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Guardian of the Chosen One by XD385


Operation: Paragon

The day after Ash and Latias had their very first lovemaking session, everyone simply enjoyed the remaining days of their vacation at Altomare. May was very upset that she would never be Ash's first, but she felt a little better as she watched Latias shower him with love at every chance. May just couldn't help but think that Latias was the perfect girl for Ash. Neo frequently had to remind everyone to not make him buy too many souvenirs! They could only take so many with them. The day before the group would leave Altomare, Neo visited Latios, who was almost completely healed.

"Glad to see you're almost back on your feet, brother." Latios gave him a nervous smile, "If you don't mind me asking, would you do me a favor?" Neo was surprised by this, "Uh, sure. Just as long as it doesn't involve harming my master." Latios chuckled, "Of course it doesn't! I want you to hide the Soul Dew in a place where no one, not even me, can find it, somewhere in Altomare." Neo asked, "Why do you want me to do that?" Latios replied, "As long as no one can find it, Altomare will be safe. I will also be able to leave Altomare when I want to." Neo replied, "I guess I see your point. It can get boring staying in one place for too long." Latios laughed, "Yes, it can! However, the main reason why I want to leave Altomare is to stay near Ash and Latias." Neo spoke up, "What?! You don't think I can do a good enough job on my own?!" Latios replied, "I'm sure you can defend them both. I just want to be near my family. Ash will become my Brother-in-law someday. I'm sure of it." Neo thought for a moment, and then said, "OK. I'll ask my master if it's OK for you to join us. However, if he says no, I'll do whatever I can to make sure you don't follow us, understand?" Latios nodded. After the beating he got from him before, Latios didn't want to have to fight him again!

The next day, Ash and the gang checked out of the hotel and went down to the dock to wait for the ferry. Neo still wasn't comfortable about changing his appearance around the citizens of the city. Finally, Latios, Bianca and her Grandpa showed up to wish them well. Ash spoke, "Hey Latios! You're good to go!" Latios jumped, "I can come?!" Ash nodded. Bianca was very tearful about her two closest friends leaving her, but she felt happy that they would be with the boy they cared for. She embraced both of the Eon Pokemon, "Promise me you'll come back to visit sometime." They promised. Her grandpa laughed, "You take care, lads! Make sure to invite us to the wedding when you decide on the date!" Ash and Latias blushed heavily at that remark. With all the goodbyes settled, the group set off for the opposite shoreline.

When they got to a forested area, Neo stopped. "OK, where should we go next?" At first, Ash wanted to go back to the Hoenn region to continue his Gym Challenge, but then something else came to mind. "Let's go to Pallet Town." Brock spoke up, "Why do you want to go back home?" Ash replied, "Just for a day. I want Mom to meet my girlfriend and my Guardian. That's not too much trouble, is it?" Neo replied, "Not at all! Now, please give me some distance." Latios asked Ash while they walked away from Neo, "Why do we need to give him space?" Ash smirked, "You have to see it to believe it."

When they were a good distance away, Neo shouted to them, "Watch carefully you two!" With that said, he became covered in a bright light! Latios asked nervously, "Is he about to attack us?" Max replied, "Nah. He's just using Transform." Latios looked back and saw that the light was receding. When the light was gone, Latias and Latios stared at their brother, who was in the form of a Lugia! "You really ARE our brother! Lugia is a distant relative to us!" Max blurted out, "I KNEW that you kinda looked like one!" Everyone laughed. Once everyone was seated on his back, Neo took to the sky. Max directed him to Pallet Town. Little did they know, their movements were being monitored.

Ash decided to have Neo land about a half mile away from Pallet Town. Once Neo had returned to his normal form, Ash broke into a run towards home, leaving everyone else who couldn't fly eating his dust. Neo could sense something a good distance away and used Agility to catch up.

"This should get his attention." Suddenly, a rifle shot rang out! When Ash looked to his left, he saw Neo take the bullet to his face! He staggered back, but he forced the bullet out with psychic power. Latias shrieked, "BROTHER! Are you OK?!" Neo sealed the wound and replied, "Yeah. Ordinary firearms can't take me out." He then looked towards a forest area and shouted, "You have my attention now! Get out here!" To everyone's surprise, Jessie, James and Meowth jumped from the forest. Before they could say the motto, Neo said, "Don't even bother. Why are you here?" Jessie replied, "Hah! Do you really want to know?" Neo shouted, "I wasn't asking you clowns! I was asking your ally hiding in the forest with a sniper rifle!"

At the mention of someone still in the forest, a human figure stepped forth. Ash and Brock recognized her after a moment; she was second in command of the Team Rocket operation to recapture Mewtwo. Unlike James and Jessie, her uniform was more black than it was white. She had her sniper rifle in one hand. "Well, I have to say I'm impressed that you could sense me from way over there. Too bad it won't do you much good. Hm hm hmmm."

Neo said, "You're Black Tulip, second in command of Team Rocket. I don't think you came here for Pikachu or Latias. Why are you here?" A sinister smile came over her face. "Isn't it obvious? If I didn't come here for Pikachu, or Latias, then just why would I, a top commanding officer of Team Rocket, bother with a bunch of kids?" Neo's eyes went wide, "You're after me, aren't you?!" Black Tulip cast aside her rifle and pulled out her signature pole weapon, with an artificial black tulip at the end. "Bingo."

Neo's eyes went Ruby red, "You're a fool if you think you can best me in combat, much less capture me!" He made a dash at her, only to be skewered on the spear like weapon! "That's it? Too easy." Neo grinned slyly at her, "Don't think I'm a pushover, weakling." With a twist of his body, Neo shattered the spear. The battle had just begun and Black Tulip was already taking the beating of her life. After a quick pummeling, Neo sent her skyward. He was just going to let her fall to her death.

As Black Tulip flew a good half mile into the sky, she thought, (Guess it's time to pull out all the stops. If I don't use it now, I probably won't get another chance!) She reached into her pocket and pulled out a gas canister. She then pulled a mouth piece over her face and breath deeply from it. (I can feel it. That punk will regret messing with me!)

Neo was walking back to the group when he sensed something above him. (That energy..... It can't be!) Everyone saw Black Tulip fall to the ground, but just before she hit it, she was engulfed in a billowing purple aura! She stopped a couple of feet from the ground, just hovering and looking like she was unconscious. Neo ran at her to finish her off, but she sent him flying backwards with a sudden kick!

Latias shouted, "What happened?! Is she not human?!" Suddenly, she remembered what Neo had told her at the dinner table back at Altomare that one night about Shadow energy. "Wait! She's using Shadow energy! Somehow, she's fused it into her body!" Latios replied, "We have to help him! Let's go, sister!" After Neo got knocked around a few seconds, Latias and Latios flew up to Black Tulip and made a quick simultaneous Dragon Claw attack! However, Black Tulip blocked the attack with a shield made of Shadow energy and blasted them with it, knocking them both unconscious. Ash felt a terrible feeling in his gut as he saw his girlfriend collapse after that one counterattack.

Neo staggered to his feet, "Do you have any idea what that stuff can do to you?! You're lucky that it didn't kill you on the spot!" Black Tulip laughed, "Well, I'm still standing, aren't I? Now then, you're coming with me, conscious or not!" Neo became enshrouded in a blue aura and his eyes and hair turned Sapphire blue. "Fine, but it's your funeral, pathetic human!"

At high speed, the two combatants began launching flurries of physical blows on each other, leaving little room for error. Max and May were cheering for Neo as he did seem to be unstoppable. However, about 1 minute into the fight, Neo landed an explosive Dynamicpunch on Black Tulip. After that, it went all downhill. Black Tulip began slaming him around at high speed while combining her attacks with large amounts of Shadow energy, making them extremely painful to Neo. After she knocked him into the ground, Black Tulip performed one last 3-hit combo, which caused Neo to lose consciousness. He landed right next to Latios and Latias, who were still out cold.

Black Tulip walked over to the three siblings, her tulip spear imbued with Shadow energy, ready to slay the bioweapon. James, Jessie and Meowth were watching from the safety of the forest, giddy with excitement. As Ash watched what would surly be the death of his future Brother-in-laws and his girlfriend, he saw something in his mind. There were three orbs, side by side. The one on the left began to shine with an intense golden light! Ash then felt an unknown power awaken within his body. Meanwhile, Black Tulip was gloating over her victory, "Some all-powerful bioweapon. If I could beat you, I should be all Team Rocket needs." She raised her spear, ready to slaughter Neo and his siblings! "Nice knowing you, XD-385!"

As Black Tulip thrust her spear towards Neo, something slammed her in the side of the face! HARD. After she climbed to her feet, she saw Ash standing in front of his friends and lover. He was breathing deeply and his eyes were blood-shot with rage. May thought to herself, (What happened to Ash? When did he get so strong and fast?!) Ash then became enshrouded with a lighting like aura. He also seemed to ignite in a golden flame! Brock, May, Max, and Team Rocket were scared of Ash in this bizarre state. Max yelled, "What happened to him?! Why is he on fire?!" Brock answered, "He's not on fire, he's just covered in a golden flame. Still, your guess is as good as mine!" Pikachu knew what was happening to Ash, since he and all other Pokemon in the area could feel it. (He has discovered the potential in side him. The potential of the Chosen One!) In his native tongue, Pikachu yelled, "Take her down, Ash! Show her who she's dealing with!"
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