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Back to Route 166

Back to Route 166

Sashi: Happy ending happy ending happy ending!
Mmmm... You're trying to tell me something, aren't you?
Sashi: Happy ending happy ending happy ending!
Like I said before, I don't know if there will be a happy ending...
Sashi: *Sad*
By the way, someone asked me if I could make him appear in the story, so that's what I'm doing. He asked me to call him Eru, so Eru's going to be in it. I had to figure out a way to add him into the story, and I have. Don't worry, he's just going to make a guest-appearance... Don't take this the wrong way...
Sashi: *Sad*

Sashi, Brian, Eevy, Audry, Cath and Kyra were standing in front of Moltres, the legendary bird of fire, protecting him from Team Magma, and even after a few times of telling them to step aside, they refused. Maxie had lost his patience.
"Okay! I've tried to be reasonable with you children, but if you won't listen, then we'll have to show you what we will do!" Maxie growled, and looked at all the grunts in the cars. "Capture them!" he said, and all the grunts got out of their cars.
"Don't you dare come any closer!" Kyra growled as the grunts approached them. She looked at Sashi and the others, as they grabbed for their Pokeballs.
"Let's fight them!" Sashi called, and threw all her Pokeballs into the air.
"Right!" Brian, Eevy, Cath and Audry called, and threw all their Pokeballs into the air with Sashi's...
"Go Vulpix, Dragonair and Gardevoir!" Sashi called. "And you too Espeon!" Sashi added, looking down at Espeon next to her.
"Go Scizor, Gyarados, Alakazam!" Brian called. "And Umbreon!" Brian added, also looking down next to him.
"Go Flara, Vapora, Jolty, Umbro!" Eevy called.
"Arcanine! Breloom! I choose you!" Cath called.
"Venusaur, Grovyle, Roselia, Meganium and Ninetales! I choose all of you!" Audry called.
Suddenly a lot of beams of white light appeared, all landing on the ground. They all formed into the shapes of the Pokemon that were called out, growling at their opponents.
"Look at all those Pokemon..." Kyra thought.
"My, quite a group..." Courtney said. "But that won't stop us!" she added, and grabbed for her Pokeballs. "Go, Crobat, Mightyena, Camerupt!" she called, and threw the Pokeballs into the air. They opened, and white light came out of it. A few seconds later, a four-winged purple bat, a bit, black and gray wolf and an even bigger Pokemon with what looked like two tiny volcanoes on its back appeared. The grunts also threw their Pokeballs into the air, and even more Crobat and Mightyena appeared on the field.
"You won't stand a chance against us!" Courtney said. Her Pokemon were on a much higher level as the lower rank grunts.
"We'll see about that!" Brian said. "Scizor, Gyarados, Alakazam, Umbreon! Attack!"
"You too!" all the others said to their Pokemon, and all the Pokemon, both Sashi's group and the grunts' attacked. They fought hard, but in the end were defeated by the grunts' Pokemon. After a while only Espeon, Umbreon, Gyarados and Arcanine were left. The grunts all still had their Crobat and a few Mightyena, and Courtney's Camerupt was also still standing.
"Give it up!" Courtney laughed.
"Sashi... She's right..." Eevy said. Her Pokemon had lost terribly against the grunts, even though of their high levels.
"No! I won't give up!" Sashi growled. "Espeon! Use Psychic!"
"You too Umbreon!" Brian called. Even though it was Umbreon's fourth Psychic attack, Umbreon had to do it in order to win. Or at least try to win. Both Espeon and Umbreon stood next to each other, their bodies rubbed against each other's, as they began to glow with white light.
"Foolish child!" Courtney said, as Espeon and Umbreon both fired their Psychic attacks, combined together to make one bigger beam. "And here's to prove I'm right! Grunts! Block that Psychic attack with your Mightyena!" she called. All the remaining Mightyena gathered in front of the grunts and their Pokemon, as the Psychic attack approached them.
"No!" Sashi cursed, as the attack hit the Mightyena, not having the slightest effect at all.
"Now, Camerupt! Use Earthquake!" Courtney said, and Camerupt raised one of his paws into the air. Then he slammed it down hard, making the ground shake real hard. Camerupt's Earthquake attack affected the whole area, and all the Pokemon - except for the Crobat and Brian's Gyarados - were hit, including the grunts' Mightyena. Even Sashi, Brian, Cath and Kyra had trouble staying on their feet. Then the earth slowly stopped shaking, and when it was over, all the Pokemon were lying on the ground, unconscious.
"No Espeon!" Sashi gasped.
"Umbreon!" Brian called.
"Arcanine!" Cath cried.
Courtney chuckled.
"My that was fast..." she said.
"Return!" Sashi and Cath said, as they aimed their Pokeballs at their Pokemon.
"You better give up too, Umbreon..." Courtney said to Brian. "You must realize by now you are defeated..."
Brian growled, and aimed Gyarados' Pokeball at him, making him return.
"Now! Capture them!" Courtney called, as the grunts called back their Pokemon, and walked forwards. "And after that... The Moltres..." Courtney added.
"No!" Sashi growled, and turned around, facing Moltres. "You have to get away!" she called.
Moltres nodded slowly. He has waited long enough. He thought Sashi and the rest could take the grunts. So, spreading his wings, he flew up hard, making dust appear in the sky.
"Don't let him get away!" Maxie growled. Courtney replied by pushing a button on some kind of remote control, and suddenly the machine that was following Moltres earlier appeared again, this time assisted by three more machines. They flew up after Moltres, matching his speed, and when they appeared around him, they shot out a bolt of electricity. Moltres was hit by them, and cried out in pain as the electricity ran through his body. He couldn't hold on anymore, and fell down to the ground, the machines following him down.
"No! Moltres!" Sashi called, when suddenly she was grabbed by two grunts. She looked back, and tried to break free from their grip, but failed.
"Don't you touch me!" Eevy cried, kicking around furiously, but to no effect. These grunts were much stronger than Sashi and the rest had thought they were, because in a few minutes, everyone was caught and put on handcuffs. Now they had no choice but to follow the grunts back into the car, as they had to watch Moltres being hurt more and more by the machines, before he too was put into a car.

They were now back on Route 166, going past Orange City to the Team Magma base. It was hidden under the sand, and when the cars stopped, Courtney pushed another button on her remote control, and suddenly a big building rose from under the sand. It stopped,, and two big red doors opened. When they were open, the cars drove forwards into the building, and when inside, they stopped. Suddenly the doors closed again, and the ground under then started to lower. Outside, the building they were in also lowered back down, as wind blew sand back over the hidden entrance.

Meanwhile, back in the forest on Route 167, Poochy and Eevee both went back to the campsite, only to notice everyone was gone.
"Wh-where is everybody?" Poochy said.
"I don't know! They were here a few minutes ago..." Eevee said, and started to search her surroundings for clues to find out where her and Poochy's Trainers were. She could find none. The place was deserted. "Mommy? Eevy?!" she called out, hoping this all was just a joke to scare the two young Pokemon. That Eevy, her mother and the rest would come out laughing, telling them they were fooled. But as time passed, Eevee realized they weren't anywhere near. They were gone. "They... left us..." Eevee softly said, a tear appearing in the corner of her eye. Poochy looked at Eevee's sad face, and slowly nudged it with his nose. This made Eevee look up.
"Don't cry..." he said.
"But what else can I do? We're all alone! They left us!" Eevee said.
"I don't think so..." Poochy said.
"What makes you say that?" Eevee asked confused.
"I've seen you with your mother and Eevy... They love you so much that they would not leave you..." Poochy said.
Eevee sniffed some more, a few tears running down her cheeks.
"There must have happened something very bad to them to leave us alone..." Poochy then said, and that made Eevee smile.
"Y-you're right..." Eevee said. "But how do we find out where our parents are?"
"You wanna know where your family is?" someone suddenly asked that made the two Pokemon jump. They turned around to see a Murcrow.
"Who are you?" Poochy asked. The Murcrow flew down from the branch he was sitting on, and landed in front of Poochy and Eevee.
"I'm a Murcrow, and I happen to have seen everything that went on here..." the Murcrow replied. He talked like he was a gangster.
"You know where our parents are?" Eevee asked, her eyes lighting up.
"I do..." the Murcrow said, and went silent.
"Well?" Poochy asked.
"I know what happened to them and where they were taken to... But this information is not costing you nothing..." the Murcrow then said.
"Wha...?" Eevee replied confused.
"In exchange for this information I want something in return..." the Murcrow said.
"Why can't you just tell us what happened?" Poochy asked.
"Because nothing in life is for free, you see..." the Murcrow replied. Poochy growled.
"What do you want?" Eevee asked.
The Murcrow walked over to Eevee, and slowly looked at her face. Then his eyes went to the flower Poochy had stuck on her ear.
"Flowers are always good..." the Murcrow said in a soft voice.
"Ohhhhhh no..." Poochy said, and the Murcrow turned around.
"That's what I want..." the Murcrow said.
"Well you're not getting it!" Poochy growled.
"Fine! Then I won't tell you what happened to your parents..." the Murcrow smiled, crossing his wings. That's when Poochy tackled the Murcrow, and landed on top of him as he fell on the ground.
"You are going to tell us now, or you're history!" Poochy said, growling viciously at the Murcrow. The Murcrow had nowhere to go, being pressed down to the ground with Poochy's paw pressed even tighter on his throat.
"Okay! Okay!" he choked, and Poochy slowly released the Murcrow's throat, but still not getting off him. "They were... attacked by lots of... humans in red clothes..." he said as he gasped for air. "Your Trainers and them held... a battle, and your... Trainers lost... Then they grabbed them and... put them in those big... vehicles on wheels..." the Murcrow continued.
"Where were they going?" Poochy asked.
"Th-That way!" the Murcrow said, pointing into one direction with one of his paws.
"You better be telling the truth..." Poochy growled.
"I am! Just get off me!" the Murcrow said. Poochy grinned, and hopped off the Murcrow. He got on his feet, and flew off. Poochy walked past Eevee into the direction the Murcrow had pointed at.
"Well, let's go..." he said. Eevee smiled, and followed him.
"That was really impressive..." Eevee purred.
"What was?" Poochy asked, not getting the point.
"What you just did..." Eevee replied.
"Oh, that... Why?" Poochy asked, stopping for a second.
"The way you forced the information out of him..." Eevee smiled, stopping too. "Or how you wouldn't want him to have my flower..."
"Well it's yours, isn't it?" Poochy asked.
"It's my gift to you, and I don't want that to be taken away..." Poochy said.
Eevee smiled, and rubbed her body against Poochy for a second, as the two started walking again.

"Lock them up!" Courtney ordered a grunt, as he nodded when he and his colleagues pushed Sashi and the rest into a cell. Then, when everyone was in, he closed the big cage, and pushed a key into the lock. He turned the key, and locked the cage. Courtney smiled. "I told you you wouldn't stand a chance against us..." she grinned.
"What are you going to do with us?!" Sashi called.
"That is not up to me... You must ask Maxie that..." Courtney said, and turned around. "But you'll never get that chance!" she then laughed as she left the room. Sashi growled as the grunts also left the room.
"What do we do now?" Eevy asked softly.
"I don't know..." Sashi replied. If only they had fought harder earlier, then they wouldn't be here, locked up.
"If they hadn't grabbed our Pokemon we could use them to break free..." Audry said.
Brian then started smiling.
"That's it! Pokemon Attacks!" Brian said.
"What do you mean?" Cath asked confused.
"We can use Pokemon Attacks!" Brian said again.
"How? We don't have our Pokemon!" Sashi said.
"I wasn't talking about our Pokemon..." Brian said. He then looked at Kyra. "Remember Kyra? You have once done a Pokemon Attack!"
"I have..." Kyra said, her eyes lighting up. "Yes you're right!"
"A-hem, one moment..." Sashi said, tapping Brian's shoulder. "Have you lost your mind? Kyra may be a Ninetales Anthro, but she - like any of us - can't use Pokemon Attacks..."
"Yes she can..." Brian said.
"How do you know?" Sashi asked.
"Because she's done it once..." Brian said.
"Okay then... What attack did she use?" Sashi asked.
"She us-" Brian began, but then stopped. Kyra had used the Attract Attack on him, as a result that they kissed each other. He had asked Kyra not to mention this to anyone, and he was now about to break his own request. That's when Kyra stepped in to help Brian.
"It wasn't much, but I managed to do a little Flamethrower..." she said.
"A Flamethrower?" all but Brian gasped. Brian only smiled and lipped the words 'thank you'.
"Can you do it again?" Sashi asked.
"I don't know... The last time was only for a second... I don't know how to use it or to control it..." Kyra said.
"It's our only way..." Sashi said.
"Well... I'll try..." Kyra said, and slowly everybody got out of Kyra's way, as she walked to the prison bars. She closed her eyes, and then slowly took a deep breath. Suddenly Kyra started glowing a red color a little, as she could feel her stomach boiling. She could feel something coming up her throat, something warm. Then when she was sure it was what she needed, she opened her eyes, and then her mouth, pushing whatever was in her throat out of her mouth. Suddenly, she let out a big, loud burp. Her burp echoed through the whole prison, slowly fading second after it had left Kyra's mouth. Everybody was silent, as they couldn't believe what just happened. Kyra blushed deeply, holding her hands over her mouth, deeply ashamed by what she'd done.
"Well... That wasn't exactly what I was expecting..." Sashi finally said, breaking the silence.
"Sorry..." Kyra said with a red head.
"Don't be... You tried your best..." Sashi said.

Somewhere else in the Team Magma base, Moltres was trapped in a cage. He was trying to break free by firing his Flamethrower at the bars, but to no effect.
"It is no use trying to escape..." Courtney said, entering the room. Moltres glared at the Team Magma Admin as he saw her. He screeched.
"What's he saying?" Courtney suddenly asked someone, and that's when a female - dressed in the same outfit as Courtney - appeared. It was a Flareon Anthro.
"Let me go, let me go, let me go all over..." the Flareon said.
"Thank you, Dianne..." Courtney said, and then looked at Moltres. "You're not going anywhere..." she said out loud. Moltres screeched back something, and Dianne translated.
"He asks why he was caught..." she said.
"Because Maxie ordered us to..." Courtney replied.
At that moment, Maxie entered the room.
"How's my new pet doing?" he asked.
"He's asking why we caught him..." Courtney said.
Maxie walked over to the cage, and looked Moltres in the eyes.
Because I've something planned for you..." Maxie grinned.
"Pardon me for asking, but what are you planning on doing with Moltres?" Dianne asked.
"Well you know how you were created, right?" Maxie asked, and Dianne gasped.
"You're planning on making an Anthro out of him?" Dianne asked.
"You got a problem with that?" Maxie eyed Dianne.
"O-Of course not, Maxie..." Dianne said, closing her eyes as she took a short bow.
"That's the brilliance of my plan... I'm going to make an army of Pokemon Anthro's..." Maxie grinned. "And with these rare Pokemon my army will be unstoppable!"

"Ehhh... Where are we?" Poochy asked, looking around to nowhere.
"Good question..." Eevee replied. The two had walked quite a while, and the forest had stopped. It was now replaced by sand, sand, and sand. "Oh, this sand is sticking into my fur..." Eevee groaned, shaking her paws to try and get the sand out of them.
"Don't worry..." Poochy said. "You're not getting uglier by it..."
"Thanks... You're so sweet..." Eevee smiled.
The two spotted some Sandshrew.
"Hey you!" Poochy called, and the Sandshrew turned their heads to him.
"What do you want?" one asked.
"Have you, by any chance, seen several cars driving by?" Eevee asked.
"Cars?" the second Sandshrew asked, and Eevee nodded. "Mmmm... Yes, I do believe I've seen a few cars driving by a few minutes ago..."
"Do you know where they went?" Poochy asked.
"Well I was very busy digging a hole, but I can remember they went that way..." the Sandshrew said, pointing ahead.
"Thank you so much, mister Sandshrew..." Eevee said politely.
"No problem..." the Sandshrew said, and then turned away again, digging with his pas in the sand.

"You sure you've done it before?" Sashi asked after Kyra's fifth attempt to use a Flamethrower had failed.
"Yes, I do not understand what's wrong..." Kyra replied.
"Well how did you feel when you used At- I mean Flamethrower?" Brian asked, almost saying Attract again.
"I was feeling happy and content... With no worries..." Kyra answered.
"Oh..." Brian said.
"Yeah I'm sure you're not happy and content in this place, so I can understand why you failed to use a Flamethrower five times..." Sashi said.
"I know I can do it!" Kyra cursed. "I feel the ability, but nothing comes out..."
"She needs to feel happy and content? How are we supposed to make her feel like that?" Brian thought. He thought back a little about when Kyra did the Attract attack. Okay, they were near a fireplace, he was grooming her tails, she was singing softly... Singing. Was singing the key?
"Hey Kyra?" Brian said.
"Mmmm?" Kyra turned her head.
"Remember when you did it the last time?" Brian said.
"Also remember what you were doing then?" Brian smiled.
Kyra had to think back a little.
"I was... Singing?" she guessed.
"Yes," Brian nodded, "Maybe that's the key..."
"I dunno..." Kyra said. "It could be.."
"You can sing?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah she's got this beautiful voice..." Brian said. Cath raised an eyebrow.
"Well let it hear then!" Sashi smiled.
"I... Don't want to..." Kyra said, blushing.
"Why not?" Brian asked.
"I feel embarrassed by it..." Kyra said.
"Nonsense!" Brian said. "If you are embarrassed by it, then why did you do it while I was grooming your tails?"
"Grooming her tails?" Cath asked, making Brian turn around.
"Ehh..." Brian said. "Did... I not tell you?"
"If you did, then I must have amnesia..." Cath replied.
Brian sighed. He was about to tell Cath the truth, when Kyra interrupted again.
"It's my fault..." she said, and Cath turned her head to her now.
"Your fault?" Cath replied confused. "How?"
"I think it's time for us to tell you the truth about what happened during the storm..." Kyra said, and Brian slowly nodded, thinking this was the best too. "We were wet from the rain, and were able to find Jebadiah's Inn to shelter in. He took us in, and told us we could dry ourselves at the fire in the diner-room. He also gave me a towel to dry our bodies a bit more in case the fire didn't help. As you know, I have nine tails, and because of the rain all my tails had gotten wet. I dried them with the towel I got fro Jebadiah, but when I was done, my tails were all fluffy. I don't like having my tails fluffy, so I asked for a brush to groom my tails. Now grooming my tails makes me happy, and me being happy makes me sing..." Kyra said. "So I started to sing softly. I kept singing until I noticed Brian look at me with a weird look on his face. I didn't know what was going on, or what happened next, but then Brian and I... Well..." Kyra stopped.
"You what?" Cath asked.
"We... Kissed..." Brian said for Kyra, and Cath gasped.
"You what?!"
"But it wasn't her fault, or mine!" Brian said, holding his hands up in defense.
"Why not?" Sashi asked, holding on to Cath's shoulders, trying to calm her down a bit.
"Remember how Kyra told you she used a Flamethrower Attack?" Brian asked.
"Well Kyra hasn't used a Flamethrower... but something else..." Brian said.
"Like what?" Cath growled.
"Apparently... Attract." Brian said, and everybody gasped.
"Oh no... Not Attract again..." Sashi said.
"Yeah..." Brian said. "So you see, it wasn't either her nor my fault... She couldn't help it, because she didn't know about her powers, and I couldn't help it, because... you know... I was being attracted to her..." Brian finished.
"I see..." Sashi said. "And that's the whole truth?"
"Yes..." Kyra nodded. "So, Cath?"
"Mmmm?" Cath replied.
"It's not his fault..." Kyra said, nodding at Brian.
"Well I can see that... But I'm a little mad about not telling me the truth..." Cath said.
"I did that because was afraid of how you would react!" Brian said.
"I would have understood!" Cath said.
"Well I didn't know that!" Brian replied.
Kyra was about to separate the two, but Sashi interrupted.
"Let them..." she said. "They need this..."
"If you say so..." Kyra said.

The two continued arguing, until suddenly someone hit the prison bars. That made everyone turn their attention to the one who did that. It was a Team Magma grunt.
"Shut up you all!" he said. "You're prisoners!"
Everyone growled.
The Team Magma grunt smiled, and then turned his head to the left, then to the right. When he saw nobody, he slowly looked at the group again.
"Okay, listen... I'm going to turn my back now, so you can grab my keys that are in my pocket..." the grunt said.
Everybody was silent.
"What are you talking about?" Sashi asked confused.
"I also need you to knock me out, to make it look real..." he then said, not answering Sashi's question.
"Make what look real?" Brian asked.
"That you broke out of prison..." he said. "I can't just open the door and set you free..."
"Why not?" Brian asked.
"Because of the security camera..." Eru replied.
"What camera?"
"Exactly... You can't see it, but it's there... It's hidden somewhere. I do not know where exactly..." Eru said.
"Why are you doing this? And who are you?" Eevy asked.
"My name is Eru, and I'm here to rescue you..." Eru said.
"But you're a Team Magma Member... Aren't you?" Sashi asked.
"Not really..." Eru replied.
"But what are you then?"
"Okay... A few days ago I was on a trip with my good friend Steven..." Eru started explaining, when he was interrupted by Cath.
"Hey... Steven.. Isn't that Jebadiah's son?" Cath asked.
"So you know Jebadiah?" Eru asked surprised.
"We met... We could take shelter in his Inn during the storm... He was so friendly not to charge us anything... But then he told us he had a son called Steven, and that's when everything changed. When we told him his son was dead, he freaked out and told us to leave..." Kyra said.
"How do you know Steven's dead?" Eru asked.
"I... used to be a team magma Member..." Kyra said.
"You were?" Eru asked.
"Yes... But not anymore..." Kyra smiled.
"I can see that..." Eru nodded. "But anyway, we were exploring the desert of Route 166 when we discovered a ruin. We were so happy, and while Steven stayed in to explore the ruin some more, I went outside, back to the car to write down the coordinates on the map we were carrying with us. I should never have left him alone... When I returned, I heard some noises coming from the ruin, so I hid. That's when I spotted the Team Magma grunts, carrying Steven's dead body..." Eru said with an angry look on his face.
"But why are you dressed as a Team Magma Member?" Brian asked.
"To make them pay for killing my friend..." Eru replied.
"And how were you going to do that?" Sashi asked.
"I had something planned... But that's changed, now that you are here..." Eru said.
"What do you mean?" Eevy asked.
"I thought I could use your help to create a distraction while I slip into Maxie's room to finish him off..." Eru said.
"You're gonna kill him?!" Kyra gasped.
"He's responsible for the death of my best friend, he deserves it!" Eru growled. "Now hurry, and knock me out..."
"Why?" Sashi asked.
"To make it look real, remember?" Eru said.
"Oh yeah..." Sashi said. "But are you sure? I mean, what if we knock you into a coma?"
"Not going to happen..." Eru said.
"But what if-" Sashi began, when suddenly Brian slammed his fist against Eru's head, knocking him down to the ground. Everyone's eyes were open wide with surprise, as Brian shook his hand in the air.
"Ouch! His head was harder than I thought..." he groaned.
"Brian..." Cath said.
"Hey I'm not going to wait until you do it. I don't want to be stuck in here forever..." Brian grinned, and knelt down. He pushed his arm through the bars, and reached into Eru's pocket. He found the keys, and pulled his arm back again.
"Hurry! The guards may have seen what you did on the security camera!" Cath said.
"Yeah yeah..." Brian replied, and stuck the key into the lock, turning it around until the door opened. They all got out.
"Don't you think we should thank him for letting us out?" Audry asked.
"How? He's KO..." Eevy said.
"Then we better go make a distraction!" Brian grinned. Then his grin faded. "Ehh... What kind of a distraction do you think he wanted?"
"A bit too late to ask now, huh?" Cath said.
"Let's just do whatever comes up in our minds..." Sashi said.
"Oh, in that case..." Eevy smiled, and rubbed her hand over Sashi's shoulder.
"Not that..." Sashi giggled.

Poochy and Eevee were now in Orange City.
"Where are we?" Poochy said again.
"Good question..." Eevee also said again.
"How are we ever going to find them?" Poochy asked no one.
"Don't worry..." Eevee said. "We'll find them..."
"How?" Poochy asked again.
"I don't know..." Eevee replied, grinning.
"Do you even have an idea of where to look?" Poochy asked.
"Nope..." Eevee said.
"Hey!" Poochy said, smiling.
"Sounds like you have an idea..."
"I can't believe I haven't thought of that earlier!" Poochy said.
"Thought of what?"
"We can smell where they are!" Poochy said.
"Oh really?" Eevee replied. "And how were you going to do that?"
"Well..." Poochy began, then went silent. "You're right... Stupid idea..." Poochy said with his ears lowered.
"Hey... It's not such a bad idea... You just didn't put the plan to something we can work with..." Eevee said. "And now I have a good idea..."
"What is it?"
"We can't smell them, but we can track the car..." Eevee said.
"That's a great idea!" Poochy smiled.
"Okay! Sniff around. Try to find a track that will lead us to them!" Eevee said as she started to look around and sniff the ground.
"Right!" Poochy nodded, and did what Eevee was doing.

Sashi and the rest were now running over the hallways of the Team Magma base.
"Where are we going anyway?" Brian asked.
"I don't know! I'm following Sashi!" Eevy said.
"And I'm following Kyra!" Sashi said.
"I know where we're going! I know this base! This hallway leads us to the laboratory, and I'm pretty sure Moltres is being held there!" Kyra said.
"Then we can rescue him!" Eevy smiled.

"Sir?" Courtney said, and Maxie turned around.
"The prisoners have escaped..."
"What?!" Maxie growled.
"Apparently they got to knock out our newest grunt called Eru, and were able to steal his keys..." Courtney explained.
"Foolish grunts..." Maxie said. "Good thing I'm getting rid of them when I have my army.."
This made Courtney raise an eyebrow.
"Excuse me, sir?" Courtney said. "What do you mean by that?"
"Anthro's are more useful than humans..." Maxie said. "You've seen Dianne... She understands Pokemon Language... No human in the world who can do that..." Maxie said. "Through them I can communicate with Pokemon much easier... And physically they're much stronger too..."
"But... what about me? Do you also want to get rid of the Admins?" Courtney asked, fearing the answer.
Maxie looked at Courtney, and grinned.
"Get rid of you after all the trouble you've been through to make it up this high rank?" Maxie asked. "You'll be very useful, but only you..." Maxie said.
"Thank you, sir..." Courtney said.
"Now go and capture those prisoners again!" Maxie ordered.
"As you wish..." Courtney said, and walked out of the room.
"It amazes me she believed it..." Maxie grinned.

"Where... am I?" Eru asked, regaining consciousness.
"You were knocked out..." a female Team Magma grunt said.
"How long was I out?" Eru asked.
"Not long... You should be lucky I was in the neighborhood..." she said.
"I've... never seen you around here..." Eru said.
"That's right... I was supposed to be transported to the other base... I'm a newbie..." she said.
"You're new here?" Eru asked.
"Yup..." the female smiled.
"What's your name?" Eru asked.
"Lori..." Lori replied.
"And what made you become a Team Magma member, Lori?" Eru asked.
"To help protect the legendary Pokemon..." Lori smiled.
"To help... Who told you this rubbish?" Eru asked.
"Rubbish? What are you talking about? Why do you think it's rubbish? You also being a team Magma grunt!" Lori said louder.
"Lori... Believe me or not, but I am not a Team Magma grunt..." Eru said, and Lori gasped.
"Who are you? Why are you dressed in Team Magma clothes?" Lori asked.
"My name is Eru, and I've dressed myself as a Team Magma Member because I want the leader, Maxie, to pay for killing my friend..." Eru replied.
"But... Team Magma doesn't kill people..." Lori said.
"They would... If it means protecting the entrance to the base, they would..." Eru said.
"No... I don't believe you!" Lori said, shaking her head. "They told me..."
"I know... They're lying..." Eru said.
"And how do I know you're not lying?" Lori asked.
"I can not answer that question..." Eru said. "But you just have to believe me... Team Magma isn't protecting legendary Pokemon... Just recently they attack the legendary bird of fire; Moltres..."
"Moltres?" Lori asked.
"They're planning on making him an Anthro too..." Eru said. "Maxie planned to make every Pokemon an Anthro, to make himself an unstoppable army..."
"How do you know all this?"
"I've listened carefully when an Admin went to talk to Maxie, and that way I caught up something very shocking..." Eru said.
"I'm going to regret asking, but what did you hear?" Lori asked.
"I heard that Maxie was planning on killing each grunt after he's got his army of Anthro's..." Eru said.
"No... You're lying again!" Lori said, but Eru's eyes didn't show any hint of a lie. "So all you said is true?"
"Afraid so..." Eru said.
"But why would he do that?"
"He won't need us anymore when he has a more powerful team of Anthro's..." Eru said.
Lori kept silent.
"Listen... I want you to know that I told you this for your own good... You're taking the wrong way in life as a Team Magma Member. I hope I have saved you from taking the wrong decision..." Eru said, and turned around.
"Wait!" Lori said.
"Mmmm?" Eru replied, turning his head, looking over his shoulder.
"I..." she began. "If all you say is true, then I don't want to be a Team Magma member..."
Eru smiled.
"You're making the right decision now..." Eru said.
"What do I have to do now?" Lori asked.
"You must leave this base at once..." Eru said. "Go to Orange City's Pokemon Center, and wait... If I'm lucky, I'll be able to visit you there... If not, then this is goodbye..."
"Goodbye?" Lori asked.
"I may not get out of this alive..." Eru said. "I'm going to do something that may get me killed..."
"What are you going to do?" Lori asked.
"Like I said before; I'm going to make Maxie pay for killing my best friend... He'll pay dearly for this..." Eru growled, and turned around again. He started walking, as Lori sunk through her knees, unable to take it all in. Eru noticed this, and turned around again.
"Please go now..." Eru said. "You'll be much safer in the Pokemon Center..."
"Okay..." Lori got up, and slowly walked away.
"Don't take that way!" Eru said, and stopped Lori from walking further. "If you go in this hall, you'll meet other grunts, and they'll notice the difference in you the second they see you..." Eru said.
"Which way should I go then?" Lori asked.
"This way..." Eru said, and pointed ahead into a different hallway. "If you walk a few meters, you'll notice a hole on the wall. I've managed to hide it behind a big box, and they haven't found out yet. It was purposed for my way to escape if my plan failed..."
"And where does the hole lead?" Lori asked.
"Out..." Eru replied. "Now go!"
"Okay... See you soon..." Lori said, and walked into the direction Eru pointed at.
"Yeah... See you soon... I hope..." Eru sad, and turned around again, walking into the hall that leaded to Maxie's room.

Meanwhile, in the laboratory, all Sashi's, Brian's, Cath's, Eevy's and Audry's Pokeballs were lying on a table. One was open, the others not. Espeon and Umbreon were also chained to a table, forced to watch Courtney do her evil deed.
"Time to make you into something different..." Courtney said, as he approached a Pokemon. The Pokemon was tied to a table with chains, with nowhere to go. The Pokemon started screaming her name out loud, but Courtney didn't understand.
"She's saying 'let me go!', just like Moltres..." Dianne said.
"We're not letting you go... We're making you transform..." Courtney said, and reached into her pockets. Then she brought something out - a stone - and slowly looked down at the Pokemon again. "Once you evolve, you'll do well as an Anthro..." Courtney said, and touched the Pokemon with the stone. Suddenly, the Pokemon started glowing bright, as se started shaking wild while forming into a bigger form. Then she stopped changing, and the light faded as well. "You'll be a good replacement for Kyra..."

To be continued...

Sashi: *Even more sad*
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Did I say I was making one?
Sashi: No...
Exactly... Hey, cheer up... It'll turn into a happy ending eventually...
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