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Friends To Mates by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

If you haven't guessed it already, yes, this story is based off of Pokemon Colosseum! I used my two Eons from the game. They both ended up male, Espeon has a Quirky nature, and Umbreon has Careful. (which SUCKS in the game) I was easily able to make up a romance story, and get to writing it. Four chapters is all that was planned, so this series is marked as finished with the Epilogue. Thank you all for enjoying it. :)

Chapter 2: Things To Discuss

Chapter 2: Things to Discuss

Pokemon Fan Fic
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Thanks for the great feedback of the last chapter, and here's the next one for ya. I plan to do at least one more chapter of this, maybe two. And I'm taking lemon requests now as well. ^^; See my website for details. ( - sign up for the mailing list!)

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: This chapter doesn't have any full yiff scenes, but it has some adult talk and a bit of lime-ish action. Of course, it's between two males. If you don't like the gay, you no read.

Wesley brings his hoverbike to a stop near a high stone wall, which is surrounding a city. He looks out and around, above the wall, at the tops of some palm trees. Some fresh water flows along the tall wall as well. He steps off the bike and walks only a few feet away to the entrance, smiling, as he sees the lush paradise before him. "Mmm... Phenac City..." He says.

His eyes scan around the surroundings, until he hears some scuffling. His eyes quickly turn their gaze to only a few feet in front of him, where two men are carrying a large sack. "Well god damnit, will you hold it still, Folly?" Says one, wearing a hat and an orange vest.

The other man, apparantly named Folly, is wearing a sleeveless blue shirt and has blonde hair. He looks at the other with a look of annoyance. "I can't help it, she squirms, alright?" He says.

Wesley quickly notices: The sack they're carrying is kicking and muffling. He just has to step forward and say something. "Just what is going on here?!" He says.

The two men gasp in surprise and drop the sack on the ground, turning to Wesley. "Aww, crap, man! We're spotted!" Says the first guy.

"Have you captured some Pokemon in that sack, you thieving crooks?" Wesley asks.

Folly breaks out two Pokeballs and quickly steps forward. "None of your business! It's time for a battle! No one gets out after seeing this!"

Folly throws out his two Pokeballs before Wesley can even retort, revealing two Whismurs. Gah... Espeon and Umbreon are still a bit worn out from play... I can't turn down a challenge, so I hope they're okay...

Wesley sneers at the criminal, before whisking out his own two Pokeballs before the Whismers. Revealed are Ziro and Raniel, his Eons, ready and poised for battle. The crooks look on and blink a few times. "Uhh... Folly, this isn't good..."

"Be quiet, Trudly, I'm gonna throw him into the winds! Whismurs, use Uproar!"

Both Whismurs cry out loudly, sending shockwaves through the air, barrelling over the two Eons. Noise fills the air around now. "Yeah, right! Umbreon, use Bite!" Wesley yells.

Ziro lifts his chin and one paw, letting out a cry and swinging his head foreward. A mass of dark energy swirs forward and takes the shape of a large set of jaws, slamming down hard on one of the Whismurs, knocking it out cold. "What?!" Folly yells.

Wesley smirks. "Now, Espeon, Confusion!"

Raniel concentrates, shifting his head around in a circle, the jewel on his forehead glowing a bit. A blast of white, almost see-through energy barrels through the air and smashes the other Whismur, also putting it down for the count. Folly nearly falls over as he's hit by surprise. "Unreal!" Trudly says from behind him.

Wesley smiles now, standing straight, his fists clenched and his arms pointing straight down to ground. A light wind billows his trenchcoat. Folly growls, and withdraws his Whismurs back into their balls. He goes to say something to Trudly, but some civilians are beginning to come over. "... Ahh, Christ! Scram!" Folly instead says.

The two criminals quickly ditch past Wesley and run out of the city, Wesley watching them as they turn a corner. Two civilians come up, a man and a woman. "Whoa, was all that commotion a Pokemon battle?" The woman asks.

Wesley just nods, his Eons sitting down near him. "What were they doing?" The man asks, and then he notices the moving sack.

The two civilians gasp, and Wesley walks forward. "This is what. Let's get it open..." He says, bending down.

He tries to undo the knot on the sack, the man there attempting to help him. Behind Wes, unknown to him, Ziro and Raniel still sit. Ziro can't help but look over at Raniel, who is trying to keep his gaze off. It's not for a whole lot longer, as he looks up at Ziro, still noticing the Umbreon is gazing, and he quickly looks back down, blushing faintly. Ziro wants to say something, but he just can't. Raniel... Why did he do that to me? Where did he gather the courage to... To...

He blushes, shaking off the thought and blushing a bit himself. I never thought Raniel liked me in that way... I saw how much he wanted to do that... But why didn't I stop him...

Ziro sighs quietly, just looking down at the ground. Raniel also is, thinking whatever to himself. Both find being in each others presence just... rather awkward, after what happened. It's then that Wesley finally gets the sack open. And out comes... a person? A girl in a blue/pink jacket with orange hair stands up out of the sack, gasping for air a bit. "Whoa!" The woman nearby says.

"... YOU were in there?" Wesley says.

The girl stands up, brushing her body a bit. "Yeah, I was..."

She looks around, seeing three people standing there, namely the weird-looking Wesley, two Eons behind him. "Are you alright, miss?" The man there asks.

"I'm just fine... Where are those two that captured me?" She asks.

"This boy here fought them off when they tried to leave town." The woman nearby says.

The girl blinks, and then notices the two Eons sitting behind Wesley. "Oh my... You must tell me... Was there anything strange about the Pokemon used in the battle?"

Wesley looks at her with a bit of confusion, and he shrugs. "I... don't think so... Why do you ask?"

The girl sighs, and shakes her head. "Oh, it doesn't matter now, they're gone..."

The man and the woman standing there and nod to each other. "Alright, if you're doin' okay, we'll leave you two to your business."

The two prompty walk off, leaving Wesley and the girl. "Yes, they ran after I defeated one of them in battle." Wesley states.

The girl smiles. "I see, hehe. Thank you very much for getting me out of that. My name is Yuki." She says, holding out her hand.

Wesley smiles, and shakes her hand. "I'm Wesley, it's nice to meet you."

Yuki smiles cutely, and then glances behind him again. "Are these two cuties the ones that fought?"

Ziro and Raniel quickly perk their heads up a bit, as Wesley turns. "Indeed they are."

Yuki giggles softly and goes over, kneeling down and petting the two Eons. "Thank you, boys."

The two Pokemon smile faintly and push up into the petting. Wesley only laughs softly. "These two could use a good healing at the Pokemon Center. They were in another battle and were horsing around up at Outskirt Stand, they're pretty tired."

Yuki nods. "Yes, and it's getting to sunset as well, we could take our own leave. Lord knows I need it..."

"Mmm hmm... Well, you can tell me all about that soon. Do you know where the Center is here?"

He withdraws Ziro and Raniel into their Pokeballs, as Yuki nods. "Yes, in plain sight right there." She says, pointing.

Wesley looks, and feels like fainting. "Doh, I guess my attention was divided, heh. Let's go."

Yuki nods, and the two walk on over to the Center, which isn't very far away. Wesley goes up to the counter. "I'd like a healing please." He says, offering up his two Pokeballs.

The lady at the counter smiles. "Sure thing."

She loads the balls into the machine and turns it on. Wesley and Yuki smile to the other, waiting for the few moments it takes for a full heal. The lady comes back with the two balls. "Thank you much." Wes says, picking them up and activating them.

Ziro and Raniel reappear on the floor there, feeling nice and perfectly refreshed. They both stretch a bit, and give little mewts of happiness. Yuki giggles. "Aww, they're so cute..."

The two Eons look at her and smile, sitting down and tail-swishing a bit. Wesley chuckles softly. "Yep. My old friends. I've had them since they were born as Eevees."

Yuki smiles and leans down to pet them again. "Now look at the big strong Eons they are now..."

They both giggle softly to Yuki's attention. Wesley just smiles. "Indeed..."

He then looks out the window of the building, to the darkness setting in. Yuki turns to him, seeing where he's looking, and looks also. "Well, there's night." She says.

Wesley nods. "Yes. Let's take the night off for now. And you can tell me the deal with what's been going on."

"Alright. But tomorrow, I think we should see the Mayor, pronto."

Yuki heads up to front counter then. "Sure thing. Espy, Umbry, would you like to play elsewhere?" Wesley says.

Ziro and Raniel look up at him, both looking rather... weird. But they smile, not able to resist such an offer. Plus, they both think they could use the time to talk. Wesley smiles to them. "Very well, we'll be in..."

Yuki comes up with a key. "... Room 4." She says.

Ziro and Raniel nod, and scurry themselves out the front door of the Pokemon Center. Ziro sits, and looks up at the night sky. His favorite time of any day. Raniel just looks over at him, sighing slightly, and looking around at the people still around. "Should we... find somewhere else... Ziro?" He says.

Ziro blinks and turns over to him, his face expressionless. "... Yes, I think that'd be best..."

Raniel just nods, and walks around a bit, looking, before he decides to try some palm tree growth in between the Pokemon Center and the Poke Mart. The two head inside the little 'garden' of trees, and sit down, shrugging a bit. They're both pretty much silent for a moment, the awkward silence they've been feeling since earlier in the day. Raniel finally manages to say something. "... Ziro, I..."

Ziro sighs loudly. "... Raniel..."

Raniel eeps quietly and looks down at the ground. "... Did I offend you? I'm so sorry..."

"No... I'm just..."

"... Disgusted?"

Ziro quickly shakes his head. "No. I'm just... really surprised."

Raniel nods, but doesn't look up. "... I'm sorry..."

"Don't be, Raniel... I enjoyed it, really I did..."

"That's because it was a damn blowjob, it was impossible not to..."

Ziro looks over at him. "... You did a good job, at least..." He says, blushing now.

Raniel begins crying. "... I disgust you..."

Ziro notices the tears falling to the ground. "... Raniel, no, you don't..."

"Yes I do, admit it... *sniff* I never should have done that."

Raniel stands to his feet, Ziro getting a sense and standing as well. "... Raniel..."

Raniel sniffs, more tears falling. He turns away from Ziro. "I'll understand if you hate me..."

"No. Stop there."

Raniel starts walking away, solemnly, but Ziro quickly pads over and steps in front of him. Raniel looks at him, teary-eyed. "Let... Let me go, Ziro..."

Ziro sits down in front of him. "You listen to me, Raniel... I am not disgusted, I'm not offended, and I don't hate you. Okay? Stop doing this..."

Raniel stares at the ground, tearing and sniffing, before nodding, and sitting down. "... Okay..."

"Listen... You're the best friend I have. I've known you since we were born, and we were both adopted by Wesley. We've grown up together, we've trained together, and we even evolved together..."

Raniel nods, sniffing again. "... Uh.. Uh huh..."

Ziro brings one of his paws up and swipes it down the Espeon's cheeks, getting rid of the tears. This also makes Raniel look back up at him. "... There's not a thing in this world, let alone something like that, that would tear me away from you."

"... Ziro..."

"Don't you EVER think I hate you, okay Raniel? Because that's not true, and it will never be true."

Raniel smiles a bit to the Umbreon, shaking his head. "Oh Ziro... You're right..." He places his head on Ziro's chest. "... I'm so sorry... I let that get to my head..."

Ziro puts his forepaws around the Espeon, pressing his chin down to his head. "It's alright, Raniel... I think I just seemed to give off that vibe... For that I should be sorry..."

Raniel smiles a bit and nuzzles into the Umbreon's chest. "It's not your fault... You're a Dark Pokemon." He giggles softly.

"Hehe... I suppose..." Ziro states, letting off his hug as he does.

Raniel smiles and looks at his face, his tears gone. "Thank you... I feel a lot better now..."

Ziro rubs a paw over Raniel's cheek. "That's all I want. You're my dearest friend, I can't stand seeing you like that..."

The Espeon nuzzles into the paw a bit when it rubs down his face. "That's wonderful to know, Ziro..."

"... I'm glad we've had this talk. It was getting rather awkward between us."

"That's true. And look where I was going..."

Ziro smiles. "Don't worry about it."

"Let's get back to Wesley."

Ziro nods, and gets ready to go, before he gets thought and stops. "... Well, wait..."

Raniel headtilts. "What is it?"

"I must ask this, but..." He rubs the back of his neck. "... Why... Why did you do that, Raniel?"

The Espeon blushes a bit. "... You mean?"

Ziro nods. Raniel immediately starts to blush brighter, staring at the Umbreon. "I mean... I never expected that at all..." Ziro says.

"Well, erm... I did it because.... I... Eeee...."

Raniel looks away from him, embarassed. Ziro isn't sure why, but he leans forward a bit and softly nudges the Espeon with his nose. "You can tell me... I won't mind..."

Raniel doesn't look back at him, and he sighs a bit, gulping. "... I... I like you, Ziro..."

Ziro blinks a few times, a blush starting to creep up on his cheeks. "... W-What?"

Raniel turns to look at him, his face a deep crimson. "... I _like_ you..."

The Umbreon turns crimson himself then, meeping softly. "You mean like...?"

Raniel just nods, and looks down at nothing. "I've had a crush on you for a while... At least since we evolved..."

Ziro is speechless, staring down at the Espeon, not really sure what to say to that. Raniel eventually looks back up, seeing Ziro's look of total surprise, and he just smiles, knowing that was a quick thing to take in. Ziro loses himself in thought. ... He LIKES me? ... Oh my... Could I have seen this coming...?

Raniel looks at Ziro as the Umbreon spaces out in thought, and he eventually snout-nudges him. Ziro blinks back to life. "You okay in there?" Raniel asks, giggling softly.

Ziro shakes his head around, getting his mind straight, before nodding. "... I'm okay... That just... Whoa."

Raniel giggles. "I know... Hehe... I think I've kept it hidden too long..."

"I never really thought you... Well..."

"... Liked males?"

Ziro meeps a bit. "Yeah, that's it."

"Yeah... I guess I just seemed more drawn to them. Though I haven't had a mate yet."

"... I see... Been in love with me, I guess"

Raniel giggles bashfully. "Yes..."

"I'm... I'm flattered, Raniel..."

The Espeon giggles, pushing his cheek against Ziro's chest again and nuzzling. "... Who else could I be in love with?"

Ziro meeps a bit, blushing brightly as he starts to grow uncomfortable. Eeee... This... I'm... What do I do, run? I can't run...

Raniel stops and looks up at the silent Umbreon, giggling again softly and bumping noses with him. "... Well?"

"Er... Well, I... I don't know..."

Raniel nods softly. "Exactly..."

The Espeon starts purring a bit, bringing one paw to touch Ziro's chest. Ziro eeps quietly, and looks at the paw, then back to Raniel. "I..."

Raniel quickly shushes him, their muzzles close to each other. "... There is no one else..."

With that, the Espeon softly kisses him, shutting his eyes, and causing Ziro's eyes to widen to the sky. Ziro mrphs, and freezes, not knowing what to do. Raniel, since Ziro isn't moving, figures he's welcome, and quickly deepens his kiss, purring much louder now. Ziro's mind goes insane. I... Run, stay, run, stay...

Ziro stays frozen as he's kissed, and Raniel notices he's not getting kissed back, and figures it was a bit too much on the Umbreon. With a content murr, he breaks away from the kiss slowly, taking a small breath and slowly opening his eyes. Ziro stares at him, the Espeon's paw sliding away. Raniel smiles, eyes half open, and he giggles bashfully and looks away. "... I've always wanted to... to do that..."

The Umbreon just stares at him, wide-eyed and glowing red in the face. He wants to say something, anything, but can't find the words. Raniel, also quite red, looks back up to him, smiling warmly. "Hehe, I'm sorry... I think that was a bit much..."

He softly nuzzles Ziro's chest again. Ziro swallows his saliva, and twitches a bit, once again trying to talk, succeeding for the most part. "R...Raniel, I...."

Raniel quickly cuts him off. "Tonight has been a bit much... Let's go back to Wesley now..." He says, looking to Ziro's eyes.

Ziro doesn't continue with what he was trying to say, if anything, and just nods. Raniel stands up and starts walking back toward the Pokemon Center. Ziro stays still and just looks at him, before Raniel stops, and waves him over with his tail. Ziro nods, and stands up, walking, following behind the Espeon as he starts walking again. They both calm down and stop blushing as they eventually reach room 4 in the Pokemon Center, Raniel pawing at the door. Wesley opens it. "Oh, there's my Eons. ^^ Have fun, you guys?" He says.

Raniel nods several times, gleefully. Ziro shrugs and just smiles. "Well good. I'll let you rest for the night then."

He goes back into the room for a second. Raniel looks over at Ziro, smiling. Ziro eventually gets a sense, and turns to look at Raniel, seeing the smile and beginning to blush. He smiles back faintly, the Espeon letting off a little giggle. "Here we are." Wesley suddenly chimes in with.

The two Pokeballs he holds activate, sucking the two Eons back inside of them. He then smiles and reduces their sizes, before closing the door to the room.


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~ Scy
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