AGNPH Stories

Sashi by natsuke




*Conversation deleted because Sashi wants me to start writing*

Brian slowly rubbed his jaw while pushing himself off the ground.
"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Cath growled, approaching Ethan, just like everybody else. Ethan was now completely surrounded.
"Didn't you hear what I just said?" Ethan grinned.
At this, Cath grabbed Ethan's neck, and pushed him against the wall hard.
"I'd snap your neck this instant if it weren't for Ryu and Ken!" Cath growled.
"What? Afraid?" Ethan chocked.
"Of giving a bad first impression, yeah!" Cath replied.
"Oh, by all means, go ahead..." Ken said.
"What?" Cath asked confused.
"By the looks of him, it seems you're doing us all a favor..." Ken smiled.
"He sure looks like he deserves it..." Ryu nodded.
"In that case..." Cath said, grinning.
"Wait!" came the voice of Brian, stopping everyone. Cath turned her head around, seeing Brian get on his knees, still shaking his head a little.
"Wait? Why?" Cath asked.
"I don't want you to kill him..." Brian said.
"What?!" Cath gasped. "Why not?"
"I want him to suffer.. But I don't want your hands to be covered in blood..." Brian growled, raising his head now, looking into Ethan's eyes. "Let him go..."
"You sure?" Cath asked, and Brian nodded. "Okay..." she said, and slowly loosened her grip around Ethan's neck, taking a step aside.
"Wow Brian..." Ethan began. "That almost made me cry..."
Brian didn't reply, as he slowly stood up right, and took a few steps forwards.
"So you want to fight, huh?" Brian asked.
"One by one, until no one is left..." Ethan nodded.
"Then I gotta warn you..." Brian said, now a few feet away from Ethan. "If you really want that, then you might end up killed..."
"Not gonna happen... Besides, you just said you didn't want me killed..." Ethan eyed Brian, grinning slowly.
"I said I didn't want her to kill you..." Brian replied, and Ethan's grin slowly faded. Then he slowly started grinning again.
"So does this mean you're gonna give it a shot?" he asked.
"In beating you? Sure, why not?" Brian said, and finally grinned too.
"Then it's my turn to warn you this time... Over the years I haven't sat still... I've trained to become strong in case I ever meet up with you, to be ready for a fight..."
"So you've been training for years just for this moment?" Brian asked, and Ethan nodded.
"So if you lose, don't cry..." Ethan said.
"Oh I won't lose..." Brian said, holding up his fists.
"Then why don't you try and give the first punch?" Ethan challenged.
"If you say so..." Brian said, and with an incredible speed, Brian pushed his arm forwards, his fist hitting the side of Ethan's cheek. It sent Ethan stumbling to his right, trying to stay on his feet, while Brian waited for him to counter. Ethan slowly stopped, brought his hand to his jaw, and slowly rubbed.
"You call that a punch?" Ethan grinned, letting go of his jaw.
"Don't worry.. I haven't warmed up yet..."
"And you won't get a chance to either!" Ethan called, and suddenly ran forwards, hitting Brian's head with his fist, just like Brian did to him. The force of the blow caused Brian to stumble to his right, slowly sinking through his knees.
"Brian!" Cath gasped, and tried to help him out, but was stopped by Kyra.
"What? Down already?" Ethan chuckled.
"Don't forget you already had a shot at me.." Brian said, and to Ethan's surprise, Brian got up, and countered with another punch, this time aimed at Ethan's forehead, followed by another punch in Ethan's stomach. This caused all the air in Ethan's body to leave its way out of his mouth along with some blood. Ethan slowly sank through his knees, and groaned out loud while he held on to his stomach, coughing rapidly with more blood coming out of his mouth.

Meanwhile, in a cave a bit away from the rest...
"Uh-oh..." Indiana said, stopping in front a lake. The tunnel the two went in was a dead end, at least, for Indy.
"What's wrong?" Daisy asked.
"Well... th-there's no way to go..." Indiana replied.
"Yes there is..." Daisy nodded to the water.
"Y-yeah... that's where the second problem comes in... A-after my encounter with water the first time... I'm... kinda..."
"Scared?" Daisy giggled, eying Indiana.
"There's nothing wrong with being scared of something!" Indiana said, his head turning red.
Daisy just chuckled some more.
"I didn't say there was... Now let's go..."
"In the water?"
"But didn't you hear what I said?"
"I did..."
"Then why-"
"You can hold onto me, and I'll swim for the two of us..." Daisy replied, embracing Indiana with one of her tentacles, rubbing it softly.
Indiana smiled, and nodded.
"If you say so... I trust your word..."
Daisy just blushed in reply.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Cindy stumbled upon the same thing as Indiana and Daisy.
"Looks like that is our only way out..." Cindy said, looking down at the water. Aaron gulped.
"I ehh... I don't think I like going into the water again..." he said.
"I understand..." Cindy nodded.
"Maybe there's a different way... A hidden tunnel or something..." Aaron said, turning around.
"I got an idea... Wait here..." Cindy said, and jumped into the water.
"Wait! Where are you..." Aaron began, but realized it was hopeless to talk to water, so he just had to wait and trust Cindy's idea. Minutes passed, and Aaron was getting impatient, until, finally, Cindy's head popped up from the water. Without breathing in air, she climbed ashore, and turned around. Cindy's glistering body made Aaron feel nervous, as he watched the drops of water slide down her body. But his attention was soon pulled away from Cindy as out of the water she just got out of came another creature.
"What the?!" Aaron gasped, as a big and wet Rhydon stood before him.
"Aaron? I'd like to introduce you to my friend Rhydon..." Cindy smiled.
"Ehh..." was all Aaron could say. Then he came to his senses. "Wait... Rhydon are Rock types, right?"
"Yes?" Cindy said.
"Aaaaand don't Rock types hate water?"
"I know... But somehow this Rhydon doesn't..." Cindy smiled.
"Anyway, the reason why I called for his help..." Cindy said.
"Yeah..." Cindy smiled, and turned around again. "Do your thing, please..." she added, and Rhydon nodded.
"His... thing?" Aaron asked, but his question was soon answered as Rhydon's drill started to spin. Rhydon then walked to the cavern wall, and lowered his head, until he created a hole. It didn't stop then. Rhydon kept on moving, and soon created a big tunnel.
"Whoa..." Aaron said when getting the point of it all.
"Since you now hate water I thought I'd help you move without touching it..." Cindy smiled, placing an arm around Aaron's head.
"No... nobody has ever done something like that for me..." Aaron smiled.

Meanwhile, back at Brian's battle...
"I thought you said you had been training for this?" Brian said, circling around Ethan, before stopping in front of him. He only coughed in reply. "If this is the best you can do after all this time, then I'm highly disappointed in you..." Brian added, and pulled his foot back, ready to kick Ethan in the stomach. But Ethan wasn't planning to let that happen. The second Brian's foot swung forwards, Ethan grabbed it, and pulled it back hard, taking Brian's body with it.
"Whoa!" Brian gasped as he fell down. Ethan then got to his feet fast, and did what Brian was about to do to him. He kicked Brian in his side hard, and then again, and then another time, the whole cave echoing with Brian's cries.
"And that's for leaving me behind!" Ethan said, his voice full of rage. After a few more kicks, Ethan stopped, and looked down at Brian's motionless body.
"No!" Cath cried.
"Is he...?" Eevy began.
"Next!" Ethan called, turning his head slightly, but a soft groan from Brian brought his attention back to him.
"Leaving already?" he barely said.
"Not done yet?" Ethan replied, smiling evilly as he pulled his foot back, ready to make - what he thought would be - the finishing blow. But Brian had other plans. As Ethan pulled his foot back, Brian moved quicker than Ethan could see, pulling his own legs up high, grabbing Ethan's neck between his feet. Ethan, completely caught by surprise, stopped his moves, and brought his hands up to Brian's feet, as he started to try and pull them away. But Brian wouldn't let go, even if his life depended on it. And that was kind of the case here, so... Brian smiled as Ethan almost choked.
"No... I'm not done yet... But you're done for!" Brian replied, and with a swift move of his legs, Brian snapped Ethan's neck hard. Everybody in the tunnel gasped as Ethan's motionless body was released by Brian, letting it drop on the ground.
"Brian..." Cath weakly said.
"Whoa..." Umbreon said.
Brian weakly sat up, supporting himself with his elbows. His face was full of anger, but also sadness and misery. "You killed him..."
"I know..." Brian said in a calm voice.
Cath slowly knelt down, and placed her arms around him, hugging him tightly as his eyes started to water.
"I... Can't believe it..." Ryu said.
"I'm sorry you had to witness that..." Eevy said.
"Don't be... He did the right thing... If he hadn't, he would've been dead now..." Ken said.
"Then I'm glad he did..." Kyra said, joining Cath.
"He's right, Brian..." Umbreon said. "So don't feel bad..."
"I don't feel bad... Just pain..." Brian groaned, smiling weakly. Umbreon smiled, and rubbed his head against Brian's arm.
"Man... You are so lucky to have them to comfort you..." Ryu smiled.
"Yeah I know..." Brian said after a while of silence, smiling softly, sitting up on his knees.
"Are you going to be okay?" Cath asked, as she slowly helped Brian get up.
"Yes... I think I will.." Brian replied, getting on his feet, before suddenly falling down to the ground again.
"Brian!" Cath gasped.
"It's okay..." Brian said. "I'm just feeling tired from the battle, that's all..."
"Here... let's get you up..." Kyra said, and pulled Brian's arm along with Cath, until he was up on his feet again. Kyra then put the arm of Brian she was holding and put it around her head, while Cath copied this at the other side.
"Thanks you two..." Brian smiled.
"So what do we do now?" Ken asked.
"Go after Archie... Right Sashi?" Eevy said, and turned around, only to find an empty space. "Wait... Where's Sashi?" Eevy asked.

"Now... Get ready to become-" Archie began, when suddenly Sashi came running into the cave. She gasped softly when she spotted the big machine Archie was standing in front of.
"You?!" Archie growled.
"Hi!" Sashi replied.
"I would've guessed Ethan would do at least something right..." Matt groaned as Sashi ran forwards. The Aqua men were already moving into her direction, ready to stop her from... whatever she was about to do, I guess... Sashi noticed this, and stopped immediately, holding up her fists in case she needed to use them.
"Stay back! I'll handle this!" Archie said to the Aqua men. They stopped, as Archie turned his attention back to Sashi. "Now if you take one step closer, I will transform Suicune into-" Archie began.
"An Anthro?" Sashi asked out loud.
"An... Anthro... How the hell do you know that?" Archie asked confused.
"Well... Because that's pretty much the same thing Team Magma tried to do to Moltres..." Sashi replied.
Archie fell silent.
"No... You're lying..." Archie said.
"Like I would dare to lie in a situation like this..." Sashi replied.
" you're saying that... that I'm doing exactly the thing that Team Magma, our archenemies, were doing?" Archie asked.
"Pretty much..." Sashi said again.
"No... no, this cannot be!" Archie said, stomping the ground. He had now lowered his guard, and Sashi took this opportunity. She swiftly grabbed a rock the size of her fist, and threw it against Archie's head.
"Gaaah!" Archie cried out when hit, and grabbed his head in pain. That's when Sashi ran over and grabbed the Masterball from the table, and quickly aimed it at Suicune.
"Return!" she called, and the unconscious Legendary Dog Pokemon was sucked back into it. She looked down at the ball. "I got you now... Everything will be all right..."
"Nooo!" Archie growled, and while blood was crawling down the side of his head, he grabbed Sashi's arm tight, pulling her back.
"Ahhh!" Sashi gasped. "Let go!" she said while turning around. Then she kicked Archie in the crotch with her knee.
"GAAAAH!" Archie cried out in horror, feeling a pain so big it made him collapse on the floor.
Sashi smiled as she ran away from the groaning Archie.
"Don't... let her... get... away!" he managed to say during the jolts of pain running through his body. At that second, the Aqua members came in action, and surrounded Sashi completely.
"If you take one step closer, I'll smash the Masterball into pieces!" Sashi then said as she spotted a sharp piece of rock to her left. This instantly stopped the Aqua members.
"Don't... listen to her!" Archie called, and that made the Aqua members move again.
"I'm warning you!" Sashi said, lifting her arm high in the air, making everybody stop again.
"Get her!" Archie growled, slowly opening his eyes as tears ran down his cheeks.
"But... if we do, she'll break the Masterball!" one Aqua member said.
"That's nonsense!" Archie replied, as he slowly got on hands and knees. "She's bluffing!"
"Am I?" Sashi grinned. "Please believe it! Please believe it!" Sashi thought, realizing she was out of options.
The Aqua members hesitated for a few more seconds before finally approaching Sashi again.
"Damn!" Sashi cursed.
"Sashi!" Eevy's voice came from behind the group of Aqua Members.
"Eevy!" Sashi gasped, and spotted her entering the cave. A second later, she saw the rest also appear. She also saw Brian, supported by Cath and Kyra, and wondered how that happened. But this was not the time to worry about that, because an idea had come to life in Sashi's head when she saw the group. "Eevy! Catch!" she called, and pulled her arm back.
"Don't let her do that!" Archie - now on his knees - called, and the Aqua members now moved faster, giving Sashi less room to throw, but even so, Sashi tried with all her strength to throw the Masterball, and succeeded just in time before the Aqua members pounced Sashi.
Meanwhile, the Masterball was flying through the air fast, but not in Eevy's direction.
"I can't reach that!" Eevy said, looking up at the flying ball. "It's going to hit the wall!"
That made Archie, the Aqua members, and a dizzy Sashi look up. The Masterball was now flying towards a wall, until it hit it full on. A big crack was heard next, as the Masterball bounced off the wall, and fell down. This time, Eevy could reach for it, and caught it in her hand.
"I got it!" she called.
"Damn!" Archie cursed this time.
Eevy looked down at the Masterball.
"Oh no... It's got a crack in it..." she said, and that second, the Masterball started lighting up with blinding light, which made anyone near close their eyes tight. Then the Masterball opened, and the white light coming from the Masterball shot out of it, and landed on the ground in front of Eevy and the others. That light formed into the shape of Suicune. The Masterball, meanwhile, started to crack some more, before it broke into several pieces in Eevy's hand. "It's... destroyed.." Eevy said, eyes still closed, feeling what happened to the Masterball. Then the light faded slowly, and Suicune stood on the ground. Everybody now opened their eyes again.
"S-Suicune..." Brian said. Suicune had its head lowered, but a second later, it slowly raised it.
"It's... back to consciousness..." Sash said softly.
"S-Suicune? Dispose of those fools!" Archie called to Suicune, now standing on his feet again.
Suicune didn't reply. It just kept staring at Archie, looking angrier than before it was first caught.
"This doesn't look good..." Archie then said.
The Aqua members were now off Sashi, also feeling danger because of the way Suicune looked at them.
"Suicune?" Sashi said slowly.
A low growl followed, coming from deep down Suicune its throat.
"Ehh... Men? Retreat!" Archie called, as he, along with the Aqua members present, turned around, and ran towards another tunnel. When a few of the Aqua members had entered the tunnel, Suicune suddenly fired a Hydro Pump Attack at the top of the tunnel, making it collapse just as Archie was about to enter it. He stopped quickly, and shielded himself from the falling objects.
"Uh-oh..." he said, as Suicune roared out loud again, making him flinch, and panic. "This isn't going the way I planned it to..." he said, and looked around for a way out.
Suicune then took a few steps forwards.
"Looks like it is my turn to take over control..." Suicune said in a low voice.
Archie, realizing his end was near, did the thing that first came into his mind. He grabbed one of his Pokeballs off his belt.
"Get out, Swampert!" he called, and tried to throw the Pokeball... but couldn't. His whole body wasn't moving. "What's... Going on?" he growled.
Suicune looked to its left, and saw Espeon had used her Psychic attack to take control over Archie's body.
"I did not request your assistance..." Suicune said.
"I know, just felt like doing it..." Espeon winked.
Meanwhile, Eevy had ran over to Sashi.
"You okay? Are you hurt?"
Sashi, still lying on the ground, slowly got on her knees.
"Yeah... Just feeling a little dizzy from all those men jumping on me a couple of minutes ago..." Sashi said, shaking her head slowly. Then she looked up. Archie was still standing still as Suicune took few steps forwards.
"Looks like it's the end for him..." Brian said as he and the others slowly approached Sashi.
"You okay, Sashi?" Ken asked.
"I'm fine..." Sashi nodded.
"So what do you think Suicune's gonna do with him?" Ryu asked.
"Probably make an end to his life..." Sashi said.
"Kill him?!" Ryu gasped.
"How do you know?" Brian asked.
"Because this has happened before..." Sashi said.
"It has?"
"Yes... well, not with these exact turns of events, but yeah..."
"With Team Magma..." Sashi replied.
"Team Magma?"
"Yeah... remember how they caught Moltres and tried to make him an Anthro?"
"That was Archie's idea as well..."
"And now everything's going the way what happened with Maxie..." Cath added.
"Yes... The very thing he caught is now taking his life..." Sashi nodded.
"And we're just going to stand here and watch that happen?" Ken asked.
"If we interfere we might get caught in the action..." Sashi said. "And besides, you don't want to rescue him from death, do you?"
"I didn't say that... I just don't feel comfortable watching one of my species get killed in front of my eyes..."
"You can look away if you want..." Cath chuckled.

Meanwhile, Suicune walked to a foot in front of Archie, and its angry eyes looked into his.
"What are you going to do with him, Suicune?" Espeon asked, her eyes still glowing bright.
"I am going to make sure his evil actions will never be used again..." Suicune replied, and suddenly looked around. Then it nodded to itself, and turned its attention back to Archie. Suddenly, it walked to Archie's left side.
"Wh-... what the hell are you doing?!" Archie cursed, when all of a sudden, Suicune's eyes glowed for a second, before turning back to its normal red. Then it raised its head high in the sky - while Espeon released her Psychic attack, releasing Archie's body - and then moved it down with an incredible speed, before opening its mouth. A big beam of water appeared, hitting Archie in the stomach. "Aaaahhhh!" Archie cried his final words before his breath left his body when the Hydro Pump attack hit him, and before he was able to breathe in fresh air, his body was shot away from the place he was standing. He was flying through the air at almost 100 m/h, before crashing into the wall. This instantly killing him, as Suicune continued its Hydro Pump, until it felt it had done enough. The water stopped hitting Archie's motionless body, as it slowly fell down and into the lake, where the Carvanha's took care of the remains.

The whole cave was now silent as some did, and some didn't watch the Carvanha's rip Archie's dead body apart.
"Gross!" Eevy said, finally turning around. That's when she spotted a figure enter the cave. "Wait.. is that..."
"Aaron?" Sashi finished, also turning around.
"Hey y'all!" Aaron smiled, waving his arm.
That's when everybody spotted the other figure, right behind Aaron. Cindy was kinda hiding behind Aaron's back, looking a little shy.
"What in the..." Eevy began, finally catching everybody else's attention.
"Whoa..." Ken exclaimed.
"Definitely..." Ryu nodded, as Aaron (and Cindy) approached the group.
"It's good to see you!" Sashi smiled.
"Yeah... After we got ashore, you had disappeared..." Eevy added
"And Cath said she saw you and that Treecko disappear in the whirlpool..." Sashi finished. "What happened?"
"Well I don't really remember... I woke up on a beach somewhere... Not knowing where I was I started to explore the place... That's when I met Cindy!" Aaron said, smiling.
"Cindy?" Eevy and Sashi asked together.
Aaron slowly turned his head.
"It's okay... you can come out now..." he chuckled. Cindy slowly walked from behind Aaron, and looked up.
"H-hello everybody.." Cindy said, her voice shaking a little.
"What's wrong?" Aaron asked Cindy. "Are you afraid or something?"
"Well... I'm not so fond on meeting new people..." Cindy said.
"Oh? I didn't notice that when you pounced me..." Aaron said.
"That's cuz you were alone... One at a time is okay, but not a whole group at once..." Cindy said.
"No need to worry..." Sashi chuckled, and reached out her hand. "Then we'll just do it one at a time... My name is Sashi..."
Cindy looked at the hand, and then grabbed it.
"Nice to meet you..." Cindy said, shaking it and finally smiling too.
After that, everybody followed suit, one by one. When the last hand was shaken, Cindy already seemed a little more relaxed.
"There.. that wasn't so hard, now was it?" Aaron smiled.
"Nah..." Cindy replied, resting her head against his shoulder.
"Okay, now's the time for explaining..." Sashi said. "By the looks of it, something is growing between the two of you... how'd that happen?"
"Yeah... and why are you... ya know... naked?" Ken couldn't help but ask.
In the next few minutes, Cindy explained all that had happened when she met Aaron, and everybody listened intentionally, especially the first part about Cindy's heat.
"Awww... that's so cute..." Sashi smiled.
"So how about you guys? Are we still going to defeat Team Aqua?" Aaron grinned, cracking his knuckles.
"Yeah... About that... We kinda already took care of that..." Sashi said, chuckling weakly.
"And if you're quick, you can see it being finished..." Eevy chuckled as well, nodding at the lake behind her. Aaron slowly walked over to the edge, and gasped softly as he saw a big, red area with Carvanha's swimming around in it.
"Whoa... What went in there?"
"Archie..." Sashi answered.
"Archie? As in Archie that leader guy of Team Aqua?" Aaron gasped.
"Gross!" Aaron cried. Suddenly, something was swimming up in the water. "What the?" Aaron gasped when he saw what it was, or should I say; who it was.
"Huh?" Sashi said, approaching Aaron, and also seeing what caused Aaron to gasp.
"H-huh?" Daisy repeated, her head appearing above water, and, just after that, Indiana's gasping for air head. He took a deep breath, taking in fresh air, and then breathed out, and then in fast again. After a few seconds he was breathing normal again.
"It's the little dude!" Aaron smiled.
"Indiana!" Sashi said, and that made him look up.
"I-it's you!" Indiana gasped.
"Yes, it is..." Sashi chuckled, and reached out to grab Indiana out of the water. She pulled Indiana out, and put him on dry land. Daisy just crawled up and appeared next to Indiana.
"Cindy?" Daisy said out loud.
"Daisy?" Cindy replied, looking down.
"What are you doing here?" Daisy asked, crawling over to Cindy.
"I followed that cutie here..." Cindy said, nodding to Aaron behind her. "You?"
"I followed that cutie..." Daisy repeated, nodding at Indiana. Both males blushed at this.
"So you're Daisy?" Sashi asked. Daisy turned around, and nodded.
"Yes..." she said, raising a tentacle. Sashi slowly grabbed it, and shook it up and down. She chuckled while doing this, the feeling of the tentacle in her hand somewhat tickling her.
"That's a nice name..."
"Thank you..." Daisy nodded.
"So..." Sashi said, facing Cindy. "I noticed you hadn't really answered Ken's question... Why are you wearing no clothes?"
"It's because I live down here... clothes are pointless..."
Sashi chuckled.
"I see..." she said. "Though I'm wondering..."
"About what?"
"Just out of curiosity... Why aren't your... nipples showing?" Sashi asked, her face slightly red. This made everyone turn their attention.
"Mmmm?" Cindy responded, looking down at her breasts. "Oh that... They only show when I'm exited enough... When I get the right amount of pleasure, they swell up... Wanna see?" Cindy asked exited, already moving her hand down.
"No wait!" Aaron gasped, quickly ran over and stopped Cindy from continuing. "Let's not..."
"Awwww, why not?" Cindy asked.
"Yeah..." Ken added.
"Because I say so..." Aaron said, glaring back through half closed eyes. "So... we're done here now?" he then asked.
"Pretty much... Archie is defeated, and we saved Suicune..." Sashi said, and then gasped. "But those other Aqua men escaped!"
"No they didn't.." Aaron smiled.
"They... didn't?" Sashi asked confused.
"We saw them run away fast on our way here..." Aaron said. "When I told Cindy they were bad people, she immediately called for help..."
"She has a lot of Pokemon friends in this area..." Aaron smiled.
"But where are they now then?"
"A little bit ahead, held captive by a couple of Rhydon..."
Sashi smiled. "Good..."
"So we can finally get out of this place?" Eevy asked as she started walking to where Aaron had mentioned.
"Seems so..." Sashi nodded, also walking. Soon the others followed, Kyra and Cath supporting Brian all the way.
"As soon as we get on dry land, we're going to the Pokemon Center so we can tend your injuries..." Cath said.
"That sounds like a good idea..." Brian replied, nodding. "Then we can get our Pokemon some rest as well..."
"Yeah, our Pokemon..." Kyra said, looking down at her very first Pokeball, making a smile appear on her face.
"Damn right... I'm exhausted..." Umbreon said.
"But you should be back to full strength after that revive I gave you earlier..." Brian said.
"Don't tell me you're tired of worrying about how everything can go wrong?" Umbreon asked.
"Mmmm... You're right..." Brian nodded.
"Oh, in that case... I'm exhausted too..." Espeon said. "Can you carry me?"
"I may be exhausted, but I'm not stupid..." Umbreon chuckled, nudging his lover. She rubbed her head back, chuckling as well.
"Was worth a try..." she said.

The group walked through some tunnels, and finally arrived at the right spot.
"Well well, what do we have here?" Sashi said out loud when seeing Matt sitting on the ground in front of a small lake, one of the 5 Rhydon standing near him, watching over him, ready to do an attack if he became dangerous.
"You?! Still alive?" Matt growled.
"More alive than Archie, that is..." Sashi replied. Matt gasped.
"What happened to Archie?!" Matt said.
"He got what he deserved..."
"You killed him?!" Matt gasped.
"I didn't... Suicune did..."
"Curse that Pokemon!" Matt growled, and at that moment, Suicune came walking into the cave, growling at Matt's words. Matt quickly shut his mouth and pretended he hadn't said a word.
"You..." Suicune said to Sashi.
"I want to thank you for rescuing me..."
"Oh don't worry about it... I felt it was part my fault you got captured, so I just had to come..."
Suicune just nodded in reply.
"So what do we do with them?" Ryu asked, nodding at the Aqua men. "Do we take them out as well?"
Sashi thought about it for a second.
"Well, Archie was the real evil one... and as bas as they are, they don't deserve death, since they were just following orders..." Sashi said.
"My thoughts exactly..." Cath said.
"Then what?" Ryu asked.
"Let's call for the police to come..." Sashi said.
"Won't work... No phone reception..." Ken said.
"Damn..." Sashi said.
"What we can do is bring them down here..." Eevy suggested.
"That's a great idea!" Sashi smiled.
"Leave that to me..." Ken said, and grabbed one of his Pokeballs. "Go Happy ness!" he said while throwing the ball.
"'Happy ness'?" the group repeated, when the Pokeball opened, and a bright light came out. When landing on the ground, it formed the shape of a big, blue Pokemon.
"It's... a Lapras..." Sashi said.
"I will swim on her back to shore, get to Officer Jenny and explain everything..." Ken said.
"Right.." Sashi nodded. "Hurry, and good luck..."
"Thanks..." Ken smiled as Happy ness jumped into the water. Ken quickly jumped onto her back, and took a deep breath. He then patted on Happy ness' back twice, giving her the sign he was ready. Immediately Happy ness dove under, and soon Ken was gone.
"Hey Sashi! You're not going to believe this!" Espeon said, running over to her Trainer.
"What is it, Espeon?" Sashi asked, kneeling down.
"Umbreon and I were exploring the tunnels beyond here, and came to what the Aqua men were going to use to escape!" Espeon replied.
"What is it?"
"Come see for yourself!" Espeon said, and started running back.
"Everyone? Follow me!" Sashi said, following Espeon. Soon, everybody followed.

They walked through some more tunnels, and then stopped in front of a big, blue submarine.
"Is that the submarine we arrived in?" Eevy asked.
"I don't think so..." Sashi said. "That one wasn't blue..."
"But this is great! With this we can get up!" Kyra smiled.
"Damn..." Ryu said.
"What?" Sashi asked.
"If we knew about this earlier, Ken wouldn't have to swim up on Happy Ness' back..." Ryu replied.
Sashi chuckled. "True..."
"I'll call him when we get up then..." Ryu said.
"But does anyone know how to sail a submarine?" Brian asked, and the whole cave fell silent.
"I do.." Ryu answered.
"You can?"
"I'm pretty handy with machines, vehicles, anything..." Ryu smiled. "I'll admit, I've never tried a submarine before, and it might take a while before I get the hang of it, but when I do, I can bring us up..."
"That's awesome!" Sashi smiled. "Then you should start already... The sooner the better..."
"On it!" Ryu replied, and ran to the submarine.
"So does this mean you're leaving?" Daisy asked.
"Yeah..." Sashi said, turning around, "I gotta continue my journey to become a Pokemon Master..."
"Then this is goodbye..." Daisy said.
"Huh? Why?"
"Well as much as I like living on land, I can't stay on the dry longer than needed..." Daisy said.
"But you're on dry land now..." Sashi said.
"That's because it's moist here... the air contains lots of minerals that keep me cool and wet..." Daisy said.
"I understand..." Sashi nodded, grabbed one of Daisy's tentacles, and shook it. "It was a pleasure meeting you, even if it were short..."
Daisy chuckled.
"Likewise... I sense you're a very nice person, and I'm sure you'll get far as a Trainer..." she said.
"If you're staying here, then so will I..." Indiana said, stepping next to Daisy.
"You... You'll stay here? For me?"
"I only came down here because I wanted to help Sashi try and defeat Team Aqua... But instead I didn't help at all... instead, I found you..." Indiana said.
"Awww, that's so sweet..." Sashi thought.
This made Daisy blush.
"Actually, I found you..." Daisy said.
"Oh, right..." Indiana chuckled.
"To be honest, that same thing goes for me as well..." Cindy said. "Being a Huntail causes me to remain as wet as possible..."
"Heh... 'wet'..." Aaron thought. "And I'll stay here as well then..."
"What? I thought you wanted to travel with us?" Sashi asked.
"To be honest... I was just looking for attention... I always felt alone, and when I saw you guys, that feeling disappeared... But now I'm not alone anymore..." Aaron said, looking at Cindy.
"Thanks, baby..." she smiled.
"So you'll just stay down here forever?" Sashi asked.
"Well food will be a problem... but I guess I can occasionally go up to get some..." Aaron smiled.
"I see..." Sashi nodded. "Well, it's been great meeting you..." she said to Aaron.
"Same..." Aaron said, shaking Sashi's hand as she held it out.
"And you... You did help us... Not much, but enough at the moment... So thanks..." Sashi said, kneeling down.
"Good luck with your journey..." Indiana said, shaking Sashi's hand.
"And last, you..." Sashi said to Cindy.
"Good luck with Aaron..." Sashi smiled.
"Thanks..." Cindy smiled back.
"Okay I got it!" came Ryu's voice from up the submarine.
"Wow, that was fast!" Sashi smiled, looking up.
"It was actually a piece of cake..." Ryu grinned, rubbing the back of his head.
Sashi smiled, and turned her head.
"Bye..." she said to Aaron, Indiana, Cindy and Daisy, shortly waving her hand. Then she bent down, picked up Espeon, and climbed via a ladder on the Submarine, followed by Eevy, then Kyra. Brian had gained a lot of his strength back, and was now able to climb the ladder himself, followed by Cath, holding Umbreon for Brian. One by one they entered the submarine, and slowly, it dove under water, bringing (almost) everybody back to the dry land...

To be continued...

Sashi: Yay! Archie's dead!
*backs away slowly* And why are you so cheery?
Sashi: You got rid f a bad guy ^ ^
Sashi: Plus I'm also happy you finally finished school...
Oh, yeah...
Sashi: So this means more time to write, right?
Not necessarily...
Sashi: Why not?
Now that I'm done with school, I have to find a job ~ ~
Sashi: O.o
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