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Bangam's High School of sex by nameofnoimportence


Going to school

Spring woke up after a long night of talking to her friends to find a note hanging on the top of the entrance to her part of the den. She took it down and found it was addressed to her.

"Dear Spring youngest daughter of Matlock the Meganium,

You are invited to attended Bangam the school of pokemon training and sex ed. Now that you are of age you may now attend our fabulous and learn how to battle and mate in the wild. Your map to the dock in enclosed in this note. You will leave later today to be transported to the island. More will be discussed at the school.

Good day,

Professor Bangam

The young chikorita threw the note over her shoulder and walked out her room and down to the den's entrance. She looked out and felt the crest morning air on her large leaf and smelled the flowers which gave off a fine aroma. (I love the my life.) She thought walking out in to the field that was in front of her families den. As she took in the morning air she heard something large coming from the den. She turned and saw her mother a some what large Meganium walking out to join her.

"So Spring my daughter did you get the note from Professor Bangam?" She asked. Spring frowned but nodded. "Yes mother I got the note." She answered bitterly. Her mother hated seeing her like this.

"Why so down my little leaf?" She asked. Spring looked down and this made her mother feel even guiltier.

"Care to tell me what's bothering you?" Spring looked at her mother.

"I don't want to go to school mother." She explained in a hurt voice. "I enjoy getting up when I feel like it. I like spending my days chatting the day away with my friends." She voice changed to being annoyed. "Not being off some where learning about stuff I can learn on my own." She drew out her two vines and crossed them like she had arms. Her mother sighed and nuzzled her daughter's cheek.

"Yes but you must go and follow the families tradition of going to school when you come of age." She said in a comforting voice. "All pokemon of this region do when the time comes." Spring still had her vines crossed. Her mother decided to put her paw down.

"Your going whether you like it or not." She then picked her daughter up with her vines and kicking and screaming she took her daughter back in so she could get her ready.

Prince was being dragged to a dock by his father a Nidoking that was in Viridian City. He had gotten a letter that day saying he was to report to some school on some far away island out in the middle of the ocean. He had tried to hide the letter from his parents that morning but ended up being found by his sister Princess and she gave it to their mother. He cursed his luck that his sister would find and he was planning on getting back at her in the near future.

His father dropped him and walked over to a slowbro who Prince could tell was in charge. "May I please see your letter saying your son may attend Bangam High?" He asked holding out his paw to take the letter. Prince's father handed him the letter and then motioned for both his nidoran off spring to get on a make shift boat. Princess joyfully got on while Prince slowly and miserably got onto the boat.

As far as he could see the boat was made of wood and it was poorly designed. The boat had well carved logs but they were tided together poorly. Then there was no place to stretch out and this just made him hate it even more. Prince looked up and saw a few sails were up there. (This is such a cheap boat. And if this boat is cheap then school must be in worse condition.) He thought sitting down. He noticed his sister was already talking to other pokemon on the boat. (As always trying to be the center of attention.) He thought rolling his eyes.

As the boat began to get a bit crowed Prince began to back any other pokemon that got near him away with his long horn. If he could help it he wouldn't be having anyone else to near him. He pushed away a sentret who tried to sit next to him and then something caught his attention. He felt like time stood still as he watched a chikorita step onto the boat. He began to image a beam of sunlight was shining over her and then she faced him and he felt his heart melt from just looking at her.

"Brother are you ok?" He heard his sister's voice and his day dream ended. He looked at her angry.

"What is it sis?" He asked annoyed. Princess smiled and nuzzled his side.

"I'm just so excited that we're getting to go to school." She said grinning. Prince just rolled his eyes and flopped his upper part of his body onto the floor of the boat. "Sis don't you know that once we go there we're not coming home until next summer." He said looking up at the smiling nidoran female. His sister nodded and licked his cheek.

"Ya, but just think of all the pokemon we get to meet and the thing we get to do." She said hoping up and down. Prince sighed and looked around for the chikorita he had saw earlier. He couldn't tell where she was since the boat was now full of pokemon and there was almost little to no space left. (Doesn't matter I'll get to see her at that prison anyway.) He let thoughts of the chikorita carry him all the way to the island where the school was.

An old looking Absol was looking out a cave entrance over looking the ocean. He was Professor Bangam the founder of Bangam High the school made to teach young pokemon about how to survive in the wild and how to mate. Well mostly the school was made for students to learn how to find a descent mate, and how to properly mate. He thought back on why he had founded the school in the first place.

It was the fall of 1906, he was hiking it though the large forest that was on the island. Every thing was peaceful until he came upon two growlithe who were trying to mate. He tried to walk pass without bothering them when the female one said something that caught his attention.

"Frank your doing it wrong." She told her courting partner. The one called Frank told her he didn't know what to do and Bangam just had to step in. He walked over to the pair and bowed.

"Sorry but I couldn't help over hearing that you didn't know the first thing to do when mating." He said to them. They nodded and Bangam told them to follow him to the foot of the mountain. They looked at one another and nodded to his request. He bowed again and they followed him to the foot of the mountain. When they arrived he told them to get in the mating position. The fire dogs did so and he told the one called Frank to enter his mate's entrance. The fire dog did so and that moment both Frank and his mate that he later learned was named Mary both moaned in pleasure of this new experience. Bangam wanted to leave but his legs didn't move and he was forced to watch the rest of the show.

He watched as natural born instants took over for Frank and he began to pound his member in as deep as he could. Frank moved in and out of Mary with increasing speed the young Absol knew that it was a matter of time before the pressure built up in the male growlithe and he will surely orgasm. And like clock work the male fire dog howled as he exploded and his seed was shot into the female growlithe. Bangam lazy bit his nail as he heard the female growlithe climax right after her mate did and covered the ground under them in their mix cum. He got up to leave as the two fire dogs fell to ground panting form all the "work."

"Wait sir." Asked Frank as Bangam was leaving, Bangam turned to see what the growlithe wanted. "Why would you help us?" he asked wondering why a dark pokemon wanted to help him out and with mating no less. Bangam closed his eyes and grinned. "Well mating is the second most special act in showing affection to one you love. The first is reproducing a off spring." He turned to leave and left the two with some words of wisdom.

"Be ready to deal with long nights of crying." He laughed and left the area.

Bangam's mind returned to the present day and he looked out his den and saw the boat holding the new students arrive. He took a long breath and called for his assistant. A jiggylpuff entered holding a small pad of sticky notes she bowed and readied her pen.

"Sarah will you please go and greet the new students and show the old ones where to go." He said weakly. His assistant looked worried for him and placed a comforting paw on his old shoulder.

"Sir your 99 years old now." She said a tearfully. "You've been running this school for 90 years now, don't you think its time to let someone else run the school." Bangam shook his head.

"Sarah you know I can't let down my position." He said laying his head on his forepaws. Sarah nodded and went down to greet the new and returning students.

The boat arrived at the island little under an hour after it departed from Viridian City. Spring dragged as she watches her island prison for the next nine months was quickly approaching her. She was thinking of running the moment the boat docked. But she knew that if she did run she most likely wouldn't get to far without getting caught.

"Dam." She said out loud. "I've got to get off this boat." She began to panic and several nearby pokemon looked at her. "I've got to get out of here." She began to look around and then she felt something touch her. She looked and saw a mudkip was touching her.

"You ok ms?" he asked. Spring began to calm down as she heard his voice and then some strange feeling began to well up within her. "Ya." She answered in a girly voice while blushing. The mudkip placed his paw on her back and Spring felt like she wanted him to go lower. The mudkip took his paw off her back.

"Oh sorry I never got your name." He said smiling at her. Spring felt like she could tell him anything and show him. "My name is Spring and what is yours?" She asked giggling.

"My name is Chris." He said to her. He tickled her chin and Spring wanted him to go on forever.

The boat finally docked and all the pokemon aboard began to file out of the boat quickly. Chris was about to leave when Spring stopped him with her vine whip. "Please don't leave me." She said sadly. Chris smiled again.

"Ok Spring we can go together." They left the boat side by side.

Princess happy followed the large mass of pokemon as they all filed into a large cave that lead into a mountain. She still couldn't believe how many different pokemon were here. Just on the boat alone she met over 20 different types right there. Now she was going to spend the next nine months meting even more. She turned her attention back to the path ahead as they stopped in a large room in the mountain. A jiggylpuff entered the room and got up onto a stand on the far side.

"Well come new and returning students to Bangam High school of training and sex." She said in a cheerful voice. Princess looked around for her brother but she couldn't find him. She hoped he didn't get lose. She then heard the jiggylpuff go on.

"All returning students please take your sets at your house's tables. While new students place line up in an orderly fashion." She said and all the older pokemon went to five different tables and sat down. All the younger pokemon began to file into one single file line and Princess joined them.

"Will the first pokemon come up here and let our drowzee of destiny decided which den you shall be part of." The jiggylpuff said as a drowzee entered the room and stood near a small stool. A charmander walked up looking a bit scared and sat down. The drowzee then placed its hand on its head and a strange purple aura began to swirl around the drowzee's arm and its eyes flashed.

"This charmander belongs to the magma den." It said as its arm become normal again.

"Perfect." The jiggylpuff said. "Now charmander please join the magma table and receive your den's bandana." The charmander walked over to the second table on the right side of the room, and was give a red and black bandana. His table cheered as he tided the bandana to his head.

They went on until like this and different pokemon of all species were placed into different dens. The yellow and brown den called Desert, the blue and white den called Artic, the green den called Woods, the dark blue den called Open Sea and the red and black den called Magma. All the new students were placed into one of the five dens and received the dens bandana to show they were part of that den.

Princess couldn't wait as she was finally called up to the stool and she sat down hardly able to keep still. She felt the drowzee place its paw like hand onto her head and she felt the drowzee beginning to read her mind. She felt it look into all her memories and it made her feel unconformable. It finally stopped and then she heard a voice.

"I have come to see that there are two dens that are proper for you nidoran." It said into her head. Princess looked up at it.

"What are they sir?" She asked.

"You are intelligent like the forest but yet as fierce like a fire." He said looking over at the two houses he was speaking of. Princess looked at the Woods den and then saw a treecko that caught her eye. She felt the drowzee read her emotions and it was clear of her choice.

"Woods den!" It yelled out. The Wood's table cheered as she stepped down and received her bandana. Princess sat down and saw that the treecko looked at her but then turned back to the table and began to talk to a group of pokemon. Princess felt that it was going to be tough to get it attention. She smiled as this made her lust for him even more.

Spring looked on from the Woods table as she watched her new friend Chris the mudkip be placed into the Artic den. She cursed her luck as she watched him get his bandana and sit down next to some seel, Spring felt jealousy building in her. She stopped when she noticed a female nidoran looking at her funny. "What do you want?" She asked harshly. The female nidoran looked a bit scared at her response and then Spring understood she let her emotions get the best of her.

"Sorry for how I acted." She said a bit hurt. The fem nidoran cheered up and pushed a stone plate full of berries to her.

"Its ok, I get yelled at all the time by my brother." She said grinning goofily. "Besides I saw how you were eyeing that mudkip over there." Spring was shocked by how she knew how she felt for Chris. She blushed and wiggled her tiny tail. "Well how did you notice?" She asked blushing some more.

The nidoran giggled. "Well I saw you both on the boat her and you looked like you wanted to have some fun, if you know what I mean." Spring's green skin began to turn red.

"So you noticed." She said smiling in embarrassment. They stopped talking when all the students had been seated, the jiggylpuff from before began to speak again.

"Now that all the students have a den to be in we may now begin." She spoke. "Now all first years' students must know that this school is made to learn about mating and how it's done. Before you leave school this year trust me you won't be a virgin much longer." She cleared her voice and went on.

"Now for the rules." She said looking around slowly. "Students are not to mate outside of classes during the first month of school. First years are not to mate outside of class until they get their license to mate, which you won't get until after you first month here." She stopped and looked around before going on. "And last you must remember unless you want to carry around a ken all year you will use protection while mating." She bowed and got down. But then spoke again.

"Finally when dinner is finished all first years will follow the older pokemon up to your dens. Tomorrow you will get your classes and home rooms." She walked off and the room became loud as all the students chat about just about everything. Spring ate as many berries as she could before having to leave.

After dinner she and her new friend Princess left with their den and went deeper into the mountain cave. When they arrived at a dead end one a third year pokemon walked forward and began to touch the wall in a certain way and the wall moved letting them though. Everyone began to enter besides Spring and Princess.

"You sure it's safe?" Spring asked the nidoran. Princess nodded and went into the new revealed room; Spring took another moment to think before following her in. Inside the new room the girls found that it was a large room full of soft pillows and small fire places everywhere. Spring saw there were three different entrances to different regions of the den. She learned one was for the males, another for the females and the last led to a special room that would be in use quiet often in a few weeks. As the young chikorita explored the den some more Princess ran over to her from the cave entrance to the females part of the den.

"Come on I managed to find us a room." She said running back in. Spring followed her into the new part of the den and found another room with several stairs cases leading high into the air. Spring followed the enthusiastic nidoran up on and it lead them into a hole in left wall that led to tunnel that had a den at the end. The two pokemon entered and found a some what large room that had four sets of beds in it and four sets of small dressers. Princess jumped onto one of the beds and told Spring to get the one next to hers. Spring sat down on her bed and laid her head down on her paws and fell asleep. Thoughts of what her year might be like began to run though her mind and then she dreamed of spending time with the mudkip she had met just a hour ago. She smiled in her sleep as she imagined him doing things to her that she had only heard of.

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