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Bangam's High School of sex by nameofnoimportence


Winter Games

Chapter 13

Winter Games

The White, the Blue, and the Black

The Winter Festival was the most important time of the fall semester at Bangam’s and no one enjoyed this time more than Wooly. Females loved the Winter Festival since it meant they had a excuse to get close to the male’s they liked, it wasn’t uncommon to find girl snuggling up close to their boyfriend or male they were interested in trying to keep warm, warm hot chocolate or bowl of soup, one thing led to the next and romantic happens. No one enjoyed this time of the year more than Wooly who used it as a excuse to get close a shivering young fem his wool was the perfect thing to help warm them up and a little smooth talking and he was in. Today though he was having issues though as he wasn’t the only one who was out “warming” girls up.

“…..Oh I’m sorry I’m pretty good.” A young raticate said as she was nibbling on some crackers.

“What?” Wooly asked looking at her like she just kicked him in the balls. “Its cold out here right now and your telling me your good.” Her peanut sized brain must be making her think that she’s warm when she must be really cold. Wooly thought as he tried to get close to her though the rat stepped away.

“Sorry Wooly but that nice Furret what’s him name again….Oh ya Chip.” She squeaked happily. “He helped warm me up by wrapping his long strong body around me and….” She blushed holding herself. “Oh what that Furret can do with his body is so amazing….he warmed me up in ways that I do not think anyone else can.”

“Chip…..” Wooly balled his fist so tight that a crackling sound was heard as his anger was making him spark up.

“What’s wrong Wooly?” The rat asked still blushing. “Don’t worry you can “warm” me up later if you want.”

“….Fine but lets wait till after the Avalanche Battle Royal tonight, I still need my strength for tonight.” Wooly said putting a arm around the rat and snuck in a quick kiss to her cheek which she happily returned. “Now run along and get yourself a good seat.”

“Alright but don’t you get knocked out to soon but if you do you’ll know I’ll be here to cheer you up.” She gave him another smooch before running off most likely to gather up her friends. Wooly wondered just how much Chip had done with her but he didn’t care it wasn’t like he would had been much better than his friend and rival. Wooly was a male who would do just about anything to get his hooves on a girl and he’s done some dirty things in the past to do just that. Last year he fucked a Mightyena girl and told her that he couldn’t commit to her since she was gay and that he was using this night with her as a chance to broaden his sexual experiences. Thing was he fucked her again the next week stating that he was his twin brother and she bought it so no complaints there. He tried to teach Prince, Smoke and Flair that hit it and get out before its to late but they never listen besides maybe Smoke he always had a different mentality about females but didn‘t mind getting his dick wet from time to time.

Wooly began walking around again, he liked to hang around the restaurants since there were always girls out here looking to get something to eat or drink and he didn’t mind paying for something quick and cheap if it meant he could start a conversation with them. Today though all of the females were hanging around the arena as they were eager to see who was going to be battling tonight in the big main event. Wooly wasn’t a regular contender like Sparkchu or even Shawn before he got in trouble but Wooly’s name was whispered now and then when did make himself known.

Looking at the time Wooly knew he only had about a hour and half before the they would announce that all participates assembled at the arena to be assigned their number of the order they would come out into the rumble. The Avalanche Battle Royal was a knock out battle that would normally have around 10 participates who were placed into ice cages. The battle would begin with everyone already out on the battle field and would be on large free for all. No one knew what style of battle this match could be tonight until the time of the battle so there was no real one way of mentality preparing one’s self for it until it began. Wooly had been in one of these style matches before and knew just how intense it could be if you wasn’t focused enough.

Walking up to the registration counter he saw that the fight card was already made for tonight and he was on it. Students had registered for tonight’s matches earlier in the day and it wasn’t uncommon for someone’s friend to sign their buddy up for a match or two. Tonight’s fight was going to be big as the winner of this battle would not only win points for their den but would get the first day back to school off, what could be better than getting to sleep in and enjoy one extra day of winter break off?

Looking at the list he saw the line up was:

1) Nepti the Wartortle, Open Water Den, 1st year

2) Brightspark the Plusle, Open Water Den, 1st year

3) Chip the Furret, Artic Den, 3rd year

4) Daughter Nature the Deerling, Artic Den, 2nd year

5) Prince the Nidoran M, Desert Den, 1st year

6) Wooly the Flaffey, Desert Den, 3rd year

7) Dirdril the Drilbur, Magma Den, 5th year

8) Tawney the Liepard, Magma Den, 5th year

9) Roulette the Whimsicott, Wood Den, 4th year

10) Spring the Chikorita, Wood Den, 1st year

It was a even number of males and females battling in this rumble so hopefully he wouldn’t have to worry about having to pleasure another male but if he had to he had to since getting win here was worth it. Wooly noted how almost half of the challengers this year were first years which Wooly didn’t mind since it meant how he might have a easier time winning the rumble. Walking away from the counter he noticed a most interesting Deerling looking at a poster advertising tonight’s event. She had a most beautiful winter coat he had ever seen on her species along with a ice blue scarf around her neck. She looked to be either a big first year or a undersized second year, either way Wooly saw her as easy prey. Grooming back his wool the sheep walked over and spoke to the gal.

“I see that your interested in tonight’s main event?” Wooly said when he stood behind her. The fawn looked at him and nods.

“It is the biggest event of the winter season plus the student that wins will earn 50 points for their den and will get the first day back off.”

“You know who is going to be in that tonight?” Wooly asked looking pleased with himself.

“Oh I know Chip is going to be in it.” She said looking excited which made Wooly’s heart sink. “Oh and Tawney is suppose to be making a appearance and she was the last one to get knocked out last year so you know she is coming back with vengeance this time around.”

“Ya well…what about that guy from Desert Den…” Wooly said trying to ease her on to saying his name.

“Oh you mean that underdog Prince? I know he is going to be the black horse of this competition for sure.” She still wasn’t saying his name.

“Oh ya what about that guy Wooly though?”

“Didn’t he take forth place last year and the year before that I heard he didn’t even make the too the final five.” the Deerling said. Wooly’s jaw dropped.

“OH come on!” Wooly was inches from yelling. “I do not suck just always had tough competition.”

“Oh your Wooly?” She asked with a light chuckle. “I would had never had guessed.”

“Ya the one and only.” Wooly said rubbing his head as he was fighting back showing his embarrassment. Was she playing games with him? “And here I was going to spit all this game on you and you killed half the fun.”

“Oh really?” The fawn asked with a smirk. “If you have such game what is my name?” She asked looking at him.

“Hey no fair I didn’t even get a chance to ask you.” Wooly said surprised by her question. This girl was putting him on the ropes and was trying to knock him over it.

“Should have asked me at the very beginning instead of trying to make me guess who you were.” With that she began walking away and Wooly bit his lip before he followed her the sheep surprised about how sly this girl was. The deer looked to her side to see him walking with her though just continued to smile.

“What is your name then?” Wooly asked finally. He wanted to learn more about this girl for some reason beyond just the usual casual one nighters that he was use to playing with. He wanted to break this girl down and study her since never before has he met someone who didn’t fall so easily for his usual tricks. Wooly had to find out if there was a new breed of females who didn’t fall for the usual easy game that he used and if so how was going to find the cure to fight it.

“That a boy.” She said lightly bumping up against him. “Well Wooly my name is Din a Artic Den second year.”

Artic Den….well that could explain her cool attitude towards him. Well he just had to play it cool and find out as much as he could about her. Din seemed to be a well groomed fawn her fur was well taken care of, she wore the scarf not for keeping warm but to make other look at her face where she had beautiful ice blue colored eyes that matched the rest of her, her fur had long yellow streaks in it that ran the length of her body. Wooly looked down to her rump and saw that she had a nice thick ass even for her kind and he couldn’t help but not take his eyes from it until Din looked at him and saw what he was looking at.

“Like what you see?” She asked making him realize what he was doing and turned his attention back to her face. Though Wooly noticed she wasn’t mad or even surprised she seemed more flattered than anything else.

“Ya not everyday I meet a girl who has a ass like that and on someone so young too.” Wooly wasn’t one to lie if he didn’t need to. “Tell you I would do some nasty things to a ass like that.” That caught the fawn’s attention as she stopped walking and looked at him.

“Really just how “nasty” are you willing to get?”

“Just about everything but scat.” Wooly said not liking the idea of such a fetish and hoped that she wasn’t into something like that. He once spent a night with a Skunktank gril who didn’t tell him that she was into scat and she ended up tying him down making him believe that she was just going to be doing a little bit of bondage and he ended up getting shitted on. It was something that he didn’t like to talk about to anyone and now and days he made it clear that he’ll do just about anything excluding scat.

“Understandable.” She thinks for a moment before speaking again her smile never fading. “I have a proposal for you a challenge really.” As she spoke her voice turned very business like and her smile lightened up a little bit and wasn’t a long grin anymore but more of a light smirk. “You are going to be fighting in the Avalanche Battle Royal tonight and I want to give you a little…incentive, something motivate you to try harder to win.” She then stops speaking and moves over to a little patch of grass and laid down placing her legs up under herself. Wooly then sits down with her and joins the deer who then began to lick him slowly, she started with his face and move down to his neck. Din’s tongue was only slightly rough thanks to the type of food she hate but it felt good none the less. After a moment Din stopped licking him.

“If you can win the battle then I will…let you get to do something that no other boy has gotten a chance to do with me ever.” Din said licking him again though this time she worked her way back up to his ear and began sucking on it, the stimulation was amazing and Wooly felt himself starting to get a little aroused. Din then whispered into his ear.
“I will let you take me in ass.” Wooly nearly felt his dick blow out of his sheath from that. He’s never gotten to take a girl like that since all of them would pussy out whenever he brought up the subject. And to be to be asked by someone like her to do it was something that he couldn’t believe.

“You serious?” Wooly asked not able to believe her.

“Oh I never joke about something like this.” Sucks on his ear again making the sheep baa under his breath. “Though if you lose…” She stopped sucking on him. “I get to make you baa so loud that half of the island will you.”

It sound like a pretty tempting deal, if he won he got to experience something that he always had wanted to and if he lost then he had to do whatever she wanted which from what she said will end with him baaing so loudly that half of the island will hear him. Sounded strange but hey it could be fun so he had a win win regardless.

“Deal, just hope you are ready since I’m going to make you scream by the time I’m done with you.” Wooly said feeling tired for some reason his mind was feeling foggy now and he couldn’t figure out why. He had plenty of food for lunch and he got more than enough sleep last night but since he let her start licking he was feeling bad like he was drained all of a sudden. Din just began to lick him again the fawn seeming to enjoy the moment.

“Oh I’m sure you will but how are you feeling right now?” she licks his cheek as she moved on top of him her small tail twitching back and forth as if she was antipacating something and couldn’t wait. “You know I’m really good at helping to relax others and I just want to see how I’m doing.” Wooly felt her lick him some more this time moving down his body and gave his stomach a few licks before moving down some more until she was right at his neither regions.

‘Is she about to go down on me? Fuck ya, this girl is a keeper.’ Wooly thought as he saw the fawn look back at him before licking at his slightly erected cock. He felt her slowly lick him at the base as she worked the rest of him out but instead of continuing back up she slowly made her way to the base of his tail and gave it a slight nudge.

“Can you lift yourself up a little bit?” Din asked.

“Really…you was kind of doing a good job back up there.” Wooly said wanting her to continue.

“I know but I like to give other’s a full body relaxation plus there is a side of me that I do not like others to know about.” Din said blushing up a little bit.

“Oh?” Wooly questioned but she didn’t answer him but instead continued licking him. Wooly felt himself growing more and more drowse until finally he felt Din licking his cheek and his eyes were beginning to close. All he remembered seeing was a very cheeky smile on the deer’s face as he finally was taken by the darkness and into a very restful slumber.

Princess was alone this evening as the sun was setting in the horizon the combination and red and yellow mixing together created a very beautiful sunset over the icy wonderland. Spring and Prince had gone ahead to Neon Central with Candy and Link so they could enjoy a nice dinner before the pair were scheduled to compete in tonight’s event. Princess didn’t want to go head with them since she didn’t want to spoil the couples dates and she couldn’t stand being the odd ball in a group. Princess thought of Zeal and how even when Spring would enjoy eating dinner with Link she was never alone since Zeal was there and it made her miss the kitten even more. She was so into her thought’s that she didn’t hear someone come up behind her and only snapped out of it when she was poked in the back.

“Ah!” Turned around to see just the cat she was thinking of standing there giggling. “Hey what’s the big deal Zeal you nearly gave me a heart attack?”

“Well you’re the one out here freezing to death watching the sun set silly.” Zeal meowed happily. “You know the view is just as nice on the inside where its warmer.”

The pair go inside and sit at a small table. The Great Hal was nearly empty tonight as everyone was out in Neon Central which let Princess be able to say what was on her mind without the fear of others over hearing them. It didn’t take long for rumors to spread around the student body no matter how big or small it was. Zeal seemed in a good mood tonight so maybe it’ll make this easier to say.

“Zeal…” Princess start but then stopped, Zeal looked at her tilting her head as she had to be wondering why she stopped talking all of a sudden. Princess felt really scared to say this and she didn’t know how her friend would take it, Zeal was a open minded cat but just how open was she and would she feel the same about her as she did about in Princess’s option the world’s cutest Skitty.

“You know….you um…I….I really like how you did your ears this evening, the ribbon’s the way you tied them are really cute.” was all she could think to say without saying to much. Zeal was wearing a cute set of yellow ribbons at the base of her ears that were tied in a very nice bow and the remaining strands fluttered in the wind behind her. Zeal purred from the compliment.

“Thank you Princess and you have a very cute smile tonight.” Zeal complimented back. Princess felt that things were going well now all she had to do was keep it up and then ask her out to the dance.

“Oh your all nicely groomed tonight as well.” Princess said happily. “Were you asked to the dance by anyone?” Easy way to find out if she was already taken. Zeal signed which made the female Nidoran have to hold back a smile she didn’t want to give off the fact that she was relieved. “Well why not the two of use go together then?”

“Hmm….I don’t know I know that the dance it suppose to be formal. Besides are we going as friends or you know….a couple?” the Skitty asked concerned. “I mean not sure if you want others to see as something like that.”

“No, no it’ll be fine and besides wouldn’t it be fun to not be hit on for once by every horny dick out there?” Princess asked with a nervous chuckle.

“I guess….” Zeal trailed and Princess was wondering if she was having doubts about being asked out like this. “I just hope this won’t be weird for either of us then but I’ll go with you.” Zeal said licking her yellow-pinkish fur. “So when do you want to take me out then?” Zeal asked with a giggle and Princess was glad that she was trying to lighten the mood.

“Well I was thinking we could go get something to eat and then go cheer or favorite girl on at the Battle Royal tonight and then maybe go dance afterwards and then maybe if we are feeling good return here for a little bit of alone time.” Princess said joking at the end though in truth she was kind of hoping it would end up that way. Princess got a giggle from her friend who then licked her cheek and purred as she then nuzzled her. Princess felt warm inside as she thought that maybe she could pull this off.
“Ok but lets hurry up the fight is going to start in about the next hour and I would hate to get bad seats.” Zeal got up and stretched before walking outside and over to the portal to Neon Central. Princess got up and followed and together the friends headed away on their “date.”

Spring, Link, Prince and Candy were eating together at the Policafe’ a sushi shack that served the freshest food in all of Neon Central though it was also one of the five most expensive resturants in all of Neon Central, the Three Dragons was the only place that was suppose to be more expensive though Spring didn’t have a clue why. She was enjoying a fresh salad made up of Cheri berry tree leaves, crushed Pecha and diced Apples slices. Link and the others were enjoying fresh suchi that she had no clue what it was since she wasn’t a meat eater of any sorts.

“Spring how are you feeling about tonight?” Link asked her and the Chikorita looked up from her plate of food. Bits of the leaves and Apple juices dripped down her cheek which made the other’s laugh.

“What’s so funny?” She asked head tilted. Link just dabbed his napkin and wiped her face clean and showed her the napkin afterwards.

“Don’t worry I thought it looked cute.” Link chuckled.

“Well that makes one of us I thought it made you look-” Prince was stopped by Candy who gave him a nasty glare. “What just getting myself psyched up for tonight’s match.”

“Well get psyched up some where else.” Candy snapped back with a low hiss. She went back to eating though silently and Prince did the same as he must be feeling pretty bad now. From what Princess told Spring her brother was really trying to make things work out with this girl and from the way he was acting right now Spring could tell that he must like her a lot. Since dinner began he had been trying to be on his best behavior, he kept her spot warm when she left to relieve herself and tried to enjoy the food she ate though from the way Prince was acting he hated it a lot.

“Well Link to answer your question I can’t wait to get out there and show everyone that I can do more than just look good while in a contest battle.” She said proudly. “Though I’ll prefer a contest battle over the regular thing any day since it require more charm than brute strength. Plus I get a chance to show off to you.” She saw that Link was rubbing his head the male turning red under his helmet.

“Battles are all about brute strength Spring.” Prince said after finally giving up on his food and passed it over to Candy who didn’t complain about getting more fish. Maybe he really just couldn’t finish it or he wanted to keep his date’s mouth full while he spoke. “If you are trying to be nice out there you’ll get owned in a heart beat.”

“Oh is that true….” Spring said narrowing her eyes at the male royal. “Ok fine then I’ll be sure to remember that when we are out there then.” Spring then smiled as she had a good feeling about tonight, before she was just fighting to just do it but now Prince gave her a reason to do far more than that, it was males like him that made her want to try harder in situations like this. Spring felt Link place a hand on her paw.

“Be careful out there.” He said. “If things get dangers…”

“Don’t worry you nervous mon you.” Spring giggled and kissed him. “There is a reason that I am the one who does all the fighting and you are the book worm. I find doing stuff like this fun.” She kissed him again and Link did so back the male working his tongue up against her’s as they frenched on another. Spring was enjoying it so much that she didn’t even notice that she had moved over onto his lap until she heard Candy’s voice behind warning them to cool it down.

“I enjoy public display of affection as the next but really do you have to do it here?” She asked as both her and Prince had gotten up done with their meals. Spring blinked a little bit and noticed that her rear was feeling a bit cooler and saw that she was wet while Link’s cock was out.

“Lucky thing that they can’t get it on in Neon Central or else that would had gotten a lot messier.” Prince commented and Candy just giggled.

“Aww don’t you want to do something like that right now?” She asked pouncing on him though keeping herself away from his horn.

“Well….” Prince said as both him and Candy headed off to the arena together playing with the other with playful shoving. Spring was carried by Link who kept her on him until he had calmed down enough so they didn’t draw to much attention. Spring wished that they had gone on a bit longer but at the resturanent was a bit much she had to admit. Oh just wait till after the battle and dance tonight….she is going to ride that pink bone of his so much that they won’t be able to move all winter break.

‘Better watch out Prince since I‘m coming to shut you down….’

Both Zeal and Princess had gone to a quick little bake shop to pick up their dinner since the battle was suppose to begin any minute now and Zeal and Princess had spent most of the last hour trying to get a good seat so they didn’t have time to pick up anything special. They finally found seats in the forth from the bottom and would be able to see the entire field from where they were so the lack of eating was worth it. Zeal didn’t know why Princess wanted her to go out with her so much, Princess was a great girl but she would had thought that maybe the Nidoran girl would want to try to go on a double date or at least find Spring. Zeal watched as Princess returned with some cream filled rolls and nicely packaged up in a small bag. The fragrance of the rolls made Zeal’s mouth water and she didn’t waste time in picking one out and began chowing away which seemed to had made Princess chuckle.

“You’ll choke if your not careful.” Princess committed as she pulled one out for herself . Zeal slowed down her pace enough actually enjoy the taste of the food. She tasted the cream in the center of the roll and it reminded her of milk for some reason. She looked over at the one Princess was eating and saw that her roll had purple filling in the middle and she wondered how many different flavors that her friend brought back.

“Princess.” Zeal spoke up.

“Yes Zeal what is it?” Princess asked with a smile. “Something you need sweetie?”

‘Sweetie? Strange she’s never called me that before.’ “What type of flavors did you get?” Zeal asked trying to dismiss what Princess had just called her.

“Well I got just regular cream which is what you have there, then I’m eating this pecha berry flavor one here and in the bag there should be a mix between those and mago and wiki. I didn’t know what you might like so I just picked out a couple from each of the different flavors.” Princess said finishing that roll she had now and settled down to enjoy the show.

Zeal couldn’t help but notice the entire time they’ve been together today Princess had been looking at her differently as if there was something on her mind that she wanted to speak about badly. Zeal signed at the thought though and puts her own roll down next to her not feeling to hungry right now. Whatever was making Princess be this happy she didn’t want to ruin with the secret that she sitting on her own chest. Zeal remembered how angry Princess had gotten when she had showed her interest in Vince Cheater and she didn’t want to tell her what she had done just before she met back up with her friend. What the price of wanting to become famous can mean for someone if they were not careful.

‘This taste I have in my mouth….I’m not sure if just eating will get rid of it.’ Zeal had been able to handle the awful taste before but now since she has been with Princess after meeting Vince she‘s had this strange taste in her mouth that she couldn‘t get rid of. Licking her fur she tried to wipe it off but it wasn’t doing that much. Princess must had caught onto how her friend was acting as she shook her causing the Skitty to stop.

“Zeal something the matter?” Princess asked looking concerned. “The food isn’t bad….I can get you something else if you want?”

“Just some water maybe. I ah….took a small nap when I was away this afternoon and I can’t get this awful taste out of my mouth from lunch.” Zeal lied which made her mouth taste even worse. Princess nods and got up to go get her some water and Zeal lied her head back down on her paws. The cheering of the crowd around her signaled that the fights were about to start up.

‘What have I gotten myself into this time? I’m going to need all the strength I’ve got to want to just throw up right now’ Zeal thought to herself silently in her mind and heart as the vile taste was making her feel sick to the stomach now.

Chip was racing to the arena as quickly as he could cursing himself the entire way. His dinner with Brook had taken longer than expected and he had only stopped his ‘dessert’ with her because someone had bumped into him back at the castle and he finally had seen what time it was. Now here he was running down the bridge that led to the arena and he only had five minutes to spare before they would start calling the fighters to the arena to be introduced.

“Come on Chip, come on!” Chip yelled to himself as he charged down the long bridge. He was relieved when he finally finished crossing it though didn’t take the time to see what was on the in front of him and ended up tripping over something which sent him tumbling onto his face. Dazed the Furret got up and shook himself off and looked around to see what had tripped him over and saw a ball of white wool laying on the ground behind him. Upon closer inspection he saw that it was of all boys Wooly his friend and rival.

“Wooly what are you doing here?” Chip said shoving the sheep who moaned as he woke up and rolled onto his back. “What are you doing out here?”

“Chip….” The ram moaned as he got up his tail lighting up. “Wha-what are you doing here? Where am I…?” Chip didn’t know what to say as the sheep looked like he clearly had no idea what was going on or knew that in a few minutes both of them were going to be Dqed for not being at the arena on time. Chip didn’t answer him though instead just pushed his friend along as he didn’t have time to explain anything to him.

“How do we get ourselves into these things?” Chip asked himself as he got them inside the arena now and were heading down to the locker room in hopes that hadn’t missed getting called out. Pushing their way though the door into the locker room Chip and Wooly fell over and hit face first onto the floor and Chip tasted the ground under him which was awful from all the feet that passed though there. Getting up he saw that everyone else was looking at him and Wooly and he felt a bit embressed though thankful that they were not in here alone.

“Well, well always trying to make a entrance huh Chip?” A beautiful Liepard asked looking at them from a plushe pillow. Chip knew this girl far to well and smiled as he walked over to her and gave her a kiss.

“Nice to see you too Tawney.” Chip said giving her another kiss on the cheek.

“Are you always that friendly with every girl you meet?” A young Chikorita asked the Furret and he nods. Chip remember this was one of his cousin’s best friends. He wondered why such a young girl like her was going to be battling in a competition like this in weather that didn’t favor her type at all.

“Only the one’s who don’t mind falling for his charm.” Tawney chuckled as she got up from her spot and stretched. “Well since we are all here now I saw we best be on our way and head out.”

“Aww you remember.” Chip chuckled giving Tawney a light tap on her rear which made the cat blush a little before touching his face with her tail.

“Well don’t be a stranger after this match tiger.” She meowed passing Wooly on the way out and stopped and licked the sheep. “You too my little lamb, its not everyday I meet someone who I don’t mind wanting to spend another night with.”

“Your welcome, not everyday I find someone who is so talented as you.” Wooly said letting the cat pass and Spring followed her along with the Nidoran male Prince and the grass trickster Roulette. Once they were gone Chip began to follow but was stopped by Wooly who seemed to want to say something to his friend before they left.

“Something you need?” Chip asked quickly.

“Thanks for helping me back there I know you didn’t have to.” Wooly said seeming still confused about why he had been laying in the middle of the road like the way he had.

“Its what friends do Wooly now lets get going before we miss our names being called.” With that Chip headed off. He wanted to help Wooly figure out what happened and maybe after the battle they can worry about it but right now he had to focus on winning this match and getting his free day out of school. All he had to do was outlast 9 other Pokemon and that day was as good as his.

Outside the crowd was roaring loudly as students restlessness was growing to it max and Bangam was proud to be able to hear it for yet another glories Winter Festival. Walking out onto the field he felt himself grow young again as the anticipation for the upcoming battle brought back a flood of memories.

Bangam remembered his first Centreny battle here, his final battle against Flay here not to long ago. His various encounters against several of the other teachers here and how despite his great strength and abilities he did lose his fair share of battles thanks to getting over confident. Right now Aurora would be nagging for him to go inside and get out of the cold but she was away on vacation.

“Its all worth it.” He said to himself and leaks onto a large snow covered boulder in the middle of the field and looks around taking in the scenery as hundreds of students were cheering from the stands.




Bangam smiled to himself as he lets the students have their fun on calling out his name until a soft hand touches his shoulder. Looking to his side he saw the Contest Master and Coach Nikcino the Cinccino who was out here to help with announcing the upcoming battle.

“You alright George?” Nikcino asked warmly. Bangam nods.

“Of course, you know do not need to do this,. If I wanted someone to baby me I wouldn‘t had let Aurora take a vacation.”

“I know and like what I told you five minutes ago before we got here I’m going to be with you all night.” She said rubbing his back. “You asked me to spend time with you tonight and I’m going to be here for you whether you like it not.” Nikcino giggled as she brushed his fur back and gave him a quick kiss which made the crowd gasp and cheer even harder seeing their Headmaster getting some. They finally stopped when Bangam rised a paw to make everyone stop.

“For the past 50 years it has been a tradition here at Bangam School for Sex and Survival that we celebrate the end of the year and the coming of winter by hosting a beautiful festival in its honor. Its tradition that the Avalanche Battle Royal take place before the close of the festival where the winner of the event shall have the first dance and bring great honor to their den by adding 50 glories points to their score. For winning they will also be allowed the first day off at the beginning of the school year.” Bangam heard the crowd roar again as they were eager for the show to start.

“Now I turn you over to my glories hostess Contest Master Couch Nikcino.”

“Thank you, thank you!” The Cincicco said blowing kisses to the crowd as she walked forward and did a small turn which got some of the boys cheering louder. Bangam bit his lips as he thought of her in the same way as a few were right now, her kind were known to be hot as hell and she was no slouch in that area. Nikcino liked to keep her fur well groomed and she had a certain parts brushed back just enough not reveal everything but enough to let your mind imagine what she was hiding. She liked to let herself smell like fresh berries and the scent changed depending who was smelling it. Though Bangam didn’t have to imagine much as he knew just what she hid from the world for you see Nikcino at more than one time in Bangam’s and her life had been his mate.

It was all ancient history for the most part but it still did haunt him for she was the one that he let get away. The two of them got together during a time when the school was threatened to be closed because parents no longer believed that their children should be taught so far away from home and the student number was dwindling month by month. Nikcino was a young Cincicco at that time just evolved and she did everything she could to comfort him but the Absol was stubborn and became very bitter and he brushed her away time and time again. One day he had actually hurt her by slashing her stomach when she tried to comfort him after a group of parents had came to the school demanding that he shut down the school. It had taken all of his effort to not want to attack the angry parents and after the event he left and borded himself away up in his chambers.

Bangam had already had courted the Cincicco and had taken her for himself at that time. So of course his mate would want to comfort him and had snuck in and tried to talk to him only to be slashed by the angry Absol…..

“Alright everyone are you ready to get this Battle Royal underway?” Bangam heard Nikcino’s voice which brought him back to reality. He saw her look back at him and gave him that same warm smile she always did and he saw that look in her eyes that always made the Absol shudder….hope. She still loved him and he knew it but he broke it off with her because he feared that his desire to continue working to make the school as successful and to never go though what it did those several years ago made him try to distance himself from relationships or bounding with anyone on more than a friendship level.

The crowd cheered as Nikcino raised a digit into the air and looked up as fireworks went off and from it snow began to fall over the arena. Looking back down she then points to the opening to the side where the students who were going to fight were to come out of.

“Then introducing from Magma Den the ferocious feline who last year proved that even the cute and innocent had a dark side, making her return to the ring this year as a full grown Liepard, Tawney.” And with that a Liepard came running out and jumps into the air and did a flip landing on all four a few feet away. The crowd cheered as the show was finally getting under way.

“Watch where you step as this fighter doesn’t believe in fighting above ground and will drag you down under with him. Making his way from Magma Den the Drilbur, Drilser.” With that the ground near where Tawney began shifting and smashing his way into the arena a Drilbur wearing a Magma bandana around his neck burst onto the scene his claws shining as they were the only thing on him that seemed clean.

“Next from Desert den we have the electric Flaffey who doesn’t know when to give up and has fought in the past two Battle Royals Wooly.” Bangam saw the sheep run out and a few of the females in the crowd whistled for him.

“And following him is the up comer from Desert Den the little Nidoran Prince.” a Nidoran male came running out onto the field and slipped on the ice and slide all the way into a snow mound and was buried. Poping his head out the youngling was shivering from the cold but would live. Bangam chuckled at how so many pokemon who normally did not enjoy being in such weather were fighting though it to bring honor to themselves and their dens and he knew that the school would be in good paws long after he left it for good.

“All the way from Artic Den we have-” Nikcicco was cut off as girls all over the arena were screaming now for who was to come out next and only after Bangam rose his paw again did they finally settle down. “Needing no introduction here comes Chip.” Bangam saw Chip run out onto the field causing the screaming to start back up again.

“Sorry Professor, the girls they can’t get enough of me.” Chip apologized for all of his fans.

“Its good to be loved.” Bangam chuckled as the Furret took his place and Nikcicco continued with the introductions.

“The mystery masked goggle wearing fighter from Artic Den and one of last years Battle Royal top five, Daughter Nature.” A Deerling ran out wearing a pair of goggles over her eyes and had long yellow stripes going down her brown winter coat. She ran by Wooly and give him a little nudge before stepping away. The sheep looked at her funny most likely asking himself why she would do that.

“From Open Water Den we have the queen of the sea the Wartrotle goddess herself Nepti.” A Wartrotle walked out and sprayed some water into the air which came back down as glittering ice.

“Next we have a first timer out here the young electric child Plusle Brightspark.” A Plusle dashed out onto the field and slide on the ice before jumping over Bangam and the others and landed ontop of a snow mound though she didn’t fall though. Flapping on her back was her blue bandana.

“Finally from Woods Den we have a popular arena battler, the master of disaster, the dark horse who doesn’t never throws a punch but always makes his opponent submit Roulette the Whimsicott.” As she said that the afro grass fighter walks out onto the field letting his head bobble as he did so and a few of the grass females cheered for him. Tawney and a few of the other females saw that this guy was hung like a Rapidash.

“When was the last time you used that?” Tawney meowed and Roulette just scratched under her jaw.

“Why are you looking to take if for a ride again Tawney?” Roulette asked with a chuckle. “Same rules as last time? First one to get knocked out is on bottom?”

“Well better make sure I do not bump into your right away then.” Tawney said licking his cheek.

“Last but not least the final member to join us out here today is the young up coming contest star who is making her Battle Arena debut from Woods Den, Spring.” Nikcino yelled as she was excited to see someone from her side of the house here tonight. Spring ran out and the crowd went wild again as they loved to see contest pokemon battle in events like this since they always put on a good show. And with the last of the students out the Battle Royal was ready to get under way.

“I’m sure everyone here is dieing to know what the rules shall be for tonight’s event and I shall explain them quickly so pay attention.” A Lucario announced from the side lines, the crowd grew quiet as he walked out onto the field and looked around. Bangam looked at the Lucario and nods giving him permission to speak.

“I am Couch Mauro head of the athletic department and master of the Battle Arena and one of the judges of tonight’s main event match. Tonight’s match shall be a SB style or Sexual Battle. Sexual Battle matches are messy fights for dominance that ends with one pokemon submitting the other by causing them to have a orgasm. Our fighters tonight will battle another on this icy battle field and the match will only win with the last mon standing. There will be no penetration with one genital to the other unless its to cause the other to cum. This will be a time matched with thirty minutes on the clock and placing is determined by the order in which everyone is submitted. So if there is nothing else that needs to be put out Headmaster Bangam, Couch Nikcino can you please leave the field and lets get this match underway.”

Bangam walks off the field alongside Nikcino who was keeping close to him her hand holding onto his side. Bangam took his place on the side lines and nuzzled the fem as he couldn’t help but feel it was the right thing to do. Maybe tonight could turn out to be interesting for the both of them if played right.

Prince watched as a Aura Sphere was thrown into the air signaling the beginning of the match and he charged forward to begin looking for his first fight. He has never been in a SB style match before but he’s heard rumor about it and knew that they were even more challenging than contest battles. Rushing out into the middle of the field he saw his friend and mentor Wooly already there though he looked sickly and appeared ready to fall over from exhaustion.

“Wooly!” He ran over and looked the sheep over who was barley able to stand and looked like he had nearly no energy left in him.

“Prince…” Wooly moaned and the pair looked to their left to see Chip who was looking around before coming over. “Chip it was stupid of me to get involve in this when I can barley stand.”

“I’d say the same but you two better keep on the move or else you’ll be easy pickings.” Chip said before rubbing on Wooly’s back. “Look if you think you can’t-” Chip was cut off though as he was strayed by a stream of water and the first attack was thrown as Nepti jumped forward and slide into her shell slamming into Prince and Wooly knocking them over before she chased after Chip who was soaked and freezing up from the cold.

“Chip.” Prince said though before he could go help him he felt something grab his leg stopping him in place. Looking behind himself he saw Spring there a nasty grin on her. “Let go Spring I’m not interested in wasting my time with you yet, why not just stop now before I have to embarrass you in front of your friends.”

“Before this is over I’m going to make you taste your own defeat.” With that Prince began being dragged back by the grass girl. Prince tried to grab something to help himself with but he couldn’t even grip the ground thanks to the ice and he began being lifted up. Thinking fast Prince curled himself up and managed to reach her vine and gave it a nasty bite making Spring scream in pain dropping the young royal onto the cold hard ice. Prince cringed from landing on one of his hind legs the wrong way and felt pain shoot up his entire leg and into his back but he couldn’t stop to cry now as he had to dodge a very angry vine whip. Rolling on his side he slide on the ice a little bit before finding his footing and began charging towards the Chikorita who threw a few leaves at him which connected but Prince just shrugged it off as he hits her with horn attack knocking Spring onto the ground and rolled back onto a small snow mound.

Prince walked behind Spring and began licking at her slit though got a nasty slap to his rear from one of her vines and felt himself throw by the other. Feeling dazed Prince shook his head before he saw a bunch of leaves thrown at him and he wasn’t fast enough to dodge and got nasty cuts on his face from it.

“Try that again and I’ll make you pay for it.” Spring screamed before sending another series of leaves at Prince who this time slide up under them and right into Spring who wasn’t expecting the nidoran to try something so bold and knocked her onto his back.

‘Damn that was a stupid idea. Now she’s got a advantage.’ Prince thought and felt a warm tongue against his tail hole as Spring wasn’t wasting time in getting him aroused and Prince tried to get her off of him though felt her press down against his neck as Spring kept licking at his tail hole while she spread his hind legs as her vines went down to his sheath began playing with his slightly erect rod. Right now Prince was in a very bad situation that could get much worse if Prince didn’t act fast……

Chip heard Prince call his name but he wasn’t able to answer back as he was slammed into the chest by Nepti thanks to her Roll Out attack which she used as a chance to take a few quick licks at his sheath before rolling away and coming back at him again and again finally finishing with a Rapid Spin right to his groin. Shaking off the pain on his chest and trying to keep himself calm as he looked down and saw his pink member poking out already, this wasn’t the point in the battle that he wanted to already be having that much of himself exposed. Getting up Chip saw Nepti stop spinning and got up snickering.

“How do you like my Rapid Spin attack Chippy?” Nepti asked giving him a wink. “I can show you what else I can do with it after I submit you….I’ll make you beg for me to stop and keep going at the same time.” Nepti blew him a kiss before getting into her shell again and began sliding towards him again. Chip was ready this time though and jumped out the way but what he wasn’t ready for was how she bounded off the ground and slammed down on him with Body Slam knocking the wind out of Chip as she got him on his back and he got another Rapid Spin to his crotch again as she was already making him pre now.

“Oooohhhh…..”Chip moaned almost wanting to just let her keep going but he knew that if he did that it was over. Gripping the ground he thrusted his up onto her knocking the fem off of him since she wasn’t bracing herself and made the turtle fall onto her back. Getting up Chip felt himself stunned from that full Body Slam she gave him but he wasn’t paralyzed thankfully. Before she had a chance to recover Chip gave her a taste of her own medicine and landed onto her soft underside with a Body Slam of his own knocking the wind out of her.

“Get off.” Nepti growled and shot Chip with a Water Gun to the face which knocked him off of her. Rolling on the ground blinded from it Chip heard Nepti get up and slide her body into her shell and was about to roll at him again. He quickly darted away using Quick Attack hoping that his speed would beat out her attack though he his vision was still blurry when he opened his eyes.

‘Not good.’ Chip thought as he jumped onto a snow mound just in time to avoid her attack though his snow mound crumbled from the attack and Chip was buried underneath the snow. Perking his ears up as the Furret crawled out from the snow he heard Nepti coming back around for him and this time he wouldn’t have enough time to be able to escape before she caught up to him. Turning to face her he knew he had only one chance as his tail began lighting up. Readying himself Chip saw the fem coming for him and charging towards her he jumped into the air and saw the fem bounce up to meet him. Rising up just enough to beat her out Chip lucky saw that Nepti had slowed down just enough to no longer be in her shell and gripping her head as he flew over her he slammed down on her with Slam knocking the turtle to the ground and lands on top of her with Body Slam. The crowd ate it up as there was loud cheering all over from it and if he was in a normal match he would had won it right there as Nepti was seeing stars.

Chip turned around on her and began licking at her slit and found that she was already wet from the few swipes he gave it from a couple of his attacks. Nepti was a bit salty and tasted like the ocean but Chip didn’t mind since Brook didn’t taste all that much different besides tasting more like fresh water than salt. Chip gave a few good licks at her clit as he slowly dug his tongue into her his paws massaging her as he did so. By this point Nepti was drenching his snout and his entire nose was filled with her fragrance which wasn’t helping his cause as he was preing all over her chest though it was going to be her who came first as after a moment more he felt her walls tighten around his tongue and gush out her cum all over herself and his muzzle.

“Oh man…” Chip said drinking down what she gave him though he didn’t spend much time doing it as he sat up and cleaned himself up. Looking back at the still dazzed girl he kind of wished that they had met under a better situation. Chip got up off of Nepti and gave her a kiss on her head before heading off. Looking up at the score board she was the second one knocked out.

“Who has already been knocked out at this point?” Chip asked himself moving slowly so he had more time to recover.

Wooly was facing off against the very nasty Plusle girl Brightspark who for someone so young she was able to give him a hard time. Not only was he worn out from the start of this match but going against someone who was able to move so quickly and had a full battery was making this a very miserable match for him. He just managed to dodge a Quick Attack that sent Bringspark flying over his head though wasn’t able to dodge her again as she didn’t wait for him to recover as she slammed into him. Wooly slide back on the icy ground and stopped as he hit a small snow covered boulder. Brightspark followed up by jumping onto his stomach knocking some wind out of Wooly.

“For someone who has fought in this twice before I was expecting more from you.” Brightspark said before she turned around on him and pointed her tail right into his face and used Tickle to really making the ram groan now as she easily worked his already erect cock. Wooly didn’t even have the strength to stop her as he was to exhausted to move his arms. He only had one chance as he felt her building up static electricity as she was rubbing against his sheath…..

“Couldn’t you at least put up a fight-” Brightspark gasped as a spark hit her on the face and she shook as her body wasn’t responding to her anymore. Wooly felt his second wind hit in and she gripped her sides and began licking her his tongue rubbing up against her soft insides. “Da….da….damn…….”

“I know.” Wooly said feeling alive now as he smelling the tiny rodent and could smell that she smelled like a fresh Cheri plant. Wooly didn’t expect her to put up a tough fight still as she slapped against his nose with Iron Tail stunning Wooly enough for him to drop her and Brightspark ran off. Wooly shook himself and straightened him though wasn’t fast enough as the Plusle girl was long gone.

“Perfect.” Gets up feeling his adrinline still kicking though he’ll have to hope that it can last him long enough. Keeping his senses tuned to the world around him he began walking in the direction that he believed Brightspark had taken off in.

“GET OFF!!!” Prince yelled finally getting tired of Spring being on top him and dug his paws under himself and lifted himself up so hard that Spring flew off and landed onto her side a foot away. Spring could tell that Prince was in bad shape as he was completely hard and was close to being finished off. She saw into his eyes and saw that they were seeing red now as he wanted to make Spring pay badly and was now he was using Rage in hopes of being able to catch up.

“Oh boy….” Spring said getting up and backing away. Rage was a dangers move as it made the user become more powerful the longer they were using the move and any damage that they received increased their attack power but there was a down side to it as well that she might be able to use against him.

“I’m going to break you.” Prince growled and charged at the fem his speed almost seeming twice as fast as last time and Spring felt his horn strike her piercing her skin.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” Spring screamed before being thrown to the side. She felt her strength being drained away as she was poisoned for sure his horn had injected its dangers poison into her. Spring looked forward to see the Nidoran backing up and kicking up ice and dirt under him as he was preparing to charge at her again the male clearly forgetting what type of battle this was.

‘I’ve got to do something soon….’ Spring thought as she tried to keep herself from wanting to black out the pain on her side reminding her of how close she was to fainting. Spring saw images flashing in her mind, some of her training with her parents, others of her mom pulling off a strange move that involved using scents as a way of healing herself and it was then that Spring remembered one of the most important moves that her parents had taught her. Facing Prince Spring just hoped that she remembered how to pull it off as the male charged at her again this time his horn looking to go for the finishing blow but Spring was ready as she dodged to the side and tripped him up with a exposed vine knocking him onto his face. Moving quickly she tried to use the move that she had learned from long ago Aromatherapy.

‘Here goes nothing….’ Spring thought as she closed her eyes and focused on the memory of her training, she remembered releasing a soothing aroma though her seedlings on herself and filling the air with its healing effects. As she thought of this she began to smell a beautiful indescribable scent that made her feel relaxed but more of filled her with new found energy and hope, the feeling of her energy being drained melted away and Spring felt revived. Opening her eyes she saw Prince getting up from where he was.

“Its only a matter of time before you fall over and I finish you off.” Prince said with a smirk on his face the effects of Rage gone as he was calming down. Though Spring didn’t feel threatened by his words as the pain that she felt on her side was gone now and she knew that her move had worked. Spring had to hide her smile as she fell onto her still damaged side and acted like the poison had finally taken her. Hearing Prince excitedly run over to finish her off Spring opened on eyes and slowly let a vine creep up under one of his legs when he got in range and before he had a chance to react yanked him off of his feet and into the air. Rolling onto her belly Spring used her other vine to wrap around the Nidoran’s forepaws so he couldn’t try to free himself again and let the vine snake its way all the way to his rear. Prince looked down at her shaking his head.

“Spring you don’t want to do this….” Prince begged as she used one vine to snake into his tail hole the male bitting his teeth as Spring made it start pumping him while her other was wrapped around his dick jerking him off. Spring just smiled as she watched the fem angling him in a way so he’ll get caught by his own orgasm as she had a promise to make due on. She watched on as she heard the male groan as all the build up from over their match made him cum quicker than Spring actually wanted him to and he soaked his own face with his cum making the crowd laugh.

“Gross!” Prince groaned as he laid in the snow spitting out his own cum the male hating the taste. “What do girls see in this stuff?

“Told ya I’d make you taste your own defeat.” Spring giggled as she dropped the defeated nidoran onto the snow. Walking by him on her way out Spring gave him a little tap on his rump. Even if she lost after this Spring will at least be able to hold this one against the male until the end of the school year. Looking back at him Prince was spitting into the snow as he was trying to get the taste of himself out of his mouth and she knew that he wouldn’t have any sly remarks to make for a good long time.

Daughter Nature found the one fighter who she wanted to challenge more than any other sitting on top of a snow covered boulder. Looking up the dark kitty the deer couldn’t help but feel eager to challenge her, they had fought once before this and she lost badly against her but that was then and this was now and if she wanted to win this fight she’ll need to push any fear she had of what could happen to her away and fight with her mind clear. Tawney just yawned as she showed all of her teeth in the process and seemed bored of the fight going on around her.

“No one has fought you yet?” Daughter Nature asked looking around making sure that this wasn’t a ambush. Hearing the cat chuckles though told her that she was being over cautious and that it was below Tawney to try dirty tricks such as the one the fawn was thinking of.

“Really D.N do you really think I would try something as working with someone else. Really….” She unsheathed her claws and scratched them against the boulder sharpening them up. “Give me more credit than that.”

“Sorry can’t be to careful since this is a free for all after all.” Daughter Nature said bracing herself for a possible attack from her rival. Though she just saw the cat continue to sharpen her claws and look at them as though the fawn was the last threat on her mind. Getting a little upset Daughter Nature began walking around in circles. “Come on fight. What is the point of being here if you not going to do-”

“So if you want to fight me then fight me.” Tawney said finally finishing her work and sheathed her claws. “I’m just waiting for the first idiot to try to attack me.” She got up and stretched body, Daughter Nature saw all of her muscles working under her fur and knew that since last time when she fought her as a Purrloin she had become far more powerful than she had been back during the Spring Festival.

“Well are you ready?” Tawney asked yawning one more time though this time she did it using Taunt and Daughter Nature fell for it.

“Be careful who you use Taught.” She jumped up at the cat using Take Down to try and hit her though missed as Tawney nimbly dodged the move and used Slash to draw blood and sent Daughter Nature falling onto the ground in pain. Getting up she saw drops of red snow where she had flown and knew that was in trouble already.

“You were saying?” Tawney laughed as she licks her chops and then creped down to where the doe was and got on top of Daughter Nature’s stomach and licked her face which made the fawn try to get up but Tawney just kept it up the cat’s tail began playing with her slit the smooth feeling of her fur brushing up against her made Daughter Nature a bit wet.

“No…no please just relax and I’ll make this enjoyable for the both of us.” Tawney said between licks though as she did so she was going for Daughter Nature’s goggles and finally taking the chance to get her off Daughter Nature used both of her fore hooves to dig up under the dark cat and used Double Kick to knock her off. Tawney landed on her back and quickly rolled over and hissed as she got up.

“And here I was trying to make this a lovely moment for the both of us.”

“Please you used that same move last time on half of the boys you fought.” Daughter Nature snapped back as she got up, her body was feeling the pain still but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t fight off. Besides she was going to get back all of her strength plus some if her plan worked. Charging up she fired a Energy Ball at the cat who dodged it and Daughter Nature raced after the cat who at the last second doubled back and Slashed at Daughter Nature knocking her back though not off of her hooves. Tawney used Fury Swipes to continue the assult as she swiped at the deer’s face against and again finally ending it with a swipe from down below and right into the doe’s chin knocking her onto her side and Tawney got on top of her again and began licking at her face while her tail continued playing with her slit.

Daughter Nature fought back by moving he head around as she tried to find a opening to free herself with. Tawney slammed one of her forepaws onto her throat and hissed into her heard.

“Just stop fighting it and this will go by so much easier.” Tawney licked Daughter Nature’s ear and finally the deer found her opening as she head butts the cat right in between her eyes making her hiss again as she got up off of her and pushed her head into the snow. Daughter Nature fired a Energy Ball right at the cat’s cunt making her jump up and the crowd roared with laughter. Getting up Daughter Nature giggled seeing the Liepard holding her ass in the snow trying to cool herself off.

“I’m going….to get you…for that…” She panted, Daughter Nature had infused that Energy Ball with Leech Seed and already the plant had taken root and was giving the girl pleasure as it was digging into her most sensitive areas and was drawing energy from her. Feeling a bit more revived Daughter Nature was going to go in for the knock down blow and finish off Tawney when she was knocked over by a unknown pokemon. Rolling onto the ground she looked up to see the Plusle girl Brightspark panting heavey and looking behind her she saw she was leaking all over. Though what most surprised Daughter Nature was the fear that was in her eyes.

“Hey whats the big deal couldn’t you wait until I finished my-”

“He’s coming….he’s coming….” Was all that the Plusle said before looking behind them. Daughter Nature didn’t see it at first after a moment or two a figure walked into view and then she knew why the rodent was fearful as she was having a hard time wanting to hold back her own for what they had to face off against now.

Continuing his search for Brightspark he looked up at the monitor to see that already three pokes were knocked out of the competition and he felt a bit relieved to see that since the more who got knocked before he found anyone the better. Though Wooly had to stop and take a close look just to be sure he was seeing what he did, Prince his buddy was already knocked out of the competition. He wasn’t sad at all he was actually glad since that meant the little guy had been knocked down a peg or two. It wasn’t to common for first years to beat the type of opponent he did when he fought Rock so maybe this will be a lesson for him to stay out of older students fights.

Continuing on his way he saw a hug puff of cotton in the distance and jumped behind a large snow mound. Looking over it he saw that the cotton belonged to the Whimsicott Roulette and he knew there would be trouble now since he was the most feared battler in this fight. From what Wooly knew about him he didn’t use regular attacks to win his fights but instead used a varity of non-damaging status effective moves that quick and easy to use at a distance. From what he could see right now it looked like he had cornered Brightspark and was going to go in for the finisher.

“If I can do this right I can kill two birds with one stop.” Wooly thought outloud and got down on all four and crept slowly forward staying low as possible to the snow so he could blend in as much as possible. Drawing closer and closer he saw that they were not alone as Brightspark was laying on top of a Deerling and Tawney was staring at the Whimsicott who was seeming to ignore her for the time being. Wooly knew that was a smart move since he already had the Plusle girl on the ropes and could easily finish her off before she had a chance to recover plus she was on top of the Deerling which puts the other girl at a disadvanage even for just a moment. Wooly planned on using Thunder-Wave to stun the Whimsicott and then go down and finish off the Plusle before she had a chance to escape and then go back and take care of Roulette before he had chance to do anything. He might still have the cat and deer to deal with but if need be he can use Thunder-Wave on them too and take them all for himself. It was full proof.

Once in range Wooly had a hard time holding back a snicker as he placed his began charging up a weak jolt of electricity and once ready released it at the grass type. Wooly saw the jolt hit the mon but….it didn’t do anything and turning his head to Wooly the grass mon had a big grin on his face.

“Hello there.” Roulette said before Wooly felt his entire body stunned all over and he fell over shivering. Looking closely around him Wooly saw yellow powder floating in the air and he knew that he just walked into a Stun Spore trap that Roulette must had set up in case someone tried to sneak up on him while he was taking care of business.
“Don’t worry girls I haven’t forgotten about you and will take care of you in a moment.” Roulette said walking over to Wooly holding a Leech Seed which he quickly yanked up Wooly’s tail and the ram felt it shoved into him. Gasping he clawed the ground as the seed quickly took root and buried itself deep into him and he felt himself growing wet now as his rod was leaking pre.

“What the fuck..” Wooly gasped his body still unable to move still.

“Oh would you rather I take care of you personality?” Roulette asked tapping the ram’s cheeks. “I was trying to make this painless for you but if that’s how you roll….”

“NO!” Wooly groaned as he felt the seed digging in deeper into him and he was fighting back the desire to cum. “Take it out…” Wooly managed to turn his head and saw Brightspark racing at the grass mon as she was going to try to take this chance to strike him from behind while Tawney and the Deerling Daughter Nature were flanking on either side. From what Wooly could see Tawney was having a hard time moving her hind legs as she had a few leaves poking out of her slit and he knew that she must be going though what he was. Roulette turned just in time to get met by a Quick Attack to the gut while Tawney and Daughter Nature attacked from the sides with Slash and Double Kick though what they were met with was a flash of light and snow.

“What the?” Daughter Nature gasped as she was laying near Wooly her tail in his face and the smell of flowers meeting the sheep making him even more aroused.

‘Why me….’ Wooly thought as he gave the deer a quick lick and was hit with the taste of Cherry. Daughter Nature just looked back at him and smiled before she got up and of all things rolled him over to the side.

“I’m going to help you out….” She saw before looking back to see if they were being attacked and saw that Brightspark was being held by Roulette and was being forced down on his relatively large cock. Tawney swiped at him but her claws just met a fake….

“Are you going to help them out?” Wooly asked holding himself back from panting though was failing badly as he felt himself inches from busting. Daughter Nature just gave him a warm smile before she began licking at his length and worked her way up and down licking up the pre that had covered it. Wooly couldn’t stop her though he didn’t want to either as her licks….reminded him of someone though he was so tired and aroused right now he couldn’t care less. He finally felt her take his length into her mouth and with one good suck as she took his entire top into her mouth he finally popped and he felt her drink as much as she could down before letting go and letting the rest shoot onto his stomach. Daughter Nature nuzzled his cheek before she was about to go back into the fight.

“Get your rest….you’ll need it later.” Was all she said before Wooly saw her leave and his mind finally black out, fatigue finally winning over him. Though his last though was, why did that Deerling’s licks feel so relaxing as though she knew just how to take care of him.

Daughter Nature galloped back over to the fight against Roulette who had used Substitute against them to evade their combined attacks and was now using it to submit Brightspark who was crying for help despartly as she was being plowed by the fake grass mon’s cock. Tawney was no where to be found but she knew where ever she was there was a good chance that the real Roulette was with her and she needed to hurry up and free Brightspark before she lost it. She knew that this was free for all and if Brightspark was knocked out then she’ll be closer to winning but there was no way that she could take that large piece of wood before it could hurt her. Though by the time she was in striking distance a ear shattering cry came from Brightspark and Daughter Nature had to hit the ground as a blast of electricity flew right over her as the girl lost it and covered the fake Whisicott’s rod with her cum.

“And there then were five.” Daughter Nature said getting up and watched the Substitute vanish. Walking over to the drained Plusle she saw that she was panting heavily and the snow under her had turned creamy white but beyond that there didn’t seem to be any blood or damage done which was a good thing since some males didn’t know how to control themselves in battles like this. Walking away a few feet she licks up some snow as she need a bit of water after going down on Wooly though she didn’t mind as he didn’t taste all that bad which was a change from the Spring Festival battle where she tried to avoid doing so if possible. No she couldn’t wait to see what he’ll be doing later…..

“I thought you would still be in this…” A familier voice spoke and she looked to her side and smiled seeing ‘Big Brother’ coming over.

“Well I did learn from the best didn’t I….” Daughter Nature spoke raising her and seeing Chip walking over, he seemed relaxed but she could tell that he was on the defensive, looking down on him and seeing him fully hard told her that whoever he had fought before this must had been very skilled enough to get this far along already. Chip just crossed his arms and stopped a bit away giving himself enough distance to dodge what ever attack she might have planned for him. He really did know her too well.

“Not sure if I feel that way right now but whatever. Daughter Nature were you the one who made Wooly weak before this fight?” Chip asked looking at her seriously. The Deerling rolled her eyes.

“Really can’t a girl keep her stage name?” She said pushing up her goggles though she wouldn’t take off the yellow streaks on her back until after the fight. “And yes I did weaken Wooly before this fight but….” She said blushing up a little bit. “He’s so bold and charming and plus he made a bet against me that I didn’t want to lose.” She said picturing how peaceful the ram looked after she finished him off and it got her worked up a bit.

“And tonight I’m going to put him to the test and see just how beautiful his voice can be.” Daughter Nature said smiling right at Chip. “So are you going to tell on me?”

“Depends since he is my best friend and you cheated.” Chip said getting down onto all fours. “If you beat me then I won’t tell him but if I beat you-”

“I know, I know I have to tell him what I did.” Daughter Nature giggled as she got into position as well. “Chip your so noble, no wonder Brook is in love with you.” Daughter Nature then shot Energy Ball at the Furret who dodged it easily and ran around the outside as she could tell that he was trying to keep his distance until he was able to get a clean shot on her. Daughter Nature shot another ball of energy at the Furret though this time at where he was going causing Chip to stop and turn the other way and it gave her the opening she needed as she shot another one at him knocking the ball onto his back. Daughter Nature jumped into the air and came down Chip with Double Kick to his stomach making him yell out in pain. Taking this chance Din held his head down with one hoove and began sucking on his rod as she was going to take the advantage she had over him right now.

Chip pulled reeled back his head and Headbutted Daughter Nature on ass startling the fem enough for her loosen her grip on him and he managed to free himself from under her by throwing her off. Jumping up to tackle her to the group the Deerling met him in the air with a new move…Jump Kick and kicked him on the face knocking the Furret to the ground. Chip landed with a loud thump and Daughter Nature landed a few feet away from him stunned from how she managed to pull such a advance move off like it was nothing. Looking back at Chip she saw that he wasn’t moving and she felt worried that she had actually had done more damage than she wanted to from it. Running over Daughter Nature looked the male over and saw that he seemed fine so….why did he seem knocked out….

“Got ya!” Chip yelled before slipping from under her and kicked her off of her hooves using Iron Tail followed with Slam for good measures. Daughter Nature didn’t even have time to dodge it as she felt the solid hit strike her on her stomach and she saw stars as Chip got in between her legs and began finishing her off by sticking his paw into her and gave her a quick paw job the fem tried to fight the feeling but her body wasn’t responding as she was to tired now to put up much resistence. The fawn felt the male pumping his paw in and out of her quickly the male trying to work fast. Chip looked back and pulled his paw out and went down on her tongue finding its mark as he licked her insides finally making Daughter Nature give it up as she felt her walls clamp around his tongue and climaxed all over his mouth and the snow below. It was just like that the deer was out of the match but it was worth it as she had earned herself quite the consolation prize out of a certain sheep that she couldn’t wait to collect on in a little bit. Fighting back the desire to just lay there and relax Daughter Nature looked at Chip who was cleaning her and himself up quickly, there was a question she had to ask him.

“How did you recover so fast from my attack?”

Chip looked up from his cleaning and licked his paws and brushed back his fur before speaking. “I used Endure at the last moment before you kicked me.” He said with a smile. She remembered how Chip had taught her about survival techniques that could pay you back big time in a match like this and Endure was one of his favorites, how could she had forgotten. “If I hadn’t I would be the one on the ground right now. Take care of Wooly alright, he can be hot headed and a bit of a jealous type at times but he is one of my best friends and I do not want you to hurt him.”

“Don’t worry I won’t hurt him to much.” Daughter Nature giggled. “But he did promise that if he didn’t win tonight then I would get to make him cry so loud that half of the island will hear him.” Chip got off of her and turned around and licked her head as the fawn turned over onto her stomach.

“If he says no-” Chip began but Daughter Nature stopped him.

“I know, I know but its so hard to find males who are willing to-” Chip stopped her

“Din!” Chip began but then he looked over to the screen and saw that Tawney was knocked out now and there were only three left, him, Roulette and Spring. “We’ll talk about this after the match but I’ve got to go.” Chip took off to hurry up and get back in the match and most likely to try to take Roulette out before he got to Spring. Din continued to lay there thinking of how much fun she was going to have with Wooly tonight, plus if he could with stand her little fetish then maybe he could be a keeper. Only time will tell though how much he can with stand….

Chip had to hurry up and find either Spring or Roulette, if he knocked Spring out then he’d save her from the other grass type who might not be so kind making her submit or he’ll knock out Roulette either one would work at this point. Chip’s mind drifted back to his fight against Din and what she told him afterwards and he worried about what Wooly was getting himself into. Din was a good girl and if he wasn’t in a relationship with Brook or loved her as much as he did he might try to tap that ass of her’s. That or if he could get over her fetish….

Chip threw the thought out of his mind as he jumped over a snow mound and found Spring was already facing off against the Whimsicott and he was having trouble with her the male’s usual moves were not working against her. Racing down the hill he ran over and joined in the fight as he used Quick Attack knocking the grass male to the ground though he felt a vine grab him and throw Chip to the side as Spring wanted to finish off Roulette herself.

“Stay out of it or else…” Spring said as she lets him go. Chip popped out of snow and shook himself as he watched the afro cotton head actually take off running seeing his moment to escape though was caught with a vine and dragged back.

‘She’s getting really good with those vines of her’s….I’ll have to keep that in mind.’ Chip thought and climbed out of the snow and began sneaking closer to Spring as he watched her grab the grass male’s rod and began jerking it while she held him down with the other one. Chip was going to let her finish him first and then pin the Chikorita down and finish her for the win.

‘Come on….just a little bit more….’ Chip thought as he was right behind her now and she didn’t know as the female was busy working the other male off. Chip heard Roulette groan loudly as he finally gave up and shot his loud, Chip saw some of it hit the first and second row of the crowd near them since the male had been holding so much back and had absorb so much more than just energy when he used Leech Seed. Several of the pokes who got hit got up and shaking themselves and Chip couldn’t hold back a light chuckle that led to him getting kicked on the jaw by Spring as she heard him. Spinning around she slapped with a vine knocking the male back and she dropped Roulette now ready to finish off the final poke in this fight.

“So this is it.” Spring said with a grin on her face. “I get to knock out the infamous Chip and take home the glory and your pride.”

“Sorry its kind of attached to me.” Chip joked, the few moments he hadn’t been fighting had helped him recover his strength a little bit but if Spring hadn’t been that hurt in her last fight then he was going to have a rough fight ahead of him. In truth Chip was about ready to drop right now and if she managed to touch him the right way right now he’ll cream for sure. Chip dashed at Spring with Quick Attack and got behind her and jumped up about to use Slam but Spring was ready for him as she rolled out the way and Chip landed on top of all things a Leech Seed that got onto his stomach and already began growing the vines quickly snacking around his four legs and took him down onto his face.

“Ouch…” Spring gloated as she trotted over. Chip tried to free himself but the hard he tried the tighter the vines from the seed became. He then felt a vine poke at his back door and watched as Spring laid down near him facing the male as she lets one of her vines take him. Chip didn’t last of long though as the sudden shock made him already go over the top thanks to the build up from his pervious fights with Nepti and Din aka Daughter Nature. Cumming all over the snow under him the Furret saw the satisfied look on Spring’s face….

Spring smiled as she watched Chip fall asleep, the battle had worn the male out. Spring knew that if Chip had much healthier before they fought he would put up a much better fight but she wasn’t worried about that fact right now as he had taken the win. Walking out onto the field was Couch Mauro along with Professor Bangam and Couch Nikcino. Couch Mauro pets Spring on the top of her head while couch Nikcino gave her a kiss on her cheek before Professor Bangam called for the crowd to stop cheering as since Spring’s win it was hard to hear anything in the arena. Once the screaming had stopped finally Professor Bangam began to speak.

“What a fine match we just witness from a group of very talent students who each made their dens and fellow students very proud tonight. It would please me to no end to award every one of them out here points and crown each of them but unfortunally I can not do that. So with great pride I award Woods Den 50 points and grant Spring along with one other pokemon of her choice the first day off when school begins again at the beginning of next year. The crowd cheered again and chanted Spring’s name as it began to snow.

“Professor Bangam.” Spring said after the crowd began to calm down and students began to move about. The old Absol looked down at her.

“Yes what is it?”

“So I can pick anyone who I want. How will the other teachers know that he is taking the day off with me?” Spring asked not wanting to get Link in trouble.

“Just tell your homeroom teacher before the start of school again and he or she will be sure to pass the news along. If you already have someone in mind just tell me and I’ll be sure to take care of him.”

“I wanted to take Link the Cubone from Desert den with me.” Spring said looking into the crowd to see the Cubone waving down to her, he only moved when she waved for him to come down and join her and he actually ran down to the first row and climbed down onto the field and ran over. Spring snatched up the male when he finally got close enough and kissed him making Professor Bangam chuckle.

“Enough said, I’ll take care of you two. You should go inside and warm up.” Professor Bangam said walking away, Couch Nikcino whispered something into his ear and the old Absol’s tail began wagging happily as he left with her by his side.

“Spring…” Link said breaking their kiss so he could breath.

“Come on Link lets go inside and ’warm’ up.” Spring said yanking the male along as she was feeling horny as hell from that fight and she needed it badly right now. Spring already knew where she wanted to take him and knew that Professor Bone’s classroom was dead right now since the old Gengar had gone away on vacation right. Plus it was a extra turn on breaking the rules and fucking outside of the mating dens which right now were most likely full. Oh she couldn’t wait to put the Cubone on the floor and fuck his brains out.

“Where are we going…?” Link asked as they headed though the portal out of Neon Central and they returned to the castle gardens. Spring just continued yanking him along until they were inside and went up the stairs that led to the second floor and finally into Professor Bone’s classroom. Spring saw there was a light on in Professor Lita’s room but she didn’t care and in truth it made her even more horny thinking of how they could be caught…

Walking inside the classroom Spring remembered how the ghost’s class was like a libaray and it wasn’t hard to find a spot hidden from the view of anyone who might pass by and the book case would held muffle their voices. Link was finally released from her grip and Spring wasted little time in making him sit down as she placed a paw on his chest and made the ground type sit down.

“Ah Spring what are you-” Link was shut down as Spring made him be quiet with a vine to the mouth.

“I’ve waited a long time in wanting to do this with you Link. Right now I’m horny as hell, and all I want to do is fuck until the sun comes up.” She smiled as she kissed him again as she got on top of Link and grinded herself up against his already erect cock the smell of her scent and most likely the show he just watched made her male want this just as badly as her. Spring continued to grind on Link letting her wet pussy slide up and down his quickly growing hard cock until he was ready for her to take him. Spring saw that Link still looked nervous but she didn’t care since she knew that he wasn’t going to be complaining about it in a sec and with that she slipped down on him taking as much of the male into her as possible before finally hilting.

“Oh….Spring….you feel so…..good.” Link moaned as he held onto her sides and thrusted back up into her.

“Link….” Spring gasped feeling how good it felt to have him do that and she couldn’t resist humping back down on him. Spring held onto the Cubone for support as she felt his rod fill her up and she gripped him hard with her walls as she didn’t want a inch of him to escape her. Spring whimpered as she felt Link pull himself back in her a little bit and then thrusted back up into her going deeper this time. Spring moaned loving it so much before she began to hump down on him again this time not giving the male a chance to thrust anymore as she didn’t want him to worry about trying to please her, he was already doing that by just big as big as he was, no tonight was her night and she was going to enjoy it.

Spring looked jaws with Link as she embraced him in the most passionate kiss she had ever given anyone their tongues intwerwined together as she continued humping down on him her paws holding onto his head as she did so. Spring could feel Link struggling under her as he was fighting his urge to cum and she wasn’t to far behind thanks to the battle she just fought and having more than enough stimulation from watching others or being attacked down there herself. Spring lets go of Link and felt his hot breath blow against her face as she felt her walls clamp down on him as she slammed down onto the male taking every inch of him into her and finally felt Link cum into her the male drenching her welcoming womb as she felt his load fill her up. She felt him squirt into her a few more time each time the amount dieing down until he had nothing else to give her. Spring followed suit as her body lost it and she screamed as she slammed her head back and arched her body as she came the Chikorita’s paws holding onto Link’s shoulders for support as she drenched his lap and the floor under them with her clear fluids. Spring collapsed onto Link’s stomach and kissed the Cubone again as she was feeling good and the pair were enjoying the other’s afterglow.

“I love you Spring.” Spring heard the Cubone announce and she didn’t know how to respond to what he said right away. Love….were they really up to that level already? When Spring didn’t say anything Link seemed to be feeling embarrassed. “Sorry.”

“No….no….its ok.” Spring said as she looked into his eyes and saw that Link looked hurt. “I really have never had anyone say that to me before besides my family and well….I know how I feel about you but not sure if I’m ready to say the same thing back.”

“Wait….why?” Link asked as he brushes back her leaf. “Then why did we do this?”

“Well we are going to the school for sex silly. Plus I hope you do not take offense but I really needed someone to help me after what I just went though.” Spring chuckled. “I mean you might think that being the last one standing is a great thing but if all you can think about is how lucky everyone else was in getting to get thiers then-”

“Spring!” Link said finally sitting up. “Are you really afraid to say I love you? I do not want to just be your sex toy you know, I like you….no I love you and I need to at least know that maybe not today but some day you can say the same thing back.”

Truth was she did love him back, all she could think about what the nervous but strong hearted male and she couldn’t think about looking at anyone else in the same way right now. She wanted to see just where their relationship could go and maybe sticking together for the rest of their school days maybe even the rest of their lives. She just didn’t know what those three words could do. Smiling weakly at Link she nuzzled him. “I….” She felt the words get caught in her mouth but she was determined to power though it, she’d rather learn to say something new than lose Link. “I….I….I love…” Spring saw Link smile back and kiss her again and she felt relieved that she was able to say it. “I love you Link.” Spring said again enjoying the words now.

“Question…” Link said as he nuzzled her back his old helmet brushing up against her head. “Are we going to stay here all night?” Link asked as fallen books from the shelves up above were littered around them. Spring smiled back and kissed him as she lays on top of him.

“Sheesh my love….lets just lay here and keep each other warm while we sleep. “Spring kisses him again before she drifts off to sleep, the feeling of his warm seed deep inside her and Link’s heart beat reminded her that she wasn’t sleeping alone tonight.
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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jul 26 2013 Chapter:Winter Games
    A hot sexy battle. Secret cheating and.....
    [puts a blue rubber mask/cowl on, french accent] What did they expect? [rhythmic snorting] Surprise BUTTSEKS!
    [american soilder] Pain-us in da ain-us!
    [german medic] Oops! Zat vas not medicine!
    Reviewer: ToriRune
    Date:Nov 8 2013 Chapter:Winter Games
    That Was a very nice chapter to this story. Though I'm pretty sad that Wooly was cheated like that.
    I actually wanted him to Win! He may be, sort of an ass. But He is in my top 5 favorite pokemon, unlike the rest.
    As well as him also almost being with the same sort of personality That I think i'd have If I were a flaaffy. Minus what he does to, usual, girls...mostly.

    That was a fine read, and a long one considering I read all the chapters and I hope to see another soon if possible. Its not everyday that I find a story worth reading and hope for another to read. These were quite funny considering how close they are to...other things. ^^

    Though I still feel that at least Wooly doesn't lose that bet because she cheated to win it to begin with. Maybe have the bet a tie? hmm, they both win at least and 'claim' their rewards. Even if that happens anyway, at least the second part I'd still want her nicer then... well...cheating lol.

    Spring and link I say are a good match for each other, cubone is also in my top 5, as well as eevee's and though I'm sad to say I don't see my #1 favorite in these.
    Well, Not much more to say here but to end,

    Thee Noticeably, ToriRune~
    Author's Response:
    Thank you for your response and sorry for the long delay. May I ask what is your #1. There is no promises that it could make it into the series but I am always open to new character ideas.