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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


The Chosen One's Wrath

The battlefield had become eerily quiet except for the sound of energy swirling around Ash's body. No one could understand what had happened to him except for Neo. However, he was still unconscious and was in no shape to fight, or speak. Latios and Latias were also in no shape to aid their loved one against Black Tulip, who had energized herself with Shadow energy.

(This punk has been a thorn in my side long enough. Wait a second.....) She noticed that Ash was standing right in front of Neo, Latias, and Latios, who were lying on the ground behind him. (He just made it too easy! It's like shooting fish in a barrel! I'll take all four of them out with one shot! And to make things even easier, his other companions over there will be caught in the blast as well, leaving no eyewitnesses!) Ash cast his hat to the sidelines as Black Tulip raised an arm at him. A sly smirk came across her lips. "You should have let me do my job, punk. Now, you're all dead!"

A massive blast of Shadow energy came from her palm and enveloped Ash and his three loved ones! May, Max, Pikachu, and Brock were frozen to the spot with a combination of terror and sorrow as they saw their friends annihilated in one horrifying blast. May could feel tears streaming down her face as she waited for the smoke to clear. She was certain that Ash and the others were dead by now.

Black Tulip could see a massive reward waiting for her in her mind. However, when the smoke began to clear, she was confused to see that the three other children and that Pikachu were still standing. (Weird. That blast should have reached them too.) When the smoke cleared completely, everyone was stunned to see Ash and his three companions seemingly no more injured than before! May felt nothing but relief and joy that Ash was still OK. However, he was in a hunched position, with his arms in a cross-shaped guard, covering his face.

A moment later, Ash suddenly lowered his arms down to his sides and let out a wail! A bright golden flash covered his body! When it receded, Black Tulip was shocked to see that his hair was a shining silver color! After he stared at her with a look most intimidating, Ash let out an unusually long yell. Suddenly, he slammed Black Tulip with eight extremely heavy blows, the last one sending her over the horizon! Wasting no time, he FLEW after her! After the four of them stood there with their mouths almost touching the ground in disbelief, Brock broke the silence. "Uh, Max? Isn't Pallet Town in the direction they're heading?!" Max fumbled the PokeNav out of his pocket and checked. "*gulp* Yeah, it is!" May added, "Let's wait for him to come back. They still need our help!" She pointed to Neo, Latias, and Latios.

After a few seconds of soaring through the air, Black Tulip regained control and set herself upright, only to find Ash in her face! After a short combo, Ash used nothing more than his voice to send her down into Professor Oak's Pokemon enclosure! The moment all the Pokemon noticed Ash and Black Tulip, they began cheering for their future savior. Black Tulip bounced off the ground and fell victim to another barrage of beatings from Ash. However, she managed to get behind Ash and slammed him towards a large storage shed! Ash managed to land sideways on the wall and rammed Black Tulip when she closed in! They began heading to Professor Oak's lab!

In side the lab in the residential area, Tracey was handing out lunch to Ash's Phanpy, who was still just an infant! He also tried to cheer up Bayleef, who was heartbroken since her trainer, who she had been madly in love with, left her behind when he left for the Hoenn region five months ago. She had always hoped that he loved her too. She even refused Bulbasaur's help. Bayleef had decided that if Ash wouldn't be her first, then she would stay a virgin for the rest of her life. As she began to nod off for a nap, something crashed through the wall! Tracey and Phanpy were nearly scared out of their skins when it happened. When the dust settled, they saw a woman dressed in black lying down in the rubble, while a mysterious youth walked through the gaping hole in the wall.

"What the?! Is that you, Ash?!" Tracey was sure that this kid looked like Ash. However, he didn't answer. Bayleef knew who it was, even though his eyes and hair looked different since she last saw him. Even Phanpy knew that this stranger was his Dad. Before Black Tulip could get up, Ash knocked her onto her feet and towards the hole in the wall. When he tried to attack her again, she just punched away. Then, Ash blasted her with sonic waves projected from his aura! The last one, which looked like a solar flare, sent Black Tulip flying out of the house! She then went airborne and knocked Ash around for a moment, allowing her Shadow energy to flow freely. However, Ash was in a league of his own. He grabbed her by the foot and began to swing her around and around! After a few sickening minutes, Black Tulip slipped out of her boot! The massive G-forces sent her soaring back towards the group half a mile from Pallet Town! By this time, Latias and Latios and woken up, but Neo was still sawing logs.

When the gang saw Black Tulip falling towards them, everyone ran for cover, but Neo couldn't notice. As it turned out, she fell right into him! He partially woke up and said, "SNNNRRRKKKK...... Come on, Ash. Isn't it a holiday right now?" Black Tulip looked down at Neo, "Heh, you're next after I handle that brat." Ash came swooping in, but Black Tulip flew into the air. She wanted to end this fight without any distractions. She went on the defensive, taking blows while waiting for the right chance to take Ash out. Finally, after being knocked around like a punching bag, she got her chance. She was sent flying with a powerful jab and once she was out of sight, Black Tulip teleported behind Ash! To everyone's horror, she laid a flurry of energy blasts all over Ash's body. It was pretty, the blasts were a rainbow of colors, but it was very painful. When the rainbow flashes ended, Black Tulip finished with a powerful blast of Shadow energy to Ash's face! An explosion occurred, followed by Ash falling to the ground on his face.

Ash climbed to his feet when Black Tulip warped above him. Before they could do anything, Neo slammed her away! His eyes were that scary red color again. Latias and Latios flew over to them. Latias embraced Ash tearfully, "I was afraid I would wake up to find you dead!" Latios spoke, "Be strong, sister. She's not done yet." Neo glanced at all of them and nodded. "Let's take it to her." All four of them flew towards Black Tulip!

Latias and Latios went first. They performed another simultaneous Dragon Claw attack. Black Tulip stopped them with a shield of Shadow energy, just like before. "You'll have to do better than that!" She sent the shield at them again! A bright flash followed the usual boom and when she could see again, Black Tulip was shocked to see the two Pokemon on the ground below her in defensive stances! In front of her was Neo, staring into her eyes with intense bloodlust. Wasting no time, Neo started what would be the defeat of the heartless Rocket. He slammed her away with an elbow jab and teleported ahead of her. He then clothes lined her back to the group, where Ash started playing Ping-Pong with Neo using Black Tulip as the ball! A few seconds later, Neo sent her flying straight up. Ash caught up to her and slammed her back down to his companions. Before Black Tulip hit the ground, she was sandwiched between a Mist Ball and Luster Purge from Latias and Latios! She tried to get a hold of herself as she levitated a few feet of the ground, but Neo sent her flying up towards Ash with a reverse ax kick!

When Black Tulip became parallel with Ash, Neo Teleported up to them and began double-teaming on her with Ash. Then, Latios and Latias performed a double Skull Bash on her from below! Ash and Neo then slammed her back down to the ground where the two Eon Pokemon were waiting. Using Dragon Claw and Slam, the two siblings caused Black Tulip great pain before sending her back up to their brother and friend for another righteous beating. The two Superpowers then began the Pinball routine all over again and sent her down towards Latias. She then thrust her claws right up into Black Tulip's abdomen, holding her up for her sweetheart to attack! Ash slammed into Black Tulip from the side, and then sent her back to the group. It was time for the big finish.

All at once, the four fighters attacked Black Tulip at light speed, heavily distorting the light around them. When they sent her upwards one last time, Neo Teleported up above and knocked her towards Ash, who sent her towards, Latios, who then sent her towards Latias, who slammed Black Tulip in the middle of them all. Ash and Neo slammed into her simultaneously and backed away when Latios and Latias attacked her again with their signature moves. After that, Black Tulip was barely conscious and began to fall to the ground. However, Ash kicked her back up in the air for one last punishing attack! When she was at the top of her climb, Black Tulip was right in front of Neo, who was charging up energy in both hands for a Hyper Beam! "I'll be surprised if you can survive this! Let's see if your luck is as great as your allies'! SAY GOOD NIGHT!" He then blasted her, point blank, with a Hyper Beam that was just as deadly as the one he had used against Team Rocket two weeks earlier! Black Tulip was bulldozed into the forest by the Hyper Beam; the only thing keeping her alive was the Shadow energy in her body. After the blast dissipated, what appeared to be Black Tulip's corpse fell into the forest. (Looks like she got lucky. It would seem that Shadow energy is something to be feared.)

Neo dropped back to the ground and shot a menacing look at Team Rocket, who were still hiding at the edge of the forest. Before he could say anything, they were gone. When they found Black Tulip, she was unconscious the remaining Shadow energy seeping out of her body, like steam. As they carried her to the balloon, James spoke, "When that plan went up in smoke. You think there is any way to capture XD-385?" Meowth added, "I think dat twerp we've always been trying to steal Pikachu from is the really big problem now. I'm not going after him again if we have to go through that twerp!" Just then, Black Tulip regained consciousness and felt the soreness take her body. "Grrrr, I can't believe that I lost to a bunch of freaks. Hey, who's carrying me anyway?" Jessie replied, "Oh, it's just us! You were really lucky that XD-385 didn't kill you." James added, "Yeah, but that Shadow energy is really something we can rely on! Do you think it can be used for anything?" Something came across Black Tulip's mind, "I think I know how to capture him. You're right, that Shadow energy is the key! As soon as I can walk again, tell the Boss I need to see him. Next time, that bioweapon will be as good as ours! And I'll be sure to kill that punk first!"

It took some coaxing to get everyone except Pikachu to approach Ash after the fight. Ash's eyes had returned to their normal appearance and his aura and golden flame had disappeared, but his hair was still silver. Neo reassured them that it would return to its original raven color in a few minutes. "Man, what a rush! I really showed her whose number one, huh?!" Max yelled, "Yeah, but just what happened to you back there?! You were on fire, you were super strong and super fast, and you could fly! How did you do that?!" Neo butted in, "I'll explain that. What you just saw was the first stage of Ash's true potential. It is truly unique for humans. However, he is the only one who is capable of achieving that divine state, a state that is truly worthy of the Chosen One. At his strongest, Ash's strength, speed, and all other abilities will surpass my own. When the day comes for you to complete your destiny, DO NOT hesitate to use your full power, master. You will need it in order to survive!" Latios asked, "Do you mean that he will gain all of your abilities and more?!" Neo looked at him funny, "I didn't say that. I just said that he will surpass me in all forms. I didn't say he would gain my abilities." "Oh."

As they continued walking to Pallet Town, Latias held on to Ash a little tighter than normal. "Hey, you're not scared of me, are you?" His hair had returned to its original color by now. Latias replied, "No, I just feel safe by you. After what you did today, how could I not feel secure next to you?" However, May had made up her mind after seeing Ash nearly die at the hands of Black Tulip. It would be difficult to get Latias permission, but she was not going to accept losing Ash before he became her first. She would have to keep it a secret from her parents as well as Ash's Mom, but this might be the last night that she would have the chance. Ash was also going to have to explain how he put a massive hole in the side of Professor Oak's house. (*Gulp* I'm not looking forward to that!) What was more, how was he going to explain to his Mom that his fiancé wasn't even human? He prayed that her loving personality would let her accept Latias for who she was.

Meanwhile, at a secret location, Black Tulip was speaking with Giovanni through an intercom; she couldn't wait till she could walk to a phone. "That is why. If I'm going to capture that freak, I need new weapons that use Shadow energy. A mechanical armor suit powered by Shadow energy would be ideal." Giovanni replied, "I'll see if it can be done. That energy is very unstable, so I can make no guarantees." He broke the link after that. He then began brainstorming. "Hmmmm. If that energy can power machines, what could it do to living creatures? Maybe......." He contacted one of his lead researchers. He then explained a plan to him, in case they were faced with an absolute last resort if nothing else succeeded in this objective. An omnipotent being empowered by immense concentrations of Shadow energy, with Giovanni being the test subject.
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