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Friends To Mates by Scy Storm


Story Notes:

If you haven't guessed it already, yes, this story is based off of Pokemon Colosseum! I used my two Eons from the game. They both ended up male, Espeon has a Quirky nature, and Umbreon has Careful. (which SUCKS in the game) I was easily able to make up a romance story, and get to writing it. Four chapters is all that was planned, so this series is marked as finished with the Epilogue. Thank you all for enjoying it. :)

Chapter 4: Our Fate

Chapter 4: Our Fate

Pokemon Fan Fic Lemon
By: Scy Storm

AUTHOR'S NOTES: And this is Chapter 4 of my critically-acclaimed series. ^^; This is the final chapter I have planned. I want to thank everyone who has read this story, and all the people who have given me such wonderful comments on it. They have made me happy on many occasions. ^^; Enjoy this piece, it's for you. Just mind the slightly fast backstory. ;) And mind how long the chapter is anyway. o_o I'm a dialogue whore.

INEVITABLE DISCLAIMER: Yay for two guys having sex. At least, to me. If you don't like it, go away plzplz.

"You're not going to catch me, Ziro!"

The Eevee giggles as he bounds through the grassy field, giving one look back at the Eevee chasing him, before trying to speed up. The Eevee on the chase grrrs, and tries to speed up as well. "Yes I will, Raniel!"

They both giggle as the grass gets to be rather taller, Raniel taking random paths to try and lose the Eevee on his tail. He soon can't hear Ziro running behind him, but keeps on going, reaching a rock he recognizes. He leans onto it, and pants nice and hard, looking around slowly. No sign of Ziro. I finally got away... He thinks to himself.

As if on cue, that's when he's tackled from behind. He lands on his stomach with an "oomph," and looks behind him, seeing Ziro pinning him down with a grin and a wagging tail. "Told you I'd get you." He says.

Raniel whimpers and tries to squirm out from under him, before stopping his attempts and giving a loud giggle. "Can't you let me get away just ONCE?" He asks.

"Nope!" Ziro responds while sitting upon the vee proudly.

Raniel blinks a few times, and smirks, before he just plops his head down and closes his eyes. Ziro snickers, and looks down at him for a moment, before pawing at his head. "Aren't gonna talk to me, buddy?"

Nothing comes from Raniel. Ziro blinks, and rrphs, leaning down and nosing at the fellow vee's ears. Still, Raniel doesn't do anything. "Oh, come on, Raniel, don't act like this."

Raniel still doesn't do anything. Ziro waits, and then sighs, before he hops off of the Eevee and onto the rock nearby. Raniel smirks, and then hops up onto Ziro, whom catches him in his forepaws, nearly falling backward. "Aww...! Almost tackled!" Raniel says.

"And rather, hugged." Ziro says, with a smile.

Raniel giggles, and hugsqueezes the fellow vee, before dropping down and starting to walk. "No more chasing today, let's just sit somewhere." He says.

Ziro nods, and follows behind him. They walk their way out of the tall grass field and onto a slight plateau above it, a cliff overhang overlooking the field, with a forest starting behind it. This is a favorite spot of theirs, as they can see most of the field, as well as Wesley's house a ways back. They seat themselves on the edge and look out to the field, a light wind blowing through the area and swaying their chestfur a bit, as well as the entire field of grass. The sun shines down on the both of them, a mid-afternoon one. Raniel looks to Ziro as he stares out of the field, giving a soft giggle and nosing against his side. Ziro looks at him, and smiles, before looking out to the field. Raniel rests his head on the fellow Eevee and looks back forward. "Think we'll see this place again, Ziro?" He asks.

Ziro blinks softly. He had momentarily forgotten that Wesley has plans to be going away from this home for a while. "... Yes. Of course we will, Raniel."

"Do you think we'll be evolved by then?"

Ziro nods. "I'd imagine so. Wesley plans to be gone a long time."

"I really wanted to evolve here..." Raniel says, in a real change of conversation pace.

Ziro looks at him, getting slightly worried, as Raniel returns him with a look of soft sorrow. Ziro puts his forepaws around his buddy in a hug. "Don't be sad, Raniel..."

Raniel nods a bit, holding Ziro and trying not to cry as he gives a soft sniffle in his fur. "I'm just gonna miss this place..."

"Well you still have me, don't you?"

Raniel has to smile at that, and nod again. "Yes... And I don't want to lose you either."

Ziro smiles at him, his tail wagging a bit. "You won't. And I promise we'll come back to this spot one day, and I'll hug you like this. How does that sound?"

Raniel giggles to him, wagging his own tail. "Wonderful!"

Ziro giggles in response, and the two look at each other for a moment, eye-to-eye, smiles on their faces. They can't seem to let off the stare, both of them feeling rather special for the moment. But this kind of breaks off when Ziro reaches forward to swipe over Raniel's cheeks, getting some tears that fell. Raniel rrphs, and chuckles a bit, Ziro letting go of him and looking out into the sunny field again. Raniel rests his head back on the Eevee and stares with him. It's quiet for who knows how long, before Ziro starts feeling a nosing to his side. "Ziro...? Ziro!" He hears, in a very different voice than the Eevee next to him.

Ziro can't seem to move though, stuck how he's sitting, before the sunny charade of the grass field before him swirls in color, and gets brighter, brighter...

And that's when he wakes up. An Umbreon, laying on the grass on his side, and facing a palm tree. He turns to look just to his side, seeing Raniel the Espeon laying next to him, nosing him a bit before noticing he's awake, and smiling. "There you are... Good morning."

Ziro rrphs, and gives a yawn, getting himself up and stretching a bit, his ear flopped over his face as his lips smack slightly. Raniel giggles at him, and Ziro looks at him, smirking, before tossing his head back to fix the ear. "Mmm..." He mumbles out.

Raniel blushes faintly, and smiles up at him. "How do you feel?"

Ziro murrs quietly, his tail swishing to one side. "I feel... surprisingly good."

The Espeon nods, his tail moving back and forth. "So do I... Partially."

Ziro blinks, and was about to question that, before he realizes something. "Oh man... We need to get back to Wesley..."

Raniel blinks, and realizes this too. "Oh! You're right..."

The Umbreon rrphs. "Come on, let's go." He says as he starts to trot out of the tree area.

"Wait, Ziro, stop!" Raniel yells out quickly.

Ziro blinks, and cuts off his trot prematurely, looking back at the Espeon, whom is still lying on the ground. "What is it, Raniel?"

The Espeon blushes brightly. "I..." he looks down, "I can't move..."

Ziro turns and looks at him, walking back up to his friend. "... What?"

"My... My tailhole... It hurts too bad if I move it..."

Ziro meeps, and looks down at the Espeon for a moment, before he looks away. "Damnit..."

Raniel looks back up at him, and notices the distress. "Ziro... Don't be mad... I wanted your knot... Really..."

Ziro just sighs, and shakes his head. "Still... I hurt you..."

Raniel was about to say something, until they hear their names being called. It's Wesley and Yuki! The two look at each other, unsure of what to do. Ziro grrs a bit, and shakes his head, going on his first instinct and heading toward where the voices are coming from. Wesley and Yuki themselves are out of the Pokemon Center, looking around Phenac. "Where could they have gone?" Yuki asks.

"I'm just wondering why they didn't come to the room last night." Wesley replies.

That's when Ziro comes padding up to them. "Umbre!" He sounds out.

"Oh! Ziro!" Wesley says, scritching his Umbreon behind the ears. "Where have you been, boy?"

Ziro murrmurrs idly. "Where is Raniel?" Yuki asks.

This is where Ziro is unsure of what to do, looking back at the palm tree area. And to his surprise, he sees Raniel walking out of the area, but slowly and very awkwardly. Raniel makes a little call to get attention, Wesley and Yuki looking over. "There he is..." Wesley states.

"What's wrong with him?" Yuki wonders.

The two rush over to him, Ziro following. Raniel, thinking quickly, favors a hindpaw, faking a leg injury. "Ohh... Did you hurt your leg, buddy?" Wesley asks.

Raniel quickly nods, and gives a little sad mewl. "Ohh, you poor thing..." Yuki says.

Ziro looks at Raniel with a bit of surprise. That was some quick thinking by the Espeon. "Nothing that a Pokecenter visit won't fix. We'll get you two fresh for the day." Wesley says.

The two Eons nod, and look at each other a bit as Wesley pulls out their Pokeballs, expands them, and sucks them in via the energy beams. He looks at them, and then at Yuki, whom nods. Both of them have a feeling they're in for something serious. But for now, it's time for a trip to the Pokemon Center.

Boy were they right. They had to get past a goon right upon trying to leave Phenac, and that goon had a Shadow Bayleef that Wesley managed to barely catch. Yuki can be remembered saying "Were going to need more Pokeballs."

Then it was off to Pyrite Town, where the beginning of a tedious journey began. A journey full of conspiracies, bad ones bent on the destruction of the imposing Wesley, and Shadow Pokemon after Shadow Pokemon. Ziro and Raniel went along for the ride and fought long and hard against a variety of Pokemon, helping Wesley defeat the baddies and capture every Shadow Pokemon they could. The journey led them through the evil-infested town, Colosseums, underground caves & warehouses - Neither of them had ever expected to be stuck in an adventure like this after Wesley's break out of Team Snagem HQ. But they were on it.

A bad part about this trip, was the lack of time the two had together. Ziro had finally admitted love for the Espeon, and even mated him, but there were not that many breaks in Wesley's schedule. Mostly a few stops at the hotel in Phenac, where the two were let out for the nights. And they were beat. But that was great time for some sleeping cuddles, the two even sharing some soft kisses as they shared a place at the foot of Wesley's bed.

Any other times they had together were helping to try training the Shadow Pokemon that Wesley caught, or trying to befriend them, hoping to get the darkness out of their hearts. Nothing seemed to work, and training them was getting dangerous. As luck would have it, after rescuing and getting a new friend in a Plusle, a fortune teller known as Fateem told them the answer lies to the North. Yuki realizes it's where her Grandparents live: Agate Village. They set off for Agate first thing the next morning.

"So this is it, huh?" Wesley asks.

He stares up at the hill-like Agate Village from the bridge that crosses the river. Everything is so luscious and green, with water reservoirs up high and palm trees about. It's a retirement community, so many former Pokemon trainers are around, including the younger persuasion whom visit this place for stories, advice, and maybe even the Celebi Shrine. "You bet!" Yuki tells him.

"Well... All my Pokemon should love this place... But I don't know how we're going to cure all the shadow ones."

"Well hopefully my grandparents can help us there. And I know they want to know what happened to me, so let's not waste any time."

Wesley nods, and follows her to her home, where he meets her Grandparents Eagun and Beluh. Just like every place they've gone to so far, this place is not without trouble following them. Only moments into their conversation, Eagun is warned of outsiders in the Relic Forest, and rushes out. Wesley follows to find him, using his Eons to defeat two Ciphers before he finds Eagun's Pikachu defeated by a last one, holding a Shadow Hitmontop. Wesley and uses Espeon to his advantage to take out the foe and add it to his list of Captured Pokemon.

Skrub, the defeated Cipher, reveals he only came here to use the Relic Stone and capture Celebi. And now, to return to his master. Wesley recalls his Eons and returns with Eagun. What follows is a series of small events, that reveal how Wesley just might be able to free his Shadow Pokemon using the mentioned Relic Stone and the legendary Celebi. But before he could even try it, an e-mail leads him and his battling Eons to Mount Battle, where Cyphers are causing more trouble. It's not over yet for Ziro and Raniel.

"I can't believe I caught an Entei... An ENTEI!" Wesley boasts as he Yuki make it back to Agate Village.

"I feel so wonderful for you, Wes!" She replies.

He smiles as they get off the bike, looking up at the village. It's night time now. Wesley looks down at his Pokeballs, and smiles. "My Eons have done so wonderfully."

Yuki nods. "They're so much stronger now."

"Yes... I'm going to heal my team at the Center, and then, I want them to finally get some recreation."

Yuki nods again, and follows him to the center, where his Eons and Shadow team are healed up to a good extent. Walking out of the center, he releases his beloved Pokemon from their balls. Ziro and Raniel perk up and turn to Wes, smiling and giving cries. Wesley chuckles, and pets their heads. "You guys have done so well these past days. Way better than ever expected."

They push into their trainer's petting, smiling so happily to the comments, Ziro's tail wagging a bit. Wes smiles and stands back up. "Let's go back to the house. I'll race ya!"

With that, he takes off running. "Hey!" Yuki yells as she gives chase.

Ziro and Raniel look at each other, and smirk as they dash after the two humans, keeping up with them the whole time they run up the slightly-sloped pathways of Agate. The house is only a small ways away, and they reach it with ease, finding Yuki's Grandparents waiting. "Good to see you back!" Beluh states.

"Yes... We knew you'd come back, with spoils of victory, I presume?" Eagun states.

"You bet! My Eons cleared house." Wes states.

The two boys lightly blush as they look up at all the humans. "Well... Come on in. I'm sure you'd all like a good rest after all that's happened today." Beluh says.

"Definitely." Wesley says to her, before looking down at the Eons, "you guys want to check out the village for a while?"

The two perk their eyes and quickly nod, eager to get time to themselves for once. "Alright. Just come back here when you want to sleep. Eagun can let you in."

Eagun nods, and the two elders lead Wesley and Yuki inside, the door closing. The two Eons look at each other and smile, Raniel giggling and jumping over to hug the Umbreon. "Finally!"

Ziro giggles and returns the hug. "Yeah! All this fighting, I just want to unwind so badly."

"At least we're a lot stronger, huh?"

"Yes! But that doesn't mean I don't want to take a break."

Raniel giggles, and lets go of him, smiling cutely while swishing his feline tail. "Then let's check this place out. Whether its nighttime or not."

Ziro snickers and stands up, looking around before walking a direction. "You know I love the nighttime more."

Raniel smirks, and walks after him gracefully. "Of course."

The two take a night on the town, walking down the grassy paths of Agate and finding anything they could find. The lake up high, the river down low near the entrance to the forest. They cross the bridges and toss rocks into the water, before Ziro begins chasing Raniel around the houses near Eagun's. "Raniel, come on!"

"Nooo, I won't let you catch me this time!"

"I'm... getting tired..."

"Oh well!"

Ziro growls as he chases, but starts to remember something. He used to chase Raniel around all the time when they were younger. Just like in one of those reoccurring dreams of his. Raniel, though, is intent on running, though he looks back at the Umbreon and sticks his tongue out. A bit of a mistake, as he runs into a tree he didn't see. Ziro takes the opportunity and pounces atop of him, pinning him to the ground. "I win."

"Aww... You always catch me!"

Ziro blinks, once again, he remembers their old chases and how they used to end. "Heh... Well... Can we not do the chasing anymore, please?" Ziro asks.

"Okay, okay, we won't. Just get off me."

Ziro giggles, and hops off of the Espeon, whom promptly gets up, smirking to the Umbreon. He then takes a look around, and softly walks one way. Ziro headtilts a bit, and decides to follow. Raniel notices a pathway going down and apparently around the back of this hill, where the Pokemart rests. "I wonder if something is back there." The Espeon says, curiously.

"Hrm... I don't know. Might as well look."

Raniel nods, and trots over that way. Ziro pads off behind him, and they turn and look around the corner to see the pathway continuing into the mountain. It's relatively dark inside, which some obvious light deeper inside, however. "Interesting..." Raniel says.

Ziro hrms as his careful nature makes him a bit reserved about what path is ahead. "Should we head in?"

"I don't see why not. Come on!"

Raniel bounds forward, and Ziro shrugs a bit as he chases after. It's only some momentary darkness before they find where they are: It's an alcove. An old one, it seems, with an old fallen tree having rested inside of a small water grove, hidden inside the mountain. There is an opening above, however, where the moonlight is shining in and lighting up the "room" via reflections off of the water. The two Eons are a bit speechless. Ziro sits near the water and looks at it, before up at the moon shining through the "tear" in the rock. "Wow..."

He feels a nuzzle on his side then, and looks over to see Raniel, who looks up at him with a soft giggle. Ziro smiles sweetly, and brings a paw up to pet him. Raniel purrs and pushes up forcefully into the petting, causing Ziro's paw to be easily pushed upward, Raniel's face bumping his shoulder. They both giggle, before Raniel hugs the Umbreon's chest. "This place is great..." He says.

Ziro nods softly, putting his forepaws on the Espeon and giving a nose bump. "Definitely."

Raniel purrs to him, and tilts his head just a bit, closing his eyes and softly kissing the Umbreon. Ziro's throat vibrates with a murr as he too closes his eyes, and begins returning Raniel's kiss. Raniel smiles and kisses with Ziro with eagerness, holding him a bit tighter with his forepaws. Ziro melts lightly, enjoying the embrace, before his mind clicks, and he remembers that day in the grassfields of their old home when the two of them held each other like this. This causes him to lose his concentration, which Raniel notices, sliding out of the kiss and looking at him curiously, and with slight worry. Ziro opens his eyes again and wonders why the kiss stopped. Raniel noses. "Is something wrong, Ziro?" He asks.

"Well I... I just... ... Do you remember when we were Eevees, Raniel?"


"Do you remember the last time we were at our favorite spot?"


Ziro rrphs to that answer, but nods. "This just reminded me of that time, heh. And it's one of the events that keeps coming back to me."

"... in dreams?"

Ziro blinks. "... Well, yes."

Raniel looks at him with some surprise. "I've been getting the same dreams..."

Ziro eeps a bit. "Really?!"

Raniel nods. "Almost every night... Memories of really good times when we were Eevees..."

Ziro stares at him, thinking. "Did you find them as sweet as I did?"

Raniel smiles a bit, and nods. "Very much so..."

They look into each other's eyes as Ziro smiles as well. "... It's like... we were destined from the start..."

Raniel blushes brightly. "Oh Ziro..."

Ziro has to blush as well to that reaction. The two of them stay smiling, holding and staring at each other, much like they did on that day they keep reliving in their minds. Only on this day, their feelings are much different. They know just how much they love each other. It's not long before they're kissing again, deeper this time, their eyes closed. Raniel's throat vibrates constantly with his purrs, Ziro giving up a murr of his own as his tongue digs into Raniel's lips. The Espeon smiles a bit and meets Ziro with his own tongue, both of the muscles entwining while the holders kiss on. Ziro murrs again, following the murr with a sudden blush as he opens his eyes and starts sliding away from the embrace. Raniel opens his own eyes and stops kissing, a weak string of saliva snapping just after. "What is it now, Ziro?" Raniel asks softly.

Ziro just smiles at him. "I feel a need..."

Raniel blinks softly, having to blush a bit. "What's that?"

Ziro moves his face forward just a bit and rubs cheeks with the Espeon softly. "To let you have me..." He says in a whisper.

Raniel's large ears easily pick that up, and he gasps, his face lighting up like a lightbulb. Ziro murrs as he feels the warmth, pushing his cheek into it. Raniel smiles shyly, and starts up his purring again, as the Umbreon rubs cheeks before pulling back a bit. "... Please?"

Raniel looks at him with a look of care and understanding, before he nods a bit. Ziro smiles, and locks his lover into another kiss, holding onto his shoulders and widening the gap between them just a little. Raniel purrs as he returns the kiss, and lets his mind take him away as his tail slides up between their bodies, the long tailends grasping onto both of their sheaths. Ziro lets out a deep murr, pushing up against the Espeon's pouch and rubbing against it. Raniel gives a more high-pitched purring, squeezing the two sheaths firmly in his tailends and stroking them up and down.

Ziro chrrrs as he slides his tongue into Raniel's maw, deciding to get some exploration done for this embrace. Raniel gives a gentle whimper, and decides not to give any resistance, only suckling gently on the Umbreon's tongue as it licks around. Ziro tilts his head and pushes closer, continuing to move his hips up and down a bit as their two cocktips are prodding at each other. This causes Raniel to shiver, and continue just whimpering amongst his purrs while stroking over both emerging cocks with his clenched tailends.

The two start to slip out of the kiss when it gets to be a bit too much, Raniel letting off a soft gasp and opening his eyes as the Umbreon tongue slides out of his mouth. Ziro murrs, panting softly and breathing onto Raniel's face, the Espeon's own warm breaths crossing with his. He smiles, and licks at the Espeon's nose softly as he stops moving his hips, letting Raniel take over the strokes. Of course Raniel's cock is blazing by now, so he grins softly as he wraps his two tailends around Ziro's member and squeezes. Ziro eeps, and moans with a slight chin raise to this sudden movement. "Ohhh Raniel..."

Raniel giggles, and smiles as he tucks his nose into Ziro's neck and laps at it, his tailends rubbing up and down the fox cock in smooth motions. Ziro moans again, softer, shivering as his 4 and a half inch endowment is out all the way. Raniel smiles as he can feel the soft pulsing on his tailends, giving Ziro's neck a soft nip before he tilts to one side, starting to take Ziro to the ground. Ziro feels this, instinctively becoming alert for a moment before he relaxes and lets himself go down. Raniel gets the Umbreon on his back, and nips at his neck again, before licking it once and moving his head up to smile and giggle at the Umbreon, his tailends sliding away from Ziro's maleness. Ziro has to giggle back, but soon starts blushing as he looks up at his lover. Raniel notices Ziro's sudden shyness, and blushes himself, before he takes a few steps to better situated himself. "Don't worry, Ziro..." Raniel says.

Ziro shakes his head softly. "I'm not worrying..."

Raniel nods a bit, smiling and purring as he lowers his hips a bit so his warm cock presses on the Umbreon's entrance, causing them both to blush up some more. "I'll be gentle..." Raniel says softly.

"I know you will..." Ziro says back, also in a soft tone.

The Espeon smiles, and closes his eyes softly as he pushes himself forward, giving an eep as he tries to open up the tight Umbreon. Ziro gasps, and holds onto the cat Pokemon with his paws. Raniel grips the grassy ground as he gets past the sphinctor, continuing, feeling the virgin passageway spreading open for his member, which happens to be unlubricated, making the journey harder. Ziro lets out soft cries as he's penetrated for the first time, his tailhole searing with pain, which is becoming more apparent the deeper Raniel goes. He whimpers a bit as tears fall from his eyes, and Raniel, sensing them, moves his head down to start licking at tears whilst keeping his eyes closed. "Stay strong..." The Espeon whispers.

Ziro sniffles a bit and just keeps groaning in his pain, Raniel following with a soft moan as he gets all 4 inches of his red maleness into his lover. That's when he opens his eyes again to look at the crying Umbreon, who stares back up at him, panting and trying to ignore the pain. Raniel pants a bit as well, lowering his head down again to rub noses with Ziro, and then lap his tongue over his muzzle. "I love you, Ziro..."

Ziro mrphs, and swallows a bit as he tries to get used to the feeling, his tailhole rather stretched, and subject to the pulsing of Raniel's cock. Raniel moves down a bit more so he can lovingly nuzzle cheeks with his love, before he gives an eep as his cock inexplicably shoots a spurt of precum into Ziro's insides. Ziro mrphs, and gives a gentle murr as he feels the liquid go into him, a surprisingly good feel. Raniel brings his head up when he hears Ziro murr, and the Umbreon smiles a bit, flicking his tongue at his chin. "M..Mate me, Raniel..."

Raniel purrs loudly, and nods, looking down between his legs as he lifts himself upward slowly. He moans as his cock leaks a lot of pre on the ascent, giving Ziro a warm feeling. Ziro closes his eyes and murrs quietly, trying to ignore whatever uncomfortableness he's feeling. Raniel raises himself up just a few inches, before he pushes himself back down, rocking Ziro's body slightly and making the Umbreon open his eyes again and groan softly. Raniel himself moans, his back arching downwards on that first thrust. He, like Ziro was before, is a virgin to penetrating someone. "It... It feels so good, Ziro..."

Ziro stares at the Espeon with his red eyes a bit glazed, eyelids half closed. "Please... don't stop..."

Raniel nods a bit, and grunts softly as he lifts his cock up again, much easier and smoother now thanks to lubrication from his precum. Without wasting a beat, he pushes himself back into the Umbreon, and immediately starts to create a rhythm. Ziro lets out a soft cry to his taker, his own member pulsing hard and starting to wetten his belly with its precum as he can feel Raniel's member sliding in and out. Raniel closes his eyes and whimpers in bliss, trying his best not to lose himself and go crazy on the virgin Umbreon, wanting to show him the love and care he deserves. Ziro closes his eyes somewhat as he tries to focus on this new pleasure that's slowly growing. His eyes clench tighter soon when his cock inexplicably squirts, making him fasten himself around the Espeon. Raniel cries out softly, gripping the grassy ground and losing himself a bit, making his thrusts start to go a little faster.

Ziro opens his eyes again to a half-lidded state, looking at the now eyes-closed Espeon, feeling how the thrusts have picked up. And for some reason, they don't hurt at all, even after the starting pain he felt. Raniel pants softly, and gives a little whimper as pre empties into Ziro, trying his best subconsciously not to hurt the Umbreon, but he doesn't know that his thrusts have some pushing force. Ziro rests his head down and moans as the cock jabs inside of him, making direct contact with his prostate and causing his own member to leak at an almost constant rate. His body goes reflexive and gives Raniel an 'inner hug,' causing Raniel to re-open his eyes and whimpermoan. It's then he realizes what force he's making, and stalls. Ziro raises his head and looks at the Espeon, whimpering softly. "No... Don't stop, Raniel... I love it..."

Raniel looks at him for a moment, seeing a true look of love and pleasure on the Umbreon's face. He nods a bit, and pulls his cock up just a bit before he resumes, only this time, actually thrusting into the fox, amorously and with more force than his simple slides from before. Ziro arches his back a bit and lets out a soft cry when he feels this new force, his cock squirting straight onto his chest before he lowers his back again. "Ohh Raniel..." Ziro cries softly.

The Umbreon's knot has now formed at the base above his sheath. The two lovers have their eyes shut again, Ziro's head resting once again on its cheek as he lies completely submissive. Raniel, sensing the Umbreon's submission, feels his instincts well up as he begins to gain more speed, slowly but surely. With speed comes a bit more force, hence the power going across the fox Pokemon's prostate gland is increasing. Ziro can feel the speed and force increasing, so his voice is getting louder as well, moaning for Raniel and giving him soft whimpers. Raniel groans as he hears these whimpers, whether Ziro knows it or not, they're driving his instincts crazy. "Z..Ziro... Ohh..." He mutters.

Raniel begins to really pick up things then as his slowly-increasing tempo is coming to a big head, pumping in and out of the Umbreon with some vigor, their hips bumping and causing Ziro's body to rock a bit. His cock is also pulsing a lot harder now inside of the Umbreon's passage. Ziro begins to give out gentle cries of pleasure and passion, thrashing his head around a bit, before pressing his forehead against the ground. "Raniel... I'm... I..."

He can't form anymore words, his cock pulsing harder than that of Raniel's, and his knot having formed nice and thick above his sheath. Raniel almost seems like he didn't hear the Umbreon, continuing to pump into him, hard, fast, cock pulsing... Ziro can't take it anymore as he nearly howls, arching his back just a bit as his member spasms and erupts, his balls emptying of their seed in thick ropes, splashing over his face and chest, even squirting high enough to hit Raniel's chin. Raniel snaps his eyes open wide and buries his cock down into the Umbreon, feeling the tailhole closing around him, squeezing and spasming with Ziro's orgasm. "ZIRO!!!" Raniel screams.

Almost immediately, the Espeon's own load begins firing deep into Ziro's body, Raniel pressing hard against him, his member deep inside. Both of their voices are inoperable at the moment, though soft quiet whimpers come from the Umbreon as he feels the cum shoot inside of him. His orgasm goes down to a trickle, and he begins panting, but he tries to keep tense, and keep his insides tight for Raniel. Raniel too is frozen as he unleashes into his lover, eliminating the final point of Ziro's virginity. He stops his climax eventually, and immediately drops down atop of Ziro's cum-covered body.

Ziro finally loosens up, and lets his panting take him away. The two of them have fur matted with sweat, though Raniel moreso, their breaths cutting through the air as they fight to get air back in their lungs. Ziro himself feels so warm and full inside of him after what Raniel did, and any memory of any pain he experienced is gone. Once he feels he has enough wind, Raniel moves his head slowly upward and meets eyes with Ziro. The Umbreon snaps back and looks up at the Espeon. They stare for a few good moments, before they smile, and are locked in a last kiss, weak, but sweet and not without passion. They close their eyes and keep their lips locked for as long as they can stay awake. It is unknown to either of them how long before they both black out underneath the moonlight.

Raniel gives a high-pitched yawn as he awakes the next morning. Despite feeling some fatigue from the previous night's events, he feels... so surprisingly good. But the first thing he notices is Ziro is not underneath him. He looks to the side, and spots the Umbreon resting in the water, apparently having cleaned himself up. He had also heard the yawn, and is currently looking at Raniel with a smile. Raniel too smiles, waving his tail, and decides he better get cleaned as well, considering the Umbreon cum on his fur. He pads his way to the water, stepping slowly inside, and looking at the Umbreon, whom still has the sweetest of smiles on his face. Raniel blushes faintly, and speaks shakily. "How... do you feel?"

Ziro lets out a soft exhale. "Surprisingly good..."

Raniel has to giggle at that, as per his own thoughts. He seats in the water. "How about your..." He says with a raised blush.

Ziro chuckles and blushes some himself. "It's tense, but... I'll manage. It's less than what a knot could do."

That gets a heavy blush from Raniel, who nods softly as his paw brings water up over his stomach and chest in an effort to paw himself clean. "I'm glad you're okay."

After a few quiet moments of Raniel washing, he feels a nose to his cheek. He looks over at Ziro, whom kisses him gently. Raniel begins purring, shutting his eyes and gently returning the kiss. Ziro's own eyes are closed, as he doesn't try to make the kiss any deeper, holding it for several moments before sliding away and half-opening his golden pools. "Thank you, Raniel... So much..."

Raniel purrs a bit louder as he opens his eyes and giggles softly, pawing the Umbreon's cheek gently. "It was the least I could do..."

Ziro closes his eyes a bit again as he presses his nose with Raniel's, rubbing gently. Raniel continues purring, rubbing back and licking Ziro's nose once, before he moves and tucks his muzzle underneath his chin. The Umbreon smiles deeply and moves a paw up to pet down Raniel's back softly, eliciting a deeper purring. "I'm glad you did it... I gave myself to the one who shares my heart, and my dreams..."

Raniel chrrrs happily and noses up against Ziro's neck some. "... Do you think we'll ever return there, Ziro?"

Ziro stays quiet for a moment, as if in thought, but softly nods. "Yes, Raniel. I do. Right after we finish this adventure we're on."

Raniel pulls back and looks at the Umbreon with the biggest of smiles, nodding. "I believe you."

Ziro keeps his deep smile, and looks up at the clear blue sky, then behind him, before at Raniel. "We should return to Wes."

Raniel nods, and they both step out of the water, shaking the water out of their furs, and giggling. Raniel then slinks up and kisses Ziro's lips briefly, purring still. "I love you..." He says.

Ziro murrs, and licks Raniel's nose. "And I you, my Raniel..."

The Espeon blushes happily and giggles, tapping Ziro with his tail. "I'll race ya."

He grins, and takes off running. Ziro meeps, and growls as he chases. "I'm faster than you and you know it!"

Their laughs echo across the walls of the cavern they leave, and leave several of the elderly villagers watching in amusement as they run their way right into Wesley's arms at Yuki's home. They lick his face as he laughs, and Yuki giggles, watching as the two lovers are put back into their Pokeballs. Time for another momentary rest, as their master and his companion bid farewell to Yuki's grandparents and set off to Mount Battle, and beyond...


Pokemon and Cities/Locations all Copyright © Nintendo & Game Freak
Characters/Locations used without permission

~ Scy
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