AGNPH Stories

Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

Repairing Relations

We made it out of town this time without running into trouble. We didn’t know what happened to the grunt that attacked us, but we really didn’t care as long as Darkrai didn’t come after us again. However, at the moment we weren’t the least bit worried about that. I was just happy to be with my mate, son, and friends again, while they were just as happy to have me with them.

We were about a week away from home and after the first few days of being together things returned nearly to normal. Still I could see something was still bothering my companions, so when we passed by a beautiful and secluded lake we stopped for a break.

Since we left, Lady had been anxious and staying close to Umbreon. I attributed this to Kail joining us. I simply thought she was still upset with Kail and wanted to be close to Umbreon so the two could act if she saw something wrong or simply because she didn’t want to loose him. Umbreon seemed to like the attention though so I felt no need to make a big deal about it.

We hadn’t stayed at a center for a day or so we decided to take a swim in the lake to clean up a bit. Lady and Umbreon were enjoying themselves in no time, and after they played for a bit they started entertaining Leo.

Kail still wasn’t to comfortable interacting with us so he sat on the edge of the water and soaked his feet for the time being. However, he had become much more at ease with our company, and smiled as he watched Lady, Umbreon, and Leo play.

Now that our son was occupied and everyone seemed to be ignoring us I drug Luca to a more secluded clearing where the others couldn’t see us through the brush and trees. She was laughing sweetly at first when I started pulling her, but when I pulled her out of the water and hugged her for no reason she began wondering if something was wrong.

When I released my embrace she looked up at me with a worried expression and asked, “Is something wrong?” I had almost forgotten what it felt like to get lost in her eyes, and as I was reminded I managed to say, “Yes. Are you sure you’re alright since my injury?” She started to say she was fine, but her eyes told me she was indeed hiding something. So I hugged her again and as she closed her eyes and enjoyed my touch I whispered in her ear, “I love you so much! Thank you for taking care of everyone, but now it’s my turn again. I can tell something’s bugging you, please tell me what it is.”

When I finished she slowly opened her eyes in my embrace, but instead of releasing me she only held me tighter, as she did this she closed her eyes again and to my surprise she started crying. I knew something was wrong, and with Luca in my arms I now knew what it was.

When I got hurt she was forced to put on a brave face, not only for our son, but also because Kail was there. During the entire time I was hurt she never truly opened up to me, for fear that I would try to fix the things that were bothering her without regaurd to my own health. Now that she had me alone and I was healed, she finally had the shoulder she wanted to cry on this whole time.

My heart started hurting again when I noticed Luca was crying in my embrace. I hated seeing her like this. I carefully sat down with her still hugging me and stroked her soft fur to show her I was there now. Through her tears she managed to tell me everything that had been on her mind lately.

“I thought I was going to lose you! Felix… I just don’t know what I would do if you were ever taken from me!... When you were hurt everyone looked to me. Leo needed taken care of, Lady, Umbreon… And I knew you would want to talk with Kail so I couldn’t let him leave… But I was so scared that he would betray our trust and hurt us again! I knew what I had to do, but it was horrifying keeping him with us!... Then to take care of everyone… I just don’t know how you do it for all of us!” As she finished I began rubbing her shoulder. She had her ears laid back and her head pressed against my chest, still trying to convince herself that I was really there with her.

I knew there was little more that I could do for her at this point other than hold her tight to show her I really was there for her again. Knowing my touch was all I could give I brought my free hand up and set it on the top/side of her head to hold her close to me while I rocked lightly back and forth. As I did all of this I began telling her my side of the story, hoping to comfort her and ease my own burden at the same time.

“I’m so sorry I put you through that. I don’t want to scare you, but I really didn’t expect to live through that blast… All I wanted to do was protect you, and I prayed that you would forgive me for leaving you… When I woke up in the center I couldn’t believe it… And when I saw you I was so relieved that what I had done worked! I know it was hard on you, but you couldn’t have done a better job... Everyone’s fine and you managed to convince Kail, one to come with us, and two not to just go kill himself… To tell the truth I couldn’t have done better myself, but I was so worried about you… I know it’s a lot of work and I couldn’t help but feel guilty that while I was lying in bed you had to do everything I usually did… I was so scared that it would be too much for you and that I wouldn’t be there to help you handle it… Luca, you have no idea how glad I am that you’re alright, and I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me!”

At the end of my confession I realized I was holding Luca very tight to me. I quickly released her and in a panic said, “Oh god I didn’t hurt you did I?” She only looked up at me with tear filled eyes and a smile to say, “You couldn’t hurt me if you tried!” with a smile. Hearing this I hugged her tighter than before, one to try and prove her wrong, and two because hearing her say that just made me want to hold her close. She simply sighed in relief and smiled in my embrace once again, nuzzling me when ever she got the chance.

I had my Luca back and I simply didn’t want that moment to end, but there was still one issue that I had to make sure she was ok with. So with reluctance I started to speak again. “Luca there’s one more thing I have to ask you...” This got her to look up at me, but the expression on her face was so happy that I could barely make out the hint of worry she still wore. “…Are you sure you’re alright with Kail coming with us?” When I finished she closed her eyes and returned to leaning on me through our embrace. Her tears of sadness had stopped midway through my original speech and turned to tears of joy, now she wasn’t crying at all, she was just happy to be with me and with a confident and happy voice she explained how she felt about him.

“I’m fine with him coming with us… Like I said I was afraid he might do something at first… but after the first two weeks I started to see him for who he really was. He really does regret what he did, and he’s a nice guy… but…” She trailed off for a second as she looked up at me with somewhat of a scared expression. “…Please… Please don’t think less of me for this… but I don’t think I’ll ever truly get over the fact that he almost took you from me. I know he’s nice, but there’s still that part of me that hates him for what he did...” I let her finish before I reacted, and when she pleaded me not to think less of her I only held her tighter. “I understand… and I feel the same way. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this small fear I have of him. It’s not debilitating, but it won’t go away no matter how much I try and convince myself that he’s changed…” When I finished the first part I loosened my embrace to get Luca to look up at me before I continued. “…and I could never think any less of you! No matter what you did…” She smiled up at me and I tightened my embrace once again as I finished by whispering in her ear. “…I love you so much, and that will never… ever change.”

We sat there for another few minutes, with me stroking Luca’s soft fur and enjoying the sensation, and Luca enjoying my touch. Eventually we thought we should get back to the others so we waded through the shin deep water back to where we had left the rest of our traveling party. I had managed to ease Luca’s mind and gotten her back to her old self, but I still wanted to talk with Lady and Umbreon, then Leo, and finally Kail. With what Luca had told me and how broken up she was, I had no doubt that the others could use the same treatment.

When we reached the others we found Lady, Umbreon and Leo all curled up together on the shore. Lady had her tails fanned over the grass to dry them out and Leo was happily resting while snuggled up close with Umbreon who had nestled in close to Lady to start. Kail was a short distance away in his original spot on the shore, still soaking his feet, but was now lying back with his eyes closed and enjoying the midday sun. As Luca and I got out of the water the splashing sounds got Kail to open one eye, which he closed again as he smiled to himself after he saw us. Meanwhile Lady slowly raised her head, which Umbreon soon followed, and when his furry pillow moved Leo stretched and yawned before sitting up and rubbing his eyes to clear his vision. I saw Leo stir and went over to him as he was rubbing his eyes. When he stopped he looked up and smiled when he saw me. As I knelt down beside the three Leo said with a happy voice, “What’s up dad?”

Kail immediately gagged and sat straight up, nearly throwing himself into the lake with the speed of his reaction. “WHAT?!... DAD?!?!” he said in an utterly dumbfounded voice. When he sat up all of us turned to see what was wrong. All we saw was Kail sitting in an odd position with a look of pure confusion and surprise on his face.

Leo was scared at the outburst and Luca only wondered what the big deal was, until she remembered… we never told Kail about our relationship… I only looked over at him wondering what was wrong until Luca managed to say in an innocent voice, with a silly face to match her tone, “Uh, ya… I guess we forgot to mention that…” Lady and Umbreon looked at Kail, also wondering what was so surprising, but didn’t get up or stir after their initial response.

Still dumbfounded Kail managed to spit out, “So… you two are…. Mates?! Your kidding! Please tell me he just calls you “dad”… PLEASE!!!” I looked over to Luca who only smiled and scratched her head cutely as if to say “Whoops!” I sighed as I felt my face reddening and looked back to Kail before replying, “No… Luca and I are… well… mates.”

Even after all this time I was still uncomfortable admitting that. I loved Luca with all my heart, but saying it out loud to someone I barely knew still choked me up. I had always been very self conscious and cared a great deal about how others perceived me. With mine and Luca’s relationship I always had a tough time admitting it because I didn’t want anyone to think less of me, but more so because I didn’t want anyone to think less of Luca.

Kail’s jaw dropped momentarily before he stood up and began walking away from us towards the tree line with his paws on his head, and a distressed look on his face. As he walked he kept repeating, “God… Why me?... How the hell could I not have seen that! And why the hell did I agree to travel with them?!”

I had been planning on talking with Leo next, but apparently my plans had changed. Luca and I had to find Kail before he did something we all would regret. He had changed from when we first met him, but learning of something like that, especially about the girl he viewed as a legend, was bound to bring up his old guilt. I quickly turned to Leo and put my hand on his head to ruffle him between his ears as I said, “I’ll be right back buddy, don’t worry about us...” I then turned to Lady and Umbreon to add, “…Take care of Leo for a while longer, kay. Luca and I will be back in a bit.”

With that little detail out of the way I got up and started running in the direction Kail had went. Luca was quick to follow and stayed right beside me, still in a happy mood, but a bit worried about Kail. I wasn’t sure what he had done when he was out of our sight, so I figured Luca and I could use wave guidance to find him. I looked over to Luca as we ran and smiled as I shut my eyes. Luca got a surprised look on her face as I did this, but when I dodged a low hanging branch she too smiled and went into her wave sight. After a short run we entered a clearing, but saw no sign of Kail. I quickly turned to Luca and asked her to find him. I knew she was better at using her abilities than I was and she had already picked out his life force once in their previous battle which would make it easier for her to do so again. She stood straight up and took a deep breath before widening her field and concentrating on Kail.

A split second later she told me to follow her and ran off back into the brush. I followed and though I was worried about Kail I still found time to get distracted. Even though Luca’s image was featureless in my current sight, her form was absolutely perfect. I watched as she ran gracefully through the lightly forested landscape, getting caught up in how beautiful her curves were and how her tail elegantly flowed and followed her. I thought about all of this for a mere five seconds before a leafy branch whapped me in the face… I flinched and swore under my breath when it hit me and rubbed the stinging from my face but continued running with my wave sight unhindered. “I guess I deserved that…” I thought to myself as I continued following Luca, now focusing more on where she was leading me than how sexy she was… thought it was still in my mind.

After another quarter mile Luca slowed to a stop at the far edge of the lake we had originally started by. I wasn’t sure why she had stopped, but I was completely out of breath from keeping up with her. When I did catch my breath I looked up at Luca and asked why we had stopped. She smiled and quietly said, “Well because it seemed like you were going to pass out…” she giggled at me a bit and continued, “…and second… look.” With that last part she pointed upwards. I followed her direction and looked up into the tree we were standing at the base of. There, nearly at the top, was Kail. He was sitting on the highest branch that would support his weight, simply staring out at the landscape, obviously thinking of something, and I had a pretty good idea what.

“Well, he hasn’t drowned himself and he hasn’t jumped yet…” I thought to myself as I pondered a way to talk with him without him ignoring us. Though we had arrived with a bit of commotion, Kail hadn’t noticed. I whispered to Luca so there was little chance he would discover us. “If I try and climb he’ll notice and run. Can you get up behind him so he won’t notice?” Luca only smiled at me and gave me a seductive look as she replied “Of course I can…” I too smiled and told her what I had in mind. Once I finished Luca swiftly and silently jumped from branch to branch until she was standing on a branch close behind Kail. “God I love her…” I thought to myself as she reached her position. Amazingly enough Kail didn’t notice a thing until Luca said, “There you are.” which caused him to yelp and jump in surprise, nearly falling off of his precarious perch.

“What the!!!” Kail managed as he regained his balance and turned to see Luca then quickly turned back to his aerial view and continued with a depressed voice. “O right, I forgot… your wave guidance… There’s no where I can hide is there?…”

Luca was actually having fun at the moment, and she playfully smiled and said, “Nope!” This annoyed Kail enough to keep him talking. “Why didn’t you tell me?...”

“Because I knew you’d react like this…” Luca said, still in her playful mood, but turned to a more serious tone as she continued. “…or worse... I didn’t want to make you feel worse Kail. I knew you were going through enough without having to hear the details of my life.” She paused for a moment to let him think about it, then thought of something that might cheer him up and returned to her playful voice. “…Plus Felix doesn’t like me telling everyone we meet.” Hearing this Kail couldn’t help but try and hide his smile, which came out as more of a smirk. He knew there was no use fighting this any more and stood up on his branch before leaping off and landing steadily on the ground just in front of me.

Luca started to protest his action until she realized he wasn’t suicidal. It was at least a hundred foot drop and he easily withstood it, which surprised me until I realized a jump like that for him was pretty much equivalent to me jumping from twice my hieght which I could easily do landing the same way he did. Luca however wasn’t that crazy so she expertly leapt from branch to branch making her way down in seconds to land beside me. Kail spared another look at us before he turned to walk away again.

“Where are you going?” I managed to ask him before he took more than two steps away. Unlike Luca I wasn’t in a very playful mood, though I was fairly happy to have Luca back to her old self. Now that Kail knew the truth I had to make sure he was really alright with everything he had done. If I left him as he was I was afraid that all the progress Luca and I had made wouldn’t make a difference in his actions. He would most likely keep blaming himself for everything that happened, even though we now knew he was a very caring person.

“I can’t stay with you! I nearly separated you two… permanently… Now that I know you two are mates… Well… my staying will only be a reminder of that incident.” Kail said, without turning to face us. But he did stop walking away, which told me he really did want to stay with us, it was his conscience that was preventing him from asking. As Kail spoke Luca translated for me, which helped me understand exactly how he felt.

“I won’t stop you from leaving… but I won’t let you until I know that you won’t blame yourself for any of this... The short time I’ve spent with you has shown me who you really are, and you’re not the heartless brute you seem to think yourself. You either convince me you’re alright before I let you leave or you stay with us until you are alright, despite what you now know about Luca and I… it’s up to you…” Kail still didn’t turn as I started speaking, but when I finished he turned and looked over his shoulder to lock eyes with me. The look I saw wasn’t the despaired regretful look I expected. Instead the look in his eyes was one of surprise and resolve, with a bit of sadness.

“I still can’t believe that after all I’ve done… both to you two and to others… that you would still be so concerned about me. I can tell you (as he glances at Luca) still hate me for what I did and I can’t blame you, and I truly would like to stay with you Felix, but there is no way I would allow myself to do that! I’ve come between you and your companions enough not to mention what I must have done to your relationship (speaking to both me and Luca in the end)…” Once again Luca translated, and had to really hold herself back when Kail said he knew she hated him. Even with Luca translating I pretty much already knew what he was saying so I interrupted when he trailed off. “Kail! That’s in the past. Luca and I are fine. And as for you! It’s our “fault” you managed to escape from Darkrai, and I won’t let you waste your life regretting what happened when I’m the reason you have it back! You say you want to stay with us… then stay! WE have no problem with that…”

As I tried to convince Kail that everything was alright he turned away again and only hung his head more. He still couldn’t grasp how we could forgive him for what he did, and he truly did want the life we could offer him. Despite all of this his heart wouldn’t let him say yes to staying with me, and he interrupted me to try and explain while tears began to well up in his eyes.

“Felix! I can’t! I just can’t forgive myself for doing all those things! And now that I know about you and Luca that just makes it worse! I can’t stay with you it’s to painful of a reminder of what I almost did.”

“That’s just it Kail. “Almost did”… But if you’re that against staying with Luca and I… I have another offer…” As I began speaking I put my hand on his shoulder. His back was still towards me, but I could tell by a small flinch that he had opened his eyes to listen to me. “…I haven’t told my family that it was you who injured me… That’s something I’d prefer to keep between the few of us that already know. All I told them was that Darkrai attacked us again, and that we were fine now. I didn’t mention you because I didn’t know if you would be with us that long. But if you really want a life like ours… you can go with my sister.” When he heard this Kail couldn’t help but consider it. He still wanted to refuse, but couldn’t quite bring himself to.

“Felix, I… I don’t know if I can. Your sister would hate me if she knew what I did, I don’t think I can live with that…” From his tone I could see that this offer was more appealing to him… Of course I had neglected to mention that she was a contest battler… Still I knew a way to convince him to stay, and I knew a way to get my family to forgive him, but they would have to get to know him first.

“I can tell you’re considering it… I’ll tell you what. Let my family get to know you… Put what you did out of your mind and stop blaming yourself while you get to know them… I know it’ll be hard and that it’s impossible to completely forget, but remember they don’t know about it so they won’t judge you. I want them to see you how Luca and I see you now… If you can do that I’ll take care of the rest, and I guarantee you they won’t ridicule you when they find out. Alright?” I finished and Kail froze. He didn’t look at me, didn’t blink nothing. I was afraid I may have finally said something to make him snap, and a few seconds after I finished I released hiss shoulder which seemed to register.

As my hand returned to my side Kail blinked and looked ahead of him, still trying to decide between the options I gave him, but obviously considering them now. I took a step back to give him his space and was about to tell him we would leave him to decide when Luca took the chance to do what she could. She slowly walked up beside Kail and put her paw on his left shoulder. He realized it was Luca by the feel of her pads and turned to look at her.

“It’s alright. You’ve changed… we know that. Please don’t leave because of me.” Luca said in a kind voice then gave Kail a smile. His eyes widened as she said this, and to my surprise when she finished he couldn’t help himself and wrapped Luca in a hug, unconsciously being careful not to hurt her with his chest spike. Luca was surprised at this, but after a second patted his back with her paws. When she did this Kail suddenly realized what he had done, and remembered that she was my mate and a legend to him. He hastily released her and forced himself backwards with a worried and embarrassed look. Luca got confused and wondered if it was something she did. Kail saw she was confused, but knew it wasn’t her that he should be talking to. He quickly turned to me and frantically began trying to apologize for what he just did, and in the process failing to notice I wasn’t mad.

“Relax, I don’t mind… I take it your going to stay with us?” I said as I took a step forward and laid my hand on his shoulder once again.

“Yes!” he replied, but something confused me about his response... Luca hadn’t translated…

“What’d you say?” I asked to try and confirm what I heard, but all I could hear was his response in pokemon speak. I shook off my confusion and asked Luca what he said. She told me he said “yes” and that he wanted to stay with us. I looked back to Kail who was now worried why I had hesitated, while Luca tried to figure out what had just happened as well.

“Alright then…” I said to stop Kail from worrying and released him as we started heading back to the others. “Oh, and Kail… there is something about my sister you should know… She’s a contest battler not a league battler like me…” I added along the way in a much happier voice making it sound more like a joke, but still showing him I was serious. Since Luca and I had gotten through to Kail he now felt much better interacting with us, which included having a little fun during conversations.

“What?... Well then forget it…” Kail said seriously as he stopped walking, which got me to look at him. I got really worried when Luca translated, and even more so when I saw he had a serious look on his face. Now that he had my attention and had had his fun he continued with a smirk. “… Come on, you really think I care about that? You’ve given me a second chance. What kind of fool would I be if I refused it for such a ridiculous reason?!”

Luca smirked as well when he said this and before she told me what he said she lightly smacked him in the back of the head which got Kail to laugh as he rubbed the spot Luca had hit. I continued to share things about my sister with him on our way and when we came back into sight of Lady, Umbreon, and Leo we found them sound asleep. It was only midday so it was too early to consider staying the night. I wasn’t sure why the three of them were so tired, but they deserved a break so we let them sleep.

Meanwhile Kail, Luca and I went back to the waters edge. Kail sat on my left while Luca sat on my right a bit closer to me, both soaking their feet. Eventually we lay back in the warm sun. Kail seemed much happier now, and so did Luca, although for her it was more than one reason. When we laid down Luca leaned her head against my shoulder as she rested and smiled at me with her eyes closed. After a while Kail opened one eye to look at us. I could tell that what he had discovered today was still bothering him, even if he wouldn’t tell me. However unknown to me he was happy. Not at what he had done, but that he now had a chance at a life like mine and Luca’s, and seeing what that life was like first hand he couldn’t have been more grateful.

About fifteen minutes later the three of us had fallen asleep on the shore, and another two hours later something attacked me… I looked up in a hurry although I had a pretty good idea what it was... I thought it would be about two foot tall, furry, with black and blue fur, and deep blue eyes… When I opened my eyes my thoughts were confirmed. There sat Leo on my stomach smiling at me as he said, “Hey dad! You awake?” Luca was already awake, and giggling at how I awoke. I roughly picked Leo up getting a happy laugh from him as I stood up and tossed him in the air, catching him as he came back down and setting him in his usual spot on my shoulders. Once Leo was comfortable I looked around for Kail. He wasn’t beside me like when we fell asleep which worried me. I started to think he had tricked us into letting down our guard so he could sneak off, his way of lifting our burden. Luckily I found him a short distance away still by the shore of the lake. He had woken up and moved away from me when he saw Lady, Umbreon, and Leo stirring. I started walking towards him when I noticed Leo holding my head ever so slightly tighter, which reminded me that I hadn’t gotten the chance to talk with him. Luca was behind me and I could see she was wondering why I stopped after my first step, so I turned and asked her if I could talk to Leo alone for a while. She smiled caringly and answered “Sure.” And I started walking to where I could be alone with my son.

On our walk Leo looked down at me to ask “What’s wrong? And should we be leaving mom alone with that guy?” When he asked this we were out of sight of the others so I lifted him off of my shoulders and sat down with him in front of me. I could see he was worried that he had said something to upset me, but I always found it hard to be mad at him.

“Leo… I need to talk to you about Kail…” I began, which only got Leo to look at the ground regretting what he said. “…You don’t like him… I know, and I realize why… but please try to understand…”

“Dad!...” Leo interrupted and started to get tears in his eyes as he continued. “…He almost killed you! How can you expect me to suddenly trust him! I don’t know what you said to mom to convince her to forgive him, but how could you! Why would you just want us to forget what he did!? Let alone why would you want him to stay with us so bad!?...” I let Leo tell me off, sadly I saw his point, and wondered just how I had convinced Luca so easily to befriend Kail. “…You can’t believe he’s really changed! He’s just…” That’s where I drew the line, I had to interrupt him.

“STOP!” Upon hearing this Leo snapped out of his anger, and stared at me with a very scared expression, but silently stood by what he said. I knew I scared him, even though I wasn’t trying to, but I continued in a much calmer and almost sad voice. “…He HAS changed Leo. I know it’s hard, but I need you to give him a chance. You haven’t heard what he said to me and your mother. He was so broken up about what he did I had to beg him to stay with us! If your mother hadn’t at least been nice to him while I was hurt he would have killed himself out of guilt!...” Leo once again looked down at his feet, but this time he had a wide eyed expression. He was now thinking of what I had said, and how he had been acting. As I tried to continue Leo interrupted me again.

“Dad…” I stopped when I heard him and realized his expression had changed completely so I let him continue. “…Dad… Did he really feel that bad?” Leo asked this with such a solemn tone that I almost couldn’t believe it. “Yes.” Was all I could answer, which got him to look up at me and continue. “I… I didn’t know… He never said anything around me I thought he was just staying for his own purposes… Dad I’m so sorry… I only made him feel worse… No wonder he wouldn’t even look at me… What can I do dad?”

His tone seemed sincere, but from what he had said before I couldn’t believe it was that easy to convince him. Before we went back I had to be sure. “Leo are you sure you feel that way? I understand if you need some more time to come to terms with this…”

“No dad... Your right… I’m sorry I said those things… but I don’t know what I can do now…” Leo trailed off and looked back down at his feet, still regretting what he had said to me. He hadn’t thought through his original response, let alone hadn’t opened his mind to observe Kail’s behavior. I wasn’t sure what I could do, but I knew he needed me to do something, and given the situation I had to avoid treating him like a kid in any way.

As Leo looked down I put my hand on his shoulder, which got him to once again look up at me, allowing me to continue. “It’s alright, but if you really want to make this right you have to talk with Kail, and afterwards I think you should talk with Umbreon. He’s still pretty upset that you don’t trust him.” At my last comment Leo looked back down to the ground and as I finished he gave his reply. “Okay…” With that I stood up which Leo did as well.

We made our way back to the others where we found Lady and Umbreon sitting next to each other talking with Luca, while Kail continued to soak his feet alone at the waters edge. I let Leo walk beside me on the way back and when we got to the clearing he looked up at me. I knew what he was thinking and nodded to him. With that he slowly started to walk over to Kail.

I watched him go over, but Kail didn’t seem to notice. When Leo was close enough he reached his paw out to touch Kail’s arm. He hesitated only once about an inch from his target, but recollected himself and continued.

Kail felt something on his arm, and turned to see what it was. When he saw Leo he jerked away and apologized for being in his way. Leo jumped in surprise when Kail moved so quickly, but again regained his nerve. Leo looked down at the ground while still standing and facing Kail. Everything he had previously thought about Kail was rushing through his head and from what I had told him all of those thoughts seemed so cruel now. Leo was almost crying and a few tears fell from his eyes as he managed an “I’m sorry…” to Kail.

Kail was surprised and looked over to me as if I had done this. I only shook my head at him which showed him Leo was indeed acting on his own. Kail went a little closer to Leo and in a caring voice said, “It’s alright… It’s Leo right?...” Leo nodded slightly, but still didn’t look up, he was to ashamed by his thoughts. “…I can’t blame you for not trusting me, after all I did something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive myself for… Leo I could never ask you to forgive me, but please if you ever need anything… don’t hesitate to ask… okay?” Leo couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It sounded like Kail was the one apologizing, not him.

When Kail finished Leo looked up at him with his still tear filled eyes. Kail gave him a small smile and Leo couldn’t stop himself, he leapt at Kail, who was now sitting cross legged about a foot away, wrapping him in an embrace as he really started crying. Kail was genuinely surprised at this but caught Leo and when he realized the little guy was crying he held him close and listened as he poured his heart out.

“I’m so sorry… I didn’t know how you felt until dad told me… I never meant to make it hard for you I’m sorry… Please forgive me!...” Kail didn’t know what to say at first, but thought of something quickly and began speaking as he started rubbing Leo’s back with his paw. “Leo you… didn’t have to do this… but thank you. And I promise I’ll try and be there for you okay?” As Kail finished Leo looked up at him and saw his warm smile. Leo also smiled lightly through his sobs and said “… Okay…” before he released Kail and wiped his eyes.

I was glad that the two of them had finally been able to work things out. I knew Kail would never engage Leo, and I was overjoyed that Leo had come around. When I saw they were both alright I turned to see if Luca needed my help with Lady and Umbreon. Umbreon seemed more compliant than Lady, but again I knew why.

Lady however, had known me for so long and Kail had nearly cut that relationship short. Even though I thought Luca would feel the same way I realized why there was a difference. Luca had given Kail a chance for me, while Lady could only see what he had done. I couldn’t blame her, but something told me that she would never befriend Kail, she would merely tolerate him, which I supposed was good enough for the time being.

Umbreon however was willing to trust Kail already. He had put his faith in Kail when he originally offered to take me to the center, and when Kail ultimately ended up saving my life Umbreon knew his trust was well placed. The only problem with Umbreon was that he was extremely close to Lady, which was preventing him from saying outright that he didn’t have a problem with Kail… He didn’t want to upset Lady by saying it.

Despite all of this Luca was doing an excellent job of convincing the two to be nice to Kail and had explained everything to them, including the part that they weren’t to tell anyone, especially not Latias and Whiskers that Kail was the one who injured me. Umbreon gladly agreed, but Lady wasn’t as enthusiastic, still she agreed none the less knowing that it was what I would want them to do.

When I joined the three of them I pet lady on her head which got her to close her eyes happily. I thanked her and Umbreon for understanding and made sure they were okay before turning to see Leo and Kail walking over to us. Kail looked much happier now and Umbreon seemed more relaxed as well.

We still had a few hours of daylight left so we continued on towards home, finding a nice place to rest after those few short hours. Luca and Leo snuggled up with me while Umbreon joined Lady about three foot away. The only difference I noticed that night was Kail. Instead of finding a secluded place where we could barely see him he fell asleep on the other side of our makeshift fire ring, which would put him about six feet away from me. I spared a glance before I fell asleep and realized he seemed to be sleeping much more soundly than I had ever seen him before. I smiled to myself at this before rolling over and falling asleep with my mate and son. Lady however was having difficult time falling asleep.

Felix simply thought Lady was worried about Kail. If he had a pokemon nose he would have realized what was actually going on. Kail had noticed, and was avoiding Lady more than usual since he knew he wasn’t the one she wanted to share something that personal with.

Lady was in heat. She had been for the past three days. She was trying her hardest to keep her head and was succeeding, but she was becoming increasingly depressed with each day she resisted. She knew Kail had figured her out and was actually grateful that he was avoiding her. He had guessed right, he wasn’t the one she wanted… who she really wanted was Umbreon.

In the past Felix had helped Lady with her heats. They both knew they meant a lot to each other, but even the first time Felix “assisted” her she knew their relationship wouldn’t be like what he now had with Luca. Still she was grateful that Felix was willing to do such a thing for her, but knew she could no longer ask that of him. She would never ask Felix to betray Luca in such a way. Let alone he had a son now, and how would it look if Leo was the one to figure them out.

Lady had talked with Luca a few days ago when her heat began and also a month before since she knew it would be coming. Ever since she had met Umbreon on the island she felt something for him, and him evolving only made it more prominent. She hadn’t been able to tell Umbreon how she felt, and during her talk with Luca she had asked if Luca knew what Umbreon thought of her.

Luca could hardly believe Lady would come to her about such a topic, after all Lady was pretty much Luca’s surrogate mother, and had helped her in the first place connecting with Felix. Luca gave what advice she could at the time and tried to subtly bring it up with Umbreon a few days later. Luca asked Umbreon how he felt about Lady, but left out what Lady had confessed. Umbreon was extremely embarrassed to be asked this by Luca, but she eventually got him to talk with her, promising not to tell Lady, or Felix, which Umbreon insisted on. Much to Luca’s surprise Umbreon truly loved Lady, and wanted to be with her, but had convinced himself he wasn’t good enough for her. Luca tried to convince him otherwise, but hadn’t made much progress. Luca simply hoped that the two of them would get the chance to discover each others feelings like she and Felix had.

When Lady talked with Luca the second time, Luca couldn’t stop herself. Lady seemed so depressed with everything that had been happening and Luca truly wanted to cheer her up. So Luca made sure they were alone one night and told Lady that Umbreon really did love her, but only as few of words as Luca could put it. She didn’t want to say anything more because of her promise to Umbreon, but she felt she had to tell Lady something.

After that Lady seemed a bit happier until she started feeling her heat. She wanted Umbreon so bad, but didn’t want to force herself on him because she knew how timid he was and forcing him like that might end up chasing him away which was the last thing she wanted. She was hoping that her scent might get his attention, and he might just offer to help, but so far he was being an oblivious guy.

Leo had picked up on her scent once, and seemed to like it, but she managed to convince him it was nothing with Luca’s help. That day by the lake had really gotten her thinking of Umbreon and now that she was a few days into her cycle, she could barely stand the sensation. She decided that she would try and confess to Umbreon that night hoping that he would understand.

Lady couldn’t sleep that night with what was on her mind, and about an hour after Felix and the others had fallen asleep she began lightly trailing her tails over Umbreon’s body. She felt him shiver against her a few times which in turn cause her to shiver as well, and after a minute of the treatment he started to wake up. Umbreon yawned and blinked his eyes a few times, wondering why Lady had woke him in the middle of the night. Lately he had no apprehension about being affectionate with her, but there was a limit to how far he would go on his own. He leaned back onto her and nuzzled her fur lightly as he smiled and looked her in the eyes. She smiled back as she continued to trace her tails randomly over his body, avoiding his “sensitive” parts for the time being… as before she didn’t want to end up pushing him away.

Umbreon closed his eyes and murmured happily as Lady tickled him lightly, she rarely did this, but he really enjoyed it when she did. When Lady heard Umbreon groan she began removing her tails from him one by one. When they were all lying behind her Umbreon opened his eyes to look at her again. When he looked at her Lady licked his cheek sweetly. Unaware of what Lady was actually doing Umbreon licked Lady back and smiled at her. With Umbreon’s gesture Lady couldn’t stand it any longer. He simply thought she was being affectionate and nothing else, while Lady truly wanted him, now more than ever! With a somewhat sad look Lady stood up. Umbreon stopped leaning on her and rolled to support his own weight. When he saw Lady’s expression he asked, “What’s wrong?” Lady only whimpered a little bit and started walking off towards the edge of the clearing and into the brush, as she did this she kept her tails neatly folded over her slit in such a way that she wouldn’t reveal herself, but still wouldn’t appear as if she was hiding something.

As lady left the site without an answer Umbreon began to worry. He had never seen Lady like this and wondered what could have done this. He glanced over to Kail who was sprawled out on the ground snoring lightly, then over to Felix who was happily nestled with Luca, and Leo who had found a comfortable place with his parents. None of them seemed to have done anything out of the ordinary which only served to confuse Umbreon more. Seeing that everyone else was asleep Umbreon knew he had to do something for Lady… and if not for her then for Felix. After all Lady was Felix’s oldest friend and Umbreon couldn’t help but think of how Felix would react if he learned that Lady had gotten hurt when Umbreon could have done something to prevent it. With is mind set Umbreon stiffly got up and began walking in the direction Lady had taken. As he walked he noticed an odd scent…

“I’ve smelled that before… and recently too… What is it? It seems familiar… but why?” Umbreon thought to himself while still picking Lady’s normal scent out of the air to follow her. When Umbreon finally found Lady she was lying alone, curled up with tears in her eyes. As Umbreon approached her and asked her once again what was wrong she only curled into a tighter ball while trying to gather her courage enough to ask him how he felt. Umbreon was about to nuzzle Lady when she stopped him with her words.

“Umbreon…would you… be my mate?” she asked hesitantly, and as if she couldn’t quite find the right words to say. Hearing this Umbreon froze… “That’s what that smell was!... O my god she’s in heat! I shouldn’t be with her during this, Felix would…” Umbreon thought when Lady finished. His mind raced, but as he thought of Felix he was reminded of something Luca had told him. “…Felix… Luca said he wouldn’t mind this… NO… I couldn’t do that to Felix’s dearest friend…”

Umbreon’s experiences with females were very cruel until he met Lady. The females of his old pack had teased him. They knew he was an outcast and found it fun to waft their scents in his direction to watch his reaction. When Umbreon had trained himself to ignore the scents the cruel girls would blatantly flash him, holding their asses in the air in front of him and swaying slightly as they laughed and made fun of him. This treatment had led to the difficulty he was having with Lady. It was so engrained in him that he wasn’t a worthy mate, and though his time with Felix had nearly cured him of the other aspects of his inferiority complex this small piece remained an untouched topic.

“Lady… no… I… I couldn’t…” Umbreon stuttered as he began stepping back from Lady, “ I mean… Why would you want me?” he managed to finish as Lady turned her head to look at him. She had heard something in his voice. It wasn’t the rejection she had almost expected though the words were trying to send that message. Instead she swore she could hear his tone screaming “Yes.” From the little bit that Luca had told her Lady knew Umbreon was afraid of what Felix would think, but Lady already knew Felix would approve.

Umbreon continued to slowly back away, wondering why she wasn’t answering him and fearing she had finally given in to her lust. He knew he wanted her just as bad as she wanted him, well that might not be entirely true at the moment, in fact he never wanted anything more than to have a mate like her. She had protected him, and though he had essentially failed in his attempt to protect her in the recent grunt encounter he swore to himself he wouldn’t let it happen again. Despite his actual feelings for Lady, Umbreon couldn’t bring himself to forget about Felix and go ahead with her. He revered his trainer too much and if Felix didn’t approve he would have made an irreversible mistake…

Lady was sure she heard Umbreon’s true feelings… They just had to be! At the moment her lust was getting the better of her, but it wasn’t a random love of some wandering male that could satisfy her… She knew Umbreon, she knew he would take care of her, she knew she loved him! As she thought of all this she started to become a little more erratic. Since Umbreon’s initial response she had stopped crying and stood up to slowly start following him. Her tails weren’t held in any particular position and were moving of their own free will as she locked gazes with Umbreon. The look in her eye was pleading Umbreon to stay with her which only scared Umbreon since he knew he couldn’t escape her, and he didn’t want it this way.

Without warning Lady finally couldn’t stand it any longer and she rushed Umbreon with a blindingly fast quick attack easily equivalent to Luca’s extreme speed. Umbreon yelped as she hit him and before he could react in any way he was lying on the ground underneath Lady, pinned firmly by her paws and tails as she looked down at him.

Umbreon only looked up at her in fear. He didn’t want this! As he gazed into her lustful stare with fear Umbreon began to see something…

Lady stared down at Umbreon, convincing herself this was the only way… but as she looked at his face… she saw how scared he was… Slowly the haze that had filled her mind began fading, she looked down at Umbreon and realized what she had done. The sudden realization terrified her, she had lost control for a split second and look what happened, there was no way he would love her now…

Seeing what she had done Lady became horribly depressed again. She collapsed on top of Umbreon letting her entire body fall limp now that she thought her chance was gone. As she fell her head came to rest next to his as she howled her sobs.

Umbreon watched as reason retook Lady’s mind which was reflected in her eyes that he was intently gazing at. As she realized what had happened Umbreon saw her expression shift before she fell limp on top of him. Umbreon let out an “Oof” as she hit him, but the impact hadn’t hurt either one of them. He was still scared that she might turn rampant again, but seeing Lady so broken up he couldn’t bring himself to struggle free. He turned his head towards where she had fallen. His heart broke when he heard what she was saying while sobbing uncontrollably.

“What have I done?!!! Why now! Why couldn’t I keep my head… He’ll never want to see me again… How could I let this happen…” Lady practically screamed through her tears, forgetting Umbreon was right there with her. She kept repeating this over and over until she felt something on her cheek…

Hearing what she had to say was killing Umbreon. “She… She really loves me…? She would choose me over anyone else?... No that can’t… but… she’s so sad, she thinks she pushed me away… and it has her this broken up?... If she feels that strongly about me… Felix would understand… right…?” Umbreon thought to himself as he watched the vixen he loved cry her heart out. He felt he had to do something and though he hadn’t convinced himself fully to accept her offer he hated seeing her like this. As gently and caringly as he could Umbreon licked Lady’s cheek.

Lady had completely forgotten Umbreon was their, and when he licked her she looked at him which only upset her more. “O god…” she said as she hastily got up off him and turned away still sobbing, but Umbreon didn’t run like she was sure he would.

“Lady?” Umbreon started in such a loving tone that she immediately stopped crying so hard letting her flow of tears slow to a trickle as she listened. Before he continued Umbreon pawed over to Lady’s side but didn’t touch her “…You really feel that strongly about me? Why would you want me?”

Lady sniffled a few more times before she tried to tell him why. She could still feel her lust just as strong as ever, but what she had almost done to Umbreon was allowing her to keep control. “I…*sniff* You’re… you’re the only one I’ve… ever felt anything for… Felix offered to find me… a mate… several times, but… I always said no… I thought it was just a distraction… I didn’t need… When he convinced you to come with us… I finally had someone to spend time with again... Felix and Luca were so close I… I felt left out… When Felix brought you back to me as an Umbreon… I was so happy you were alright… I didn’t know why at the time… but nothing could have relieved me more… than seeing you again… A few months after Luca had Leo I… I couldn’t help but realize what you meant to me… Luca had found Felix… and I started to realize I had you… But no matter what I did I couldn’t ask you about it……” Lady trailed off still sniffling with her eyes closed and not turning towards Umbreon.

Umbreon was touched… deeply… Hearing her say what she had was… it was indescribable… When she finished Umbreon thought quickly to himself, “It might be her scent that’s making me think this, but to hell with Felix if he cares… I love her and she loves me! I might regret this when Felix finds us and abandons me, but I won’t hurt the one I love any more!” as his thoughts raced Umbreon came closer to lady and nuzzled her sweetly under her chin.

Lady unconsciously returned Umbreon nuzzle, smiling to herself and enjoying the touch. After the first second of his gesture Lady realized what she was doing and jumped backwards with her eyes wide and beginning to tear up again. “Umbreon I’m sorry… no… I…” She said frantically, trying to keep her head and respect what she thought was Umbreon would want. But as she trailed off Umbreon padded over to her once again and nuzzled her a second time. This time she saw it coming, but her initial reaction was the same. She returned his nuzzle as he leaned into her and licked her on the cheek. Lady’s eyes went wide when he did this, it wasn’t like him… She started thinking why he would suddenly act like this and came to the worse possible conclusion. “He’s, not really agreeing… is he…? No it must be my scent that’s doing this to him…” she thought as she closed her eyes and started crying again while trying to lean away from Umbreon. Umbreon realized she was still sad and with very little effort figured out what she had thought of… but he backed his weight off a little too late.

Umbreon had been leaning into lady and when she tried to move away he fell in front of her. Lady felt Umbreon’s touch leave her and snapped her eyes open to see if he had run, though as she opened her eyes she saw Umbreon lying on his back in front of her with a bit of an embarrassed smile as he began to speak.

“Lady it’s not what you think… I trained myself to resist a female’s scent when I was with my old pack… My actions are my own…” he said a little sheepishly, despite the fact that he had resolved himself to this, he was still nervous.

Hearing him say that was THE greatest comfort to Lady, she finally realized Luca was right… He really did love her… He was even willing to set aside his fear of Felix’s rejection for her! Which she had come to figure out was his greatest fear…

Unable to control her joy any longer she collapsed on top of him once again, but this time locking her muzzle with his forcing him into his first passionate kiss.

Umbreon again let out and “Oof” when Lady landed on him, then gasped as Lady forced her tongue to explore his maw. His eyes were wide with surprise, he had never done this before… but he liked it. After his shock wore off Umbreon started fighting Lady’s intruding tongue with his own… and thoroughly enjoyed the sensation.

As Lady kissed him she brought her tails up and began lightly trailing them along his body again, knowing how much he enjoyed it.

Umbreon felt those soft tails once again and moaned through their kiss, sending Lady further into her bliss. After a minute of this Lady slowly broke the kiss and wriggled into a better position. She was now laying parallel to Umbreon and to his left. As he lay on his back he turned his head towards her, but remained in his silly position. Lady opened her eyes to look lovingly at Umbreon and realized he had already beaten her to it. She loved everything about Umbreon, his looks, his personality, the way his rings glowed when he was embarrassed.

Which reminded her of his rings and she glanced at the small one on his forehead. She giggled when she saw it was glowing brighter than a full moon, illuminating her and making her own fur shine with a blue tint.

Umbreon heard her giggle and knew it was him she was laughing at. Though he really didn’t mind he leaned over and nipped Lady’s neck playfully.

She half yelped in surprise and glee, again he never acted like this, but she loved that he was doing this for her. Still she wouldn’t let him get the best of her in THAT game. She continued trailing her tails over his body, but now paying special attention to his sheath. From their kiss Umbreon’s pink tip had started to peak out. Lady had noticed, but was still apprehensive about going all the way, until now. As she teased Umbreon she covertly did the same to herself with a single tail that she alternated out so he wouldn’t notice. She “tickled” her own slit which gave her an incredible sensation, but on the down side brought her to a painful state of arousal, her entire sex throbbing for more attention when ever she remove her tail.

Umbreon smiled at Lady when she yelped, he knew he had surprised her, but he also knew she liked it. When her tails redoubled their efforts, now trailing over EVERY part of his body Umbreon started to feel something he had long ago forced himself to resist. He shivered as Lady paid special attention to his growing erection, lightly brushing her silky tails over his tip, down his growing length, down his sheath and ending by quickly flicking past his balls. His shivers soon turned to groans of pleasure as he leaned over to nuzzle Lady, wishing he had tails like her so he could tease her as well.

When Lady judged Umbreon to be fully erect she couldn’t stand the pain in her groin any longer, but remained clear headed enough to take it slow for Umbreon’s sake. She trailed her tails lighter and lighter until she had “weaned” Umbreon off them. Now that she had stopped her stimulating actions he opened his eyes, hoping this wasn’t over. He looked over at lady with such a happy look she hated to see it fade, but she had to continue. She looked lovingly into his happy expression and as she maneuvered herself to stand above him she kissed him again.

Umbreon didn’t even have time to realize how wet Lady had managed to make herself, or even just how stiff he was! Lady kissed him passionately while slowly lowering herself down on him. It was torture to her, but she knew the more she put herself through the better this would feel so she forced herself to endure. Her hot lips soon brushed against Umbreon’s furry sheath, the feel of his fur to her most sensitive area made her moan loudly through their kiss. She flinched when she first felt his fur, the pleasure it gave her was so incredible she found it hard to stand anything more than the initial touch. When she finally managed to keep herself in contact with Umbreon she slowly began inching her way forward, dragging her searing hot slit up Umbreon’s entire length. When she reached the end of his sheath she had to break their kiss to howl in pleasure as the sensation of fur shifted to slick unprotected flesh. She easily glided along his shaft with her fluids readily seeping from her hot entrance.

When Lady began lowering herself to Umbreon he could feel his heart race. Here was the girl of his dreams taking her time in her most needy hour to make him feel comfortable, although part of him really wished she would hurry up!...

He felt the heat of her body through her fur, but when her slit touched his sheath he too gasped through their kiss. She was so hot it was incredible!... but he failed to realize that his sheath was disbursing much of the heat instead of transferring it inward.

When Lady made contact with his sensitive flesh Umbreon howled with her, while a spurt of pre unwittingly escaped his tip. It was as if someone had dripped boiling water on his rod… but he felt no actual pain, only the incredible heat of the fire type’s arousal. She continued dragging herself up his flesh, wetting his entire length with the fluids that were freely oozing from between her swollen lips. Umbreon could only gasp wildly at the sensation of his shaft being covered in a super heated liquid, his mind told him he should be getting burned, but the liquid fire refused to actually burn him stopping just short of that imaginary pleasure-pain line. When Lady finally reached Umbreon’s tip with her slit she dipped down to position his tip just between her labia. She again painfully forced herself to stop for a second, relishing the thought of what was actually happening, before again painfully slowly beginning to sink Umbreon’s throbbing member inside her.

Lady’s chest was above Umbreon and she had positioned herself for him to enter her. He continued trying to catch his breath through the torment she was putting him through, as she too gasped to the sky at the wonderful feeling. As Lady began slowly linking them Umbreon couldn’t take it any longer and bucked his hips, sinking his entire length quickly into her. Since Felix had helped Lady with her heat before there was no pain at all, but when he suddenly forced himself into her she found herself unable to resist her urges and thrust herself down on his body, throwing him even deeper into her furnace like confines.

Lady howled in pleasure as Umbreon entered her, and Umbreon screamed from under her with such a pleasure filled voice that it sounded like someone was killing him. If Lady hadn’t known what the true feeling behind his response was she might have been worried that she had hurt him.

As Umbreon sank his penis into Lady’s searing hot tunnel he couldn’t help but scream, and when she reacted by thrusting down onto him he only cried louder! He convulsed sending several spurts of pre splashing over her tight walls. Every cell in his brain was telling him that his flesh was being literally melted by the heat, but every nerve in his dick begged for a higher temperature.

Lady collapsed on Umbreon after their first thrust, the sensation to much to bear all at once.

Being a virgin Umbreon nearly came with that first thrust, luckily she had collapsed on top of him instead of continuing or he wouldn’t have made it past her third motion even though his knot was just beginning to form.

The two of them lay there for a full minute before getting used to the sensation. Lady’s entire sex pulsed with her rapid heartbeat squeezing Umbreon’s intruding flesh every time, giving him swift jolts of an indescribable feeling. Lady’s heart rate began to slow and the burning need for relief began to overshadow her fading pleasure.

Umbreon, still hard as a rock, also started to calm down, but the position they were in wasn’t very comfortable. Umbreon wriggled under his love slipping a few inches of his member out of her cunt and into the seemingly frigid air of the warm night. He shivered which only made Lady gasp more, but she too wasn’t very comfortable. She finally regained control of her rubbery legs and shakily stood up over Umbreon letting him slip entirely out of her, leaving her with a horribly empty feeling.

Umbreon gasped as his penis was suddenly pulled from its warm home, it was so cold yet nothing could possibly have shrunk his erection.

Lady stepped off of Umbreon, still wobbling slightly. Umbreon took the hint and got up onto his feet, he knew there was only one position that would allow them to fully enjoy their actions.

Lady knelt with her front paws while keeping her rear legs fully extended, bringing her head around and resting it on the ground at she looked at Umbreon. She fanned her tails out and prominently displayed herself for her lover.

Umbreon returned her loving look then turned his attention to her red lips which she was displaying for him. He had never had an opportunity like this in his life and he couldn’t resist taking the chance to torment Lady the way she had him. She was so wet he almost thought she had peed herself, and her scent was starting to intoxicate even him. Relishing the feeling Umbreon put his nose close to her entrance and took a deep breath, which got a few whines of anticipation from Lady. Without a warning he pressed his cold nose to her hot sex and inhaled, she again whined but in surprise at the strange but oddly pleasing feeling.

Umbreon shuddered, she smelled so sweet… so … wonderful! He decided enough was enough, he had gotten his revenge, and whether it was her scent that made him think that or his own kind heart he didn’t know but with a swift motion he hopped on top of her, forcing her tails out of the way so he could lick Lady’s neck sweetly as he positioned himself, guided only by the heat she was radiating.

Lady moaned as Umbreon got ready, just having him mount her was pleasing to her as their fur touched. Umbreon slowly placed his wet tip at Lady’s entrance once again, causing her to cry out in anticipation then in pure pleasure as he forced himself into her for the second time. Umbreon tensed once before he reversed his direction, pulling out into the seemingly frigid air. A breeze blew past the pair at that moment and Umbreon hastily thrust back into Lady, affording another gasp of pleasure from her. Umbreon continued his motions, taking short breaks between thrusts at first to avoid coming, and ending this wonderful experience. As he got used to Lady’s heat and tightness he sped up his motions, roughly forcing himself into his lover. Despite his uncharacteristic roughness Lady was in pure bliss, having Umbreon with her was the best thing she could ever ask for.

She continued to leak her liquids around Umbreon and could soon feel herself getting close to climax, Umbreon seemed to be growing within her, but it was actually her walls tightening. She started to sigh in ecstasy between Umbreon’s forceful entries, desperate for the feeling of his seed inside her.

Lady hadn’t noticed Umbreon’s knot was now fully enlarged and bumping against her lips with each of his thrusts. Umbreon felt Lady’s vagina begin to tighten, but also felt that her outer lips were spreading apart from the barrage of his knot. Lady’s fluids were still leaking from her opening, smearing over Umbreon’s knot unwittingly preparing it for insertion. Lady began to gasp louder and faster, and Umbreon could feel his own peak coming, he continued his thrusts hard and fast until he knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. For his final act he pulled nearly the whole way out of Lady, giving her that horrid empty feeling and causing her to growl momentarily and almost indistinguishably through her gasps of pleasure. Before Lady could finish her growl though Umbreon gave his final thrust, burrowing through her tight cunt and forcing his knot to pop inside his new mate, tying them together for the first time.

Lady’s growl was cut short when Umbreon finally satisfied her lust, she felt him force his way in faster than he had before, but when she thought he was hilted something else hit her. She gasped at a sharp pain and realized she had forgotten about his knot. However, this pain was so short lived she could swear it never happened, for as Umbreon forced his way past her lips his knot ground against her clit, making her scream as he had when they started. That single brush against her fleshy nub was all she needed…

Umbreon cringed as he felt his knot being enveloped by Lady’s hot depths, and getting splashed with her hot fluids once again. He howled loudly, but was drowned out by Lady’s screams. He hugged her body as best he could unable to hold back any longer he shot his warm ropey seed straight into Lady’s womb. He wriggled uncomfortable above his mate, the feeling just wouldn’t stop, and Lady’s walls were clamped down on him pulsing at a steady rate accompanied by a literal heat wave. Let alone as he wriggled his knot kept shifting inside her, rubbing against her internal flesh. All of this only prolonged his nearly painful orgasm as he shot more and more of his cream into Lady.

Lady hit her climax just as Umbreon forced his knot inside her, covering Umbreon’s member in a fresh volume of her hot fluids. As she screamed she could feel his seed coating her walls. She didn’t have words to describe how happy she was, nor how much relief this brought her. The burning sensations of her heat cycle began to fade, giving way to the waves of pleasure Umbreon was giving her. His member was still twitching and with his wriggling he was grinding his knot inside of her. Just as these factors had kept Umbreon going they did the same for Lady, as her first climax began to fade she quickly felt a second rising from within.

Umbreon wasn’t supporting himself any longer and was leaning on her with nearly his full weight. He continued to moan loudly as Lady’s scream turned to gasps for air, his knot still giving him enough stimulation to keep squirting small amounts of his remaining cum. As he continued shifting from the feeling he felt Lady clench down on him again. He moaned louder as her second orgasm washed over him and started milking him dry, her hot soft cunt practically sucking him off. His member continued to convulse in an attempt to squeeze more liquid out, but he was completely drained, he only kept moaning as Lady’s second climax faded and her searing hot, wet depths began to relax around him. He was so tired, the intensity of his first time was nearly too much for him and he struggled to stay awake so as not to fall on Lady and hurt her.

Still trying to catch her breath Lady turned her head to look at Umbreon, he smiled weakly at her and tried to say something but couldn’t get the words out. Lady knew neither of them would be able to hold this position for long, so with her remaining strength she brought her tails back to life and held Umbreon tightly in his position as she leaned over to lay down. Umbreon helped in the only way he could with his right paw supporting some of his own weight as she lowered them both to the ground where they could relax and wait until their tie faded.

Umbreon tried once again to speak to Lady, but still couldn’t so he rubbed his head on her side before falling asleep in their after glow. Lady wished she could have nuzzled Umbreon back, but she didn’t have the energy, and she wasn’t a contortionist. She smiled to her self still panting as she too fell asleep, enjoying the sensation of Umbreon’s slowly shrinking knot still inside of her.
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