrong with you!?" Eevee growled, rubbing her head with her paw.
Poochy looked at Eevee, as Eevee looked at him with an angry look on her face.
"I-I... I ..." Poochy said.
"What's going on? What was that sound we heard?" Espeon asked, arriving on the scene.
"Little Eevee was testing her Tackle Attack, when suddenly this Poochyena appeared in her way, sending the both of them crashing into the tree..." Vapora explained.
"Poochy?" Espeon asked.
"You know him?" Vapora asked.
"Yeah, he's the Poochyena that saved Sashi when she ran away..." Espeon said.
"Ohhh..." Vapora said.
Meanwhile, Eevee had stopped rubbing her head, and was growling at Poochy. "Weren't you looking where you were going?!"
"I'm sorry, I didn't know what happened!" Poochy replied, ears low, tail between his hind legs.
"Now now Eevee..." Vapora said, appearing next to her, slowly licking the place she hit Poochy. "Don't be mad..."
"But he..."
"It was all a mistake... He couldn't have known you were there at that time, so it's not his fault the both of you hit each other..." Vapora said.
"But still..." Eevee said, glaring at Poochy. He only looked back. Eevee then turned her head away again.
"That was not such a good first impression..." Umbro said, approaching Poochy. "Hey there, name's Umbro..." he said.
"H-Hi..." Poochy said, shaking.
"You okay?"
"My head hurts..." Poochy groaned.
"Well that was a pretty hard blow Eevee gave you..." Umbro chuckled. "I see you're a Dark Type too?"
Poochy looked up, and then smiled.
"Yeah!" he said.
"That's cool, man..." Umbro smiled back.
Later, Vapora, Jolty and Flara too approached Poochy, saying hello. All except Eevee, who kept as far away from Poochy as possible.

Later that day, around noon, Professor Yuuki walked to Sashi's room. He was going to bring her lunch, but when he entered her room, Sashi was gone. The window was open, so Professor Yuuki guessed she got out through that.
"Heh..." he chuckled, and walked to the window. He looked outside, and saw Sashi play with Poochy. She was throwing a stick, and Poochy brought it back, just like a dog.
"Good! You're very good at this!" Sashi smiled.
"I always play this with my mom!" Poochy replied. Sashi grabbed the stick, but didn't throw it away. She slowly sat down on the ground.
"What?" Poochy said, as he had started to run already. He stopped, and walked back. "Why didn't you throw it?"
"Does your mom know you're here?" Sashi asked, eying Poochy. Poochy started grinning again.
"Nope!" he smiled.
"So you sneaked out again?" Poochy nodded. "How did you find out where I was?" Sashi asked.
"Remember when my mom told you how you could go back to that labaro... Lobaro..."
"Laboratory?" Sashi said.
"Yeah that... Well anyway, I listened real good when she told you that, and I did that too!" Poochy said.
"You naughty little Pokemon..." Sashi giggled.
"Hey! I'm not little!" Poochy replied.
"Yeah I know..." Sashi laughed.
"When did I tell you you could get out of bed?" Professor Yuuki asked, approaching Sashi. Immediately, Poochy backed off, hiding behind Sashi. Professor Yuuki knelt down, looking at Poochy. "Let me guess... You are the little Poochyena who helped Sashi earlier?" he asked.
"Little?!" Poochy called, stepping from behind Sashi. "I'm not little!" Then he realized what he'd done, and quickly hid behind Sashi again. Professor Yuuki chuckled.
"Anyway, Sashi? Why are you out of bed?" he asked.
"I couldn't... I need to move..." Sashi said.
"How do you feel?"
"Better than yesterday..." Sashi replied. "The strength in my legs has returned a lot..."
"Yeah, I noticed..." Professor Yuuki said.
"Is it bad?"
"That I'm not in my room?" Sashi asked.
"No of course it isn't! It just shows you how strong your body really is..." Professor Yuuki smiled. "You might even be back to normal..."
"I think I am, yes..." Sashi smiled. Then she felt Poochy, shaking a bit against her side. She looked down, and smiled. "You don't have to be afraid, Poochy..." she said, lifted Poochy off the ground with her hands, and slowly placed him on her lap. Poochy looked at Professor Yuuki. "Though he may look scary, he's really friendly..."
"O-Okay..." Poochy said.
Professor Yuuki slowly moved his hand towards Poochy, and Poochy almost ran. But when Professor Yuuki petted his head with his hand, Poochy stayed. Professor Yuuki began rubbing his hand over Poochy's head, scratching behind his ear with his fingers.
"Ohhhh!" Poochy moaned. "That's is! That's it!" he smiled with his eyes closed and his tongue hanging out.
Professor Yuuki continued rubbing with his fingers, until he came under Poochy's chin, and slowly scratched there, making Poochy's head raise.
"Ohhh!" he moaned, his tail wagging hard.
"He really seems to like that..." Sashi said.
"Yeah... I've done some studies on this... Poochyena cubs look a lot like pet dogs... Both in appearance and in behavior..." Professor Yuuki said. "You could say they are dogs..."
Sashi smiled.
"Professor Yuuki?" Sashi said.
"Now that I can walk again, can I continue my journey?" Sashi asked.
"Well, technically you can't yet..." Professor Yuuki said. "But you've shown your strength to walk again, so there's no stopping you now..."
"So can I?"
"You're free to go..." Professor Yuuki nodded.
"That's great!" Sashi smiled.
"You're... Going somewhere?" Poochy asked in a sad voice.
"I was trying to become a Pokemon Master... I've traveled from city to city, challenging Gyms, winning my badges..." Sashi said. "If I don't continue that, then all the time I spent collecting badges was for nothing..."
"But... I like playing with you..." Poochy said.
"I do too..." Sashi smiled, petting Poochy's head. "But I'm afraid I can't play with you forever..."
"Owwwwww..." Poochy moaned in a sad voice. Then his expression changed into a smile. "I know!"
"Know what?" Sashi replied.
"Why don't I go with you?!" Poochy asked.
"I'm not sure if your mother would like that..." Sashi said.
"So? I decide what I want to do in my life, right?" Poochy said.
"You're still young, Poochy..." Sashi said. "You need your mother to take care of you..."
"I can take care of myself!" Poochy said, raising his head up high. "I don't need my mother..."
"At least you have a mother..." Sashi said.
"Huh?" Poochy replied, turning his head slightly. "What you mean by that?"
"You are very lucky to have a mother who loves you... I will never know how that would feel like..." Sashi said.
"Don't you have a mother?" Poochy asked.
"I don't know..." Sashi said. "Since a while ago, I didn't even know I had a sister..."
"A sister?" Professor Yuuki said. "You have a sister?"
"Didn't Brian tell you that when he explained everything to you?" Sashi asked, and Professor Yuuki shook his head.
"He said a lot, but didn't mention anything about a sister..." Professor Yuuki said.
"But he did tell you about that other Espeon Anthro?" Sashi asked.
"Her?!" professor Yuuki gasped. "She's your sister?"
"It seems you are more surprised than we were when we found out..." Sashi giggled.
"Well it's just that you two may look a lot like each other, but that doesn't mean you are related..." Professor Yuuki said.
"I know..." Sashi said.
"Mmmm?" Sashi replied, facing Poochy.
"Can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease go with you?" Poochy asked with puppy-dog eyes.
"I don't know... Like I said before, I'm not sure if your mother would like that..."
"I can ask?" Poochy replied.
"I dunno..." Sashi said.
"You can always try..." Professor Yuuki said.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes..." Professor Yuuki nodded.
"Okay..." Sashi said, and then turned to Poochy. "But if she says no, then it's no... got it?"
"All right..." Poochy replied sad, and then started walking.

Sashi and Poochy continued walking until they reached Poochy's den. Poochy stopped in front of the den, and called for his mother. A moment later, she came out.
"Poochy? Where have you be-" she spotted Sashi. "Oh hello you..." she said. "How are you? Did you find your way back?"
"Yes, I did, thank you very much for showing me the way..." Sashi replied.
"Glad to help you..." the Mightyena mother smiled. Then she turned her face to Poochy again. "This is the last time you sneaked out. You're grounded for a week!" she said.
"But mom-"
"Excuse me?" Sashi said, and the mother looked at her.
"Poochy here has something to ask you..." Sashi said, and the mother looked down on her child.
"What is it?" she said.
"I wanna travel with Sashi!" Poochy said excited.
His mother was silent.
"You want to travel with Sashi?" she repeated.
"Yeah! It will be so cool! She says she travels from city to city, challenging Gyms..." Poochy said.
"Whoa whoa whoa! Challenging Gyms?!" the Mightyena said. "And you want to do that too?!"
"Yeah it will be so cool!" Poochy said again.
"But you're too young to do that!" his mother then said.
"Ehhh if it helps? My friend Eevy has a Pokemon of her own that is almost the same level as Poochy here, and she manages to keep up with us..." Sashi said.
"How old is she?"
"In levels or age?" Sashi asked.
"Levels..." the Mightyena replied.
"She's level 9 I think..." Sashi said.
"Only level 9?" the mother said, and Sashi nodded. The Mightyena started thinking. "Well if she's that young, and she travels with you..." she began.
"Yes?" Poochy said, his eyes lighting up.
The mother Mightyena suddenly started chuckling.
"I just imagined..." she said.
"Imagined what?" Sashi asked.
"That young Pokemon cubs are just like young Pokemon Trainers..." she said. "Once they grow up, all they want to do is travel the world..."
"Yeah..." Sashi said, realizing what the Mightyena meant. It made sense.
"And thus, I can't stop you..." the mother said to Poochy.
"So can I?" Poochy asked.
"As long as you are careful..." his mother said, and then looked at Sashi. "And as long as you look over him like me..."
"I promise I will look over him as if he were my own child..." Sashi said.
"I trust your word..." the Mightyena said, and then looked at Poochy. "Again, I say; be careful... I don't want you to get hurt... If things get tough, you run away, understood?"
"Owww mom! That takes out all the fun!" Poochy said. His mother then moved her head down, and slowly licked Poochy over his cheek. Then she rubbed her muzzle against his head.
"Goodbye son..." she said. "I hope this makes you happy..."
"Thanks mom!" Poochy said, and rubbed his head back at hers. Then, he finally moved away, and started walking towards Sashi. He looked back one more time, seeing his mother fight away tears. He smiled, and turned towards Sashi again. "Yay! I'm yours now!" he cried.
"Congratulations, you are Team Sashi's first male Pokemon..." Sashi smiled, and started walking back to Professor Yuuki's lab.
"Cool!" Poochy replied, and followed.

Sashi returned with Poochy, and they walked to the group of Pokemon.
"Hey Sashi!" Eevy called, waving her arm.
"Hey Eevy..." Sashi waved back.
"Where have you been?"
"We went over to Poochy's mom..." Sashi replied.
"Hey, I was thinking about continuing my journey..." Sashi said.
"You mean we're going to travel again, defeating Gyms like old times?" Eevy asked.
"If you're still interested..." Sashi said.
"Of course!" Eevy smiled. "I was waiting for you to say that!"
"Then we should tell the others..." Sashi said, and stared walking.
"Good idea..." Eevy said, and followed Sashi.

They found Cath and Brian, lying in the grass near Professor Yuuki's lab.
"Hey you two, ready to go?" Sashi asked.
"Go? You mean..."
"I'm continuing my journey..." Sashi smiled.
"That's great news!" Brian smiled.
"So call all your Pokemon back, so we can leave..." Sashi said.
"What's he doing here?" Eevee suddenly said, spotting Poochy.
"Well he's going to come with us of course..." Sashi replied.
"Come with us? But what about his mother?" Brian asked.
"She said it was fine..." Sashi said.
"He's the newest addition in my team!" Sashi smiled.
"Congratulations!" Eevy said.
"Thanks..." Sashi said. "But just call the Pokemon back, okay?"
"Okay..." Brian, Cath and Eevy said, as Brian called back Scizor, Gyarados and Alakazam, Cath called back Arcanine and Breloom, Eevy called back Vapora, Flara, Eevee, Jolty and Umbro, and Sashi called back Dragonair, Vulpix and Gardevoir. She grabbed a fourth Pokeball, and put it down on the ground.
"This will be your new home..." Sashi said, as Poochy came closer to the Pokeball, and sniffed it first.
"What is it?" he asked.
"It's a Pokeball... It is made for Pokemon to stay in while the Trainers travel.." Sashi explained.
"But what about them?" Poochy asked, nodding at Espeon and Umbreon.
"Some Pokemon ate being locked up inside a Pokeball..." Sashi said.
"Then why should I get in one of these?" Poochy asked.
"Because if you don't, you can't be registered as my Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"Re... gistered?" Poochy asked, turning his head slightly.
"It means you'll become mine, and no other Trainer can catch you anymore... Unless I release you of course..." Sashi said.
"But what about them?" Poochy said, nodding at Espeon and Umbreon again.
"They have been inside a Pokeball once already..." Sashi said. "They are already registered..."
"I see..." Poochy said. He looked at the Pokeball again. "Okay! I wanna try it..." he said.
"Then slowly touch the round button in the middle of the ball..." Sashi said.
"Like this?" Poochy asked, and touched the button with his nose once, and immediately, red light started to surround him. Suddenly, the ball opened, and he became part of the red light, until he was sucked into the Pokeball. The Pokeball closed, and started shaking from left to right, until it stopped with a 'ding'.
"I'm just going to get my backpack..." Sashi said, and then stopped. "Wait... Where is my backpack?"
"I brought it with us when we stayed over at Tim and Suzy's..." Eevy said.
"Mom and Dad..." Sashi said. "Well, not my biological Mom and Dad..." she thought.
"And it will be wonderful for them to see you again, back to normal.." Eevy said.
"Yeah, I know..." Sashi said. "Let's go..."

Sashi and the rest went to Tim and Suzy's house, not only to collect Sashi's backpack, but also for Sashi to see her parents again.
"It's so good to see you're back to normal!" Suzy said, embracing her daughter.
"It is also good to be back to normal..." Sashi said.
"So... Tell me everything you've been through since the last time we talked to each other..." Suzy said. "You can tell us during a cup of tea or coffee, whatever you like... I've got a cake in the oven, and-"
"Well actually I was thinking about going again..." Sashi said.
"But what about the cake?" Brian asked.
"I see your stomach is talking again?" Sashi giggled. "But I really wish we could go..."
"Well, if you really want it so bad..." Brian said. "We'll go..."
"Thanks..." Sashi said, smiling sweetly at Brian.
"Don't worry... If you ever want to have some of my cake, you can visit whenever you want..." Suzy said.
"I'll keep that in mind..." Brian smiled as Sashi grabbed her backpack.
"Well, it's been nice seeing you again.." Sashi said to Tim and Suzy.
"Make sure you'll be careful..." Suzy said.
"And make sure to keep in touch with us... We'd like to know what our girl is up to every once in a while..." Tim said.
"Will do..." Sashi smiled, ad approached Suzy. She slowly kissed Suzy on the cheek, and did the same with Tim. "Bye..." she said, and started walking.
"It's been nice meeting you..." Eevy said, shaking hands with Tim and Suzy.
"Likewise..." Suzy said. "Keep a close eye on my girl, okay?"
"Don't worry... With me next to her, there's no way she can get in trouble.."
"That's good to hear..." Tim said. Then he looked at Brian and Cath. "You two... Good luck on your journey with Sashi..."
"Thanks..." Cath smiled.
"Nice meeting you two... bye!" Brian said.
"Bye!" Tim and Suzy replied waving.

"Well, I'm ready to go..." Sashi said. "Are you guys ready too?"
"I am..." Brian smiled.
"Me too..." Cath said.
"Yup..." Eevy said.
"Okay then... Wait... We're forgetting someone..." Sashi said. "Where's Audry?"
"Still at her mother's house, I think..."
"Then we should get her first.." Sashi said, and started walking, and after they picked up Audry, they started walking to Route 164, where the road split up in three ways; 151, 152 and 165. Of course, they picked Route 165. And even though the desert was on Route 166, they could already feel the heat.
"It's getting warmer and warmer..." Sashi gasped.
"It says here Route 166 is a desert..." Eevy said, looking on the map in her Pokemon guide. "But the great news is; there's a lake nearby where we can cool off..."
"Great news indeed! I'm being roasted..." Cath groaned, wiping sweat off her forehead.
"Way ahead of you..." Brian said.
"How much further until the lake?" Sashi asked.
"It's on the other side of that hill, according to the map..." Eevy said, pointing ahead.
"Then what are we waiting for?" Cath ad Brian both called, and started running. They reached the top of the hill, and looked at the lake. It was a pretty big lake, with nice, cool water in it.
"Weird...With this heat, you'd think the water would vaporize..." Cath said.
"Who cares? Water!" Brian said, and pulled off his T-shirt while he started running downhill's. Sashi and Eevy joined Cath, as she too ran downhill's. Just as Brian was going to pull down his pants, he stopped. He momentarily forgot he was stripping down in front of four females. He turned around, and looked at Eevy, Audry, Sashi and Cath. "Does anyone have any swimming-trunks for me?"
"Well we do..." Sashi said, as she, Eevy and Audry brought out their bikinis and panties they bought in Bokui, just after Audry's Gym battle.
"But what about me?" Cath asked.
"I bought an extra pair, just in case these would break..." Sashi said, and handed them over to Cath.
"Thanks..." Cath said.
"But... me?" Brian said.
"Just swim in your pants..." Eevy said. "The heat will dry it when we're done..."
"Good idea..." Brian said. He looked at the lake, and then pulled off his shoes.
"We're going to change in that cabin over there..." Cath said as she started walking.
"Fine..." Brian said.

The four changed clothes, and then came out of the cabin. Everybody was wearing their bathing suits, but only Cath had something extra. She hadn't pulled off her gloves, which made her look sexy in her bathing suit. Brian was already in the water, diving under from time to time, and soon Audry, Cath, Eevy and Sashi joined him, diving under water, splashing water at each other. The water was reaching to their stomachs, but it was enough for them to swim in. This continued for a while, until Brian got out, unable to win a water-fight against the girls.
"Awww don't go! We're having fun!" Cath giggled.
"Yeah, I noticed..." Brian replied, ad sat down at the shore.
"Ah well..." Sashi said, and splashed some water at Cath.
"Hey!" Cath laughed, and splashed some water back at Sashi.
The four did this, until Audry too got out.
"I'm taking a breather..." she said. "You guys have way too much energy..."
"Fine! Go!" Eevy laughed, and dove under water, tickling Sashi's feet.
"Bwahahahaha!" Sashi laughed, and kicked under water, trying to make Eevy stop. Eventually, Eevy stopped. After all, she needed to breathe.
"Hey Sashi? Audry called, and Sashi looked at her. "I'm going to take a walk... I'm taking Eevy's Pokemon guide with me, just in case I get lost, okay?"
"Okay!" Sashi called back, and Audry left.

"Hey Brian!" Cath called. "You've been out of the water for quite some time now! Why don't you come back in!?"
"No thanks..." Brian replied. "I don't want to be beaten by you girls again..."
"Oh come on... It's three girls now that Audry is out..."
"Still..." Brian said.
"Mmmm... He really doesn't want to come in again..." Eevy said.
"Guess he needs a little motivation..." Sashi smiled.
"What are you up to?" Eevy asked.
"Cath? Don't be frightened by what I'm going to do next..." Sashi said.
"Why would I be frightened?" Cath asked.
Sashi didn't reply. Instead, she walked over to Cath, and slowly placed her hand on her shoulder, pushing her head closer to Cath's. Her lips touched Cath's, and Cath looked back at Sashi with a confused look on her face. Sashi pushed her lips harder on Cath's, until she gave in, opening her mouth.
"Mmmm..." Eevy moaned, watching Sashi French Cath, playing her tongue with Cath's.
"What the..." Brian gasped, seeing the two make out.
Eevy walked over to Cath, as Sashi broke the kiss, and kissed her way down Cath's neck. Cath just closed her eyes, and let Sashi do what she was doing. She was starting to get turned on by Sashi, which was weird to her. She never thought about female/female sex before in her life. She thought it was wrong. But Sashi proved her wrong. It felt great, and the pleasure increased when Sashi reached her chest. Sashi slowly grabbed the swimming suit, and pulled the arm area over her shoulders. She repeated this on the other side, and soon, she pulled it down further, revealing Cath's two breasts. Meanwhile, Eevy had walked behind Cath, and she had put her arms around her, placing her hands on Cath's bare belly. When Sashi had revealed Cath's breasts, Eevy moved one hand up, and slowly took one breast in it. Cath moaned when Eevy did this, but moaned even ore when Sashi moved her head down some more, moving her mouth to Cath's breast. She opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. It touched Cath's breast, and Sashi slowly licked it all over, taking in the nipple when she came to it. Meanwhile, Brian was becoming aroused, and his dick was slowly growing. It was soon erect, and he was breathing in pretty fast.
Eevy was slowly placing kisses on Cath's neck, rubbing her own body against Cath. Sashi had moved to the other breast, and was repeating the same treatment. Cath's swimming suit had a hole in it, showing off Cath's belly. Sashi used this hole to push her hand in it, going down to between Cath's legs.
"Oh!" Cath moaned when she felt Sashi's hand rub over her pussy. Eevy had moved her hands back, and was rubbing them over Cath's butt, squeezing it softly. Sashi smiled, and pulled her head back from Cath's breast. She also pulled her hand back, which she licked clean of juices she got from Cath.
"Mmmm... why... why did you... stop?" Cath moaned.
Sashi didn't reply. She looked back over her shoulder once, seeing Brian breathing in air pretty fast. She smiled again, and looked back at Cath.
"You're enjoying this?" she asked.
Cath only nodded.
"You want me to continue?"
"Yes!" Cath moaned.
"Or do you want Brian to continue?" Sashi asked, pulling Cath's arm out of the bathing suit. She repeated this with her other arm.
"Anything!" Cath said.
Sashi smiled some more. She had gotten Cath warmed up, ready for anything.
"Well then..." Sashi said, pulling Cath's bathing suit down until it came to her crotch. "Why don't we ask Brian if he wants too...?" she faced Brian. "Oh right, I forgot! He said he didn't want to come in!" Sashi said extra loud so that Brian could hear too. This made Brian get up, pull down his pants, and jump into the lake, swimming over as fast as he could even though he could have walked. He arrived at the group of girls in a few seconds only. Meanwhile, Sashi had pulled down Cath's bathing suit down to her knees, revealing her white furred pussy just under water. Brian pushed Sashi away, grabbed Cath's head, and pressed his lips against hers.
"Mmmm?!" Cath gasped as she felt Brian's tongue invading her mouth. She quickly calmed down, and repeated the same with her tongue. Then Brian suddenly pulled back, grabbed Cath's arm, and turned her around fast. He grabbed his erect cock, and positioned it in front of Cath's pussy. Without any hesitation he thrust forwards, pushing his dick into Cath's wet pussy.
"Ohh yeah!" Cath moaned in pleasure as she closed her eyes, and slowly pushed her butt back against Brian.
"I knew he would bite..." Sashi smiled, as she approached next to Eevy.
"Owwww I was having fun..." Eevy moaned. Sashi then embraced Eevy, kissing her on the cheek.
"Who says it was over?" she said seductively. Eevy smiled, and grabbed Sashi's head. She slowly pulled it closer to hers, as they embraced in a French kiss. They started rubbing over each other's bodies during the kiss, and Sashi had managed to get under Eevy's bathing suit. Eevy was wearing a separate bathing suit; a bikini and a panty, and now Sashi was moving her hands under Eevy's bikini, rubbing her hand over Eevy's breast. Eevy on the other hand couldn't repeat Sashi's treatment, because Sashi was wearing a complete bathing suit. It looked a lot like Cath's, only this one didn't have a hole at the stomach. Sashi noticed what Eevy wanted, and broke the kiss.
"Go ahead..." she purred.
Eevy smiled, and quickly grabbed Sashi's bathing suit, and pulled the edges over Sashi's shoulders, pulling it down her arms. Immediately, Sashi's breasts came to view, her dark, purple nipples erect already. Eevy moved her head to them, and slowly took in the right nipple. Sashi closed her eyes, and moaned, as she grabbed Eevy's head with her right hand, while her left hand grabbed hold of her left breast.
"It has been a while since we got some time with each other..." Sashi moaned. Eevy replied by pulling the bathing suit down more, until it was down her legs, Sashi's pussy now exposed. "And I see you too think we should do it more often..." Sashi giggled, as she pushed Eevy's head down to her crotch. Under water, Eevy quickly attacked Sashi's furry pussy, but after a while of licking, she got up to breathe. Then she dove under again, continuing what she was doing. She pushed her tongue deep into Sashi's pussy, and then pulled out again, only to nibble at Sashi's clit. Sashi could feel the strength in her legs was going to give out, so trying as hard as she could, she stopped Eevy, mentioning for her to follow. Sashi walked to the shore, and slowly laid down on the ground, taking off the rest of her bathing suit before spreading her legs wide. Eevy followed blindly, and knelt down in front of Sashi when she got to the shore. Eevy quickly got back to eating Sashi out, while Sashi pushed Eevy's head harder against her.
Meanwhile, Brian and Cath were also walking to shore. Brian was close to his orgasm, and he had already made Cath cum, since she was already so far ahead. They decided that they could continue better on solid ground. Brian argued, because he was so close, but in the end he agreed when Cath told him she wouldn't continue if they didn't do what she wanted. So, arriving on the shore, Cath got on all fours, showing her butt high in the air.
"Hey Brian... I'm up for something new..." Cath purred.
"Like what?" Brian asked impatiently.
"Why don't you take the upper hole for once?" Cath asked.
"You sure?" Brian asked.
"I said I was up for something new..." Cath said, as she got ready.
"If you say so..." Brian gasped, unable to hold back anymore. He grabbed Cath's butt, and slowly pushed her thick tail aside. He positioned his cock in front of her backdoor, and slowly pushed in. When the head was inside, Cath gasped softly, feeling a new thing. Then Brian started to push further, until 3 inches were inside Cath's ass hole. Cath gritted her teeth when Brian got further. Brian then stopped.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"Yes!" Cath replied. "Go on..."
"Okay..." Brian said, and pushed his cock deeper, until 7 inches were inside Cath. This made Brian moan, feeling the incredible tightness of Cath's ass hole surrounding his shaft. Cath fought against the pain of having something in her ass hole for the first time, but then she relaxed, and looked over her shoulder.
"Now... slowly pull back..." she said, and Brian did, leaving the head inside.
"Ready?" Brian asked. Cath replied by moving her butt back, taking in 4 inches of Brian's cock in again.
"Oh!" Cath moaned in pain at first, but when Brian pulled back slowly, she moaned in pleasure. "Now continue!" she growled.
"Okay..." Brian said, and pushed forwards again.
"Oh yeah..." Cath moaned, feeling the pain turn into pleasure the more Brian humped her. While Brian humped her ass hole, Cath decided to increase the pleasure. She slowly moved one arm down her body, until she reached her pussy. She slowly rubbed her hand over it, and pushed a finger inside. She moaned as she did this, reaching deeper and deeper with her finger. But Brian moaned louder than Cath, as he felt his climax approach him again. The humps weren't as hard as when he was humping her pussy, but the pleasure felt the same. Even better, though, because after a minute of humping Cath's ass hole, he groaned loud, and announced he was about to cum.
"Go ahead!" Cath moaned. "Let it all out!"
"All right! Here it comes!" Brian screamed, arched his back, and pushed in one more time before he released powerful jets of cum deep into Cath's ass hole.
"OH!" Cath screamed as she felt her first anal orgasm. It felt weird, but also enjoyable, feeling Brian's thick cum enter her ass hole. Brian continued humping Cath, until he felt he couldn't anymore. He left his cock inside Cath, as she slowly humped back at Brian. When she realized he was out of energy, she stopped, and crawled forwards, making Brian's dick slip out. She crawled over to Brian, and slowly kissed him on the lips.
"That was perfect..." she purred.
"Glad you liked it..." Brian smiled.
"Mmmm..." Cath moaned, and then looked at Sashi and Eevy. All the bathing suits had been taken off, and Eevy and Sashi had curled up in the 69 position, and they were furiously licking each other's pussies. It was a matter of seconds before the two would cum. And indeed, after a minute, Sashi humped her pussy against Eevy's mouth once more, and then released her juices into it. This only made Eevy lick Sashi harder, so Sashi repeated this as hard as she could during her orgasm. And it worked. Sashi went with her tongue over Eevy's lips, but then surrounded Eevy's clit with it. This set Eevy off, and she came screaming Sashi's name. Her juices poured out of her straight into Sashi's mouth. Sashi happily drank everything Eevy gave her, and when the two were done cumming, Eevy got off Sashi, and laid down next to her, gasping in and out fast, recovering from their climax.
"Satisfied?" Eevy asked.
"With you? Always..." Sashi said, smiling softly, closing her eyes.
"Hey Sashi?" Cath asked.
"About this female/female thing... I enjoyed the things you did to me..." Cath said.
"Well of course you did... Because I did it to you..." Sashi chuckled.
"No seriously..." Cath said. "It made me think... What if you and I do it again?"
"What?" Brian and Eevy gasped.
"Just to experiment..." Cath said.
"Well I have nothing against that..." Sashi smiled. "Hey I have an idea..."
"What?" Eevy asked.
"Why don't we do a partner exchange?" Sashi said.
"You mean..." Brian said.
"I'll go with Cath, and you'll go with Eevy..." Sashi said to Brian. Brian looked at Eevy, and she looked back at him. "It'll be fun!"
"Sounds like a good idea to me..." Eevy said.
"Well let's go then!" Sashi said.
"Wha... Right now?"
"Why not?" Sashi asked. "We have all the time in the world!"
"You got a point there..." Brian said. "But what if Audry returns? What would she think if she saw us having sex?"
"Well we should have thought about that before we began, right?" Sashi said. Brian smiled.
"Okay, I'm ready..." Cath said, and got on all fours. She crawled over to Sashi, and then stopped. Eevy did the same, but she crawled to Brian. Eevy noticed he was getting turned on already, because his cock was starting to grow.
"This will be a new thing to me..." Eevy said.
"For me too..." Brian smiled as Eevy got to him.
"What do you want me to do?" Eevy asked.
"Have you ever given a blowjob to a male before?" Brian asked.
"A couple of times, yes..." Eevy answered.
"Okay then..." Brian said, and grabbed his cock. He started to rub up and down, until his cock was hard again. Eevy suddenly grabbed Brian's hand, ad slowly pushed it aside.
"Let me handle this..." she said seductively, as Brian smiled when Eevy moved her head down, taking in the head.
Sashi and Cath were now Frenching, pushing each other's tongues into their mouths. Suddenly, Sashi broke the kiss, and kissed her way down past Cath's neck, just like before. She arrived at Cath's breasts, seeing their white, furry nipples erect. She slowly moved her head down, and took in one nipple, sucking on it like a newborn baby while she rubbed the other breast with her hand. Cath moaned loud as she felt Sashi suck on her breast, and closed her eyes in pleasure...

Meanwhile, Audry was still waking around, looking for nothing particularly. She found out she had reached Route 166 already, with desert al around her.
"I think I've walked far enough..." she said to herself, and was about to go back. She turned around, but while doing this, she spotted something lying in the sand. She stopped, and looked closer. No, it wasn't something... It was someone!
"What the?!" Audry gasped, and ran over to the person lying in the sand. Then she realized it wasn't a person. "It's... A Ninetales?"

To be continued...

Sashi: Hey!
Sashi: You said we would find out about the Ninetales!
No I didn't...
Sashi: *looks back at the beginning of the chapter* Oh wait, you didn't...
Duh... And about the sex part: I can be really evil when I want to be, stopping at such a time... Anyway, if you have any ideas, suggestions, requests, whishes, questions, whatever you can come up with, send me an e-mail! You know how to reach me...
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