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Sashi by natsuke


Love is in the air...

Love is in the air...

Well, here it is... My eighth chapter...
Sashi: I've been through a lot in my earlier days as a Pokemon Trainer... If you really want to write everything I went through, you'll end up writing 365 stories...
But that is until now... I want the readers to see how you lived in the days with Eevy and Brian...
Sashi: Didn't Brian leav-
*Shuts Sashi's mouth... again*
Quiet! What did I tell you about not spoiling it for the readers?!
Sashi: Mff mf fffm ffmmmmf?
What? *Takes hand off mouth*
Sashi: To not do it?
Right! Then don't!
Sashi: ^ ^

Sashi was waiting for her Espeon to be back to health. When that time finally came, Sashi was so glad, she hugged Espeon tighter than Brian had once done with his Umbreon.
"How's it going, Espeon?" Brian asked.
"I'm okay, I guess..." she replied.
"Not to hurt from the Battle?"
"Well," Espeon said, stretching, "I was, but since Nurse Joy restored me back to 100% health, I've never felt any better..."
"That's great to hear..." Brian said.
"So how'd the fight go between you and Chansey?" Sashi asked.
"It was tough, but I discovered that my Return attack was very effective to the Chansey..." Espeon said.
"How come?"
"I don't know... I used my Return attack, and the moment I was done attacking, Chansey fell down to the ground, defeated."
"Yeah... But that's when the fight became worse..." Espeon said.
"Tiara sent in another strong Pokemon..."
"Which one?" Sashi asked.
"Snorlax..." Espeon replied, and Sashi gasped.
"I see... Harder to defeat than Chansey..." Sashi said.
"Yeah..." Brian said.
"But now, with Eevy's Pokemon by my side, I am definitely going to win..." Sashi said, and smiled at Eevy.
"Luck to you..." Brian said.

Sashi decided Brian should stay in the Pokemon Center, so that he wouldn't have to face Tiara after his loss. But Brian disagreed, and said he'd come too.
"I'm not afraid of a weird dressed girl..." Brian said.
The three went back to the Gym, and Sashi entered first.
"Welcome tra- Oh, it is you again..." Tiara said.
"Hi..." Brian smiled, and waved his hand.
"Come to challenge me again?" Tiara asked Brian.
"Not this time..." Sashi said, stepping in front of Brian, as if to protect him from Tiara.
"You again... Come to disturb my fights some more?"
"Not this time..." Sashi repeated. "This time I came to fight..."
"Oh really? I have seen your Espeon... If you really want to fight, come back with well trained Pokemon, because I have no time for weaklings..." Tiara said.
"I'm not weak!" Sashi said.
"And I have no time for you anyway..."
"Why not? It's 1 p.m.!" Sashi barked.
"Private reasons..." Tiara said. "I have to leave the Gym closed..."
"But our fight?" Sashi asked.
"Tomorrow..." Tiara said, and the three had to leave.


"I can't believe she's doing this!" Sashi growled.
"We have all the time.." Eevy said.
"Yeah, I guess you're right... But now I have to wait for tomorrow to fight her..." Sashi groaned.
"Doesn't matter..." Eevy said, and placed a hand on Sashi's shoulder. "Now we have a lot of time to discuss about *a-hem* us..." Eevy said, and Brian looked at the two confused.
"You're right..." Sashi smiled, then looked at Brian. "Girl stuff..."
"Oh..." Brian replied, and dropped the matter.
"We're leaving for a while, okay?" Eevy said to Brian.
"Do whatever you like..." Brian replied.
"Okay..." Sashi said, and walked away, followed by Eevy. "Espeon, you stay here too..."
"Oh..." Espeon replied, and followed her Trainer's orders.
"So..." Sashi said, as both girls were now at the same place Eevy ran away to earlier. On a rock just outside the city.
"So..." Eevy replied, sitting down on the rock.
"Heheh..." Sashi grinned.
Eevy grinned back.
Now that they've confessed their feelings towards each other, they didn't know what to do.
"What next? I've never been in such a situation before..." Sashi said.
"Well... I have..." Eevy said.
"You've confessed your love to other girls before?" Sashi gasped.
"I've had a few girlfriends before you..." Eevy replied.
"And they all left you?" Sashi asked.
"Yes... Somehow they didn't love me enough to hold on to the relationship..." Eevy sighed.
"And how do you know we will?" Sashi asked.
"I know that because I feel we will... We're destined to be together..." Eevy said.
Sashi ran a hand through Eevy's hair when she said that.
"I couldn't have said that better myself..." Sashi said, and moved her face forwards again, and then they both shared another kiss. This time Eevy didn't hold back, but pushed her face against Sashi's. She, in return, grabbed Eevy's head, and pushed her face forwards too. They kissed for almost a minute - just like before - before they broke it. Eevy sighed.
"I'm so happy now... How many time I haven't thought of this moment..." Eevy said. Sashi embraced Eevy, and smiled.
"And now, it's finally there..."
Eevy placed her arms around Sashi, and hugged her.
"Well... what do you say if we find a quiet spot to *a-hem* have fun?" Eevy asked.
"Show me the way, and I'll follow..." Sashi giggled.

Meanwhile, in the Pokemon Center...

"I wonder what the two are up to..." Brian said.
"They said it was girl stuff... But I'm a girl too, right?" Espeon said.
"You sure are..." Brian replied, smiling.
Espeon noticed something in the corner of her eyes, and looked at it. It was Umbreon. He was looking at her, but when Espeon looked him in the eyes, he quickly turned his head, and walked away. Espeon followed him out of the Pokemon Center, and came to a stop a short distance from it, where Umbreon had stopped. She walked over to Umbreon, and sat down next to him.
"Hey Umbreon..." she said.
"Oh... hi..." he replied.
"How are you doing?"
"Terrible..." Umbreon said.
"Why terrible?"
"It's about when you fought that Chansey..." Umbreon said.
"Why is it bothering you?"
"If I hadn't fallen asleep, you wouldn't have gotten hurt..." he replied.
"You're worried about that?" Espeon asked, and Umbreon nodded. "Hey, don't worry about me... I can take care of myself... I'm a strong Pokemon... That's why I stepped in. I couldn't bear to see you be defeated like that..." Espeon said.
"T-thanks..." Umbreon smiled. He was nervous, now that Espeon was being so close to him. Since that time in the cave, where she had rubbed her head against his, he felt nervous around her. He couldn't get it out of his mind. And even though it wasn't visible through his black fur, he was blushing. Espeon noticed something strange about Umbreon. She could sense these things.
"Umbreon? You okay?"
"Huh what? Oh, yeah, I'm fine..."
"Come on... Tell me what's on your mind..." Espeon said.
"I... rather not..." he quickly said.
"What's wrong?" Espeon said, looking into his eyes, smiling.
"Now I definitely know something is wrong... Are you going to say it, or do I have to bring it out?" Espeon said.
"All right, I'll tell... B-but promise me you won't laugh..." Umbreon blushed harder.
"Why would I laugh?" Espeon asked. "You got my word... I won't laugh."
"Okay... *a-hem*" Umbreon was shaking all over. "Remember that time in the cave?"
"What time?"
"Where we argued... About what Brian had said to me when I was angry at him..."
"Yes? What about it?"
"Okay, when I-I said I was sorry... You uhm..." Umbreon said, and got no further. But this was enough for Espeon to know what was wrong.
"I see..."
"Well and since that moment... I've eh... you know..."
Espeon didn't reply. She only smiled at Umbreon. Umbreon noticed her smiling at him, and quickly turned his head away.
"I-I'm sorry... It was stupid..." he said. "Forget what I said..."
Espeon giggled, got up, and walked to in front of Umbreon's face. He now noticed her standing in front of him, and tried to turn his head away again, but Espeon stopped that with one of her paws.
"Hey... Relax... I guess you are afraid I don't feel the same, am I right?" Espeon asked, and Umbreon slowly nodded. "Well..." she said, and slowly licked (kissed) his cheek. "Don't worry..." She was now rubbing her head against Umbreon's again. Umbreon closed his eyes, and let Espeon do whatever she was doing. Espeon turned her body, so that she was sitting next to him, and slowly moved her tail around Umbreon. "I fell in love with you from the day we met... At first, it was because I thought you were cute, being so shy... But later I saw you showed how brave you were..." Espeon said.
"Ehh..." Umbreon blushed. He couldn't believe she was so open about this.
"I like men who are a combination of being shy and brave..." Espeon was blushing too. "Not like those who act tough just to impress a girl..."
"You are not like those men..." Espeon said, and rubbed her head against Umbreon again. "And that's what I like in you..."
"Espeon..." Umbreon said, but got no further, as Espeon pushed her furry lips against Umbreon's. His eyes were open wide with surprise, but he soon closed them as he realized what was going on. It wasn't an ordinary kiss, because it was between two Pokemon, but Espeon managed to slip her tongue into Umbreon's. He gasped softly as he felt her tongue in his mouth, and decided to return the favor. He pushed his own tongue against Espeon's, and the two shared their saliva. Then, finally, they broke the kiss, and gasped for air.
"Whoa..." Umbreon gasped.
"You were pretty good yourself... " Espeon smiled. She got up, and started walking. "Follow me... " she said seductively.
Umbreon smiled, and got up too.
"I may not know the attack Attract, but I see I have some affect on you... " Espeon giggled.
"Oh don't worry... Attacking you is the last thing I would do..." Umbreon replied.
The two walked into a deserted ally, and turned a few corners. When Espeon was sure no one could see them - it was a big city, so it had a lot of places where no one ever came - Espeon stopped, and turned around. Umbreon was hot on her tail (:P), and he stopped too. Espeon sat down, and looked at Umbreon.
"Why did you bring us here?" Umbreon asked.
"Are you a virgin?" Espeon asked, and Umbreon gasped.
"I... "
"Oh I'm sorry... I meant... have you ever had sex before?"
Umbreon was silent. He now got it.
"N-no... I haven't... " he replied.
"So this will be your first time?" Espeon asked.
"I just said that, right?" Umbreon said.
"Oh... yeah, sorry..." Espeon said.
"And you? Have you ever had sex before?" he asked.
"A couple of times, yes..."
"Then you can tell me what to do?" Umbreon asked, and Espeon nodded.
"The first thing the female has to be done with sex is to get the male ready..." Espeon explained. "Sit down..."
"Okay..." Umbreon said, sitting down.
"Now slowly lay down on your back..." Espeon said, and Umbreon complied. When Umbreon was on his back on the alley floor, Espeon walked over to between his legs. She looked down, and saw Umbreon's hidden pouch. She moved her head down, slowly stuck out her tongue, and licked over it.
"Ohhh..." Umbreon moaned when he felt Espeon's tongue over his most sensitive area. "Yeah that feels great..."
Espeon giggled as her tongue went over Umbreon's balls, and she slowly took in one into her mouth. She started sucking on it, and then released it. Then she began to work on the other one, and repeated the same treatment. And slowly, Umbreon's dick started to grow. It hadn't reached its fullest length yet, but still it had reached 7 inches already. Espeon released Umbreon's ball, moved her head up, and took a look at the growing male hood. Umbreon was panting hard. Never before in his life had he felt this kind of pleasure.
"Wha... What's wrong? Why'd you stop? It felt so great..." Umbreon moaned.
"Just looking at what I have to work with..." Espeon replied, not taking her eyes of Umbreon's dick. "And by the looks of it, we're going to have so much fun..."
Umbreon smiled, and closed his eyes once again as Espeon lowered her head, and slowly caressed Umbreon's shaft with her tongue. She went over the head, and down the black shaft. Umbreon's species have a black dick. The same color of their fur. But Umbreon's dick wasn't covered in fur. It was completely hairless. Espeon moved her tongue down to Umbreon's balls again. There, she licked them all over, and went back up to the shaft. Then Espeon licked her way up, and broke contact with Umbreon's dick. His dick had reached its fullest length now. It was about 9 inches, and quite thick too.
"Not bad..." Espeon giggled, moving her head up.
"Uh... Thanks?" Umbreon replied. "Why'd you stop now?"
"Relax..." Espeon replied, licking her lips. She looked down again, and saw a drop of pre-cum appearing on Umbreon's dick. She quickly licked it up with her tongue, and then opened her mouth wide. Umbreon watched as Espeon lowered her head again, taking in the first few inches of his dick into her mouth. He quickly closed his eyes, and moved his head back when he felt the warmth of Espeon's mouth, and her furry lips around his shaft. Espeon moved her head down some more, until 5 or 6 inches were inside, and then pulled back, leaving only the head inside.
"Oh!" Umbreon gasped. "That feels gr-" Umbreon never got to finish his sentence, as Espeon pushed her head down hard, taking in 2 more inches then before. She began to pump her head up, and then down again.

"Where are we going again?" Sashi asked as Eevy pulled her forwards.
"Just somewhere quiet..." Eevy said. The two girls saw a cabin made of wood. It wasn't that big. "Let's go see if that will do..." Eevy said, and approached the cabin. She looked through the windows, and saw nobody inside. It was empty. "I think it's empty..."
"You sure we should do this? I mean, isn't this breaking in someone else's house?"
"I'm not sure this is someone's house... And besides... We'll only be here for a short time..." Eevy said, looked back into Sashi's eyes, and winked. "That depends on how soon I can get you off..." she giggled.
Sashi smiled back.
"Or have you changed your mind about this?" Eevy asked.
Sashi didn't reply. Instead, she moved herself past Eevy, grabbed the doorknob, opened the door, and stepped inside.
"Coming?" she asked when inside.
Eevy giggled, and entered the cabin. She closed the door behind her, and locked it. Then, she closed the curtains in front of the windows, as Sashi turned on the light. The two looked at what was inside. A couch, a T.V., a table, a bed. Not much.
"So... Which one do you want?" Eevy asked. Sashi didn't say a thing. She turned around, grabbed Eevy's waist, and pushed her lips against Eevy's. She slipped in her tongue, and Eevy returned the favor. During the kiss, Sashi grabbed the end of Eevy's T-shirt, and pulled it up. They had to break the kiss for a while, so that the T-shirt could be pulled over Eevy's head, but when it was off, Sashi pushed her lips back. Eevy was pushed against the door when the two kissed, and she had trouble keeping her balance. So Eevy decided to do something about it. She put her hands on Sashi's shoulders, and slowly pushed her back. She moved as well, and the two were now in the middle of the room, just in front of the couch. Eevy slowly sat down, not daring to break contact with Sashi, as she also sat down on the couch. Now it was time for Sashi's T-shirt to be pulled off, and as hard as she had tried not to, she had to break the kiss. Sashi helped Eevy pull her T-shirt over her head, and threw it away next to the couch. Eevy looked down at Sashi's breasts. It wasn't new to her. She had seen them before. But this time not from a proper distance.
"Beautiful sight, isn't it?" Sashi giggled.
"The best..." Eevy replied.
Sashi grabbed Eevy's head, and pulled her down to her chest. Eevy didn't fight against it. She would have done this anyway. Eevy opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. It immediately touched Sashi's left breast's nipple, and she moved her tongue around it. Then, she closed her lips around it, and started sucking softly. Sashi moaned, and closed her eyes. Sashi was rubbing her other breast with her right hand, but she had to remove that one when Eevy switched breasts. So instead of rubbing her breasts, she moved her hands down her belly, and unbuckled her belt. When it was unbuckled, she pulled her pants off, but only for a little bit. Eevy, who was now covering the whole right breast with her saliva, noticed Sashi trying to undo her of her pants. She moved her own hands down as well, and helped Sashi pull down her pants. It was down in seconds. Sashi was now completely naked. Her pussy was already wet with juices. Now that Sashi's pants were down, it was time for Eevy's. She released Sashi's breast, and moved her chest up. She grabbed her belt, and unbuckled it. As soon as it was off, Sashi grabbed Eevy's pants, and pulled it down. Sashi's eyes went wide when she saw Eevy's pussy.
"No panty?" she asked.
"Not since our night in Bakiki town..." Eevy replied.
"What do you mean by that?" Sashi asked confused. Did something happen that night?
"I mean I had to sleep naked that night right?" Eevy said, and Sashi nodded. "Well, you could say I've gotten used to it... Besides, it would have gotten in the way in a situation like this..."
Sashi giggled, sat up, and kissed Eevy on the lips again.
"Stop talking..." she said, as Eevy got off her. Sashi sat up, and moved her body so that her feet were placed on the ground. Eevy smiled as Sashi spreaded her legs wide, and her pussy became exposed. Eevy looked down, placed her hands on Sashi's legs, and spreaded them some more. She moved her head down, and slowly stuck out her tongue. This might not be the first time she did this, but she was still nervous. She could do something wrong. Sashi gasped as Eevy licked her pussy lips once, and threw her head back against the couch.

Umbreon was having the time of his life. Espeon was now bringing him to his first orgasm ever, and he could feel something burning up inside. She was doing a great job. Every time she moved her head up, she closed her lips around his shaft some more, sucking hard. Umbreon couldn't take it anymore.
"Es... peon..." Umbreon moaned. "I... feel something..."
"Mmmm..." Espeon moaned, but didn't stop blowing Umbreon.
"Oh oh OH!" Umbreon moaned, as he closed his eyes as tight as possible, arched his back, and humped Espeon's head once more, before he released his thick cum into Espeon's mouth. Espeon gasped softly at the amount of Umbreon's cum. It was so much, it even came out of the corners of her mouth, and he was still going, so she quickly swallowed some cum. She moaned as she tasted his cum, and swallowed some more. Then, finally, Umbreon stopped cumming, and gasped for air as Espeon swallowed the last remains. She kept on blowing Umbreon until he calmed down a bit, and then removed the dick from her mouth. She licked her lips to remove the cum that had come out, and used her paw to clean her chin. She moved her paw to her mouth, and licked it clean of cum. Then she looked down at Umbreon. He had a goofy smile on his face. Espeon giggled.
"Wow... That... was... amazing..." Umbreon gasped. Each word took a deep breath.
"Mmmm..." Espeon smiled. "That was quite a load... Was this your first orgasm?"
"Huh? Yes... I think it... was..."
"Then I'm glad I was the first one..." Espeon smiled.
"And I'm glad too..." Umbreon said. "So... What now?"
"We could let you do me now, because I did you..."
"Sounds great to me..." Umbreon said.
"But tasting your cum made me hornier then ever..." Espeon said, and looked down. "And by the looks of your erection, I see you've got another round in you..."
Umbreon looked down, and saw his still erect dick. "Wow..."
"And feeling your dick in my mouth left me wondering something..."
"And what is that?" Umbreon asked.
"How this wonderful thing would feel..." Espeon said, and walked onto Umbreon's body, so that her face was now over his. "Inside me..." she finished, and moved her butt down. She didn't take time to position herself, but was lucky Umbreon's dick got into the right hole. Espeon moaned, closed her eyes, and moved her head back as Umbreon's dick had entered her pussy. Her lips stretched out as Umbreon's thick dick was inside her. She sat down, and took in almost 8� inches. Umbreon still had his eyes open wide. He couldn't believe how great this felt. It was even better than the feeling he got before. Finally, he closed his eyes, and let Espeon take him in.
"Oh my god... This feels so good!" Umbreon moaned.
"Oh..." Espeon moaned as she pulled herself up, and Umbreon's dick some part out of her pussy. She then pushed herself back again, and they both moaned.

"Oh.. Stop..." Sashi moaned, and Eevy did.
"Why? Am I not doing it right?" Eevy asked.
"No," Sashi said, rubbing a hand through Eevy's hair, "You've done great... But I thought you deserved some pleasure too..."
"Oh?" Eevy smiled, as Sashi lay down on her back again.
"Come here on the couch..." Sashi said, and Eevy did. She moved her body in the way she thought Sashi wanted it. She was now above Sashi's pussy, and Sashi was now underneath hers. Sashi grabbed Eevy's butt, and slowly pulled it down, so that her mouth was covering Eevy's pussy. Eevy did the same, but she placed her hands on Sashi's legs, and pulled them apart some more, before lowering her head. She opened her mouth, and licked Sashi's slit all the way down.

Meanwhile, Espeon and Umbreon had rolled over, and Espeon was now lying on her back. Umbreon was still humping Espeon. He now had more room to move his butt, and Espeon didn't have to do anything. Umbreon entered Espeon's pussy hard, pushing in all his 9 inches. Espeon could take it. She may not be used to this length, but for Umbreon, she would adjust. Besides, 9 inches in her pussy felt better than anything. She could get used to this. Umbreon had his paws next to Espeon's body, but his head was at her chest. He was now licking and sucking Espeon's small breasts. Espeon moaned loud. On Umbreon's first time, he did a heck of a good job pleasuring a female. Umbreon could feel another climax building up, and he desperately wanted to feel it again, so he increased his humps. Espeon rocked her hips back in Umbreon's rhythm, enjoying the feeling of his dick inside her.

Eevy was licking furiously on Sashi's pussy, playing with her clit. Eevy could feel her own orgasm build up quickly, and wanted to make Sashi climax at the same time. She decided to increase pleasuring Sashi by pushing in a few fingers. And it helped. Sashi moaned louder when Eevy pushed in her index-finger past her tongue, deep into her pussy. Feeling a finger enter her pussy, Sashi decided to copy Eevy's move. She moved one hand from Eevy's butt down, and pushed her thumb into Eevy's pussy. A thumb is much thicker than a finger, so this made Eevy gasp suddenly. Then, Eevy returned to Sashi's pussy again. Sashi's climax approached her quickly, and she didn't know if she could get Eevy to cum at the same time. But she could at least try. But she failed. The moment she increased her sucking, Eevy pushed her tongue deeper in her pussy than before, reaching some very sensitive parts. It pushed her over the edge. Sashi moaned one last time before she climaxed. At exactly the same time, Espeon came too. Not a second later, not a second too soon. It was as if both Sashi and Espeon were having a synchronized orgasm. Sashi moaned as her juices shot out of her pussy, straight up into Eevy's mouth. Eevy happily drank everything Sashi had to give.

Espeon moaned loud, as her juices shot up against Umbreon's belly. She had her eyes closed tight, and her mouth wide open. Umbreon took this moment, and pushed his lips against Espeon's, and gave her a very awkward French kiss. He pushed his tongue deep into Espeon's mouth, but she didn't do the same. She needed all the energy she had to keep herself from blacking out, so he just kissed her mouth, and then licked her face. Umbreon kept on humping, until Espeon's orgasm died down. But even after that, he continued. He hadn't climaxed yet. Espeon squeezed her hips tight, and that gave Umbreon a better feeling. He could now feel Espeon's pussy squeeze around his dick, so he increased his humping some more. And this helped a lot. In a matter of seconds, he announced;
"It's... coming again!" he shouted the last words, as he arched his back, thrusted once more into Espeon, and then came. His second load may not have been as much as his first, but it was still much. Even enough to give Espeon a second, smaller orgasm.

Sashi was done with her orgasm, and was now breathing in fresh air. Eevy got off her quickly, but Sashi grabbed Eevy's arm.
"Wait..." Sashi said as she turned Eevy over on her back. "Now it's your turn to come..." Sashi said before digging her head into Eevy's crotch. She continued the treatment she was giving Eevy earlier, and Eevy closed her eyes again as she moaned. Just a few more seconds of this was enough to bring Eevy to her climax.
"OH YES!" Eevy gasped as she came hard. Her climax was bigger than Sashi's was. Eevy's juices shot out of her straight into Sashi's mouth. Sashi drank Eevy's juices with pleasure, and got every drop of it.

Umbreon got off Espeon, as his dick finally shrunk back, and disappeared into his hidden pouch, where it belonged.
"You were great..." Espeon moaned, half sitting up, licking Umbreon's face.
"Thanks... Did I do everything right?"
"You did well for your first time..." Espeon replied.
"Thanks..." he said again. "Espeon?"
"I love you..." Umbreon said.
"I love you too..." Espeon replied. "Now let's go back to Brian in the Pokemon Center... I'm sure he's worried about you..."
"I'm sure you're right..." Umbreon said, and walked away. Espeon followed. "Brian is going to be SO jealous..." Umbreon smiled.
"Why?" Espeon asked confused.
"We bet on who would lose his virginity first..." Umbreon said.
"You did?"
"And did you win?" Espeon asked.
"Thanks to you, I did..." Umbreon replied. "I can't wait to tell him!" he said excited.
"Well you have to..."
"I want to tell the others too, at the exact same time..." Espeon said.
"If you want to, then I'll wait..." Umbreon said.
"Thank you..."
"No thank you..." Umbreon said quickly.

"That was awesome..." Sashi said, giving Eevy her T-shirt.
"You were awesome..." Eevy replied, and both girls laughed.
"You think we should tell Brian about us?"
"Mmmm... I don't know... I mean, any male loves the sight of two females in love, and I'm sure Brian is no exception..."
"And I'm pretty sure he'd love to join us if we're doing it..." Sashi said.
"Oh I know! Why don't we let him find out for himself?"
"And how were you suppose to do that?" Sashi giggled.
"I dunno..." Eevy said, and kissed Sashi on the lips. "Maybe do that in front of him?" she said, after breaking the kiss.
"Or this..." Sashi said, and grabbed Eevy's butt.
"Or this..." Eevy replied, moving her hands under Sashi's T-shirt, grabbing her breasts.
"So you're saying all sorts of things to show him we love each other?" Sashi giggled. "Then which one shall we use?"
"You pick..." Eevy said. "Now let's go back, before they'll miss us..."
"Good idea..." Sashi said, as Eevy unlocked the door. "Would anyone have noticed we were in here?"
"I'm not sure..." Eevy said, and looked outside. "Nobody in sight..." she said, and stepped out.
"Good..." Sashi said, and followed Eevy.

The two went back to the Pokemon Center, at the same time as Espeon and Umbreon. The two Pokemon were walking side by side, and Espeon smiled when she saw Sashi.
"Welcome back..." Espeon said.
"Likewise, I guess... Where did you go?" Sashi said.
"Just uhm... Some place quiet to talk..." Espeon said, looking back at Umbreon.
"Aha..." Sashi replied with a grin.
"And what did you two do all this time?" Espeon smiled.
Sashi looked at Eevy. "Just talking..." she said.
"Aha..." Espeon replied with a grin.
It was obvious the two knew exactly what they had done.
"Let's go inside..." Eevy said, breaking the silence.
"Good idea..." Sashi said.
"I agree..." Espeon said, and the four walked in.

"Umbreon! There you are buddy!" Brian said, knelt down in front of his Pokemon, and petted his head. "Where'd you go off to? I couldn't find you..."
"I uhm..." Umbreon began, blushing.
"He was with me..." Espeon said quickly.
"Oh..." Brian said.
Umbreon looked at Espeon with a look that said 'should we tell them now?'. Espeon returned a 'Let's wait a few more seconds...' look.
"So... What are we going to do now?" Eevy asked.
"Well, wait for my Gym Battle with Tiara..." Sashi replied, and looked at Brian. "And how about you? What will you do about your Gym Battle with Tiara? Will you challenge her again?"
"I suppose... But first I need to train a little more..." Brian said.
"Does that mean you will leave us?" Espeon asked.
"I guess so..." Brian replied. Espeon gasped softly, but soft enough so that only Sashi heard. Sashi didn't say anything about it, though.
"But not today..." Brian said. "I guess I still need to recover from my loss..."
"Okay..." Eevy said.
"I'l go see if Darren replied yet..." Sashi said, and went to the computer. She logged in to her account, and indeed, a new message in her Inbox. She opened it, and it was from Darren.

"Hey Sashi,

Sorry for Brian that he lost... But what he can do, is come
here and train... Since a while ago I have installed a
training area for Pokemon to train with each other... That
may help him defeat her. And this is the perfect
opportunity for you and Brian to meet the other Anthro's
here... I've told them about you, and they can't wait to
meet you... It is as if you're famous here. ^ ^

But I am sure you'll do fine in your Battle against
Tiara... If you won your last match against Ocean, this one
will go good too... And if you feel any doubts, you can
train here too. And I would also like to meet the human who
travels along with you... So bring Eevy along too, okay?
Talking about Eevy, why did she run away during the battle?

So, if you're interested, come to Four Island Daycare, on
Four Island. To get here, you must take the boat from Salia
City harbor. If I'm correct, a boat leaves every 3 hours...

Hope to hear from you soon,


"Hey Brian..." Sashi said, and Brian approached her.
"It says here you can train your Pokemon on Darren's Daycare... He has a special training area where you can train with other Pokemon..." Sashi said.
"I dunno... I'd like to do my training alone..." Brian said.
"Oh come on... We're going too..." Sashi said.
"We are?" Eevy asked, joining the two.
"Yes... Darren says he'd love to meet you..." Sashi said to Eevy.
"Because you travel along with us Anthro's..." Sashi replied.
"Oh... In that case, yes, we're going too..." Eevy said.
"Mmmm..." Brian moaned. "Oh what can go wrong? I'll go too..."
"Okay, then I will let Darren know we're coming..." Sashi said, and hit the reply button.

Meanwhile, the two Eons were sitting next to each other.
"You hear that? We won't be separated!" Umbreon smiled.
"That's great!" Espeon said, rubbing her head against Umbreon's. He rubbed it back, and they closed their eyes.
"It would mean the end to me if we got separated... I mean, now that we've both admitted our love to each other..." Umbreon said.

"Hey Darren!

We'd love to come over. Brian agreed in coming too, to
train for his next Battle with Tiara. I'd love to come too,
to train, but I am sure I will win my match. Wanna know
why? Eevy's Pokemon are all above level 53! That means the
match will be over before we know it! I know it's cheating,
but I want that badge... ^ ^ So I'm going to challenge
Tiara tomorrow... She said she had no time for weaklings,
and had private reasons why she closed the Gym... Well I'm
going to show her I'm not weak by defeating her tomorrow!

The reason why Eevy ran away during the match was because
of something she saw... Remember I told you that I had to
kiss brian to get him out of his attraction? Well, Eevy
thought I kissed him because I had some feelings towards
him... But I reassured her that was not the case... She's
fine now, and also coming...

See you soon!

- Sashi"

And the next day, she got her badge.

To be continued...

There! My eighth chapter done! Oh I've got something planned in the next one!
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