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Bangam's High School of sex by nameofnoimportence


Author's Chapter Notes:

Making fixes to my old story and one of the things that always bothered me was how this chapter was broken into four separate chapters.

The Young and the Restless

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon, the sun was high in the sky, it was the perfect temperature not to hot or to cold, the wind was blowing gently and there were only a few clouds in the sky. It was the perfect day to be out having a picnic or for two different couples the perfect day to go on a date.

Nas and Prince were sitting on a edge of a small cliff out side of the school area. Since they were free for the weekend they decided to spend it together. Prince was enjoying the feeling of the light breeze against his face when Nas asked him something important.

"Prince do you like me?" Nas asked playing with one of her long ears; she was stroking the fur on it and twirling some of it around on her paw. Prince looked astonished by what the rabbit pokemon asked, he never thought she would ask something like this.

"Ya why?" Prince responded in a what is up with her type of tone. Nas just kept playing with the fur on her ear.

"Oh no reason." Nas said giggling. "Nothing at all."

Prince looked unsure of what to say or do, this was the first time that Nas had asked such a question. For the past month both of them had gotten to know each other much better and their friendship had tightened if not they were beginning to form a relationship. Then a thought occurred to the young nidoran. Could Nas want to take their friendship to the next level? Did she want them to be more than just good friends?

"Nas is there something you want to ask me?" Prince asked wondering if what he was thinking was the truth. He was hopping that his thoughts were false since he was to young to be thinking about a relationship any way. But then again there were pokemon at his age that already had children of their own. But.......

He did like her a lot. He just didn't know if he was good enough to be with her.

"Well if you must know I think that I've come to like someone very deeply." Nas said still playing with her ear. Prince's eyes opened wide from shock and he felt his heart crack in two.

She likes....someone......else. Prince thought sadly. Man I should had said how I felt.....

Now I might had just lost her for good.
Prince thought beating himself up.

Nas smiled deviously at Prince as she got up. But instead of walking on two legs she walked off on all four. When Nas passed by Prince she made one of her ears rub against his face and walked behind him rubbed her ear against the nidoran's sheath. Prince felt his member coming out but before anything else happened Nas walked back to his front and then walked off, swinging her rear as she did so. Prince felt himself grow hard from watching her.

Prince signed from his confusement. Did Nas really like someone besides him? Or was she trying to tell him something. Rolled onto his back and looked up into the sky. Was he just fooling himself into thinking Nas would ever like someone like him. This only brought down his mood even more.

I love her but....I'm to much of a coward to tell. He sulked and let the

Prince was so into yelling out his anger that he didn't notice that Nas was watching him a short distance away. The rabbit pokemon giggled at the troubled nidoran was doing before she bound off to look for a friend of her's she wanted to talk to.

There was a part before this but it wouldn't show up on here so I had to cut it out. Buy it involved Shawn and Elizabeth talking but it was mainly about nothing importent. During thier chat Ember came along and Elizabeth decided to talk to her older sibling....

Sibling Rivalry

When Ember saw her little sister running over to her to ask if she and that disgrace of a pokemon Shawn Cheater could go out, she had only two thoughts on her mind. One how to quickly end their little conversation and two what was she going to say to distract Elizabeth from noticing her slightly larger stomach........

Boy when mother finds out..... Ember thought worried. I can truly kiss ever going back home good bye. But she didn't have time to think about that now since Elizabeth was standing right in front of her.

"Sis can we talk?" the eevee asked firmly, she didn't show any fear in her little eyes. Ember was impressed with how she was acting since it reminded her of when she comforted their mother just before they retuned to school. It was quite a show that unfortanlly ended with her and their mother getting in quite a fight, and Ember being disowned. She was allowed to stay but......

She lost her place in the clan and would never become the alpha female. Or that was what her mother told her when she was kicked out. Ember knew though that if she worked hard enough and got back on her mother's good side then she might have a shot at regaining her statues. But.....

All that went out the window at the beginning of the month when she hooked up with that growlithe. Right before she found her sister messing around with that sad excuse of a pokemon named Shawn she was on her way to see that very same growlithe that was now her mate since they were going to have a pup together. She was going to have to kick this problem in the trash so she could talk to her 'mate.'

"Elizabeth go away I don't have time for-." Ember was cut off by her sister who was now looking her hard in the eye. The flareon never knew her sister was so strong willed. She always thought she was just a silly little eon who would just let anyone run all over her. But here she was sticking up for some third rate pokemon who would do his own mother if it meant he could get some. What surprised her was how Elizabeth was willing to give it all up and be with him.

Was there more to that excuse then what she realized.......

"Ember." Elizabeth said looking a bit angry. "Or should I call you by your real name Rosa?" Elizabeth asked cocky, but at the same time was series.

"Why you...." snarled the fire eon.
Ember hated being called by her real name when she wasn't around their mother. Even then she hated the name. But what could she do it was her mother.

"You know how I hate to be called Rosa!" Ember said angrily. Elizabeth smirked which just sealed any chance for the eevee to ever be with Shawn.

"If you thought of me saying yes you can date that low life basterd, than you might as well walk away right now." Ember said coldly. She was pissed off that her little sister had the nerve to try and stand up to her. From this point on she was going to make sure that neither Shawn nor Elizabeth would be ever be happy together.

"Sis I'm sorry that I called you Rosa but you must listen to me." Elizabeth pleaded. Ember turned her head away from her eevee sister but perked on of her ears up so she could listen to what she had to say. She knew Elizabeth was playing with her. Elizabeth was good at getting what she wanted. All she had to do was act cute in front of others and pow everything she wanted just fell into her lap. But not this time, oh no not if Ember had anything to say about it.

"I'm listening." Ember said harshly. "Make it fast because I've got things to do."

Elizabeth nodded and cleared her throat.

"Shawn is not as bad as you think." Elizabeth said firmly. She regained that look in her eyes that said 'I won't give up, even when the odds are stack against me'.

Ember didn't care about what she was going to say. She closed her eyes and pretended like she was listening.

[This is a very important paragraph. So pay close attention and make sure to remember since it will play a big role in the up coming chapters.]

"You have to listen to me." The eevee pleaded again. But then she noticed Ember's slightly larger stomach and she found her edge. She had something on Ember, something that could use to get back at her sister and get her way.

Ace up my sleeve. Elizabeth giggled on the thought. Just got my ace.

"Oh sis are you getting fat." The young eevee asked pointing at Ember's slightly larger stomach. The fire eon's yelped in surprisement and fear began to grow in her that her secret was about to be revealed. The worst part was it was by her sister. She had to figure out a way to leave NOW.

"Um... I've got to little sis." Ember said nervously walking off. But stopped when Elizabeth said something that would change everything.

"I know your little (or might I say growing) secret Rosa and if you don't let me and Shawn be together....." Ember turned and saw her little sister grinning deviously. Ember snarled showing her somewhat white teeth.

"Two can play this game Elizabeth." Ember pointed out still baring her teeth. "Your no mew hell even she's not perfect."

Elizabeth held her head up high and moved one of her back legs kicking up a bit of dirt growing more and cockier. She had something planed and Ember didn't like it.

"I'll play just as hard as you Rosa." Elizabeth said moving her bushy tail back and forth. "As long as you try and keep Shawn and I apart I will make your life a living hell." Elizabeth looked confident that she had gotten to Ember. But she was wrong as square block trying to be put into a circle hole.

"I will keep you two apart until you beat me down and I beg for you two to be together." Ember said turning around which said this conversation was over. But Elizabeth wasn't about to give up just yet. A devious plan was brewing in her mind.

"Then why not make things interesting, hey?" the eevee asked cleverly. "I'm sure a tough evolved eon like you wouldn't mind placing her pride where her mouth is?"

Ember stopped where she was and a grinned.

"So my sister has finally lost her little mind." Ember turned around. She was liking where this was going. Maybe she can finally give her sister the spanking she deserved. "Name your terms....."

A close friendship revealed

Elsewhere Spring was walking up the path that led to her sleeping quarters. She had just gotten back from her license test and just wanted to relax and catch her breath. Mating was far harder than she had first taken it for and it had left her worn out. But on the other hand it was kind of fun and it had left her with a feeling of satisfaction. She wanted to do it again soon and again and again and again. But Professor Lita had told them that it can become addictive and it might become all you can think of. Females didn't have to worry about this as much as they were not always sexually active as males. But it was so hard to not say she didn't enjoy the feeling of having a male plant their rod as deep into her as deep as they could. It made her feel all....satisfied inside. Thoughts of seeking out the her houndour partner and just letting him have his way with her....

No! Spring shook her head to clear her mind of such thoughts.

I've got to find Princess. She can help to keep my mind off mating. Spring thought turning around the corner that led to her den.
Tomorrow maybe we'll hook up with Ms. Ember and then three of us can do something tomorrow. The chikorita fem nodded approving this idea. It has been a while since I've done anything worth wild. She starts to think back to he life before coming to Bangam's. She use to be a free spirit, always going where she pleased, no test, or having to go to bed early so she could get up early as well. Life was easy and she kind of missed it. But then again being here was worth wild to. She had made so many friends here like Princess, Jill and Ms. Ember. Katie was to much of a strange soul and Spring has barley gotten to know her. Then a thought came to her.

Tomorrow I'll ask that Katie if she wants to go and do something together. And who knows. Spring thought stopping before the entrance to her den room. I might learn something about her and have a good time. Spring puffed her chest out proud of her idea and entered the room to find Katie laying on the floor licking herself. But in places where Spring would had not thought she would.

"Katie what are you doing." Spring asked moving out of the opening of the den. The vulpix looked up from her licking herself; she had some of her fluids on her muzzle which she licked up before getting up.

"Spring what are you doing here?" Katie asked rubbing her head embarrassed of being found in such a way. "You weren't suppose to be here right now." Katie said puffing up her cheeks like a jiggylpuff that was angrily. "Its rude to sneak up on others." Katie said jumping onto her bed. Spring looked at the ground where Katie just was and found that it was wet with the vulpix's juices. Not a very enjoyable sight.

"Ah, might I ask....why you were playing with yourself?" Spring asked. Katie blushed.

"Well ok. But you have to promise you won't tell a soul about this or what I'm about to say, ok." Katie said. Spring nodded and Katie blushed even more, the fur around her cheeks turned a darker shade of red compared to the rest of the fire fox.

"Well I was growing a bit bored waiting for my mate to return." Katie said embarrassed she twitched her six tails back and forth. Spring smiled from being happy for he roommate.

"Oh tell me who is it." Spring begged. Katie's blushing grew a darker shade of red. Her cheeks were the darkest thing on her body now.

"Well....I guess I can tell you since you promised and all, plus I can trust you right?" Katie asked. Spring nodded once more and her eagerness increased to the point where she was hopping up and down. Katie cleared her throat and breathed deeply. She then looked at Spring her amber colored eyes looking right at her sharply.

"The one I'm going out with right now is......." Katie left it like a cliff hanger for a second. Spring was so eager that if it went on like this any longer she might just jump out of her skin.

"My mate is none other than......Jill." Katie said looking away from Spring. Spring was dumbfounded by what she heard but she could tell it was harder for Katie to tell her something like that. Spring decided to pick her questions with caution.

"Katie...." Spring said a bit saddened. Her expression was that of confusement. "I would had never...."

Katie turned around to look at Spring, she smiled weakly. Its seemed the fire fox knew what Spring was going to ask and was already one step a head. She began to tell Spring of why she choose to be with Jill.

"It all began when I went to see her the night before we left to come here." Katie laid down on her bed and rolled over onto her back. "We slept close together much like I am now when I felt lay her head on top of my stomach, she began to rub up and down it. Soon she got near my sex and then she did something that would change my life for ever."

"What was that?" Spring asked with her full attention in the story. Katie stretched her legs and rolled back over onto her stomach.

"She kissed me." Katie said happily. Spring tilted her head and Katie sighed happily on the memory of her and Jill's first time together.

"To make a long story short when she kissed my opening it was then that I realized that she had the hots for me. But at the same time I found I was equally attracted to her." Katie smiled. "After that I got her to lay on her back and -." Spring cut her off.

"Lets leave that part in your memories." Spring said laughing. Katie smiled and got off her bed and walked over to Spring.

"Spring you're the first pokemon since I've been here that I feel I can talk to besides Jill."

Spring blushed and then Spring noticed Katie was a bit nervous about something but before Spring could kissed Spring on her lips. Spring broke the kiss as quickly as Katie delivered it.

"What are you doing?! I know we're good friends but lets keep it that way ok." Spring said wiping her lips with her short leg. Katie nodded happily at the grass pokemon.

"You can tell Princess but no one else ok." Katie said "This is our little secret."

"Ok as long as you don't try anything." Spring countered. Katie laughed.

"Silly I know your into males. That kiss was only because I was thanking you."

"Ok but will be the only time." Spring said hoping onto her bed. Thoughts of what just happened ran though her mind at high speeds. It just occurred to her just how tired she was.

Well I guess I've gotten my daily does of worth wild events for today. Spring thought letting her mind calm down and sleep soon over took her.

Rival or Friend

Everyone met in the large plaza outside of the school. It was the moment all the first years were waiting for. The moment they had been working so hard for weeks now. Their first step to becoming honoree members of poke' sociality. It was time for the first years to be given their license to mate.

Not everyone that was there was there to get their license for the first time. The 2nd though 7th years were here to be given their upgraded versions of their license. Brass for second years, iron for third years, steel for fourth years, bronze for firth years, silver for sixth years, and gold for the seventh years. Copper was given to the first years which were connected to a purple cold collar which all the four legged pokemon wore. While those that walked on two legs had a neat wrist band which had the license connected to it. But no one mind the difference in what everyone wore. They just enjoyed being able to say they have the knowledge and skills to mate properly.

Princess was sitting next to her roommates who were all discussing what they were going to do when they got to Neon Central. They were talking about all the food they were going to eat and what they thought the strange dimension was like. That was all nice and all but she wasn't to worried about anything like that. Princess was not even paying close attention to the chatty females. She was to busy thinking about Jack the sandshrew who she had a crush on.

Since they met back when they got their schedules all she could think of was being with him. Princess thought of him during the day and dreamed of him during the night. Every morning she would be the first to cum studies and try to sit next to him when the shrew came in. When they had to practice foreplay she enjoyed how the shrew worked his rough tongue in her g spot, every time he did so it brought her so much excitement that she almost cummed after a few licks always covering the shrew with her fluids. But what was better than him making her cum was when she got to do him. From licking up and down the sand tasting meat of the sandshrew of her dreams to him filling her little month him his seed when he climaxed from her working him. She enjoyed all that and cherished every moment she was with him.

But Princess loved Jack for more than just the sexual side of their relationship. She enjoyed talking to him during class. They talked about what life meant to them, what they did before coming her. When ever Jack asked about Princess's name and why she was named the way she was she always told him "Oh its not important" and they would laugh, but she could tell the shrew was wondering about her name. Much like her brother she didn't enjoy going around telling what family they were from. She didn't need the extra attention.
Princess was so into her thoughts that she didn't notice the light colored skitty in front of her.

"Yo anyone in there?" The kitten pokemon asked a tad annoyed. Princess finally came out of her trance and was confused about what was going on.

"Ah sorry about." Princess feeling a bit humiliated for spacing out. The skitty rolled her eyes.

"I would expect as much from someone like you." The skitty said moving her tail back and forth in a windmill motion. Princess examined the kitten pokemon and noticed that her fur was a bit yellowish and wasn't the normal color for a skitty. The skitty was wearing two small gold ear rings in both her ears and she noticed that the kitten had a Wood's bandana tied in a bow to her tail.

"Why do you have your bandana on your tail?" Princess asked pointing to the skitty's tail with her left paw. The skitty frowned and rose her head like she was superior to Princess.

"It brings out my cuteness." The skitty said like she was high and mighty. Princess nodded like she understood but she really didn't care.


The skitty stopped moving her tail and she seemed to look a bit annoyed.

"There's something about you I don't like at all."

Princess was shocked that anyone would dislike her. The worst part was though she didn't even know this pokemon.

"Why don't you like me?" Princess asked trying to figure this pokemon out. The skitty began to move her tail again but this time slowly like she was thinking about something. Princess couldn't help but keep her eyes on it.

"I'm keeping my eyes on you tramp." The skitty said harshly. Princess had, had enough but there really wasn't that much thanks to the rule of no fighting. She decided to at least learn why this skitty had a grudge against her.

"What is your problem? I don't even know you." Princess pointed out. The skitty grinned and her tail began to move again in a slow windmill motion.

"My name Zeal. And I'm going to be the best student in all the first years." The skitty said like she was superior to Princess again.

"Why do you have a problem with me?"

"I found out that you had gotten one of the highest scores on the licenses test." Zeal said as her tail stopped moving. She was series again. "And your with the male of my dreams." She looked smiled and looked up at the sky, her tail pointed straight into the air. "Jack the sandshrew." The skitty said dreaming of the sandshrew that was Princess partner in cum studies. It finally dawn on the nidoran why this skitty was like this. She to have a crush on Jack as well.

"Listen we haven't done anything yet beyond the class room." Princess said hoping this would lighten things up. But it actually made things worst.

Zeal got into Princess face, her tail stopped moving again. "Stay away from Jack got it. Or else I'll beat your tiny little ass until you learn who the top mon is around her." Zeal moved away from Princess and rose her tail again and it swayed back and forth. "Got it!" With that the skitty walked away.

What was that all about ? Princess was now even more confused. He let out a long sign and hung her head down. Why me? She asked herself.

Mainly the only reason the chapter is like this is becuase for some strange reason certain parts are not showing up. So I've had to cut small parts out and all. But nothing is missing in this part though.

This part of the story features the battle between Bangam and Flay from CK22B's story S-effect 101.

"Why out of no where this strange skitty seems to hold a grudge agaisnt me?" Princess asked hereself.

"Easy you've got yourself a rival and by the looks of it a good one at that." Ember said sitting next to the confused nidoran. Princess looked up at Ember.

"A rival?"

Ember nodded. "Yep. Its not uncommon for pokemon to start rivalries at school."

"Why's that?"

Ember thought for a moment.
"Its usually over mates and silly things like that."

"Hey I've got a question." Princess said smiling up at Ember.

"Ya what is it?"

"Did you ever have a rival?" Princess asked with excitement. Ember looked pleased that the young pokemon would ask. She gave a nod but then never answered the question, because they began calling names of the Wood's den and they everyone had to listen for their name to be called.

After what seemed half a hour and a couple dozen students were already called up including Jill and Katie were given their first license and when Ms. Ember went up she was given a bronze version that all fifth years got. When Princess was called she felt her heart swell up with enthusiasm. This was her moment to shine.

With her head held up high and her friends cheering for her in the background Princess walked up to Professor Lita who was giving out the licenses for all those who took the test in her class. When Princess walked up the clefairy took one of Princess paws which almost made her trip from being a bit off balance. But Princess managed to not fall and Professor Lita shook Princess's paw congratulating her.

"Very good Princess." Professor Lita said placing the collar around the excited nidoran's neck.

"Thank you."

"I hope to see you improve, got it." Professor Lita said straighten the collar. "It's an honor to have one of these." Professor Lita said finishing her work. "Don't abuse it." And with that Professor Lita called for the next pokemon to come up and Princess returned to her friends. After that the rest of the license were given out finally the old Absol headmaster Bangam finally spoke some closing words.

"It has been an honor to watch yet another year of the licenses ceremony." Professor Bangam stopped to reflect as he always did when delivering a speech. The old Absol was always remembering events from his long life, hey after you've lived a long life just about anything could trigger a memory or two.

"For over ninety years it has been a tradition here at Bangam's for students to be given their license on the day when the grand city of Neon Central shall be reopened." He pointed his tail blade at the center of the plaza where a large mirror was glowing. "Beyond there leads to Neon Central a world where you can think about things other than school." He began to walk off for some reason though. He turned he head back to group of pokemon with a satisfied expression. "At this point in the game you're going to need it." And with that he left the old Absol left off to be alone.

Princess looked at her copper colored license and grinned. The metal bore her name and year of graduation which was 2013. Below that was a small green pokeball symbol that Princess knew stood for the instructor that gave the license to student There was other pokeball symbols on the license but they were the color of the license. Princess mind began to return to the skitty that she had met earlier. She couldn't put her paw on it but for some reason she felt that they had met before. But that was in possible since she had never seen the kitten before until today.

"You coming." Princess heard Katie ask from afar. She looked to see everyone going into the portal that lead to the wonders city that she had heard so much about. Princess ran over to the portal and jumped in after them, a flash of light blinded her as the nidoran was transported to the city like dimension. As the light faded Princess couldn't help but gasp at the sight that was in front of her.

They were standing in the middle of a city square with several live like holograms of some of the most famous legendary pokemon known. Each of the holograms were stationed in front of large bridges that led to islands not far from the main city. A mew was in front of a sign that said 'To the colosseum' was printed on the sign in bold letters. To the left was a celebi image with a sign that said 'To the food court.' To the left of that was a image of a jirachi that with a sign that said 'To Carnival island.' Finally on the right side of the mew image was a manaphy with a sign that said 'To Sun Set Island.' There was a few more bridges that led to other islands but they were closed off by some unknown force.

Princess heard Ember breath in deeply.

"Its good to be back." Ember said looking around excited to be in the city.

"What's up with all the different islands?" Spring asked walking around the large square. She stopped in the center.
"Why can't it all be in one place? Wouldn't it be easier to travel around?"

"A few years back it was. But they changed all that when to many shops and things were one island. So being the genius Bangam is he rounded up a few pokemon and they worked for a long time on raising a few islands out of the sea and building and moving buildings and things onto the islands." Ember said walking over to the bridge that led to the colosseum. She took a long look into the distance at the large buildings that stood lighted up.


"What is it?" Katie asked looking at the fire eon.

"I wonder...." Ember whispered under her breath. No one spoke for a moment until they heard a announcement on the loud speakers.


Ember grinned after the announcement was made. It seemed she knew something interesting.

"Sounds like old Bangam's going at it again."

"What that?" Princess and Spring asked together.

"Its going to be grand one hundred tonight." Ember said beginning to show some of her teeth from her grin stretching out so long. Princess and Spring gave the fire eon a confused look. Ember signed.

"You can't tell me you haven't heard about Professor Bangam's one hundred battle challenge?" Both Spring and Princess shook their heads and Ember signed again feeling the pair was hopeless.

"Ok let me explain." Ember said beginning to cross the bridge that led to the large arena. Princess and her roommates followed Ember across. "Every once in a while someone decides to test their luck against Professor Bangam's in hopes of beating him. Last year a tough pikachu went against Bangam, he put up quite a fight but the old absol was to tough and he over powered the pikachu. The year before that a seventh year machoke took on the headmaster only to be taken down in two minutes."

"Dam." Princess said letting the word slip out. Ember looked a little ticked off that the young nidoran would curse.

"I know your mum taught you better than that." Ember said looking back at Princess. "Your to young to curse and its not very princess like."

"Sorry." Princess said hanging her head down. "But how would you know about being a princess Ms. Ember?" Princess asked, she noticed Ember's tail and ear's perk up and then go down like she was saddened by something.

"Umm...well lets just say that I have some relations to the subject." Princess heard Ember take a deep breath. "Well we're almost there so lets hurry along to get a descent spot before their all gone." Ember began to speed walk and in little time they were in front of the large battle arena. The large doors that lead into the arena had a moltres statue right above the entrance, a articuno statue on the left side of the entrance and a zapdos each was doing their elements special attacks. There was a large crowd entering the arena from all sides. Princess and the others entered into the crowd and after three minutes found a spot to sit down on the ground close to the battling part of the arena.

"This is going to get good." Ms. Ember said sitting down behind the first years. Princess looked up at her but Ms. Ember pointed to the ring and Princess turned to see the old absol head master come out and then on the other side was a small first year cyndaquil. He looked tough but compared to the elder absol he might not stand much of a chance.

"Do you think he'll have a shot?" Spring asked. Princess looked to her best friend then back out to the ring.

"Can't really say." Princess admitted. "I've seen a few matches in before coming here and whenever older pokemon fight younger ones they win but..."

"But what?" Spring asked.

"Well Professor Bangam is old and must be past his prime by now."

Ember leaned down in between the pair.
"He might be past his prime but don't count old Bangam out just yet." Ms. Ember returned to her original up right position. "He didn't win 99 matches in a roll for nothing." Princess was about to say something when she heard the sound of the match beginning and the old absol used TACKLE on the fire mouse who was rolled on the ground and stopped on his stomach. The crowd along with Princess was wondering if the match was already over. But to all their surprise the cyndaquil got back up. Professor Bangam attacked again but this time the cyndaquil quickly recovered from the blow and landed on all four skillfully causing the crowd to cheer loudly. The cyndaquil then used FIRE WHEEL striking Bangam in the chest and causing him to roll back smoking from the powerful fire attack.

"Kid's got skill." Ms. Ember said admiring the first year's fighting skills.

"Ya he might even be able to hold his own against Professor Bangam." Spring said excited about the match.

"He might but don't think Professor Bangam doesn't have his own bag of tricks." Ember said pointing to the ring. Spring and Princess turned back to the ring where they saw Professor Bangam beginning charging himself up with the powerful SWORD DANCE move. Six large swords appeared around him and he turned red showing that his attack power just went up.

Princess could tell it was just getting started.

Else where in the arena Shawn was watching the century match with not much enthusiasm. Elizabeth was laughing as she was telling him about what happened earlier that very day.

"....and so I talked my sister into a match tomorrow afternoon." Elizabeth said nuzzling Shawn's side. Shawn was a little skeptic about his girlfriend(if you can think of it that way) and the one he hated going at it. He did enjoy the thought of the two sisters fighting but he also didn't want to see Elizabeth get hurt because of him. That wasn't part of his plan but then again......
Elizabeth did have her ups. Case she made the flareon a deal that would make his life a tad easier.

"So do you have it or not?" Shawn asked as he watched both battlers launched their types most powerful attacks. Shawn gasped as he watched the one called Flay which he had met not to long ago launch a rare powerful attack at Professor Bangam. He couldn't take his eyes away as old Bangam launched one of the largest shadow balls seen that matched the size of Flay's attack. When the two attacks met they slammed together and seemed to be trying to force the other attack away. That was until finally both the large shadow ball and fire attack finally became unstable and exploded causing a shock wave that sent both Bangam and Flay tumbling backwards.

"You think their ok?" Elizabeth asked sounding a bit worried. Shawn looked at her then back down to the where he saw in disbelief Flay was getting up. He couldn't believe his eyes that a first year was about to win but it was short lived as from fatigue and his youth he didn't stay up long and fell over. For some reason Shawn grinned.

Looks like we might have some competition this year. Shawn thought as he got up to leave. He heard the crowd roar as Professor Bangam got up and won the match.

"The valor blood runs though his veins." Shawn muttered as he left the arena with Elizabeth who was holding a bag in her mouth. Elizabeth yelped as she heard those words almost dropping the bag.

"Excuse me?" The eevee asked. "You mean that kid...."

Shawn nodded. "Yep just as rare a the shiny pokemon breed. Those with the valor blood type have the ability to battle with strong abilities and can use moves that are only available to evolved pokemon."

"But there's a catch to it though..." Elizabeth said.

"Yep it hinders one's evolution making it where they can't evolve at all." Shawn stopped and looked up into the night sky. "In exchange for amazing fighting abilities you have to give up the power to evolve." Elizabeth stopped next to Shawn and dropped the bag she was carrying.

"Sounds kind of terrible if you ask me?"

"Nah my bro had it and the one in charge of the desert den Sparkchu has it to." Shawn said sitting down. "My bro Vince didn't tap into his true abilities until after he evolved though. Where as Sparkchu unlocked his last year when he took on Bangam in the centrey match. And it looks like now we have a third known valor battler running around here."

"I still don't get how one's evolution is stopped because of this blood type?" Elizabeth asked.

"Easy because they harness their power from the evolution jean that we all have." Shawn explained as simple as he could. "Normally these jeans remain untapped until after evolution. But the valor jean taps into the evolution jean and enhances one's normal abilities."

"Shawn you still haven't-." Elizabeth was about to ask him again, but Shawn cut her off.

"I'm getting there. Now the valor jean remains untapped until its brought out from a intense battle situation occurs, that's when the user will unleash a powerful attack as Flay did when him and Bangam used their best attacks. As you saw he unleashed a attack that is only available to the full evolved typhlosion. But the catch is that when the valor jean is tapped into the shuts off the evolution jean all together causing the user to lose the power to evolve."

"Ya my great grandma was like that." Elizabeth said using her teeth to pull out a glowing silver rock. She pleased it next to Shawn who looked down at the rock and laughed.

"So your going though with it, hey?" Shawn asked. Elizabeth nodded.

"The retro stone has the ability to make any pokemon devolve." Elizabeth said tapping the silver rock. "I know its terrible to do something like this but I'm tired of getting no respect."

"How so?" Shawn said enjoying where this conversation was going.

"When she was still a eevee we use to play and talk like sisters....." Elizabeth placed her paw on top of the silver rock and she seemed almost intent on crushing the stone to dust. "But then last year she bought that dam fire stone and everything change....."
Elizabeth turned her head away from Shawn.

"I don't know. I'm just hoping that by winning tomorrow and using the retro stone on my sister that I'll get her back." Elizabeth turned back to Shawn with a look of determination.

" tell." Shawn was grinning so much that it was hurting.

Elizabeth looked at the bulbasaur. "She began showing off to all the boys and we talked much less." Elizabeth looked saddened and for some reason seeing her like that made Shawn feel terrible as well. But then he remembered his plan and straightened up.

This is your big chance to mess Ember up right in front of everyone. Then I Shawn Cheater shall be one step closer to not only living up to my brother's reputation but also placing myself in the history books for one of the worst revenge plots her at Bangam's. With his spirits steeled Shawn decided to put the final touches on this 'master piece' of a plan. The plan wouldn't end here though. The first part was to pit the two eon sisters against one another and next was to ruin Ember right in front of everyone. And thanks to a unforeseen event with a growlithe at the beginning of the year Shawn had the perfect weapon to take Ember down for good. And to think it was growing in Ember as we speak.....

Elizabeth placed the stone back in the bag and kissed Shawn.

"Shawn there was one other thing I must tell you."

"What's that?" Shawn asked looking at his girlfriend.

"If I lose then we can't go out anymore." Shawn heard the eevee say with much regret and sorrow. It then occurred to him that there was a possibly that his plan could fall apart.
He decided to comfort Elizabeth.

"Don't worry you won't lose." Shawn said using his vines to massage the eevee's back. Elizabeth moaned in pleasure as Shawn rubbed up and down Elizabeth back.

"Thanks I needed that." Elizabeth moved away from Shawn and faced him, Shawn couldn't help smile at how attractive Elizabeth was at the very moment. He felt like his heart would break out of his chest just to get to Elizabeth. Shawn shook his head trying to shake the thoughts of Elizabeth being beautiful out of his mind. Today he let his feelings get the better of him and he was actually going to ask Elizabeth out on a date. He was a bit bitter about it but Ember saved him today from ruining his plan by distracting Elizabeth's attention. He had to remember that his plan could go up in smoke if he began to develop feeling for Elizabeth. But he wasn't afraid though. He was the brother of Vince Cheater and master of breaking hearts.

Just stay calm and every thing will be fine Shawn. Shawn thought trying to keep his mind straight. Just keep thinking the win you will get tomorrow when Elizabeth dues Ember in. Shawn snickered.
Then after that everyone will know why Ember has been gaining extra weight. Shawn began to laugh a bit evilly.

"You've been acting a bit strange." Elizabeth asked worrying why Shawn was laughing even though nothing was said. Shawn stopped and smiled from embarrassment.

"Oh just thinking of all the great times we've had."

Elizabeth didn't look satisfied but she let it go.
"Well we've both got a long day tomorrow so I say we go and get some much needed rest." Elizabeth picked up her bag containing the retro stone in it. Before they began to cross the bridge and make their way back to the dens Shawn took a moment to look at himself in the water that was under the bridge. What he saw look back at him was a bulbasaur that seemed both happy and saddened at the same time. And for the first time a he had doubt.

Am what I'm doing right........ Shawn asked himself as he followed Elizabeth across the bridge and off to get some much needed rest.
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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jul 23 2013 Chapter:The Young and the Restless
    A bit confusing at parts due to author notes in the moddle of a few paragraphs with no outside indication. Nice wrap-up and revenge plot though. Still some spelling/grammar/word errors too.