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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

Home once again

The next morning I woke up first. I opened my eyes to see Luca sleeping peacefully next to me. I was close enough to her that I could lean over and kiss her with out disturbing her with my movements, so I kissed her lightly on her forehead. She moaned as she started to wake up, and smiled when she opened her eyes to see me already watching her. Leo also stretched and woke up when Luca and I moved. The three of us got up and started getting ready for a day of traveling when we realized Lady and Umbreon were strangely missing…

As the sun began to rise Umbreon flinched in the bright light and opened his eyes. He instantly recognized Lady in front of him and his thoughts turned to what they had done last night. “God she’s hot!” He thought to himself as he looked over his new mate, taking in every detail of her vulpine body, her curves her soft main her cute ears and even cuter face… She was still sleeping and Umbreon didn’t want to disturb her, but a strange feeling came over him when he realized that Felix would probably be waking up soon…

“Oh no… What if he finds me like this…?” Umbreon quickly thought to himself as he glanced down to where he and Lady had been tied… Both of their pelts were covered in various dry love fluids, Lady more so than Umbreon…

“I can’t let Felix abandon me… I can’t bare the thought of loosing Lady like that…” Umbreon frantically tried to think of a way to hide this from Felix. He didn’t regret what he had done, but if he could help it he wasn’t going to give Felix the chance to find out and force him to leave.

Through his thoughts Umbreon remained still, unconsciously fulfilling his desire not to disturb his sleeping mate, but after another minute Lady smiled in the suns warmth and stretched her limbs, including tails. As she relaxed her muscles her tails came to rest randomly over Umbreon, she kept her eyes closed, but guessed his position based on where her tails had fallen. In a quick motion she rolled and kissed Umbreon sweetly while holding him in place with her tails. Umbreon yelped quietly as Lady surprised him, but his nerves calmed and he nuzzled her lovingly when she released him.

“Oh Umbreon… Thank you… I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to tell Felix…” Lady said in an extremely happy voice, but at her last words Umbreon quickly snapped, “No!... We can’t tell him… He’ll make me leave you!”

A bit surprised Lady replied in a caring but concerned voice, “No he won’t. He’ll understand…”

“No I can’t take that chance please promise me you won’t tell anyone, not even Luca…” Umbreon rebutted franticly, but continued in a very loving and concerned tone. “Lady… I love you… I can’t loose you…”

“Al… Alright. I won’t say anything…” Lady said caringly, pleasantly surprised by Umbreon’s ending remark. Lady knew that Felix and Luca would understand, but if it meant that much to Umbreon she would keep it a secret… for now.

The two of them lay there in the soft grass nuzzling each other for a short time before getting up and setting about cleaning themselves. Another one of Umbreon’s paranoid ideas… He suspected if the cleaned each other all it would lead to was them getting messier. Lady was a bit disappointed at this, but again if it meant that much to Umbreon she’d cooperate… Again… for now.

After setting to his task Umbreon found he was getting aroused anyway. The taste of Lady’s juices was still their and cleaning them off himself was a powerful reminder of what he felt the night before. A few times he murmured happily to himself as he licked his sheath and thought about that night. Luckily (in HIS mind… not Lady’s) he had trained himself to resist being tempted so when he was done he had suppressed his feelings enough so his cock wouldn’t peak out.

Lady on the other hand was having a much more difficult time. Umbreon had succeeded in giving her the single most enjoyable experience she had ever had, and on his first time no less… She had only gotten one leg clean of their fluids when Umbreon finished his task.

“I guess I should help her, after all I was the one who made her such a mess, and I know she wouldn’t mind… I just hope she doesn’t get carried away… Like always…” Umbreon thought to himself before giggling lightly at his finishing thought. Lady looked up at Umbreon to see what was so funny, but found him almost nose to nose with her when she looked up.

Umbreon gave her a smile before leaning down to her belly and starting to lick his lover clean. Lady laid back and moaned happily as Umbreon assisted her, loving the feel of his warm tongue running through her fur, but the one place she wanted him to clean the most he avoided.

When he had gotten all but that one place Umbreon sat back and licked his lips, Lady looked up with a seductive look, but Umbreon only smiled cutely as he replied, “Ohhh No… If I do that I’ll just have to clean you again…” Lady growled lightly as she smiled wryly at him, giving a look of amused annoyance. “Fine… I’ll get him later…” Lady thought to herself as she once again folded her body in half, the way only cats and dogs can, to finish cleaning herself. It wasn’t near as arousing as if Umbreon had done it which she knew was why he had avoided it, but she still found her lips tender from the night before and if she had afforded more than three licks to the area she may well have ended up making a mess of herself anyway…

When she was finished Lady groaned as she stiffly got up to be with Umbreon. She rubbed his side and nuzzled his head saying, “Thank you!” sweetly before he got up and they started making their way back to the camp site, walking much closer to each other than normal.

Reflexively I looked towards Kail to see if he had done something, but immediately after I thought it I just wanted to shoot myself. “No… What are you thinking; he wouldn’t have done anything… Plus… He’s sleeping…” I thought as I shook my head once to clear my own traitorous thoughts, before looking back at him and realized what a weird position he was in….

He was a typical bachelor alright… He was randomly sprawled on his back in the soft grass, mouth agape and snoring lightly. Luca saw I was looking at Kail and spared a glance as well; Leo soon looked up and wondering what his parents were looking at, followed our gazes. I only smiled, managing to contain my laughter, but Luca couldn’t control herself that much, she smiled cutely and put her paw over her mouth as she giggled a cute “girl’s” giggle. Leo however saw nothing wrong with Kail’s position. He quietly asked “What,” which only made us want to laugh harder, but Luca and I managed to reply, “Nothing,” in a stifled laughing voice.

It was then that I thought of something and calmly whispered to Luca, “Hey. Do you want to tease him to show him he’s one of us?” Luca’s eyes widened slightly with anticipation as she eagerly replied, “Sure. What’s the plan?”

I had almost forgotten how playful Luca could be, but I had remembered when I thought of this little prank which is why I didn’t think she’d have a problem with it. I explained my idea to her and she had to put both her paws to her mouth to stop herself from laughing so hard that she would wake Kail.

When she collected herself she gave me one last snicker and laid down sexily on her side next to Kail. Meanwhile I went over to Leo to make sure he didn’t jump to the wrong conclusions.

Kail started to stir when he felt something touching him. A soft paw was gently and lovingly circling his chest spike. He closed his mouth and moaned happily at the touch as he slowly turned his head, with his eyes still shut; towards whom ever was doing this. He slowly opened his eyes to see a beautiful female Lucario lying in a very sexy pose next to him. When she knew he could see her she said, “Hi” in a seductive tone, but as he became more aware of his surroundings and his vision fully registered he realized who the Lucario was…

“Luca…???!!! O MY GOD!” Kail screamed as he shot into a sitting position and crab crawled away from her. Luca finally couldn’t help herself any longer and rolled onto her back, laughing hysterically while holding her sides. Leo wasn’t quite sure what had just happened, but then again it was more of an adult joke.

I too couldn’t help myself and started laughing out load while sitting with Leo. Kail looked over at me with wide fearful eyes wondering what in the hell was so funny about him waking up to my mate lustfully circling his chest spike… Which is when it hit him… “FELIX!” Kail yelled as he lunged towards me, reaching me with a single push from his strong legs, pinning me firmly on the ground while I was still laughing. “WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!!!? Are you trying to give me a heart attack!?”

“Hey lighten up Kail. Your one of us now right? Consider that your initiation… AHAHAHA!” I said to explain our actions, but more to tease him a bit further. Kail listened to my explanation and when I started laughing again he couldn’t help but join in. He snickered at first then muttered playfully, “I hate you.” Before loosing it and laughing out loud with me, while still sitting on top of me. Leo was still confused but seeing me laugh when Kail tackle me was enough entertainment for him and he too laughed with us.

Lady and Umbreon were half way to the campsite when they heard laughing. Umbreon immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion thinking that everyone was laughing about how Felix was going to make him leave. Thinking this Umbreon stopped cold in the brush just before coming into sight of the camp. Lady however wasn’t worried at all, she just figured something funny had happened, but she knew if she just pranced out Umbreon might not follow. So she peaked through a bush to survey the scene.

To her surprise Kail was sitting on top of Felix with everyone laughing, especially Luca who looked as if she couldn’t breath. “Maybe they really are laughing at us…” Lady thought as she interpreted Felix’s position sexually and out of context. As the four campsite occupants calmed down Lady hung her head and turned back to Umbreon, intending to run away with him rather than loose him…

We all laughed hard at the prank Luca and I had pulled on Kail. Eventually we calmed down and our hysterical laughter faded to snickers. Kail got up off of me and Leo stood up as well. I sat up and looked over at Luca who was still trying to catch her breath, blatantly sprawled on the cool grass. After my glance I got up and went over to help her up. She grabbed my hand with her paw and I pulled her up, playfully wrapping her in an embrace before she could react. I wasn’t trying to prove a point I just wanted to hug my mate, she hugged me back smiling that I would do something so random for her.

When I released her I asked if she could find Lady and Umbreon while I packed up to leave. She wiped the last tear of laughter from her cheek and nodded at me with a smile before closing her eyes and starting to look around. As I finished packing Luca suddenly bolted across the clearing, yelling “Stay here.” to me in a serious tone.

Well needless to say her action worried me, but I headed her command and went to comfort Leo who was more distraught than me that his mother would up and leave like that. Kail also didn’t understand, but after thinking about it slightly he came to the conclusion that it must have something to do with Lady’s heat…

As Lady turned back to Umbreon she almost started crying. “I can’t believe Felix would do that…” she said as she reached her mate.

“What? Were they really laughing at us?” Umbreon asked, a bit stunned that he had been right, because in the back of his mind he never really expected to be.

“I think so…” Lady replied still shaken by her thoughts. “If… If he feels that way then… what have I been doing these past 12 years...? Oh Umbreon.” She continued, becoming increasingly upset and finally crying as she finished. They started to walk away from the camp, heading anywhere but there so they could be together since Felix didn’t seem to care about either of them. Umbreon nuzzled Lady as they went, trying to cheer her up by reminding her he was still there for her. They only got about fifty yards from campsite when Luca suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Where are you going?” She asked quickly with a look of sadness and voice of concern, fearing that they were leaving because of Kail. Umbreon boldly stepped in front of Lady with a mad and serious look on his face as he stood up to Luca. “We’re leaving since you don’t seem to care about us! We saw you making fun of us… Now move!” He said with a voice that Luca never expected, which scared her and got her wondering what they thought had happened.

“What?! No. We would never… Oh…” Luca began with a surprised and taken aback tone, but when she realized what they had seen she couldn’t stop herself from laughing a little.

“What’s so funny about that!?” Umbreon demanded, growling at Luca since he thought she was laughing at him and Lady again.

Through this whole ordeal Lady had her head hung in shame as she cried behind Umbreon. But having him defend her like this felt was very nice.

With a snicker Luca continued her explanation, still scared that Umbreon would growl at her. “No. Umbreon you have it all wrong! Felix and I were just teasing Kail… It was a joke; you weren’t involved in any way! We were just about to come look for you before we pulled that prank… Why would you think we were making fun of you anyway?”

As Luca explained, a sense of relief washed over both Umbreon and Lady, but dread hit Umbreon again when Luca asked what they had thought.

“Uh… Nothing we just thought since we weren’t there and none of you seemed to be the target of a joke…” Umbreon frantically lied as he tried to suppress his embarrassment so his rings didn’t start glowing brighter. Lady however couldn’t think of what to tell Luca. Umbreon’s explanation was sure to fail… it had far too many holes in it… and Luca had already known Lady was in heat, so it wouldn’t be long until Luca noticed something was different…

Just as Lady was thinking Luca would notice something… she did. Luca was innocently trying to figure out why Umbreon was so embarrassed when a strange scent caught her attention. With one quick sniff Luca’s expression changed from innocently curious to an accusing smile as she looked at Umbreon. “I know that smell…” Luca said playfully as she leaned in closer to Umbreon.

“What… I… Uh…” Umbreon stuttered as his rings instantly went as black as his fur (the equivalent of a human going “white as a sheet.”) and a scared looked took over his face. Lady knew there was no use hiding it now and came up beside Umbreon to nuzzle him sweetly before licking his cheek. Umbreon however was still frozen even through Lady’s affections.

Luca continued to look accusingly at Umbreon and when Lady licked him Luca rushed in and wrapped an arm around both of them, hugging them tight while she told them how happy she was for them. Lady nuzzled Luca and thanked her as a few tears started to role down her cheek, but Umbreon could scarcely think straight. The only thing he could think of was how to stop Luca from telling Felix.

After a few seconds of listening to Luca’s happy congratulations Umbreon spoke up in a hesitant voice. “L… Luca…” he managed which got Luca to release them and in her excitement cut him off. “Oh Umbreon! Felix will be so happy! I have to go tell him!”

“NO! Wait!” Umbreon managed desperately as Luca stood up. Luckily Luca stopped and looked down at him.

“What?” She asked. A little concerned as to why Umbreon seemed so scared.

“You can’t tell Felix! If he finds out what I did to Lady he’ll abandon me!” Umbreon finally blurted out and closed his eyes at the thought of loosing Lady.

Luca only got a surprised look wondering why Umbreon would think such a thing. She looked over to Lady to see if she had any answer, but Lady only licked Umbreon’s forehead as he looked away from Luca with tears welling in his eyes. Seeing how much Umbreon believed what he had said Luca knelt down to him with a sad but understanding look.

“Umbreon… Felix would never…” Luca began, but Umbreon again interrupted, now crying as he pleaded his case. “Luca please… You can’t tell him!... I can’t loose Lady! I’ll tell him myself, but please promise me you’ll keep this a secret!”

Umbreon jerked away from Lady when he began speaking. Lady had a sad look on her face watching Umbreon get so broken up. When Umbreon finished his plea Luca again looked to Lady, who returned the gaze with the same pleading eyes Umbreon had, she didn’t care that she knew Felix would understand, she just wanted Umbreon to be happy.

After a short look to Lady Luca turned back to Umbreon and hugged him sweetly, rubbing his back as she gave her answer. “Alright Umbreon… I won’t tell Felix, but I want you to know he would never abandon you and I would never let him… even if he wanted to…” Luca said in such a caring voice that Umbreon couldn’t help but calm down and nuzzle her shoulder to thank her in the only way he could at the moment.

Lady sat beside Luca and Umbreon watching the scene. She was happy to have Umbreon calm again, and glad that Luca had agreed to Umbreon’s plea. But after ten seconds of watching them hug, and Umbreon nuzzling Luca’s shoulder she had had enough…

Lady growled lightly to snap the two of them out of it. She also gave Luca a playful look that said, “Hands off my mate…” Umbreon smiled at the gesture, again happy he had Lady as his partner. Luca however quickly released Umbreon after hearing Lady, but she too looked over with a smile then hugged Lady tight. Lady smiled and when Luca released her the three of them began walking back to camp.

Umbreon was fairly nervous on the way back, but by the time they cleared the brush he had collected himself, and was acting “normally.”

“You found them!” I said happily as Luca walked out of the brush with Lady and Umbreon. “Thank god I thought something was wrong.” I thought to myself as I went over and gave both Lady and Umbreon a hug to show them I was worried. Umbreon felt a little tense when I hugged him, but Luca assured me everything was fine, which was enough for me. Let alone Lady seemed happier than she had been in day’s. Although oddly enough when I hugged Lady and Umbreon, Luca went over and said something to Kail, but I really didn’t pay it much mind.

As Felix was “welcoming” back Lady and Umbreon, Luca went over to Kail. “So Umbreon went through with it huh?” Kail whispered to Luca kindly.

“Yes, but he doesn’t want Felix to know yet so please keep Lady’s heat and… well… her “solution” a secret.” Luca said with a bit of a giggle at her choice of words. Kail only smiled as well and replied, “Ok.”

With Kail taken care of Luca had to catch Leo before he got to Felix…

With a few whiffs of the air Leo caught wind of the strange scent emanating from Lady and Umbreon. It wasn’t quite as enticing as the previous scent his mother had told him to ignore, but the sweet and somewhat musky smell still intrigued him enough for him to start heading toward the source to ask his father what it was. However, before he got two steps Luca swept him up in her arms.

Still unaware of what he stumbled across Leo innocently began to ask his mother what the smell was, but before he could get a word out Luca kindly put a paw up and gave him a quiet “Shh. I’ll tell you later, but we can’t tell your dad. Ok?” Still confused as to what the big secret was Leo smiled and promised he wouldn’t mention it. Although he covertly took a few more sniffs for his own curiosity.

Now that everyone was accounted for we continued on towards home, with me still completely oblivious to my oldest friend’s relationship. However, I did notice during the last two nights we spent on the road side that Umbreon seemed much more affectionate toward Lady, but I simply smiled and labeled it as nothing. Also during those two nights Luca seemed happier for some reason, and nuzzled me a few times when I wasn’t expecting it, but again I labeled it as nothing, although I did enjoy it.

When we were just about to crest the last hill before my home I stopped for a short rest. I explained everything to my companions once more so they all knew what the plan was for Kail. Once everyone understood we covered the last quarter mile towards home.

As we entered the yard the front door swung open as a pretty young girl a little older than my sister ran out to greet us… although in an unusual way…

The girl immediately ran to me and kissed me… on the lips no less… I was surprised, and in that surprised state… forgot to struggle… The girl soon released me with a giggle then gave Luca a quick hug before doing the same to Leo, Lady, and Umbreon. When she was done with Umbreon the girl got real close to Kail and looked him over intently, circling him once before giving him a kiss on the nose and running back inside with a happy giggle.

I was still dumbfounded, and failed to notice Luca’s reaction to all of this… that is until I got a rough smack on the back of the head…

“Oww!” I exclaimed “What was that…” I started as I turned towards Luca, but stopped when I saw her face… She had tears in her eyes and a hurt look on her face.

“How could you! You told me you never had another girl in your life!” Luca said, on the verge of full out crying.

“Luca No… I don’t even know her! I’ve never seen her before!” I tried to explain franticly, but she wouldn’t even listen to me. She only turned away letting her tears start to hit the ground as she “hugged” herself.

“Luca…” I began in a caring tone. “… Honestly I haven’t seen her before in my life!” I finished, as I tried to lay my hand on her shoulder, but she jerked away from me again not turning to face me.

Just as Luca jerked away Ashley and the girl came back out, Ashley started speaking, but didn’t make things any better with her words…

“Are you sure you don’t remember her Felix!?” Ashley said cheerfully as the two women began walking towards me, Ashley apparently still ignoring what Luca thought of the situation…

“Come on you’ve seen her before, don’t you remember?” Ashley continued until she was standing right in front of me. Luca couldn’t take it any more and ran towards the tree line on the edge of our backyard, crying as she went. I hadn’t turned to look at Ashley the entire time, but once Luca ran I sighed angrily and turned towards her.

“Why would you do that?! I don’t know this girl! I haven’t seen her before… and worst of all Luca won’t give me the chance to explain!” I yelled which got her to back off with a bit of a hurt expression, but for all I knew she deserved it…

This whole time the strange girl only observed innocently, not saying a word.

When Luca ran Ashley had looked curiously over to her, wondering what was wrong, and when I yelled at her Ashley quickly figured out what had went wrong with her little prank… “Felix… Wait… I didn’t mean for that to happen.” She began in a sad tone. “I was just joking… Take a good look at her I’m sure you’ll notice something if you look close enough…” She continued trying to explain still in her sad tone.

Still upset I quickly looked over the girl, and seeing nothing, was about to give Ashley a contemptful glare as I ran after Luca, but just as I was about to something did catch my eye. I looked closer at the girl who simply smiled at me, remaining where she stood.

“La…tias…?” I said with a curious and surprised voice. The girl immediately giggled and flashed blue for a split second, taking her true form and hovering over to hug me again.

“It’s nice to see you too Latias, but I have to find Luca… Please let me go.” I said as the dragon hugged me tight nuzzling me in her innocent and playful way. When I finished my plea Latias released me with a confused purr then smiled and said “Laa!” before rocketing off in the direction Luca had taken. I looked over to Leo seeing as he was the only one who could help me.

Everyone else was still stunned by what had just happened, and when I had yelled at my own sister they all froze knowing they shouldn’t interfere. Kail was utterly confused and surprised when he got a kiss from some girl he didn’t know… let alone when that girl revealed herself to be a Latias no less.

When I looked at him Leo got a bit scared until I asked him what Latias had said, he then relaxed a bit and answered. “She said “I’ll get Luca.”” Leo quoted, still unsure whether he should say anything else.

When Leo replied a sense of dread hit me. Latias had no idea how to handle situations like this… at least as far as I knew. I turned to run after the dragon, but she was already gone and Ashley stopped me as well.

“Felix I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen… We were just trying to show you our new trick…” My sister apologized with an honest and sad tone. Once Latias revealed herself I knew it was a joke, but Luca wasn’t there for the punch line, and she thought I had cheated on her.

“It’s alright Ashley. I’m sorry I over reacted, but I have to find Luca…” I stated in a frantic voice, but I wasn’t mad anymore, just concerned.

“Latias will find her, don’t worry. I’m sure Luca will come back once Latias shows her the trick.” Ashley interrupted; obviously relaxed since she knew I was no longer mad about the joke.

“Ok. If you’re sure Latias can handle it.” I replied, reluctant to trust my mate’s opinion of me to someone as playful as Latias.

“I’m sure…” Ashley said with a smile as she continued on with finding out how I was.

We made our way inside with everyone but Latias and Luca following me and my sister. When I entered the house my mother immediately wrapped me in a tight embrace, almost crying as she told me how glad she was that I was alright. I calmed her down eventually and we went into the living room so I could explain.

Meanwhile in the woods behind Felix’s home…

Latias hovered lightly through the trees craning her head to see if she could spot Luca. She had followed Luca’s scent to the spot she was in, but couldn’t seem to find her… That is until a tear fell onto Latias’s nose. “Huh” Latias managed before she looked up curiously. “Luca!” she squealed as she took off straight up a tree to hover just in front of the sobbing Lucario who was perched about 40 feet up. “Hi… Latias. What are you doing here?” Luca said through her tears as she reached out and patted Latias on the head.

“I came to get you!” Latias replied innocently, seeming to ignore the fact that Luca was crying. Luca loved that part of Latias. No matter what the situation she was always so happy and carefree, even when things were going wrong. Luca smiled, but didn’t move as she said sadly, “Thanks Latias, but I’m not going back just yet.”

“Why not?” Latias asked still in her innocent tone, and cocking her head to the side. “Oh I know why!” she continued and quickly hovered behind Luca to a branch close behind Luca and flashed blue before she could turn to see what the dragon was doing.

When Luca did turn she gasped and fell backwards off of the branch she was sitting on. Luckily she was very quick on her feet and flipped once to land on the next branch below her with an extremely surprised look on her face. “Latias!!! That was you?!” Luca said, no longer crying. Latias smiled and giggled at Luca’s reaction before flashing blue again and quickly flying down to Luca’s level.

“Will you come home now?” Latias asked with a curious look. Luca still couldn’t help herself, getting caught up in how truly oblivious Latias was some times, she smiled a little and said “Yes.” before jumping from branch to branch the rest of the way to the ground. Latias joined her and Luca again patted the dragons head sweetly, but her thoughts were running wild. “If that girl was Latias… then Felix really was telling the truth… and I didn’t listen… he must be worried sick let alone Leo… I have to get back to them… I’m so sorry Felix!”

As Luca finished her thoughts she turned in the direction she had come and ran as fast as she could while still allowing Latias to stay beside her. In no time at all they were at the house, and practically broke down the door as they entered.

Just as I started explaining that I was completely healed to my mother Luca threw herself at me knocking me over on the couch. I was surprised to suddenly be tackled to the cushions, but when I realized it was Luca, crying as she hugged me and trying to apologize, I couldn’t help but return her embrace and rub her back.

“I’m so sorry… please forgive me for doubting you…” Luca managed between her sobs, but I could never have been upset over something like that. “Shhhh. It’s fine, there’s no need to apologize…” I said as she pressed her head to my chest and I caressed her fur.

Everyone simply looked on as Luca cried. If you weren’t part of it, it was a rather sweet scene… When Luca calmed down I sat back up still with my arm around her as she rested against my shoulder still sniffling.

Now that I had Luca by me again I could relax and continue convincing my family that I was alright. And before long Luca had stopped crying and was helping me explain in places. Once that was done Ashley chimed in with another topic.

“You know you’re lucky… You found another Lucario to accompany you…” my sister said with a jealous tone. Latias looked up at Ashley from her prone position on the floor, then looked over to Kail. Kail only looked over at me with a look that pleaded me to stick to my word and not tell my sister the truth.

I wasn’t about to break my promise, and I smiled wryly as I replied, “What do you mean I’m lucky? He wants to go with you!”

“What?!” Ashley replied with an extremely surprised, but very happy tone. She looked over at Kail who also had a surprised look, but when he noticed Ashley staring at him he got embarrassed. Kail immediately blushed and bowed his head so as not to return Ashley’s gaze, but after a few nervous seconds he started to speak.

I thought Ashley would need a translator and since Luca had fallen asleep on my shoulder again, I looked to Leo to ask him if he could, but before I could get a word out Latias began speaking to Ashley. Kail stopped mid sentence and Latias once again looked at him. She cocked her head as she purred curiously, which from the pose she was in I gathered meant “Why’d you stop?” Kail looked to Ashley who said, “Don’t worry. Go on.” then she shot me a look intended to peak my curiosity. It worked, but I kept quiet so Kail could finish.

Kail quickly figured out what Latias was doing so he continued what he was saying. “I… I’d like to go with you if you don’t mind… Felix has told me a lot about you, and I’d rather not stay with him and Luca…I feel I’d just be in the way…” Kail said sheepishly, still nervous about staying with my family. When he finished he hesitantly looked up at Ashley to see her reaction.

As Kail looked up Ashley was already half way across the room. She threw herself at him hugging his neck tight as she said, “Of course you can come with me!”

Kail saw Ashley lunge at him and a sense of terror hit him. Again seeing the worst possible outcome, he thought Ashley had figured out his secret. As she came towards him Kail pressed himself back into the couch as his face turned to a surprised and scared expression. When Ashley had a hold of him however Kail relaxed and after a few seconds he put his arms around her and skittishly thanked her for allowing him to join her.

“No problem! Why would you think I wouldn’t let you? By the way what’s your name?” Ashley asked quickly, still giddy about the fact that I had found a Lucario that wanted her as a trainer.

Kail got scared at Ashley’s first question, because he knew he couldn’t answer it… but he was once again relieved when Ashley continued, too excited to let him answer. As Ashley released him to listen to his response Kail replied a bit nervously, “M… My name’s Kail.”

“Well Kail, you won’t regret coming with me!”” Ashley said giving Kail a sweet smile before adding, “But I should warn you, I’m not as easy going as Felix is.” giggling when she finished and tugging on his arm to drag him back to sit with her in her original seat. Kail followed, but spared a worried look back towards me, as if asking me if he should be agreeing to this. I only smiled kindly at him and nodded slightly which seemed to ease him a lot. He was soon sitting comfortably in the chair with Ashley leaning on him, oddly enough the reverse of a trainer pokemon relationship, but he seemed happy. In fact he seemed happier than I had ever seen him before.

It started to get late, and by that time I had explained our whole ordeal to my mother and sister… that is everything except Kail’s role. I knew Ashley liked him already, but my mother hadn’t even taken the chance to acknowledge him yet, she had been too worried about me.

Leo had fallen asleep, amazingly enough, curled up with Latias in the center of the floor. Meanwhile Lady and Umbreon had claimed Kail’s empty couch seat and fallen to sleep together as well. Kail was still awake, but Ashley was starting to doze off, and so was I. Since I had explained everything the three of us humans decided to get some sleep as well. Ashley tiredly got up and headed to her room, motioning for Kail to come with her. Kail was very uncomfortable with this, and looked over to me once again with a scared look.

As Ashley got up I shifted and picked Luca up in my arms, just like the last time we had come home. She once again rested her head to my chest as I went to carry her up stairs, but before I turned to go up the stairs I whispered to Kail, “Its fine, my sister always does this. She’s not trying to sleep with you she’s just treating you as an equal like she does Latias.” This seemed to ease Kail a small amount, but he still had a worried expression as he followed Ashley to her room where she pulled a trundle bed out from under her daybed, and set it up for Kail, but much to Kail’s relief she kept it separate from her own bed.

As everyone started moving Latias raised her head gently, so as not to wake Leo. She noticed everyone was going to bed, and she wanted to sleep with Ashley as normal, but she also didn’t want to disturb Leo. However, Latias was very clever and before I even had the chance to comfort Kail her eyes began to glow. She gently lifted Leo with her psychic abilities, since this wasn’t intended as an attack it didn’t bother Leo and he didn’t stir. Latias carefully lifted Leo and hovered behind him, making her way to Ashley’s room. She spared a look at me before entering to see if I would let Leo sleep with her tonight. I smiled and whispered “Sure.” to her and turned to take Luca upstairs to our room.

When Ashley had settled in Latias curled up on the bed in much the same position she had been in the living room and lowered Leo back down where he moved slightly to get comfortable before Latias laid her head down with him once again.

Once I was upstairs I set Luca down on our bed. She rolled over once I set her down, but didn’t wake up. After I set Luca down I stripped to my underwear and carefully got into bed with her, being careful not to disturb her, but at the same time getting as close as possible, where I quickly fell asleep.

The next morning Luca decided to surprise me… I opened my eyes to a soft paw lightly trailing over my chest. As I came into consciousness I realized what the feeling was and I turned my head to look at Luca. She smiled the same seductive smile she had given Kail during our joke. I smiled back and before she could do anything else I quickly rolled on my side, putting my hand behind her head and forced her into a kiss, pushing my tongue past her lips. Though surprised Luca moaned happily and kissed me back. It had been quite a while since we had been truly alone to do this, and now that we were reminded of it, we both realized how much we missed it.

It was still early when we woke up so when we did break our kiss I lay there holding Luca close to me. She happily nuzzled me, and I got to enjoy the feel of her fur against my bare skin. Something I had also missed greatly since in my modesty I rarely stripped while traveling, less some random wanderer find me nearly naked with my pokemon…

We laid there for what must have been the better part of an hour before we heard someone moving downstairs. I kissed Luca on her head sweetly before asking, “Think we should get up and see who that is?”

Luca looked back to me with a sweet smile to reply, “Nah. Let them find us… no need to spoil our alone time.” adding a cute giggle as she finished.

I smiled back at her and nuzzled her neck playfully, getting a laugh and a sweet rub back. We continued to lay there for a while and heard more footsteps then eventually a laugh from Latias followed by one from Leo. Soon after Leo’s laugh we heard someone coming up the stairs, but not even that could bother us. Everyone in the house knew about me and Luca, and only Kail and my sister would be somewhat embarrassed to see Luca and I like we were. Knowing this I continued to snuggle with Luca as we watched the entrance into the room.

Ashley soon emerged from around the corner of the stairwell and casually walked into the room asking her question as she went, “Hey, do you two know where Kail went?” As she finished her gaze came to rest on me and Luca, and I noticed her blush lightly at the sight.

Surprisingly enough Luca got a worried expression and got up. “No. Don’t tell me he’s gone…” She said sadly and very concerned. When Luca got up I stretched and slowly joined her, grabbing a pair of pants while Ashley was distracted with Luca.

When I was at least a little decent I came up beside Luca and suggested that we find him. Luca knew what I meant and nodded, still with a concerned look, before bowing her head and taking a quick look around with her wave guidance. She soon sighed in relief and looked to Ashley with a kind smile. “Kail’s fine. He’s just in a tree outside for some reason. I think we should just leave him be for now.”

“Oh…” Ashley said, a bit disappointed, thinking Kail was regretting his decision to travel with her. “…Say Felix… What’s his story…? Why does he seem so reluctant to stay with us?” Ashley asked, still in a sad tone.

I was surprised by Ashley’s question… especially at how accurate my sister was at pinning what was bothering Kail and after just one night. I sighed and looked at the floor after hearing my sister’s question, which wasn’t comforting to her. “Ashley… What would you do to the person who hurt me…?” I asked to start this rather hard conversation.

Ashley got a mad look as she replied, “I’d rip them apart!”

I only closed my eyes sadly at my sister’s response as I continued. “I figured that…” I said before looking at Ashley to ask, “So what’s your impression of Kail?”

“Huh?” My sister began, surprised that I would switch the topic to Kail so quickly, but still unaware of the connection. “He’s so nice and friendly. I hate seeing him so sad… I just wish I could do something for him.”

I was somewhat reluctant to tell Ashley the truth after her initial response, but hearing how she felt about Kail, even after only one night of having him here was a great comfort. Ashley looked towards a window as she told me how she felt about him. Her response gave me an idea of how to say this to her.

“Ashley… You know Kail was with Darkrai before we found him…” I trailed off and Ashley turned her gaze back to me, but before I could continue my sister cut me off.

“Yes and I think I know where you’re going with this. I would never hold Kail to what they forced him to do! You said they beat him into doing what they wanted, and if he disobeyed much more after you found him they probably would have killed… him…” Ashley’s eyes got wide as she realized what was bothering Kail. “Oh… my… That’s what’s bothering him. He still blames himself for what they made him do!” She said in a caring voice

Luca looked to me with a sad questioning look as my sister finished. As if asking whether we should tell her the rest, but as far as I was concerned we couldn’t stop now and I continued. “Your right… Now let me ask you… What would you do to the Darkrai pokemon that attacked me?” Hearing this Luca got a worried expression, obviously questioning my judgment and hoping for Kail’s sake that I was doing the right thing.

Still oblivious due to her newly refueled concern for Kail my sister responded, but still very uncertain in her opinion. “I… I don’t think I could really blame them… They were forced to obey... It’s not their fault… Is it?”

Hearing this made me feel a little better, and got me thinking Ashley might understand after all. “That’s how I see it as well. Especially with Darkrai… They torment their pokemon into obeying no matter what, and even if that pokemon is intelligent a regimen like that would take its toll… Ashley… you have to promise me you’ll think about what I’m going to tell you! Please don’t jump to conclusions and remember what I just said, and what you said about Kail.” Ashley looked up at me and I put my hands on her shoulders as I pleaded her to think things through. She nodded slightly saying, “I promise.” as she did so.

I knew it was now or never, and despite Luca’s worry I trusted my sister to come to think in much the same way I had. “Ashley… Kail was the one who hurt me… I’ve already explained what happened, just not who had done it… What you don’t know is what he did afterwards…” Ashley’s eyes went wide at this new information, and in her look I could see she didn’t entirely believe it, even though it made perfect sense.

“Kail’s so kind… he… he would never……” Ashley stuttered as she nearly collapsed, her mind racing. I looked to Luca, who had a somewhat relieved look on her face. She obviously expected Ashley to immediately disown Kail and run out to yell at him. As soon as Luca saw me look at her she smiled slightly and moved to head downstairs, she knew I had to tell Ashley the rest of the story and didn’t want to interfere… or relive the episode again.

Once I knew Luca was out of earshot I told Ashley what had happened, which I had originally learned from Luca and Lady. By the end of my explanation Ashley had regained herself, and much to my relief didn’t blame Kail for anything. In fact she shared my view almost entirely. The explanation didn’t take long, and we finished before Kail reappeared, which is what I had hoped to do.

“Felix I had no idea… Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Ashley asked when I had finished my explanation.

“Because I knew you wouldn’t trust him and wouldn’t let him come with you… I had to get you to see him for who he really was before I told you, and I’ve tried to get him to stay with me, but he doesn’t want to be around Luca. He feels like he’s only reminding her of what happened… Lastly I know why he’s in that tree right now… It’s killing him that you were so nice to him when he thinks you’d hate him if you knew the truth…” When I had finished I looked to my sister to see how she was taking things. To my surprise she stared out a window and smiled caringly before getting up and heading downstairs.

“What are you doing?” I asked, curious as to what she had thought of.

“Now that I know the truth I can help Kail with his problem. Don’t worry he’ll be fine.” Ashley said as she continued to walk, giving me an understanding smile as she rounded the corner to the staircase.

Meanwhile Luca had gone downstairs to keep our other pokemon entertained. Leo was happy to see his mother as always, but continued to play with Latias. Since I wasn’t downstairs to see them Umbreon was nuzzling Lady and giving her love licks on the cheek, while she started teasing him with her tails and returning his affections.

I quickly put a shirt on and headed downstairs to be with Luca. Ashley had asked Luca if Kail was still in the tree, and when Luca replied yes my sister went out to talk with him. When I made it down stairs Luca asked me if that was a good idea. I put my arm around her and whispered. “Don’t worry everything’s fine.” adding “I hope.” in my head. Hearing this Luca smiled and we continued to watch Leo play with Latias, who had now taken her human form so as not to knock anything over in the house.

While the rest of us had some fun Ashley went out to talk with Kail. She found him right where Luca had told her, in a chestnut tree in the back yard. “Kail? Are you alright?” Ashley began in a concerned and sad voice. Kail quickly looked down at her, wondering how she had found him, when he remembered… Luca was still inside…

“Damn, no matter how hard I try I can’t get away to think…” Kail thought to himself as he began leaping down the branches to be with his new trainer. “I’m sorry Ashley I just had to get some fresh air…” Kail began, trying to conceal the fact that he had been sadly reflecting on what he had done, and also forgetting that she couldn’t understand him without a translator. As soon as Kail reached the ground Ashley hugged him gently, she had been around pokemon long enough to almost know what they were saying by their tone, and the little bit of mental training she had shared with Latias also helped her interpret his words somewhat. Kail was surprised by the loving gesture and blushed, but still managed to speak even though my sister interrupted him. “Uhh. Ashley why…?”

“Felix told me everything… Please don’t…” She began, but Kail forced his way out of her grip, horrified at what she had just said.

“H…He what…?” Kail stuttered, unable to find any other words to say though his mind kept racing. “Felix told her? Why would he…? If he did then I can’t stay… She must hate me and she’s just being nice because Felix asked her to… I’ve gotta get away from here I knew this wouldn’t work…” Kail frantically thought as he took a few unsteady steps away from Ashley, still with a scared look on his face, but as he turned to flee Ashley grabbed his paw.

Kail slowly turned his head back to look at her, terrified as to what she was going to do to him for hurting her brother. In his panic he didn’t realize Ashley’s grip wasn’t actually strong enough that he couldn’t escape, in fact it would be rather easy for him to wrench free. When he actually looked at Ashley’s expression Kail calmed down a bit. The look she was giving him was sad, as if she really didn’t want him to leave.

“Please. Hear me out… I’m not mad…” Ashley said pleadingly, desperate to get him to stay with her. Still afraid Kail didn’t respond verbally, he simply released the tension on his arm and turned to solemnly face Ashley feeling as though he had to obey her.

“Felix told me everything, including why he thinks you’re out here… I want you to know I share my brother’s view, what Darkrai made you do was horrible, but I refuse to believe that you would have done those things by your own decision. Darkrai is cruel, believe me I’ve seen their methods. Kail I don’t want you to leave. I will never blame you for what happened, and after hearing what you’ve put yourself through after you were freed I never could… Please stay with me…” As she finished Ashley was nearly in tears. Kail wouldn’t look at her and she was really hoping he wouldn’t leave, even though she wouldn’t stop him if he tried again.

Kail had his eyes closed and his head bowed, listening to this from her was just as hard as hearing it from Felix, and as she spoke he wished he could believe that she didn’t hate him. He gritted his teeth as she finished and a few tears fell from his eyes. After a minute of standing there Ashley was about to loose hope and sadly return to the house, but just before she was about to turn Kail looked up at her with tears still in his eyes. A spilt second later he grabbed Ashley and hugged her tight. Ashley was greatly relieved when did this, she was truly afraid she had made the wrong choice in telling him she knew everything.

Once the surprise wore off Ashley hugged Kail back thanking him for choosing to stay with her. Through their embrace and Kail’s tears he tried to say something, but it was muffled and unintelligible. Strangely enough Ashley almost thought she understood him completely, but labeled it as her imagination. The two of them eventually headed back inside with Kail walking proudly beside Ashley, extremely happy that he didn’t have to worry any longer.
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