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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

A Mother Revealed

Latias was very excited to see us, she had heard the door open and flew out to great us, and practically knocked us over in her excitement. This eased Luca’s tension and she went to play with Latias. Umbreon was absolutely terrified at this point. He didn’t know what was going on, or who this red blur was that seemed to attack us. Lady followed Luca to play with Latias, and Umbreon stayed with me as Ashley and my mother entered the room. They immediately saw Umbreon and bent down to say hello. Umbreon was still wary wondering if something was going to “attack” him again. So I also bent down to comfort him enough for mom and Ashley to meet him. With me beside him he was comfortable enough to come out from behind me and meet the family.

Both mom and Ashley really liked him and he seemed happy to have the attention once he got to know them. Of course Ashley loved his blue rings and red eyes and I could tell she wanted to take him to a contest, but she didn’t ask me right of the bat. I said my hellos and we exchanged hugs before walking to the living room. I was exhausted from the long walk so I plopped down on the couch. Umbreon was still skittish about the house so he jumped up and lay down in my lap. Mom and Ashley wanted to know how things were going so I spent a good portion of the evening filling them in, again, leaving out the part about Luca for now.

I suddenly remembered about Whiskers and asked how she was. Mom and Ashley looked at each other and told me to follow them. I got up with Umbreon and we went into Ashley’s room. There on the bed was Whiskers sleeping soundly with an orange Shinx and a furry gray Glameow curled up with her (I wasn’t quite sure how she had managed to produce two completely different species of offspring, but wasn’t about to ask.).

I was aww struck, her kittens were so cute. I almost couldn’t believe Whiskers was their mother. I asked if they had names yet Ashley nodded and said “The Shinx is named Tarzan and Glameow is named Miss Fuzztoes.” I snickered a bit at the second name and got a playful smack on the back of my head from mother. I could see why she had that name though, her feet were quite fuzzy, but I couldn’t stop myself from asking why the Shinx was named Tarzan. Mother replied “Because I found him swinging from my lamp shade!” I laughed at this too and she went on to say “Don’t laugh he’s going with you!” That stopped me cold and I looked at her as if saying “Are you serious?” Ashley had agreed that he would be best suited to go with me rather than tearing apart the house. By this point Umbreon had gotten curious and made his way to the edge of the bed. He was looking and sniffing the air around the kittens when Whiskers let out a low growl. He yipped and ran back to me. I laughed a little, but bent over to comfort him and tell him it was ok Whiskers was always like that. He still wasn’t about to go over there again but he had calmed down now that he knew he was safe on this side of the room.

The little Shinx on the bed heard the commotion and was now awake and wanted to see who Umbreon and I were. He came over to the side of the bed and jumped down. He then made his way across the room to where Umbreon was. Umbreon wasn’t scared of the tiny cat but he still wasn’t sure what to do. Tarzan on the other hand came right up, rubbed against Umbreon’s leg, and started purring. Umbreon was pretty lost right now, how was it that this cat would just walk up to a “dog” pokemon and purr… Though confused Umbreon was nice to the little kitten. He bent over and licked Tarzan on his cheek. Tarzan rubbed against Umbreon’s muzzle and kept purring. Umbreon seemed very happy to have this little friend. Fuzztoes had also heard the commotion and wanted to see what was going on. She also jumped down on the floor and came over but she was still groggy and wasn’t fully aware of her surroundings. Umbreon had gotten a little more comfortable with the kittens from nuzzling with Tarzan so he started to go over to Fuzztoes expecting her to be the same way. Fuzztoes however, caught sight of Umbreon and instantly hissed, jumped back a foot, and puffed out her fur all at the same time! Good lord she looked funny, she looked like a big dust bunny. Umbreon backed away about a foot from the insane fluff ball. He didn’t want anything to do with that thing any more. After Mom had stopped laughing at the spectacle she went over and picked up Fuzz to calm her down. The gray cat was soon purring in her arms and had forgotten all about Umbreon. Whiskers was still lying on the bed, she could have cared less about the commotion and had fallen back to sleep.

When Umbreon had gone over to Fuzz, Tarzan had turned his attention over to me. I picked him up and he was now purring in my arms. We turned and left Whiskers to her rest and returned to the living room to keep talking. Luca, Lady and Latias had tired each other out and were sprawled out over the furniture in the living room. Luca and Lady were on the couch and Latias was on her back in the middle of the floor. I went over to the couch to join my girls. Luca saw me and sat up to make room. Lady moved her tails to give Luca a little more room, and Umbreon took this chance to get up and settle down with Lady. Ashley went over and sat next to Latias who cooed happily when Ashley began rubbing the dragon’s belly. She soon rolled over to have Ashley massage her wings which Ashley gladly did. Tarzan had seen Luca and stirred to walk over and curl up in her lap. Luca was surprised at how friendly he was, but smiled at him and began to stroke him with her paw. He started purring, and Luca continued the treatment as conversation started again. Mom wanted to hear about every detail of our trip but that would take days to explain.

We continued to talk for a long time, eventually Ashley and Latias went to bed leaving the rest of us alone. Lady and Umbreon had already fallen asleep together on the couch. Tarzan had fallen asleep in Lucas lap and Luca had leaned over and was now sleeping with her head on my shoulder.

Now that we were alone mom asked how Luca was doing. I was rather surprised by the sudden interest in Luca, and started to wonder if she had suspected something. I didn’t realize it but I was starting to act a bit nervous. I began telling her how Luca had been, but she interrupted when she realized it would probably take me a while to get to what she wanted to hear. “How far along is she?” she asked me in a caring voice, but it didn’t sound like she suspected that I was the father. I looked over to Luca and calmly replied “How’d you know?” Mom laughed and said “O come on give me some credit. I did work at a hospital for several years. So do you know who the father is?” That was the question I was afraid of, she obviously didn’t think it was me and there was no escaping it now. I kept looking at my sleeping mate and stayed quiet for a little to long so mom repeated her question a little louder to get my attention. I didn’t look away from Luca and quietly replied “I am.”

Mother heard me and her eyes went wide as she asked “WHAT?!” in a very surprised voice, but I could tell that she wasn’t mad, just very confused. After her initial response mom was pretty much speechless so I took over trying to explain. “You heard right… I’m the father.” I began, still in a calm voice, but added in a an increasingly frantic tone. “And before you jump to conclusions you should know how she feels about me…”

She regained herself enough to interrupt me, “…and what about you?” she said in an oddly calm and caring voice which eased me quite a bit. Hearing this I locked gazes with her and replied “…I feel the same way…” in the same tone that she had used. Unknown to me she was very relieved to hear this, and somehow she understood. It was getting really late and despite the importance of our conversation I was starting to doze off. Mother knew there was no use in continuing the conversation tonight, plus she wanted to talk with Luca before continuing with me.

Mom got up from her chair and picked Tarzan up off Luca’s lap. Instead of waking Luca I shifted and picked her up, she stirred a little but didn’t wake up. I said goodnight to mom and carried Luca upstairs to my our room. Mother also said goodnight then set Tarzan back down on the couch with Umbreon and Lady. He quickly fell back to sleep after he curled up close to Umbreon. I laid Luca down in my bed and so as not to disturb her I found another pillow and blanket and fell asleep on the floor beside the bed.
The next morning Luca and I woke up early. Luca looked around a little confused at first as to where she was but soon figured it out and noticed me on the floor beside her. She reached over and put a paw on my shoulder to wake me up. When I rolled over and opened my eyes to see her she smiled and asked me why I had slept on the floor. I too smiled and told her I didn’t want to disturb her as I stood up to be with her. She got up with me and gave me a kiss which I returned before we turned to head downstairs, but mother had already come up to talk with us.

Luca was now the one who was worried. She had been asleep for my little confession last night and didn’t know that my mother wasn’t actually upset. Mom asked Luca if the two of them could talk alone for a while, and Luca gave me a scared look. I calmly explained to Luca what had happened last night, told her everything was fine and that I would be just downstairs if she needed me. I gave her a kiss on the forehead before I turned to leave her and my mother to talk.

The two of them sat down and mom could see that Luca was fairly upset so she started off by saying “It’s alright Luca. Felix already filled me in a little bit last night, I’m not upset… just a little surprised...” When Luca heard this she relaxed a lot and made eye contact with my mother for the first time since I left. “…I know Felix lives his own life now and I can’t control him anymore, but I never expected to see you two get this close. When he told me that he was the father of your child I couldn’t believe it. He always told me that he was looking for someone truly special to spend his life with, but it never occurred to me that you would be that person… As a mother though I have to know how you feel about him. I know what he told me and I know how he feels about you, but I need to hear your side.” Luca didn’t exactly know how to proceed. I was the only one who could understand her so how was she going to tell my mother how she felt??? She saw no other way and called for me to come up, but the strangest thing happened. My mother got a stunned expression on her face and asked Luca what she had just said. A bit lost Luca said she was calling for me to translate for her when she realized that my mother could understand her!

No one had told me not to go up so I walked in on the two of them staring blankly at one another. I asked what was going on and Luca ecstatically told me what had just happened. I couldn’t believe it either. The stranger had told me that Luca could talk to me because of our bond and now that I thought about it he too understood her, but I never once suspected it was actually Luca’s wave guidance that made it possible. Seeing that I was no longer needed I smiled at Luca and left the two of them alone, but continued to think of what the stranger had told me. “The only way you can help Luca develop her skills further is to just continue what you’re doing…”

Now that they could communicate with each other Luca proceeded to tell my mother how she felt about me. Mother was really surprised to see how much Luca loved me. She could tell by how emotional Luca had gotten and by the fact that Luca sometimes couldn’t think of how to say something. By the time Luca was done my mother was speechless. She had never thought that I would find someone like Luca, but was glad that I did. The two of them continued talking for quite a while before coming downstairs to join the rest of the family.

I was sitting on the couch next to Lady, Umbreon and Tarzan. Tarzan had woken up and was now purring in my lap, but I let Lady and Umbreon continue to sleep. When Luca and my mother came down to join us I set Tarzan down on the ground and walked out to be with Luca. I was glad to see that she was happy and finally relaxed about our situation. My dad was out in the kitchen making some breakfast so the three of us went out to see him. He had figured out that Luca was pregnant but still didn’t know I was the father. I had never been entirely confident discussing things of a sensitive nature with him so I asked mother to talk with him when she got the chance, which she agreed to. Luca still wasn’t comfortable with my father, she had only had one chance to meet him and that was way back when she had just been given to me. During this visit she would have much more time to get to know him, but at the moment she was still being shy.

Before long Ashley and Latias woke up and joined us. I truly couldn’t understand how the little dragon could possibly have so much energy. She had only woken up 5 minutes ago and already she was bouncing off the walls.

We all moved out to the living room seeing as the kitchen was getting crowded, and after a short time Latias saw Lady, Tarzan, and Umbreon still sleeping on the couch. Luca and I exchanged glances, this was going be interesting. Latias knew Lady and Tarzan but was fascinated with Umbreon and his blue rings which would glow slightly then fade with each breath he took. She went over and hovered about 6 inches away and silently stared at Umbreon. She would sometimes cock her head to the side or change her angle; she was just trying to figure out what and who he was. Umbreon soon began to get an uncomfortable look on his face and he opened his eyes slowly. When his vision cleared he was nose to nose with Latias. He yelped in surprise and jumped to his feet. Lady got a shock out of this and jolted her head up to see what was going on. Latias was now rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. Umbreon was still only half aware of what had happened and wasn’t going to let his guard down. Lady snickered a little when she realized what happened, and was now trying to calm Umbreon down by lightly trailing her tails over his body. After a while Latias calmed down and went back over to try and get Umbreon to play with her. However Umbreon wanted nothing to do with the “psyco” dragon, and tried to hide with Lady while refusing her attempts.

Ashley had heard Umbreon yelp and walked out in the living room to see Latias trying to play with him. She half scolded Latias, and told her to leave him alone. Latias backed off with a sad look on her face. I knew she didn’t mean any harm so I tried to cheer her up by explaining “Its ok Latias Umbreon just needs some time to get to know you that’s all.” She seemed a little happier, but she never liked it when she was scolded.

After what happened I went over and picked Umbreon up, to bring him back to sit with Luca and me. He calmed down with Luca and I comforting him, and once Latias had found something else to occupy herself with. Luca tried to explain that Latias didn’t mean to scare him, and that she just wanted to play. He still wasn’t to sure and kept an eye on the dragon for the rest of the day.

We had come home to relax and catch up with the family, and that’s just what we did for the rest of the day. There wasn’t much going on in our small town so we just found things to do around the house. Whether it was helping mother clean or just keeping Latias busy …and out of the way…

I did manage to find some time to design a pokeball for Tarzan. There wasn’t a ball shop in town but there was in the next town over. We weren’t near ready to leave but when we did I wanted to have a ball for him.

Mother liked to feed the birds occasionally, and since it was a nice day she had put food out for them. I was watching the kittens and Whiskers stalking random Pidgey and Tailow as they fed. Fuzztoes wasn’t having any luck, but she looked so funny when she tried. She would flatten out and belly crawl along the ground as quick as she could. Naturally the birds would see her and casually fly up to the top of the near by bushes. Defeated Fuzz would retreat and wait for the birds to return. Whiskers wasn’t very interested in stalking the birds, but was still watching them intently while twitching her tail and chattering at them. Tarzan wasn’t fairing much better than Fuzz at this point. He was sitting upright under the feeder waiting for the birds to come so he could try to jump up and catch one. The birds weren’t falling for it. Some of them would fly in and grab a seed then fly away before Tarzan could gather himself to jump. Lady had gone with Ashley to play with Latias, and probably to help her learn some attacks or gain some experience in battle. Lady was far above Latias’s level but that didn’t mean she couldn’t help Latias practice for her eventual contest matches. Umbreon still didn’t want to be around Latias for very long so he was following close with Luca and me.

Luca was enjoying her maternity leave as well. She would either help mom with something or find a nice place to rest. We continued like this for the next few days, just taking it easy.

One day I wanted to take a short trip over to get Tarzans ball made. I knew we weren’t going anywhere for a while, but Luca seemed fairly bored the past few days so I wanted to spend some time with her specifically. I asked her if she would mind coming with me on the short trip and she happily agreed, but Umbreon didn’t want me to leave him. I knew he didn’t like it but I wanted him to stay at home. I brought him over to mom and stayed with him for a while so he could get comfortable with her. I had Luca remind him that this was his family as well, and he had nothing to be afraid of. This seemed to console him a lot and as me and Luca walked down the road he was sitting next to my mom as she waved good bye.

Luca and I had needed some time alone anyway. Umbreon wouldn’t leave my side, even to be with Lady, but that was because Lady was spending so much time with Latias and Ashley. Since she had first hatched Latias had grown nearly to her full size which was four feet, and she was a little to big to be messing around inside. Luckily we had been having good weather and they could get out and practice in the park just down the street, this always got a lot of attention from the others in the park because, well how often do you see a Latias with a trainer… let alone practicing contest moves. I knew Luca was feeling many of the initial conditions of her pregnancy and mom had been helping her through it nicely.

Once we had walked a good distance I started directing our conversation towards her visit with her father from the other day. I knew this was a hard topic for her to talk about so I understood when she got a more serious expression on her face. Still she knew that she could talk to me about anything.

Even though the time Luca and her father had spent together talking the other day was short, she sure had a lot to tell me. First was that he wanted to know how she was. Next he wanted to know how far her skills had progressed. At one point the other day they had gotten some practice in and Lucario had taught Luca some new tricks which she wouldn’t tell me about. She only smiled sweetly and craftily, and told me I would see them eventually.

After Lady had come back to be with Umbreon they got to talking about more personal things. He wanted to know if I was taking good care of her. I told her she didn’t have to explain that, but she insisted. She said she had told him that I couldn’t have taken better care of her, and that she couldn’t imagine not having me around. She had looked back at me talking with the stranger at one point, but I hadn’t noticed.

She went on to say that this made her dad very happy. He told her he had his doubts when they first left her with me, but the second time they saw us together he knew they had made the right decision. She had also asked him why they had to leave her with me in the first place, even though when she thought about it she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

She did have one thing that she had been really eager to tell me when we were finally alone. Her father had asked her if I had been able to share her wave guiding abilities. I was confused as to why he thought that but Luca explained that some of the other trainers had managed to gain some of the abilities themselves. I was stunned that I might be able to share that with her, and I quickly asked her if she could try teaching me. She giggled and said we could start later that night, but neither of us knew that we wouldn’t get the chance. After that she continued to what other little details her and her dad had talked about. The last thing she told me about was her dad’s reaction to her being pregnant and with me being the father. It was actually the first thing they had talked about, but it was one of the harder conversations for her to repeat.

Her dad had asked her how far along she was and Luca had blushed and looked away embarrassed. Eventually she was able to talk to him about it after he comforted her a bit, but when he asked who the father was she wasn’t sure she could tell him. Again it took her a while to get the courage to tell him and when she quietly said it was me, he got mad and asked her firmly if I had taken advantage of her. She immediately got tears in her eyes and frantically told him “NO!” He saw she was being completely honest and that she was deeply hurt that he had thought of me like that, which is when he realized just how much we loved each other. He then apologized for upsetting her and she explained everything to him.

It was pretty late by the time we reached the pokemon center. We had continued our conversation the whole way and once we had a room I gave Luca her warm bath and massage.

It had been a while since I had given her a nice massage so I took my time. I began at her shoulders and slowly worked my way down her back as she sat in front of me on the bed. She loved when I did this and was groaning at how good it felt. I playfully grabbed her hips when I got down there and she yelped a bit in surprise, but gave me a smile over her shoulder. I didn’t normally do things like that but she seemed to enjoy it none the less. She took the hint and lay down on her stomach from her sitting position. When she was comfortable I worked my way down her left leg then back up her right. As I was working my way back up she rolled over onto her back telling me it was more comfortable and continuing to enjoy the treatment. I got back to her hips and began massaging her waist and abdomen gently so as not to harm our unborn child when I noticed that she was actually getting aroused from this!

I completely lacked experience for this situation. I had no clue if it would be safe to give her the treat I wanted to, but it seemed cruel to be giving her such a nice massage only to leave her with this unsated urge. I tried to ignore it for now while I contemplated what I should do. Luca didn’t seem to notice the fact that she was enjoying this… a lot… nor did she notice that I was thinking of something, she was simply lost in the nice feeling of her massage.

I continued working my way up her body, rubbing gently yet firmly and working every tense muscle she had. I also found myself getting caught up in how beautiful she was, her soft short fur, her gorgeous face, her sexy curves… even though her pregnancy was continuing to become more, well… prominent. She began giggling slightly when I reached her ribs, she was fairly ticklish if you knew how and where to touch her. I smiled as she grabbed my hands, unable to stand me tickling her any longer. I promised to take it easy and she giggled again as she lay back down with a pleasured sigh to let me continue. I continued where I left off, slowly and lightly rubbing her chest area when I came upon another feature I usually avoided while in public. Her breasts were always visible but her fur helped to make them seamless with the rest of her body, though it was obvious to everyone that she had them they didn’t draw unwanted attention. I knew she might get offended if I just started fondling her outright so I again avoided them… for now.

I had continued to think of Luca’s arousal, and her breasts had again reminded me. They were preparing for Luca’s baby but with my treatment her nipples had become visible and were almost begging for attention.

I came to her shoulders again and started working down her right arm. I reached her paw and massaged each of her “fingers” individually, paying special attention to her pads and around her steel spike. Luca was completely relaxed, her arm was entirely limp in my hands as I drove all the stress from them. I worked my way back up her right arm then gave her left the same treatment before returning once again to her shoulders. Luca’s eyes were closed, she was in a bliss just enjoying my touch. I decided to surprise her a little and leaned in close to press my lips to hers, however I was the one who was surprised. At the last moment Luca came to life and grabbed me, pulling me the rest of the way to force her tongue to mix with mine. I gasped when she suddenly moved, but gladly kissed her passionately. I was slightly off to her side but our chests were pressed together. Luca gasped slightly through our kiss and I could tell it wasn’t pleasure, it was one of pain and it had happened when I leaned on her a tiny bit more. I took as much of my weight off of her as I could and after a few more seconds of swirling our tongues broke our kiss.

Luca opened her eyes to meet her gaze with mine, and I once again got lost in her beautiful eyes. I asked her why she had gasped before, but she just blushed and looked away embarrassed for a split second before trying to tell me that her breasts were sore. She couldn’t exactly find the words to say it but I got the message. I smiled and kissed her lightly on the cheek before whispering “I can fix that.” softly in her ear. Before she could object I lightly cupped a hand around each of them. When she heard my proposal she started to turn to look at me but when I began my massaging again she shut her eyes and moaned at the delightful sensation. I gently worked her breasts to try and make her feel better. It was working in one sense but they would just start to hurt again soon if I only massaged them. I knew why she was sore in the first place and I could think of only one way to relieve her for more than just the night, I just hoped she wouldn’t be mad.

Luca continued to moan and I slid down so that my head was near her chest, all the while continuing to gently massage her swollen breasts while stopping every now and then to pay some special attention to her nipples which, due to my massaging, had become fully visible and were begging for the attention. Now that her nipples were ready I slowly lowered my head to them. I began by trailing my tongue around her right nipple, trying to make this as pleasant as possible for her. After the short bit of teasing I started to suck on her breast, and before long a steady stream of her sweet milk was flowing freely into my mouth. When I started to do this Luca managed to moan “Oh… Felix… please… don’t stop…” while she squirmed in pleasure under me. When the flow of milk slowed I stopped suckling on her right breast and moved to her left, but continued to massage both with my hands.

I could now physically feel the difference between them, the right one was much lighter and had shrunk a small amount. No doubt this made Luca feel much better even after I had moved on. I repeated the same process with her left breast which got the same reaction from her.

Luca had her arms spread wide over the bed gripping the bed sheets to expend the energy she was getting from the sensation I was giving her. She was also moaning while I continued my treatment, but was also trying to keep her voice down since we were in a pokemon center.

When her left breast had run out of milk I began massaging them both a little harder just to force any pent up tension out and to gradually let Luca back down, but I thought it’d be nice to take her the whole way since I had started her off with the breast treatment. Luca was sighing in relief and still breathing hard as I snuck my way down her body. When I reached my target I noticed the sheets were already wet. She really had enjoyed my treatment… That didn’t stop me though; I knew that she would enjoy this much more than the first round.

I covertly stopped massaging her breasts and again gently worked my way down her body rubbing and massaging as I went. I reached her hips and gave them a bit more force full rub down while still inching my way towards her wet lips. She was still very aroused, but either wouldn’t tell me about it out of embarrassment or just hadn’t realized, which I thought was very unlikely after what had just happened. When I got within finger reach of her lips and clit I lightly and deliberately slid my thumbs up her wet entrance. She had been enjoying my massage and wasn’t expecting this so it surprised her. She gasped and managed to say “What are you!!!... unhhhh” I knew I had surprised her but she wasn’t exactly complaining anymore. I heard her reaction and stopped after my initial pass so she would hear me and said coyly “Well I can’t just leave you like this…”

She started to think about what I had said. I had made her feel incredibly good so far and she defiantly wouldn’t mind the rest, but she was a bit worried why I was being so forward about this, which I didn’t even have an answer for. Still she knew I would never do anything to hurt her or our child, and now that I had reminded her of the first time we were together she was remembering just how good it had felt. Also, she knew I stopped because I wanted her approval to continue, and the look I was giving her told her that I wouldn’t hesitate to stop if she wanted me to. All of this passed through her mind in a split second and just after I finished what I was saying she smiled happily and said “Al… alright.”

She was still panting slightly and she was also still sprawled over the bed. When she finished giving her answer she let her head fall back on her pillow and closed her eyes, awaiting the insane feeling she knew was coming. I saw she was worried about something so I decided to stop going so fast and start being more caring in my actions.

Once I knew she wanted me to continue I placed my whole hand over her swollen sex. She was incredibly hot and already her fluids were flowing freely. As I began moving my hand left to right I could feel her quivering. She let out a long moan as I started and even though she knew this was just the beginning she was already nearing her second climax of the night. I kept my hand on her for a short while until I could feel that she was getting used to it then I stopped and gently slid my hand down her lips. When I reached the base of her opening I began moving the other direction. Once again I reversed my direction after a single pass, but this time I pressed harder with my middle figure slipping it part way inside her. She was moaning much more now and as before, enjoying this… a lot. I knew what she wanted, her sex was just begging me to stop teasing and get serious. Again I stopped at the base of her entrance, but this time did not reverse direction. Instead I started forcing my finger into her tight depths. Luca immediately let out a fairly load “Ahhhh” when I did this and as I slipped a second finger in to join the first her cries only got louder. She knew we were in a pokemon center and that we should keep it down lest someone get suspicious or annoyed, but she couldn’t help herself. I was now slowly and gently moving my fingers inside of her, twisting and exploring her every contour as more and more of her fluids flowed onto my hand. She started to trust on my hand, arching her back slightly and moaning loudly. I gently slipped a third finger into her depths which afforded yet another yell of pleasure form her. She continued to thrust on me faster and arched her back more and more as I quickened my fingers pace, tickling her sensitive internal flesh. Finally she lost it. She felt this coming, grabbed the beds second pillow and screamed into it as her feet started trying to clench the bed. I felt her depths clench down on my fingers but I continued to move them swiftly, prolonging her feeling of ecstasy as her juices were forced out of her in time with the waves of pleasure that washed over her. When the feeling faded enough for her to stop screaming Luca took the pillow from her face and started breathing heavily trying to recover from the experience, little did she know I wasn’t going to let it end there.

I slowly withdrew my fingers from her soft depths causing her to moan once again, and to start getting aroused yet again. When I was completely out of her she continued to try catching her breath as I tasted the fluids that had remained on my hand. Her scent accompanied them which only inspired me more for what I was about to do. Still I knew this was for her and I wasn’t going to risk our child’s health when I didn’t know exactly what I was doing so I tossed my own desires away for the night.

I took another look at Luca’s sex and saw that it was still swollen and begging for more… I knew how to fix that… She hadn’t moved and was in much the same position as when I started. I moved my face closer to her as she opened one eye to see what I was doing. She saw I was lowering my head towards her and began to gasp in anticipation, still unable to completely catch her breath. I gave her a long lick up her sensitive lips and she threw her head back and arched her back moaning loudly. I wasn’t going to waste time this time and after that pass I teased her once more before quickly forcing my tongue inside her. Her walls were still sopping wet with the fluids from her previous climax and I happily drained the sweet and slightly spicy fluids to make way for a new wave which was already beginning to come. I sped up my swirling, again exploring every inch of her with all the muscles I had and trying to swallow as much of her juices as possible. She was moaning much louder than before and reached a shaking hand to the pillow that was next to her so she could muffle her cries, but before she could I pushed her over the edge and she gripped the bed as hard as she could. She started to scream but knew she had to keep it down. She clenched her teeth tight and focused all of her energy in to grabbing the bed. She also wrapped her legs behind my head and forced me in tight to her crotch. I could still breathe but she was pressing me very firmly into her and all I could smell was her sweet scent in her fur. Even though I had given her a third climax of the night I didn’t stop my tongue’s motion. Her walls bit down on my tongue but I continued to force it in and out when I could no longer move in the other two dimensions. Her depths eventually relaxed a little but I sent them right back into another spasm as I quickened my pace and forced my tongue in as deep as I could, only assisted by Luca still hugging my head with her legs. Through all of this I was gulping down her fluids but couldn’t even manage to collect half of what was flowing from her. Luca was doing her best to stay quiet but with her fourth climax she couldn’t stand it and with an extremely unsteady hand she grabbed the pillow again and wailed into it.

From what I heard she was drowned in such an immense amount of pleasure that it sounded almost painful. Still from what I could feel there was still something left in her. I once again continued to force my tongue to move inside of her but this time I unwittingly found the one spot that would completely expend her. My tongue only brushed against it when I heard her scream louder than she already was and my face was suddenly drowned in a flood of her hot fluids which caused me to instinctively pull back. Even though her legs were still wrapped around me I completely exited her and continued to get showered with her gushing juices. After about 5 seconds of this she relaxed enough to stop screaming and start trying to catch her breath. She released my head but I was still fixated on her pulsing sex. She had quite the intense experience and at first she was sending wave after wave of fluids at me, even after she had calmed down she was still forcing more out! The convulsions were less intense but were still happening which I somehow found amazing, there was no way she could deny that she had enjoyed it.

Through her gasps for air she managed to weakly open her eyes to lock them with me for a short second. She smiled and laughed at me through her gasps, no doubt I looked like a drowned rat at the moment. She was still squirming from the fading pleasure, doing anything she could that would expend the energy, twisting, moving her arms and legs, turning her head form left to right… anything. I lay down with her for the time being and when I did she rolled to her side and quickly embraced me, forcing me into a passionate kiss and throwing her tongue into my mouth. I eagerly returned her sentiments enjoying the different taste of her saliva.

The kiss finally drained her of what was left of her energy, and when we broke it she gazed at me with her tired red eyes. I rested my hand on the side of her face and looked back at her. She tried to speak but no sound came out, she only mouthed the words “Thank you” before she utterly fainted. I gave her one last kiss on her forehead and gently got up to clean myself off before joining her. I spared a glance at the sheets and realized they were soaked. I laughed to myself and hoped that Nurse Joy wouldn’t figure us out or just wouldn’t mind. When I finished cleaning my face off I got back into bed and settled in close to Luca. She was so sound asleep I doubt that anything short of the building falling down would have woken her so I nestled in close to her and fell asleep myself.

I awoke the next day to Luca’s paw on my chest and her sweetly kissing me on my cheek. I turned to face her and as I smiled at the sight of my happy lover she forced my lips apart with her tongue. I happily shared her affections and we kissed for a good ten seconds before she stopped and gave me a happy and caring look. I wasn’t sure what it was but she seemed entirely carefree today. We both got up and she realized that she was still “dirty” from last night. She blushed heavily and looked over at the sheets where she had been lying. She only blushed more when she realized there was an immense dry puddle of her juices on the bed.

I thought she had gotten so caught up in the feeling that the other aspects had just been swept from her mind. I told her not to worry about it and she snapped her attention to me before she blushed again and looked away. I saw she was embarrassed and could only laugh to myself about it, so I went over, gave her a hug and told her once again not to worry about it.

Her mind was still racing and she looked up at me through our embrace to ask what happened. Her comment worried me that I may have pushed things to far last night and I released her to see what her expression would tell me. Much to my relief she wasn’t mad or scared, but rather entirely embarrassed and confused. She saw I didn’t know where to start so she began for me.

“All I remember is being completely consumed by what ever you did to me last night! And I don’t remember that!” as she gestured towards the bed “And why do I feel as if every one of my muscles is completely relaxed?!... And I mean every muscle...”

I smiled now that I knew she wasn’t mad at me and I told her “That was the point… Don’t you remember?…” she shook her head in a quick answer “… I started giving you a massage when about halfway through I realized just how much you were enjoying it…” again she blushed and wanted to turn away from embarrassment but my explanation had a complete hold over her attention as she tried to remember any details she could. “I ignored it at first because I didn’t want to betray your trust, but after I finished my massage you told me your breasts hurt...” She got a look of genuine surprise at that and even though her fur masked it I could tell her entire face was beat red. From there the night’s actions flooded back to her memory and she interrupted me to say “O my god! All that really happened!?! I thought most of that was a dream!”

She still had a stunned expression on her face and was just staring into space with her eyes wide remembering every little thing that had happened during the last half of her “massage.” I was surprised that she didn’t remember but then thought about how she had fainted after, and it actually made sense that she thought it was just a dream. Also it explained why she had been so amorous when we woke up… She thought she had just had the best dream about me and I didn’t know it. I could see she was still trying to make sense of things, but I had to snap her out of it somehow, after all there was nothing wrong with what we did and she did enjoy it…

I calmly asked her if everything was alright and she once again snapped her attention to me and began frantically telling me her worries. “Felix what if someone heard us, what’s Nurse Joy going to think of the bed and what came over YOU last night!!!” Seeing she was still becoming upset while trying to make sense of things I gently sat her down on the bed and sat beside her to calm her down. When she was sitting she immediately cupped her head in her paws trying to think things through again.

I was starting to feel a bit guilty for putting her through that. I had no idea she would react like this after the fact and I had to find a way to put things right.
“Luca, I’m sorry. I guess I did get carried away, but I just wanted to help you feel good. I had noticed you were starting to get tense and sore over the past few weeks and I just thought that I could help you relax in a way that no one else could.” Luca looked up at me and realized how I was viewing her reaction and how bad it was making me feel. Little did I know that Luca wasn’t at all upset about what we had done. She was actually glad that we had, and what was really bothering her was her embarrassment.

“Felix it’s not that. I really enjoyed last night… and I guess I mean that quite literally… its just… its just… God how can I say this I can’t even talk to my mate…” I heard her initial response to my apology, but it only confused me more until she couldn’t continue, which is when things suddenly became obvious. She wasn’t upset about WHAT we had done she was utterly embarrassed that she had enjoyed it so much, let alone conceded to doing it in the first place, and was afraid that we would be found out. As I mentioned before pokemon/human relations were fairly rare and if someone had heard us there was no telling what they would think of Luca let alone me…

I put my arm around her and pulled her in close to lean on me before I began comforting her. “Luca, everything’s fine. If anyone had heard us they would have yelled through the walls or knocked on the door. As for you, why are you so embarrassed about this? I knew what I was doing at the start… Sure you didn’t know how far it would go, and in truth I didn’t even know it would go that far…” As I was saying this I thought of a way to ease her a bit, and worked it into my little speech. “…But come on. If you can’t share experiences like that with me who can you share them with??? Wait, don’t answer that I don’t think I want to know…” She heard me out and I could actually feel her relaxing in my arms, she knew I was right and giggled through her serious attitude, which became an act when she heard my last comment.

She had a smile on her face when she looked up at me through our embrace and said “O Felix, thank god I have you! I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t.” With that she once again didn’t have a care in the world. Anything that was bothering her from the night before was washed away, and she snuggled in my embrace. We sat there together for a while, with me stroking Luca’s soft fur and her enjoying having me close by. Eventually we got up and started getting ready to leave.

When we had just about finished Luca playfully said “Well I guess I better get cleaned up before we leave.” which I responded to by saying “I could help!” in an equally playful and eager voice as I chased her to the bathroom. She laughed when I gave my response and was laughing harder when I started chasing her. She quickly shut and locked the door to the bathroom and when she was sure I wasn’t getting in she said “If I let you help I’ll just end up more of a mess…” I laughed loud enough for her to hear through the door and told her that was probably true, then left her to her business as I finished packing up.

We left the center a short time later and headed for the ball shop. I had called ahead and sent my design to them so they could have it ready when Luca and I dropped by, and when we got there they had a beautiful ball ready and waiting for us. Now that our business was concluded we set out on the path towards home.

Luca was much happier now and would take the time to tease me now and again. I knew it wasn’t just what I had done last night, and I suspected her being able to talk to me on the way had also played a part. What ever I had done it had gotten her acting like her old self again, which made me happy just watching her. After we got a short distance from town I reminded Luca that we had never gotten to my wave guiding lesson. She looked at me a little confused as to how I knew that I could use it then she remembered she had told me and she giggled when she realized we had been a bit preoccupied last night. She cheerfully asked if I would like to start now, and I eagerly told her yes. She got a bit more serious now that she was actually going to teach me something, but still found small opportunities to tease me.

She wasn’t sure where to start but figured the best place was at the beginning with what I had originally helped her with on the cruise ship. She tried to explain how it felt as best she could before trying to explain how to actually do it. I was thinking back to the ship and what advice I had given her and joined her advice with my thoughts. When she finished her explanations she asked if I thought I could try it. I thought about it for a few seconds, as she had when she started, running over everything Luca had told me before telling her I was ready. She heard this and smiled as she told me what to do. “Ok. Close your eyes and just like you told me before, try and feel me next to you.” Unlike her I wasn’t a prodigy at this… I closed my eyes, but we continued walking. I concentrated on trying to “feel” Luca beside me but I just wasn’t having much success on my first try. Luca was watching me intently wondering if I was going to be able to get the hang of it as quick as she did and didn’t notice the low hanging branch approaching on the path.

Just as I was about to open my eyes and ask for a bit more help I knocked my head hard against the thick branch. Luca was just under one and a half foot shorter than me so she missed the branch completely. I was still trying to concentrate when it happened so I fell flat on my back. I clutched my head trying to make the throbbing pain go away. I was groaning from my newfound headache when Luca rushed to my side and asked if I was alright. It figures that at that moment I managed to use the wave sight sub ability of wave guidance. I could actually see Luca over me thought it was a vague image, and her explanation from the ship finally became clear to me. It was as if she were a ghost… on fire. The fire was a bright blue white and seemed to be all around her almost featureless form, needless to say I was fascinated and just “stared” at her for a while in amazement.

Meanwhile Luca had watched me take my hands from my head and let them fall to my sides as I turned my head to face her, but I still had my eyes closed and she couldn’t figure out if I had passed out or what was going on but it was worrying her more when I didn’t answer. Eventually she shook me and asked me again if I was alright, this time in a much more frantic voice. I snapped out of my trance and opened my eyes to look at her, which afforded a sigh of relief from my worried mate. She then tried to apologize for not warning me, but I barely heard her and interrupted her frantic apology to tell her I had done it. She immediately froze then asked “Really?!” I gave her an excited look and said “Really! And it was probably better that you didn’t warn me.” Luca giggled again at my comment and offered her paw to help me up. I gladly accepted her help and rubbed my head once more after standing. This time I ducked the branch and we continued down the path.

Now that I had actually done it once I had a better idea of how to use wave sight. Luca gave me a few more pointers and I tried again. This time I saw more than just Luca, I had a sphere of sight centered on me. I could see in every direction, up, down into the ground, left, right, even forward and backward at the same time. It was absolutely amazing but overwhelming at the same time. I looked over at Luca to once again take in her wave sight form, but I just couldn’t get used to the featureless body I kept seeing. I much preferred seeing every detail of her beautiful fur, eyes, and body. At the moment I couldn’t even tell if she was smiling at me, all I knew was that she was looking at me.

As I thought about Luca my senses finally got overloaded and I had to open my eyes to recover from the experience of wave sight. Luca asked what was wrong, and I explained how it was just overwhelming me to take in all that information at once. She understood and told me she had forgotten to warn me about that. I laughed and told her that might have been something to mention and she giggled as well before giving me some more advice on how to avoid being overwhelmed.

It turns out that I didn’t have to use the entire sphere at once, she explained to me how to limit it to just one or two directions. Once she finished I tried once again. The sphere shot up and I followed Luca’s instruction to limit my sight to just in front of and to my right where she was walking. All the other directions went blank from my mind and made it a lot easier to maintain my concentration. Now that I had done that Luca wanted me to try moving my area of sight so that it wasn’t centered on myself. I remembered asking her to do the same and she didn’t seem to have too much difficulty in doing it but I was about to find out how hard it actually was.

First she told me to try pushing my forward sight further ahead. I tried as hard as I could but still couldn’t move past that black barrier. She thought about it some more and told me to stop and watch her. I stayed in my trance and watched as Luca judged my sights distance and stepped just beyond its reach. She then told me to concentrate on finding her. Now that I had something specific to aim for I thought I might be able to do it. I once again put all my effort into moving my area of sight and just as I was about to tell her it wasn’t working my range began to inch forward towards Luca. I saw one of her feet first and after that it became much easier to focus on her, in fact I figured out the trick to it. All I had to do was feel out for a life force “source” that was either on the edge or just out of my sight, if I could pick that source out it made it a lot easier to move the field of view.

I caught up to Luca and opened my eyes to talk with her. She quickly asked me why I kept coming out of my trance to talk to her, which seemed like a weird question but she thought I should be taking the time to practice. I told her that I much preferred seeing her this way than in the wave sight, which got a confused “Why?” from her. I smiled and locked gazes with her as I explained “Because I can’t stand not seeing your features! In wave sight you just look like a featureless face. That bugs me!” She smiled at my compliment and walked closer to me as we talked about any other detail she could think of. Other than perfecting moving the area of view there wasn’t much more to wave sight. One other subtle benefit was that it allowed you to gauge how strong an opponent was by how much of the “fire” was enshrouding their form. I had nothing to go by but I suspected that what I had seen around Luca could probably be considered a “big flame.”

We made it home just before sunset that day and everyone welcomed us back. Umbreon was especially happy to see us and Luca gladly returned his affections. He followed us inside where Luca and I sat on the couch and he jumped up to be with us. Luca continued to stroke Umbreon in the places he liked the most while we talked with my mother who was eager to see Tarzan’s ball.

We showed her the ball and I also got to surprise her with what Luca had taught me. I pulled the ball out of my pack and went into the trance. Before I could narrow my view I notice that Latias was about to come flying into the living room. I hurried to make it to the center of the room before Latias came flying in. I had just handed my mother Tarzan’s ball when Latias flew into the room and made a b-line for me. Mother began to try and warn me but her reaction would have been far to slow. I knew Latias was coming and I timed it so that when I turned to catch her she had no chance of fleeing or escaping. She was utterly surprised by my reaction and the fact that I could see her with my eyes closed. She reeled back trying to stop before I got her but like I said there was no chance of that. I reached out and grabbed her, spinning her around and locking her in a hug so that my front connected with her back right between her wings. I knew I would loose my balance and I fell backwards to land on the floor. We didn’t hit too hard, and I kept my grip on Latias the whole time. She was actually having fun whether she was showing it or not and kept trying to wiggle free but I had her held in such a way that she couldn’t get away. I laughed at her and whispered in her ear, “Gotchya now don’t I?” She to laughed and began putting more energy into hovering. She started to lift me from the ground which turned my embrace entirely against me, instead of holding her down I was now holding myself up which turned out to be much harder. Before long I couldn’t do it any more and I told her she won. She relaxed a bit, so that she wouldn’t just go flying into the ceiling, and I released her then stood up to explain what had just happened. Latias was still laughing, but I could tell that she wanted to know more than anyone how I had seen her coming. Through all of this Luca was smiling while continued to calmly pet Umbreon, even after Umbreon tensed up at Latias’s entry.

Ashley and Lady walked in just after Latias and watched in amazement as I unexpectedly caught her. Lady was particularly amazed because she had an idea of what I had just done. I rejoined Luca on the couch where Lady jumped up and laid down on my lap with her head next Umbreon’s. I then explained, with Luca’s help, about how she had started teaching me how to use wave guidance. Everyone was utterly amazed that Luca had been able to teach me so quickly what had taken her a month to master. Bearing in mind that I had yet to master the ability it was still impressive that I had come this far in just half a day. I could tell Ashley was jealous, she really wished she could share in some of the things that Luca and I had experienced. Also she and mother could hardly wait to see Luca’s baby. While Luca and I were away mother had the time to talk with Ashley and my dad. They both seemed to take the news very well; in fact mom told me later that it seemed as if dad had already figured it out. When we finished catching up Luca and I headed upstairs to get some rest. Lady and Umbreon accompanied us and the two of them curled up next to the bed together while Luca and I got comfortable and fell asleep together.

The next day I got Tarzan alone with Umbreon to explain how pokeballs worked. Tarzan was smart but he was very easily distracted which was pretty frustrating for Umbreon. Eventually we explained everything and he seemed to understand so I offered his ball to him. He touched his nose to the activator and disappeared in the customary red flash as the ball fell silent. I quickly let him back out, but instead of being confused he quickly found something else to occupy his time. Umbreon and I both laughed to ourselves and went to find Luca.

Luca was happily helping my mother with a bit of gardening. Mom always enjoyed Luca’s help, it always made things much easier because Luca had very innovative ways to get things done, such as firing a tiny aura sphere to dig a hole for a flower, which actually backfired the first time she tried it…, or pushing her paw spike into the ground for a seed hole. When Umbreon and I joined her she stood up, brushed the dirt out of her fur, and gave me a hug. Mom smiled and told Luca to go ahead with me, then asked Umbreon if he would help her. Umbreon smiled and yipped his answer before sitting beside mother. Luca and I found a quiet place in the back yard where she could continue teaching me how to use wave guidance.
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