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Love is a game

Love is a game

Welcome, to chapter 26... Whoa, I would never have thought I would say that...
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"Nurse Joy!" Sashi called, entering the lobby.
"Oh hey Sashi... Oh, your Espeon..." Nurse Joy said as she noticed Espeon, who was being carried by Sashi.
"Could you please heal her again, as well as all my other Pokemon?" Sashi asked.
"Of course I will... That's what I'm here for..." Nurse Joy smiled, as Sashi lay Espeon down on the counter. She quickly grabbed her other three Pokeballs, and placed the next to Espeon. She left Poochy behind, because he hadn't really done anything.
"They'll all be back to 100% strength in no time..." Nurse Joy said, and grabbed Sashi's Pokeballs. Then she looked down. "Doesn't your Umbreon want a treatment too?"
"Mmmm? Oh, he's not mine... He's just Espeon's boyfriend..." Sashi smiled.
"Oh I see..." Nurse Joy smiled as she turned around, and brought Sashi's Pokeballs into the backroom. She returned shortly, and picked up Espeon, as she carried her to the back as well. Sashi waited, and sat down on a couch. Umbreon jumped next to her.
"Why didn't you give that Pokeball?" Umbreon asked, nodding at Poochy's Pokeball.
"Because he really hasn't done anything... And besides, he's still to weak to use in a Gym Battle..." Sashi said.
"Then you should train him more..." Umbreon said.
"I know, but the farther we travel, the stronger the Trainers get... And that goes the same for their Pokemon... I'm not sure if I can use him in a regular fight either..." Sashi said.
"Then Train him outside an official fight..." Umbreon said. "You can always ask your other Pokemon to help him get stronger..."
"You got a point..." Sashi said, and thought it over. "Yeah, I guess I can..."
"And we'll always be there to help you out as well.." Umbreon smiled.
"Thank you, Umbreon..." Sashi smiled, and petted his head. He closed his eyes, as he enjoyed the feeling his lover's Trainer was giving him.

A while later, Brian entered the Center.
"Are your Pokemon back to normal yet?" he asked.
"Hey buddy!" Umbreon smiled.
"No, they're still in the back..." Sashi said.
"Oh..." Brian said.
But then, when a minute passed, Nurse Joy returned to the counter.
"Sashi? Your Pokemon are now fully healed..." she said.
"Thank you so much, Nurse Joy!" Sashi smiled, as she got up, and walked to the counter. There she saw Espeon jump onto the it.
"Hey Sashi..." she said.
"Back to normal?" Sashi asked.
"And here are your other Pokemon..." Nurse Joy said, and gave Sashi her three Pokeballs.
"Thanks again..." Sashi said, and turned around.
"So how'd the battle go?" Nurse Joy asked. Sashi didn't reply. She just turned around, grabbed for her Orange Badge, and showed it to Nurse Joy. "That's great! I'm happy for you..." Nurse Joy said.
"Me too..." Sashi smiled, and turned around again.
"Bye..." Brian said, before he too left.

Brian led Sashi to the Inn he led the others to, and Brian knocked three times. A while later, Kyra opened the door.
"Oh hello Sashi... How did the fight go?" she asked.
"I won my Orange Badge!" Sashi said happily.
"Wonderful news!" Kyra smiled, and opened the door so that Brian and Sashi could enter.
While Sashi went to the diner room - where the others were - Brian talked to Kyra.
"Are you ready to tell the others?" Brian asked.
"I think I am, yes..." Kyra said.
"Okay, then let's go..." Brian said, as he started walking to the diner room. Kyra followed, and both entered the diner room. "Everybody?" Brian said, and that made them look at him. "I'd like to introduce you to Kyra..." Brian said, pointing at Kyra.
Everybody was silent.
"Kyra?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah, that's her name..." Brian said.
"What do you mean? How do you know?" Cath asked.
"She told me..." Brian said.
"You mean to say she remembered her name?" Sashi asked. "That's great news!"
"She didn't only remember her name... She also remembered why she faked her amnesia..." Brian smiled.
"Not this again, Brian... You know you were wrong..." Cath said, starting to get angry.
"No... It's true..." Kyra said, and that made everybody stop.
"So... you..." Sashi said.
"I faked my amnesia..." Kyra said.
Everyone was silent again.
"Why?" was all Sashi could say.
"Okay, I'll explain..." Kyra said, and started explaining everything she explained Brian, until; "So you see... I felt bad for what I've done... That's why I faked it, so you wouldn't hate me..." Kyra said.
"Oh..." Cath said. "I understand you feel bad for the things you've done... Trust me, I do..."
"So are you the one who was a team Rocket member earlier?" Kyra asked.
"Did Brian tell you that too?" Cath asked.
"Just to show me I was not the only one..." Kyra nodded.
"Well I understand as well..." Eevy said. "And you can't really say it was your fault..."
"Exactly what I told her..." Brian said.
"And the more time I spent around you, the more I started to like hanging out with you..." Kyra said to the group. "At first, I thought it was polite of me to stay with you, since you saved my life... But then I started to feel the friendship you showed to me... I saw that you were really nice..."
"Well, you're very nice too..." Audry said. Kyra then looked at Sashi. She hadn't said a word since she had explained the truth. "Sashi? What do you think?" Kyra asked.
Sashi still didn't say a thing. Instead, she got up, approached Kyra, and slowly placed her arms around her.
"You didn't have to lie to us... You could have just told us the truth... We would have understood..." Sashi said, hugging Kyra.
"But I was afraid you'd hate me... Because of Team Magma..." Kyra said.
"You just said you weren't a Team Magma member anymore, right?" Sashi said.
"Well yeah, but-"
"I only care for what you are now..." Sashi said, releasing Kyra. "I would have done the same thing if I were in your position... I mean, the whole serving Maxie thing... I don't want to die, so if serving him was the only way to stay alive, then I would do it. You were very brave when you decided you didn't want to be a Team Magma member anymore, and you just have to be lucky to be alive right now..." Sashi said.
"That's... exactly what Brian said..." Kyra said.
"And it's true..." Sashi said.
"So you don't hate me?" Kyra asked.
"I could never hate a fellow Anthro..." Sashi said. "And besides... You're an Anthro for... how long?" Sashi asked.
"A few days..." Kyra replied.
"That's what I mean... You still have to learn a lot about being an Anthro..." Sashi smiled. "It's harder than you think..."
"So everything is okay between us?" Kyra asked.
"Everything is..." Sashi nodded.
"Thanks..." Kyra smiled.

Later that day, Jebadiah made his guests something to eat.
"It's the least I can do for you lot..." he said.
"I thought not charging our stay was already something?" Brian said.
"I know, but I am just happy to have some company... And I'd like to show my appreciation..." Jebadiah said.
"Well if you insist..." Sashi said.
"I do..." Jebadiah said, and walked to the kitchen.
"So... What happened with you and Kyra when I was with Sashi?" Cath suddenly asked.
"What happened? We took shelter in this Inn, remember?" Brian said.
"Yeah, but what happened during the storm?" Cath asked.
"Well, we got a little wet from the rain, and when we came here, we could dry ourselves by the fire..." Brian said. "And when we were dry again, the rain had stopped, and I went to pick up you guys..."
"So you got wet from the rain?" Cath asked, and Brian nodded. "So that means you were still outside... And so was Kyra..."
"Yeah we were..." Brian said.
"Poor girl... A Fire type, getting wet..." Cath said.
"Did you get inside in time?" Brian asked.
"I did... I mean, we did... Just in time, actually... We were only a few seconds inside before the storm broke lose..." Cath said.
"You lucky girl..." Brian grinned, and kissed Cath on the cheek.

A while later, Kyra talked to Brian about their little moment earlier.
"Hey Brian?" Kyra said.
"I want to apologize..." Kyra said.
"Apologize? For what?"
"For attracting you earlier... I see Cath's in love with you, and I also see you love her..."
"You're apologizing for attracting me earlier? You couldn't do anything about that... If you could, you would've known about it.. And you may have faked amnesia, but in this I can see you didn't know about it..." Brian said.
"I know you guys are good in forgiving people, but why are you so forgiving in this?" Kyra asked.
"It was just an accident... Something the both of us couldn't do anything about... Well, at least I couldn't..."
Kyra looked back at Brian, and then smiled.
"Or would have..." Kyra replied, eying Brian, and slowly punching his chest with her first
Brian giggled, rubbing the back of his head.
"You got me there..." he said.
"Hey but I'm sorry it happened, and I hope it will never happen again..." Kyra said.
"Yeah me too..." Brian said.
"Cath is one lucky girl to have someone like you..." Kyra then said. "Someone who cares for others, someone nice, someone... Who's a good kisser..." Kyra barely made out.
Brian stopped rubbing the back of his head.
"Eh wha?"
"Well I can't deny it..." Kyra blushed.
"Well, gee... thanks..." Brian blushed also.
"And me?" Kyra asked.
"How did I do?" Kyra asked.
"Ehhh... Well, what do I say? Good too?" Brian said.
"Oh..." Kyra said. This was not what she expected Brian to say. But then again, they weren't a in a relationship with each other.

Jebadiah had made everyone a very good meal, and everybody loved it.
"Thanks... This is something I always make for my son..." Jebadiah said.
"You have a son?" Eevy asked.
"Yeah... His name is Steven... He's a Geologist..." Jebadiah said, and that made Kyra freeze. Brian raised an eyebrow when hearing the word 'geologist', and quickly looked at Kyra. She looked back, and gave a quick nod.
Jebadiah sighed.
"I wonder where he is... He gave me a call a few days ago, saying he was near Orange Village, and that he wanted to visit... I haven't heard of him since..." Jebadiah said.
"Don't worry..." Sashi said. "I'm sure he's just hard at work, trying to discover ancient temples... After all, Orange City is surrounded by desert, so there's bound to be one hidden under the sand..."
"I'm sure you are right..." Jebadiah smiled. "Steven is a guy who never gives up when he's got something to find out... I'm sure he's too busy to call his old man..."

Kyra and Brian were standing outside, discussing about Steven, Jebadiah's son.
"What do I do?" Kyra said, panicking. "If he finds out his son is dead, he'd have a heart attack..."
"Calm down!" Brian said.
"Calm down?! How can I calm down on this?!" Kyra replied.
"Don't speak so loud, or he will hear you!" Brian said.
"Who will hear what?" Cath asked, stepping outside.
"Uh-oh..." Kyra cursed.
"We have to tell you something..." Brian said, and started explaining.
"Oh that poor man... I knew I had heard the word 'geologist' somewhere before when you told us about everything earlier..." Cath said to Kyra. "But I thought it was just a coincident..."
"Nope... It's the same guy..." Brian replied.
"And Jebadiah doesn't know his son is dead..." Kyra said. "We have to leave, or he will find out..."
"No... The time of lies is over..." Brian said. "You lied about amnesia, and look where it led you."
"You're right..." Kyra nodded. "But what will I tell him?"
"The truth seems good enough..." Cath answered.
"But what if it will give him a heart attack?" Kyra replied.
"You won't know if you don't try..." Brian said.
"Yeah I know..." Kyra smiled.

The three walked back inside, and after Brian assured Kyra everything was going to be okay, she finally approached Jebadiah.
"Jebadiah, sir... I have something to confess..." Kyra said.
"Well then what is it, child?" Jebadiah asked.
"Can I see you alone, please?" Kyra asked.
"Ehh... Sure..." Jebadiah said with a confused look ion his face. The others wondered what was going on, but Brian explained it all to them while Kyra walked away.
"What is bothering you?" Jebadiah asked.
"It's... about your son..." Kyra said softly.
"What about him?" Jebadiah asked. "You know him?"
"No, but I have seen him..." Kyra replied.
"You have? How is he? Do you know where he is?" Jebadiah asked, smiling. His smile faded when he saw Kyra look back at him. "What's wrong?"
"Your son, Steven... He... He was exploring ruins in the desert of Route 166, when he... Discovered something he shouldn't have... He found the entrance to one of Team Magma's bases..." Kyra explained.
Jebadiah was silent for a while.
"And... Then what?" Jebadiah said.
"If we would have let him go... He would have... told others about it..." Kyra managed to say while tears ran down her cheek.
"And... Steven..." Jebadiah said softly.
"I'm afraid to say... We couldn't let him get away..." Kyra replied. "And the only way out... was..."
"No..." Jebadiah said. He was starting to understand. "Don't tell me..."
"We had to... Take his life, I'm sorry..." Kyra said, her tears running faster.
Jebadiah was silent again.
"My son... He's... you!" Jebadiah looks at Kyra
"I'm sorry..." Kyra replied, unable to look Jebadiah in the eyes.
"Go away, just go away!" Jebadiah then screamed.
"What's going on?" Sashi asked, running in after hearing Jebadiah scream.
"And you!" he said to Sashi. "Are you part of it too?!"
"Part of what?" Sashi said look at Jebadiah
"All of you creatures! Go away!" Jebadiah screamed.
"But-" Sashi began, but Kyra interrupted.
"Wait, Sashi... We should do what he wishes..." Kyra said softly, and started walking out. Sashi looked back at Jebadiah, but he only gave her a mean look in reply. Sashi sighed, and also started walking. Cath and Brian soon followed.
"Listen..." Brian said, passing Jebadiah. "I'm terribly sorry about your son, but-"
"Just leave me alone..." Jebadiah said, his face turned away from Brian. Brian didn't say a thing anymore, and walked outside. Cath joined him.
"Jebadiah, sir?" Eevy said, but Jebadiah also gave her a mean look.
"You may not be one of them, but you're also part of the group!" he said.
That was the last Jebadiah said before he slammed the door shut behind Eevy and Audry, as they walked outside.

"I feel so... Evil..." Kyra said softly when everything had calmed down a little.
"Oh come on... Was it your fault Steven got killed?" Sashi asked.
"No, but I was a Magma member back then..." Kyra said.
"Did you kill him?" Eevy asked.
"No, but-"
"Then it's not your fault..." Eevy replied. "It's Team Magma's fault..."
"I guess you're right..." Kyra said softly.
They had decided to just leave Orange Village, so that they wouldn't meet up with Jebadiah again. They were now outside Orange Village, on Route 167. They continued walking until they decided to take a short break. They all let out their Pokemon, and sat down on some big rocks while Eevy started making lunch.
"Hey Sashi?" Umbreon asked.
"Isn't this a good time to Train Poochy?"
"Oh yeah.." Sashi said, and reached for Poochy's ball. "Come on out!" Sashi said, and the Pokeball opened. White light landed on the ground, and formed into a shape.
"Whoa..." Poochy said. "That felt weird..."
"Hey Poochy..." Sashi said, making Poochy turn his attention to her.
"Sashi!" Poochy cried happily, and jumped onto Sashi's lap.
"Hey..." Sashi smiled, rubbing Poochy's head.
"Why am I out?" Poochy then asked.
"I thought you could use some training..." Sashi said. "If you want to be a big, strong Pokemon, you'll have to train hard..."
"Train? How?" Poochy asked confused.
"Against other Pokemon..." Espeon said, stepping next to Poochy.
"Who?" Poochy asked.
"Well I guess the wild Pokemon in this area are a lot stronger than you, so I guess that won't work..." Sashi said.
"So against who will he train?" Espeon asked.
"Hey, I know!" Sashi then said. "Eevy's Eevee level is almost as high as Poochy's... And it will train her as well!"
"Eevee?" Poochy thought, remembering the time he bumped into her. "I have to fight against a girl?"
"That sounds like a great idea!" Espeon said.
"Good! Then I'll ask Eevy to lend me Eevee for a while..." Sashi said, and approached Eevy.

A while later, Sashi returned with Eevee walking next to her.
"So what is it you wanted my help with?" Eevee asked, and then spotted Poochy. She immediately stopped.
"Eevee? I'd like your help to train Poochy..." Sashi said.
"You're saying you want me to help you make him stronger?" Eevee asked.
"If you don't mind?" Sashi said.
"Well..." Eevee said, hesitating. She didn't like Poochy, that was clear. "I'm sorry... I can't fight him..."
"What? Why not?" Sashi asked confused.
"Because he's a big stupid jerk!" Eevee then said, growling at Poochy. Then she turned, and walked away.
"Oooooookay? What happened?" Sashi asked Poochy.
"She hates me..." Poochy replied.
"Yeah, I noticed... But why?"
"I... kinda ran into her..." Poochy said.
"What?" Sashi asked, not getting what Poochy meant.
"It was before I had the idea of becoming your Pokemon..." Poochy said, and started explaining.
"Oh..." Sashi grinned. "But that isn't so bad... It's just a bad first impression..."
"I know, but because of that she hates me..." Poochy said.
"Have you tried apologizing?" Sashi asked.
"I've said sorry already..." Poochy replied.
"And it didn't work?"
"She still hates me..." Poochy said.
"I know..." Sashi said. "Then I think you should apologize again..."
"Again?" Poochy replied.
"If it didn't work the first time, try again..." Sashi smiled.
"Well okay..." Poochy said. "But what will I say?"
"Just say you're sorry, and that you didn't mean to run into her..." Sashi said.
"That's something Eevee's mom already said..." Poochy said.
"Just try it..." Sashi said.
"If you say so..." Poochy said, and started walking. He found out she wasn't with the others.
"I saw her go that way..." Umbro said.
"Thanks.." Poochy said, and walked into the direction Umbro pointed at.

Poochy kept walking, until he found Eevee, until he spotted her. She was near a pond, drinking water. Poochy smiled when he found her, somehow happy. Just when he wanted to approach Eevee, she stopped dinking, and raised her head. Poochy stopped. Eevee looked... sad... but why? Suddenly, Eevee turned her head, and Poochy panicked. He quickly hid behind some bushes, and kept as quiet as possible. After a while of staying hidden, Poochy pushed his head quietly through the bushes, and looked at what happened. Eevee had started to wash herself, licking her body with her tongue just like a cat does. The sun was shining bright, reflecting on the pond behind Eevee, and as Poochy watched Eevee, the light reflecting on her made her look more beautiful and delicate than ever before, his heart fluttered. He had never felt this kind of feeling before in his life. It was new to him. What was this feeling inside of him? The sensation that came upon him brought him into a world of his own, completely unaware of the surroundings anymore. It was then when he was broken out of his trance by the one he was looking for (or is it 'at'?).
"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Eevee shouted. Poochy flinched, and shook his head a few times, before he looked up at Eevee.
"I... I wanted... to... apologize..." he said softly.
"For what? Spying on me?!" Eevee replied.
"No! I mean yes! I mean..." Poochy began, but was interrupted by Eevee walking past him, into the direction where the group was located.
"Stay away from me." Eevee said.
Poochy lowered his ears as his tail ended up between his hind legs.
"I don't want us to fight.. I want us to be friends..." Poochy said, but Eevee didn't hear him. Slowly, he started walking back to the group as well, hoping Eevee wouldn't yell at him for going the same way.

"Well how'd it go?" Sashi asked as Poochy returned. Poochy didn't reply, but kept looking down sad. "Not that good huh?"
"Now she hates me even more..." Poochy said softly.
"For what?"
"She thinks I was spying on her..."
"And were you?"
"No I wasn't! I... I found her near a pond. She was drinking some water. I was going to tell her I was sorry, but... I... Couldn't..." Poochy said. "I couldn't walk, or anything else..."
"Well... try again later..." Sashi said.
"But how am I gonna do that? She told me to stay away..." Poochy said.
"How can things turn out so bad?" Sashi asked herself.
"I don't know... I'd like to go back into my Pokeball now..." Poochy said, a tear appearing in his eye.
Meanwhile, Espeon had heard the whole thing.
"Excuse me, Poochy?" Espeon said.
"What?" Poochy replied sad.
"Can I talk to you alone?"
"I need to discuss something with you..." Espeon replied, smiling.
"Well okay, I think..." Poochy said, and followed Espeon as she started to walk away.

"So why did you want to talk to me alone?" Poochy asked.
"I think I know what's going on..." Espeon said in an amused tone.
"Oh yeah?"
"You're in love with Eevee..." Espeon said.
Poochy looked back at Espeon with his head slightly turned.
"I am what?"
"In love..."
"What's that?" Poochy asked.
"Well, you see, love is a really strong feeling..." Espeon said.
"What kind of feeling?" Poochy asked.
"One that makes you want to be with the other, one to see them happy, and to have them close to you..." Espeon said.
"Is there a way to stop it?"
"Why do you want it to stop?" Espeon asked confused.
"Because I don't want to be in love with someone who hates me..."
"Well there is a way to make her change..." Espeon said. "But I'm not sure..."
"Give her time. Eventually she'll like you, and if you want to help, get her some presents, and show her how sweet you are... Who knows? She may end up in love with you as well..."
After Espeon said this, Poochy lifted his head and his ears perked up
"Really?" he asked, his tail finally free from his hind legs.
"I'm sure of it..." Espeon smiled, happy to see Poochy smile again.

Poochy looked around, looking for something to give Eevee as a present. It was so hard, because he didn't know what Eevee liked. He decided to ask. He approached Vapora, and slowly nudged her side.
"Mmmm? Oh hey Poochy..." Vapora smiled.
"Hi..." Poochy replied, smiling too. "Can I ask you something?" Poochy said.
"Of course you can..." Vapora replied.
"It's about Eevee..." Poochy began.
"What about her?" Vapora asked.
"Does she... have anything she likes most?" Poochy asked.
Vapora raised an eyebrow.
"Eevee?" Vapora asked, and Poochy nodded, still with a smile on his face. "Well let me think..." Vapora said, and started thinking. "I think she likes... flowers..."
"You sure?" Poochy asked.
"Who doesn't like flowers?" Vapora laughed.
"Okay! Thanks!" Poochy smiled, and ran away. Then he stopped. He turned around, and walked back to Vapora.
"Any flowers she likes most?" Poochy asked.
Vapora chuckled.
"Why are you so interested in what Eevee likes?" Vapora asked, then gasped softly. "You aren't by any chance..." Vapora began. Poochy felt himself blush bright as he trned his head away slightly. "You are! You're really in love with my Eevee?" Vapora asked.
"I think I am... It's all new... I only know about it a few minutes..."
"Awww that's so cute!" Vapora smiled.
Poochy blushed only more to that.
"But about the flowers... She doesn't mind which flowers you give her, as long as they smell good..." Vapora said.
"Thanks again!" Poochy said, and ran off again.
"To be young and in love... So cute..." Vapora thought.

Poochy ran around again. He soon found a field full of pretty flowers with each its own color. He grabbed a few of them in his mouth, and pulled them out of the ground gently. Then, suddenly, a Beedrill appeared.
"Hey! Thezzzze are MY flowerzzzz!" he buzzed in a high pitched voice, and flew forwards.
"Sorry, but can I have a few?" Poochy asked with his mouth full of flowers, not letting them go.
"No!" Beedrill said, and used his Twin Needle attack. Poochy turned, and ran, barely avoiding the attack.
"My flowerzzzz! mine!" Beedrill said, chasing after Poochy.
"I only want a few!" Poochy pleaded while he ran.
"I won't give any up! Ever!" Beedrill said, launching a Pin Missile attack. The attack chased after Poochy, until some hit his hind legs, making him drop the flower by accident. "My flowerzzzz! Come back to me!" Beedrill said, going for the flowers. Poochy turned around, and ran back to the flowers, when suddenly the Beedrill landed in front of them.
"I must have them!" Poochy yelled, using sand attack at Beedrill. Beedrill cursed, and shook his head wild, trying to get the sand out of his eyes. Poochy took this time to grab the flowers in his mouth again. Then he ran past Beedrill as fast as he could. Beedrill managed to get most of the sand out of his eyes, and then persuaded Poochy when he spotted him running away. He used another Pin Missile attack, but this time Poochy strafed from side to side, avoiding each one. Suddenly, his front paw stepped on a branch, and it sent him rolling. The Beedrill saw this, and smiled as good without a mouth. Watching Poochy made him not look out. He was so concentrated on Poochy, that he didn't see the tree that he was moving towards, and he flew straight into it. Poochy got up, and ran for the camp, hoping that Eevee would appreciate what he got for her.

As he approached the group, he somewhat hopped. Arriving at the group, he looked around. He quickly found Eevee. She was curled up in a ball, softly snoring, indicating she was sleeping. Poochy didn't move yet. He took his time to look over Eevee. Suddenly he saw an image flash in front of him of Eevee sitting near the pond with the light shining at the back; a truly beautiful sight. He smiled, and finally moved forwards. He stopped a few inches away from Eevee, lowered his head, opened his mouth, and laid the flowers next to her, so that the first thing she would see were. He then raised his head again, and looked at Eevee again. Was this sensation he felt really love? It had to be. He slowly lay down where he was standing, closed his eyes. It was going to take Sashi and the rest a while before they continued their journey again, so he could take a nap too.

Eevee slowly opened her eyes, and just as Poochy had predicted, the flowers were the first thing she saw. She slowly raised her head, opening her eyes a bit more. Then she noticed Poochy, sleeping next to the flowers. She put two and two together, and figured out Poochy brought this flowers.
"What in the world..." Eevee thought, sitting up, yawning. "Flowers?" Eevee lowered her head, and slowly sniffed the flowers. "Mmmm..." she moaned. "These flowers smell pretty good..." she thought. The sound of Eevee's moaning made Poochy wake.
"Wha...?" was the first thing he said.
"Why did you bring these flowers?" Eevee asked.
Poochy looked up, and fully opened his eyes as a smile spread on his face.
"For you..." he said.
"For me?" Eevee asked.
"To say sorry..." Poochy replied, finally apologizing to Eevee. "For... You know... Running into you before... And... spying on you... Even if it wasn't spying..." Poochy continued. "Sorry for everything..." he finished.
Eevee was silent. This was one side of Poochy she didn't know. She never knew he could be this... nice.
"Sooooo.... Are we friends now?" Poochy asked.
"I'm still a bit mad at you..." Eevee replied, making Poochy's ears drop. "But... since you brought me flowers..." Eevee then said. "I'm forgiving you..."
"You will?!" Poochy cried happily, and Eevee nodded. "Thank you!" Poochy then said, and tackled Eevee, just like Espeon tackles Umbreon, only he did it a little too hard. It sent the both of them roll over a few times.
"What are you doing?" Eevee gasped, getting a bit angry at Poochy again.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" Poochy said, panicking. "I-I saw Espeon do this to Umbreon before, and I thought you would like that too..."
Eevee calmed down. She could see Poochy didn't mean it on purpose.
"Nahh it's okay..." Eevee replied.
"Are we still friends?" Poochy asked.
"Sure..." Eevee said.
Poochy smiled. Things were finally good between him and Eevee! He got up, and turned around, going back to Sashi to tell her the good news. Eevee watched him leave.
"Wow... He's pretty nice when he's not a jerk..." Eevee thought. "Or acting so wild..."

Poochy walked back to Sashi with a smile on his face.
"And how did it go?" Espeon asked next to Sashi.
"Great!" Poochy replied, wagging his tail. "We're friends now!"
"That's good to hear!" Espeon smiled.
"So are Eevee and me in love now?" Poochy suddenly asked. This made Espeon laugh out loud. "What?" Poochy asked confused. After Espeon had stopped laughing, she still giggled a bit while she answered.
"It's not that easy... You can't just make someone fall in love with you by only giving flowers or be friends..." Espeon said.
"But I thought you said..." he trailed off in silence.
"Look, Poochy... I didn't say she would fall in love with you right now... Remember what I said; you have to give it time... And if you do it right, she may feel the same way to you the way you feel for her..."
"So you say I should keep giving her presents?" Poochy asked.
"Not quite... You can, but then you're forcing it... You'll have to let it happen on its own..." Espeon said.
"Oh..." Poochy said, ears dropping slightly.
"Hey, cheer up... At least she's not mad at you anymore... That's a big improvement..." Espeon said, slowly placing a paw on Poochy's head, rubbing softly.
"Yeah..." Poochy smiled.

Sashi yawned, and looked around. She saw that everybody was done eating. "I think we're ready to go again?" Sashi asked out loud.
"Yeah pretty much..." Eevy responded. She got up, and stretched her arms. Brian and the others followed soon, and yawned.
"Return!" Sashi said, and Poochy, Dragonair, Vulpix and Gardevoir returned into their Pokeballs. The others were soon also called back, and then everyone put their Pokeballs on their belts. The only ones left out were Espeon and Umbreon, who joined their Trainers as they started walking.

"Now if we follow Route 167, we'll end up on Route 168, and there the desert will stop..." Eevy said, taking a look in her Pokemon Guide. All of a sudden, the ground under them started shaking wildly. It made them try their best not to lose their balance, when suddenly something burst through the earth. It was...
"A drill?!" Kyra gasped, as everyone took a step backwards. After the drill had gone through the earth, a truck soon followed.
"It's the same truck those Team Magma men went in!" Sashi said.
"We need to hide!" Brian called, but it was already too late. The door opened, and Team Magma members stepped out.
"...and I know we've searched through most of the earth, but we-" a female said, as she stopped when he spotted Kyra. "Well if it isn't the traitor!" she grinned. Kyra growled in reply. "And what the hell are you doing here?"
"That's none of your business Courtney!" Kyra replied, growling at the Team Magma Admin. Courtney was dressed in a different kind of suit as the regular Team Magma members, showing she was in higher rank. Courtney looked at the others around Kyra.
"And who might you lot be?" she asked.
"Friends of Kyra!" Sashi said, taking a step forwards.
"Friends she says..." Courtney chuckled. "It surprises me you want to hang out with that disgusting traitor..."
"The only things disgusting here are you!" Brian said, also taking a step forwards, and also in front of Kyra. It was as he wanted to protect her from Team Magma, in case they were going to try something. Sashi noticed this, and assisted Brian, taking a step in front of Kyra.
Courtney shook her head.
"Listen, kids... Don't cross Team Magma's path, or you'll pay dearly for it..." Courtney said. "Now scram! Before things might get ugly for you..."
"We're not going to capture them?" a Team Magma member asked.
Courtney looked back at Sashi and the rest again, then shook her head.
"If we do, they'll be a waste of time..." Courtney said. "But if they cross our path again, we'll have no choice..."
Those last few words were spoken in such an evil tone, it sent shivers down Sashi's spine.
"Let's go..." Kyra said, walking past Brian and Sashi, and past her former allies. She glared at them one more time. "You'll pay for all the things you've done.." she said softly.
"I believe that is my line?" Courtney replied, glaring back.
"Come..." Sashi said, grabbing Kyra's arm.
"You're right..." Kyra said, and started walking again.
The rest soon followed, and not long later, everyone had passed the truck. They continued walking, until they were out of sight of them. Kyra sighed.
"I'm sorry..." she said.
"What for?" Sashi asked.
"For acting like that... I should have controlled myself..." Kyra said.
"Well, technically, she started it..." Brian grinned. Kyra smiled at this.

They continued walking, until suddenly there was someone shouting at them from far away.
"Hey you!" a female voice said. Sashi looked up, as well as the others. Ahead of them, on a hill, stood two humans. Both were female, and they looked a lot like each other.
"Who? Me?" Sashi asked, pointing at herself.
"Yeah you!" the left female said. Both weren't that old, perhaps like 14 years old or so. "We've been waiting for you!" she said.
"Waiting for me?" Sashi repeated confused. "For what?"
"To show up!" the right female said.
"And why?" Sashi replied. The two didn't reply. Instead they both brought up a Pokeball.
"A fight!" the left female said.
"Whoa whoa whoa, first things first... Who are you?" Sashi asked.
"My name is Kim!" the left one said.
"And my name is Ann!" the right one said.
"We're the Dura twins! And we challenge you to a double fight!" they both said at once...

To be continued...

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