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Sashi by natsuke


Double Trouble

Double trouble

Sashi: 'Double Trouble...'?
Sashi: Are you referring to the Team Rocket motto?
Wha? Of course not! I was referring to the Dura twins!
Sashi: ... Ohhhhh... ^ ^' Makes sense...

"A double fight?" Sashi repeated.
"That's right!" Kim smiled. "We've heard..."
"So much about you, of how..." Ann continued.
"You were defeating Gyms!"
"And we thought..."
"We could have a fight!"
Each time the two would continue a sentence where the other had left off. It was as if they could read each other's mind... Or guess pretty well.
"Sounds like a good idea!" Sashi smiled. Then her smile faded. "But against who will I fight first?"
"We will both fight you..." Kim said.
"At the same time!" Ann said.
"But that's not fair, two against one..." Sashi said.
"Then why don't I help you?" Eevy asked, stepping next to Sashi. Sashi smiled.
"Thanks..." she said.
"So we will fight?" Kim asked.
"We will!" Sashi smiled.
"We'll just stay at the side lines..." Brian said, as he got off the road, and sat down in the grass.
"We each get to use..." Kim started.
"One Pokemon each!" Ann finished.
"Fair enough..." Eevy said.
"Okay! Heracross! I choose you!" Ann said, throwing the Pokeball she was holding into the air. It opened, and a big, blue beetle appeared on the ground.
"Heracross!" the bug/fighting type said.
"And I'll choose Bellsprout!" Kim called, and threw her Pokeball into the air as well. It opened, and a thin Pokemon with a yellow head appeared.
"Bellsprout.." the Grass type said, twisting its body around.
"Wait a second..." Sashi said. "Those Pokemon aren't of a high level..."
"You're right!" Kim said.
"Our Pokemon are not strong!" Ann said.
"But it will be enough..."
"To defeat you!"
"Yeah right!" Eevy said, and grabbed Flara's Pokeball. "This will be so easy!"
"Wait, Eevy..." Sashi said, and that made her stop.
"What is it?" she asked confused.
"I don't think it's fair to them if you use Flara..." Sashi said.
Eevy thought about it.
"Yeah, I guess you're right.. We should give them a chance.." Eevy nodded, and put Flara's Pokeball back at her belt. "You're saying we should use our weakest Pokemon?"
"Poochy and Eevee? Yes..." Sashi smiled. "It'll give them the training they didn't have when we were resting..."
"Oh yeah, I wondered why they hadn't trained then..." Eevy said.
"Well I have my suspicion..." Sashi smiled.
"All right, we'll choose them." Eevy nodded, and grabbed for Eevee's Pokeball. "Eevee! I choose you!" Eevy called, and threw the Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the little fox-like Pokemon Eevee appeared.
"Eevee!" she said, appearing outside.
"And I'll choose Poochy!" Sashi said, and threw Poochy's Pokeball into the air. A second later, Poochy appeared on the field.
"Oh yeah!" he said, grinning.
"My, what an entrance..." Sashi chuckled.
"I've been trying to do that for a while..." Poochy grinned, and then suddenly fell down on his knees.
"You okay Poochy?" Sashi gasped.
"Yeah!" Poochy groaned, and then got up on his feet again. "Fine here..."
"Are you hurt?"
"It's really nothing..." Poochy said. "Must've hurt myself when I was running away from that Beedrill..." he thought "I must have hurt myself when I was attacked while I was looking fo-" Poochy stopped. He knew Eevee liked the flowers, but he didn't want her to know the trouble he had to go through getting them.
"You were attacked?" Sashi gasped.
"No... It's... a wound from before I met you... It comes and goes..." Poochy replied. "I hope..." he then thought
"Oh, okay..." Sashi said.
Poochy smiled, then turned his head, and spotted Eevee next to him. Immediately he froze a bit. "Oh... hi..." he said.
"He's hiding something..." Eevee thought, but didn't want Poochy to know about this, so she gave him a soft smile, and then looked at her opponents. Poochy looked at where Eevee was looking, and noticed they were not the only Pokemon out.
"What's going on?" he asked.
"This is an official Pokemon battle..." Sashi answered for Poochy.
"A battle?" Poochy asked, his eyes lighting up. "You mean I'm going to fight?"
"If you're up to it..." Sashi giggled.
"Heheh... yeah..." Poochy smiled. "Now I can show Eevee how strong I am! This will make her fall 'in love' with me! I hope..."
"Okay!" Ann said out loud. "This will be a double battle..."
"Between me and Ann..."
"Against Sashi and..."
"Eevy!" Eevy answered.
"And Eevy!" Kim finished.
"There is no time limit!"
"This sounds like a Gym battle..." Sashi said to herself.
"Are you two ready?" Kim asked.
"We're ready!" Eevy said.
"Then let's begin!" Ann said. "Heracross! Use Horn Attack on that Poochyena!"
"Bellsprout! Poison Powder on that Eevee!" Kim called.
"Poochy! Use Tackle on that Heracross before he can attack you!" Sashi called.
"Eevee! Dodge that attack and use tackle on that Bellsprout!" Eevy called.
All four Pokemon did their attacks. Poochy ran forwards as fast as he could with his limp, making Heracross miss his Horn Attack. He hit Heracross in his stomach, making him close his eyes in pain. Eevee jumped out of the way of the cloud of poison powder that was shot at her, and ran past it fast, aiming her head at Bellsprout.
"Bellsprout! Use Wrap!" Kim called, and just as Eevee was going to hit Bellsprout with her Tackle attack, Bellsprout's body started wiggling. She missed her target, but her target didn't miss her. Bellsprout wrapped her body around Eevee's, and pulled herself closer around Eevee, making her scream out in pain. Poochy's ears perked up when he heard Eevee's scream, and he turned his attention to her. He gasped when he saw Eevee wrapped in Bellsprout. He had to help her. He started running over to Bellsprout, but just as he had placed one foot in front of the other, Eevee fought back. She opened her mouth, and dug her teeth into Bellsprout, making her scream in pain this time.
"Is Eevee using a Bite attack?" Eevy asked confused.
"I don't think so..." Sashi said.
Bellsprout released Eevee as the pain ran through her body, making her gasp.
"That hurt!" Bellsprout said.
"Then it worked..." Eevee replied. Poochy smiled, when suddenly he was hit by Heracross' Fury Attack. He was hit once by Heracross' horn, then again, then again. It sent him crashing into a nearby tree, falling to the ground after hitting it.
"Poochy! Can you get up?" Sashi cried concerned. Eevee looked back at Poochy, feeling concerned about him too. Why was she so concerned about him anyway? After a while of lying still, Poochy slowly moved, and got up on his legs. He spat out some blood, and the grinned. Eevee smiled in relief, happy Poochy was okay.
"Is that the best you can do?" he said out loud heroically, and then ran forwards, using his tackle attack on Heracross.
"I'm sorry, but I suppose that's my line!" Heracross grinned, and also used his Tackle. They both hit each other in the head.
"Back to you..." Bellsprout grinned, looking back at Eevee. She was surprised by sand that was being thrown into her face. "What the!?" she gasped, feeling the sand hit her in her eyes. Eevee had done a Sand Attack. "Ahhh no! Not SAND!" Bellsprout cursed, and used her leafs to get the sand out of her face and eyes, but Eevee moved faster.
"Tackle!" Eevy called, because Tackle really was the only attack she knew at this level. Eevee ran forwards, and then jumped up against Bellsprout, sending her down against the ground.
"Bellsprout! Get up!" Kim called.
"Is Tackle all you can do?" Heracross laughed.
"So what?!" Poochy growled.
"It's a bit lame, don't you think?" Heracross asked. "I mean, it's not doing much damage to me..."
"You wanna see something else?" Poochy growled, lowering his head. Then he raised it high in the sky, and howled out loud. This made everyone look at him while he did this. Poochy then lowered his head, and suddenly started glowing. He had his eyes closed, as finally the glow faded. Then he opened them again, and grinned.
"That was Poochy's Howl attack..." Sashi said. "It raised his Attack power a bit... This could be what he needs to defeat Heracross!"
"What in the world was that?" Heracross asked confused.
"Heracross! Use Fury Attack!" Ann called, and Heracross smiled.
"What a waste of an attack!" Heracross said, lowering his head, and running forwards.
"Poochy! Dodge that attack and use Tackle!" Sashi called, as Poochy jumped out of Heracross' Fury Attack again, and then jumped hard into Heracross' side. Heracross' didn't know what he felt, as he felt an incredible pain in his side. Poochy jumped away from Heracross after he was done attacking, and Heracross didn't move.
"Heracross!" Ann called in concern.
"Heh..." Eevee grinned, seeing Poochy hit Heracross.
"Your boyfriend seems more powerful then he looks..." Bellsprout grinned. "And you're not exactly any challenge either..."
Eevee growled.
"I am SO way stronger than he is, and he is NOT my boyfriend!" Eevee said, and used another Sand Attack on Bellsprout.
"Not this time!" Bellsprout laughed, and shielded herself with her leafs. The Sand Attack didn't come close to hitting her.
"Bellsprout! Use-" Kim said, but it was already too late, as Eevee Tackled Bellsprout. She had used her Sand Attack as a distraction, so she could fully hit Bellsprout without her knowing it. It sent Bellsprout crashing to the ground, unable to get up. Bellsprout was almost finished.
"All right! One more attack should do the trick! Eevee! Finish it with another Tackle!" Eevy called, and Eevee ran forwards again, aiming her head at Bellsprout.
"No Bellsprout!" Kim cried, as she watched her Pokemon e defeated by Eevee's Tackle Attack. Bellsprout was once again hit, and rolled a few times before coming to a stop.
"All right, you did it!" Eevy cried happily.
Kim sighed, and then smiled.
"Great work, Bellsprout... you deserve some rest..." she said, and aimed Bellsprout's Pokeball at her. Bellsprout then returned into her Pokeball, and Kim looked up to her twin, as she was telling Heracross what to do.
Heracross and Poochy were still locked together in Tackle Attacks, and no one seemed to actually do any damage. Heracross suddenly stopped, and looked at Eevee, who was dancing a victory dance with Eevy. He then looked back at Poochy.
"You're not strong enough..." he said to Poochy.
"What was that?" Poochy growled, and jumped with his head forwards at Heracross. He only slammed Poochy down hard with one swing with his horn, sending Poochy down to the ground. He landed on his limped foot, and that made him cry out in pain as he sunk through his knees.
"Poochy!" Sashi cried.
"That Eevee looks more of a challenge..." Heracross said, and approached Eevee. Eevee noticed someone approaching her, and quickly spun around.
"Heracross! Good work! Now take out that Eevee as well!" Ann called. "Use horn Attack!"
Heracross flew forwards faster than Eevee could see, and he hit her in the stomach hard. Eevee's breath left her body, as she closed her eyes in pain.
"No!" Poochy thought.
"Eevee!" Eevy cried.
"Poochy? Can you get up? You need to help Eevee!" Sashi called.
"I... know... But the... pain!" Poochy groaned, closing his eyes as jolts of pain ran through his leg.
"This looks bad!" Sashi said.
"Heracross! Now use Fury Attack!" Ann called, and Heracross started hitting Eevee with his horn, two times, and then stopped. Eevee was now lying on her side on the ground, not moving.
"Eevee!" Eevy cried again, hoping Eevee was still alive.
"And finish it off... with Brick Break!" Ann cried, as Heracross got ready to use a Fighting type attack, which has a strong effect on Normal types.
"Not Brick Break!" Eevy gasped, as Heracross jumped into the air, and batted his wings, making him fly in the sky. He then flew down, his horn aimed at Eevee's body.
"No Eevee!" Poochy cried, and summoned all the strength he had left in his tiny body to get up. When he succeeded, he ran forwards, ready to do anything to save Eevee from getting hurt.
"Eevee!" Eevy shouted as loud as Sashi.
Heracross was now a few inches away from Eevee. That's when Poochy ran as fast as he could, and used a Tackle attack. Not on Heracross, but on Eevee. His head collided with Eevee's body, and she was sent flying away.
"Poochy!?" Sashi gasped.
Heracross was still flying towards the ground, and had just noticed Eevee wasn't there anymore. He gasped when he saw Poochy. He could look up once more, before Heracross' Brick Break hit its target. Not the original target, but a target nonetheless.
"No Poochy!" Sashi gasped, as she saw Heracross use his brick Break - also super effective on Dark Types - to slam Poochy into the air with his long horn, making him fly high, before falling down hard. He landed back on Heracross' horn, as Heracross slammed him, sending him up again. When Poochy came down again, Heracross slammed his horn to the ground, taking Poochy with him. Poochy hit the ground hard, making clouds of dust rise to the sky. Everybody coughed, and held their hands in front of their mouths in order to breathe. When the dust disappeared, Poochy lay unconscious on the ground.
"Poochy!" Sashi cried in horror, and ran over to her Pokemon. She knelt down, and grabbed him in her arms. "Poochy! You okay! Talk to me!" Sashi said. Ann was silent. Did she go too far? Sashi had tears in her eyes as she looked up to Ann.
"How could you?!" she growled. "You tried to attack Eevee even after she was already down!"
"I... I'm sorry, I..."
"You what?!" Sashi replied.
"I just tried to win the fight! I didn't mean to hurt him that bad... After all, how was I supposed to know he would take the attack, and not the Eevee?" Ann replied.
"Calm down..." Kim said to Sashi. "It's normal for someone to try and win... Some just try too hard, and it doesn't always end up good..."
Sashi cried some more, before she finally calmed down.
"I'm sorry..." Ann said again.
"I know..." Sashi said softly. "I just freaked out for a second..."
"Is your Poochyena going to be okay?" Kim asked.
"I think so..." Sashi said, looking down at Poochy in her arms.
"You better let him out of his ball for now... The damage may be too big, so he needs to be healed outside..." Audry said.

A few minutes later, everybody was sitting down in the grass, as Sashi kept close to Poochy, who was lying on the ground with bandages wrapped around his body. Sash looked worried, as Eevy knelt down next to her.
"He's going to be okay... That Full Restore should give him all his strength back..." she said.
"I'm not worried about his strength... He already had a limp before he began this battle, and I could feel his pain when he landed on it earlier... Heracross' Brick Break attack only made it worse..." Sashi said.
"I know..." Eevy sighed. "Come... He needs to rest..."
"Yeah... You're right... Espeon? Could you stay close to him?" Sashi asked.
"Of course I will..." Espeon nodded, and lay down on the ground.
Meanwhile, Eevee was back to 100% health, thought she was still hurt a bit. The fight with Bellsprout sent her some levels up, and she was now - just like Poochy - level 11. She didn't know what happened after Heracross knocked her out. To make things even worse, she also didn't know what happened to Poochy, who was lying a couple in meters away from her, not moving. She needed to know what happened in the time she was out, so she went to ask Espeon. Slowly walking over to her, she asked her question.
"Espeon?" Eevee asked.
"Mmmm?" Espeon replied.
"What... happened to him?" she asked, nodding at Poochy.
"He..." Espeon began, then sighed. "He jumped into the way of an attack directed at you..." Espeon replied.
"He did that?" Eevee asked, and Espeon nodded. "But where was I then?"
"He knocked you out of the way with a Tackle Attack..." Espeon said.
"Oh..." Eevee said, and then looked at Poochy again. "Why?" she then asked.
"That's something you'll have to ask him for yourself.." Espeon said.
"How long until he wakes up?" Eevee asked.
"I'm not sure... It could take a while.."
"Then I'll wait..." Eevee said, and sat down next to Poochy, facing him.
"You've really grown a bit, have you? You've started acting more mature then earlier..." Espeon said.
"If you say so..." Eevee replied.

Time passed by, and Poochy continued sleeping. Espeon was fast asleep as well, unable to keep herself awake from waiting. Eevee didn't sleep. She was too curious about Poochy's actions. When finally an hour had passed, Poochy slowly stirred, made one loud yawn, and opened his eyes half. Eevee's ears perked up when she heard Poochy yawn, feeling glad he as okay. Poochy looked around, not remembering what happened or where he was.
"Poochy?" Eevee said, making him turn his head towards her. His eyes fully opened when he saw Eevee.
"Eevee..." Poochy replied. Seeing her brought everything coming back to him.
Espeon then woke up from their talking, and smiled when she saw Poochy was awake. She also saw Eevee next to him, so she slowly got up. This made the two look at her.
"I'm... Going to take a walk... To give you two some time alone... Some privacy..." Espeon quickly said, and started walking.
After Espeon was gone, Eevee turned to Poochy again.
"How are you doing?" Eevee asked. Her voice was soft and caring, one Poochy didn't recognize.
"Ehh... Fine..." Poochy said.
"Do you still feel any pain?" Eevee asked.
"Pain? What's pain?" Poochy replied heroically, getting up on his feet, before wincing. He fell down to the ground again, and kept his eyes closed as he felt the pain run through his body. Eevee shook her head.
"Why do you act like this?" she asked.
Poochy didn't reply. He wanted to tell her, but didn't know what she would think.
"And I have another question..." Eevee said after a while of silence. "I don't know what happened after I was knocked out, but Espeon has told me everything..."
"S-She did?" Poochy replied.
"She told me that when I was knocked out by Heracross, he was about to use an attack on me... But that attack did not hit me... It appears you used a Tackle on me to get me out of the way... Making you take the attack... instead of me..."
Poochy didn't say a word.
"Why'd you do it?" Eevee then asked what was on her mind.
Poochy hesitated. Should he tell her? Should he tell her he was 'in love' with her? What if she didn't know about this 'love' thing like he did? It would make him look like a fool.
"I... Don't know..." Poochy said, thinking up a lie. "Why is it so hard to say �I love you�? These... one, two, three... Three little words!" Poochy thought. "I guess... I didn't want to see you get hurt..." Poochy finally said, looking away a bit.
"You... Did it for me?" Eevee asked, her voice turning softer.
"Uh-oh... That didn't come out the right way..." Poochy thought. "Well... Y-yeah..."
"Why?" Eevee asked again.
"That's really an annoying question..." Poochy groaned. "Because I... didn't want you to get hurt?" Poochy almost asked this, as he repeated what he said earlier.
Eevee was speechless. She just found out Poochy, the boy she hated a few hours ago, just got hit by an attack that was directed at her. No one has ever done that for her. Could he... Could he be having the same feelings she had? In the past few days she knew Poochy, she always thought of him as some annoying kid, trying to get all the attention. She didn't like that. Before Poochy came into the group, she was the one who got all the attention. This was also part of the reason why she hated him, because he stole her attention. But then... A few hours ago... He started acting nice... Even after she'd told him he was a jerk, he was still nice to her. This was when she started looking at him differently. He wasn't the stupid kid she thought he was. He was nice, caring, and didn't want to fight... Well, outside battle. He didn't want them to be enemies while their Trainers were friends. In the end she accepted him, and from that point on, every time she sees him, she feels weird. In the beginning she didn't know why. But now it hit her. It could be... Could it be... Love? Of course, she knew about love. Every girl does at one time. She even got it explained to her by her mother, about love between couples. As long as one loves the other, it doesn't matter which gender you are. Could Poochy really... be in love with her? Even after all the bad things she'd say to him? After all the many times she had growled at him? And... After she told him to stay away? He didn't listen in the end, but was this because of his love for her? She had to know. She moved in closer to Poochy, and stopped a few centimeters away from him. He looked back at her with a questioning look on his face. What was Eevee doing? Eevee looked at Poochy through half closed eyes, and slowly moved her head forwards. She moved her muzzle to Poochy's cheek, and slowly planted a soft kiss on it. Poochy couldn't move. He was petrified. Eevee then slowly moved her head back, and awaited Poochy's response. If he would ask what she was doing, it was obvious. And if he didn't, well then-
He didn't.
Poochy blushed deeply, not knowing why. What did Eevee just do to him?
"What... w-was that?" Poochy said, still not moving his head.
"You've never heard of a kiss before?" Eevee giggled.
"N-No, w-what's that?" Poochy stuttered.
"Poochy... I want you to be honest to me now..." Eevee said.
"I...Really don't know! I swe-"
"Are you in love with me?" Eevee suddenly asked.
This made Poochy stop, and turn his head.
"Y-You know about love?" he asked surprised.
"Of course I do..." Eevee replied, smiling. "Well are you?" she added.
Poochy turned his head away again.
"Uhm... I..." he replied.
"There's no point hiding it from me..." Eevee said, and Poochy turned his head again, looking confused.
"O-of course I don't love you... I just d-didn't want you g-get hurt, because... Because Eevy would get sad and if she got sad then Sashi would get sad and if Sashi gets sad I also get sad..." Poochy replied, chuckling guiltily.
"And the flowers?" Eevee asked in a plain tone, giving a blank look to Poochy.
Poochy blushed even more now.
"Ehhh..." Poochy answered. What else could he come up with now? He's tried everything. He sighed deeply, and faced Eevee again. She was smiling sweetly at him, her eyes sparkling. He sighed again.
"You are, aren't you?" Eevee said. Poochy nodded slowly. "I knew it!" Eevee smiled. Poochy raised an eyebrow.
"You... knew?" Poochy asked.
"It wasn't obvious until now, but yes, I somehow knew you were..." Eevee said.
"Then why didn't you say something?" Poochy asked.
"Well why didn't you?" Eevee asked, eying Poochy. He turned away slightly.
"I ehh... I thought... I didn't know... If you would... you know... Feel the same..." Poochy said. "Especially when you told me to stay away..."
"But you didn't listen..." Eevee said softly.
"No..." Poochy said.
"Why not?" Eevee asked.
"Because I didn't want us to fight..." Poochy said. "I wanted us to be friends... but I ended up in love..." Poochy chuckled.
Eevee didn't say a thing, but crept closer, until their bodies pressed against each other.
"We fell in love..." Eevee whispered, wrapping her tail around him. Suddenly Poochy winced again. "What? What's wrong?" Eevee gasped, feeling this was her fault.
"It's my... my paw..." Poochy said.
"The one that made you limp?" Eevee asked.
"Yeah..." Poochy admitted.
"Let me look..." Eevee said, and slowly looked down Poochy's leg. "Is it the left or the right?"
"It's the.. I don't know..." Poochy chuckled.
"You don't know?" Eevee replied confused.
"I know one of them hurts, but I don't know what leg... The pain seems to be everywhere..." Poochy groaned.
"I see what's the problem..." Eevee said.
"What is it?" Poochy asked impatiently. Eevee didn't reply, but moved her head down, and bit down on something. She then pulled her head back hard, making Poochy howl in pain.
"What'd you do that for?!" he groaned, a few tears running down his cheeks. Eevee raised her head, and now Poochy could see what she had done. Eevee was holding a needle in her mouth, but not just an ordinary needle. It was a needle from Beedrill's Pin Missile attack. "Oh... Stupid Beedrill..." he said under his breath, but hard enough for Eevee to hear.
"What was that?" Eevee asked.
"Ehm... Nothing?" Poochy replied.
"You said 'Beedrill'... You've said that once before... What's with the Beedrill?" Eevee asked.
"Come on Poochy, no more lies... Please?" Eevee asked.
"Oh all right... Remember those flowers?" Poochy asked.
"Yeeeess?" Eevee replied, half closing her eyes.
"Well apparently those were his 'flowerzzzz'..." Poochy said, paying extra attention to all the z's in 'flowerzzzz'. Eevee chuckled.
"You stole his flowers?"
"I didn't know they belonged to him! I swear!" Poochy replied.
"What happened then?" Eevee asked.
"Well I had just picked those flowers, when that Beedrill appeared..." Poochy said, and started explaining. At the end, Eevee was silent.
"You went through all that trouble just to get the flowers?" she asked.
"It was worth it..." Poochy smiled. Eevee smiled sweetly, and laid her head on Poochy's shoulder, wagging her tail softly against Poochy.
"Thanks..." she whispered.
Poochy lay his paw down on the ground, and then softly cried out in pain again.
"Does it still hurt?" Eevee asked.
"A bit, yeah..." Poochy groaned. Eevee then suddenly grabbed Poochy's paw in hers, and brought it closer to her face. She slowly opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. She then pressed her tongue on the painful spot, which made Poochy cry out a bit louder, but then Eevee started to lick her tongue up, going over the whole area, and Poochy's cries died down... a bit. After a while, she pulled her head back, and smiled at Poochy. "Better?" Eevee asked.
"Heheh..." Poochy chuckled, not knowing how to respond to that. He looked around, and saw a flower in the grass. "Hey Eevee?" he asked.
"What happened to those flowers I gave you?" Poochy asked.
"The flowers? Ehhh... Saying we were friends didn't mean I wasn't a bit mad at you... I still thought you were... you know... a jerk... It was before I started to see you were a nice guy, so I still felt a little mad at you, and although it was very nice you gave me those flowers, that's why I didn't keep them..." Eevee said.
"Oh..." Poochy replied. Then his expression changed into a smile. "In that case, can you go and give me that flower?" Poochy asked, nodding at the one he noticed before. Eevee looked back at the flower, and then turned her head back to Poochy.
"Why?" Eevee asked.
"It's a surprise..." Poochy smiled.
"Okay..." Eevee said, smiling too. She got up, and walked to the flower. She grabbed it in her mouth, and pulled it out of the ground. She then walked back to Poochy, and stopped in front of him. She laid the flower down, and looked up at Poochy. "So now what?"
Poochy didn't reply. Instead, he got up - still feeling pain when he stepped on his paw - and grabbed the flower in his mouth. He then slowly limped over to Eevee, and pushed the flower over her ear. Then he pulled his head back.
"There..." Poochy said. "I think this looks good on you..."
Eevee looked up at the flower that Poochy had stuck over her ear, and smiled.
"Awwww... thank you..." Eevee said softly, and gave Poochy a kiss on the cheek. Suddenly, there was a high-pitched scream, coming from the sky, and a bird engulfed in flames flew over the two of them.
"Whoa..." Poochy said, looking up.
"Who's that?" Eevee asked, also looking up. "And what are those?" she added, as two objects were not far behind the bird.

"I wonder if everything's okay..." Sashi thought, as she slowly got up, planning on walking to Poochy. That's when Espeon appeared. "Espeon?" Sashi said, and looked down.
"If you're planning on going to check out Poochy, don't.." Espeon said.
"How... Why not?" Sashi asked.
"He and Eevee are having a private conversation... They don't want to be disturbed..." Espeon winked. Sashi smiled.
"Then I hope it ends up good..." Sashi said.
"I'm sure it will..." Espeon smiled. She looked ahead, and saw the Dura twins. They were sitting close to the campfire Brian had made. They were all roasting marshmallows.
"We have a question..." Kim suddenly said.
"If your wondering why they are so nice to you after the things you did, that's just how they are..." Kyra smiled.
"Yeah, that's exactly..."
"What we were wondering..." Ann said.
"We don't like to fight unless we have to..." Sashi answered. Suddenly, there was a high-pitched scream, coming from the sky. It made everyone look up, and gasp at the same time. What they saw shocked them. It was Moltres. He (Let's call it a 'he') was flying through the sky, followed by two machines not far behind him. Moltres was trying to shoot back with his Flamethrower, trying to take the machines down, but every time his flames got close, the machines only moved away from its path.
"Who is that?" Kim asked.
"That's Moltres..." Kyra answered, and now all looked at her.
"You mean the Pokemon Team Magma is after?" Sashi asked.
"Yes..." Kyra replied.
"Then we gotta help him!" Sashi called.
"I know, but how?" Eevy asked.
"With bird Pokemon!" Ann said, and now all looked at her. Ann grabbed for a Pokeball, and threw it into the air. "Go Pidgeotto!" she called, and the Pokeball opened. The light that came out of it turned into a small bird, level 17.
"You really think one Pidgeotto can help Moltres?" Sashi asked.
"With my help she can!" Kim said, and also grabbed for a Pokeball. "Elekid! I choose you!" Kim called, and threw her Pokeball into the air. It opened, and a yellow Pokemon with big arms appeared.
"Elekid!" the level 16 Electric Pokemon said.
"An Elekid?" Eevy said.
"How cute!" Audry immediately said.
"Elekid! Get on Pidgeotto's back!" Kim said, and Elekid complied.
"Pidgeotto! Fly up!" Ann said, and Pidgeotto did, together with Elekid. Pidgeotto flew up, until she and Elekid appeared between the two machines and Moltres. Moltres stopped flying when he had noticed something stopped the machines from following him. He turned around, and looked at the two little Pokemon that kept the two machines from attacking him.
"Elekid! Use Thunderbolt!" Kim called, and Elekid started to swing his arms around real quick, until his head started sparking with bolts of electricity. He then jumped off Pidgeotto's back into the air, and fired his attack. The Thunderbolt attack shot faster than Moltres' Flamethrower had, and it hit one of the machines, making it exploded. Smoke appeared, and pieces started to fall to the ground.
"Good work Elekid!" Kim called into the sky.
"Elekid!" Elekid replied, landing back on Pidgeotto's back.
"Now take out that second machine!" Kim said, and just as Elekid was about to begin his attack, the machine flew off into the opposite direction.
"What in the..." Kim said. "Why is it running away?"
"Maybe it got scared?" Ann asked.
"Nahhh I don't think so..." Sashi said. She had a very troubled look on her face, as if she could feel something even worse then those machines was on its way. Moltres slowly flew down, and landed in front of the group.
"Wow... I can't believe I'm seeing a living legendary Pokemon in front of me..." Audry said. Sashi could tell her this wasn't the first one to her, but she was too busy scanning her surroundings. And she was not the only one. Kyra was doing the same. But they had to turn their attention to Moltres as he started speaking.
"On normal occasions I would not allow to show myself to anyone, but since you and your Pokemon have disposed of those machines, I am willing to thank you in person..." Moltres said. He had a low but soft voice, one who gave you the feeling you could trust him. This was just Pokemon language to Audry, Ann and Kim, but the rest understood.
"Lucky we were in the neighborhood, huh?" Brian said, when suddenly Eevy pushed her elbow into his side.
"This is not the way to speak to a legendary Pokemon!" she whispered. Moltres chuckled.
"I do not mind the way one speaks to me..." he said.
"My apologies, Moltres..." Brian said.
"What's he doing?" Ann whispered to Audry.
"He's talking to Moltres..." she whispered back.
"Talking to Moltres? He can understand him?" Kim asked.
"All Anthro's can..." Audry replied. "Oh, and Eevy too..."
"Wow... I'm so jealous now..." Ann said.
"I know..." Audry said.
"Those machines were very close to you..." Sashi said.
"They were... I was unable to get rid of them by using my attacks, so I tried to get rid of them by flying away... But it turned out they could match my speed..." Moltres said.
"That sucks..." Brian said, and got punched in the side by Eevy again. "What? It does!"
"You are correct..." Moltres said to Brian.
"I am?" Brian replied confused, and Moltres nodded his beaked head.
"Why these foolish machines were after me is beyond my knowledge..." Moltres sighed.
"I may have a clue..." Kyra said, and Moltres now looked at her.
"And what is that?" he asked.
"Those machines that were following you belong to Team Magma..." Kyra said.
"Team Magma?" Moltres repeated.
"Yes..." Kyra said, and explained everything to Moltres about how Team Magma wanted to catch the legendary Pokemon of fire. "But that's all I know..." Kyra finished.
"Interesting..." Moltres said, nodding. "And how, if I may ask, do you know all this stuff?"
Kyra looked down. Though she was told she wasn't to think about the past, it still hurt her.
"I... once used to be a Team Magma member..." Kyra softly said.
"What?!" Moltres' voice suddenly sounded angry, and his body started to burn with fire. "Then you are responsible for it?!" he then said, lifting off the ground a bit, ready to attack Kyra. That's when Brian stepped in front of Kyra, his arms stretched out.
"No! Stop!" he shouted.
"Do no get in my way!" Moltres barked.
"Please! Stop!" Sashi said, stepping next to Brian.
"You too? Those who have tried to rescue me assist the enemy?!" Moltres asked.
"We're not assisting the enemy!" Cath said.
"And why is that?" Moltres' eyes were glowing red.
"Because she's not the enemy!" Eevy said.
Moltres was speechless. Suddenly, Kyra pushed herself between Brian and Sashi.
"Brian... Sashi... Thanks for the help, but I must learn to speak for myself..." she said, and Brian and Sash both took a step back. She then turned her attention to Moltres. "Moltres! I know you don't believe me, but I have changed! I am sorry for the tings I have done in the past as a Team Magma Member! I've seen the evil of Team Magma, so I tried to leave. I almost died because of it. To others, this means I am lucky! But to me it means going through hell, because now I have to live with the memory of the things I have done! So if you still think I should be killed, go ahead!" Kyra cried with tears running down her cheek. Moltres looked deep into Kyra's watery eyes, and flew forwards, one of his talons reaching out to her. He was now a few centimeters away from her, as he suddenly gripped Kyra's neck by put one of his talons around it, ready to squeeze the life out of her. Kyra didn't try to resist as Moltres did this. This continued for a while, until Kyra broke the silence.
"Go ahead!" she cried.
"You are embracing death? Why?" Moltres asked.
"Because I deserve it!" Kyra called back, closing her eyes, waiting for the snap of Moltres' talon to take her life away. Moltres didn't, however. He released Kyra's neck, and slowly flew backwards, until he sat down on the ground.
"Why... didn't you kill me?" Kyra asked.
"Because I see truth in your voice..." Moltres replied.
"Truth? Truth in what? That I deserve to die?" Kyra asked in a much softer voice.
"No... That you do truly repent for your sins... And believe me; those sins are no more..." Moltres said.
Kyra kept silent, looking down to the ground.
"And now that I have forgiven you, I ask you to do the same..." Moltres said, and Kyra looked up. "It is no use for you to hate yourself for something that has happened in the past... I am sure your former Trainer would not appreciate it if his Pokemon were sad, would he?" Moltres said.
Kyra wiped a tear out of her eye, and smiled.
"No..." she said. She didn't even question how Moltres would or could know this.
"Then you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself..." Moltres replied.
"I'll try..." Kyra spoke softly. Suddenly there was a sound hearable of a car driving near the group and Moltres.
"Here they come!" Sashi called, looking around, trying to see if something was approaching them.
"Who are coming?" Audry asked.
"Team Magma..." Sashi said.
"Team Magma?" Eevy gasped.
"Probably to see what made only one machine return..." Brian nodded.
"Who's Team Magma?" Ann asked.
"It's an evil organization that keeps busy on controlling the land of the earth..." Kyra said.
"And I don't think two little girls can manage in a situation like this... so we have to say goodbye..." Sashi said.
"Why? Why can't we stay?" Kim asked.
"Because you might get captured, or even worse..." Sashi replied.
"We can help!" Ann said.
"I think it's best for you two to leave now, before it's too late..." Brian said.
"Are you sure?" Kim asked, turning around, looking over her shoulder.
"Just go!" Brian called, and Kim an Ann did, calling their Pokemon back into their Pokeballs before they left. Sashi and the rest turned around to the direction where the sound came from and waited anxiously. Seconds passed, as the sound got louder and louder, until a few cars appeared. They stopped a few meters in front of them, as one door opened, and a man stuck his head out.
"Oh no..." Kyra said as her face went pale.
"Who's that?" Brian asked Kyra. It took her a while to answer, but she finally did.
"Maxie... The head of Team Magma..." Kyra said.
"Well well well..." Maxie grinned. "I've always wondered what happened to the traitor after we'd disposed of it in the desert..." he said. Kyra growled back, and suddenly a female stepped next to Maxie.
"Ugh, you again?!" the Team Magma Admin Courtney growled.
"You know this group?" Maxie asked.
"Yeah we met up with them earlier..." Courtney replied. "They didn't pose a threat, so we let them leave... That was probably the last time they got in the way of our plans unharmed, seeming they are here, protecting him..." she said, nodding at Moltres behind the group. Moltres growled back at Courtney.
"Get out of the way, kids! This is grown-up stuff..." Maxie said.
"No!" Sashi said, staying where she was.
"Don't make me do you any harm..." Maxie said.
"You're not getting anywhere close to Moltres!" Brian growled.
"Oh really?" Courtney chuckled.
"If you want him, you'll have to go through us first!" Eevy called.
"Okay! I've tried to be reasonable with you children, but If you won't listen, then we'll have to show you what we will do!" Maxie growled, and looked at all the grunts in the cars. "Capture them!" he said, and all the grunts got out of their cars.
"Don't you dare come any closer!" Kyra growled as the grunts approached them. She looked at Sashi and the others, as they grabbed for their Pokeballs.
"Let's fight them!" Sashi called, and threw all her Pokeballs into the air.
"Right!" Brian, Eevy, Cath and Audry called, and threw all their Pokeballs into the air with Sashi's...

To be continued...

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