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Bangam's High School of sex by nameofnoimportence


The test

The dominance teacher is a character from CK22B story The Order of the Umbreon.

"So sis how has your day been?" Ember asked her over active eevee sister.

"Its going well." Ember's sister looked from her food over to a bulbasaur eating alone at the end of the Wood's table. "You know I met the nicest pokemon today while coming down here." She signed while looking at the bulbasaur. Ember recognized who she was looking at and her already red muzzle turned blood red from her anger.

"Elizabeth!" Ember said to her sister, a few flames escaped her mouth and she saw her sister was still staring at the plant pokemon ignoring. A few pokemon gathered around him and they began to talk which made Elizabeth turn back to her angry sister.

"Awe why are you acting so protective over me all the time?" She asked a bit upset. "All that happened was we bumped into one another and that one second a swear I saw fireworks fly."

"That male is no good and I demand that you stay away from him." Ember returned to her own food and Elizabeth went back to looking at the bulbasaur. "We kissed you know." She said not really paying attention to anything else. Ember's ears perked up.

"You know better than to do that." Ember said angerly. "Kissing is only to happen when you pick a male to be your mate. And you not going to mate with that pathetic piece of -."

"Oh give it a rest will you." Elizabeth said with resentment in her voice. She was tired of being protected all the time just because she was little. Or was it because she was to become a glacieon the eon of ice. Ember was suppose to be the next in line to run the eon clan of the west honion but she decided to become a flareon instead of a espeon and this angered their mother who disowned her. But even before that there was still some bad blood between Ember and their mother which made her sister run away from home quiet often. So after that it feel upon Elizabeth to take the position of become the queen when the time came.

"Oh your just a little suck up Elizabeth." Ember said angered. Elizabeth growled.

"Ya well it'll be me who's going to be in charge of you one day when I become the question of the eon clan of the west." Elizabeth said with confidence. She was going to really get under her sisters fur now. She gave Ember grin and the flareon growled.

"Oh your going to try and throw salt on my wounds hey Elizabeth." Ember got up and walked to the other side of the table and stood right behind her sister. "You know what who cares."

This surprised the eevee who was sure she had this fight won. "Oh and why is that?"

"Because I know why your in the artic den anyway." Ember said laughing now. Elizabeth gave Ember a look of confusement.

"And what is that." The eevee said trying to keep her cool. Ember walked past making sure her bushy tail touched the young eon.

"Because you're an ice princess little sis." She left leaving Elizabeth to curse under her breath.

"I might be a ice princess but at least I'm not a slut!" Elizabeth yelled after her sister. Elizabeth finished her meal and went off to her fifth period class.

Prince didn't pay to much attention in his forth or firth period classes. Forth was sexcape where one learned how to get out of messy situations. The teacher was great but someone next to him kept on bothering him and he couldn't pay to much attention to his studies. Since he had health this semester he had to stay inside and have book work which was as boring as reading about ants. He was relieved when the bell rung for the last hour of class and hoped that his day would end a lot better than how its been going.

He looked at his schedule to make sure he was at the right room.

Room 156. He looked up at the room number to confirm he was at the right place. "Well looks like this is the place." Prince said walking in. Much like his third period this room was also based on a outside setting. On the far end was a large window that had a view of the plaza in the back of the school, there was a mirror with two small fires burning beside it. Prince walked over to the mirror and sat down looking into it. There was some writing under the mirror that said. "The Mirror of the Hidden. Those who seek the truth will find it here. But be warned sometimes the truth is better left unsaid."

Prince reread the writing two more times but he still didn't understand what it meant. He was so into trying to figure out the writing that he didn't hear something coming up behind him.

"It means sometimes its better to live ignorant of the truth then to be broken hearted." A voice told him from behind. Prince turned and saw the most lovely Umbreon that he had ever seen. She was like any other Umbreon but the one thing that stood out the most was there was several silver stripes on her. Two on her muzzle one on each of her cheeks, one running down the length of her back and the last one was on her neck which made a ring around it. Prince didn't answer her question since he was lost for words from looking at her beauty. The Umbreon walked past him and sat in front of the mirror.

"Hello my name is Professor Glowe and I shall be your dominance teacher. Dominance in mating is a important thing that can make both partners happy and improve the mating experience. What you shall be learning in here is how to use the your natural born abilites and change them into dominance techniques that can but used for mating." She stopped when a aron rose its paw. "Yes what is it?"

"My parents always told me that dominance techniques were a bad thing that was used for rapes." The aron said a bit frightened. "That was how my cousin was born."

"Those pokemon used the dominance techniques for the wrong reasons." Professor Glowe said. "These techniques were developed so pokemon could enhance their love making, but some have decided to use it to force others to give them pleasure though force."

"So is this sort of class something that shouldn't be taught?" The aron asked confused and even more frightened. Prince understood what this aron meant by classes and techniques such as this shouldn't be taught, most of the time it only brought trouble.

"Now that's not true." Professor Glowe said in a understanding voice. "Every move can be used for different things, from battling, to impressing others." She then walked over to the aron and stared right into its eyes and it seemed the little guy didn't want to breath anymore. After a minute Professor Glowe turned away and the aron laid down never taking its eyes off of her, like it was in a trance.

"Mean look is one of the basic techniques of dominance." She looked at a clock that was on a wall near the door and she signed, class was almost over already. "All pokemon have abilities they can use to influence others..." He voice lowered and she looked over the class with eyes that showed she meant business. "Remember that these same techniques can back fire on you so be sure to use the dominance techniques with care and should be saved until you find mate you want to stay with. Since that's what this techniques was intended for in the first place; to add a bit of spice to your sex life."

The class awed and Prince wanted to what that strange mirror was used for but before he could ask the bell rung.

"Well its time to go." Professor Glowe walked over to the door which was always open. "Just remember for the next three to four weeks we shall be getting you ready for the license test which will allow for all of you to mate outside of class." The class filed out, and Prince decided to go get a quick meal and head off to his den so he could relax from his first day.

He arrived at the grand hall and sat down at the desert table where a large variety of food was waiting for him. From berries for those who didn't eat meat or not want to have any grass.

For those who at meat there was all sorts of fresh and cooked meat to choose from, some meats humans ate and others that could be found in the wild so one didn't have to give up their favorite foods. There was several individual bowls that held water, something called soda which was black with small bubbles fizzing out of it, and berry juice. Prince was so ready to bite into the food but he was stopped by a mimiroru a rabbit like pokemon from a far away land, so far as he knew little was known about these strange new pokemon.

This pokemon was just about as small as him. The mimiroru was brown on her top part of her body and was tan from the waist down. Her ears had some sort of fluff on it which seemed to enhance the mimiroru's beauty. Prince felt himself getting hard from just staring at her. He began to ask himself how in just one day he as found three females that he was attracted to.

"Umm why did you stop me from eating?" Prince asked admiring the rabbit like pokemon. The mimiroru giggled.

"Your so funny looking." She said smiling at him. "But to answer your question its just that Professor Bangam is about to announce something. Indeed the headmaster walked onto a small stand in the front of the hall. Like in the morning he gave off this vibe that just made you respect him.

"As the first day of school ends I ask that all of you reflect on your lives and think about where you shall be in the next few months." He said looking around at all pokemon. "Where do you see yourself doing, will you be in a relationship with someone you like, hanging out with friends and enjoying your young care free lives. Let us take a moment to think about this before we enjoy the feast before us." The hall grew quiet and no one spoke.

Prince thought about everything he has been doing for the last few days he has been here. He laughed as he remembered how his father had to drag him here. It was quiet a embarrassing moment and he still had the marks on his forepaws to prove it. He looked at his purple paws and the small cuts he had from the rock he tried to grab onto when he was dragged over half a mile to get to the docks. He looked from his paws to the mimiroru he was sitting by and he felt like time was standing still. His mind began to wonder off. That is until the mimiroru noticed how he was just staring at her.

"Umm you ok in there?" She asked waving her paw in front of his muzzle. But this didn't stop Prince from staring at her.

"I must ask you something......" Prince finally snapped out when he remembered he didn't know her name. "Umm what is your name....." The mimiroru smiled and then touched his nose in a playful way.

"My names Nas handsome and what might I call such a looker like you?" She asked in a playful manner.

"My names Prince Zeus the fifth but everyone just calls me Prince." For some strange reason he didn't feel scared to say who he really was in front of this her. The mimiroru placed her hand onto her paws and leaned in closer to him.

"Prince I know this is sudden but how about when we get back to the den and how about......" She then placed her paw onto her cheek and gave him a light kiss. "We get to know one another a bit better."

"I don't know we've just met and-." Prince was broken off by the sound of Professor Bangam speaking again.

"Now that we have reflected on our past, present and future, now on to much more important business." Just then five large hourglasses were brought in, the sand in each one had the color of the dens in them. Professor Bangam smiled.

"To keep things interesting around here we shall be having competition between the different dens." He pointed his blade like tail at the ocean den's dark blue hourglass. "As students do great things around school teachers will award points to the den and the den's hourglass will fill up. Like wise when you do something reckless like get in fights or in the worst case don't follow the rules and have unlikely "visitors" the hourglass's sand will go down. At the end of the year the den with the most points will become the head den for the next school year. The magma den is the head den for this year but will that stand."

"You know it!" someone shouted from the magma's table.

"Ya magma to the end." Another shouted

"All the other dens are suck." Shouts could be heard from the magma table. Prince rolled his eyes and Nas took a bite out of a large oran berry.

"Don't worry we'll kick their ass right Prince?" Nas asked looking at the nidoran male.

"Ya." He said looking at Nas, he felt new inspiration to try harder, all from just looking at her. Was this what they meant by finding true love or was it just his lower self just speaking up for him?

"Now dig in and fill up your empty stomachs children for tomorrow your classes will really kick into gear." And with that the old absol tore into a large well done steak. Prince watched him for a second until Nas snapped him out of his trance.

"You sure do zone out often." Nas said jokily. Prince smiled embarrassed.

"Well that's just happens when I'm thinking of something deeply."

Nas took a bite out of some sort of plant. "Like you did when you saw me?" She asked trying to look cute for the nidoran. Prince had a hard time focusing on what to say.

"Umm..." Prince couldn't figure out what to tell her. Nas placed her paw on his mouth and grinned.

"Come on there's no need for words right now." She got up and Prince followed her back to the dessert's den.

Princess and Spring were enjoying dinner with Jill and Katie.

"....and after we awoke it was in the middle of second period but Professor Lita wrote us a pass to next period." Spring said in between bites of her meal.

"Ya who ever thought cum studies could be so tiring." Princess said. "But then again my parents slept like rocks after they mated."

"Life sure is crazy." Jill said. "Its just a good thing we get to learn about all this stuff before getting out there for real." Jill looked over to Katie who had been silent the entire time. "Hey Kat why so silent?"
The vulpix looked at her pals who were worried for her.

"Oh its nothing really." She said saddened. Spring, Princess and Jill looked at one another and moved in closer to the vulpix.

"Your hiding something." Princess said taking a quick bit of some chicken.

"Its none of your business." Katie snapped, she got up and left in a hurry.

"You think we were unfair?" Spring asked. The others nodded.

"It is her business and its not our place to get involved if she doesn't want our help." Jill said, her expression changed to that of under standment. "But I might know what is bothering her." Spring and Princess's attention grew. The pichu cleared her throat and took a quick drink of water. "Katie's story is a sad story but when told will help you to understand her. I won't tell everything but I will give you a idea of her situation."

"Before we came her Katie and her mother were never on the best terms." Jill said her eyes showing sadness. "Well when she came to see me the day before we left she told me that earlier in the day her and her mother had a big fight that ended with both of them saying things they will regret for a long time. She only got to come down and see me because her father let her go, so him and this is what she told me that "bitch ass mother" of hers' could have sex." Spring and Princess where shocked by what they heard.

"Well to make a long story short and skip some things I swore I wouldn't tell another soul. When she got back that night she found her father talking to some strange young man that she learns is her father's new apprentice." She stops to take another drink and Spring and Princess was hanging onto every word the pichu was saying.

"What were they talking about?" Princess asked.

"By what she told me, that young man was the same person who a year ago went against Ho-Ho in a dual for the ages in the underwater cave. But the young man has got no memory of the what her father was telling him. But back to the story." Jill said pointing her paw at the group.

"Now get this she finds her mother was in the back of the house drunk and the young man's delcatty was taking care of her-."

Princess stopped her. "Wait how do pokemon have bars and human stuff?" the nidoran fem asked.

"Well Katie's father is a human and her mother is a ninetales." This only confused the nidoran more. Jill look took in a long breath before she went on. "After that she ran off and stayed with me until the next day when we came here."

"That's so sad." Spring said looking depressed.

"Ya she must live a hard life." Princess said playing with her food. "But I still want to know more about this human pokemon relationship." Jill ignored her.

"Don't feel sorry for her. I mean her father is great and her mother tries but she's just to protective over her sometimes. I'm going to turn in guys see you in the morning." With that Jill got up and left the grand hall. After that neither Spring nor Princess spoke, they finished their meal in silence. But one thing stayed in both their minds. Why Katie was so depressed.......

".......come on why do we have to get into old news? I'm a changed male." Shawn asked a young milktank. The entire dinner he had been trying to hock up with the cow pokemon milktank but thanks to Ember and her telling everyone about him he couldn't even get a weedle now and days. The milktank placed her hoof in his face.

"You know its males like you who make me sick." And with that she got up and left, leaving behind a bitter Shawn. Shawn looked around and saw that dinner was just about over and most of the students had left to go off to bed or talk with friends. He was about to leave as well since it had been a long day of getting shot down by ever female he met. He left and began heading to the wood's den when once again he bumped into Ember's little sis. The eevee turned to him and grinned.

"Hello its good to see you again......"

"Shawn. My name is Shawn Cheater." The eevee looked at him funny.

"Shawn Cheater." Then she gasped. "You the bulbasaur that goes around using females." Her expression saddened. Shawn then remembered his plan and he couldn't afford to lose his chance to get back at Ember, he was going to have to lie and do what ever it took. Besides he heard that eevee's could evolve to these beautiful plant types. So he could kill two birds with one stone. He gets back at Ember and gets a hot grass type eon that could play with. "Nah your sister is trying to ruin my good name so we can't be together." He said trying to cover to his tracks. It worked since the eevee not only looked happier but what she says next was like the cherry on top of a shake. It couldn't get any better.

"I can see that happening." She said

"Why is that?" Shawn asked hiding his happiness for the situation. "You can tell me."

"Well not to long ago my mother disowned Ember since she couldn't take Ember's habits. From skipping out on her duties as the princess of the clan of eons, to evolving to a flareon when she was suppose to keep the purity of our blood line of glacia and leafia."

"Wow." Was all Shawn could say. The eevee giggled and began to walk off.

"If you want to learn more then why not follow me." She said as she headed off toward the entrance to the cave where the dens were. Shawn had a feeling his night was going to be a lot better than his day has been.

Elizabeth lead Shawn to a small lake that was outside and stopped when they were under the moonlight. Since last year she has been coming to this lake to think and relax. But now she was hoping this would be the place where she will enjoy spending time with a mate even if its for a short time. When Neon Central opens after the license test she hoped she could go watch the sunsets with someone special. But for now the amazing view of the moon and water was more than enough to create a romantic evening.

They stopped and Elizabeth placed one paw into the water. It felt a bit cool but nothing that her fur couldn't handle, and wasn't use to. Back home she spent a lot of time in somewhat cold water during this time of the year so it didn't bother her. After a few more moments she walked in and put her head under water and then came back up.

"Come on in the water is fantastic." Elizabeth said waddling in the water. She noticed Shawn was a bit hesitant but soon gave in and got into the water. He didn't go out as far as her though but at least he got in. Elizabeth dog paddled over to him.

"Is there anything else you'll like to know about me? Or is it time I start learning more about you?" She asked moving closer almost close enough for a kiss.

"Umm well I'm just wondering if your like a princess or something." He asked. Nas smiled and then for some strange reason she didn't even know of...kissed him. She looked lips with the bulbasaur and her eyes closed enjoying the moment. Elizabeth could feel the warm saliva of Shawn's mouth mixing with her own. Time and everything around them didn't seem to matter anymore as they're kiss grew even more passionate. They finally stopped because of the lack of air both of them were getting.

"That....was to....much." Nas said trying to catch her breath. Elizabeth dunked her head underwater to clear her mind.

"So is what was that for?" Shawn asked her when she came back up. Nas didn't know how to answer that question..

"I don't know it was like something over came me and I just had to..." She placed her paw under Shawn's chin and looked into his eyes. "Like I just had to kiss you."
Shawn moved back and got out the water.

"What's the matter?" Elizabeth asked the grass pokemon. Shawn brought out one of his vines and rubbed his head.

"Oh its just...." He yawed. "Its just that I'm tired and all. Good night." And with that he left. Elizabeth swam over to the shore and shook herself dry.

I wonder what got into him. She thought. Then another thought came to her. Is he afraid of commitment. Is that why he can't keep a female. She played with these thoughts until she grew bored and tired and finally returned to her den to get some rest.

Shawn returned to the woods den and sat in front of a small fire place in the main room where. There was some food there but he didn't feel like eating and just sulked. He was troubled because he feared he might just like the eevee. How could he follow though with his plan if he like the eevee, but then thought of Elizabeth's sister filled his mind and he steeled his desire to get even with her. Like the old saying goes "a eye for a eye." Ember ruined his reputation and he was going to ruin hers'. Feeling a bit better he went of to bed.

The month went by with all sorts of things going on. All the teachers were busy getting everyone ready for the license test and it was quiet stressful for the first years. Cum studies was filled with board work and there was a test every few days. But as Ember told Spring it was needed since they had to know their material when the time came. Which couldn't had come any quicker.

It was the night before the test and Spring, Princess, and Jill were going over everything.

"....remember what Professor Lita and Aylra said." Jill said reading over some notes that were in poka speak, the paper was full of paw prints and it said pichu over and over again.

"The test is easy if you can get past the written part."

"Ya but as long as you remember what our teachers taught us these last few weeks it'll be easy." Princess said lying down on her bed. Spring frowned but she didn't worry to much for her best friend. She just had to make sure she didn't fail the test herself. She turned back to her own notes which had her paw prints and poke speak on it.

"Professor Lita said this will be on the test." Jill said trying to get Springs attention. Spring looked away from her notes.

"What will be on the test?"

"When is the best time and place to mate?" Jill asked.
Spring thought for a moment and but nothing came. Jill noticed this and this time was the one frowning.

"During the matting season or during special times like the Lustful Full moon." Jill said writing something down on her notes. Spring signed but she did want to learn more about this full moon.

"Did they mention something about the Lustful moon in class?" Spring asked.

"Ya in dominance and history of mating." Princess said rolling over to the side of her bed. "They said that during the year there are special times when the need to mate is at its highest."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"It can if one was to use it to their advantage to harm others." Jill said putting down her notes. "But most use these events to mate when their at their best." The pichu yawned and got off her own bed and got under the sheets.

"Tomorrow is a big day so lets get some rest ok." With that the pichu was out.

"She's right you know." Princess said turning in herself. Spring was about to go to sleep but she was to excited about the next day to just go to sleep.

"What you going to do after you get your license Princess?" Spring asked excited.
Princess didn't spend much time thinking about what to say.

"I'm going to the enjoy show Jack just how much I "really" like him." She happily. "What about you? Got anybody your special you want to be with?"

"Well...." Spring couldn't recall but her nidoran knew who she was thinking of.

"Chris the mudkip from the beginning of the year."

"That's not true and you know-." Spring was cut off.

"Yes it is." Princess said

"Your lieing."

"And your in denial."

Spring decided it was time to get some rest and turned over showing her back to Princess. Princess smiled and closed her eyes as well.

The next morning the trio left and headed off to their first period classes where the test was to be given. Jill left to go off to her first while Spring and Princess headed off to cum studies. This was going to be the only class that day and the teacher was going to grade the test before everyone left. After the test the door to the plaza was going to be opened and everyone could go and spend the rest of the day enjoying other things than just studying; which was not fun.

The moment they walked in Professor Lita handed them a sheet of paper and some ink. "Answer all the questions to the best of your abilities and when your finished hand the test to me." She walked back over to her desk. "After the written part is done you and your classmate will demonstrate what you've learned." She sat down and Princess and Spring went off to complete their test.

The test featured things from all their classes like how to properly position ones self, a bit of history like how it was done back during ancient times, how types can make it easier or harder, and if cum tasted different depending on the pokemon or its type. Thanks to studying the night before it wasn't that tough and she easily finished her test in a twenty minutes.

"My that was quick Spring." Professor Lita said taking her test when she brought it up. She quickly looked over it and with a red pin she and put a 99 on the paper. Spring saw she got the Lustful moon question wrong but it didn't affect her to much and she passed the test with flying colors.

"Now all that's left is the physical part of the test which involves penetration." Much like on the first day she shoved a tablet into Spring's mouth. "To prevent any accidents right?" Professor Lita said picking up a clip board. Since she could use her paws as hands she could use things like a clip board.

"All we need to wait for your classmate to finish his test and we shall begin." A few minutes later Jericho the houndour who was Spring's classmate finished, he finished with a 100.

"Wait how did you finish with such a high score?" Spring asked following Professor Lita to the front of the room. The houndour looked proud of himself.

"Dark types are naturally good at mating and knowing its ins and outs." He had a cocky look on his muzzle. "Remember such stuff as how to mate is nothing for me." Spring thought he was a tad to cocky but then again she sort of admired him for it. Professor Lita stopped.

"Ok this will most likely be both of yours first time doing this right." She took in a breath and the pair nodded. "But as long as you remember everything you've learned so far this will be a cake walk." With a twitch of her finger a chair appeared and she sat down.

"The tablets should protect you two but for some added protection." She used twitched her fingers again and a green light covered Jericho's member.

"What's this?" He asked looking in between his hind legs.

"Its protect." Professor Lita explained. Nothing is perfect and its good to add as much protection as you can." She clicked open her pin and readied her clip board. "All you have to do is mate and you pass the test, its just that easy so don't fail will you."

"Ok." They said together. Jericho turned to Spring who was a bit nervous about the whole thing.

"Don't worry, just follow my lead and I'll do the rest ok." He said positioning himself behind her. He place his paws onto her sides, and was about to launch himself in when Spring spoke up.

"Hey could you lick me first?" She asked. The dark dog looked confused.

"Why." He asked.

"Funny I thought you knew everything about matting." She said with her eyes closed, her face showing she was enjoying the moment. "Wasn't it you who said and I do quote "Dark types are naturally good at mating and knowing its ins and outs." She said giving him a hard time just for the fun of it. Jericho was blushing from embarrassment while Professor Lita was laughing.

"Oh she's got you there." Professor Lita said still laughing.

"Ok, ok I get it." Jericho said getting tired of the abuse. They stopped laughing and then Spring felt a warm of pleasure run though her body as the dark dog began to eat her out. She let out small moans as the pleasure built up within her.

"I don't think I can old it any longer." Spring said nearing her climax.

"Don't hold back." Jericho said giving her one last lick in her slit which brought the chikorita to the edge of her limits and she shot her juices out covering the houndour muzzle and small part of the ground around under her. After that she turned to face the houndour.

"Now its your turn." She said. The houndour laid on his back while Spring began to lick the tip of the red rod of the dark dog. Jericho howled from the pleasure while his tail waged but it was kind of small though to be consider much of one though. To add to the enjoyment Spring began to release a bit of her sweet scent so this will one improve both of their needs for mating and two make Jericho orgasm a bit faster, and sure enough a minute later Jericho released his seed into Springs mouth filling it up. Spring swallowed the load and eagerly licked her lips to try and not miss a single drop. Both her and Jericho were becoming even more aroused than they already were.

Professor Lita watched with a smirk on her face, to her this was just as good as doing it for real. I can tell their going to quiet a couple. She thought writing something on her clip board. She looked over her shoulder at the room full of students who were either in the middle of mating or were laying down worn out. Just from looking at them she could tell that most had passed this part of the test. Some looked like they had it down while others were just a sad case and were going to need a lot more practice. But that's why you go to school? To learn to do things better and get right. She turned back to the pair who were about to get down to the main event.

Spring felt the houndour's hot penis enter into her virgin hole, but there was not as much pain since she and him were already lubricated. Once in, Spring felt the dark dog beginning to push in and out of her slowly. Spring was enjoying it the treatment but it came with the price of some pain in since it was her first time. She felt the him touching her in places she never thought she had until now and it was bringing all sorts of new thrills into her life.

"This is...the best feeling....(breathing) ever had." Spring said trying to talk and speak at the same time. Spring didn't get a response but instead the dark dog began to pound into her a faster which brought all sorts of new pleasures. Both partners moaned together as they finally reached the edge of the their limits and orgasmed together in one last moan. Spring dropped onto her stomach but Jericho couldn't take himself out of her since they had knotted so he just fell onto his side.

"Well how did...we do?" Jericho asked Professor Lita who Spring just remember was there. Spring looked over at the clefairy who was looked really pleased.

"A work of art if I do say so myself." She said happily. "You passed and today when you go to the plaza outside in the back you will get a collar that will have your license on it." She got up and left the class leaving everyone alone. It didn't matter for Spring who was slowly dozing off, thoughts of what was next for her was swimming though her mind.

Professor Lita walked into Professor Bones class to find the same results like back in her class. Students were littered all over the ground and blood and cum could be seen on the ground. She noticed that some had done anal sex so the female didn't have her hymen broken. That wasn't a problem for her students since by using protect the females hymen wasn't broken plus it also saved them from the pain of having it tore. She found Bones at his desk smoking and she knew it wasn't tobacco.

"Garret Bones you know better than to smoke weed during class." Lita said with her paws on her hips. The old gengar laughed and placed his smoke down.

"Awe come on Lita it can't be that bad." He said rubbing his head. "I mean the students are out and I'm just passing the time until they wake back up." He wasn't to high just yet.

[Author's note: I don't like drugs or anything but I do remember that hippies liked to smoke weed, and since Bones is trying to hang on to those days it'll be better if he did smoke it.]

"Well its not good for you and its not profession." The clefairy said upset. "What will the students think if they woke to a teacher who was floating on the clouds?" She said. Bones chuckled and this only upset the normal pokemon even more. "You are the most respected professor here and your doing dumb things like this."

"What we all have our little secret Lita or shall I call you by your old title Lita the -." Bones said but was cut off by a fearful clefairy.

"Wait please." She said with dread on her face. "You know I was young and clueless about world. Please don't bring that back up ok."

"Then don't get on my case about what I do and I won't get on your case about your past." Bones said opening up a book. Lita looked at the title of the book which said "History of Sex One on One."

"Hey you see Aryl around anywhere?" She asked.

"She came in her and we spoke for a few and then ran off to talk to Glowe about something." Bones said not looking from his book. "Why not you go and catch up on a good book for a change."

"Nah it the reason I'm wearing glasses now." Lita said leaving the class. She decided to head back to her class and relax from all the testing. Watching all the students kind of go her in the mood a bit but she couldn't do anything like that right now since sit would be unprofessional. But then again Bones was in there getting high, so why couldn't she go and have some fun before the students woke up. All the second though seventh years were off in Neon Central right now and the first years would be out for at least ten more minute. She ran off back to class where she had sex toy hidden away for when she go the urges and no one was around for her to have "fun" with.

When she got back in a few students were gone which meant that the others would awaken soon enough. She opened her drawer and pulled out a charmander doll that had a penis on it. It wasn't much but it got the job done, she looked around and slowly walked into the class closet. She locked the door and turned on a small light that was inside and looked at the doll.

Oh Lita you know you must stop this. It's the reason you got that name.......I can't even bring myself to think of that name. But I have to, it's the only way to make the urges go away. She then sat the doll down and she took a long breath before she lowered herself onto the toy charmander......

Spring woke up a few minutes after Professor Lita went into the backroom and found that her classmate was no longer there.

Guess he left to go and relax. Spring thought getting up to go back to her room real quick to catch her breath. The test had taken more out of her than what she had thought and she was a bit worn out. Who would had ever thought mating could be so tiring. She was going to have to make sure she tried to pace herself next time she was doing something like this.

When she returned to her den to take a quick nap. She entered into the room to find Katie......

And that is where i shall end the chapter. Sorry for the mix up in the chapter but I was worn out that when i wrote that and i must had mixed up the some of the chapters names. I'll be sure to take some time off after a finish a chapter to proofread it.

I hope to get the next chapter out by Sunday at the latest.

Note to CK22B: I hope you like the domonince teacher. I tried to make her flow with the story and i think it came out ok. If you have a problem just leave a review or email me.

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jul 23 2013 Chapter:The test
    Another good chapter. However there was a segment that confused me.

    The pool scene with the Bulbasaur and Eevee--Shawn and Elizabeth. A few times her name was substituted with Nas. I'm pointing this out because a few paragraphs before Prince was talking with Nas--a Buneary [or Mimiroru].