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Sashi by natsuke


The Power of Love

The power of love

Sashi: ...

It all happened so fast. One second they had escaped the team Magma base, the next Poochy was kidnapped by the female Flareon Anthro; Dianne.
"Take one more step, and he's history!" Dianne said as she held Poochy in her arms, her hand gripped around Poochy's throat. Sashi froze.
"What's going on? Who are you? Let me go!" Poochy cried with tears in his eyes.
"Shut up!" Dianne growled.
"Why are you doing this?!" Sashi cried.
Dianne slowly looked up, and grinned.
"Now that you've killed my Trainer, I'll kill you!" Dianne said.
"T-Trainer?" everyone gasped.
"Yes, Maxie was my Trainer, and I was his Pokemon! I was also the first who was transformed by him, and I must say it is the best that has ever happened to me!" Dianne said.
"Poochy!" Eevee cried, she also having tears in her eyes as she tried to run forwards. She was pulled back by Eevy.
"Eevee don't! We can't run the risk of hurting him!" she said.
"But we've got to save him!" Eevee disagreed.
"I know..." Eevy replied.
"Okay, what do you want?" Sashi called.
"Revenge..." Dianne replied. "You killed someone I love, now I will do the same!" Dianne said.
Eevee stood behind Eevy's legs, looking through them. She couldn't stand Poochy being in so much danger. She knew Eevy wouldn't approve her helping him, but she just had to. She slowly backed off, hoping that no one would notice her. She succeeded, and was now trying to walk behind Dianne. When behind her, she climbed up the hill, and leaped.
"LET HIM GO!" she cried, and landed on Dianne's head, extracting her claws, digging them deep into Dianne's head.
"What the?!" all gasped, as Dianne screeched in pain. Instinctively she let go of Poochy as the pain ran through her body. She was petrified for a second, as Poochy fell to the ground. Realizing he was free, he started running away. Eevee smiled, and jumped off Dianne's head, landing on the ground. Then she followed Poochy, and caught up with him.
"Thanks!" Poochy said.
"You're welcome!" Eevee replied, winking, as both ran back to their Trainers.
As Dianne rubbed her head where Eevee's claws had hit her, her Mightyena growled.
"What should I do?" he asked.
"Go get that little pest!" Dianne cursed.
"Which one?"
"The one responsible for this!" Dianne said, rubbing some more.
Mightyena nodded, and ran forwards.
"Poochy, look out! The Mightyena is coming!" Sashi called.
Poochy looked back and gasped. Mightyena was catching up with Eevee. He had almost reached her. That's when Poochy hit the breaks, turned around, and tackled the Mightyena in the head.
"Poochy!" Eevee gasped as she saw what he did.
The Mightyena was taken back by Poochy's act, and was sent back a few inches. He shook his head hard as Poochy landed on the ground in front of him.
"You leave her alone!" Poochy said.
"Poochy, let's go!" Eevee said, slowly turning around.
"And let him hurt you? I think not!" Poochy replied. "You can go, but I'll stay here..."
"I'm not going with-"
"GO!" Poochy said, turning his head slightly, as the Mightyena stopped rubbing his head. "Before he takes you!"
"Poochy! Come to us!" Sashi called.
"No..." Poochy replied. The Mightyena was growling now.
"You stupid!" he said.
Poochy turned his head again, and grinned.
"You're going to pay for doing that!" the Mightyena growled.
"Mightyena! Use Shadow Ball!" Dianne called.
"Poochy! Look out!" Sashi called, running a little bit forwards, passing Eevee on her way over. Eevee had tears on her eyes, as she walked away from the one she loved. That's when she heard a soft explosion behind her. She turned her head, and gasped. She witnessed Poochy being thrown back by an explosion caused by the black ball. It sent him flying through the air, until he landed on the ground roughly, making clouds of dust appear.
"No..." she said in a shocked voice. Poochy now lay on the ground, not moving. "Poochy!" she cried, and ran to him without thinking of her own life or safety. "Poochy... wake up... Say something..." she whispered. Poochy didn't. "Come on, this isn't funny..." Eevee said, and slowly placed her paws on Poochy's body, trying to shake him awake. "Poochy?" she tried once again. No response. "Poochy!!" she suddenly cried out, raising her head high into the sky while tears were running freely over her cheeks. Suddenly, something snapped deep inside her, and she began to glow bright. The light was so bright that everybody had to close their eyes in order not to be blinded.
"What's... happening?!" Eevy asked, her eyes closed tight.
"I don't know!" Sashi called back, as Eevee's form started to grow. It turned into a much bigger form, as two, long ears appeared on her face, followed by a long, thin tail, which split up into two at the end. Then the light slowly faded, and everybody lowered their arms. That's when all saw Eevee's new form; Espeon.
"An Espeon... Eevee evolved into an Espeon..." Eevy said softly.
Espeon raised her head, still with tears running down her cheeks. She then locked her glare at Mightyena, and growled from deep down her throat.
"Oooo an evolution... That scares me..." Dianne pretended to be scared.
Espeon then half closed her eyes and glowed bright. Mightyena was then suddenly pushed backwards by waves of energy.
"Was that..." Sashi began.
"A Confusion attack..." Espeon finished.
"But how can that be? Confusion is a Psychic Type attack, and those don't have any effect on Dark Types..." Sashi said.
"I don't know..." Espeon said.
"Whoa this is freaking me out..." Dianne thought. "Mightyena! Take care of that Pokemon!"
"Here I come!" Mightyena growled, and started running at Espeon.
"Espeon!" Eevy called. "Look out!"
Espeon didn't say a thing, but just waited for Mightyena to approach her. When he was a few inches away from her, ready to do a Tackle Attack, Espeon made a slight jump, and then kicked Mightyena in the head, sending him flying through the air.
"Was that an attack?" Sashi asked.
"One Espeon can't learn, I think..." Eevy said.
"Well it worked, right?" Espeon asked.
"Mightyena!" Dianne cried.
At that moment, Espeon lowered her chest, and then ran forwards faster than anyone could see. One second later, Mightyena flew through the air again, and Espeon reappeared on the spot he lied before.
"She's... gotten so strong..." Eevy said. "And she's only level 11..."
"Only level 11?" Dianne thought. "And she beat my level 34 Mightyena?"
"And yet she beat that Mightyena..." Sashi said.
"Return!" Dianne growled as she aimed Mightyena's Pokeball at him, making him return.
"What are you going to do next, huh?" Eevy called to Dianne. "Call out more Pokemon?"
"No... I've got nothing left..." Dianne said.
"Dianne!" Sashi called, making her look up to her. "You don't have to work for Team Magma!"
"Team Magma is my life, being Maxie's Pokemon!" Dianne replied.
"But you're not his Pokemon any longer!" Sashi said.
"That's because he killed him!" Dianne said, pointing at Moltres, as he had gotten up during the battle, carrying Audry and Kyra.
"I might have killed a human being, but it is not that I have done something wrong... Maxie has decided his own fate by founding Team Magma..." Moltres replied. "He is an evil man and perhaps death was best for him..."
"No, you're lying!" Dianne cried.
"Dianne, you can still change!" Eevy said.
"No, she can not..." Moltres spoke.
"Why not?"
"She has lived her life doing what Maxie wanted... His evil purposes have made Dianne what she is today... Nothing can change that now..." Moltres said.
"So what can she do now then?" Sashi asked.
"I am sorry to say that she has to suffer the same fate as her Trainer..." Moltres said.
"You mean kill her?!" Sashi gasped.
Moltres nodded once.
"But she's an Anthro, just like us!" Sashi said. "We can't kill one of my kinds!"
"Sashi... You have not lived as long as I have... You have not seen what I have... You will just have to trust my judgment..." Moltres replied.
Sashi couldn't reply. She just nodded once, and took a step backwards. And just as Moltres turned his attention to Dianne, she threw mud in his face. Moltres screamed in pain as the mud got in his eyes, and started to shake his head from side to side, trying to fight the pain.
"Oh!" Sashi gasped, and then looked at Dianne.
"Stupid animal!" she grinned. Then, all of a sudden, Police sirens were hearable from the distance.
"It's the Police!" Eevy said.
"Awww darn! Well! It's been fun, but I have to go!" Dianne said, and started running.
"Wait! She's getting aw-" Sashi began, when suddenly Moltres started screeching loud, making everyone grasp for their ears, and making even Dianne stop running. That's when Moltres shot out his Flamethrower attack, aiming it without directing it anywhere. Luckily it hit Dianne's arm, and burnt the fur off it, making her scream in pain. The pain took her body all over, and she fell down to the ground.
"Ohhh! Great work!" Brian cheered.
"Shouldn't we hold her down until the Police gets here?" Eevy asked.
"No... She won't get anywhere now..." Sashi said.
"But I am afraid I must leave you now..." Moltres said.
"But the mud in your eyes! We can help you clean-"
"I am a legendary Pokemon... If the humans catch sight of me, they will try to catch me to use me for their studies... I do not want that..." Moltres said.
"But still, the mud..." Sashi said.
"Do you really think a little bit of mud is disturbing me? Then you are wrong..." Moltres grinned.
"You... It doesn't disturb you?" Sashi asked confused.
"No... I can still feel where I am and what is in my surroundings... That is enough..."
"So hitting Dianne with your Flamethrower attack wasn't just luck?"
"No..." Moltres said again. "I knew what I was doing... I made it so that Dianne would not escape..."
"Great work..." Brian said again.
"But now I must go..." Moltres said again, hearing the sound of the sirens approaching swiftly.
"Okay... Bye..." Sashi said.
"Will we ever see you again?" Eevy asked.
"Perhaps..." Moltres said as he spread his wings wide, and slammed them down to the ground, lifting off the ground. "But it is unlikely... Farewell my friends... May luck be with you on your journey!" he added, and then flew off, disappearing in a second.
"Wait a second... Why is it so quiet all of a sudden?" Brian asked, and turned around. He gasped. Dianne had gotten on her feet, fighting the pain on her way up.
"I... need to... get... away!" she groaned, holding onto her arm as she took a step forwards. Then, suddenly, she began glowing a bright and blue light. It made her unable to move.
"What's going on?" Eevy asked confused, but then noticed Espeon was glowing as well.
"I'm using my Confusion attack to hold her in place..." Espeon answered.
"Good..." Eevy said.

In no time, the Police had arrived. Surprisingly, Lori was the one who showed them the way to the place. She was worried about Eru, though she didn't know why. It was either because he was nice to her, or she just wanted to bring down Team Magma after they'd lied to her about their purposes. Either way, when she arrived in Orange City, she immediately went to the police office to talk to Officer Jenny. There she explained everything... Well, first why she was dressed in Team Magma clothes, and then the rest. Officer Jenny didn't hesitate one second when she learned about Team Magma's hideouts. She immediately called for assistance, and half an hour later, more officers arrived. Lori pointed out where the entrance was to both bases, and they went to investigate. Two stayed behind, and went to capture Dianne, still held by Espeon's Confusion attack. Then Lori spotted Eru, unconscious, lying on the ground next to Sashi and the others.
"Eru!" she gasped, and ran over.
"Who're you?" Brian asked confused.
"My name is Lori, and I was a Team Magma member..." Lori said, stopping in front of them.
"Hey, just like Kyra..." Brian said.
"Who?" Lori asked, and Brian pointed at Kyra. "Oh, I remember hearing Maxie mention about you..." she said to Kyra.
"Nothing good I guess..." Kyra said.
"Just that he wouldn't see you ever again..." Lori replied.
"Back to you... If you were a Team Magma member, then why have you brought the Police here?" Brian asked.
"Because of him..." Lori said, nodding at Eru.
"How come?"
"When I was patrolling the prison area, I spotted him lying on the ground, unconscious..." Lori began.
"Oh, yeah, I did that..." Brian smiled.
"What?!" Lori gasped, getting angry. "How could you do that to him!?"
"Hey he asked us to do it himself.." Brian said, holding up his hands in defense.
"Are you sure?" Lori asked, eying Brian. 
"Ask him yourself when he wakes up..." Brian nodded.

While Brian was talking to Lori, Espeon stopped her Confusion attack, letting go of Dianne as the Police officers took her in custody. Immediately she ran over to Poochy's motionless body, and looked him over. Sashi was already there.
"Is he going to be okay?" Espeon asked.
Sashi placed her ear on Poochy's chest after she rolled him over on his back, and listened. His heart was beating, but beating very slow.
"He's okay, sort of..." Sashi said.
"What do you mean?" Espeon asked, worried.
"Well nothing to worry about... He's alive, but he has fainted..." Sashi replied.
"Fainted?" Espeon repeated.
"It's something like being unconscious... There is no difference between fainting and being unconscious... It's exactly the same, only unconsciousness can't be healed by a Full Restore." Sashi replied.
"How then?!" Espeon asked.
"With a Revive..." Sashi smiled.
"What's that?" Espeon asked.
Sashi didn't reply. Instead she reached into her backpack, and brought out what looked like a small, golden colored diamond.
"This is a Revive... It revives Pokemon that have fainted..." Sashi said.
"So he'll be back to normal?" Espeon asked.
"Not completely... A Revive only recovers half of his energy..." Sashi said.
"Well I'm happy if he's conscious again... How does it work?" Espeon asked.
"I slowly move the diamond to his body..." Sashi said, and did what she said. Then the diamond started glowing the second it got near Poochy's body. Sashi placed the Revive on his body, and that's when it turned into liquid. Espeon watched with open eyes as Sashi did this. Sashi now started rubbing the liquid over Poochy's chest, until she stopped.
"What now?" Espeon asked.
"We wait for the liquid to work..." Sashi said.
"How long will it take?"
"Not long..." Sashi said as she slowly placed a finger to Poochy's throat. "I can feel his heartbeat fastening..."
Espeon smiled.
"Thanks..." she said softly.
After a while, Poochy stirred once, making Espeon smile. Poochy let out a loud groan as he moaned. Then he slowly opened his eyes.
"Boy am I tired..." he said weakly. Then he remembered what happened. "Wait... Where am I?"
"You're safe..." Espeon smiled.
"Oh hey Espeon... Where's Eevee?" Poochy asked, worried. The last thing he remembered was defending her.
"Right here..." Espeon smiled.
"Where?" Poochy said, looking around. "I don't see her..."
"Well you're looking the wrong way..." Espeon giggled.
"I am? Where do I have to look then?"
"To me!" Espeon smiled.
Poochy was silent. Then he started grinning.
"Yep!" Espeon smiled even more. "I evolved!"
Once again, Poochy was silent, as his grin disappeared.
"Well that's... great..." Poochy said.
Espeon stopped smiling.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Nothing..." Poochy lied.
"Come on... No more lying, remember?" Espeon said.
"It's just that... You're much bigger now..." Poochy said.
Espeon was silent. She looked at her body. Her strong, powerful legs. Her long, curly tail which split up at the end. Her big ears. It was true. She was much bigger now.
"Is that a problem?" she asked.
"Well..." Poochy began.
Then a tear appeared in the corner of Espeon's eyes.
"You don't like me, do you?" she asked in a sad voice.
"No that's not i-"
"You hate me! You think I'm ugly!" she cried, and turned her head away from Poochy. 
"Eeve- I mean, Espeon... I'm sorry! I just... need to get used to your new form, that's all!" Poochy said, realizing he had done something wrong to upset her. "Please don't be mad..."
Espeon didn't say a thing. She had her eyes closed as tears ran down her cheeks. "I'm really sorry..." Poochy said, now also a tear running down his cheek.
Espeon sighed.
"I... know..." she said softly.
Poochy moved next to her, and looked up.
"I didn't mean to..." Poochy said, lowering his head the second Espeon looked down on him.
"I know..." Espeon replied.
"If you want me to leave, you can say so..." Poochy said.
"No I don't want you to leave..." Espeon said.
"Then what do you want?"
"I think... if it's really bothering you so much... I think that we should spend some time separated..." Espeon said.
Poochy was silent. He didn't know how to reply to this. If it really was the best thing to do, then maybe they should...
"For how long?" Poochy then asked.
"I'm not sure... Let's just..." Espeon said, and fell silent.

Sashi and the rest were just standing around, observing their surroundings for a while. They had to get used to not running around, afraid they might get captured.
"I wonder if everyone's captured... every Team Magma grunt... Courtney..." Kyra said softly.
"And what about Giovanni?" Audry asked. "He was in the base as well!"
"Let's ask Jenny!" Brian said, and Audry nodded.
As Brian and Audry ran off, Eevy looked at Espeon. Her Espeon.
"Well, looks like you finally own your own Espeon..." Sashi said, placing a hand on Eevy's shoulder.
Eevy blinked once.
"Yeah... You're right..." Eevy said, and started smiling. "I have an Espeon!"
"Congratulations!" Sashi smiled.
Eevy tried to walk over to Espeon, but Sashi stopped her.
"The two of them are talking... You should let them alone for a while..." Sashi said, but at that second, Espeon turned away from Poochy, and walked away. "Guess they're done..." Sashi then said.
Espeon walked over to Eevy, and then looked up. She forced a smile on her face, and looked up.
"Hi..." she said.
Eevy looked down.
"Hey..." she replied.
"I evolved..." Espeon said.
"So I see..."
"Congratulations..." Espeon said, stepping next to Sashi.
"Thanks..." Espeon said.
"Okay... This will pose a problem..." Sashi said.
"Yeah, I can see that..." Eevy smiled. "It's going to be hard to separate those two now that they're both Espeon... Guess I should give her a nickname..."
"A nickname?" Espeon asked confused.
"Yeah... I've given all of my Pokemon nicknames... Flara, Vapora, Jolty and Umbro..." Eevy replied.
"You should pick one for Espeon..." Sashi said. "But which one?"
"Well I've always liked the name Alora..." Eevy said. "How does that sound?" she then asked, kneeling down and rubbing her hand over Espeon's head.
"Alora?" Espeon asked, closing her eyes as her Trainer rubbed her head. When Eevy pulled her hand back, Espeon smiled. "Alora sounds like a very beautiful name... I like it..." Alora said.
"Then I will call you Alora from now on..." Eevy smiled.
Sashi smiled as well. Alora really did sound like a very beautiful name. Then, suddenly, she caught a glimpse of Poochy on the corner of her eyes. She looked at him, and her smile faded when she saw Poochy's depressed expression. She walked over, and slowly knelt down next to him.
"Hey... What's wrong?"
Poochy looked up at his Trainer.
"I said something that made Espeon sad..." Poochy replied.
"Eevy's Espeon?" Sash asked.
"Yeah.. Why you ask that?" Poochy asked confused.
"Well it's because Eevy has named Espeon Alora..." Sashi said.
"Alora?" Poochy said and Sashi nodded. "That's a beautiful name..."
"And she agrees..." Sashi said.
Poochy then looked down again.
"Ok, what happened that made you so sad?" Sashi asked. "Why aren't you happy for her?"
"I am happy for her... It's just..." Poochy said.
"She said we should need some time separated..." Poochy said.
Poochy then explained everything that happened and everything they said when he awoke.
"I see..." Sashi said.
"I still think she hates me..." Poochy said.
"She doesn't hate you..." Sashi said.
"How do you know?"
"You're sad that she evolved, right?"
"You feel like she's changed... That she is not the same as she was before..." Sashi said.
"But she is..." Sashi then said, and Poochy looked up.
"She may look different from what you remember, but from the inside she's still Eevee..." Sashi said.
"But look at her... She's so much different then Eevee... She's bigger, and I'm so small..." Poochy said, his ears dropping.
"Then you just have to wait until you evolve as well..." Sashi said.
That's when it struck him. If he evolved, then maybe Alora would want him again.
"Evolve... I need to evolve..." Poochy thought, and smiled.
"I see you're feeling better now?"
"Yeah..." Poochy said. "Thanks!" he added, rubbing his head against Sashi's hand.
Sashi giggled, and rubbed it over his head again.
"You're welcome..."

A while later, Brian and Audry returned.
"Any news?" Sashi asked.
"They've gone through both bases, and arrested a lot of Grunts, including Courtney..." Brian said.
"But no Giovanni..." Audry added.
"Oh..." Sashi said.
"At first they thought I was joking, since Giovanni had disappeared after the Team Rocket hideout exploded, but Audry confirmed she also saw him in the base..." Brian said.
"So he's gone again..." Sashi said.
"Yeah..." Brian nodded.
"Oh, and please allow me to introduce you to Alora!" Sashi smiled, pointing her arm at Alora.
"Alora, huh?" Brian said, and Alora nodded. "That's a beautiful name..."
"Thanks... I like it very much myself..." Alora said.

"So what do we do now?" Kyra asked after a while of silence.
"Well since this whole mess is finally over, we could finally move on and allow me to earn my 7th badge..." Sashi said.
Brian then gasped.
"I still haven't gotten my 6th!" he said.
"How could you forget such an important thing like this?" Cath asked.
"Well with all the commotion around Kyra, it slipped my mind... I guess..." Brian said, rubbing the back of his head. "And Jebadiah told us to leave, remember? It would have been against his wishes if he saw us in Orange City.."
"True, but you're an official Trainer, so you're allowed to go to any Gym, no matter if someone tells you otherwise..." Audry said.
"Yeah..." Brian agreed.
"And besides... You need this badge as well..." Sashi said.
"Yeah..." Audry said.

Everything went back to normal... Or so they thought. The unconscious Eru was carried onto a stretcher, and into the ambulance. Lori never left his side. She was now more worried about him after she discovered the wound he received during the battle against Maxie. And while Lori was by Eru's side in the ambulance, Sashi and the rest could ride along with the police officers. Arriving at the Orange City hospital, Lori still didn't leave his side, but when they reached the Operation Room, Lori had no choice but to stay behind and wait. Eru was still dressed in Team Magma uniform, even when they laid him down on the operation table. And even though he was lying on his back, his mask still didn't show any sign of his face.
"What's the problem with him?" a doctor asked.
"We're not certain, but we discovered a stabbing wound in his shoulder..." a nurse replied.
"Any idea how long it has been since the wound was inflicted?" the doctor asked.
"We're not certain about that either..." the nurse replied.
"It might have started to infect already..." the doctor said, and checked the wound with his fingers. At that, Eru awoke, and - because of the pain - screamed out. The doctor gasped, and pulled his hands back.
"Quickly! Give him some morphine!" he said, and a second later, the nurse returned with the medicine. The doctor swiftly injected the needle into Eru's arm, and the liquid was pushed into his body. After a few more seconds of screaming, Eru calmed down, as the pain subsided. And even though the pain was gone, he kept breathing in fast.
"Good... he's calmed down..." the doctor said.
Eru slowly opened his eyes, and looked at his surroundings.
"Where am I?" he asked.
"You're in the Orange City hospital. You were brought here by a girl named Lori..." the doctor said.
"Lori...?" Eru repeated. Then he remembered. Lori, the girl who found him when he was lying unconscious on the ground after being knocked out by Brian. He told her to go to Orange City Pokemon Center. Why didn't she listen?
"Excuse me..." the doctor said. "About that stabbing wound in your shoulder... What caused that to happen?"
"I had a fight... With Maxie... He stabbed me with his sword..." Eru said.
"I don't know who this Maxie guy is, but how long has it been since you were stabbed by him?" the doctor asked.
"I... don't know how long it has been..." Eru said.
"Then we need to act fast... We need to operate you on that wound, but in order to do that, we need you to take off those clothes..." the doctor said.
Eru looked down, and saw he was still dressed in his Team Magma uniform. Just as the doctor grabbed for a knife to cut the clothing apart, Eru asked for them to stop.
"Why would we stop? We need to operate directly..." the doctor said. "If you're afraid, we understand... But this has to be done..."
"It's not that I'm afraid... it's that you might be afraid of me..." Eru said.
The doctor was silent.
"And why is that?" he asked.
"I am not like any other human... I am different..." Eru said.
"Yes... I have always been like this..."
"And what is 'this'?" the doctor asked.
Eru sighed.
"I am a black-scaled dragon Anthro... Whenever I'm in pain or sense danger, I change into this form... My body changes.. I grow 9 feet tall. My body creates an armor that is tough enough to stop most bullets over my vital areas, such as my torso, neck, head and genitalia. I don't grow whiskers, but I do grow wings..." Eru explained.
The whole room was silent. Not only the doctor had heard it, but also the nurses. They all looked at him.
"I know, this may sound weird, but it's true..." Eru said. "And I understand that you might want to call the police, or the army, or the-"
"We won't..." the doctor interrupted. This silenced Eru.
"Why not?" Eru asked, surprised that the doctor wouldn't. He expected the doctor would.
"You're a patient..." the doctor said. "You're injured, and need operating... It would be wrong for a doctor to abandon his patient in such a critical state..." the doctor said.
"And... after...?" Eru said, fearing the answer.
"You need to recover..." the doctor replied.
"You won't call the police?"
"No... That Espeon is called an Anthro as well, am I right?" the doctor asked.
Eru thought back a little. An Espeon Anthro. Yes. She was one who was caught with the one who knocked him out.
"Yes..." Eru nodded.
"And did the police arrest them?" the doctor asked.
"I don't know, I was unconscious..."
"Oh yeah..." the doctor said. "Well, the didn't..." the doctor said.
"No... She was one of those who was there when the police arrested the Team Magma men..." the doctor said.
"I see..." Eru said.
"And this Lori girl has also said a few things about you... How you helped her make up her mind about leaving Team Magma..." the doctor said.
"Yes, I did that..." Eru nodded.
"This proves you were doing the right thing, so the police has no reason to arrest you..." the doctor said.
"Okay..." Eru said.
"Now do I have permission to take the uniform off?" the doctor asked.
"You may..." Eru said, and relaxed. He was feeling quite safe right now, knowing nothing bad was going to happen once they removed his uniform.

Sashi sighed as she sat down. They decided to spend some time in Orange City's Pokemon Center, to rest. They all had some food, and after a few more hours of rest, Brian went to the Gym to challenge Sheila. Since his Pokemon were a bit stronger than Sashi's, it was easier for him to defeat Sheila's Pokemon. But as strong as his Pokemon were, they had a hard time against Sheila's Dragonite. Brian knew this was coming, so he prepared himself in case he lost. He had planned to use Gyarados against Dragonite, since Dragonite was a Dragon Type Pokemon with a weakness against Dragon type Attacks. Gyarados' Dragon Rage helped a lot, but in the end he was defeated by Dragonite's Hyper Beam attack. It didn't matter. Gyarados as the second Pokemon of Brian who was defeated, so he had one more Pokemon to use. He could choose between Umbreon or Alakazam. He chose for Umbreon, since he had a smaller body and could move faster. Since Gyarados already took a lot of Dragonite's energy away, it was easy for Umbreon to finish the job. With a couple of Faint Attack's and two Psychic attacks, he managed to take the big dragon down. Finally, Brian was declared the winner of the battle, and was given a badge as proof he defeated Sheila.

"Congratulations!" Cath smiled, and embraced Brian.
"Thanks!" Brian smiled, and hugged Cath back.
"Good work, Brian..." Sashi said.
"Thank you all..." Brian replied.
"You really earn that badge!" Kyra said, patting his shoulder with her hand.
"Awww, that's nice..." Brian smiled back.
Kyra then pulled her hand back slowly, and turned her head away slightly. Cath noticed this. Why was Kyra acting like this? She had to ask her. Just as she was about to open her mouth, Sashi spoke.
"Now all who need to defeat Sheila is you..." Sashi said to Audry.
"I know..." Audry said.
"We'll be rooting you on..." Eevy said.
"No need to..." Audry then said. Everybody blinked. Cath kept her mouth shut, for the time being.
"W-why not?" Sashi asked confused.
"I... I've been thinking..." Audry began.
"About what?"
"About the time we spent traveling together... I've realized that no matter what, you always seem to attract trouble... First there was Team Rocket, and next was team Magma... I'm afraid to imagine what else might happen..." Audry said.
"And where are you going with this?" Sashi asked.
"I couldn't keep up with you before... I couldn't handle it, and I can't handle this either... It's just too much action for me... I'm, sorry..." Audry said.
Sashi was silent. Then she smiled, and embraced Audry.
"It's okay... I understand..." she said, hugging one of her best friends tight. She then let go, and looked into Audry's eyes. "So this is goodbye?"
"I'm afraid so..." Audry said.
"Well, then I wish you all the luck in the world... You'll need it..." Sashi said.
Audry smiled.
"Thanks..." she said. She looked at everybody else. "It's been great meeting you, Eevy..." she said, and shook Eevy's hand.
"Likewise..." Eevy smiled.
"I had a very bad first impression of you first, but later you turned out nice..." Audry said to Brian, shaking his hand as well.
"I'm sorry for that..." Brian said.
"Don't be..." Audry smiled, and then looked at Cath. "Same goes for you..." she said, reaching out her hand. Cath grabbed it, and shook.
"It's been nice to meet you..." Cath said.
"Thanks... And you..." Audry said to Kyra.
"Mmmm?" Kyra replied.
"Good luck with your life... I know - from hanging around Sashi - it's a hard life for Anthro's..." Audry said.
"Thank you..." Kyra said, nodding slowly.
"And you..." Sashi said when Audry fell silent. "Good luck with your Gym Battle..."
"Thanks..." Audry smiled.
"Well... It's time to go I guess..." Sashi then said, and turned around. "I'm gonna miss you..."
"I'll miss you too..." Audry said.
"Bye..." Sashi said, and started walking. The rest followed her, as Audry waved.
"Bye you guys!" she said, and when Sashi was out of sight, she turned around. "Okay, I'm ready for a battle!" she said.
"Well that has to wait..." Sheila said.
"I've just lost a fight... My Pokemon need to be healed first..." Sheila smiled.
"Oh yeah..."
"Ad besides..." Sheila said, looking on her watch. "It'll be night soon... We can have our battle tomorrow morning, if that's okay with you?"
"No, it's fine..." Audry said.
"Okay, see you tomorrow..." Sheila said.

The sun was slowly setting at the horizon as Sashi and her friends decided to go back to the Pokemon Center to spend the night. Even though Audry had said she would leave the group, she had to come back to the Pokemon Center. There she explained why she couldn't have her match right now. They all had dinner, and after that a good night's rest. Well, rest? The thing with Kyra bothered Cath a lot the more time passed. She decided to finally go talk to her.
"Excuse me, Kyra?" Cath said.
"Can I talk to you? Alone?" Cath asked.
"Ehhh... Sure..." Kyra replied confused.
The two walked into the room they got from Nurse Joy, and Cath closed the door. Kyra slowly sat down on the bed, and Cath followed.
"Something wrong?" Kyra asked.
"Kyra... you seem to like Brian very much, don't you?" Cath suddenly asked.
Kyra gasped.
"I've noticed you acting real nice, and the other way around as well..." Cath said.
Kyra kept silent.
"I'm starting to worry..." Cath then said.
"Worry? Why?" Kyra finally opened her mouth.
"I love Brian very much... He's the first one who laid contact with me when I stopped being a team Rocket member... He talked to me... He became my friend when I thought I had none... He even protected me when the Police tried to arrest me... He showed me what it was to really care for someone... And now... Now that you're here... And what happened between the two of you... In Jebadiah's inn... I'm worried I might lose him..." Cath said.
"To me..." Kyra finished, and Cath nodded.
"I don't know what I feel right now... I should be angry at you... For taking him away from me... Even though it hasn't happened yet... But I know you're not doing this on purpose..." Cath said.
"I'm not trying to take him away from you..." Kyra said.
"I know... But I feel like I'm losing him..." Cath said again. "And I've seen him act nice to several times lately..."
"I think that's because... of the kiss..." Kyra said. "Ever since we have, we try to act normal... Even though we know it won't turn back to the way it was..."
"It must have been one big kiss then..." Cath slowly giggled.
"Mmmm well yeah, it was... I mean, I liked it... If that's okay with you..." Kyra said.
"It is... I know how he kisses..." Cath smiled.
"Hey listen... I'm sorry I gave you the impression that I was trying to steal him away from you..." Kyra said apologetically.
"I know..." Cath said, slowly placing an arm around Kyra. Kyra only leant her head against Cath's. "And you're not, right?"
"No..." Kyra replied.
"Okay..." Cath said, and stayed quiet.
"But what do we do about him?" Kyra then asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Well... I have to be honest... I get the feeling that he likes me a lot too..." Kyra said.
"You mean.."
"The times when I helped him... Remember when I released his Umbreon?" Kyra asked.
"He said 'you're the best'... Those words made me feel happy inside..." Kyra said.
"I know... his words can do that to you..." Cath nodded.
"What can we do about these things?" Kyra asked. "I'm sure you don't like him talking like that to other then his mate?"
"No..." Cath said. "But there's no way to stop him from saying nice things..."
"You got a point..." Kyra nodded. Then she kept silent for a while. "We're still friends, are we?"
"Of course we are..." Cath smiled, and hugged Kyra. "I'm wondering..."
"About what?"
"Well I may know Brian for not such a long period, but I know he won't act so strange to anyone else except after something really big happened... So was the kiss really that good?" Cath asked.
"To me it was..." Kyra smiled.
"Tell me all about it..." Cath smiled.
"You mean how it started?"
"No I know how it started.. I wanna know what happened during the kiss, and how it ended..." Cath said.
"Ehhh... okay..." Kyra gulped, and started telling all about how they kissed, and how Brian broke it.
"He said that?" Cath asked, and Kyra nodded.
"He sure is faithful to you..." Kyra said.
"I see..." Cath said. Then she started whining softly.
"What's wrong?"
"Now I'm even more curious..." Cath said.
"About your kiss..." Cath said.
Cath grinned.
"Can I try it?"
"What?" Kyra gasped.
"Please?" Cath asked.
"To see if you're really that good..." Cath smiled.
"I don't know..." Kyra said.
"Why not?"
"I'm not into things like these..." Kyra said.
"Neither was I until a few days ago..." Cath said.
"Sashi showed me..." Cath said.
"Showed you what?"
Cath got off bed, opened the door, and looked out. She saw nobody, and pulled her head back inside. Then she closed the door, and locked it. She walked back to the bed, and sat down again.
"Before we found you, we found a lake... We took a break there, and I guess Sashi kinda got turned on so much she started fooling around with me..." Cath said.
"And by fooling around you mean...?" Kyra asked.
"Sex..." Cath said, and Kyra's eyes widened.
"She had sex with you?" Kyra asked.
"With all of us... Me, Eevy, Brian..." Cath said.
Kyra was silent. She didn't know Sashi could do these kind of things. But on the other hand, it's not that she knew all about Sashi, since she only knows her for a couple of days.
"Bet you didn't know she did these kind of things, right?" Cath asked, and Kyra nodded.
"I thought she was... normal, like you..." Kyra said.
"Oh no, I've changed because of them..." Cath said, and started smiling. "And I have to say, I like it... She can really give me a good feeling.."
"But... She's a female too... If you say you like it, are you..." Kyra said, but couldn't finish her sentence.
"A lesbian?" Cath asked. Kyra nodded slowly. "No, I'm not... I was just introduced to this female/female thing... I'm still straight..."
"Well I am too... I think this female/female thing is all wrong..." Kyra said.
"I thought so too, but it's not wrong... It's sex, just sex, right?" Cath said.
"Well I suppose, but..." Kyra began.
"And a kiss is just a kiss, right?" Cath said, returning to the subject of this conversation.
"Well yeah..." Kyra said.
"Then why are you acting so worried? If you don't like it, I'll stop..." Cath said.
"You promise?" Kyra asked.
"You have my word..." Cath nodded, holding one hand on her chest and one in the air.
"Well, I suppose there's nothing wrong with a kiss... It's just going to be a whole new experience for me... Because... I've never kissed someone before..." Kyra said.
"You haven't?" Cath asked.
"I was a Pokemon, remember?" Kyra said.
"Oh, right... Ready?" Cath asked.
"Yeah..." Kyra said.
"Okay, let's get started then..." Cath said, and slowly placed her hand on Kyra's leg while moving her head closer. Kyra remained where she was, not moving an inch, as Cath moved her muzzle closer to hers. Then their lips connected, and immediately Cath opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Kyra's eyes were open wide, as Cath pushed her tongue into her mouth. She closed them after a second, imagining someone else - a male - was doing this, and not Cath. It worked, and she started to feel comfortable. She started top play her own tongue back at Cath, exchanging her saliva. The kiss kept going and going, until Cath broke it. She gasped for air, and pulled her head back, opening her eyes, and looking at Kyra with a smile. Kyra slowly opened her eyes, as she gasped for air as well.
"Mmmm... That was..." Kyra began, and then smiled. "Rather nice..."
"And I can imagine why Brian acts weird now... You're not such a bad kisser..." Cath said.
"Thanks..." Kyra said, and moved her hand to her face, touching her lips where Cath kissed her with her fingers. It felt weird, but good at the same time.
"Wow..." Kyra said.
"Was I that good?" Cath giggled.
"I feel... strange inside..." Kyra said.
"A good strange, or a bad one?" Cath asked, even though she knew the answer.
"I thought it would be a bad one, but it isn't..." Kyra said. "I like it... More then I expected..."
"That's good news..." Cath said.
Kyra was about to ask something, but held her mouth shut.
"What is it?" Cath asked, noticing Kyra's silence.
"I really liked the kiss..." Kyra said.
"Yes, you said that before..." Cath smiled, and looked down when she felt something on her hand. It was Kyra's. She looked up again, and saw Kyra smiling.
"Can we do it again?" she asked in a sweet, soft voice.
"I thought you weren't like this?" Cath asked.
"Well just like Sashi changed you, you changed me..." Kyra said. "And you're right... It's just a kiss..."
"Okay..." Cath smiled, and moved her head closer to Kyra's, while Kyra moved hers to Cath's. Then their lips connected once again, and this time Kyra pushed her head forwards. Because of this, Cath instinctively grabbed Kyra's body in her hands, and held herself up from falling down. They released soft moans during the kiss as they played their tongues back against each other. Suddenly, Cath moved one of her hands down Kyra's back, and rubbed it over Kyra's butt. This made Kyra moan, but not break the kiss. She felt like this was part of it. That was, until Cath broke the kiss, and kissed her way down Kyra's neck. Kyra didn't know what Cath was doing, but she kept her eyes closed as pleasure ran through her body. If this caused her to feel good, why stop it? Cath didn't know why she was doing this. It felt like the right thing at the moment. She moved one hand from Kyra's back down to in front of her, and placed her hand on Kyra's right breast, squeezing it softly. This made Kyra moan, and open her eyes.
"Th... That..." she managed to say. Cath moved her head back, and looked into Kyra's eyes.
"That felt good..." Kyra said.
Cath smiled.
"You want more?"
Too worked up to refuse, Kyra nodded.
"Are you sure?" Cath asked. That's when Kyra moved one hand behind Cath's head, and pulled it back to her neck.
"Please... keep going..." Kyra moaned.
Cath smiled, and placed her lips back on Kyra's neck, placing soft kisses while moving her head down to Kyra's chest. She continued to kiss there, going over the upper part of her breasts. Removing her hand, she placed them on Kyra's shoulder, and moved her other hand to there as well. She pulled the short sleeves of Kyra's T-shirt down Kyra's shoulders, and down her arms, until she could push them down. Then she grabbed the bottom edge of Kyra's T-shirt, and pulled it up. Kyra held her arms up in the air, as Cath pulled it up some more, until she could take it off. When off, she threw it aside on the bed, and looked at what she had to work with. Kyra's breasts were, just as she remembered seeing them for the first time, covered in a thin layer of yellow fur, the color of her fur. Her nipples were an orange color, similar to the tips of orange fur at the end of each of Kyra's tails. Cath smiled, and looked up at Kyra.
"If you will let me do this, I will continue until I make you scream in pleasure..." Cath warned.
"I guess I can handle that..." Kyra replied, her eyes half closed.
"Okay..." Cath winked, and looked down again. She then moved her head down, and slowly opened her mouth. She then took one nipple into her mouth, and slowly closed her lips around it. With her hand she grabbed the rest of the breast, and squeezed slowly again.
"Oh!" Kyra moaned, feeling this kind of pleasure for the first time. When she was just an ordinary Vulpix, she had experienced masturbation. The only difference from then to now, was that she didn't have two, big breasts, so this sent jolts of pleasure through her body. She had never removed her hand from Cath's head, and was now pushing it tightly against her chest, telling Cath not to stop. When having satisfied the nipple good enough, she let it slip out of her mouth, and stuck out her tongue, licking the nipple over again. Then she moved it over the whole breast, carefully covering every area with her saliva. Kyra was breathing in and out rapidly. Her eyes were closed, and she was making soft moans every time she breathed out.
"Wow... all this from just licking one breast?" Cath thought as she moved her head away slowly. Kyra continued to breathe fast, until she calmed down a bit, and opened her eyes.
"Why... did you.. stop?" she asked.
"I see this is your first time?" Cath asked.
"In this... body..." Kyra said.
"Ah... Then I will give you the best time ever..." Cath smiled, and winked. She moved her hands down to Kyra's waist, and grabbed her belt. She slowly unbuckled it, and pulled it free from Kyra's pants. She threw it next to Kyra's T-shirt, and then grabbed the edge of Kyra's pants. Kyra slowly pushed her feet down on the bed, and rose her waist up, so that Cath could pull the pants down. Cath smiled, and did. When she had pulled it down a little, Cath noticed Kyra wasn't wearing anything under it. She grinned.
"Sashi told me to decide for myself if I were to wear it or not..."
"And you've chosen not to..." Cath said.
"Obviously..." Kyra replied. "Now are you going to admire the view, or are you getting on with it?"
"My, you're starting to act really worked up, aren't you?"
"I guess I have you to blame that for..." Kyra giggled. Cath looked down again. Kyra's pussy was covered with a thin layer of orange fur, and it was already wet with juices (As if it wouldn't be). Instead of diving in, she reached her hand between Kyra's legs, and slowly pushed a finger through the tight pussy lips.
"Oh!" Kyra moaned out loud, feeling even more pleasure then before. Kyra arched her back as Cath pushed her finger deeper into her. Then she pulled her finger out slowly, and moved it up. She put her finger into her mouth, and sucked the juices off it she got from Kyra's pussy.
"Mmmm... I like it..." Cath said in a soft, erotic voice.
"Mmmm..." Kyra replied. She still had her eyes closed, enjoying the rush of feelings that had flickered to life inside her body.
"All right, hold on to something, cause here I come..." Cath said, and lowered her head until her mouth was over Kyra's pussy. She slowly opened it, and let her tongue slip out. She then licked Kyra's slit all the way up, making Kyra almost scream in pleasure. In her pleasured state, Kyra grabbed the sheets of the bed tightly in her hands. She had released Cath's head when Cath pulled her head back, and had placed them on the bed.
Cath decided to repeat the treatment she had given just a few seconds ago, and placed her tongue onto Kyra's slit again. She licked up, but then stopped suddenly Using two fingers, she spread Kyra's pussy lips wide, and pushed her tongue into her.
"Ah!" Kyra moaned in ecstasy, as Cath closed her lips around her pussy. Pushing her tongue deep into Kyra made Cath moan herself. Kyra's tight vaginal walls made it hard for her to gain entrance to her most sensitive areas, so, pulling her tongue back, she focused on Kyra's erect clitoris. Quickly licking the slit up once again, she rubbed her tongue over Kyra's clit, and wrapped it around it. Slowly she closed her lips around it, and started to suck very soft.
"Oh yes!" Kyra cried during her moans. She could feel her orgasm approach very fast now. It wouldn't be long before she would release her juices. "Almost..."
"Mmmm..." Cath moaned, as she could taste more juices ever second. One more lick inside Kyra's pussy should bring her over the edge. So, releasing Kyra's clit, she licked down over the slit, before going up, and pushing her tongue into Kyra again. This time she tried to push with more strength then the last time, hoping she could break through. And she could. Pushing her tongue deeper into Kyra then she did before, she reached Kyra's most sensitive part; her G-spot. One lick there made Kyra hit her most powerful climax ever. Her juices poured out of her cunt straight into Cath's mouth. Cath got most of Kyra's juices - since it was a lot - but some leaked out in the corners of her mouth, dripping down her chin past her neck onto the bed.

Cath pulled her head back, and looked at Kyra as she gasped for air real fast, recovering from the orgasm she just had. Her pussy was still dripping with juices, even after Cath drank a lot of it. Slowly, Kyra released the sheets, and let her arms lie next to her as her stomach went up and down.
"So how did I do?" Cath asked.
"Heh..." Kyra gasped. "Oh... my... god..."
"Thanks..." Cath smiled.
"That was... amazing..." Kyra.
"Thanks..." Cath said again. "Now..."
"What?" Kyra asked.
"I've gotten myself really horny by doing you..." Cath said, and pulled off her Coat. She lay it down on the ground, and grabbed the edge of her T-shirt. Kyra didn't say a word as she watched Cath undress herself. She pulled her T-shirt over her head, giving Kyra a clear view of her breasts. Cath's white nipples were already erect, standing out in the ocean of red fur. Cath threw her T-shirt on the ground next to her coat, and looked at Kyra. She just looked at Cath without saying a word, so Cath continued to undress. She grabbed her belt, and took it off, throwing it on the ground. She then grabbed the edge of her pants, and pushed it down, going through her knees in order to pull it all the way to the ground. When having done that, Cath stood straight up, and stepped out of her pants. Now Kyra could see all. Cath's white-furred pussy was leaking juices while her clit was already erect. Kyra slowly sat up, as Cath sat down on the bed.
"You up for it?" she asked.
"Well I guess I am..." Kyra grinned. "What do I have to do?"
Cath didn't reply. She stopped crawling, and sat down on her butt. She then spread her legs wide, and pushed a finger into her pussy.
"Just do what I did to you..." Cath smiled.
"Okay..." Kyra said, and slowly sat on her knees. She crawled over to Cath the way Cath was crawling a few seconds ago, and stopped in front of her. She looked down at Cath's dripping private. To be honest, looking at another girl's privates was really a turn on. And somehow she was feeling a little bit high in her head. That's when she noticed the aroma from Cath's pussy was entering her through her nose. It was hypnotizing. Instinctively, Cath reached for Kyra's head, and grabbed it in her hand, slowly pulling it closer down between her legs. Kyra took a deep breath, and inhaled more of the aroma. It really drove her nuts.
"Okay, just do what she did to me..." Kyra thought, and opened her mouth slightly. Her tongue came out, and touched the soft flesh, immediately her tongue caught some of Cath's juices. She took a little bit more by licking Cath's slit up, just like she had done to her before. Then she raised her head, and tasted the juices she had in her mouth.
"Mmmm..." Kyra said. "Tastes strong..."
"I know..." Cath giggled.
Kyra loved this new thing, so she quickly dove her head down between Cath's legs, and went to work.
"Oooo..." Cath moaned when she felt Kyra's tongue penetrate her insides. "That's it... A little bit to... yes..." Cath moaned as Kyra used her tongue to go everywhere. Rubbing her breasts in the meantime, Cath quickly felt herself nearing her climax. She didn't know how, but somehow it did.
"Mmm! Almost there!" Cath moaned, and pushed a finger into her pussy along with Kyra's tongue. This was not working, so Cath pulled her finger hand, and started to rub her clit, giving herself that extra pleasure. After a few seconds, she started to rub faster and faster, as Kyra increased her pace. She began licking Cath's slit up and down, occasionally pushing her tongue inside, until finally...
"Oh yes! I'm-!" Cath cried, unable to finish her sentence as her climax hit her hard. Closing her eyes as tight as possible, Cath bucked her hips against Kyra's head as her pussy juice shot out of her. Kyra gasped as more and more of Cath's juices entered her mouth, but after a while she closed her eyes, and swallowed every drop Cath gave her.

Seconds passed as Kyra pulled her head back, leaving a panting Cath behind. Kyra licked her lips, and moaned at the taste of Cath's juice. Cath only took short but deep breaths as she was recovering from her orgasm.
"And how did I do?" Kyra asked.
Cath didn't reply. Instead, she grabbed Kyra's head, and pulled it closer to hers, pulling her into a passionate French Kiss. This gave the two the opportunity to taste their own juices, mixed with that of the other. Then Cath broke the kiss, and smiled.
"Is that answer good enough?"
Kyra only smiled back.
Then followed an awkward silence, until Kyra broke it.
"So what do we do with Brian?" Kyra asked.
"We can share..." Cath replied, closing her eyes.

To be continued...

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