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Team... who?

Team... who?

Chapter 24!
Sashi: Yay!
Before we begin, I want to say to all; This took me a little longer, because I was saving the stories on my floppy disk. Now I've had my problems with floppy disks before in the past (The 3 floppy disks I saved ALL my stories on got broken), but luckily I had a very good friend who saved all the previews I sent him... I should have known the risks of using the disks, but this time I really thought I kept them safe... And another reason why it's taking a little longer, is because I'm working on another story at the moment. Not a big story, just a little thing I'm doing to kill time... Now another friend of mine was afraid that this might cause me to stop write about Sashi, but I assured him that I wouldn't stop after I got this far... Well, something in that line...
Sashi: Thank goodness for friends, who stick by your side when you're in trouble...
Don't you mean 'if'?
Sashi: Nope, 'when'... *Giggles*
Now I don't really remember how I started the last 24th chapter, but I think it went something like this;

"I think I've walked far enough..." Audry said to herself, and was about to go back. She turned around, but while doing this, she spotted something lying in the sand with what looked like a Ninetales next to it. She stopped, and looked closer. No, it wasn't something... It was someone!
"What the?!" Audry gasped, when the Ninetales suddenly turned, and saw her. The Ninetales then ran off, vanishing. Audry ran over to the person lying in the sand. Then she realized it wasn't a person. "What the... It's... An Anthro Ninetales..." Audry gasped. She examined the body, and realized it wasn't moving, so Audry got closer. She knelt down in front of her (she could see it was a female), and sighed in relief when she noticed her stomach was going up and down slowly, indicating she was still alive.
"I gotta help her..." Audry said to herself. "But how? She's probably too heavy for me to carry her on my own..." she thought. "I should go get the others... Which is a problem too, because I don't know how to reach them... If I leave this Ninetales here to go to the others, the sand would probably cover the path I walk... And I can't call them... I don't have my cell phone with me... Or their numbers..."

Meanwhile, Espeon and Umbreon were lying in the shadows of another cabin, not far from the lake.
"Ahhh this is the life..." Umbreon yawned, stretching his body.
"We were lucky to find any shadow in this desert..." Espeon said.
Espeon had seen Audry leave a while ago, but she hadn't returned yet. Now this might have seem weird at the moment, but Espeon could see Audry carry a map, so it meant that she was exploring the neighborhood. And that was quite some time ago.
"Hey Umbreon?" Espeon said.
"Mmmm?" Umbreon asked, rolling over.
"I'm going to look for Audry, okay?" Espeon said.
"Sure, go ahead..." Umbreon said. "Want me to come with you?"
"Does it look like I need someone to protect me?" Espeon smiled.
"Well there are a lot of dangerous Pokemon out there..." Umbreon replied, grinning. "You could get hurt..."
Espeon tackled Umbreon softly with her head, and giggled.
"Stay here..." Espeon said, but then felt something hard poking at her side. She looked down, and gasped when she saw Umbreon's black dick starting to grow. She then looked back at Umbreon.
"What? I can't help it you're gorgeous..." Umbreon replied, winking. "And it has been a while since we've done it... Let's see, if I remember correctly, since Salia City..."
Espeon giggled.
"You're right about that..." Espeon said, and moved her head down. "And I guess Audry could wait... a little longer..." she added, opening her mouth, taking in the head of Umbreon's cock.
"Ohhh!" Umbreon moaned in pleasure, closing his eyes. Espeon moved her head down, taking in more of Umbreon's cock, until she couldn't go down anymore. Then she pulled her head back, and slowly let the head pop pout of her mouth.
"Mmmm..." Espeon moaned. "I've missed that..."
She then pushed her head down again, surrounding Umbreon's shaft with her lips again.

Meanwhile, Eevy was crawling over Brian, moving her face towards his. When it was, she slowly looked down to between her legs, making sure Brian's cock was positioned at her pussy.
"Ready?" she asked.
"Go ahead..." Brian replied, and to this, Eevy slowly lowered her butt. Brian's cock pushed through the barrier of flesh, straight into Eevy.
"Mmmm!" both moaned, as Eevy pushed her butt down some more, taking in more and more of Brian's cock.
"Oh I've forgotten how it felt like!" Eevy moaned in pleasure, closing her eyes tight as she held herself up. She then slowly began to rock her hips forwards, receiving satisfied moans from Brian. Sashi, on the other hand, was enjoying Cath's treatment. Cath was rather new to this whole girl/girl thing, so she needed advice from Sashi. Sashi explained everything to Cath; what she had to do, how to do it, where to reach very sensitive areas. Cath listened carefully, trying not to do anything wrong.
"But that's the thing... You can't do anything wrong at this..." Sashi smiled. Then she slowly spread her legs, and her pussy with her fingers. "Now go on..."
"Okay..." Cath smiled, and crawled over to between Sashi's legs. She pushed her muzzle forwards, and slowly touched Sashi's pussy with her nose. Then she slowly stuck out her tongue, and pushed it inside.
"Mmmm that's it!" Sashi moaned, looking down at Cath. Cath then pulled her muzzle back a little, and tasted Sashi's juices in her mouth.
"Mmmm quite tasty..." Cath said, purring.
"Then have some more..." Sashi smiled, grabbed Cath's head, and pulled her closer to her cunt. Cath immediately went to work, and covered Sashi's whole slit with her lips, while she pushed her tongue deeper in her than before. "Ohh yeah!" Sashi moaned, lying down on the ground. Cath now grabbed Sashi's legs, and spread them some more, giving herself more room. She dragged her tongue all the way over Sashi's slit, occasionally pushing it inside, but also wrapping it around Sashi's clit, which was standing out erect.
"Oh! OH!" Eevy moaned, as she was on the edge of exploding already. A cock inside her felt better than she remembered, and it quickly brought her to her orgasm. With one final hump on Brian's cock, Eevy screamed out in pleasure as she came, releasing her female juices all over Brian's cock.
"Whoa!" Brian moaned, feeling the warmth of Eevy's juices surround his dick. It was almost good enough to make him cum as well... ALMOST. For some reason, his climax wouldn't hit him. He just let Eevy hump his dick some more, until she calmed down, and rolled off him. This made Cath and Sashi look back to Eevy.
"Done already?" Sashi asked.
"Well... it... had been... a while since... I had my last... cock..." Eevy gasped. Sashi smiled.
"If you're that good, then I can't wait..." Sashi then said.
"What do you mean?" Brian asked.
"I mean I want to do another partner-exchange..." Sashi said.
"But... we're not done yet..." Cath said. "You still need to teach me about this..."
"Eevy can teach you..." Sashi smiled, and slowly got up.
"Oh... Okay..." Cath said. The truth is, she wanted Sashi to continue. She wanted Sashi. But Eevy was good too... She was female too, and not to forget, Sashi's mate, so she could teach everything Sashi knows.
"You wanna do it now?" Eevy asked.
"Why not? You're done with him, and he still hasn't come yet..." Sashi said. "You can help Cath learn about girl/girl sex, and even... Help yourself, if you're up to it..." Sashi giggled. Eevy smiled, and then looked at Cath, who smiled back.
"Seems fair..." Eevy said, and slowly got up.
"So..." Sashi said, looking at Brian, who was still in the ground, legs spread, cock standing up. "Ready?"
Brian looked up at Sashi, smiling.
"I'm always ready..." Brian said.
Sashi knelt down in front of Brian, and repeated what Eevy did to him before. She slowly moved her head between Brian's legs, and took his cock into her mouth.
"Ohhh!" Brian moaned, feeling something familiar. This brought back memories of the time in the Team Rocket hideout, where Sashi also had sex with him.
"Mmmm..." Sashi moaned, tasting Brian's cock (to her) for the first time. She pushed her head down, taking in more of Brian's cock, wrapping her tongue around his shaft. Brian closed his eyes in pleasure, and grabbed Sashi's head, helping her move up and down. Eevy in the meantime had approached Cath.
"So what do you want me to help you with?" she asked.
"I want to know everything about girl/girl sex..." Cath said.
"What do you know about it?" Eevy asked.
"That females only lick other females to an orgasm..." Cath said.
"Oh but we can do more than just lick..." Eevy said.
"Oh? How?" Cath asked curious.
"Rub our pussies together..." Eevy smiled, and got in position. She slowly signaled for Cath to raise her left leg, so Cath did. Eevy grabbed Cath's leg, and slowly crawled closer to her. Eevy put her left leg over Cath's right leg, and moved closer to her until both their pussies touched one another. This feeling already made Cath moan softly.
"Ready?" Eevy asked.
"Go ahead..." Cath purred, looking back at Eevy seductively. Eevy smiled, and humped her butt forwards once, making both her and Cath's pussy rub against each other.
"Oh!" Cath cried out in pleasure, and threw her head back as she gave a little hump in reply.
"That's it!" Eevy moaned back, and continued humping Cath's pussy.
Sashi in the meantime had gotten on all fours, waving her butt in front of Brian's face teasingly.
"Wanna try this out?" Sashi asked.
"Ohh..." Brian moaned, seeing Sashi's glistering pussy waving in front of him. He couldn't resist anymore. He had to feel Sashi's pussy again. He got up on his knees, and slowly grabbed Sashi's butt. He slowly positioned his cock in front of her entrance, and pushed the head in slowly.
"Yes.... that's it..." Sashi said, feeling her pussy lips being spread. Brian then pushed his cock deep and hard into Sashi, making him and her moan out loud.
"Oh! This brings back memories!" Brian said out loud, as he humped Sashi's pussy, before he pulled back.
"Huh?" Sashi moaned. "What do y- OH!" Sashi moaned, unable to finish her question as Brian thrust in again. "Oh yeah!" she moaned, rocking her hips back in Brian's rhythm.
Meanwhile, Umbreon wasn't doing such a bad job himself. While their Trainers had fun at the lake, their Pokemon were busy mating. Umbreon was holding himself up on Espeon's back with his front paws, as he humped his butt forwards. His cock entered Espeon's pussy over and over again, bringing great pleasure to the both of them. They had been doing this for almost three minutes by now, and Umbreon could feel himself getting closer and closer to his orgasm.
"Oh yeah! Umbreon!" Espeon moaned, her eyes closed, her chest down to the ground, her butt up high in the air, humping back at her lover. She was close too, she could feel it. And a few seconds later, she came. "UMBREON!" Espeon cried out in pleasure, as she exploded, releasing her female juices against Umbreon.
"Ohhhh yeah..." Umbreon moaned with his eyes closed, as he felt Espeon's warm pussy juice against his fur. It was too much, and he came. "OH ESPEON!" he cried out, just like Espeon had done when she came. Powerful jets of cum shot deep into Espeon's pussy, as they both continued to hump each other after their orgasms. Finally, Umbreon pulled out, and fell down to the ground, exhausted, his dick shrinking back to its small size, before it disappeared back into the hidden pouch.
"You were awesome..." Espeon moaned, nudging Umbreon's head. He smiled back, eyes closed.
"I think I'm gonna take a little nap..." he said, and when the final word left his mouth, he was already snoring. Espeon smiled, feeling she still had some energy left. Which was good, because she still wanted to find Audry.
"Don't go away... I'll be right back..." Espeon said to Umbreon, as she slowly walked into the desert.

She walked for a while, and then stopped.
"Now where are you..." Espeon said to herself, se raised her head in the air, either to feel Audry's presence or to catch her scent. She smiled when she felt Audry's aura, and followed that trail. She eventually reached Audry, and gasped when she did. Audry was sitting next to a Ninetales Anthro, and she wasn't moving. Espeon ran over to the Ninetales, and checked to see if she was still alive.
"Espeon!" Audry smiled. "It's so good to see you!"
"Audry? You okay?" Espeon asked, but Audry only heard Pokemon language.
"Espeon, see this Ninetales?" Audry asked, and Espeon nodded slowly. "She needs our help! I can't leave her like this, so I need you to go get the others, okay?"
Espeon nodded slowly, indicating she understood what Audry meant. She slowly turned around, and walked away.
"And hurry!" Audry said just before Espeon was gone.

"Oh god!" Cath cried out as she had one more hump from Eevy when she came, shooting her juices against and in Eevy's pussy. This caused Eevy to be brought to her own orgasm too.
"Yes!" Eevy cried out as loud as Audry, as she shot her own juices back to Cath. Both their juices splashed against each other, and leaked out of their cunts afterwards. They slowly stopped humping, and released each other. They looked at Brian and Sashi. Brian was still humping Sashi's pussy, and she was still humping back.
"S-Sashi! I think I'm gonna..." he announced, and that's when he thrust in one more time before releasing another load of his male semen into her.
"Oh yes!" Sashi moaned, feeling Brian cum inside of her, setting her off as well. They continued to hump each other, until also their orgasms had subsided. Then Brian slowly pulled back. He sat down on the ground, as Sashi lay own on her belly, both gasping for air.
"I see you enjoyed yourself?" Cath grinned at Brian.
"Oh yeah..." Brian replied.
"I got a question..." Sashi suddenly said.
"Mmmm?" Eevy replied.
"Brian? What did you mean by 'This brings back memories'?" Sashi asked, recalling Brian say it when he entered her.
"This isn't the first time we did it, remember?" Brian said.
"No I do not..." Sashi said.
Brian stopped.
"Oh no... I forgot you forgot everything of the time in the Team Rocket hideout..." Brian gasped.
"Did we have sex?" Sashi gasped.
"Well, yeah, but-"
"And you didn't stop me?!" Sashi asked, getting angry.
"How could I?!" Brian barked suddenly.
"Wha?" Sashi replied.
"You were holding my neck in your grip, ready to slice it whenever I made a wrong move!" Brian said. "And then you started to rub your hands over my body, giving me a good feeling! But that's nothing compared to when you gave me a blowjob!" Brian added.
Sashi was silent.
"I... Did that?" Sashi asked.
"You forced me to have sex with you! Can you blame me for losing control?" Brian asked.
"I'm sorry..." Sashi said, calming down. To be honest, it did feel familiar when Brian entered her.
"Sashi! Sashi!" Espeon cried, suddenly arriving at the scene. Espeon then stopped when she realized everyone was naked. "What the..."
"Espeon?" Sashi said. "What's wrong?"
Espeon shook her head a few times, before she answered.
"We need to help Audry!" Espeon said.
"Why? What's wrong?" Sashi asked again.
"She's found a Ninetales!" Espeon said.
"A Pokemon?"
"No! An Anthro!" Espeon replied.
"An Anthro? Here in the desert?" Sashi gasped.
"And she's unconscious!" Espeon said.
"We need to help her!" Sashi said, and got up. She grabbed her clothes, and quickly got dressed. "Well come on guys!" Sashi said to the others, and they quickly got dressed too.

Kyra opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was the ceiling, lying in a bed. For a moment, she didn't know where she was. She slowly sat up, and looked around. She was in a room made of wood.
"Where... am I?" she asked herself. "And how did I get here?"
She thought back a little. The last thing she remembered was refusing an order from Maxie. She had found out the plans he had of using Anthro's to serve him for his evil plans, which she recently discovered. This plan involved attacking humans, and she was not so fond of this. She tried to leave the base, hidden underground in the desert of Route 166, but when she was about to leave, something hit her in the back, and everything went black. She slowly got out of bed, but then suddenly felt like she was about to throw up, so she laid back in her back, closing her eyes, as she felt the nauseas feeling go away. She decided to keep lying here until she felt better again. Time passed, and Kyra fell asleep. She was suddenly woken by someone entering the room. She opened her eyes, and gasped. It was an Espeon Anthro.
"Ah, you're awake..." Sashi smiled, approaching Kyra. She was carrying a bag in her hand.
"Wh-who are you?" she asked.
"My name is Sashi... I'm a Pokemon Trainer..." Sashi replied.
Kyra was silent.
"And what is your name?" Sashi asked.
"My name is..." Kyra said, and then stopped. She thought about it. Should she tell Sashi about her past? The things she's done, or would do? She decided against it.
"I... don't know..." Kyra replied, faking amnesia.
"What? You don't know?"
"I don't remember..." Kyra said.
"Strange... So there's no chance of you telling me what you were doing in the desert?" Sashi asked.
"I don't know..." Kyra said again.
"You don't know?" Sashi asked again, and Kyra shook her head.
"I... Don't remember..." Kyra said.
"Well, then you probably have amnesia..." Sashi said. "After all, we found you in the desert unconscious..."
"U-unconscious?" Kyra asked, and Sashi nodded.
"Good thing my friend Audry found you, or maybe you wouldn't have survived..." Sashi said.
"What do you mean?" Kyra asked.
"Well when we found you, it was already late in the afternoon... If we hadn't found you, you would still be lying there in the sand... And it can get very cold in the desert when night falls..." Sashi explained.
"So you saved me..." Kyra said, not happy about it. For what she's done, she didn't deserve to live, she now thought. Sashi sensed Kyra not being happy.
"Hey... Cheer up... We'll help you get back your memory..." Sashi said, thinking that was the reason she was sad.
"T-Thanks..." Kyra said softly. "By the way... Where are my clothes?" Kyra asked. She was lying naked in bed.
"Clothes? You weren't wearing any clothes when we found you..." Sashi said.
"So they took off my clothes as well? Figures... I'm not one of them anymore..." Kyra thought. "No clothes..." Kyra said.
"Don't worry... We have clothes for you..." Sashi said, and brought out the bag she was carrying. She opened it, and took out a coat, a T-shirt, pants, shoes and panties. She laid them down on the bed. "Now it's for you to decide whether you want to wear the panty..." Sashi giggled softly.
"Thanks for the clothes..." Kyra smiled weakly. "Why are you being so nice to me?"
"Because you're a fellow Anthro..." Sashi replied.
"Oh..." Kyra replied."
"I'll leave you alone now, so you have all the time to dress up... We'll be waiting outside, if you need out help... or anything else..." Sashi said.
"Thanks..." Kyra smiled.

Kyra got dressed, and out of bed. She already felt better than before, as she slowly walked to the window, and looked out. She saw Sashi, Brian, Cath, Eevy, Audry, Umbreon and Espeon lying on the ground, enjoying the sun.
"Humans?" Kyra said to herself when she spotted Eevy and Audry. She walked to the door, and opened it. Then she walked out, closed the door behind her, and approached the group. Sashi noticed Kyra approach her, and smiled.
"Oh hey, how are you now?" she asked.
"I'm doing better than before, thanks..." Kyra replied.
"So you have amnesia?" Brian asked.
"I think I do..." Kyra said.
"Poor girl..." Eevy said.
"You... Are human..." Kyra said.
"Well glad to see you remember that..." Eevy smiled.
"Yeah..." Brian said suspiciously. For some reason, he felt Kyra wasn't telling the truth.
"What are you all doing here in the desert?" Kyra asked.
"Well we were on our way to Orange city for my next Gym battle..." Sashi said.
"'Gym... Battle?'" Kyra asked, faking confusion.
"Didn't I tell you I was a Pokemon Trainer earlier?" Sashi said.
"Yes?" Kyra replied.
"Well as a Trainer, I must travel from city to city, challenge Gyms to earn badges... If I have earned at least eight badges, I am capable of entering the Pokemon League, a competition where they make Trainers fight other Trainers, in order to find out who is the strongest..." Sashi explained.
"I see... And you're trying to be the strongest?" Kyra asked.
"I don't know if I can ever become the strongest..." Sashi chuckled. "But I'm trying!"
"I see..." Kyra said again. "Then did I slow you down?"
"What? No, of course not! We were on a break at this lake anyway, and it was lucky Audry here found you while she was having a walk..." Sashi said, pointing at Audry.
"So you are the one who found me?" Kyra asked, and Audry nodded. Kyra then forced a smile on her face. "Thank you..." she said sweetly. This made all Brian's suspicion disappear.
"No worries..." Audry said, smiling back.
"And you haven't slowed us down.. We were about to continue our journey anyway... I'm pretty sure we're done here..." Sashi said.
"I agree..."
"Yup..." Eevy, Cath and Brian all said.
"Can I come with you?" Kyra asked. "I'm all alone out here, and I don't know where I can go to..."
"Of course you can go with us..." Sashi said. "I promised you I would help you remember again, and I won't break that promise..."
"Thanks..." Kyra smiled. "Wow... They're pretty nice..." Kyra thought. "And to think that I was doing evil stuff... I thought they were good stuff, but boy was I fooled..."


Kyra opened her eyes. She saw... people... humans... Dressed in red clothes... They were looking at her... Kyra looked around, and then saw her reflection. She gasped. She was... different... bigger... She now had a taller body... a human body... She looked down. She had arms and hands, legs and feet. She also got hair, covering her head, the same color as her skin. She looked back, and noticed she had nine tails. Each end had an orange point of fur. She looked back at the humans. What was going on here? The last thing she remembered was walking through the desert. She was a Vulpix back then. She remembered walking over hot sand, trying to find her way back to civilization, when suddenly lots of sand started to blow through the air around her. Then, everything went black, and all she could hear was 'This one will do...' before she completely lost consciousness. Back to reality, a man suddenly entered the room.
"I see the transformation was a success?" he asked. He was dressed in a different kind of red suit, different from the others.
"Yes, leader Maxie... We've successfully transformed the Ninetales into an Anthro..." one of the men in red clothes replied.
Ninetales? Wasn't Ninetales the evolved form of Vulpix? Was she a Ninetales now? How did that happen? As if reading her mind, another man in red clothes asked;
"Why did you make her transform into a Ninetales before you made an Anthro out of her?"
"Because," Maxie (Kyra assumed this was his name) said, "Vulpix are weak... In order to be a strong Anthro, or servant, you need to be powerful..."
Servant? Who was he talking about? And what was that Anthro thing they kept talking about? She then opened her mouth to speak.
"Wha are y-" she began, and suddenly stopped, and placed her hands on her mouth. Did she just speak? Did she just speak other words than the usual 'Vulpix' she always used to say? Maxie grinned.
"Hello, Kyra..." Maxie said. Kyra still had her hands over her mouth, but slowly pulled them down.
"K-Kyra?" she said.
"That is the name I have given you..." Maxie said.
"And who are you?" Kyra replied.
"My name is Maxie... I'm the leader of Team Magma..." Maxie answered.
"Team... Magma?" Kyra asked.
"Enough questions..." Maxie said. "I need you to be my new servant..."
"Because I gave you life..." Maxie said.
"But I already was alive..." Kyra said.
"As a Pokemon, yes... but now you've got a lot more abilities... Abilities you need to be my servant..." Maxie said.
"I'm sure I can trust you will give her the supplies she needs?" Maxie asked one of his servants.
"Yes, leader Maxie..." one said.
"Good..." Maxie smiled. "Bring her to my office when she's done..."
"As you wish, leader Maxie..." the same man said, and Maxie left the room.

Time passed, and Kyra was taken to a room, where a female - also dressed in weird red clothes - helped her dress.
"Why do I need these?" Kyra asked.
"Well you need to be dressed... otherwise you'll look like a fool..." the female said.
"This is... All new to me..." Kyra said. Like talking human language, wearing clothes was something she had never done before.
"Trust me... You'll look a lot better in these clothes..." the female said.
"If you say so..." Kyra replied.

*End flashback*

Kyra was now used to the things humans did. The only bad thing about having a human body was that she couldn't use attacks anymore... Well, POKEMON attacks... She had tried to use a Flamethrower attack, but all she got out was oxygen. She could try an Iron Tail attack, but she would look like a fool when she failed to. And she wasn't as fast as she was when she was a Vulpix. She had to accept the fact that she could never turn back to the way she was. In the last few days as an Anthro, Kyra had worked for Maxie, following his orders. She was transferred to a different group of Team Magma, one who was concentrating on finding the legendary Bird of Fire; Moltres. They had searched for Moltres for a long time now, and they could feel they were close. They had been running tests, and they showed that this heat on Route 166 wasn't normal. Something was causing it, and Maxie was pretty sure it was someone causing it. That's why he had built two different underground bases on Route 166, so that they could experiment on creating Anthro's in one base, while the other base looked for Moltres. All went well, until a day ago, Kyra and her fellow Team Magma members met up wit a human geologist, working on a project in the desert, who accidentally found out about a team Magma base. The Team Magma members easily took the life of this poor man, and that's when Kyra realized what she was doing was wrong, because in her former life as a Pokemon, she was good friends with humans and even one's Pokemon. When her Trainer died of old age, she was alone in this world, and so she searched the world for a new Trainer. That's how she ended up in the desert. Kyra couldn't work for a team that hurt and even killed humans. She had to get away. Maxie didn't like that. He said 'I gave you life, so I can take it away just as easily...' But Kyra kept saying she wanted to leave. The last thing she remembered was Maxie grinning about something, before her whole world went black, and she woke up today.

Now she had joined Sashi, Eevy, Cath, Brian and Audry on their journey, as they were going to Orange City. Going? No, they finally reached it.
"There it is!" Sashi smiled, looking at what seemed a city in the middle of nowhere ahead of them.
"Whoa... Look at all those oranges..." Brian said, looking at the fields around the city.
"That's probably because of the heat... Because of that they can produce them better..." Eevy said.
"Hence the name of the city..." Cath said. The eight walked forwards, but suddenly something from out of the sky landed on the ground a little distant ahead of them. It looked like a big bus.
"Oh no! They're here too!" Kyra thought, taking a step back.
"What in the..." Brian gasped.
"What's that?!" Sashi asked.
"Quick! Hide!" Brian said, as suddenly a door opened, and a few men dressed in red clothes came out of the bus
"Team Magma..." Kyra thought.
"Look at all those men, wearing those weird clothes..." Audry said.
"I've... seen them before..." Brian said.
"You know them?" Sashi asked.
"No... I've just seen those clothes somewhere before.. in a magazine... It said that some humans together made a Team, trying to take control over land..." Brian explained, thinking back to what he read. "They call themselves Team Magma..." he added.
"Team... who?"
"Team Magma..." Brian repeated.
Sashi looked back at the men, who were walking away from the bus. Then they stopped.

"The Sacred Ash is responding! So Moltres should be close..." one said.
"But that can't be! If it were close, we should be able to see it..." another said, looking up in the air.
"It's not in the sky, so that means it should be underground... But that can't either be..." the first said.
"Maybe it's an underground cave?" another suggested.
"Mmmm... It is unlikely, but I'm willing to take the chance..." the first said. He reached into a pocket, and brought out a cell phone. He pushed one button, and held the phone to his ear. "Yeah, requesting appliances for digging at once!" he said, and hung up. A few seconds late, a big truck came driving out of nowhere, stopping in front of the group while a door opened. It had a big drill at the front, used for digging deep. "Everyone get in! You, take the bus back to the base!" the first said, stepping inside. The others followed soon, and then the door closed again, as one stepped into the bus again. Then the drill on the front of the truck started spinning fast, as the truck drove forwards. It then dug into a hill, and went down, disappearing into the earth. The Bus rose from the ground, and flew away. For a while, everything was silent.
"That was weird..." Sashi said, breaking the silence.
"You can say that again..." Eevy said.
"Okay, 'hat was weird...'" Sashi said again.
"It is a figure of speech..." Eevy replied, while the others laughed.
"Sorry, just trying to keep the humor in..." Sashi replied, and got up.
"What are you doing?" Cath asked.
"Well, we came here for a Gym Battle, didn't we? So that's what I'm doing..." Sashi said.
"But what about Team Magma?" Eevy asked.
"They're none of my business..." Sashi replied, and started walking.
"But they are my business..." Kyra thought. "And I'm sure Team Magma will end up fighting them..."
They finally arrived in Orange City, where Sashi immediately went to the Pokemon Center.
"I am SO hungry!" she said.
"And we better stay here for the night..." Eevy said, looking up to the sky, which was turning a dark-blue color.
"And tomorrow we'll find a specialist, who can maybe help you remember..." Sashi said to Kyra. Kyra looked back at Sashi, and smiled.

That night everyone slept in one room. Eevy slept with Sashi, Cath slept with Brian and Espeon with Umbreon. Only Kyra and Audry slept in separate beds. It was hard, falling asleep in a heat like this, but Eevy and Sashi both agreed; it was cooler than Bakiki village. In the end, they all managed to fall asleep, except for Kyra. She stayed awake, thinking of how she would get herself out of this mess. If Sashi was about to get a specialist look at her, he would immediately notice she was faking amnesia. What could she do to prevent Sashi from finding out the truth?

The next morning, Sashi yawned as she woke up, stretching her arms. Then she noticed Eevy wasn't next to her.
"Probably making ham-sandwiches..." Sashi said softly, not wanting to wake the others up. Then, suddenly, Kyra woke up. "Good morning..." Sash smiled. Kyra looked at Sashi, and smiled back.
"Good morning..." she replied.
"Remembering anything yet?" Sashi asked.
"Unfortunately not..." Kyra said.
"Don't worry... I'll call in a-"
"Ready for your Gym Battle?" Kyra then suddenly interrupted.
"Wha? Oh, yes! Yeah, I'm ready!" Sashi smiled.
"Do you think you'll be able to beat the Leader?" Kyra asked, hoping Sashi would forget about the specialist.
"I just hope my Pokemon are strong enough..." Sashi said. She got up, and yawned again, making Kyra yawn as well.
"Well I think you can make it..." Kyra said.
"What makes you say that?" Sashi asked, confused.
"Just guessing..." Kyra said.
"Thanks for the support..." Sashi said, got dressed, and walked out of the room.
"Good... She forgot..." Kyra sighed in relief. "I'm starting to like them... Which makes it harder for me to leave them... And what if they find out about me? It would make them hate me..." she thought, closing her eyes again.

A while later, everyone was awake, and downstairs eating ham-sandwiches. Kyra woke up a little later, and then also went downstairs to the others. When she entered the diner room, she was greeted by Sashi.
"I thought you were already awake..." she said.
"Nah, I fell asleep again..." Kyra replied.
"Here... I made you a ham-sandwich..." Eevy said, giving Kyra a plate once she has sat down at the table.
"For me?" Kyra replied.
"I do that for every friend of mine..." Eevy said, smiling.
"I'm your friend?"
"Yeah, why wouldn't you be?" Sashi asked.
"I just thought... We barely know each other... Now I may know you, but you'll never know about me..." Kyra said.
"Oh yeah! I almost forgot! We have to call for a specialist!" Sashi gasped.
"Awww nuts!" Kyra thought. "But what about your Gym Battle?" Kyra then tried again. This made Brian raise an eyebrow.
"Mmmm... yeah... That's important too..." Sashi replied.
"Hopefully she's forgotten about that specialist after the Gym Battle... But... now I feel terrible, lying to them... Now that they called me friend..." Kyra thought, as she took a bite of her ham-sandwich. At the first bite, she gasped. "Whoa... This is the best I've ever tasted!" Kyra said.
"I knew you would like it!" Eevy smiled.
"Ah-HA!" Brian then suddenly barked, making everyone look up.
"Brian?" Eevy said.
"What's wrong?" Cath asked.
"I knew you were faking your amnesia!" Brian replied.
Everyone at the table gasped.
"What are you talking about?" Sashi asked.
"Please explain, how you were able to know that ham-sandwich was the best you've ever tasted?" Brian grinned, eying Kyra.
"Because, how would I know that I haven't had anything better before?" Kyra replied.
Brian was silent.
"Yeah Brian... She doesn't know anything from her past, including her favorite food..." Eevy said.
"Then... Maybe I was wrong..." Brian said.

To be continued...

Sashi: Okay, now we finally found the Ninetales...
Sashi: And now we don't know about the OTHER Ninetales...
What other Ninetales?
Sashi: The one who vanished!
Oh, that one! Not telling...
Sashi: Awww nuts!
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