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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

A New Addition, and A Renewed Ambition

Things continued like this for the next five months. Lady continued to help Ashley and Latias train for her contests. Ashley went to the grand festival and placed third which we were all amazed at. To place in the top five out of hundreds of contestants was utterly amazing. Latias wasn't quite ready to participate in a contest, but with Lady helping her train she was going to make her debuted during the next season.

Luca continued to get bigger and by the end of her six months was having a bit of difficulty getting around. I stayed with her the entire time helping her to get around and in any other way I could. She was still her usual self, carefree and cheerful although starting to get a bit moody, but I knew it was just her pregnancy and she really didn't mean to.

We knew Luca would be giving birth soon so I had the family take her and I to the closest town with a pokemon center. I told them they didn't have to stay and that it might be a few days before Luca went into labor, but they insisted that they be with us so they too got a room at the center. After another two days Luca told me she felt strange and at that moment her water broke. We were in our room relaxing when it happened and she was thoroughly embarrassed, but I managed to quickly help her downstairs to the ER where Nurse Joy took over. Nurse Joy started to ask me to stay outside, but Luca immediately grabbed my arm and gave me a look with many mixed emotions but a clear message, "Don't you dare leave me!!!". Nurse Joy watched this and knew she wouldn't be able to separate us so allowed me in once I got cleaned up.

It was very hard to listen to Luca's screams of pain, but I wasn't going to let her do this alone especially since I was the direct cause of her pain. I was right next to her the whole time holding her paw which was wrapped fairly painfully around my hand. After six hours it was all over, I must admit that I was actually a bit disgusted watching this and at some points had to turn my entire attention to trying to comfort Luca, but when Nurse Joy told us that we had a beautiful baby boy everything else just melted away. Nurse Joy handed the little Riolu to Luca who was exhausted but extremely happy to finally be holding our son.

We had informed Nurse Joy of mine and Luca's relationship, and despite any reservations she may have had personally she saw the bond we shared and held nothing against us.

After a while of admiring the sight of my mate holding my son I asked Luca if she had a name for him and she smiled as she asked what I thought about Leo. I leaned in close and nuzzled her cheek as I said "I think its perfect." as if on cue Leo yawned and looked up at us when Luca first said his name. That's when I noticed something; his eyes weren't red like Luca's and her fathers. Instead they were a deep shade of blue, very similar to my own eye color but a bit darker. Other than that he took after Luca in every other way. A short time later Nurse Joy asked if I could hold him while she helped Luca get cleaned up. I understood and was actually a bit embarrassed that she had to bring it to my attention, as was Luca. Luca gently handed Leo to me and I asked the nurse if I could call my family down to see him. She had given Leo a check up and he was in perfect health so she agreed and pointed me to a phone on the ER wall. Her only requests were that they wash up before handling him and that he not leave the ER yet. With that Nurse Joy turned back to Luca and helped her to the bathroom where Joy gave Luca a nice bath.

Meanwhile I went over and called my parents and asked that they tell Umbreon that everything was fine and have him find Ashley who would most likely have Lady with her. Umbreon was patiently waiting in the lobby, he had helped me get Luca down here when this all started and he was no doubt worried. Not long after I called my mother and father came in to see their new grandchild. Dad never had much to say on these kind of topics, but I could tell he was just as happy as mother was. Mother couldn't wait to hold little Leo and hurried to get cleaned up. Leo was happily resting in my arms the whole time. He would occasionally shift if he got uncomfortable or would open his eyes to see what was going on, but was very content none the less.

Upon hearing the news Umbreon quickly left the center to find Lady, and with her Ashley and Latias, to inform them. He ran as fast as he could to the training park about a block away and found the three of them getting a few more practice rounds in. Umbreon was so excited that he merely leapt over the retaining fence instead of walking around to the entrance. Lady saw him jump the fence and wondered what could have gotten him so anxious. When Umbreon explained to Lady and Latias that Luca had her child they too shared in Umbreon's excitement and began forcing Ashley towards the exit trying to communicate the good news any way they could. Ashley got the idea after a few nudges and joined the three pokemon in running down the block back to the center to see her nephew.

When Mother had finished washing up I handed Leo over to her. He was a bit uncomfortable at first but eventually relaxed in her arms. About this time everyone started returning to the room. Ashley had caught her breath just outside the room and calmed down the three pokemon with her before entering to see Leo. Nurse Joy also helped Luca walk out to join us again, and Luca was walking oddly which was again, understandable... Since I had handed Leo to mother for the time being I went over to help Luca feel a bit more comfortable. She was rather embarrassed about how she was walking so I asked her if it'd be better if I carried her. She smiled at me and accepted my offer and before she knew it I had scooped her up in my arms and carried her over to the others. Ashley got cleaned up and wanted to hold Leo as well and when she was done she handed Leo back to Luca who really wanted to hold her son again.

It was late afternoon when everyone had come down to meet Leo and it was now getting pretty late so I asked Nurse Joy if we could take Leo up to our room with us. She agreed and I carried Luca, who was still holding Leo, up to our room and laid her on our bed. Lady and Umbreon got up on the foot of the bed and made there way up to see Leo. Lady always loved kids and Umbreon wanted to see what our son was like. Luca gladly introduced them and from what I could tell loved to show Leo off. The rest of our family left us at our room, and returned to their rooms for the night, offering one last "Congratulations" to Luca and me.

I could tell that Luca was completely exhausted and didn't know how she was still staying awake, but she saw Leo was hungry and let him start suckling. When he was finished he fell asleep in her arms, and Luca looked over at me. The look she gave me was one I will never forget. She looked genuinely happy and I knew that nothing in the world could match how she was feeling right now. She didn't have a care in the world and as far as she was concerned her world was complete, she had me, a son that I had fathered, and that was all she could ever want. I got into bed with her and my son and once I was comfortable Luca laid her head on my shoulder. I rested my own head against hers and we fell asleep with Leo in Luca's arms and Lady curled up with Umbreon at the foot of the bed. My last thought was how perfect all of this was, I just couldn't believe I was this lucky.

The next day we headed home together. Lady continued to get her training in with Ashley which I was grateful for because ever since we found out about Luca's pregnancy we hadn't been getting in many battles. Umbreon had also started to warm up to Latias now and was much less timid around the family. I suppose he just understood that he was part of the family and he had no need to be apprehensive about it anymore.

After another month Luca had her normal "figure" back and Leo was growing up quickly. He was just as advanced as Luca was at that age, but couldn't talk in the way she could.

Luca had explained to me what her father had told her about me being able to understand her, which now applied to anyone she talked to since everyone could understand her now. It was yet another wave guiding ability, which her father called wave speech. It was more a form of telepathy than a speaking talent, but with how Luca had discovered it she had been talking at the same time and gotten used to it. During my lessons she would try to communicate with me without actually speaking and she was getting pretty good at it but continued with the old way since she was more comfortable with it.

Leo hadn't started showing any of the wave guiding abilities yet, and I wondered if it was because he needed a human companion to do it. But just the thought of losing him tore my heart apart and I knew Luca would feel worse so we would just have to try and find a way around that barrier. The strange thing was that Leo was starting to try and talk, but it was like human speech. When we noticed this we started trying to teach him words like we would a human 3 or 4 year old. To our surprise in a few days he was able to say mom, dad and actually grandma and grandpa! When this happened we gave the nurse who had delivered him a call and asked if she could help explain. She said that it was most likely another trait he acquired from me. His vocal cords had taken a more human form and allowed him to speak freely once he learned how to say the word. Luca and I were ecstatic when we heard this, this meant that Leo had possibly the best way to communicate and even though it would take some time to learn the language at first he wouldn't have to go through the difficulty of learning how to use a power that he wasn't familiar with. Let alone due to the fact that pokemon mature faster than humans (which includes pokemon human hybrids) his mental capacity was already that of about a 7-8 year old human which would allow him to grasp human speech in no time. I had also found time to get Luca to introduce him to battling as well which he really took a liking to... must have been the "guy" in him.

Luca was by far the most qualified to help her son train, she was strong, knew what attacks he could most likely use and even though she would go easy on him I could tell that she wanted him to be strong which told me that she would push him to advance.

After that month I figured it was time to get back on the road. Luca agreed and from the way she was acting I knew she wanted to get back in the ring after her maternity leave, still she always kept that sweet attitude that I loved so much and was taking excellent care of Leo. We bid farewell to the rest of the family as the six of us started walking down the path from home. Ashley left at the same time, after four months of not competing in contests and helping in what ever way she could with Luca she too was ready to get back into her sport. Latias was always out with her even though Whiskers preferred traveling in her ball, and Ashley had started teasing me about a secret ability of their own, but she wouldn't tell me what it was. What ever it was I knew it would be something good considering what I thought Latias was capable of.

We headed for a town with a gym and eventually found one, I asked if everyone was ready and everyone but Leo answered. Seeing that he felt a bit left out I picked him up and asked if he was ready to see what his mom could really do. He was surprised by the way I said it, but he happily said yes and crawled up to put his feat on my shoulders and leaned on my head. I laughed and made sure he was steady before we continued to the arena. From the gym's decor it was pretty clear that this gym focused on steel types, which made my battle choices all the more easy. We made our challenge and the leader accepted, but gave us some strange looks, especially at Luca and Leo but I didn't know why at the moment nor did I really care. After spending so much time relaxing I was just as anxious as Luca to get back into the way of life we both found so enjoyable.

The leader informed us that it would be a one on one match with two pokemon each. I agreed and told my girls the plan. Luca was up first with Lady on clean up. Both of them smiled and nodded their approval before Luca strolled out to her position. Leo yelled one last "Go mom!" before the attendant readied to start the match. The gym leader seemed utterly dumbfounded when Leo suddenly talked in a human tongue but quickly shook it off and threw out his first choice. The ball released a massive Steelix which coiled itself menacingly in front of Luca. Luca gave a smirk and took her fighting stance. Her hiatus hadn't dulled her skills in the least, her stance was absolutely flawless. Leo got a bit worried when the Steelix appeared but I rubbed his head roughly and told him "Don't worry your mom and I are experts at this!" He looked down and smiled once he saw I was serious and the attendant started the match. The Steelix instantly dug into the ground leaving a huge hole on its side of the field. Luca knew what to do and immediately began using wave sight. Now that I could use it as well I gave it a try just so I could get used to using it, but before I tried I told Luca to get a focus blast ready. She quickly obliged but didn't move, she was obviously trying to find Steelix under the ground. Now that I knew she at least had this handled I went into my trance. The sphere came up and I limited it to in front of and below me, then began trying to focus on Steelix to move my sight to him. It worked and I watched as the metal snake forcefully dug its way under Luca and circled once while trying to decide where to attack from. Luca had defiantly seen him now and I just watched contently as Steelix suddenly attacked her from the lower right. Luca snapped her attention to where Steelix was coming from and jumped in the exact direction he was heading (which would mean she jumped directly away from him). Steelix emerged from the ground expecting to land a hit but instead got Luca's focus blast square between the eyes before he could even pick her out in the dust. Luca landed and opened her eyes to watch as her opponent fell unconscious but not seriously hurt.

Leo cheered when he saw his mom take out the huge Steelix in one hit and I just laughed with him as I came out of my trance to give her a congratulatory look. She smiled back at me then turned to see who her opponent would send out next.

The leader was absolutely stunned by what had just happened, he had no idea what went on, but knew it was something strange. After he withdrew Steelix and shook off his shock he smiled unexpectedly before yelling something at the door behind him. To both mine and Luca's surprise a male Lucario casually strolled out rubbing his neck and yawning like he had just woken up. He froze when he saw Luca, and gave a questioning look to his trainer who just shrugged his shoulders and said something that I couldn't hear. The odd thing was that the two of them seemed to converse a little before Lucario walked out to his place on the field. Meanwhile Luca gave me much the same questioning look, but again I could only return her confused look before we resolved that we would have to fight him anyway.

Leo asked me who the Lucario was, but again all I could do was look up at him and say "I don't know, but we'll find out after the match alright?" Leo nodded and turned his attention back to watching Luca. He was fascinated by how powerful she actually was. He was scared when the Steelix emerged, but when he saw his mom swat the thing down with one shot he was simply aw struck.

The attendant asked if we were ready and after we nodded he began the second round. Both Lucario and Luca had taken fighting stances and at the start of the match Lucario smirked and vanished from sight. Leo's jaw dropped when he saw this and he looked around to try and find his mother opponent, but I knew that wouldn't work. Luca remained calm and went into her trance again. I too started using wave sight, and as a comforter to Leo I told him to look straight ahead because I was going to try and keep my head pointed toward Lucario. "Alright" Leo said and began watching Luca again who was already watching Lucario dart around the arena. I hadn't quite found Lucario yet, but knew I had to help Luca out so I focused on her and told her to be ready to use force palm and to charge an aura sphere. She obliged and clenched one paw while flicking the other charging the respective attacks. Just as I gave this order Lucario passed trough my area of sight and I started to follow him while keeping a second line of sight on Luca. It was hard to do, but I was managing so far. Lucario soon broke his pattern when he could no longer stand Luca apparently ignoring him. He made a B-line for her and put all of his speed into his attack. When he did this he actually managed to disappear from our wave sight! I immediately snapped out of my trance in amazement and watched Luca intently to see how she would react. She only flinched in surprise, but turned her head to look over her shoulder as she leapt into the air in a split second to avoid an incoming focus blast. The attack kicked up a cloud of dust and Leo whined a bit when he lost sight of Luca, but he knew to keep quiet and have faith in his parent's abilities.

I watched Luca's aura sphere emerge from the cloud and slam into Lucario who was on a ledge behind and to the left of me on the edge of the arena. Lucario was surprised by this, but managed to cross his arms as the sphere hit. He was still knocked back into the wall which kicked up another cloud of dust. A split second later I watched as an air current dragged some of the dust forward and I knew what Lucario had done. He had used extreme speed again to try and gain control of the fight. All this time Luca never opened her eyes and still had a force palm charged. When she saw Lucario speed off again she gave her own smirk and vanished as well.

Leo was yet again amazed and completely confused as to what his mother had just done and where she had went. After this match he would probably have a new found respect for just how strong she really was, but all of this seemed to get him fired up. I could see that he was actually excited because he knew that one day he would be using these high level attacks.

I didn't know what was going on and there was little I could do unless I could see something so I tried once again to find Luca and Lucario with wave sight. I let out my sphere of sight and narrowed it to the field in front of me. Eventually I started seeing flashes as the two battling pokemon darted around the arena and clashed at lightning fast speeds. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn't lock onto them to watch, I just didn't have the reflexes or the speed to keep up. Still the view I did have was better than nothing and I continued to turn my head to where I saw the two of them clashing. The high speed battle lasted a short ten seconds after which the two Lucario reappeared on the field. Both of them were out of breath and trying to regain themselves before the other.

As I observed them I realized that Lucario wasn't using wave guidance! It crossed my mind that he would have to have amazing reflexes and eyes to track Luca while she was using extreme speed, let alone when he was using it at the same time.

Luca's paw was no longer clenched which meant that she had gotten off her attack while running, but judging by how out of breath she was Lucario had managed to land a few hits as well. This was truly an interesting battle, but I could tell it was almost over. Both Luca and Lucario had used nearly all of their strength using extreme speed to fight so hard. This would be the last bout before one of them fell.

They continued to stare each other down, well Lucario was staring Luca still had her eyes closed... I heard my opponent yell a command and I did the same. "Luca, dragon pulse then Iron tail!" I yelled just before the two of them ran at each other. Lucario had another focus blast charged and his free paw was glowing, which meant that either a bullet punch, focus punch, or force palm was coming. He threw the focus blast straight at Luca who spun in mid run, nailing the sphere with her iron tail sending it careening back towards its original owner. She continued spinning and threw her own dragon pulse directly behind the focus blast. Lucario was surprised but ducked his focus blast and jumped Luca's dragon pulse. I then yelled for Luca to use counter, and she obliged just in time. Lucario heard this but he had already committed to the attack and it was too late to stop. Luca crossed her arms and they began glowing in a split second. Lucario's attack connected with her guard and sent both of them flying backwards. Lucario landed on his back and slid ten foot before coming to rest, unable to continue the battle. Luca landed on her feet, but used one paw to steady herself as she slid back the same distance. She was breathing hard to try and catch her breath; this match had taken a lot out of her.

When her breathing slowed a bit she stood up and opened her eyes, finally coming out of her trance. She walked over to the fainted Lucario to see if he was alright. After the attendant declared me the winner I too walked over to join Luca. Leo couldn't contain himself any more and jumped from my shoulder towards Luca. She smiled and caught him and returned the hug he locked her in. He was so excited and amazed that he could hardly find the words in his limited vocabulary to convey to Luca how he felt. She seemed to get the message just fine and calmed him down. Meanwhile Lucario woke up and I offered my hand to help him up. Lucario accepted and took a few steps to stand beside his trainer once he got to his feet. The leader introduced himself and congratulated us on our win as he presented a steel colored badge shaped like a Steelix section to us. Lucario took the chance to observe Luca. I saw the look on his face and knew what he was thinking. He thought she was cute, but realized she was already spoken for since she had a kid. I suspected that he also figured out I was the father, especially since Leo had been talking to me so openly.

The gym leader asked if he could accompany us to the pokemon center and we gladly agreed. His name was Mike and he had a lot of questions about me Luca and Leo. As it turns out he came to own his Lucario in the same way that I had been given Luca. He wanted to know how Luca had gone through the whole match with her eyes closed. At first he thought she was just being cocky and giving a handicap, but when she took out Steelix with one hit he knew something was up. Luca could explain it better than I could so I let her, but this only confused Mike more. He wasn't sure how he understood his own Lucario let alone how he could understand Luca when I couldn't understand Lucario.

During the entire match Lady and Umbreon had watched intently. They actually enjoyed watching from the sidelines just as much as actually battling, and this battle had proved particularly interesting. Now that we were relaxing on our walk to the pokemon center Lady and Umbreon were still walking together, but I had set Leo on Lady's back and they were happily entertaining him. Leo always loved playing with Lady and Umbreon, and in truth they were like an aunt and uncle to him.

Leo was getting tired by the time we reached the center and as we reached it I picked him up so he could relax in my arms. We entered and Mike handed Lucario Steelix's ball and sent him to see Nurse Joy. I had Luca join him while I continued to talk with Mike. Luca smiled at the sight of me holding our son then joined Lucario in heading to the back room.

Now that he had me alone Mike asked what was up with Leo. I still didn't like explaining myself to people, but I was quickly getting used to it now that Leo had some unusual abilities that garnered a lot of attention. I explained about me and Luca and he seemed to understand well enough. I had found that most respectable trainers that truly cared about their pokemon understood why and what I had done. Once that was out of the way Mike understood why Leo was so special. After that he asked if I had been using the same ability as Luca during the match. I laughed a bit at this and told him I had been trying, but was no where near as good as her. He laughed with me but was still completely amazed that I had figured out how to share that with Luca. My first question was how Lucario had managed to keep track of Luca while they were using extreme speed. He replied that he didn't know how he does it but apparently his eyes were just that good. I was amazed at that and my next question was why he couldn't use wave sight. Mike seemed intrigued as to why I thought Lucario should be able to. I explained in general what the stranger and Luca's father had told us and about the time I was finishing my explanation of how wave guidance was strengthened our pokemon came out from the back room. I got up and handed Leo to Luca so I could say good bye to Mike. He thanked me and Luca for the explanations and suggestions before shaking hands with me and wishing us the best. We waved as he and Lucario left to head home for the night then we headed to our own room to get comfortable. It was pretty late by the time we made it to the room so we decided to skip the baths for the night and get them in the morning. We all took our usual spots, Luca Leo and I were huddled up together with Lady and Umbreon curled up at our feet while Tarzan got comfortable on his own chair.

I was the first to wake up the next morning. It was quite a sight to see all of my traveling partners sleeping peacefully. Lady and Umbreon were very close to each other, and even though it wasn't apparent when they started sleeping, the position they were in now showed me they really meant a lot to each other. Tarzan didn't have someone like that, but he didn't care, he was on his back on the chair with all four paws in the air practically snoring with his mouth agape. Luca was still snuggled close to me, almost nuzzling my shoulder, and Leo was comfortably sleeping on my chest. I really didn't want to wake him, but we had already slept in enough and I wanted to get everyone a nice bath before we began the trip to another town. I carefully freed my arms so as not to disturb Luca and secured Leo to my chest as I got up out of the bed. As I got up he stirred a little and asked me what was going on. I quietly told him nothing and made my way to the bathroom. Since Leo was the only one even remotely awake I figured I'd start with him.

After a few minutes Leo was wide awake, and while he was washing what he could reach I got what he couldn't. Unlike Luca he liked to wash himself most of the time, must just be an independence thing, but I really didn't mind. Luca enjoyed making me give her baths, and teasingly refused to help unless she was bathing me. I finished with Leo and roughly dried him off just to play with him a bit. He laughed and tried to fight me off but I was still too big and strong for him. Still I knew that wouldn't be the case for very long, he was growing up fast and in no time he would easily be able to over power me just as his mother had.

When I was done drying off Leo we went out to see if anyone else was awake. Luca was just getting up and when Leo saw her yawn he stealthily went over. He was very playful when it came to teasing Luca Lady and I, but he knew when things were serious and wasn't as playful as Luca in public. Luca was still a child at heart, but despite this she was an excellent mother. Leo sneakily got up on the bed and leapt to land on Luca and surprise her. He rarely succeeded at his surprise attempts because Luca would covertly use her wave guidance if she suspected something which made the attempt backfire. Still Leo tried his best and it sometimes paid off... like now. He landed across Luca's torso. Luca jumped in surprise and let out and "oof" in response to Leo landing on her. When Leo heard this he knew he had succeeded and looked up at Luca and laughed. Luca sat up and when she realized Leo was her attacker she smiled and began wrestling with him while jokingly yelling at him for scaring her. Leo eventually managed to get out an "I'm... sorry! It... won't happen... again!" through his laughs and Luca smiled and gave him a playful look as she said "It better not!" before she let him go.

The commotion had started to wake up Lady and Umbreon but they were still pretty out of it at the moment so I asked Luca if she'd mind going next as I gestured toward the open bathroom. She smiled as she said "Sure." and picked Leo up off her lap and set him on the bed next to her before getting up to join me. Leo then took to waking up Lady and Umbreon while I gave his mom a bath.

Like I said, Luca always enjoyed getting a bath from me and when I thought about it I always enjoyed spoiling her, which is why as I washed her I gave her a massage at the same time. When I finished with her she helped me with what I couldn't reach and gave me a few loving hugs in an attempt to distract me. It always worked and I stopped what I was doing to return her affections. I absolutely loved feeling her fur against my skin. It was always such a comforting feeling to be reminded that she felt like that and was always there with me. Somehow I think she knew how this made me feel and loved to do it, especially when we were alone. This time she drapped her arms over my shoulders and placed her head next to mine as she playfully asked "You really like it when I do this don't you?" I knew she already knew my answer, but I couldn't resist teasing her back. I turned my head towards her and smiled as I said "Nope not one bit." When I finished she smiled back and I put my hand behind her head to force her to kiss me. I really didn't have to force her, she always enjoyed things like this and more than willingly started swirling her tongue around mine. After a long while she released me, but lightly trailed her soft paws down my back which sent shivers down my spine from her light touch. She giggled as she got up and I got up with her to dry her off. She giggled a little more when she spared a glance further south and realized her teasing had more of an effect than I would admit. Sadly we were in a pokemon center and our son was in the next room so I wasn't about to start in naughty activities. I realized what she was giggling at and blushed, but managed to whisper to her, "Let's just say you owe me." She teasingly turned and looked over her shoulder as she said "I've owed you for a long time." while walking out of the bathroom. Her tail brushed past my leg and over my crotch which only aroused me more, but I couldn't tell whether she had done that on purpose or not. She was pretty much dry and was finishing drying off her head and ears when she walked out, giving me a cute look as she vanished around the corner. I wrapped a towel around myself before walking out to ask who was next. I really felt no need to embarrass myself in front of Leo and Umbreon.

Tarzan never liked baths, being a cat and an electric type. So he was happily cleaning himself on his chair. Lady however loved her warm baths almost as much as Luca so she got off the bed and volunteered. As she passed by me she trailed her tails over my exposed skin. "Just great, she's in a playful mood..." I jokingly thought to myself as I almost reluctantly turned to follow her. She knew very well what I was hiding with the towel and unlike Luca she wouldn't hesitate to try relieving me, but she would drag things out as long as possible which meant I would have to endure her incessant teasing. I ran her a hot bath, with water as hot as I could stand it, and started washing her, while I was doing this she snaked her tails around me and would occasionally pass one of the silky soft appendages across my already hard member. When she did this I caught the tail and washed it giving her a look with a few mixed emotions in it. She only smiled back at me because she knew I was actually enjoying it. Her bath continued as such until I was almost finished, all I had left was her head neck and chest. She started turning to give me better access and "accidentally" slipped, but gave me a cute look as to where she "just happened" to land. She was almost completely submerged in the water except for her tails and head, and enjoyed the feel of the hot water in her fur. Before I could move she snaked her long tongue out to give me a teasingly long lick up my cock. Her actions sent a shiver up my spine as I tensed up from her touch and leaked a small amount of pre. She smiled menacingly and I caught only a small glimpse of her look before she eagerly continued. She licked what had emerged from my tip and savored the taste before quickly taking my entire member in her mouth wrapping her tongue around it at the same time. The quick change in temperature only intensified my experience, her muzzle was so incredibly hot due to her being a fire type, and it felt like I was just on the edge of being burned.

There was very little I could do when she decided to do things like this, usually I would return the favor to her, but she wasn't giving me the chance and I suspected that she had to much respect for my relationship with Luca to betray her. The reason she was doing this though was because she wanted me to know that our relationship hadn't changed, even through all that had happened over the past year and a half. I already knew that our bond hadn't changed and there was little need for what she was doing, but she could be very persuasive and almost demanding at times.

She continued to expertly snake her tongue around my sensitive flesh, and slowly raised and lowered her head in time with my subtle and instinctual thrusts. As she did this it would expose part of my cock to the colder air and water of the room which would cause me to shiver a little before she quickly covered it again, also she would ever so gently rake her teeth across my skin which, despite what many might think, actually felt indescribably amazing. Her treatment continued to encourage small spurts of pre from me which would quickly disappear with a pass of her rough tongue. I felt incredibly guilty for enjoying this without being given the chance to do the same to her, but it was extremely hard to keep my focus with what she was doing. I started gasping harder as I got closer. Lady could tell I was getting close as well. My cock had grown ever so slightly harder and was twitching in her muzzle. This only made her want the eventual end more and instead of speeding up she slowed down and sensuously began licking the most sensitive parts of my rod which she had discovered from experience. I continued to try finding something to hold on to, to brace myself for what I knew was coming. I was also trying not to groan so as not to inform Luca of what Lady and I were doing, but when Lady slowed and limited her movements I couldn't help it and let out a quiet moan of pure pleasure. After just one pass of her slow moving tongue I lost all control. My rod started convulsing, but Lady didn't stop. She continued trailing her tongue around me increasing the feeling with every millimeter she moved. I shot my creamy seed into her muzzle and she eagerly gulped it down while continuing to snake her tongue, milking me for all I was worth. When the sensation finally started to fade she began removing her self from me, but as she did so she raked her teeth across my flesh yet again. The feeling got me to convulse a few more times, squeezing a few last drops of my fluids from my body. Each time I convulsed she lapped up what came out, which only sent me into another convulsion and made me wonder if this was ever going to end. I eventually relaxed from tensing every muscle in my body which in the excitement I hadn't realized I had done. My cock felt like it had been trust into a freezer from Lady's burning muzzle and was quickly retreating, expended of all its energy. I gasped a few more time to catch my breath before leaning over to Lady, who was contently lying in the warm water, and giving her a loving kiss on the nose and forehead while hugging her. She smiled and yipped in a loving tone, happy that she had been able to help me out. She seemed fairly exhausted from what she had done as well and I helped her out of the tub so I could dry her off.

Even though she was a bit tired Lady was still her playful self and as Luca had done before was refusing to help me in any way to make things easier. Her tails were lying limp on the wet ground and she was lying on her back giving me a smile that let me know she wasn't going to make this easy. I started drying her off and dried all of her tails which offered no resistance but no help either. When I had done all I could reach she didn't move... She was pretending to be asleep, but I wasn't falling for it. I roughly put a hand to her belly and pressed my fingers into her, but not hard enough to cause her pain. She yelped in surprise and jumped at the sudden touch, which is when I put a hand under her shoulders and rolled her over so I could dry the rest of her fur. She gave me a look that I understood meant "That was a dirty trick!" but I started roughly drying her head to show her I could be playful as well.

I had finished drying the rest of her off and her head was all that was left. While I was playing with her her head had become plenty dry, but I continued to ruffle her fur with the towel which was preventing her from seeing as well since the towel was draped over her eyes. She growled playfully as I did this and took a few snaps at my fingers, but finally decided enough was enough and brought her tails up to restrain me. A tail quickly wrapped around both of my wrists and ankles, then one around my waist and one around each of my shoulders. Her tails were actually quite strong and lifted me to my feat as she got up as well. The towel was still over her head though and she brought a free tail up to remove it, exposing another one of her menacingly playful looks. At this point she only wanted one thing though, and I knew what it was. She wanted me to admit defeat, but I was being as noncompliant as she had been when I was drying her off. After a minute of playing dumb she forced my head down to where she could reach it and looked me square in the eyes before she licked my cheek and released me. I got the message; she had said "Fine. You win... This time..." When she released me she turned to leave, but I stopped her by grabbing one of her tails lightly. I still owed her a little something, and as she turned to pin me again I knelt and wrapped her in a hug, thanking her for always being there for me. She had gotten a little angry when I stopped her but when she realized what I wanted her anger completely melted away and she nuzzled me in our embrace.

I let Lady leave the room and Umbreon came in for his turn. I took care of Umbreon with nothing of interest happening. He liked his baths as well and enjoyed getting the chance to relax in the warm water. When I finished with Umbreon I dried off with him and got dressed and ready to go. I went out to see how the rest of my "gang" was fairing and found them all ready to go as well. Luca had Leo on her shoulders and Lady had joined Umbreon when he came out. Tarzan was sitting happily on his chair, ready to go as well. I withdrew Tarzan into his ball and the rest of us left the center to head to the next town, though I wasn't exactly sure where that would be.

We continued randomly wandering from town to town for at least another month. I kept in touch with mother as usual, but nothing of interest seemed to happen. We won another gym badge, but it was so easy that it doesn't bear repeating. After watching his mother Leo seemed more determined than ever to become stronger and constantly pleaded me to keep training him. I was surprised at first as to how much he wanted to fight, but soon realized the cause. I happy obliged and started getting him into more battles. They were still low level, but amazingly Leo was having an incredibly easy time with them. He was still a Riolu, but the odd thing was that he had a resolve that Luca only gained when she evolved. Still I was proud of my son and since he was showing so much promise I began to put him in more difficult battles. I wasn't quite sure how Luca liked this though. She always wanted Leo to be happy, but somehow I thought him battling to do so worried her. After all, she had seen what could go wrong with a good trainer, and suspected that we would eventually run into a similar situation to the Darkrai island, which was something she really didn't want Leo to have to endure... Even if it had been the cause of one of the most memorable days of her life... Either way Luca knew there was little she could do. Leo was just like her, very strong willed and willing to do anything to protect what he believed in, and as he fought in the battles Luca often smiled and leaned on my shoulder as if thanking me for him.
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