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Friends To Mates by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

If you haven't guessed it already, yes, this story is based off of Pokemon Colosseum! I used my two Eons from the game. They both ended up male, Espeon has a Quirky nature, and Umbreon has Careful. (which SUCKS in the game) I was easily able to make up a romance story, and get to writing it. Four chapters is all that was planned, so this series is marked as finished with the Epilogue. Thank you all for enjoying it. :)



Pokemon Fan Fic
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I just HAD to write this, because I felt it would be really sweet, and it just seemed right to do it. ^^; Curious? Well, just read on, you'll understand.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: No sex, but there's gay romance. Which is licious.

The grass lightly sways in the late afternoon breeze, with some flower petals having been lifted from the plants they were attached to, now dancing in the air with the soft wind. One of the petals, colored white, lands on the nose of Raniel the Espeon. He crosses his eyes and looks at it, twitching his nose with a giggle, before blowing it back to the wind currents. He looks back upward and watches it float away, before looking to the side, where Ziro is walking by him. "Come on..." Ziro states.

Raniel giggles softly, and pads after him. "Should we race this time?" He says, followed by a giggle.

"No... Not this time." Ziro responds.

Raniel nods, in understanding. Ziro weaves his way through the tall grass almost... absentmindedly. Raniel can't help but notice, and he giggles again. "You remember too, huh?" He asks.

Ziro looks back at him, and thinks for only a second, smiling as he knew exactly what Raniel was talking about. "Yes... Having traced this path so many times, I never really forgot."

The Espeon nods, and soon rubs his cheek gently against the Umbreon's side as they walk together. Ziro giggles softly, running his tail over the cat Pokemon's back, but otherwise turning back to look where he was going. Raniel looks forward as well, his eyes lighting up when he realizes how close they are. Ziro's pace picks up slightly so he's ahead of Raniel, the grass they're walking through shorting to nothing. They head up a small hill, and take one turn. Both of them smile so widely. "We're here..." Raniel says.

It's the place: The cliff overhang, almost plateau, looking over the large grass field they had just walked through. They can see the entire field swaying almost like water from the breeze that's been blowing, and in the distance just beyond the field, Wesley's old home. It was still standing, still in an okay condition from how he left it so long ago under the care of his parents, whom live a ways away. Wesley and Yuki returned here together with all his new Pokemon, their adventure in Hoenn's dark world of criminals complete, and he himself is regarded as a hero all over. The two Eons knew exactly where they would be going first, and the both of them walk to the edge of the overhang and sit, looking out over the field. "It's just like I remembered..." Ziro says.

"It's like it hasn't changed at all..." Raniel notes.

The wind suddenly picks up in a little updraft, a wave of flower petals flying up above all the tall grass, some of them fluttering by the two Eons as they sit. This time one lands on Ziro's nose, making him blink, before shaking his head around and sneezing. Raniel giggles at him. Ziro looks at him with a brow raised, but shrugs a shoulder and giggles too, turning his head back out to the field. He can notice Wesley and Yuki out on the porch of the house. They're talking and looking around, Yuki seeming to really like the surroundings. "Check it out." Ziro says.

Raniel blinks, and looks for a second before he notices them, and smiles. "Oh yeah... I knew she'd love this place." He says.

Ziro nods, smiling nice and wide at the moment. "It's going to be so good... No more of the Snagems..."

Raniel giggles happily. "Or the Cyphers."

"Yes... We helped do the world good, Raniel... It feels so great."

Raniel tail swishes quickly, and latches his forepaws onto the Umbreon. "It really does!"

Ziro eeps, and giggles loudly, his tail idly petting the Espeon. He notes Yuki and Wesley going back inside, loving how happy Yuki looks. As they go in, Raniel continues to hold, and Ziro remembers something. He looks to the Espeon, and then turns his body a bit, wrapping his own forepaws around the cat. Raniel smiles to the hug, but gives him a bit of a curious look. Ziro just smiles. "... Remember the dreams we once had? Long ago?" Ziro asks.

Raniel blinks softly in thought, before a little blush appears on his cheeks. "Oh... I do..." He replies.

Ziro nods softly, giving the cat a gentle nose. "I promised we would come back to this spot, and I would hold you like this... Remember?"

Raniel blushes a bit deeper, his eyes closing in his shyness. "... Yes..."

Ziro gives his warm cheek a soft lick, making him open his eyes again. "It was fate again, Raniel... We're back..."

Raniel smiles so widely, so happily, as his eyes are firmly locked with the Umbreon's. Ziro's own smile is ear-to-ear, as they stare at each other for moments, before Raniel can't hold it anymore and kisses the Umbreon. Ziro chrrrs, and closes his eyes, diving himself into the kiss eagerly. Raniel purrs loudly, his tail swaying around and holding onto Ziro's back, and his eyes closing. Both of their paws tighten a bit on each other as the kiss grows ever deeper, Raniel's body going gently limp when Ziro's tongue slides between his lips and grabs that of the Espeon's. Raniel's tail twitches around a bit and comes up to Ziro's chest, his tailends holding it somewhat. Ziro murrrs and leans into Raniel, his tongue lacing around with the cats before he must snatch off of the kiss, not having the air to sustain it from how sudden it was. Raniel lets off a bit of a gasp, and right after the kiss stops, is panting softly. Ziro too has a gentle pant, and both of their eyes open up halfway to meet gazes again. After a momentary stare, they both smile wide and press noses. "I love you so much, Ziro..." Raniel says quietly.

Ziro chrrrs and rubs his nose into the Espeon's. "I love you too, Raniel... More than anything..."

Raniel purrs and grasps the Umbreon tighter, licking several times at his cheek. Ziro giggles, but then notices out of the corner of his eye. He looks to the side, Raniel noticing, and also looking. They can see the sky is orange in the horizon beyond their home. The atmosphere around them is a bit darker. Raniel gives a little gasp. "The sunset..." He says.

Ziro nods a bit as he stares at it. "Yes... We haven't seen the sunset here in so long..." He replies.

Raniel gives a light sniff. "So long..."

Ziro blinks, and looks to Raniel. Small tears of happiness are falling down his cheeks. Ziro gives him a nose bump, and Raniel looks back to him. His smile and sparkling eyes show his happiness, never mind the tears. Ziro smiles, paw coming up to rub the tears off the Espeon's cheeks. Raniel nosetwitches, and giggles, hugging Ziro so tight and rubbing his nose into the Umbreon's neck. Ziro holds him a bit tighter, lowering his chin down atop of his head. "I'll never let you go, Raniel..."

Raniel closes his eyes and keeps his muzzle firmly in its place. "I'll never let go..." He responds quietly.

Ziro closes his eyes as well, and stays still. The sky and atmosphere continues to get darker as the sun sets, the two lovers still and holding each other. The breeze, as weak as it is now, lightly moves their fur from side-to-side, rippling like the invisible waves of love flowing from their forms. Finally, their journey is over. Fate brought them back to this spot, and let Ziro fulfill his promise. Neither could be any happier. Not even... Wes, who just began looking at them from far off. He sees them fade from view slightly with the setting darkness, and turns his head, smiling to himself. You're welcome, my friends...

THE END (really!)

Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright © Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission

~ Scy
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