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Wesley's Pokemon, Ziro the Umbreon and Raniel the Espeon, get some play time after a while. Ziro wants some more personal time alone, however, but he's not without eyes on him.

Updated with the Epilogue. Story is now FINISHED.

Last Updated Date - Jan 4 2005

Story Notes:

If you haven't guessed it already, yes, this story is based off of Pokemon Colosseum! I used my two Eons from the game. They both ended up male, Espeon has a Quirky nature, and Umbreon has Careful. (which SUCKS in the game) I was easily able to make up a romance story, and get to writing it. Four chapters is all that was planned, so this series is marked as finished with the Epilogue. Thank you all for enjoying it. :)

  1. Chapter 1: The First Move (3591 words)

  2. Chapter 2: Things To Discuss (3047 words)

  3. Chapter 3: Bonding (6720 words)

  4. Chapter 4: Our Fate (6109 words)

  5. Epilogue (1331 words)

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