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Old friend, new face

Old friend, new face

Chapter 29!
Sashi: One more and you'll have 30 chapters!
I see you're very cheery today?
Sashi: Yup!
How come?
Sashi: Remember last night?
Ehhh... Not really... What about it?
Sashi: Remember you drank too much beer?
*Gasps* Uh-oh...
Sashi: Exactly... You went crazy last night... And I can prove that...
Sashi: With these pictures I took of you! *Grins*
O.O Gimme those!
Sashi: Then give me a happy ending!

"Are we almost there?!" Sashi asked as she and the rest ran over the hallway to the laboratory.
"Almost! Just a few more corners and-" Kyra began, when suddenly they met up with three Magma grunts.
"There they are!" one called.
"Oh crap!" Sashi cursed.
"Capture them! Again!" another said, as he and his two colleagues approached Sashi and the group.
"Oh no you don't!" Brian said, running past Sashi and Kyra as he punched his fist forwards, hitting two grunts at the same time. Just as the third grunt was about to hit Brian, Kyra attacked him with her own fist, hitting his head hard, knocking him unconscious.
"Ow!" Kyra said, shaking her hand wildly as pain ran through her hand.
"You fight like a girl!" Brian grinned.
"I am a girl..." Kyra replied.
"Quickly, before more grunts come!" Audry says.

"Ready to make her an Anthro?" Dianne asked a Magma scientist.
"Almost..." a scientist replied. "I have a question..."
"Spill it..." Dianne said.
"Once we make her an Anthro, doesn't it give her the ability to escape?" the scientist asked.
"She can't escape while we're still in here..." Dianne said.
"But what if she breaks loose? And if we manage to hold her here, what chance do we have she will obey us?" the scientist asked all together.
"You won't have to worry about her not obeying you..." someone said from the door opening. Dianne turned around, and gasped.
"Is it you?" she asked. "Are you Giovanni?"
"I am..." Giovanni smiled.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Giovanni... I've heard so much about you from Maxie..." Dianne said, taking a short bow.
"Excuse me, but what did you mean when you said we don't have to be worried?" Dianne asked.
"That you don't have to be worried..." Giovanni smiled.
"Why not?"
Giovanni didn't reply. Instead, he reached into one of his many pockets, and brought out a little bottle.
"Give the Pokemon this and it will obey you..." Giovanni said, handing the bottle over to Dianne. It was a bottle that contained the same liquid Giovanni had given Sashi before to change her.
"Are you sure this'll work?" Dianne asked.
"I am..." Giovanni said. "Now if you will excuse me, I have business to take care of..." Giovanni said, and turned around, when suddenly he was looking straight into the eyes of Brian.
"You!" he gasped softly.
"Ah, it is you again... The Umbreon I saw just before I got away from the Rocket hideout... The one responsible for the downfall of Team Rocket..." Giovanni growled. That's when Sashi entered.
"What the..." she gasped as well.
"And the Espeon as well..." Giovanni said.
"What are you doing here?" Sashi asked.
"That's none of your business..." Giovanni replied.
"What the hell are you all doing here?!" Dianne asked.
"A Flareon Anthro?!" Eevy asked, entering the room as well.
"It's getting a little too crowded in here..." Giovanni growled.
"In that case I'll go straight to the point!" Brian growled, and reached out to grab Giovanni's throat, to squeeze it tight and kill him.
"Puh!" Giovanni grunted, and knocked Brian out of the room against the hallway wall. He crashed into the wall, and fell down to the ground.
"Brian!" Cath gasped, and ran over to him.
"And I see the Mightyena who swore her loyalty to me has also come..." Giovanni said, passing Sashi on his way out of the room. Sashi only stood there motionless, seeing what Giovanni could do if anyone got in his way. Cath growled at Giovanni, and tried to hit him, but Brian stopped her.
"It's... no use..." he softly said.
Cath continued to growl at Giovanni, as he passed them out of the room. He then disappeared around the corner.
"Was that..." Audry began.
"Giovanni, yes..." Brian said, getting up with Cath's help.
"Shouldn't we go after him!?" Audry asked.
"No... As much as I... want it..." Brian said, rubbing his back with his hand. "We've got to save Moltres first..."
Sashi looked around.
"Moltres isn't here!" she said.
"S-Sashi!?" Espeon called, hearing her Trainer's voice. She had a very soft voice, which indicated that she had just woken up. Also she had her eyes still closed.
"Espeon?!" Sashi called back. "Where are you?"
"Ah so you must be the Espeon's Trainer..." Dianne said.
"Who are you?" Sashi asked Dianne.
"My name is Dianne, and I am a loyal servant of Team Magma..." Dianne said.
"And why are all our Pokemon here?" Brian asked, looking around as he saw every Pokemon.
"This is the laboratory! This is where we do our experiments... I don't know why I am telling you this..." Dianne said.
"Experiments?! With our Pokemon!?" Sashi gasped, and instinctively reached out to Dianne's neck, trying to grab it. She succeeded, and now had Dianne's neck in her grip. "You let our Pokemon go!" Sashi growled. Suddenly Dianne moved quicker than Sashi could see, and got out of her grip. Dianne then repeated the same what Sashi had done to her; she grabbed Sashi's neck, and squeezed it.
"Or else... what?" Dianne growled.
"Sashi?!" Espeon called again, but this time, Sashi didn't reply. This made Espeon open her eyes, and she gasped of what she saw. "SASHI!" Espeon cried, and fired a Psybeam attack through the round red ruby on her forehead. The beam was directed at Dianne, and she had just enough time to look over her shoulder to see the beam approaching. She quickly dodged the Psybeam, but not quickly enough. The beam scraped past her fur, and left a thin line of pink skin behind. She was forced to release Sashi as she tried to ease the pain by rubbing over the burnt spot.
"Ah screw you! We've already done what we wanted anyway!" Dianne grinned, and slowly left the room. The scientist followed her out of the room passing Sashi and the others. They didn't bother about him, so they let him go.
Sashi slowly grabbed for her neck as she breathed in fresh air. She coughed a bit as she did this, trying to get used to her breathing.
"You okay Sashi?!" Eevy gasped, placing an arm around Sashi's shoulder.
"Yeah... Fine..." Sashi replied.
Cath entered the room, and took a look around.
"How could they do this?" she softly said.
"Umbreon!" Brian gasped, running over to his Pokemon who was lying tied down on a table. "Umbreon, you okay?!" Brian asked, trying to get him loose.
"Sashi?" Espeon called.
"I'm here..." Sashi said, also running over to her Pokemon. "You have just saved my life..."
"Oh I did it with pleasure..." Espeon replied grinning.
"How do we get these chains off?" Brian asked after a while of trying to find a way.
"You'll need the key to do that... These chains are the strongest Team Magma knows... It is used for transforming Pokemon into Anthro's..." Kyra answered, entering the room.
"But why do they need chains for that?" Audry asked.
"Team Magma can't just leave the Pokemon untied... Because if the Pokemon became stronger as an Anthro it might break loose and possibly hurt someone..." Kyra replied.
"Well what's so bad about hurting a Team Magma member?" Espeon asked.
"Wait a second... If what you're saying is true, does it mean that Team Magma was going to make Anthro's of Espeon and Umbreon too?" Sashi asked.
"Possibly..." Kyra said.
"Or this Ninetales?" Eevy asked, nodding to her left. They all looked at the Ninetales. She had her eyes closed. She was out of energy because of her evolving.
"A Ninetales..." Kyra said softly. "They were going to use that Ninetales to replace me..."
"Then we need to take it along with us too..." Brian said.
"Bit first we need a key before we can do that..." Sashi said.
"I maybe know where to find it..." Kyra said, and walked over to a small closet on the wall. "They always used to hide it here.." Kyra said as she opened the closet door. She looked inside, and smiled. "And they still do!" she said, and grabbed a key. She turned around, and walked over to Umbreon and Brian first. She stuck the key into the lock, and turned. The lock was opened, and Umbreon's left arm was free. Kyra quickly unlocked the other three locks, and now Umbreon was free.
"Thanks Kyra! You're the best!" Brian smiled as he grabbed Umbreon from the table and in his arms. Umbreon slowly stirred, and opened his eyes.
"Brian? What happened? Did we win?" he asked softly.
Brian sighed.
"No... We were defeated..." Brian said.
"I'm sorry..." Umbreon apologized.
"Hey... It's not your fault... We all lost..." Brian said.
Meanwhile Kyra had walked over to Espeon. She unlocked all four chains, and Espeon was free too.
"Thank you, Kyra..." Sashi smiled.
"And now this Ninetales..." Eevy said as Sashi placed Espeon on the ground softly. Kyra walked over to Ninetales, and stuck the key into the lock. She also did the other three, and the Ninetales was free as well. Kyra felt that it was her responsibility to carry the Ninetales for some reason, so she grabbed the Ninetales in her arms.
"Now let's get our Pokeballs back..." Sashi said, and went over to the table where all the Pokeballs were lying on. She quickly found her own Pokeballs, but then stopped. "Three are closed... but these two ..." Sashi said to herself as she looked at Poochy's and Vulpix' Pokeballs. "Huh?"
"What's wrong?" Espeon asked.
"It's Vulpix' Pokeball... It's open..." Sashi said. "And Poochy's is as well..."
"Then it means she's out here somewhere..." Espeon replied.
"Yeah, but what about Poochy?" Sashi asked, worried.
"I think I know!" Espeon said, and Sashi looked at her. "Remember we left him alone to recover?"
"Yeah?" Sashi said.
"He didn't return to us when Team Magma attacked..." Espeon said.
"So he is still outside?" Sashi asked.
"I think so, yes..." Espeon nodded.
"And that means Eevee is with him..." Eevy said as she arrived next to Sashi, holding up an empty Pokeball.
"But Vulpix isn't... I know that, because I've used her in the fight against Team Magma.." Sashi said.
"You're right..." Espeon said.
"Vulpix? Vulpix where are you?" Sashi called. At that moment, Ninetales opened her eyes slowly, her red, shiny eyes sparkling.
"Where am I?" she asked softly.
"You were captured by Team Magma..." Kyra softly said.
"Where's Sashi?" Ninetales asked.
This made Sashi turn around.
"How... do you know my name?" Sashi asked confused.
Ninetales looked back confused.
"Don't you... recognize me?" Ninetales asked.
"Well all I know is that you're a Ninetales..." Sashi said, and approached Ninetales.
"Oh no..." Ninetales gasped.
"What? What's wrong?" Sashi asked.
"I've... evolved..." Ninetales said.
"Evolved?" Sashi replied.
"You really don't recognize me?" Ninetales asked.
"I'm sorry..." Sashi said.
"I'm Vulpix..." Ninetales said.
"No.. You're Ninetales..." Sashi replied.
"Yes, now I am... But I was Vulpix..." Ninetales said.
"I know that a Vulpix evolves into a Ninetales..." Sashi said.
Ninetales started thinking.
"I'm your Vulpix..." Ninetales then said, and Sashi was silent.
"My... Vulpix?" Sashi said.
"Well this could explain why you have one open Pokeball..." Eevy said.
"Are you really my Vulpix?" Sashi asked.
"How can I prove to you I'm telling the truth?" Ninetales asked, as a small tear appeared in the corner of her eye.
"If you're really my Vulpix, then what was the first thing I said when I first saw you?" Sashi asked.
"You said... 'Wow, you are one cute little Vulpix!'" Ninetales replied.
"Mmmm..." Sashi hummed.
"Is it true?" Eevy asked.
"It might be... but I'm not sure yet..." Sashi said.
"Then I have something that might prove who I am..." Ninetales said.
"Okay, go ahead..." Sashi said.
"Well... I don't think I should say that in front of Eevy and the others..."
"You know my name too..." Eevy said.
"Yes... I know your name, Sashi's, Brian's, Cath's and Audry's..." Ninetales replied.
"Doesn't this prove enough?" Eevy asked.
"I would like to know what you were about to say before you mentioned their names..." Sashi said.
"Okay... But like I said, I don't think I should tell it in front of the others..." Ninetales repeated.
"Why not?" Sashi asked.
"Because... It's kind of private..."
Sashi looked at Eevy, and she nodded. Kyra nodded as well, and handed Ninetales over to Sashi.
"We'll leave you two alone then..." Eevy said, and turned around as she walked away with Kyra.
"Okay, spill it..." Sashi said.
"Would you first put me down please?" Ninetales asked.
"Uh... Of course..." Sashi said, and lowered Ninetales, so that she was standing on her feet. She quickly fell down, her legs not used to support her body.
"You okay?" Sashi asked.
"Yeah, fine..." Ninetales said, and sat up.
"Okay, tell me what you didn't want to say in front of the others..." Sashi said.
"Remember the bath-tub at Darren's Daycare?" Ninetales replied.
Sashi was speechless. Ninetales couldn't have known this if she hadn't been there herself.
"And just outside Bokui City with the newly evolved Gardevoir..." Ninetales added.
"Well I guess this proves enough..." Sashi said with an embarrassed look on her face. She slowly placed her hand on Ninetales' head, and rubbed it over her head. "I'm so sorry I doubted you..."
"Hey it's an easy mistake to make..." Ninetales said.
"So now you're a Ninetales huh? How does it feel?" Sashi asked.
"Weird... I feel more strength in my body, and my vision has improved a bit... And now I have to get used to having one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine tails..." Ninetales said, counting her tails. Sashi giggled.
"You always have to get used to your new form after evolving..." Sashi said. "But in a while you'll feel more comfortable..."
"Yeah..." Ninetales nodded.
"Well let's go..." Sashi said.
"Where to?"
"To them..." Sashi said, nodding at Eevy and the others.
"To introduce your new form..." Sashi smiled, and started walking. Ninetales smiled, and followed. She felt a bit weak on her first steps as a Ninetales, but later she had gotten used to the weight of her body.
"And? What did the Ninetales have to say?" Kyra asked.
"Everyone? This is Ninetales... She used to be Vulpix... MY Vulpix...." Sashi said.
"But she's..." Brian said.
"A Ninetales now.." Sashi finished.
"Did team Magma do this?" Kyra asked.
"Yes..." Ninetales nodded.
"I apologize..." Kyra said.
"Don't... You couldn't help it..." Sashi said.
"Who are you anyway?" Ninetales asked.
"Me?" Kyra asked, and Ninetales nodded. "My name is Kyra, and I used to be a Team Magma Member..."
"Then what are you doing with us?" Ninetales asked.
"She's changed her life..." Brian answered for Kyra. "She's one of the good guys now..."
"Well as much good guy a girl can be..." Kyra smiled.
"In that case, nice to meet you..." Ninetales said.

Meanwhile, Eru was walking down the halls, still dressed up in his Team Magma outfit. If he wanted to get even close to Maxie's office, or to Maxie, he'd have to stay in his role of Team magma Grunt a little while longer. He passed a few rooms, and finally reached Maxie's room. He quickly hid behind the door-opening, and peeked inside.
"Moltres... He's here!" he thought. Some Magma scientists were doing all sorts of tests with Moltres, to see how he reacted to stuff, to see how he moved. Then one scientist approached a chair.
"We've done some tests, and it will take us a few hours to transform him..." he said.
"Not any sooner?" the voice of Maxie growled. Eru figured out Maxie must be in that chair.
"We can not do it that fast..." the scientist said.
Maxie shrugged.
"Doesn't matter... As long as it is done..." he said.
The scientist nodded, and returned to Moltres. Eru on the other hand wasn't concentrated on Moltres anymore. Now that he had located Maxie, he was ready to make an end to his life once and for all. He slowly walked in, trying not to make a sound as he approached Maxie. He slowly reached behind his back, and brought out an 18 inch blade, and held it in front of him. He now walked on his toes as he got closer and closer. No one in the room spotted him, except one; the one who was screaming out loud telling them to set him free. Eru noticed this, and locked gazes with Moltres. Eru signaled for him to be quiet, and Moltres gave a quick nod. Then he made an error. He calmed down, knowing he'd be saved any time soon. He shouldn't have calmed down, however, because he had been acting wild all the time. Maxie noticed Moltres calming down, and raised an eyebrow.
"What could cause Moltres to be this calm?" Maxie thought, just as Eru raised his blade to stab Maxie in the head. Maxie got up from his chair exactly the second Eru brought his blade down. If Maxie had gotten up a second later, he would have been hit, but unfortunately he got up at the right time. The blade missed his head, and dug deep into the chair, making sound. This made Maxie turn around.
"What?!" he gasped in surprise as he saw (what he thought) a Team Magma Grunt with a blade stuck in his chair. This made all the scientists stop with what they were doing. "What are you doing?!" he asked.
Eru didn't reply. He had his head lowered, but now raised it. Part of his face was now visible, and you could see his eyes. They were filled with anger.
"Well isn't it obvious?" he replied.
"You're Eru, aren't you?" Maxie asked.
Eru nodded as he pulled his blade out of Maxie's chair, and held it by his side.
"Well, Eru, why do you intend to kill me?" Maxie asked.
"The time for talking is over..." Eru said in a low voice, as he walked from behind the chair, his blade next to him.

"You look tired..." Sashi said to Ninetales.
"I am..." Ninetales grinned.
"You could use a good Full Restore..." Sashi said, and searched through her backpack. "Uh-oh... I think I don't have any anymore..."
"No problem..." Kyra smiled.
"What do you mean?" Sashi asked.
"That it is no problem..." Kyra replied with a smile.
"Every Pokemon found in the wild that is brought here is out of energy... And Team Magma needs the Pokemon at full strength in order to turn it into an Anthro..."
"So how do they heal the Pokemon?" Sashi asked.
"They use this..." Kyra said, and pointed at a small closet next to the closet of keys. She opened it, and what Sashi saw brought a smile to her face. She saw a closet full of Full Restore, Full Heal, Revives and anything else to restore Pokemon.
"Awesome!" Sashi smiled, and walked forwards. She grabbed a few Full Restore, and put them into her backpack. She left one out, and sprayed it over Ninetales. Ninetales smiled and closed her eyes, as she felt the spray heal her strength
"We better take some for our other Pokemon as well..." Sashi said. "They've been through a tough battle..."
"I agree..." Brian said, and grabbed a Full Restore out of the closet. He took a few more, and gave those to Cath, Eevy and Audry. They all released their Pokemon, and used the Full Restore on each Pokemon, bringing them back to 100% health.
"Okay, return!" Sashi said to Ninetales and all her other Pokemon. The others did this as well, and all were called back.
"What now?" Eevy asked.
"We need to find Moltres!" Sashi said.
"And I bet I know where he is..." Kyra said.
"Probably in Maxie's room..." Kyra replied.
"Lead us the way!" Brian said, and Kyra nodded.
"This way!" she said, and left the room. They turned a few corners before they ran into trouble.
"Till here and no further!"
"Courtney!" Kyra cursed.
"You won't get anywhere close to Moltres!" Courtney said.
"And why not?" Sashi asked.
"Because you won't get past me!" she replied.
"We can at least try!" Sashi said as she grabbed for a Pokeball. "This is the perfect way for you to test your new abilities!" she said, and threw the Pokeball into the air. "Go Ninetales!"
The Pokeball opened, and the yellow furred fox like Pokemon appeared in the ground.
"Nine!" she said.
"Go Camerupt!" Courtney called, and threw a Pokeball of her own into the air. The big Pokemon with the two volcanoes on his back appeared.
"Be careful Ninetales!" Sashi said. "This Pokemon is very strong!"
"What should I do then?" Ninetales asked.
"Camerupt! Use Earthquake!" Courtney called, and Camerupt rose one of his paws, and then slammed it down on the ground hard.
"Ninetales! Jump into the air quick!" Sashi called, and Ninetales obeyed, jumping into the air as the ground started shaking violently. Everyone in the hall held on to the walls to keep themselves from falling as Camerupt's Earthquake died down. Courtney had to keep in mind that she was in the Magma base, and if she used a full-powered Earthquake attack, it would destroy it. So this Earthquake attack wasn't as powerful or as long as the regular one, so in the time Ninetales was in the air, the Earthquake missed its target. Ninetales landed on the ground, unharmed.
"Great work Ninetales! Now use Quick Attack!" Sashi called, and Ninetales lowered her head to the ground, and then jumped forwards fast. So fast that Camerupt didn't see her coming. Ninetales hit Camerupt's head hard with hers, and then jumped back as Camerupt sunk to the floor. "Yes!" Sashi cheered.
"This is no use... The minute Camerupt uses his Earthquake attack, that Ninetales will just jump off the ground, making the attack miss. I'll have to use a different Pokemon..." Courtney thought, and aimed Camerupt's Pokeball on him, making him return.
"Giving up?!" Sashi smiled.
"No... Courtney won't give up that easily..." Kyra said.
"Go Mightyena!" Courtney called, and threw a second Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the big, black and grey furred Pokemon appeared. "Use Crunch!"
Mightyena ran forwards, and opened his mouth real wide.
"Ninetales! Dodge!" Sashi called, but Ninetales was a little too slow. Mightyena caught one of Ninetales' tails in his mouth, and pulled his head back.
"What the-!" Ninetales said as she was suddenly pulled back. Mightyena swung his head around making Ninetales go around as well. Then he let go, and Ninetales flew against the wall hard.
"Ninetales!" Sashi gasped, but Ninetales didn't answer.
"One down, several to go..." Courtney smiled.
"You did great, return!" Sashi said, and Ninetales was called back into her Pokeball.
"So what now? Any more Pokemon that will lose to me?" Courtney grinned.
"Or how about Pokemon that will defeat you?!" Brian called, and stepped next to Sashi.
"We'll defeat you!" Eevy said, also appearing next to Sashi.
"Thanks, you guys..." Sashi smiled.
"You wanna give it a shot, Umbreon?"
"Sure!" Umbreon smiled, and walked onto the battle field.
"And I choose Umbro!" Eevy called, and threw Umbro's Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the black Pokemon with yellow rings appeared.
"Why Umbro?" Sashi asked.
"This way she won't have a type advantage..." Eevy winked.
"Yo..." Umbreon said to Umbro.
"Hey..." he replied.
"Umbro! Use Return!" Eevy called.
"Umbreon! You use Quick Attack!" Brian called, and the two Pokemon did their attacks.
Umbreon ran forwards faster than Umbro, and hit Mightyena once, making him sink through his knees. That's when Umbro ran forwards, and hit Mightyena several times, sending him crashing into the wall just like Ninetales a few seconds ago.
"No!" Courtney cursed.
"Audry! Why don't you use Venusaur to hold her?" Sashi said quickly to Audry, and she nodded.
"Go Venusaur!" she called, and threw a Pokeball into the air. It opened, and the big, green Pokemon with the big flower on her back appeared.
"Venusaur!" she said.
"Use Vine Whip!" Audry called, and Venusaur shot out her vines. They surrounded Courtney, and clamped themselves around her.
"What in the-" she cursed when she was trapped.
"And now use Sleep Powder!" Audry said, and Venusaur started to shake her body, making a blue cloud of dust appear. It surrounded Courtney, and after a few seconds she was unable to keep her eyes open any longer. She fell asleep, and then Venusaur released Courtney's sleeping body on the ground.
"Couldn't we have done that in the beginning?" Brian asked.
"We could have..." Sashi smiled.

"Should I be scared of you or something?" Maxie grinned.
"I do not ask you to be scared or anything... I just want to avenge my friend..." Eru growled.
The two were standing a meter apart now, Eru having his blade slightly up. The scientists that were in the room had all fled, escaping to safety. Eru and Maxie were all alone now.
"And who is this friend of yours?" Maxie replied.
"You don't know his name, but your Grunts have taken his life..." Eru replied, swinging his blade up in front of him.
"And why exactly do you want to kill me for? I didn't kill your friend..." Maxie said, taking a step backwards.
"You gave the order..." Eru said.
"But I never told them to kill anyone..." Maxie said.
"But you did tell them not to let anyone discover the entrance to your bases and to do whatever it costs to keep it secret..." Eru replied. The two were now walking in front of Moltres' cage. He wasn't exactly keeping quiet anymore. Either he was worried about Eru, or rooting for him. Eru was doing a great job threatening Maxie. He had forced Maxie to his desk. He believed he had nowhere to go, but what Eru didn't know, was that Maxie was slowly figuring a plan. Maxie always kept a sword near his desk. A very powerful sword. Maxie could now see the sword, and reach for it.
"Ignorant fool..." Maxie said. "You think you've won so easily?"
"I don't see how things can change now..." Eru replied.
"Well how about THIS!" Maxie cried, grabbed his sword, and swung it at Eru. Eru might not have seen this coming, but his reflexes were good. He pulled his blade up, and stopped Maxie's sword from hitting him. This made Moltres flinch as Eru and Maxie held their weapons against each other's. Then Eru pulled back, and swung his blade at Maxie again. He countered it with a swing of his own, making sparks appear as the two weapons collided with each other. As both blades touched Maxie pushed forward, and Eru was forced back. Maxie then opened with continual slashes left and right as he pushed forward from the desk. Eru was forced on the defenses block each blow as it came. The sound of the metal clashing echoed through the room, until Eru strafed away from Maxie's sword, causing Maxie to lose his footing. Eru then pulled his blade to his side and thrust forwards, barely missing Maxie. Maxie then took a swing at Eru's stomach but you jumped back from Maxie's sword. Maxie then continued with his slashes from the left and the right until Eru was pushed against Moltres' cage. Maxie then took a backward spin, slashed with his sword, and knocked Eru to the ground. Maxie then lunged his sword into Eru's shoulder, and Eru cried out in pain. While Maxie pushed the sword deeper into Eru, he accidentally hit the locking device on Moltres' cage, destroying it. The door unlocked as Eru stood there with Maxie's sword in his shoulder.
"Moltres..." Maxie said as he realized what he'd just done. Moltres looked deep into Maxie's eyes, and growled as the door of his cage was slowly opening. "This is not good!" Maxie thought, and turned to run, when suddenly a sharp pain went though his leg. Maxie looked down, and saw that Eru had pulled his word out of his shoulder and had stabbed him in the leg. Maxie cried out in pain as the pain ran through his body. He grabbed for the sword, and tried to pull it out, without success. Leaving the sword in his leg, Maxie limped away as he was trying to escape from Moltres. Then he felt another sharp pain, but this time in his other leg. Eru had just stabbed Maxie with his own blade. Maxie fell to the ground with blood rushing out of his legs, as he was trying to pull him self across the ground. Moltres then thought he should participate in this battle. He pushed the cage door open with his talon, and it swung open. Maxie looked back at Moltres, his eyes filled with fear. Moltres momentarily took his eyes off Maxie, and looked down at Eru. Eru smiled at Moltres, and nodded once, telling him he could have the rest of Maxie. Moltres looked back at Maxie again, and it looked like Moltres was smiling.
"You stay away from me!" Maxie cried, trying to crawl further, but couldn't as was with his back against the wall.
"Looks like it's the end of the road for you..." Eru said.
"Curse you! This is all your fault!" Maxie said.
"No... You brought it to yourself when you founded Team Magma..." Eru said, shaking his head, as Moltres took one more step closer. He was now almost looking down on Maxie, his eyes filled with anger.
"Wait wait!" Maxie said, holding his hands up in defense. "C-Can't we talk about this? I'm sure we can make a deal! You could-" was the last Maxie said before Moltres opened his beak wide where a flame had started to burn. He then pulled his head backwards a little, and then swung forwards. "NOOOO!" Maxie cried as the flame in Moltres' beak shot forwards, engulfing Maxie with fire. Eru momentarily closed his eyes when the flames hit Maxie, but after a few seconds he opened them again. Maxie continued to scream in pain as he was engulfed in the flames, but after a while it died down. Moltres continued his Flamethrower attack for a few more seconds, until he was sure Maxie had died. Then Moltres stopped his Flamethrower. Eru looked at where Maxie used to be, and found out the skin was burnt off, leaving his skeleton behind.
"Whoa..." Eru said as he slowly got up from the ground. Moltres looked back at Eru, and nodded once. "Are you okay?"
Moltres sighed, and nodded once.
"I know you're tired, big guy..." Eru smiled, and petted Moltres over his head. "But it's all over now..."
"What was that scream?" Sashi asked as the group finally arrived. Eru looked back, and smiled.
"That was Maxie..." he said.
"And I see you've found Moltres?" Brian asked.
"Yeah, and just in time... They were about to transform him..." Eru said.
"And luckily for you they didn't do that..." Sashi smiled. She looked around. "So... Now what?"
"We get out of here..." Eru said.
"And leave Team Magma's base just like that?" Eevy asked.
"Well there's really no point in telling, now that Team Magma has no leader..." Eru grinned, nodding at the pile of bones.
"Ewwwww...." Audry exclaimed.
"So we need to get out of here huh? How do we do that? Just go through every hallway?" Brian asked.
"No..." Moltres suddenly said, and that made everyone except Eru and Audry look at him.
"Why not?" Sashi asked.
"There are still a lot of Magma members present in this base, and you might get captures again..." Moltres replied.
"Then what do you suggest?" Kyra asked.
Moltres looked up.
"How deep is this base buried in sand?" he asked.
"Ehh... A few meters I think..." Kyra replied.
"Then I suggest you all shall take a step backwards..." Moltres said, and opened his beak wide again. Sashi and the others took a step backwards, following Moltres' advice. Audry and Eru were warned to take a step back, and Audry didn't hesitate when Sashi told her this. Eru didn't either when Sashi explained what Moltres had said. Moltres then fired another Flamethrower, and aimed it at the ceiling. It was a much hotter Flamethrower than usual, because Moltres figured out that if he broke through the ceiling sand would come in. If he turned his Flamethrower hot enough, the sand would turn into glass. The heat of the Flamethrower turned the temperature in the room up a lot of degrees, and it became too hot for Eru in his injured state. He fainted as Moltres' Flamethrower went through the ceiling, making a big hole. One big enough for him to fit through.

On the sand, however, two Pokemon were looking around.
"Ow we still haven't found anything!" Poochy complained.
"We can't stop looking..." Eevee said. "If we do that, we'll never find them..."
"You're right..." Poochy nodded. Suddenly a beam of fire broke through the sand and flew off into the sky.
"Whoa! Look at that!" Poochy gasped.
"What could that be?" Eevee asked.
"Let's go look!" Poochy grinned, and started running.
"Poochy! Wait! It could be dangerous!" Eevee screamed, following Poochy. The two arrived at the place where the beam of fire had died down, and saw that the sand had turned into glass around the big hole.
"Whoa..." Poochy said again as he looked down into the hole. "Who could have done that?"
Then the two could hear voices down in the hole.
"Now grab hold of my talons as I fly out..." Moltres said, and Sashi and the others did.
"Hey wait!" Audry says, and all turned their heads. "What about him?" Audry added, pointing at Eru.
"Oh, right..." Brian said. "Forgot all about him for a second.."
"Put him on my back..." Moltres said, and lowered his body so that Eru could lie on his back.
"Help me for a second..." Audry said as she grabbed Eru's arms, and lifted him off the ground. Brian helped her, and grabbed Eru's legs. Together, they lifted him off the ground, and brought him to Moltres. They slowly placed him on Moltres' back.
"Now what?" Brian asked.
"Grab my talons... I will fly you out..." Moltres said.
"All of us?" Kyra asked surprised.
"I can not carry all of you at once, but I shall try to take as many as possible..." Moltres replied.
"Okay..." Sashi nodded, and grabbed Espeon with one of her arms, holding her tight to her chest. Brian did the same with Umbreon, and together they grabbed one of Moltres' talons. Cath and Eevy also did this (Eevy with Sashi and Cath with Brian).
"Now are you sure you can fly with Eru on your back?"
"Do not worry... I am capable..." Moltres said.
"If you say so..." Brian said. Moltres nodded, and spread both his wings out. Then he slammed down them, lifting off the ground.
"You guys wait here!" Sashi called to Kyra and Audry.
"Like we have a choice..." Audry grinned.
Moltres had made a hole exactly big enough for him to fly through, and in a few seconds Sashi could see day light.
"Something's coming!" Poochy said as he spotted a yellow bird flying up. He took a step backwards, and Eevee did the same. Suddenly Moltres, along with Eru, Eevy, Cath, Sashi and Brian came out of the hole, into the air.
"Whoa!" Poochy said again.
Moltres looked down to a place where he could land, and slowly flew down.
"Is that..." Sashi said softly. "It is! Poochy!" she cried happily.
"Huh? Poochy?" Eevy said, and looked down. "And there's Eevee!"
Both Pokemon looked up.
When Moltres was low enough, Sashi and Eevy let go of Moltres and landed on the ground.
They all ran towards each other as Moltres went down to pick up Audry and Kyra. But just as Poochy had reached Sashi, a Mightyena appeared out of nowhere, and grabbed him in the neck, taking him with him as he ran away.
"Poochy!" Sashi gasped.
The Mightyena kept running, until he stopped. Then a person walked from behind a hill to the Mightyena. It was the Flareon Anthro; Dianne.
"Take one more step, and he's history!" Dianne said.

To be continued...

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