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Friends To Mates by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

If you haven't guessed it already, yes, this story is based off of Pokemon Colosseum! I used my two Eons from the game. They both ended up male, Espeon has a Quirky nature, and Umbreon has Careful. (which SUCKS in the game) I was easily able to make up a romance story, and get to writing it. Four chapters is all that was planned, so this series is marked as finished with the Epilogue. Thank you all for enjoying it. :)

Chapter 1: The First Move

Chapter 1: The First Move

Pokemon Fan Fic
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Within minutes of starting Story Mode on my brand new Pokemon Colesseum game, I struck up an idea for a lemon or two featuring Wesley's (the main character) Espeon and Umbreon. I used the two I got in the game, and I'm not sure if their genders are set to be random, but both of mine turned out male. I'm also using their Natures! :D (to an extent) Heh, hope you enjoy.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: It goes without saying that if you don't like M/M yiff, or if you are of illegal age in your country/state of residence to be seeing this, then you probably shouldn't read this. Don't blame me if you get offended by the content, because I didn't force you to read it.

"Let's go, my Zigzagoons!"

Willie throws out his two Pokeballs, showing his two little raccoons, who get into their stances with cries of "Zig!" Wesley looks at the challenger with his arms crossed, a desert wind blowing over them and flowing his trenchcoat out. "So this is what you throw against me?" He says with a smirk.

Willie smiles, standing poised for battle. "Don't take them too lightly."

A few people come walking out of the train car turned diner, noticing Willie with his two Zigzagoons. One turns to the inside. "Hey! We got a battle out here!"

The owner of the diner groans. "Who cares! Get back in here and eat what you were eating!"

Back outside, Wesley takes his two Pokeballs from his belt, activating their triggers and expanding them. "Well... You're the challenger, so... Come out, my friends!"

He tosses the two Pokeballs, revealing his Espeon and Umbreon. Willie perks his eyes a bit in surprise. "Looky here, some Eons! My Zigzagoons have a little fight on their hands..." He says, still smiling.

Wesley crosses his arms again. "Indeed they do. Now... Make the first move!"

Espeon and Umbreon get poised in battle stances, standing near each other, parellel. "Alright then! Go, my Zigzagoons! Speed at them with Agility!"

The two Zigzagoons begin running forward, then using Agility to speed from side to side, switching places and appearing randomly. "Keep your senses up, Espeon! Umbreon, use Snatch!" Wesley barks out in order.

Umbreon stays in place, and her eyes sparkle with purple light as the Zigzagoons draw closer. "Keep up the Agility! Keep them confused!" Willie yells out.

The Zigzagoons make another cry and go for Agility, but one suddenly stops as a sparkle of dark energy rushes around him and flies into Umbreon. He's rendered slowed, as Umbreon's Snatch maneuver stops the Agility move and copies it. "That's good you two! Now attack!" Wesley yells.

Umbreon uses the Agility move he stole to speed forward and slam against the Zigzagoon that was slowed. The other Zigzagoon, still speeding, goes for Espeon, who jumps the attack and lands on top of the raccoon Pokemon, jumping back off and headbutting it away. Willie growls, and the two Zigzagoons get back up quickly. "Alright, Zig and Zag! We're gonna take it to them! Go for Tackle attacks!"

Zag, attacking Espeon, misses the attack, and gets caught up in his split tail-end. Zig takes a moment to get toward Umbreon. "Espeon, Slam! Umbreon, Secret Power!" Wesley yells.

Espeon jumps into the air, slamming Zag to the ground while she's caught in his tail. He then lets go of the raccoon and steps back. Umbreon, meanwhile, flashes a quick white color as several blades of light fly out onto the approaching Zig. "God damn!" Willie yells.

"Surely you can do better!" Wesley says.

Willie clenches a fist. "Attack the Umbreon!"

Zig and Zag perk up and leap into the fray toward Umbreon. Umbreon looks between the two, not prepared for a counter as they begin to get at him from both sides. Almost immediately, Espeon makes out a cry, and makes a red energy attack that sails into Umbreon, making him glow red for a moment. "Good Espeon! Now do another Secret Power, Umbreon!"

Umbreon takes a leg-bent stance and cries out, his Secret Power move firing forward at Zig, and also blasting out around him, hitting Zag away. Zig faints in front of Willie. "Ah! Oh no!"

"Finish the battle with Return, Espeon!"

Espeon gets into an attack stance, and Wesley smiles as the silhouette of a heart swirls around Espeon and then around him, before going back to Espeon. Espeon immediately makes sort of a headbutt motion and sends the heart flying at Zag, creating a nice blast effect. Zag is down for the count. Willie falls to his knees. "Damn!"

Wesley smiles, as Umbreon and Espeon walk up to either side of him and sit down. "The winner is me." He says.

A few of the people watching from the train car cheer. Willie smirks, getting back to his feet and withdrawing his Pokemon. "Good job, your Eons are fine Pokemon."

Willie goes over to hand Wes some money for winning. "Yes. They've always been good to me, and I'm good to them."

The two Eons make little cries of happiness, and they smile. Willie nods, and pats Wes on the shoulder. "Well you did excellent. Come on in the diner, I'll get ya somethin'. My treat."

Wes smiles a bit. "Sounds good," he then turns to his Pokemon, "you guys watch the hoverbike for me, okay?"

(Author's Note: Activate Poke-Translator.... Now!)

The two Eons smile and give little cries as if to say 'yes,' and the two trainers begin to walk toward the little train car diner. The two Pokemon walk back down near where the hoverbike is parked. Umbreon walks nonchalantly, but Espeon is bounding around playfully, jumping over Umbreon once. "Hey! We're out in the open again!"

Umbreon perks up in surprise as Espeon is suddenly leaping over him. "Calm down, Raniel... It's not that amazing..."

Raniel laughs and gets into a pounce-like pose in front of him. "Come on, the Pokeballs may be nice inside, but I hate being in there all alone."

Umbreon simply walks around him. "That's true, but still, you're just more enthusiastic than I am."

Raniel blinks, watching him walk and turning to follow. "Come on, Ziro! Cheer up! I don't get to play with you as often anymore..."

Ziro shrugs as he reaches closer to the hovercar, now stopping his walking. "Yeah, I know... But that's life."

Raniel looks at him annoyed, and then smiles, walking closer seemingly nonchalantly, before pouncing him out of nowhere. "I'm gonna play with you whether you like it or not, Ziro!"

He giggles and starts to lick the Umbreon's face. Ziro looks annoyed and struggles for a moment, before sighing and smiling, loosening his body finally. "Hehe... Fine, fine, old friend."

Raniel yays and runs around Ziro as he gets back to his feet. He stops to do that pounce pose again. "You've become so boring since you evolved." He says.

Ziro narrows his eyes, jumping on top of Raniel and sitting on his back, causing him to get pinned on the ground. "I'm an Umbreon, Raniel, so expect it!"

Raniel wiggles around, meeping, bringing his forked tail up to grab onto one of Ziro's legs to tug him off his body. He eventually succeeds, and gets back to his feet. "Well that much is obvious."

"And don't forget I'm Dark, so I'm your weakness!" Ziro says, chuckling.

Raniel facefaults. "Awwww, no fair!"

He rolls onto his back and looks up at Ziro upside-down. Ziro shrugs, giggling slightly and coming over to lay down, resting his head on Raniel's belly. "You know I'd never hurt you, my friend."

Raniel giggles and turns onto his side, finding the other position uncomfortable. "Yeah, I know."

"I promise I'll try not to be such an asshole around you." Ziro says, smiling.

"Hehe... That'll do just fine."

Raniel moves forward to nuzzle his friend's nose, making Ziro crack another smile. Ziro then moves to flop down in a better position to look at the traincar. "I hope Wes is having fun in there."

Raniel nods, and gets up to a sitting position, bringing a paw up and rubbing it down Ziro's side. "You know Wes. He'll probably stay a while..."

Ziro blinks and murrs softly, feeling a rub. He looks up to Raniel and smiles, resting his head back down. "Yes, that's true..."

Raniel nods and doesn't really say anything, and he just rubs his friend, seeing how relaxed it's making the Umbreon. Boy... I wish I were this close to Ziro more often...

Ziro smiles contently, not having had a nice moment like this with his old Espeon friend in a long time. Raniel looks down at him, smiling, and blushing slightly. God he's cute...

Ziro feels almost like falling asleep, but he doesn't, having other things going through his head. Raniel lets out a quiet giggle, moving his head down to rub his cheek on his friend's neck while his paw still goes. Oh, Ziro... If only you knew how much I cared for you... I'm too afraid to say anything...

Raniel blushes a bit now. Ziro meeps quietly, but not quiet enough for Raniel to hear, as he notices Ziro adjusting himself for comfort, and he looks annoyed. "Something wrong?"

"Er... No, I'm fine. Just basking in the sun..."

Raniel think he's lying, and he gets an evil thought. I shouldn't do this, but...

He concentrates for a minute, using his abilities to get a mind read on his friend to get his surface thoughts. She gets them: Man... I wish Raniel would quit it... I'm starting to get aroused here, I can't have that with him...

Raniel blushes brighter, and he pulls away from the Umbreon, trying not to giggle as he thinks of what to do. Still rubbing his friend, he looks around, and spots a little watering hole down on the other side of the train car: The right side. "Say Ziro, I'm gonna go check out that little lake thing over there, you wanna come?"

Ziro perks up, sweating just a tad, as he looks past the parked car to see the water. "Oh... No, that's okay, go ahead..."

Raniel nods, and trots away, but not before kicking sand at Ziro, giggling. Ziro immediately jumps up and starts spitting, growling a bit as his friend before laughing as he walks off. "Always the playful little trickster, that Espeon..." He says, going to lay back down.

Not far away, Raniel didn't even go to the watering hole. He instead circles around the train car, getting to the hoverbike and going near one of the tires that are stuck in the ground all around the area. She gets a good vision on Ziro, who lays down on his back, laying against the hoverbike, his legs spread and his sheath in clear view. Raniel can't help but meep, being sure to stay quiet with it. Ziro smiles, soaking in the suns rays. "Good thing Raniel went away, his rubs were exciting me too much..."

He proceeds to rub a paw slowly down his own chest and stomach. "It's been a while... I wasn't about to get horny in front of him..."

He continues to trace a circle pattern over his midsection, murring softly, until he feels his sheath starting to swell up. He looks down at it, smiling, before moving that paw down to rub across it, murring loudly now as his bright pink cock starts to slide out. "Ahhh... I could use a good release..."

Raniel, from the tire not far away, stares at Ziro wide-eyed and blushing, his eyes affixxed on the Umbreon's maleness as it begins to come out. The Espeon's own deep red cock is sliding out now as he gains pleasure just from watching, and he idly probes his tail around his lower body, before starting to rub across his member with it. Ziro, meanwhile, rubs his paw all over his own sheath, before moving it down to palm around his testes, letting out loving moans as he feels how swollen they are, laying his head back again. His paw moves back over to his sheath just as he feels his cock slide out to its nice 4 and a half inch endowment. He looks back down, smiling, taking one of his little claws and softly sliding it up his length. It starts throbbing and twitching, causing him to let out a soft moan. "My my, it _has_ been a while..."

Ziro pulls his paw away for a second, to set it back down more fully on his shaft and rub up and down it a bit, softly. As he does, the scent of his own musk catches his nose. "Oooh..."

He murrs deeply and lays his head back, beginning to rub a bit harder. He closes his eyes then, sighing in relaxation and releasing a soft moan as he slowly wraps his paw around his length. Slowly he sides his paw up and down his pink shaft, releasing another moan. Raniel watches intentively from nearby as his friend masturbates. He snaps out of his little trace and realizes he's been doing it to himself, and he deeply murrs as a jolt of pleasure shoots through him from his soft tail rubbing over his 4-inch tapered member. He goes back to staring at Ziro. Oh man... I want his cock so bad...

Raniel licks his lips, and then gets an idea. Umbreon is a fox Pokemon. Ah... If his knot swells...

Raniel nods to himself and gathers some courage, waiting for the right moment, his tail still idly stroking his own cock. Ziro, meanwhile, is moaning softly but lengthly, as his paw travels up and down his member at a slow pace. His tounge is slightly hanging out of his maw, which is open in wordless pleasure. He quickly begins to twitch and stutter his moan a bit as he feels his knot swelling, being the last 1/2 inch of his member that slid out of the sheath. Beginning to moan louder now, he brings his other forepaw down to his growing knot and massages it, his hindlegs kicking a bit uncontrollably as his pleasure level begins to rise to new heights. Raniel shudders a bit as his crush moans in pleasure, and he can't take much more, and he begins to walk slowly toward him, his member drooling some pre onto the ground as he does. Ziro is oblivious to the approach, and he gets a shudder through his body as a big wave of pleasure goes through him. He moans lovingly, the paw on his knot moving away a bit before he can rub it to full splendor. Another paw comes and takes its place however, rubbing a bit more firmly than he had. Ziro gasps and opens his eyes in surprise, seeing his Espeon friend there. "Ra-Raniel?! I... Ohhhh..." He says, a bit panicked, before he starts relaxing again.

Raniel looks to him and smiles, with a look of lust. Ziro gets a bit weirded out by that, and looks, noticing his friend is quite aroused as well, spotting the Espeon's tails on his own crotch. Raniel murrs to the Umbreon as he massages his knot, which reaches its full swollenness, evident by Ziro's twitches and gasping moans. "Mmm... You like that, Ziro? It'll get better..." Raniel says, softly.

Ziro looks to him with disbelief, as the Espeon leans toward and flicks his tounge over the Umbreon's cocktip, murring and smiling when it overs up some precum for him to sample. Ziro moans quite loudly as he feels the tounge there, and his legs kick slightly. He stares at Raniel, his life-long friend, who is now pleasuring him sexually. He never would have expected this at all, but it's far too pleasureful to stop. When Raniel sees he's not being rejected, he wraps his paw a bit around the fox knot and gives the shaft a long lick up to the tip. Ziro moans nicely and squirts out another bit of pre for the Espeon to get. Once Raniel does, he begins to pick up his own self-pleasure using his duel tail ends. One wraps around his balls, stimulating them with soft fur. The other end entwines his crimson length and begins stroking up and down, precum immediately drooling onto the ground and causing the Espeon to moan. Raniel then goes back to licking over Ziro's length, quicker, bathing it on all sides with thin layers of saliva. "R...Ra..Raniel....." Ziro manages to sputter out, looking confused as ever.

Raniel stops and turns his gaze back to his friend, looking even more lustful now as he works himself with his tails, dropping more pre on the ground. Without a lot more hesitation, he lowers back down to Ziro's cock, and begins to slide it into his muzzle. Ziro immediately arches his back and moans loudly, his member gushing out some held-in precum nearly instantly. Raniel quickly slides his muzzle down the 4 inches up to the knot, which he still stimulates with his paw. He slowly begins to bob his head up and down Ziro's length, slathering around it with his tounge, getting up any precum that comes out as well. He also sucks on it lightly. Ziro is beside himself with pleasure now, his body shuddering to the sensation of his first ever blowjob. He idly moves his paws forward and places them on the Espeon's head, groaning in pleasure, though he's nearly losing his voice now. Raniel moans over Ziro's cock, making it vibrate, as his arousal just shoots through the roof. He's wanted to do something like this with Ziro for so long, and it's finally happening. He idly gets more vigorous with his treatment, starting to bob his head faster over the tounge-slickened length, flicking at the tip of it with his tounge everytime he passes high enough. Ziro remains with his back slightly arched, moaning in extreme bliss, albeit softly. Raniel moans up something fierce, still masturbating himself with his own tail, and continuing to assault Ziro's cock, his sucking power getting a lot higher. Then out of nowhere, Raniel tenses up and cries softly, thick blasts of his cum spraying onto the desert ground under him as his arousal reaches its peak. Ziro hears the cry and watches his friend orgasm, the sight of it somehow arousing to him. Like he even needed anymore stimulation, as he already feels his own climax coming. His body slowly stiffens up close to that of a board as it creeps up, his vocal chords no longer working. Raniel recovers from his own orgasm, his tail falling away from his package, and he notices Ziro's lack of reactions, the Umbreon's member pulsing wildly. Raniel knows exactly what this means, and he smiles outwardly. He does a few more sucking head bobs before he abruptly stops, hovering at the tip of Ziro's cock, before he deep throats the 4 inches in one swoop, squeezing Ziro's knot tightly and swallowing with his throat, rippling it over the tip. Ziro's voice finally comes back at this moment in the form of a loud cry, his climax hitting hard and shooting hot Umbreon cum down the throat of the Espeon. Raniel murrs and giggles softly in glee, letting the cum shoot down his throat, and sealing his lips tightly when it begins to splash down into his mouth. Ziro is frozen stiff during his rather large release, though he can feel his own cum gathering around his member and warming it. Raniel murrs again, and begins to bob his head slowly over Ziro's cock again. Ziro's body slowly starts relaxing as his orgasm tapers off, and when it disappears completely, he falls limp, panting, his fur damp with sweat. "Oooooh....." He actually utters.

Raniel smiles outwardly, and finally slides his muzzle off of Ziro's cock, leaving behind a thin coating of cum. He tosses his head back and does a few good swallows, getting all of the rest down his throat. He then smacks his lips and immediately goes down to lick clean what he left behind. This snaps Ziro out of his trace, and he blinks, tilting his head up and staring at Raniel, still panting. Raniel finishes cleaning and sits back, panting a bit himself, and he looks back at Ziro. There's an awkward silence between them as they catch their breath, a look of total surprise on Ziro's face. Raniel eventually just blushes and turns away slightly, not really sure what to say. And then, they hear laughing. They both instantly look toward the train car, where Wesley is beginning to return. "ACK! He's coming back..." Ziro says.

Raniel turns to him, the Umbreon having a look of worry. Raniel looks down and quickly realizes why: His knot isn't going to swell down yet, meaning his cock is trapped outside his body. Thinking quickly, Raniel flops down on top of Ziro, laying over his lap and covering his maleness up. Wesley walks up not a minute later. "Aww... Look at you two. The cutest Eons in the world..." He says.

Ziro and Raniel both give little cries of happiness. Wesley raises a brow. "Oh... You both tired out? I guess you've been playing in the sun since I've been in there, huh?"

Both Pokemon quickly nod. Wesley chuckles lightly, and grabs his Pokeballs. "Well, I normally let you ride in the cab, but I think you two can rest for now."

The two Eons immediately breathe sighs of relief as the red beams shoot out and swallow them back into the balls. Wesley downsizes them and straps them to his belt, getting onto the seat of his hoverbike and waving to Willie. He then starts up and speeds off into the distance, on route to his next destination.


Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright � Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission

~ Scy
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