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The Winter Festival

Bangam Chapter 15

The Winter Festival

The Winter Festival was a time for celebrating the joys of winter and the wonders that it brought to the world. It was a beautiful day for the festival to be done as fresh snow was falling today which brought out the beauty of the castle as it sat covered with white snow. The air was crisp and it felt great to breath life making everyone feel extra joy today as everyone was helping to put up the tents and small booths all around the castle grounds.

Bangam was looking out his window that morning and took a breath of fresh air which for some reason always made him not feel as old. The old Absol gazed down at the cheerful students as they were helping one another to set up the castle up for the opening ceremony this afternoon to welcome in winter. It had been only a few years ago that he would had been down there lending a hand in the preparations but now he was too old to do to much heavy lifting at all. Bones had once told him that no matter how powerful or famous you may become no one was immune to time itself. Bangam was so into watching the children work that he didn’t even hear his door open until the intruder spoke up.

“How are you feeling today ?” Bangam heard the voice of his old friend Bones ask.

“Just looking at how the children help each other out makes me feel a bit younger.” Bangam responded with a light chuckle. “Its always nice to see everyone putting aside their differences and helping one another out.”

“Yes it is nice to see.” Bones looked out the window down to the castle grounds. Bangam looked at his old friend and saw that he looked concerned about something.

“Is there something wrong?”

“The other professors are concerned for your health. You’ve been eating less lately and spending more time up here than normal and….” Bones stopped speaking and hit his lip. Bangam knew that it wasn’t normal for his friend to be concerned about him, he hadn’t given him that look since their days back before the castle was built.

“I’ve been fine just tired lately that’s all.” Bangam took a long breath. “In truth I’ve near been more alive.”

“Ya that’s what you told me last time and you ended up being bed ridden for a month because you had gotten really badly poisoned.” Bones placed a hand on the wall the Gengar looking at his friend with a face that said he wasn’t buying anything the old dog had to say. “I want you to tell me right now that you are ok and I mean you better say it looking me in the eyes.”

Bangam was looking away from his friend the old Absol seeming to try to decide if he truly wanted to answer his friend’s question. Finally when he looked at the Gengar he seemed speechless, it was as if all the desire to say anything at all was gone and it was then that the Gengar knew what the answer was.

“Why didn’t you say anything before you old basterd?” Bones said seeming heart broken. “You fucking….” Bones turned away and walked around on the other side of the room shaking his head. “How….How long have you been sick?”

Bangam didn’t answer him but instead was looking about outside now at the students working out in the cold winter day. Bangam found it a soothing site to watch as he tried to forget that Bones was there. Right now he wanted to be left alone to watch what he cherished most in this world.
“You know I love like a brother buddy. But this is some bullshit you know, hiding the fact that your sick from even your best friend.” Bones waited for a response despite knowing that he wouldn’t get one. After a while of waiting the old Gengar finally gave up. “I know I like seeing death and despair though seeing you like this makes me want to hurl.”

“What seeing someone embrace that fact that he is slowly walking towards his own death.” Bangam said. What was interesting was how Bangam didn’t even show any signs that he was hurting or was sick at all. “Ah my old friend I am feeling that today would be a fine day for a walk.” Bangam smiled walking past the Gengar.

“Do you want some company?” Bones asked leaning up against the wall now. “Would hate for you to be lonely.”

“No I would like to have a nice peaceful walk on my own. Its fine weather today would hate to miss out on it.” And with that Bangam left to be on his own with the wind hitting his face softly as he went about his way walking into the forest that was near the castle.

Spring had just finished putting up a few decorations when she felt a cold breeze hit her skin making the fem shiver. Her, Zeal and Princess had been working outside all morning helping where they could though most of the ore senior students were pitching in far more than them. The three girls had been put on decorations duty just to keep them out the way while the older students were taking care of putting up booths and setting up stage and games.

The festival grounds were looking great, laterns hung high over the grounds lighting up the snowly earth with different colors. The booths were had various games and food counters with happy pokes ready to serve the customer it was looking it like was going to be a good time for everyone. Taking a long breath Spring walks away from the booth and over to another booth where Professor Lita was finishing placing several coin jars up. She was going to be running the guessing the amount of time booth though there was no sign of what it was that everyone was trying to guess on though.

“Good morning Professor Lita.” Spring greet with her usual friendly voice.

“Oh good morning Spring how are you today?” The clef airy greeted back. “Did you finish setting up your booth?”

Spring nods. “Yes we did you’ve got to see it.”

“I can see it from here though just didn’t know if you had wrapped everything up. Looking at it from here you did a good job so why not go in and warm up with a bowl of soup. Oh and if you see Ember tell her to come see me I’ve got to talk to her about something.” Professor Lita said as she places a stop watch on the booth.

“What is it that everyone is trying to guess on Professor?” Spring asked as she tilted her head.

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough. In fact….” Saw a devious look on her face. “If you want you could help me out for a little extra credit on your next test. You didn’t do as well as you thought on the final so if you help me out I can give you a extra 5 points.”

“What?!” Spring gasped. “What did I get?”

“85 and I know you wanted a A.” Professor Lita said rubbing the young grass type’s head. “Just come back when things pick up and I’ll get you set up.” She smiled and walked off back into the castle.

Walking back over to her friend’s Spring was wondering what type of work she would have to do but it didn’t matter if it got her enough points to get her a A on her final why complain. Zeal and Princess followed her back into the castle and together they headed over to the Great Hall where there were bowls of hot soup and coco spread out on the tables for the awaiting chilly students. Sitting together the three began slurping down their meals eagerly and enjoyed how their bodies began to warm up. Finishing up her own bowl of soup and began to drink down her hot coco Spring saw of all pokes Shawn Cheater over at the far end of the Wood’s den table talking to a strange Ivysaur.

“Who is that guy?” Zeal spoke what was on Spring’s mind.

“Don’t know but he looks to old to be in a place like this? Do you suppose he is a 7th year? Or maybe a new teacher?” Princess asked

“I don’t know but who ever it is Shawn is not very happy to have him here. I say we go find out.” Spring said as she stopped drinking her coco and hopped onto the floor. She slowly walks over to Shawn and as she approached the Ivysaur stopped speaking and looked at her a grin on his face.

“Well, well who do we have here little bro.”

“This…” Shawn looked from Spring to the Ivysaur back again. “This is Spring, she’s one of the 1st years.” Shawn signed before going on. “I tried hit on her at the beginning of the year but the little fire bitch got in the way.

“Ember is not a fire bitch!” Spring yelled in defense of her friend and mentor. “I wanted to come over to say hi but if your going to act that way I’ll just leave.” Though Shawn stopped her as he grabbed on of her legs with a vine.

“Spring wait can you at least stay for a few minutes and let me introduce you to my big brother Vince Cheater.” Shawn seemed to have a pleading look on his face for her to go along with it. Spring slowly nods as lets him understand and then looks at the larger member of saur family. Vince was a pretty big male his leaves were really well taken care of and the flower on his back was opening up a little bit showing how close he was to evolving. Though around his neck she saw a collar with a ever stone attacked to it which might be why he hasn’t already done so but then she had to wonder why he was refusing to evolve. As if Vince had been reading her every though he smiled before speaking.

“Well hello Spring.” Used a one of his massive vines to actually pick her up and bring her close to him. Looking to the side she saw her friends had gotten up and were running over to give her back up in case anything broke out.

“Don’t be alarmed I’m not going to hurt you, I’m a lover not a fighter don’t you know that?” Vince just chuckled as he saw the other young pokes stop in front of him. Looking her over closely he continued to smile before setting her down by Shawn the other girls. Clearing his throat Vince began to speak as if he was giving a speech.

“My name is Vincent Cheater the Second, son of Vincent Cheater Jr. the founder and CEO of Love Vine Connection the leader of all things that deal with couples and sex.” Vince said proudly his head raise a little bit. Spring had never heard of such a thing but it was Zeal who would be the one break the silence and as usual say what was on her mind. Though this time it would be a little different.

“Oh my Acreus!!!” Zeal screamed. “You’re the CHEATER!!!” Her eyes gleamed as she placed two paws on Vince as if she wanted him to wisk her away right this moment into his world. “Oh my god I would do anything to be one of your Vine Girls right now.”

“Zeal shut up and get over here.” Princess said a vain pulsing on her head near her horn which seemed to be leaking a few drops of poisen from her anger. “Oh I swear I will shove this horn so far up your ass you won’t have to worry about getting poisoned since that will be the least of the pain you’ll be feeling.”
Zeal got off of the Ivysaur though not without mouthing something to him that Spring guessed said she was asking if they could talk later and walks back over to Princess who was scratching her claws on the ground out of fustration for how her friend just acted. Spring sometimes had to wonder just how little effort it would take a male or from time to time she wondered a female to get Zeal to raise her tail for them. Though this time all it took was this stranger introducing himself and she was ready to ride him….just who are the Cheaters and what is so special about a family that uses females the way they do?

“Vince can we take this some place else?” Shawn asked not seeming to want to stay any longer. “We have a lot to discuss.”

“True enough.” Vince said getting up from where he was. “You girls stay out of trouble and if your ever in need of some work over the summer be sure to look me up.” Gives all three girls cards that read.

Vine Love Connection

Leader in pleasing your every need and more for the last 25 years.

Vincent Cheater the 2nd

Princess just looked at the card and tore it in two while Zeal kissed her’s. Spring didn’t know what to do with it so just tucked it away for later. Vince shook his head at how Princess had treated his card and seemed to want to talk to her about it but they had seen that Shawn was already on his way out of the Great Hall.

“I’ll be holding auditions later today for our winter line and I’ll like it if you three showed up.” Vince said as he walked away. “Just come out and see you never know what might happen.”

As they watched him go Princess began stomping the shredded pieces of the card into the ground. “I can’t believe that sicko would be allowed to bring his crap here. And you Zeal how could you actually buy into that crap he’s selling us?” Princess shoved her friend and Zeal hissed back at her swipping with a unsheathed paw.

“Because he’s famous.” Zeal spat at Princess who got her spit all over her face. Spring had to get in between the two before a fight could break out and they got detention and then they wouldn’t be doing anything today.

“Look who cares who Vince is or what he’s here for that doesn’t mean you two can start a fight here got it.” Spring said firmly as she looks between the pair. Watching them calm down she was able to step away. “Now lets try to relax before the festival begins so we can do a good job and raise a lot of money ok. Besides if we raise enough then we can get good seats to tonight’s arena battle and I would hate to miss all of the action because we are stuck sitting up at the top with all of the birds.”

“And Prince is going to be fighting tonight and I want to make sure he hears my voice the entire time cheering him on.” Princess said nodding in agreement.

“Shawn should be fighting too.” Zeal said in a dreamy voice. Spring saw that look of anger in Princess’s eyes again and her muscles were tensing but she didn’t dare do anything with Spring still here. “I should wish him good luck later.”

“Oh I hope that is all you tend to do.” Princess snapped and Zeal gave her a look of shock. “Oh you know what I mean and you better keep five feet away from him or else.”

“Or else what Princess?” Zeal snarled her teeth glistened. “If you have something to say to me now is a good time. What are you afraid I’m going to go suck his dick? Huh or maybe I’ll let him stick his vines in me while doing so?” Princess didn’t say anything but looking down Spring saw long claw marks were scratched into floor and Spring began to back up since she didn’t believe that she could stop them this time.

“What’s wrong Princess are you afraid you missed your chance and getting some of me?” Zeal asked which made both Spring and Princess gasp along with any students who were watching one of which walked over and yanked Princess by her ear away. It took Spring a moment to notice the muscular figure of Spring’s twin brother Prince. They didn’t get a chance to say anything more to the pissed off Nidoran fem as her brother dragged her all the way outside and out of view. Sitting down Spring felt like a great weight was just dropped on top of her as she watched Zeal walk away the cat still pissed off and was muttering things under her breath. Laying down after a moment Spring began to cry.

“What is happening to my friends?”

“Let me go!” Princess was scream to her brother as he was dragging her though the snow and into the forest his grip on her ear never loosening. He didn’t stop walking until he felt they were far away enough and he threw her into a snow mound.

“Princess have you lost your mind back there?” Prince asked his voice was unnraised though was firm enough to let his sister know that he was being serious. “Do you want to get into trouble? Do you want to go to detention? Do you want mom and dad to come down here and have to take you home since you’ll be suspended for fighting?”

“What do you care?” Princess asked climbing out of the snow mound her body shaking from being covered in snow. “Your Mr. Perfect everyone in this school wants to suck you fucking cock.” Princess spat at the ground. She noticed her brother just stood there shaking his head.

“Princess you’re a smart girl but man your stupid at the same time.” He said with a chuckle which made his little sister even angrier. The female Nidoran growled under her breath and was tensing her muscles like she was about to pounce on him. “Princess you try to attack me and I swear I will not be afraid to drop you where you stand.” He said taking up the defense.

“What…why?” Princess looked nervous now the female Nidoran settled down. “You know you can’t fight outside of the arena and gym.”

“We’re off school grounds right now, still can get in trouble but there is less chance of us being seen out here than back inside the school. But we’re not here to fight Princess we’re here to talk.” Prince sat down and Princess did the same after a moment.

“So if we’re here to talk then lets talk.” Princess snapped. “Why did you stop me from being the crap out of Zeal. I was going to make her wish she never born when I was done with her. What nerve did she have for running up to that loser and acting the way she did.” She was rambling on.

“You seem to be acting like she had let you down?” Prince said calmly. “Why is that?”

“Why? How can you ask such a shrew question like that?” Princess got up. “Why would she be interested in hanging around a Cheater? I mean you heard what Shawn did, you’ve heard the stories about his brother.”

“No in fact I have not. Why not tell me.”

“Everything Shawn is nothing compared to his brother Vincent Cheater the 2nd or Vince for short.” Princess began. “For seven years he was the highlight of the school, star arena battler, was a straight A student and was able to get any girl in the school he wanted and he didn’t bother not doing it. He had a new girlfriend per week and always had someone on the sidelines waiting for him. While he went to school he had set up a photo club and used it as a means of taking obscene pictures of females and had sent out a monthly magazine of the various females that didn’t mind making themselves look like idiots.”

“So far I see nothing wrong with what he did.” Prince said with a shrug. “All of the fems he was with knew what they were getting into when they tried to date him and as for the magazine those females volunteered to do it. In truth as long as he didn’t get them pregnant and ran then he is a better saur than his brother.”

“I hate you Prince!” Princess cried the female digging her claws into the snow. “Why can’t you agree with me ever? Why can’t Zeal act the way she is with me?”

“Princess what did you just say?” her brother asked looking at his sister with a concerned look. “Did you just ask why she can’t act the way she did with Vince with you?”

“N-N-NO.” Princess stuttered. No I did not.” Princess shook her head and sat down in the snow. “Look Princess things are a bit confusing right now, I mean Spring is getting serious with that Link guy and you’ve got date with that one cat…”

“Candy and thanks for remembering.” Prince said rolling his eyes. “Look are you scared that tonight your going to have no one to go out with?”

“A bit. I mean I can think of several boys I can go out with but then I think of Zeal and she’s not bad either. Plus I’ve seen the way she eyes a few girls and I kind of hope-” Prince cut her off.

“I’m not sure I approve of this but I’ll go along with it.” Prince said getting up and walks over to Princess and sits next to her and pressed himself up again her to help keep her warm. “Princess how long have you looked at Zeal or any female this way?”

“Not long really, at least since we were back home and I once kissed this Buneary.” Princess said remembering the moment, she remembered how the two of them had kissed only as a way to try it out and she remembered how they had embraced one another for well over thirty seconds their tongues touching and mixing saliva. Princess thought of how when they stopped a little strong of drool and followed and she eagerly pawed at it and licked it off. She only stopped as she felt the temperature go up a little bit. “How it gotten a bit hotter?”

“I think its just you sis.” Prince said with a chuckle. “I always thought you and Cottontail were a little friendly towards one another but look if you want to impress Zeal you’ll need to tell her how you feel.”

“What why?”

“Sis you wasn’t angry at Zeal for being interested in what Vince had to offer you was made because she was about ready to jump on him and not you. You’re the jealous type whether you want to admit it or not. Now look if your not going to tell her how you feel by the time the festival starts tonight I will.” Gets up and Princess jumps on her brother pinning him to the ground.

“You can’t.” She begged.

“Sis we are at physical violence what else do you expect me to do. You like your friend enough to nearly go to go to war over it and I can’t have you getting kicked out because of something that can be fixed by talking to her.” Prince got up onto all four and slide his sister off of him. “I’ll help you out but you need to do this or else give up on her got it.”

“Yes….” Princess said shaking her head weakly. “I’m scared, I do not know if I can do it.”
“You’ll be fine trust me I know what your feeling right now. I’m scared of what might happen tonight with Candy but I like her enough to at least try.” Nuzzles his sister who did it back. “We’ll get though this together like always.”

“I hope your right Prince.” She said back to him as the two of them began walking back to the castle together. All the while she was nervous about what might happen in only a few short hours.

Zeal spent the past few hours trying to find Shawn and Vince in hopes of talking to them about their family business. She hated how Princess had judged her so fast and told her that she was stupid for wanting to get involved with them. Who was she to tell her how she should treat her own body and to think she actually thought that Princess what cute and smart and was one of the best pokemon to be around. Well if she was going to be that way then she’ll just have a heart attack with what she was about to do.

Walking into one common room of the Wood’s den she saw Ember sitting there with her two pups playing around her. Ember had a beautiful reddish eevee girl and a slightly brownish red grow lithe boy about two months ago and they were coming along nicely. When they were ready to be weaned off of their mother the pair were going to be sent back home to live with Ember’s parents until she returned that summer so they didn’t get in the way of her studies. Zeal walked over to the nursing mother.

“Have you seen Shawn anywhere?” Zeal asked and saw Ember’s face turn from relaxed to pure hate. Zeal couldn’t understand why everyone hated the Cheater’s so much but she didn’t care so much.

“What would you business would you have with the likes of Shawn?” Ember asked. “I’ve seen them not that long ago Vince came over to see how I was doing and we talked for a few minutes before they went into the boy’s part of the den.” Ember then touched the top of her pup’s heads. “Whatever you think you can gain from messing around with Vince or Shawn you’ll find to be not what you want in the end.”

“I don’t understand Ember what did Shawn do to you?”

“I’ve never had a vendetta with Shawn its always been with Vince.” Ember said looking at Zeal her eyes full of sorrow. “Vince is the reason that I am what I am.”

Zeal didn’t have time to be dealing with Ember’s drama though she did want to hear why she hated the most awesome boy in the world. Females were not allowed to be in the male’s dens but if she was able to be sneaky enough maybe she could figure out way to get to his room. Walking over to the door that led in she slowly opened it up and heard Ember howl from behind her.

“Zeal if you get caught there is nothing I can do to help you. Its not worth it.”

Zeal didn’t say anything but went in closing the door behind her. ‘I’m sorry Ember but this is something I must do.’

Elizabeth walked into the Woods’s den so she could see her sister and her little niece and nephew. She was allowed to be able to good into the den solely so she could see her sister and nothing else. Walking over to her where she was laying about in the lounge she couldn’t help but feel her heart lifted at the sight of the little ones with her.

“Rosa every time I look at what you’ve become it makes me wonder what it would be like to be a mother.” She bounded over and licks her sister who seemed a bit frustrated. “What’s wrong?”

“Vince is here talking to Shawn and Zeal has lost her mind and is infatuated with them because their rich and famous.” Ember said as she licked the sleeping pups beside her.

“Shawn’s here?” Elizabeth said surprised. “He’s a Desert den poke why would he be allowed in here?”

“Because Vince wanted to check out his old hunting grounds. Now Zeal is back there in the male’s dens looking for them and I can’t do anything to stop here since I can’t leave these two here alone.” Ember signed and looked at her sister. “I know things didn’t go down that well between you and Shawn and I do not want you to go doing anything that you won’t feel comfortable with.” Elizabeth nuzzled her sister before she started heading over to the door to the male’s den.

“Don’t worry Sis I’ll bring her back, I would hate for your understudy to go down the same path that both you and I had.” With a approval nod from her sister Elizabeth headed though the door that led down the bath that led to male side of the den. Elizabeth hadn’t told her sister that she’s been talking to Shawn again since about the last month and was surprised about how much of a changed male he has become.

Last month

Elizabeth was heading back from seeing her sister and her little niece and nephew and was heading down the path that led out of the Woods’s den and down to where all of the paths from each den connected. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going and bumped into someone heading up and together they connected nogges and dropped. Elizabeth’s head was in so much pain that she couldn’t see straight and couldn’t make out who it was that she had collided with.

“Hey watch where you’re going?” She growled her eyes closed as she was trying to numb the pain.

“Me you was the one who wasn’t paying attention.” The other poke snapped back. “You should say sorry.”

“No you first.” Elizabeth’s head was beginning to lighten up and finally she was able to see straight and of all pokemon she could had or wanted to not bump into it was her ex Shawn Cheater in….not all of his glory. Shawn looked terrible, he had bags under his eyes, his looked like he hasn’t cleaned himself for days and smelled like dung. Elizabeth couldn’t help but feel sorry for even him at this point.

“Oh my lord Shawn what’s happened to you?” She asked in a worried voice.

“Eliza….?” Shawn said shaking himself as he cleared his mind. He turned his head away from here as he was ashamed to be looked at. “Don’t look at me…”

“Shawn?” Was all that she could say. “Things haven’t been good for you.” There was so much she wanted to say to him, most not good but looking at him now how could she possibly say anything more than… “Shawn do you want to go down to the lake with me?”

“Why?” Shawn asked still not looking at her.

“Well for one you kind of smell bad and I wanted to talk to you like old times.” She was so forgiving. “I know we didn’t end of good terms last time and I still stand by my belief that there is more to you than being a male slut so can you please come with me?”

Shawn chuckled. “You said come with me….” He looked at her and saw that the eevee was serious. “Oh your serious?”

“Of course silly I’m being serious and I won’t take no for a answer.” She then pushed him along.

“Sheesh if Eliza if you was this firm and forceful last time maybe we would had done more.” Shawn said sound more like the boy that she had a crush on not long ago and in truth never really stopped liking.

“Well maybe if you had acted better that day we were on Sunset Island that night you might had gotten to do more than being in detention.” Elizabeth said with a light chuckle.

Present Day

Elizabeth found herself standing before the room that she knew led into where Vince was staying in. She had gotten directions from one of the boys who was staying in until the festival and after convincing him that she wasn’t looking to cause trouble and was only trying to find a friend and bring her back he told her where to look. Elizabeth just hoped that Vince wouldn’t corrupt Shawn again….he was making such good progress.

Elizabeth drew close to the door and was able to make out some voices.

“….Shawn she came here for you.” Elizabeth caused that was Vince speaking.

“Look Vince….” She could hear Shawn saying. “I can’t….I just can’t ok.”

“What why?” Elizabeth heard a mew of surprise and she guessed that was Zeal. “I came here for you, what you do not like what you see?”

“No, no your hot but…” Elizabeth was hopeful she was about to hear something really sweet come from Shawn. This was his moment to shine, all of the work over this last month of trying to teach him to be a good male might be tested in this one moment.

“Shawn choose your next words wisely.” Vince said.

“Zeal….” heard a sign. “Why not put your paws on the wall there and let me see if I like what I see.” Elizabeth gasped as felt her heart sink and backing away from the door she took off without saying anything. The only sound she made was from the sound of her crying echoing off the walls.

Prince led his sister back to her friend Spring who was waiting by the small booth that her and her friends had decorated earlier that day. He wasn’t that interested in what they were up to and had to get ready for his fight later today and after that he had to go meet up with Candy and see what she wanted to do. Watching the girls talk he knew that Princess could take care of herself now and was about to go when Spring spoke to him.

“Your Prince right?” Spring asked and being the gentelmon nodded. This was the Chikorita that he had meet at the beginning of the year, he never knew that Princess was best friends with her. If he wasn’t trying to be in a relationship with Candy he might actually try to ask her out.

“Princess had told me a lot about you, its kind of sad that it took us so long to meet.” Spring continued. “Your entered into the Maximum Striker Tournament right?”

“Ya I won it off of beating Rock the Rhydon 6th year.” Prince said remember the battle he had with the gambler. “Your going to come out and watch?”

“Oh I’ll be doing more than that come this spring.” She said looking happy for some reason.

“You better watch out Prince since Spring is going to be kicking ass and taking names.” Princess said with a chuckle.

“Are you serious?” Prince looked at Spring, among her kind she was slightly undersized and didn’t look like she could hold her own against a Caterpie. “Sorry but you’ll get your face planted into the ground if you try to fight in the Maxi.” Spring just punched him on his shoulder.

“You better hope we do not meet since if we do I swear I’ll hang you by your balls before the match is over.” Prince stepped back when the girl faked trying to tackle him. “Princess I didn’t know your brother was a jerk.”

“He can be at times when he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.” his sister looked at him and rolled her eyes and mouthed. “It’ll take her a sec to warm up to you.”

“Right….sorry about that Spring you just do not look like a fighter.”

“I can hold my own I promise.” She said still looking a bit flustered though decides to lighten up. “Hey why not you buy me some hot chocolate to make up for it but before that I need to go and help Professor Lita with her booth.”

“Really?” Princess asked. “Do you even know what she wants you to do?”

“No but that is the fun behind it.” Spring walks over to the booth where the clef airy was already handling a small crowd. The moment she saw Spring Professor Lita walked waved them over.

“Spring good you’re here now step up here and stand here.” Professor Lita said pointing to a small box. Prince watched Spring do so and then Professor Lita placed a measuring cup up under her. “Now turn around wait for my instructions.

“Ok but what am I doing?” Spring asked confused. Prince looked at the banner that was on the top of the booth.

Guess the Limit.

Prince’s eyes opened wide in horror as he knew what Professor Lita was about to do with her. “She’s about to make her masturbate up there. Prince walked up to where Spring was and spoke to her in a low voice.

“Spring do you know what your up here for?” He asked hoping that she had a idea and that Professor Lita wasn’t using her.

“To help Professor Lita raise money. She said that if I do this then I’ll be able to get bonus points on my final exam and get a A.”

“Ok but before you do this you should know what Professor Lita is about to do. She’s going to-” Prince was cut off as he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see the Clefairy standing behind him holding a dildo with a vibrator in it.

“I was going to tell her before we began now if you please unless you want to go next in which case…” A glint in her eye told Prince he might want to get down but was guided over to another box where she sat him down.” Professor Lita looked pleased as she sit another measure cup under him. “I might do you myself handsome.”

“Prince, Spring!” Princess yelled from the crowd. “What are you about to do to them Professor?”

“Ladies and Gentalmon place your bets on how long it will take both of our volunteers here to not only cum but also how much they will fill the cuts here.” Professor Lita announced to the eager students who not only were going to a show but also could win poke’ from it. Prince watched as the several students placed coins onto the counter over several different amounts of time and measurements variying from a minute to five minutes. After the bets were locked in Prince tried to get up but felt a force hold him down and he noticed the Clefairy’s finger wiggling as she was using Gravity to hold them down and in place. Looking over at Spring she didn’t seem to mind what was happening as she raised her rear a bit.

“Spring your not worried about this? I mean your about to be used to make money.”

“So what its not like half of these pokes’ haven’t seen me before and besides its for extra credit.” Spring said with a chuckle. “We go to so school for sex what do you expect? Sheesh maybe you need this more than me and get all that pelt up emotions out of you.”

Prince didn’t say anything more as he looked out to the crowd and felt his heart sink as he saw of all the students, no all the girls here Candy!!! Prince wanted to just die as he tried to get up again but felt even more pressure weigh him down as Professor Lita placed the dildo into Spring who gave a slight moan as she felt it slowly work itself into her and found the right spot to get the show on the row.

“Prince?” He heard Candy cry from the crowd as she walked her way up to where he was as Professor Lita walked back over to him with a stop watch in her hand.

“Candy what are you doing here?” Prince asked as he saw the Clefairy lay down on her stomach and take off her glasses.

“I should ask you the same?” The Shinx said looking at him with a concerned look. “This is the winter festival after all I do have the right to be here.” Professor Lita began playing with the male Nidoran’s sheath as she was trying to work his rod out of him though stopped when Candy hissed.

“Can you please I’m his girlfriend!” She said getting up onto the stage.

“Well he volunteered for this so unless-” Candy cut the fairy pokemon off.

“Yes if anyone is going to jack him off up here its me now scram teacher or not no one touches him but me!” Holy shit Prince though as he looked at how she lit up from that her fur shining from the electricity running though it. Professor Lita didn’t argue but moved back over to Spring who was scraping the ground now from how good the vibrating was to her. Prince couldn't tell just where it was hitting her but he guessed it was the right spot.

“Look just keep still alright and try to think of something that will help make this go by faster.” Candy said snapping his mind back to the task at hand. She had a serious but humorous look on her as she began licking at his sack the female not bothered by the taste of his balls.

“Oh my….are they really about to do it out here?” Prince heard his sister say from the crowd, crap he forgot she was out here.

“Princess go away!” He yelled.

“No this is fun to watch.” She yelled back being stubborn as usual. “Better hurry up since Spring over there looks like she is just dying to beat you.” Prince didn’t even try to look as he didn’t care about anything else but-

“Watch it!” Prince cried as Candy was using a paw on his pink rod now and she messed up as a claw was out. “Kind of sensitive.”

“Sorry just this place is annoying me, when I thought of us doing this it would had been in a more romantic setting.” Candy said before going back to her work the female moving her tongue back up to where his dick was and began licking it quickly the female trying to finish this as quick as possible. Prince winced a little at first from how rough her tongue was the rough texture of it wasn’t helping at first but then it didn’t feel so bad after he got use to it. Candy moved her body in a way that covered him from the prying eyes of the other students. Candy finally stopped her licking and looked at how his dick shined in the dieing sunlight a few drops of pre dripping down it.

“I’ll make our next time extra special ok?” She said licking him on the cheek and then opened her mouth and went down on him. Prince felt himself his rod slowly being taken by the eager cat as she slowly took more and more of him not stopping as wanted to have the task down as soon as possible. He felt her sucking on him slowly as she went down on him more and more while she gave him slight jolts of electricity to stimulate him faster.

“Candy….” Prince moaned as he felt his pre being sucked down the female’s throat. “How often…do…you do….this?”

Candy didn’t answer him as she used a bit more of a jolt to really take him over the edge the male popped into her mouth coating her throat in his seed. Candy finally let go and allowed the rest of his cum to drip into the measuring cup before spitting what she had in.

“Dang I feel sorry for you man.” Prince heard a random male voice from the crowd say. “Pussy is a spitter.”

Prince groaned as he sat there feeling embarrassed more and more as he felt a cold draft him. Looking over he saw Spring being pumped into by Professor Lita’s dildo the Clefairy working hard to finish her. Finally the Chickarita gave out a long scream as she drenched the teacher’s arm and made her have to pull the dildo out spilling everything else into the cup below causing the crowd to cheer wildly from the show. Candy didn’t say anything but continued to stand in front of Prince as Professor Lita gave a small bow and picked up both cups and stop watches. Looking at them Prince saw that Spring had beat him in the amount ‘donated’ to the cause.

“How’s that for a show folks.” Professor Lita announced proudly to the crowd. Prince then felt the weight lifted off of him and he got up. “How about a round of applause to our volunteers.”

Candy escorted Prince from the stage the feline looking at the fairy poke though not without giving her a hard stare. “Go eat a cock.”

Prince didn’t hear Professor Lita’s reply as Princess was all over him asking questions that didn’t remember ever answering but he wanted to get inside and get out of the cold. First he learned that his sister had a crush on another girl, then he was embarrassed in front of the entire school and worst it was in front of the girl that he had a crush on. But one good thing came out of it though, Candy said called him her boyfriend. If nothing else good happened today he can at least bask in the knowledge that he was winning the heart of one of the cutest girls he has ever met.

“Like this?” Zeal asked Shawn as she placed her paws onto the wall behind her.

“Ya, ya now spread your legs and raise your tail.” Shawn said giving a nod of approval. Zeal did so and turned around her ear rings shining from the little light that poured in from the outside. “Mmm….ya that’s what I like to see, little sexy piece of pussy you are.”

“Oh your to flattering Shawn.” Zeal giggled.

“Found ourselves a natural hey Shawny boy.” Vince said giving Zeal a nod of approval as well. “How about tomorrow you come down to Neon Central and we take some pictures of you for our winter line up. Oh ya if we get the pictures tomorrow I can have them in our next edition, might not be front cover but I will make sure you are not in the back.”

“Really!!!” Zeal meowed happily as she took herself off the wall. “Oh my thank you, thank you so much.” She ran over and kissed both Cheaters.

“Yes, yes now run along and tell your friends alright.” Vince said wiping his face with a vine. “See if you can get those other two to show up as well they had potential as well.” Vince stopped and thought for a second. “Oh I can see a few dirty group shots there oh ya….that can be the blown up poster picture of the next edition, wearing little Santa hats and wearing those reindeer collars….oh ya I can beat off to that for sure and if I want to then the readers are going to want to too.”

“That’s a little strange…” Zeal said as she backed up. “But if it will get me in the magazine then I’m in.”

“Vince you sure Professor Bangam is going to allow you to do this?” Shawn asked looking at his brother. Though Zeal stopped paying attention and ran out of the room and down the hall and was soon back in the lounge where she saw Elizabeth and Ember talking. Zeal was about to pass them by when Ember spoke up stopping here.

“Zeal come here now.” Ember said as she was licking the top of her sister’s head. “What were you doing back there with Shawn and Vince Cheater?”

“Oh you won’t believe it Ms. Ember I’m going to be in their magazine.” Zeal meowed. “Oh its going to be so amazing.”

“And what did you have to do to get that job?” Elizabeth asked looking back at the Skitty, Zeal couldn’t place her paw on it but she was looking at her with eyes of hatred and jealousy. “What did you have to do to get Shawn’s approval?”

“Just showed off how limber I was.” Zeal answered now understanding why she was acting this way. “Sheesh if you wanted to go see them why not go now their still back there. Or come out with me tomorrow to Neon Central to go see them since that is when they’ll be doing the photo shoot.”

“Why and pick up the trash you left?” Elizabeth growled.

“Look I do not know what your beef is but if you want to impress Shawn then why not go back there and do something instead of sitting around here being a little bitch about it. Sometimes you just have to lift that tail of yours and do a little work if you want to get though to a guy.” Zeal hissed.

“Zeal just get out before something bad happens.” Ember growled. Zeal just shook her head before she walked out and left the skitty completely lost as to why things had gone down the way they did. Everyone knew that Elizabeth and Shawn use to date before he got in trouble. It was also common knowledge that after that the pair hadn’t talked to one another so why is she getting all worked up over nothing. It wasn’t like Zeal did anything wrong?

“Eevees can be mellow dramatic.” Zeal didn’t want to tell Ember and her sister what else had gone on in there just so she could get a chance to talk to them. Nah she’ll keep that knowledge to herself, Zeal didn’t like to talk about the things she’ll do to get ahead in the world.

Zeal headed down the stairs and outside. Looking around she didn’t see anyone and guessed that everyone was up at the castle enjoying the Winter Festival. On her way up to the castle she was stopped by of all pokes her cousin the Furret Chip. What was he doing out here?

“What are you doing here?” Zeal asked looking at he Furret who just nudged his head towards the castle and began walking beside her as they headed up.

“Just wanted to talk to you.”

“What about?” Zeal asked knowing that if the playboy had anything to say it normally was something interesting.

“You’ve been doing some dirty dealing again?” He asked looking at her with a concerned look.

“What-?” Zeal hissed.

“I smelled it on you when I walked up.” Chip said never looking at her but kept his eyes forward on the snowy trail that lead up to the castle. “I do not care what you did or what you did it for but I want to remind you can come to me for help if you need it.”

“Trust me I’m not doing anything wrong.” Zeal said firmly. “Trust me I can take care of myself.”

“I hope your right more than you might believe.” Chip said as they stopped at the door that led to the Great Hall. “Zeal you’re a smart girl and I believe that you’ll make the right decision in the end.” Holds onto her head with his forepaws and looked her right in the eyes. “We are all we have here at this school so lets take care of each other alright.”

“I guess.” Zeal said not understanding why he was acting this way. “When have you ever cared about me?”

“Don’t act that way.” Chip gave his little cousin a nuggy and lets her go before he got swiped by a unsheathed paw. “See what would you do without me around?”

“I’ll be able to keep my fur kept up.” Zeal giggled before licking a paw and then began grooming herself. “Alright I’ll talk to you more then ok?”

“Hey that’s all I want from you.” Chip then began heading towards the back of the school. “Your friends are inside, you should go talk to them. As for me I’ve got a date with two lovely girls to get to.”

“Oh you mean your paws there?” Zeal joked.

“Oh yes do you want to meet them?” Chip said raising his fore-paws. “Lefty and Rightly this is Zeal my little cousin.”

“Would you get going.” Zeal meowed as she watched her cousin leave. After he left she headed inside to go see how her friends were doing and see what they had planned for tonight.
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