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Bangam's High School of sex by nameofnoimportence


Heating up a cold night.

Chapter 11

It was growing closer and closer to the winter festivals and the school was blazing wit passionate souls wanting to get involved in the events of the festival. Talk of who pokes wanted to see becoming the Ice Queen and King were making females of all species and types giggling as they were dreaming of putting on the ice crown and dancing with the male of their dreams. No on was more into this idea than Princess, Zeal and Spring who were discussing among one another daily of the event. Today they were walking around the frozen over lake outside of the castle discussing surprisingly a event that had happened not that long ago.

“.....And so I told him to back off since he stunk like a pile of shit.” Princess said harshly, she was freezing from having a lack of warm scarfs and mittens but it still didn't stop her wanting to rant.

“I'm sorry but if someone wants to hit on me they need to at least smell decent enough for me to be around for longer than ten seconds.”

“What did you say his name was?” Spring asked, she was wearing plenty of scarfs just to try and keep her next warm enough to function out in the cold. “I might had heard of him?”

“She said his name was Wooly and I know who that bastard is.” Zeal snapped, she was wearing less than her friends but only because of her fur.

“Some say him and Shawn Cheater could had be best buddies. I say he is worse than Shawn but only because Shawn didn't believe in one nighters. Wooly is a male whore to the bone.”

“Princess you've been ranting on about this for days now why not give it a rest?” Spring asked as they stopped by a tree.

“You know how much I love to hear your rants and heck I even get amused by the one about boys but you've kept this one up for days now.”

“I know but I can't stand thinking that I was asked out by a boy who doesn't even bath.” The nido fem shivers and sneezed.

“Can we go back in I think I'm starting to get sick?”

“Why not you go talk to your brother, Woolly is one of his den mates?” Zeal brought up a good point plus its been a good long while since she spoke to her brother outside of causal run ins. It would be a good chance to catch up and maybe find out how her brother was doing outside of class.

“I guess I'll look for him?” Princess said before sneezing again.

“I just hope he's not hanging around outside since I feel like a nidopopsicle right now.”

Prince and his roommates were hanging outside of the contest hall that afternoon in hopes of seeing some action like they did back at the bath house. Prince couldn't figure out where Wooly got all these crazy ideas from, did he just make this stuff pop out of his head or were they taught.

“Why are we hanging out here like this?” Flair asked trying to find what was so special being here at the contest hall. Most of all the females had some sort of clothing on so they could impress the judges and crowd with their creative side. All of the clothes covered up their privates since it was found some judges were only voting for the female with the best looking parts.

“Flair I can't believe you don't see what I see?” Wooly said while looking though the small paper that showed all the contestants for today. “We're out here scouting my little friend.”

“Ya after your little fuck up with that female Flaaffy he has to find a new call girl.” Smoke joked. “At least the nurse was able to get that awful smell out of your wool.”

“Ya...after she sheared me.” Wooly said not even looking at his friends.

“But your...” all three spoke up at once.

“I'm wearing fake wool until I grow more wool which won't take long...” Starts marking down names as he saw the contest big a Zigzagoon female walking out wearing several scarfs around her covering must most of the good spots. “I'll be seeing you on Thursday.” Wooly spoke in a sly voice.

“She doesn't even look hot?” Prince announced looking at the female strangely. “I mean why chase unhot females.” “Still a noob...” Wooly shakes his head as he takes down the name of a Buizel girl. “Thier called come back girls, you fuck them so you can get your game back and then move on. Whenever a guy loses his game or just got dumped he needs to find someone and just fuck their brains out so he can get his game back.”

“Thats wrong!” Flair barked.

“Flair you need to first use your dick for more than taking a leak with and then we can talk about the rights and wrongs. Grow some balls or else I'll start thinking that your not into girls you got me.”

“Screw you I'm out of here!” Gets up walks out feeling too pissed off to speak to Wooly any more today.

“Boy needs some help. So Prince what happened between you and that fine piece of tail I hooked you up with?”

“Candy well....”Prince began to tell his story of him and his meeting with Candy.

It had been the night after the event with Wooly getting marked by that female Flaaffy that he was to go and meet the friendly Shinx girl. Walking over to the plaza where she had asked him to be Prince was all too nervous, here he was about to go on his first date with a actual female outside of class. So much could happen that he didn't even have time to think everything though between today and last night. Each step seemed to be extra heavy like his body was rejecting the idea of coming here all together. Prince finally made it to his meeting point and saw other pokes waiting around looking for their dates or buddies and felt that it might take a while to find who he was looking for. Walking the plaza Prince saw pokemon of all sorts from the smalled students like Rattates and Pikachus to some of the larger 5th,6th, and 7th years already with their partners and were only here for a romantic stop. He began to feel a bit aroused as he saw a few of the pokemon making out and he couldn't help but watch.

“You like what you see?” Prince snapped back to and turned and saw a female Shinx with a red rose in her mane. “Hi Prince its so nice of you to make it and you came on time like a good boy.”

“Candy right?” Prince asked in a some what confident voice that he had been practicing all day. “I hope being a bit early is no reason to brand me as goody-goody, I can be a bit of a bad boy sometimes.”

“Well I do like the boys who I date to not be perfectly good all the time and try to have some fun once in a while.” Candy said with a small purr. “You seem just up that alley the way you handled yourself out there in the arena against that big bad Rhyhorn...”Rubs herself up against Prince as he felt her hot body press up against him her tail rubbing under him.

“I thought that you wanted to go on a date?” Prince asked feeling even more aroused, once again that slight breeze was felt.

“Oh I do Prince and after dinner...”She turned her voice down to a whisper. “I'll let you have your dessert...and don't worry since it'll be on me.” Heard the female giggle as she licks his face. “So come on lets go have some fun before it gets too cold to be outside.”

“Outside?” He already felt his penis getting cold from just the slight wind that was getting over the walls of the castle but now she wanted to play outside, this girl had to be more hot blooded that she lets on.

It was several minutes later before the young pair reached Neon Central which has been decorated to look more winter like. At the gates after someone walked though the portal over there were large snowpokes that 'guarded' the gates into the city. Once inside the city was covered in a blanket of snow to make it have more of a wintery look and feel while all the shops were decorated with colorful rocks and beads. To top it all over there was a constant hail effect but it wasn't used in a damaging way and caused it to snow all the time though it never seemed to stick and build up.

“Wow this is so cool.” Prince said running about enjoying the feeling of being in the winter wonderland. “From what my parents told me its always like this during the holiday season and when it becomes closer to the winter festivals the place really starts shining with all kinds of colored lights and music that it becomes the most wonderful place in the world to be at.” Candy said in a dreamy like voice. “They say that if two pokemon were to have their first kiss during the festival that they will be together forever.”


“Its a old legend that when both a Nidoking and Nidoqueen kissed one another for first time during the end of the winter festival they said that they felt their hearts bound together and they never left one another after that.”

“Well you should know that Nidokings and Queens normally don't break up anyway so its just a silly story.” “So you don't believe in true love then Prince?” Candy asked looking a bit disappointed. “You don't think that there could be something between us?”

“Candy we just met why not give this some time?” Prince said in his defense. “Really your a sweet girl but why not we slow things down...”

“Then how about this we have our first kiss during the end of the winter festival and see if I'm right and afterwards....I'll make love to you that very night.” Candy grinned giving him a sexy wink. “What do you say?”

“What about...dessert?” Prince asked feeling a bit bumbled that he had to screw this up.

“Oh they'll be time for that after the festival. I'm a believer in making sure its just right for the males that I'm with and your no different.” She poked him in the nose as she walks by Prince her tail up high as she wafted a bit of her scent his way making him start feeling himself grow hard. Prince had to admit that she was good and teasing boys into getting what she wanted.

“Alright I'll wait....but I won't like it.” he pokes her back as he was starting to feel the ice break away from his shy nature. “Good things come in time.”

“Now your thinking.” She licks him and runs off to go get something to eat for the both of them. “Come on I know this really good fish place.”

“Fish...” Prince groans. “I hate eating fish...” Chases after her as he felt that this was going to be a interesting girl to know. With so many potential suiters popping up all around him he was beginning to wonder if he'll ever be able to pick one.

On the way Prince couldn't help but notice a poster with the slog gen.

“Become the Winter King of the Arena and get a extra day out school when the new semester starts up.” A Buizel was seen on the poster holding up a trophy a female bureary clutched at his side.

“Oh Prince you should join that? “ It was Candy as she came back to find out why he had stopped. “If really want to win some popularity around school you should enter it, besides if you win then you and one other pokemon of your choice get to have the first day back off.” She rubs up against him letting her tail rub up under him.

“Alright, alright I'll enter it but if I win then you have to dress up for me that day in anything I want you to be in.” Prince said with a grin.

“Oh role playing I can really get into.” She nearly kisses him but stopped and licks his nose. “No kissing until after the festivals.” Turns around and lightly taps his face with her tail as she lets him get a good few of her slightly damp lips. He didn't know how hard this was for her to keep herself under check as she wasn't expecting to be holding herself back like this. But Candy felt there was something different about this male and wanted to see this though the correct way. Besides if he won then she'll get a free day out of class and have a new boyfriend who treated her the correct way.

“Come on Prince the fish are not getting any fresher.” Besides why not make him blue ball all the way to the festival and then make him really cum in her the way she liked. Candy was going to make a Nidoking out of this boy soon enough.

Present time “....after that we played around the park for awhile and then returned to castle and called it a night.” Prince told Wooly and Smoke ask they sat around a snow cone shop. It had taken him a hour to tell the entire story and since then Wooly had finished writing out his short list of potential 'bounce' back girls and was already deciding how he was going to go after them.

“Dude you didn't tap that hole that night, that was grade A pussy just waiting to get fucked. You should had showed her that some of the best things happen in real time.”

“Prince don't listen to soft brains here he doesn't know what he's talking about.” Smoke got a glare from Wooly.

“He fricken gave up his virginity before he even knew what the thing between his legs was used for besides taking a leak with.”

“I get more pussy than you sure do skunk.” Wooly said defending himself. “Just wait until I become King of Winter Festival and I'll be getting more pussy than I can handle. Oh right.”

“Keep this up and you'll end up like your buddy Shawn.” Smoke brought up. Since Shawn had been judged by the eons of the school he was given the task of helping out the Day-Care each day after school until two hours before going to bed and had to spend half of his weekends spending time with his kids and writing letters to the families of those who he hurt. Shawn had lost all the remaining respect around the school and could barly even get a partner for most of this classes. Currently he was slated to repeat his fourth year because of his drop in performance. Shawn currently was suppose to be back home with his father and brother who from some say gave him a earful.

“Thing is I make sure I don't leave a trail that leads back to me and only once did I have sex without protection.” Wooly announced proudly.

“Only takes once genass.” Smoke rolled his eyes and looks away. He did note though a pretty cute nidoran female walking over shivering from the cold. “Well, well how about that a fine female is coming over to talk to me.” grooms himself quickly.

“Wait did you just call me a genass?” Wooly asked looking at the skunk like he just insulted him in the worst of ways.

“Sis?” Prince blinked seeing his sister actually coming over to say hi. All year the two barely even saw the other outside of passing one another in the halls. “What are you doing out here?”

Princess stopped in front of him and his buddies and saw Wooly eying her. “You!” She screamed. “What are you doing here you stink weed?”

“They always come back looking for more.” Wooly kissed the air as he didn't take his eyes off of her. “You been dreaming of me baby?”

“Don't talk to my sister like that!” Prince snapped. “Princess what are you here for?”

“I was going to ask about that thing over there but I guess I already got my answer.” She really wanted to slash that smirk off his face. Though it was strange how she wanted to explore him just know the sheep behind all that wool. Oh man was she actually becoming attracted to him...but how?”

“I' to me at the Great Hall tomorrow so we can catch up.” Walks off. “Princess!” he was about to get up to chase after her when Wooly makes him sit back down.

“Its happening.” Wooly was grinning from ear to ear.

“Whats happening?” Prince asked feeling worried about his sister.

“Oh great here we go again.” Smoke groans.

“Whats going on?”

“You sister is falling for my charm. Even though her brain is saying now her body is lusting for me the desire to get to know the bad boy is getting to her. Soon she'll be seeking me out and then-”

“Don't you touch my sister if your going to treat her like some one time sex pet. You better promise me that you won't treat her like you do the rest of your females or I swear....” He had his horn at the Flaaffy's neck.

“I got it, I got it no need to worry Prince...” moves the horn away though Prince has it back at his nect in a second. “I won't do anything wrong to her if she comes looking for me. Sheesh when did your balls drop?”

“The moment I saw how you were treating my sister.” Prince moves his horn within a hair of the Flaaffy's neck and at a close enough view Wooly could actually see the poison leaking out. He knew Prince was dead serious.

“Deal....I won't treat her like the rest, in fact I'll treat her better than I treat my own sister.” Wooly announced.

“Now can we please put that thing away before someone gets hurt.” He was finally able to breath right as Prince returned to his seat and finishes his snow cone.

“How does it feel Wooly to finally have nothing to say, no come backs, nothing but a open mouth?” Smoke taunts.

“Feels like someone just punched me in the balls...” Prince didn't say anything as he knew he had made his point to his best friend. They might be buddies but he wasn't about to let him make his sister into one of his latest 'bounce' back females that was for sure. Looking at Smoke he would rather let him get with her than a player like his good friend here. Today he stood up to Wooly, he was going to get with Candy within a day or two at the festival and was thinking of continuing his battling career by entering the Winter King of the Arena battle royal to impress Candy even more. All in all things were looking pretty hot for him even in this chilly wonderland.
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