AGNPH Stories

Sashi by natsuke


The Truth

The truth

Okay, the title says it all, I guess...
Sashi: Yeah, it pretty much does... Unless you're talking about another truth?

The sun was shining, and Sashi was ready for her Gym Battle against...
"Sheila, the Flying type Pokemon Trainer..." Eevy said.
"So I need Electric or Ice attacks..." Sashi said.
"And Rock..." Audry added.
"Yeah... Piece of cake!" Sashi grinned.
"Are you sure your Pokemon are up to it?" Cath asked.
"I'm sure they are..." Sashi replied, and started walking.
"Ehhh.. Sashi?" Kyra asked.
"Yes?" Sashi said, turning around.
"Do I have to attend your Gym Battle?" Kyra asked.
"I'm not forcing you to be there when I challenge the Gym Leader, so of course not..." Sashi replied, smiling.
"Because I wanted to check the village first, to see if I can remember something..." Kyra said, getting back to the whole amnesia thing.
"Okay... Good luck!" Sashi said, and turned around again. Everybody followed Sashi, except...
"Is it okay if I join you?" Brian suddenly asked.
"Ehhh... Of course it is..." Kyra said. "Maybe you can help..."
"That's a great idea!" Sashi said.
"Should I go with you?" Cath asked Brian.
"No... You don't have to, this time... I need to apologize to her for accusing her wrong..." Brian said to Cath. "And I'd like to do that alone..."
"I understand..." Cath said, and followed Sashi.
"And me?" Umbreon asked.
"You go ahead and root for Espeon... I'm sure that will help her..." Brian smiled.
"Okay..." Umbreon said, and turned around.

"So why did you want to join me?" Kyra asked Brian.
"Because I want to apologize for the way I acted..." Brian said, as he and Kyra had sat down on a bench in the Orange Village park.
"You mean, about accusing me of faking amnesia?" Kyra asked, and Brian nodded.
"I should have never said that..." Brian said.
"Hey, I don't care..." Kyra then said, placing a hand on Brian's shoulder. "But I have to ask... Why do you think I am faking my amnesia?" Kyra asked.
"Well at first I thought you were faking it, because you noticed Eevy was a human..." Brian said.
"That's just because... I can remember something about humans... I remember how they look like..." Kyra said softly.
"Oh ..." Brian said. "And then there was the thing this morning..."
"Hey, it's okay..." Kyra said. "We all make mistakes..."
"Yeah..." Brian said. Then, suddenly, he felt a drop of water fall on his fur. He looked up, and then noticed the dark clouds in the sky. It was starting to rain. "Oh no..."
"Oh no indeed! I hate water!" Kyra said, as both she and Brian got up from the bench, and started running.
"We gotta shelter somewhere!" Brian said, and looked around for places to hide under. He could find none, so they had to try and go in somewhere. Luckily, they found the local inn, and the lights were on inside. "Let's go in there!" Brian called to Kyra, and she followed.

Meanwhile, Sashi, Audry, Cath, Eevy, Espeon and Umbreon were inside the gym.
"Whoa, look at that..." Sashi said, looking outside, where the rain had started to pour down harder.
"Lucky we're inside..." Eevy said.
"I hope the same for Brian and the Ninetales..." Cath said.
"Because of the Ninetales... Anthro's may have the body of a human, but we still have our Pokemon types..." Cath explained. "And you know how Fire types hate water..."
"Yeah, true..." Sashi said, and then faced Sheila. "Enough talking! I'm here for a Gym Battle!" she said.
"And you will have one..." Sheila said. She was dressed in a blue jacket, with a T-shirt under it. Further she was wearing a short skirt, and leather boots. "Welcome again, Trainer... Now that I have gotten used to your looks, I am ready for a fight! My name is Sheila, and I have specialized in Flying type Pokemon, because of their ability to soar through the sky. I will not make this easy for you, so expect a tough battle!"
"I expect nothing less..." Sashi replied.
Suddenly, a referee appeared.
"Okay, Trainers! This official Gym Battle will be between the challenger Sashi, and the Gym Leader Sheila. Both Trainers can use three Pokemon, with no time limit! Are you ready?" he asked both.
"I am..." Sashi said.
"Likewise..." Sheila smiled.
"Then let the match begin!" the referee said.
"Okay! I choose you, Pidgeot!" Sheila called, and threw a Pokeball into the air. It opened, and white light cam out of it, appearing in the air. The light turned into a big shape. Then the light faded, and a big bird with yellow, orange and red feathers sticking out of its head, and tail appeared.
"Pidgeot!" Pidgeot [Flying type] said.
"Whoa..." Sashi thought. "Okay, then I'll choose...Dragonair!" Sashi called ad threw Dragonair's Pokeball into the air. It opened, and Dragonair came out, appearing on the ground.
"A Dragonair? Mmmm... Interesting..." Sheila thought.
"Dragonair! Use Thunderbolt!" Sashi cried, and Dragonair's horn began to glow with electricity.
"Pidgeot! Dodge that attack and use your Wing Attack!" Sheila called, and just in time, Pidgeot managed to avoid being hit by Dragonair's Thunderbolt attack. She flew up high in the air, and then dove, spreading one wing, aiming at Dragonair.
"Quickly, Dragonair! Use Slam!" Sashi called, as Dragonair quickly turned her body around, letting her tail fly in the air. Both attacks hit each other, and both Pokemon were thrown into a different direction because of it.

Brian knocked three times on the door of the local inn, and waited for it to be opened. When it was, an old man stood there.
"Yes, how can I help you?" he said, and then saw Brian and Kyra. For a moment, he stopped.
"Please, sir, can we shelter in your inn from the rain?" Brian asked, his hair pushed down because of the rain.
"Yes, please?" Kyra said.
"Of course, come on in..." the old man said, and opened the door some more for Brian and Kyra to fit through. When inside, the man closed the door, and turned around.
"Thank you so much for letting us in..." Brian said.
"Well, it is my pleasure..." the old man said. "My name's Jebadiah, and I own this Inn... Here you can travelers spend the night when they are on their journey... But..." Jebadiah sighed. "Not many come here anymore, now that there's a Pokemon Center..."
"Poor man..." Brian thought. "Well at least we're here now..."
"Yes..." Jebadiah said. "And that's why I won't charge anything of you..."
"You don't have to do that..." Brian said.
"You two are the first customers I've had in weeks... It's on the house..." Jebadiah said.
"Oh..." Brian said, and went silent. "By the way... Don't we scare you?" Brian suddenly asked.
"Why would you scare an old man like me?" Jebadiah asked.
"Well, because we're... You know... Pokemon?" Brian said.
"From the looks of your clothes it looks like you're a Trainer, and that is what counts.." Jebadiah said. "And besides... I wouldn't wish anyone outside in this weather..."
"Thank you, sir..." Brian said again.
"Awww nuts! I'm soaked!" Kyra groaned.
"I've got a fire burning in the diner room for you two to dry yourself..." Jebadiah said.
"That would be nice... T-thank you..." Kyra said to Jebadiah, with her head bowed. She almost couldn't bear to look at Jebadiah, remembering herself of the time as a Team Magma member. Brian saw this, but didn't say a thing about it. Brian and Kyra were both also given a towel to dry their fur with, as they both went into the diner room, and smiled when they saw the fire. They sat down close to it, enjoying the heat it was giving.

"Hang in there Dragonair!" Sashi called, as Dragonair was pulled up into the air by Pidgeot. This was turning out bad for Sashi. Dragonair was captures, and the only way out was to use an attack. But then she would have to get hit too, in order for Pidgeot to let her go. Sashi now had to choose between wait, and see where this was going, or to make Dragonair attack Pidgeot and herself. She had to take the risk. "Dragonair! I want you to use your Thunderbolt attack again!" Sashi called, and Dragonair momentarily looked at Sashi. She then nodded, and her horn began to glow again.
"What? You do know that you're also hurting your own Pokemon, right?" Sheila asked.
"I know... But I also know Dragonair will survive... But about your Pidgeot I'm not so sure..." Sashi smiled, as Dragonair began to shoot bolts of electricity at Pidgeot.
"Pidgeot! Hurry and let go of that Dragonair!" Sheila called, but it was already too late. Electricity surrounded both her and Pidgeot, making only Pidgeot scream out in pain. Instinctively, she released Dragonair, and fell to the ground with her. Dragonair landed on the ground, groaning a bit as she got up, but Pidgeot fell down, and stayed down.
"Pidgeot!" Sheila called, but Pidgeot wasn't responding.
"Pidgeot can not fight anymore! The winner of this round is Dragonair!" the referee called.
"Great work, Dragonair!" Sashi cried happily, petting Dragonair's head.
"Thanks Sashi..." Dragonair still groaned.
"You did well too Pidgeot..." Sheila smiled, as she aimed Pidgeot's Pokeball at her. She was immediately called back into it. "You deserve some rest..." she said to the Pokeball, and then looked back at Sashi. "I see you're tougher than you look..."
"People say so, yes..." Sashi replied.
"Then you will have big trouble defeating my next Pokemon! Go, Skarmory!" Sheila called, and threw another Pokeball into the air. It opened, and a big, gray Pokemon appeared. It looked like one big can opener.
"Uh-oh... Skarmory is also a Steel type..." Eevy said.
"And those are weak against?" Sashi asked.
"Fire..." Eevy replied, smiling.
"Then I know which Pokemon I'm going to use against Skarmory!" Sashi said, and called Dragonair back. She has done enough, for now. She grabbed another Pokeball, and threw this into the air. "Go, Vulpix!" Sashi called, and the Pokeball opened. A while later, the small, red Pokemon with six tails appeared on the field.
"A fire type, huh?" Sheila said, grinning. "I knew you would pick a Pokemon who is strong against Steel types..."
"Yeah, so?" Sashi replied.
"Skarmory! Use Agility!" Sheila said, and Skarmory suddenly began to glow. Then the glow faded, and nothing had happened.
"Vulpix! Use Flamethrower!" Sashi called, and Vulpix opened her mouth. A second later, a beam of fire came out, aimed at Skarmory. Just when the beam was about to hit Skarmory, she disappeared.
"Where'd Skarmory go?" Sashi asked. Then Skarmory reappeared a little bit next to where she originally was, smiling. "She's fast..."
"No wonder! She's used Agility, an attack that raises a Pokemon's speed..." Eevy said.
"Hang in there, Vulpix!" Sashi called.

"Mmmm... This fire feels so good..." Kyra said.
"Uh-huh..." Brian agreed. They had dried a bit already, but still they were wet. Kyra then looked at her nine tails.
"Oh no, they're still not dry yet..." Kyra groaned.
"Then use the towel..." Brian said.
"I know, but if I do that, my tail will get all messed up..." Kyra said. "But I guess there's no other option..." she then said, and grabbed the towel she used before. She slowly grabbed one tail, and began to use the towel to rub over the fur of her tail, trying to get it dry. When that worked, she continued to her second tail. After a while, every tail of her was rubbed dry, and the fur messed up. "I was afraid this would happen..." Kyra said. "Ehh, mister Jebadiah?"
"Yes?" Jebadiah replied, entering the room.
"You wouldn't by any chance have a brush, do you?" Kyra asked.
"Of course I do, wait here, I'll get it for you..." Jebadiah said, and a moment later, he returned, giving a brush to Kyra.
"Thank you..." Kyra said as Jebadiah left the room again.
"What are you going to do?" Brian asked.
"Groom my tails..." Kyra said, as she grabbed a tail, and slowly began to rub the brush over her fur, pushing it down against her skin again. Then she slowly pulled the brush back, and repeated the same thing a few centimeters next to where she did it last, until she had pushed her hand far enough to pull back again. This continued for some time, until Kyra suddenly started humming softly. Kyra had a very pure and soft voice, one you couldn't help but like. She kept humming, until she noticed Brian looking at her.
"What?" she asked.
"Nothing..." Brian said.
Kyra shrugged, and continued grooming. After a while, she started humming again, and that turned into soft singing. In the corner of her eye, she noticed Brian looking at her again, and she giggled.
"Would you like to help?" she asked, stopping her dinging for a moment.
"Ehh... Wha?" Brian replied, shaking his head once.
"Would you like to help me groom my tails?" Kyra asked again.
"Ehh, sure, why not?" Brian said, and grabbed the brush as Kyra gave it to him. "So I just... rub it over your fur?" Brian asked.
"Yes..." Kyra nodded, leaning back on her hands. Brian slowly grabbed one of Kyra's tails. He pushed the brush on the fur, and slowly rubbed it forwards.
"Mmmm... Doesn't look so difficult..." Brian said.
"Mmmm..." Kyra moaned. "You've never done this before?"
"No..." Brian said.
"Not even to yourself?" Kyra asked.
"I don't have a long, furry tail..." Brian replied. "So my fur doesn't get messed up much..."
"Lucky you..." Kyra said, as Brian continued grooming. "You're doing a great job... keep this up..." Kyra moaned, and started humming softly again. Brian couldn't help but love Kyra's voice. It brought him happiness. So much, that it made him go into a world of his own, only hearing her voice. You could say Kyra's voice was hypnotizing Brian, but in fact it was the Pokemon Attack Attract that was causing Brian to act this strange. Now Kyra may not know about it - and this time for real - but as a Ninetales Anthro, she contained a lot of secret and unknown powers, like living longer than normal people, or in this case, use a Pokemon Attack. Attract was taught to her by her Trainer when she was a Vulpix, just in case she came in a fight against a powerful male. Now Brian may not be powerful, but he was male. And slowly, the Attract attack was having effect on Brian. She only noticed something was wrong, when she felt Brian had stopped grooming her tail. She looked at him, while he looked back at her with a goofy smile on his face. It made her giggle softly, but the strange thing then was, that Brian didn't react to this. "Brian?" Kyra said softly, and still Brian didn't react. Then, Brian spoke.
"Your voice... It's so... beautiful..." he said in a weird tone. Kyra blushed at this, turning her head slightly.
"Why thank you..." she giggled. Then she turned her head back to Brian, looking into his eyes. Brian looked back into Kyra's eyes, as slowly their heads moved closer towards each other's, and none of them knew who started it, but suddenly they were embraced in a deep kiss.
"Mmmm..." Kyra moaned, pressing her lips onto Brian's, as he did the same to her. Suddenly, Brian pushed his tongue into the mouth of Kyra, who played back with her own. The kiss went on for at least a minute, before Brian realized what he was doing. He gasped as he pulled back, turning his head away from Kyra.
"What's wrong?" Kyra asked.
"I... I can't... I already love someone else..." Brian said, trying to figure out what just happened. "This is wrong... How did this happen?"
"I don't know..." Kyra said, thinking back. "All I remember is that you were grooming my tail, and I was singing softly... Then, suddenly, you stopped, looking at me with a weird look on your face... And the next thing I know, we're kissing..."
"This is weird... I... I recognize this... I've felt it somewhere before... It was..." Brian said, and then gasped. "It was just like when I was attracted by Delcatty!"
"Attract?" Kyra asked.
"Yeah... It makes the Pokemon - or the Anthro - fall in love with the user..." Brian explained.
"So you're saying I've used an Attract attack on you?" Kyra asked.
"Apparently..." Brian replied, nodding.
"Weird... This has never happened before..." Kyra said, and then gasped as she realized she'd said to much.
"'Never before'?" Brian repeated, eying Kyra.
"I mean..."
"There's no point hiding it now... I've heard enough... So spill it!" Brian said.
Kyra gave a denying look, until she sighed.
"You are faking your amnesia, am I right?" Brian asked.
"You're right..." Kyra said.
"Why do you do it?" Brian asked.
"First, allow me to explain something more about myself before I go into that..." Kyra said.
"Okay..." Brian replied.
"My name... Or at least that's what I think... Is Kyra. I was born as a Vulpix..." Kyra said.
"Anthro?" Brian asked.
"Pokemon..." Kyra replied.
"Then how did you-"
"Please let me finish!" Kyra interrupted.
"I'm sorry.... go ahead..." Brian said.
"As I was saying, I was born as a Vulpix... I was given a good human as my Trainer. He was very nice. But unfortunately he died of old age... I really miss him sometimes... Anyway, without a Trainer for me to fight amongst, I went to search for a new one... I ended up in a desert, where I was suddenly attacked... At least, I think I was attacked, because I was knocked unconscious... That was a few days ago... I woke up again, and the first thing I saw was my reflection. I saw a Ninetales... But not the Ninetales you know as the Pokemon Ninetales. This one had the body of a human. Soon, I realized it was me. I was made a Ninetales with a human body. I didn't know how. I didn't know why. But soon my questions were answered. I learned that scientists have made me evolve into a Ninetales, before I was transformed into this so called 'Anthro', something I am now. The nest thing I saw were humans... Dressed in red clothes... I'm sure you know them... They were the same humans we saw earlier today, just in front of Orange Village..." Kyra said, and then waited for Brian's response.
Brian gasped softly.
"Don't tell me..."
"Team Magma..." Kyra nodded.
"They made you transform from a Pokemon to Anthro?" Brian asked.
"Yes... They made me transform into an anthro in order for me to serve them... The Leader said that he gave me life, and that he could take it away just as easily... I had no choice but to accept that I worked for him now... I've done a few bad things since, like searching for the Legendary Bird of fire Moltres, but th-"
"Moltres?" Brian interrupted.
"I'm coming to that soon!" Kyra replied irritated.
"As I was saying, like searching for Moltres, but then something happened that made me not wanting to be a Team Magma member. While we were searching for Moltres in some old ruin, a geologist suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He was only doing some research in a place he found in the desert. But that place was actually close to the entrance of one of the two Team Magma bases... And in order to keep those secret, they had to leave no witnesses..." Kyra said.
"So... they..." Brian said, unable to say it.
"They killed the man..." Kyra nodded.
Brian was silent.
"That's what made me want to leave Team Magma, but Maxie, the Leader, didn't like that... He gave me an order, but I refused. It was an order to help my 'fellow' Team Magma members to attack humans if they got in the way, but I didn't like that. I knew the goodness of humans, because I had one as my Trainer in my past... I needed to get out there, and never return... But they wouldn't let me, so they knocked me unconscious... I don't remember anything of the time between then, and the time Audry found me..." Kyra said.
"And... Moltres?" Brian asked.
"That's just something Maxie wants to have in his collection; a rare Pokemon..." Kyra said.
"I see..." Brian said, and started thinking. "But that still doesn't explain why you're faking amnesia..."
Kyra sighed again.
"I did that, because I felt bad about the things I've done, and that if I told you guys the truth, you wouldn't like me... It was my business, and no one had to know about it..." Kyra said.
"Oh..." Brian said.
"So..." Kyra said.
"So your name is Kyra?" Brian asked.
"That's a beautiful name..." Brian said.
"Thank you..." Kyra said. "Are you saying this because of the Attraction I gave you?"
"No... This is just me..." Brian smiled.
"So..." Kyra said again. "What do you think of me now?"
Brian thought about a thing to say to Kyra.
"Well I've always thought of you as weird, but now I know different..." Brian said. "I mean, it's not your fault..."
"And what does that mean?" Kyra asked.
"You couldn't help it. They attacked you, and forced you into serving them. There was nothing you could do about. If you would, then they'd kill you. You're lucky to be alive right now..." Brian explained
"So you're not... mad at me?"
"No... I understand you..." Brian then said.
"Thanks..." Kyra said. "You don't know how much that means to me..."
"But I think you should tell the others about this as well..." Brian said.
"Are you sure?" Kyra asked.
"If you have something bothering you, you should tell your friends about it... Even if they are friends made because of false amnesia..." Brian chuckled.
"But how will they take it?" Kyra asked.
"You won't know if you don't try..." Brian said.
"Yeah true... Can't I just let them find out on theirselves?" Kyra asked.
"No! Anything but that!" Brian said, remembering how Eevy and Sashi tried to make him find out on himself about their love, and the problems that caused.
"Oh..." Kyra said, head low.
"Hey... Cheer up... I'm sure they'll understand... I did..." Brian said. "And besides, you're not the only one with a troubled past..."
"What do you mean? Do you have one too?" Kyra asked.
"No, not me... Remember when I said I already loved someone else?" Brian asked, and Kyra nodded. "Well she once used to work for the evil Team Rocket..."
"Team Rocket?" Kyra repeated.
"Yeah, you've never heard of them?" Brian asked, and Kyra shook her head. "Well, trust me, they're as bad as this Team Magma..." Brian said, and started explaining to Kyra everything he knew about Team Rocket.
"So your girlfriend was also forced? To join Team Rocket?" Kyra asked.
"Yes...If Giovanni hadn't picked her off the streets, she would have dies there... That's how all the Anthro's thought he was their savior..."
"Weak..." Kyra said.
"You got that right..." Brian grinned. "But anyway, we should go back to the others when the rain stops falling..."
"Yeah you're right... I guess it's time for me to tell the truth..." Kyra sighed.
"Still want me to groom your tail while we wait?" Brian asked, grabbing the brush he had laid down a while ago.
"Oh please, you groom so good!" Kyra smiled, as Brian grabbed one of her tails.

"You did great, Vulpix..." Sashi said, calling her back into her Pokeball. She lost against Skarmory. Skarmory was just too fast for Vulpix' Flamethrower to hit.
"Looks like I'm finally winning..." Sheila said.
"Only this round!" Sashi called back. She grabbed for another Pokeball, and threw this into the air. "Go, Dragonair! I need your help once again!" Sashi called, as the Pokeball opened. Dragonair landed on the ground, and suddenly felt pain. "What's going on?" Sashi asked confused.
"Remember the spikes (The 'Spikes' attack) I let Skarmory throw around earlier?" Sheila asked.
"Well each time you change Pokemon, the Spikes are activated, hurting your Pokemon each time you call them out..."
"You got to be kidding!" Sashi cursed.
"Afraid not..." Sheila replied, smiling.
"You okay, Dragonair?" Sashi asked.
"Yes, just fine.." Dragonair said. Sashi didn't know if she meant this literally or sarcastically.
"Then try and hit Skarmory with your Thunderbolt!" Sashi called.
"Okay!" Dragonair nodded, and looked Skarmory into the eyes.
"Now look out! Skarmory is very fast!" Sashi called.
"Skarmory! Use Steel wing!" Sheila called, when suddenly, Skarmory's wings started glowing bright. Then Skarmory flew down, straight at Dragonair.
"A little longer..." Sashi thought, as Skarmory came closer.
"Sashi?" Dragonair said impatiently.
"Hold on one more second..." Sashi said. Dragonair thought this was crazy, but she trusted Sashi. And just when Skarmory was about to hit her, Sashi called.
"Quickly! Wrap yourself around Skarmory!" Sashi said, as Dragonair jumped up, and wrapped her body all around Skarmory.
"What the?!" everyone in the Gym gasped.
"Skarmory may be too fast to dodge an attack from the ground, so I then I needed to keep close to her... Real close to her, as you can see..." Sashi said.
"Gotcha..." Dragonair smiled to Skarmory.
"Let go of me!" Skarmory growled, but Dragonair didn't.
"And this time my attacks won't miss you! Dragonair! Use Thunderbolt!" Sashi called.
"Oh no!" Skarmory cursed, as Dragonair released bolts of electricity. Skarmory tried anything to get Dragonair to let her go, but failed. The Thunderbolt attack was a full hit, and she was electrocuted. She fell down to the ground, as Dragonair let go of her.
"Skarmory can not fight anymore! The winner of this round is Dragonair!" the referee said again.
"Great work, Skarmory..." Sheila said, and called her Pokemon back. She looked up at Sashi, who was hugging Dragonair. "You may have defeated two of my Pokemon... But this one you won't..." Sheila said out loud, making Sashi look up.
"And why is that?" Sashi asked.
"That is one strong Dragonair you got there..." Sheila said.
"Yeah, I know..." Sashi said.
"Planning on letting it evolve soon?" Sheila asked.
"Ehhh... She won't evolve until it is her time..." Sashi replied unsure.
"It would make her more powerful..." Sheila said.
"Oh yeah? How do you know?" Sashi called back.
"No... Don't tell me.." Eevy said, getting the hint.
"I choose you!" Sheila called, and threw a third Pokeball into the air. It opened, and white light came out of it. It landed on the ground, and formed into a shape. When the light faded, a big dragon with a strong tail and two wings on its back appeared.
"A.... Dragonite?" Sashi gasped.
Sheila only smiled back.
"But... Dragonite is a Dragon type Pokemon! Not a Flying type Pokemon!" Cath said.
"That may be, but he can fly, can't he?" Sheila replied. Sashi cursed. This Pokemon was difficult to defeat, especially because of the power he had.
"What types of attacks have effect on Dragon types?" Sashi quickly asked.
"Only Ice, and Dragon itself..." Eevy answered. "But since it's a Dragonite, now also Rock type attacks..."
"I see..." Sashi said, and thought of a strategy to defeat Dragonite. She then turned to Dragonair. "You think you still have enough energy to continue?" she asked.
"I'll try, but I don't think I will do much damage..." Dragonair said.
"Doesn't matter..." Sashi said, having a plan come together in her head.
"If you say so..." Dragonair replied.
"Dragonair! Use your Thunder Wave attack!" Sashi called, and Dragonair's horn began to spark with electricity again.
"You can easily dodge that, Dragonair!" Sheila called, as Dragonair began to shoot her sparks at Dragonite. And indeed, the sparks missed Dragonite, as he flew up suddenly. "Now use your Ice beam attack!" Sheila called.
"Ice beam?!" Sashi gasped just before Dragonite opened his mouth, and shot out a beam of ice. "Dragonair! Look o-" Sashi said, but unfortunately for her, the attack was too fast. Dragonair was hit by the Ice Beam, and cried out in pain when she felt the ice surround her body. Her whole body. "No! Dragonair!" Sashi cried.
"Dragonair can not fight anymore! The winner of this round is Dragonite!" the referee said.
"No..." Sashi said softly, and aimed Dragonair's Pokeball at her. A red beam came out of it, and touched Dragonair. Then Dragonair was sucked back into her Pokeball.
"I'm sorry..." Sheila apologized.
"No, it's not your fault... You had to..." Sashi replied.
"Still, I am..." Sheila said.
"Thanks..." Sashi said, and then looked down at Espeon. "You wanna try and give it a shot?"
"If it means helping you defeat Sheila, I do..." Espeon said, and walked onto the battle field.
"You can do it, Espeon!" Umbreon cried, and Espeon smiled back at him.
This round will be between Dragonite and Espeon! Begin!" the referee said.
"Okay Espeon! Use Psychic!" Sashi cried, as Espeon suddenly began to glow.
"Dragonite! Dodge that attack!" Sheila called, and Dragonite flew up again.
"Oh no you don't!" Espeon said, and aimed her head up.
"What the..." Dragonite said, just before he was hit by powerful waves of psychic energy. It sent him crashing into the ceiling, making dust and pieces of the ceiling crash down onto the field.
"Whoops..." Sashi said, as those pieces almost hit the referee.
"Wow... Your Espeon looks very strong..." Sheila said.
"And she is!" Sashi replied, smiling.
"Dragonite! Use Body Slam!" Sheila called. Dragonite pulled himself free out of the ceiling, and flew down hard.
"Espeon! Watch out!" Sashi called, and just in time Espeon was able to jump out of the way.
"Dragonite! Use Ice Beam!" Sheila called, as Dragonite turned his head slightly toward Espeon, and opened his mouth.
"Use Psybeam!" Sashi called, and Espeon's mouth also opened. And when both beams connected, a small explosion was created. The force of this small explosion drove everyone a step back, but didn't do much damage.
"Clever to counter my beam with one of yours..." Sheila said.
"Thanks..." Sashi smiled. "Espeon! Another Psychic!"
Espeon began to glow again.
"Not falling for that again! Dragonite! Use Fly!" Sheila called.
"Can't you just say 'fly up, Dragonite'?" Sashi asked, confused.
"No, Fly is also an Attack... It makes the Pokemon fly up, while the other misses the attack that was aimed at it." Eevy explained.
"What?" Sashi gasped, and turned back to Espeon. Just as Espeon's Psychic attack was fired, Dragonite flew up, and Espeon couldn't aim at him anymore. The Psychic waves flew into a wall, missing its target. Espeon looked up at Dragonite, flying over her.
"Dragonite! Go ahead!" Sheila called, and at this, Dragonite flew down again, and hit Espeon hard. A big crash followed, and smoke appeared in the sky.
"Espeon!" Sashi and Umbreon both cried, hoping she was okay. Suddenly, they could see Dragonite, standing on the ground. But Espeon was nowhere to be found. When the smoke cleared, they could all see a hole in the ground next to Dragonite. No doubt Espeon was in it.
"Espeon can not fi-" the referee started to say, when suddenly Espeon came crawling out of the hole.
"Espeon!" Sashi sighed in relief.
"Yo..." Espeon replied, even though she was hurt pretty bad.
"You okay?"
"I'm standing, aren't I?" Espeon said, and winked.
"Use Psychic!" Sashi said again. Because Espeon was a Psychic type herself, Psychic attacks didn't hurt or tire her out much. Espeon glowed again, and if Dragonite wasn't so surprised about Espeon still being able to fight, he would have dodged that attack, but hew didn't. Dragonite was once again hit by Espeon's Psychic attack, and it sent him flying back. Now because of the Fly attack earlier on Espeon, she had lost a lot of power, so this attack wasn't as powerful as the first one. Dragonite was able to stop the Psychic attack with a simple stroke of his wings.
"I see my Dragonite has tired your Espeon down..." Sheila said.
"I can say the same about Dragonite..." Sashi smiled, as both Espeon and Dragonite were breathing in fast.
"That may be, but Dragonite's fought against one of your Pokemon already..." Sheila said.
"Yeah, but it is something I was hoping on..." Sashi thought. "Yeah, I guess..." she said.
"Dragonite! Finish that Espeon off with Hyper Beam!" Sheila called.
"What? A Hyper Beam attack?" Eevy gasped. "I think we should take a step back, you guys.." Eevy said, taking a step back.
"Espeon!" Sashi called, as Dragonite opened his mouth wide. Suddenly, a ball of energy appeared, growing bigger and bigger. "Try and attack him before he launches his attack!"
"I'll... Try!" Espeon gasped.
"Use Return!" Sashi called.
"Okay!" Espeon replied, and started running towards Dragonite.
"If she succeeds in attacking Dragonite before he can use his attack, it will miss..." Sheila thought. "Dragonite! Hurry!" Sheila called, as Espeon approached Dragonite.

"Looks like the rain has stopped..." Kyra said, looking outside.
"Yeah, I guess we can go now..." Brian said, and walked to Jebadiah. "Thank you once again for letting us stay in your Inn..."
"Like I said before," the old man smiled, "It was my pleasure..."
"Are you sure we don't have to pay?" Brian asked. "Because I really don't mind and-"
"It's okay, Brian..." Jebadiah said.
"How do you know my name?" Brian asked confused.
"I caught it when your girlfriend said it..." Jebadiah said.
"Girlfriend?" Brian gasped, and looked at Kyra. They both blushed. "She's not my girlfriend..."
"Oh, then I was mistaken..." Jebadiah said.
"I really like to do something in return... What if I bring all my friends here after they're done fighting in the Gym?" Brian suggested.
"You don't have to..." Jebadiah said, smiling.
"Are you sure?" Brian asked.
"Well, I could use some company..." Jebadiah said.
"Then wait here. I'm sure they're done right about now... We'll be back shortly!" Brian said, opening the front door. "Kyra, you can wait here as well..."
"Okay..." Kyra said, as Brian opened the door.
"Young people... Always full of energy..." Jebadiah laughed.
"Thank you so much for letting us shelter in your home..." Kyra said, taking a short bow.
"Are you sure you're not his girlfriend?" Jebadiah asked.
Kyra looked back, and just saw Brian disappear around the corner.
"I'm not sure..." Kyra said to herself.

Brian ran through the streets, and easily found the Gym. When he was about to enter, he felt the earth shake under his feet.
"Whoa! That must be one tough battle!" Brian gasped, and ran in. When he entered the battle field, he gasped even more. "And no wonder!" Brian said, spotting Dragonite.
"Espeon!" Sashi cried in horror, as she saw her being hit by Dragonite's Hyper Beam Attack. Espeon had tried her best to hit Dragonite, before he launched his attack, but unfortunately she wasn't fast enough.
"Espeon can not fight anymore!" the referee finally said. "The winner of this round is Dragonite!"
"Espeon..." Sashi said, running over to her, and picking her off the ground. She carried her back to where she was standing earlier, and slowly laid her down on the ground. Umbreon immediately ran over to his love, and checked to see if she was still breathing. She was. "You did well, Espeon... You've tired Dragonite out, just as I had planned..." Sashi said.
"You've planned this?" Eevy asked.
"Yeah... I knew Dragonite was tough to defeat, so I had to bring his power down so much for my plan to work..." Sashi said.
"And your plan is?" Eevy asked.
"I choose you, Gardevoir!" Sashi called, and threw Gardevoir's Pokeball into the air. It opened, and Gardevoir appeared on the field.
"Another Psychic Pokemon..." Sheila said.
"Oh I get it now..." Eevy smiled.
"Gardevoir? You're the last one in my team... Well, except for Poochy, that is, but I'm counting on you..." Sashi said.
"Then I'll do my best..." Gardevoir replied in her soft voice.
"Then you know what to do!" Sashi said, and Gardevoir nodded. Gardevoir ran forwards, towards Dragonite.
"She's doing a physical attack? On Dragonite? Have you lost your mind?!" Brian gasped.
"What are you up to?" Sheila thought to herself, as Gardevoir had almost reached Dragonite. "Don't dodge that attack, Dragonite... I'm curious of this Pokemon's actions..." Sheila said, and Dragonite nodded once.
"Go Gardevoir!" Sashi called, and Gardevoir now pulled her right arm back.
"A punch attack?" Sheila laughed.
"Use Ice Punch!" Sashi called, making all gasp. Suddenly, Gardevoir's right hand began to glow white, as she threw her arm out at Dragonite.
"Dodge that!!" Sheila called, but Gardevoir was too close already. Gardevoir punched Dragonite in the head hard, knocking him back hard, as ice started to surround the place Gardevoir hit him. "Dragonite!" Sheila gasped, as Dragonite fell down to the ground.
"Is it over?" Sashi asked.
"Dragonite can not fight anymore! The winner of this round and match is the challenger Sashi!" the referee called, and to this, Sashi punched her arm into the air.
"YEAH!" Sashi cried, running over to Gardevoir, hugging her tight.
"You did it!" Eevy cried as happily as Sashi, and ran over to her. She hugged both Sashi and Gardevoir, as Audry, Brian and Cath stayed behind, watching the three hug each other from the sidelines. And of course Umbreon stayed with Espeon, watching her rest.
"You id great, Dragonite..." Sheila said softly, and called him back into his Pokeball. "Well... Looks like you've done it..." she then said to Sashi.
"Mmmm?" Sashi replied.
"You defeated my Dragonite... A Pokemon that is hard to defeat, but you did it with the perfect strategy... You used your Pokemon to tire Dragonite down enough, so you could finish him off with one last attack... That's what they call team work, and it's very strong in your team..." Sheila said, approaching Sashi. "This makes you earn the badge even more, so here..."
"Thank you..." Sashi said, and accepted her Orange Badge.
"No, thank you... I've learned from you... I've learned never to underestimate my opponent... That Ice Punch was something I would have never expected from a Gardevoir..." Sheila smiled.
"Well I have to be ready for anything, right?" Sashi replied.
"You got that right..." Sheila said, and reached out her hand. Sashi took her hand, and shook once. "I wish you luck on your journey to the Pokemon League..."
"Thank you..." Sashi said again, shaking Sheila's hand some more, before letting go. "Goodbye!" Sashi said.
"Goodbye..." Sheila replied, waving.
Sashi called Gardevoir back, picked up Espeon, and slowly carried her away.


"Oh hey Brian....When did you show up?" Sashi asked.
"You didn't notice me?" Brian replied.
"Didn't you see I was busy winning the match?" Sashi smiled.
"Oh I see..." Brian smiled too now.
"Where is the Ninetales?" Cath asked.
"Should I tell them her name already? No... Not yet..." Brian thought. "She's at the local Inn, waiting for us to go there..." he said.
"Well, have you noticed the storm from a while ago?" Brian asked.
"The one with all the rain?" Audry asked.
"Yes... the one with the rain..." Brian replied.
"Well sure..." Sashi said.
"Well, we didn't like to be out in the rain, so we took shelter in a local Inn... The owner is a really nice and old man, and because we were his first customers in weeks, he didn't charge us for staying there..." Brian said.
"That's really nice of him..."
"It sure is... But I wanted to give him something in return, so I promised I would take you guys with me when you were done, so we can spend some time there..." Brian said.
"That's real nice and stuff, but I first need to heal my Pokemon..." Sashi said. "So I'll be going to the Pokemon Center first..."
"Good idea... Then I'll lead the others to the Inn first, and come back to the Pokemon Center later, to show you the way.." Brian said to Sashi.
"Agreed..." Sashi said.
"Okay, follow me everybody..." Brian said, and started walking.
"See you soon..." Sashi said to Eevy, who was having trouble leaving Sashi.
"Okay..." Eevy replied, and followed Brian.
"I'm not going with them yet... I want to stay with Espeon..." Umbreon said.
"Well, only if you be real quiet..." Sashi said.
"Promised..." Umbreon said, and followed Sashi as she walked to the Pokemon Center...

To be continued...

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