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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

What a mess...

The next morning I woke up early. I had covertly packed a bag the night before and Luca and I slept alone in our room. Leo didn’t want to be a bother and convinced Tarzan to sleep downstairs that night. Once I was ready I gently shook Luca. She moaned and rolled over, protesting being woken up so early.

“Come on honey. Let’s get going.” I said lovingly as she rolled back over to look tiredly at me.

“What do you mean…? Lady just had her pups she can’t leave yet…” She said as she rubbed her eyes and propped herself up on one elbow.

“Not what I meant. It’s just you and me, come on!” I said playfully as I moved quickly to pick her up.

“Wai… Ahhhaha…!” She replied, trying to protest again but laughing as I picked her up and started carrying her out of the house. We got downstairs and glanced into the living room. When I saw the scene I carefully set Luca down on her feet.

“Awww… Felix…” She whispered happily and hugged my arm. On the couch was Leo sleeping peacefully, with Tarzan on the floor beside the couch, but what was truly sweet was that Latias was lying on Leo with her head resting on his chest. I seriously doubted that Leo had fallen asleep like that, and it was much more likely that Latias woke up during the night and saw Leo there so she curled up with him. If I hadn’t known better I would have thought Latias loved Leo, but since she acted that way towards most everyone she knew personally, and since she had always been fond of Leo since he was born I thought nothing of her affections. In a way it seemed like Latias was Leo’s loving older sister.

“At least he has Latias if he starts missing us… Come on we should get going...” I said comfortingly to Luca and moved slightly towards the door to leave.

“Alright.” She replies happily and walks with me to the door as we snuck out in the dim morning light.

It felt amazing to be doing this with my mate. I hadn’t done something like this for several years, and the last time, I had just snuck out with Lady to go traveling again. Despite the obvious differences between the two instances, the girl I was traveling with was acting the exact same way.

Luca was laughing and carrying on, hugging me occasionally and simply enjoying the time we now had alone. It was absolutely amazing to see her like this, it was as if she were a Riolu again, and just seeing her so happy made me happy as well.

That night I built a fire and we sat next to it talking for hours about everything, though near the end our thoughts went more in the gutter, so to speak.

“So why did we leave now? My heat hasn’t started yet.” Luca began after a pause from our previous topic.

“You’re closer than you think honey… Leo caught a change in your scent.” I replied as I hugged her tighter, and I felt her cheek grow very warm as I nuzzled her through our embrace.

“He what!!!? O my god how could I have let that happen! Felix he’ll never look at me the same again!!!” she replied as she blushed heavily and quite literally shrunk in my embrace. It was obvious she was extremely embarrassed to have her son be the one who noticed her scent first.

“Shhh. No no he’s fine. He was more embarrassed than you… Poor Leo worked up the nerve to tell me last night, which is why I made you leave today. Though somehow I don’t think you’ll be able to look at him without blushing for a month now that I’ve told you that.” I replied caringly and still happily. From where I was sitting it was humorous and I knew Luca wasn’t mad about it just embarrassed, which I knew was nothing a few words from me couldn’t fix… mostly…

“Felix!!!” She yelled accusingly at me, seeming to enjoy the fact that she could yell at me. I only laughed and ruffled her fur which got her to laugh as well, but when we calmed down she began again.

“Speaking of Leo… we can’t keep shielding him from sex like this… You had Lady, and I had both of you, but who does Leo have…? We can’t exactly go out and find him a mate…” She said almost casually though the topic did still carry a nervous air from us both.

“I’m not sure honey, but we don’t have to worry about that now. I’m sure Leo is fine. I’ve had a few talks with him now. He knows not to jump into things and he knows to resist a female’s scent… though I know that’s something that would take practice with his senses…” I replied before snuggling Luca and suggesting we get some rest for our hike the next day. Luca had no idea where we were going, but I did. It was a place fairly far away and secluded, while traveling with Lady my second year out we had found a hot spring that apparently no one knew about and I could only hope it was still untouched because I knew Luca would love it.

Luckily we found the spring right where I remembered and still pristine, though it took us two days to get there, and by that time I knew Luca was feeling her heat, even though she wasn’t saying anything.

“It’s right around here. Keep your eye’s closed.” I said cutely as I led Luca around the trail to the hot spring.

“Felix! What do you want to show me…? And what’s gotten into you?” She replied happily as she held me close and stepped carefully with blind feet. “And why is it getting so humid? My fur’s getting heavy.”

“Are you complaining?! Just relax! You know I’d never do anything to hurt you.” I replied playfully and stopped her at the edge of the water. “Alright. Take a look, tell me what ya think.”

“…” Was her only response as she opened her eyes and looked around at the steaming water in front of her. After taking one look around she turned to look up at me, but the look I saw wasn’t what I expected.

“What’s wrong…? You’re crying sweetie are you alright?” I asked in a concerned tone as I gently laid one of her ears back with my hand, afraid that something was wrong when I saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

She still didn’t say a word as she looked me in the eyes for a moment before entirely loosing herself and tightly embracing me. “Oh Felix… I love it…” she managed as she really started crying on my chest.

I was surprised she would cry at this until I heard her words, then I understood and I wrapped my arms around her. “Shhh. It’s alright honey, it’s not that good… is it?” I asked curiously but kindly getting her to stop crying somewhat and look back at me with a loving smile.

“You don’t know the half of it you silly boy… Thank you so much, you didn’t have to do all this.” She replied cheerfully, but still through her sniffles.

“What do you mean “All this”?” I took you on a cross country hike to a simple hot spring! Most women would have killed me for doing that to them…” I replied jokingly. I knew she loved getting out and traveling with me even if she did have to walk. She only laughed and held me tighter as I said this and I started rubbing her back as she did so.

“So… think you can stand to spend a few days here?” I asked gently as I held her, and as I finished she released me and wiped her eyes, allowing me to set our things down while she responded.

“A few days…? How long do you think this is going to last?” She answered in a cheerful, taunting voice. She knew how long her heat would last and that it had started the day before but it was nothing she couldn’t put off at the moment, though today it was bothering her slightly more, and when I started undressing to put on my bathing suit she really started feeling it…

“Oh I don’t know… If I’m right you’ve already been hiding yourself from me, and I think your cycle will last a few days at least… I think I can… WAHHH…!!! *Splash*… Ahhholy shit that’s hot!!!” I said as I unpacked but as I was about to slip on my swim trunks Luca grabbed me and tossed me into the water. I practically jumped out of my skin as I was submerged in the hot water, but when I stood up to get out it was so cold I immediately sunk back in up to my neck.

“LUCA!!! What did you do that for!?” I asked in a confused and half angry voice, but she only sat at the edge with a cute smile on her face as she soaked her feet, adjusting to the water a little more gradually than she had forced me to… As I finished my question she slipped into the water and headed to where I had “landed.”

“I don’t know…” Was her response as she came up and nuzzled my neck sweetly.

“If you didn’t want me to put my trunks on all you had to do was ask…” I replied and I wrapped my arms around her once again.

It was nearly sunset when I had revealed my surprise to her and now that we had adjusted to the water and moved to a place where we could sit and relax comfortably it was getting dark, but something about how she had tossed me into the springs told me her heat was bothering her a bit more tonight…

“So are you alright?” I asked kindly after a while of enjoying Luca’s company.

“You certainly are eager aren’t you…?” She replied giving me an accusing look as she did so.

“Wha… No…! I…!” Was all I could stutter as I blushed heavily from her accusation. Once I regained myself by clearing my throat I continued, though my face was still red. “I just don’t want you suffering that’s all. I know how much Lady used to suffer when she didn’t find some way to get relief.”

“You don’t know the half of what she went through for Umbreon do you?” Luca asked with a giggle, but my only response was a confused look. “She didn’t want to ask you because I was your mate during her last heat. She was hoping Umbreon would offer to help her but he had trained himself to ignore a female’s scent so he didn’t even realize what was bothering her. He finally figured it out 5 days into Lady’s cycle.”

“What?! Wait how do you know this?” I asked, still confused, but only loving Luca’s carefree mood more. Talking like this to me she seemed much more casual, though I knew she was having fun teasing me with her words as well.

“Lady told me while you boys were out getting wood one of those nights.” She answered, but this wasn’t the comforting answer I had hoped for and I should have known better than to ask my next question but it came out anyway…

“Oh…? And what else did you talk about while I was gone?”

“Nothing…” She replied as she put a paw on my thigh.

“Now I get it… But I’m not going to let you…!” *splash*

“Oh no! Not this time! I’m taking Lady’s advice and putting my paw down!” She replied, dodging my attempt to hug her, and then facing me while sitting on my lap and taking hold of my length as she finished speaking, which was quite hard due to her teasing…

“Lucaahhhahh… I told you, you come first…. I… ahh… Don’t neeeed this… STOP THAT!” I tried to speak steadily but she continued to stroke me with her paw as I spoke, and kept blocking my hands attempts to touch her shoulders. When I finally yelled for her to stop she simply stopped her motions, but wouldn’t let me move her in the least, and also wouldn’t let me touch her in any way, even though I could feel how warm she was getting with how she was sitting on me. My voice was annoyed and I tried to sound angry but she was either ignoring my tone or simply hadn’t noticed.

“Honey why are you doing this…? You’re the one in heat.” I continued kindly as I finally made contact, putting my hands on her shoulders and looking into her eyes.

“Because I love you and it’s not fair that I’ve been the only one on the receiving end…” She said as she moved her paw a little causing me to gasp again and grip her shoulders a little tighter before I forced myself to continue speaking.

“Sweetie I don’t care… this isn’t about me especially not nowowahh.” She simply wasn’t taking no for an answer which somehow I knew was something else Lady had told her.

“Felix, you deserve this… I haven’t once gotten to show you in this way how much I love you… I bet if I asked you any time you would do this for me, but you’ve never let me return the favor…” She started to explain, moving her paw slightly every time I tried to interrupt, but I finally managed to.

“Luca, honey you don’t need to return the favor… I know you love me you don’t need to prove thahhhat…” Was all I could manage before she moved again. She had found quite an effective way to get me to listen…
“But I want to… I’m not doing this because I feel I have to… I’m doing this for you because I want you to enjoy this as much as I have…” She replied, beginning with her lovingly serious tone, but gradually getting quieter and moving in close to me so she was whispering in my ear as she finished, though her motions only made me gasp more as I could now feel her soft fur on my length.

“Now slide back into the shallow water.” She whispered in such a quite loving voice I swore I had an angel whispering in my ear… and I from my point of view… I did.

“Al…Alright…” I gasped lightly, which got her to gently release me and to get up off me to allow me to move. Once I had moved back into the shallows Luca crawled up from my legs, her sopping fur dripping through the warm air as she moved. I had myself propped up with my arms and was watching her move sexily towards me.

“Luca… you really don’t have to… ah…” I tried one last time to convince her that she didn’t have to do this but she cut me off. This time not by grabbing me, instead she got right in my face with a loving smile which worked just as well to shut me up.

“I told you… I want to… Now you told me to relax before so lay back…” She whispered sweetly, and oddly enough I complied willingly. I laid back, propping my head on a rock as she lowered herself to me. She slowly slid her wet paw up my thigh and lightly grabbed my length as best she could. Once she did this she lowered her head down to me, but kept her eyes on my face so she could be amused by my expression. I started to breath heavier as I watched her.

She was kneeling between my legs with her butt in the air and her tail swishing from side to side. She was so cute I couldn’t help but submit to what she wanted. My rod was throbbing in her paw; the light touch of her pads coupled with the additional brush of her fur was maddening. It was more than enough to make me twitch every time she moved but it wasn’t near enough to push me over the edge.

She giggled once, giving me a cute look before she really began. She gave me a sensual lick from the base of my shaft to the tip while she held me in place with her paw and lightly stroked the side her tongue wasn’t running over.

I cried out at this, having only experience this with Lady and not having done it in quite a while. “Lucahhhh… Where… did you learn that…?” I gasped after her first lick while she lowered her head to start again.

“Lady showed me…” She replied cutely and continued, eliciting another moan from me as she traced her tongue just to the side of her previous path. After her second lick I could say nothing and she wasted no time in doing it again and again. Before I even realized what was happening I was leaking pre. I was so caught up in what she was doing that I failed to realize her slight pause as she took a split second to decide weather to taste my fluids or not, but Lady had encouraged her to continue so she did. Her next motion made two circles around my head, collecting all the fluids, including the fresh spurt she got from beginning her lick. She swallowed what she got and noted the taste… and liked it…

She swallowed what she got though it wasn’t much and decided to continue with something else Lady had shown her. She then opened her maw and began to engulf my member in her mouth. She took only a teasing moment to nibble my head, getting a sharp gasp from me, before slowly sliding my length in as far as she could stand at first, which was about half of what I had. The rest she gently massaged with her paws, taking the time to rub around my base occasionally to get me to convulse and shiver. She soon reversed her direction, dragging her tongue over my flesh and sucking lightly as she raked her teeth across my skin as well. I once again convulsed at her actions sending a full spurt of pre into her waiting mouth which she quickly swallowed. This quick change only sent me further into the feeling and as I convulsed again she quickened her pace, eliciting more spurts, each of which she swallowed when she got the chance, however my fluids were dribbling in her mouth allowing her to taste them before she got the chance to gulp them down.

She seemed to be enjoying herself just as much as I was, for as she sped up again she removed one of her paws from me and began massaging her wet slit. She moaned into me and curled her tongue around me inside her mouth getting yet another convulsion from me.

“Lu… Luca… I’m… You’re… Ahh… Thank you…” I stuttered through my staggered gasps to her rhythm, unable to decide on what to say to her. “Lucahhahhhh…” I continued as she realized I was almost there and engulfed my entire length in her maw. It was all I could stand and I felt my inevitable climax. She realized this to and began rubbing her slit harder while she released me completely, just in time for me to start cumming. She caught the first two spurts in her open mouth as she moaned, but the rest sprayed onto her facial fur. All I could do was lay back with my eyes closed and gasp for air after what she had done to me.

She used her tongue to lick what she could from her face then licked sweetly at my length to clean me off. With each of her licks I tensed up and convulsed, squeezing just a little more out for her waiting tongue. Once she was done she looked up and waited for me to come down before she did anything else.

Once I caught my breath enough I opened my eyes to look at my mate. I only laughed at the sight which got a giggle from her. I weakly sat up and took hold of Luca, wrapping my arms around her and bringing her close. She gasped lightly at my motions and gasped again when I licked her as she had me, attempting to clean her up. I wasn’t enjoying my taste as much as she did, but I would do anything for her and at the moment helping her clean up seemed like the sweetest thing I could do. I continued to take small sweet licks across her fur cleaning her off as best I could but her fur remained slightly matted.

When I finished I slowly moved to kiss her. She saw what I was doing and closed her eyes as she moved in to kiss me as well. Our lips met and I began exploring her mouth again with my tongue, only to have her tongue fight back just after I started. I held her head close and rubbed her fur as she moaned through our kiss. When we broke the kiss we moved back into the water where I held Luca to my chest to thank her. We cuddled there for a long time, with me rubbing her side or back and she running her paw up and down my thigh. I could think of nothing to say to her, she was amazing, and though I knew it was partly from Lady’s instruction, in my opinion the student had surpassed the master… After sitting there with Luca for a while I noticed I could still feel her arousal on my leg as she sat on it.

“You’re very… warm, dear… You want me to help you now?” I whispered in her ear once I craned my neck into position.

“Not this time… But I’ll help myself if you don’t mind…” She replied firmly yet caringly as well, pushing me slightly away from her and meeting my gaze with her own half lidded look as she got nose to nose with me. I blinked once at her response and finally realized what was going on, she wasn’t going to let me take charge at all this time. She wanted to be dominant! Even if it was only to show me how she felt.

My realization threw my heart for a loop, and as she looked me in the eyes with that loving gaze it started to beat faster and harder, it was pounding in my chest and she knew it… I quickly flashed back to that forest scene where I was lying in her lap; I felt like Umbreon… it was so strange and yet…

“If that’s what you want… I’m yours… my trainer…” I said as I rubbed noses with her and nuzzled the side of her head.

Somewhat surprised by my words she hesitated slightly before returning my affections as if she wasn’t quite sure what she was doing, or didn’t think I would agree in that way, but an idea soon came to her.

“Alright then… But you don’t get me yet…” She said with a giggle as she straddled me, pressing her entrance to my shaft. She once again got nose to nose with me and gave me a lustful, playful look. I shivered at her touch and looked back into her eyes with a begging look of my own, though it wasn’t for my sake I was begging.

She giggled again and stood up out of the water, flashing her slit purposely in front of my face before she stepped away, looking over her shoulder to say, “Come with me…” As she walked she shook the water from her fur, leaving her half dry. I was stunned by her actions, and how incredible she looked as she walked away.

I didn’t even care that I was walking around naked, following Luca to where ever she wanted me to go. Just watching her walk purposefully in front of me was arousing enough to get me hard. We hadn’t walked far from the springs, and a humid breeze could occasionally still be felt blowing from them. I had drip dried as I got up and followed Luca so I wasn’t the least bit cold, plus it was a warm night.

The rocky ground bothered me though, I didn’t exactly want to tear up my back while Luca had her way with me, but if that was what she wanted I would have endured. But as I was about to express my concerns humbly to my mate I felt grass under my feet, and just as it distracted me Luca vanished.

‘No… She wouldn’t leave me out here…’ I thought, a bit worried that she actually would when she suddenly tackled me to the ground from behind. She allowed me to roll over to see her, but remained on all fours above me. She was toying with me, which, despite what some may think, I found extremely cute.

“I think I’d like another one of your massages…” She said in the same lustful tone as before, slowly spinning and sitting between my legs with her back to me as I sat up.

“Whatever you wish my love…” I said as I sat up and placed my hands on her shoulders and began working my thumbs and fingers through her muscles. She was soon moaning as I rubbed her shoulders and moved to her neck, and I could feel her relaxing in my hands as she had before. Once I had finished with her neck I began working down her back, rubbing every spot thoroughly with my thumbs and teasing her by reaching my fingers around and massaging her sides as I went, which didn’t bother her until I reached the bottom of her ribs. At that point she laughed and yelped at the same time before looking back at me to say, “None of that… Or you’ll have to wait longer…”

“I’m sorry honey. Please don’t make me wait…” I begged pathetically, playing the part for her. But as I spoke I continued to work my way forward until I was gently rubbing the front of her lower chest, and as I finished I slowly began working my way up to her breasts. However, to accentuate her point she folded her paws over her chest to keep me from touching her, and said in a more forceful, yet still loving tone. “I said not yet…”

I whined as I took my hands off her and began rubbing her lower back where I had left off.

“Good boy.” She said and let her arms fall to her side and started moaning again.

I continued my motions, avoiding what I knew she would stop me from touching since I had already teased her. I came to her hips and slowly started rubbing around them towards her front, but just before I could reach her she put her paws on my hands to stop me as she sighed.

“That was nice… I think you deserve something in return…” She said happily as she turned her head and smiled at me then turned completely around and crawled up me again to force me on my back.

“But this is for you… not me…” I protested piteously as she forced me back.

“I know…” She replied and turned to put her head near my still throbbing member. “I’ll allow you to pleasure me, but I still get to give you your reward…” She said lovingly.

She waved her rump in my face lightly to accentuate her decision to allow me to proceed with one of the things I had wanted to do for her since the beginning, but at the same time she stroked my length again, making me tense up as she giggled.

She was already very wet, whether it was from her heat or my massage I didn’t know but I wasn’t going to waist time at the moment. I brought my hands up to her wet lips and rubbed back and forth with two fingers as I parted her gently at the same time.

As I slowly rubbed my way into her, she took me in her mouth at the same pace, and as I began my fingers motions, she toyed with me, wrapping her tongue around my now throbbing meat and lightly nibbling me at the same time as she sucked me off.

She supported herself with one paw as she stroked what wasn’t in her maw with the other and lightly humped at my fingers motions, but in the position she had me in I couldn’t bring my face to her, though it mattered very little as I now knew exactly where I could find her pleasure spot.

Since she wasn’t wasting any time on me I did the same for her, with just a few prods in her I found my mark, indicated by a long moan from Luca which only brought me closer. I persisted on that spot as I found her swollen clit with my other hand.

I rolled the little nub between my fingers and stroked it hard with every stroke I made inside her. She began to hump my fingers harder and I took the hint, quickening my pace as she became more vigorous in her motions as well. I started to gasp as she did this but was determined she wouldn’t deny herself this time.

I rubbed harder at her tunnel as I felt her walls tense erratically; she was close, very close! Finally to finish her off I pulled my fingers out of her and quickly burrowed my thumb into her and found the same spot again as I flicked her sensitive nub with my slick fingers at the same time. It worked! But she didn’t remove herself from me. Instead she forced herself to take my entire length into her maw and partway down her throat as she let out her howl of pleasure.

Her orgasm hit hard and since my thumb no where near filled her, strings of her cum coated my arm with a few landing on my chest, though even then I didn’t stop my actions.

Her throat felt strange but I couldn’t resist the vibrations of her wail and inhaled sharply as I shot my load down her esophagus. She swallowed reflexively which only made me gasp again as she prolonged my orgasm. Finally, after swallowing nearly all I could give her she couldn’t hold her breath any longer and she withdrew from me and gasped loudly into the night air as she continued to convulse through her own climax.

“Felix… Ahh. Stop… I said… STOP! AHH!” Luca gasped as I continued to rub her even through my own climax. But I just pretended as if I didn’t hear her and rubbed harder as her heat sent her spiraling over the edge a second time very quickly, covering me in more of her ejaculate.

When her second orgasm began to fade she forced herself to pull away from me since I refused to listen to her. She was panting hard as she turned around on all fours and glared at me with a lustful gaze while still trying to catch her breath and fighting off the urges brought on by her heat.

“I… told you to… stop…” She gasped and looked at me accusingly, and not in a teasing way.

“But you were enjoying it… I only wanted to please you…” I said submissively, but made the mistake of smiling, showing her I was enjoying this as much as she was.

“You disobeyed me… now I have to punish you…” She replied, which actually scared the hell out of me. She sounded so sincere, and I wondered what in the world she meant by “punish me.”

“Luca I’m sorry, you don’t have to...” I began seriously, dropping my act, fearing that I had triggered something with her heat that suddenly made her go half crazy, but she interrupted me by forcing me back again with a strong paw, eliciting a sharp gasp from me as she lay down on top of me.

I only lay there silently under her, half afraid to say anything more, lest it provoke her again, but she continued with my… punishment… if it could so be called…

She pressed her hot cunt to my now growing erection. Having shrunk slightly from her previous treatment she had to get me… “ready” again. I don’t know why I was cooperating but even the sight of my half crazed mate on top of me and looking forbiddingly into my eyes was extremely arousing and with a few wiggles from her sliding her entrance over me, I was just as stiff as the first time that night.

Once she was satisfied she reached a paw down to my throbbing cock and positioned it at her entrance, rocking back slowly to poke my head into her, but at the feeling of her lips I reflexively bucked my hips, sinking my head quickly into her and causing her to pull forward to take me back out, though at the same time she gasped happily as I parted her.

“Mm… mmm… mmm…” She managed as she shook her head, never once breaking our gaze. Seeing some of her loving look return I reclaimed some of my act and whined lightly. “This is a punishment… remember…?” She said seductively and at that moment forced herself quickly onto me causing me to arch my back as I entered her and cry out. She too cried out in pure ecstasy, having me fill her again instead of just finger or lick her nearly made her loose it right there, though both of us only twitched and convulsed, with me sending several spurts of pre into her waiting cavern.

Soon after she did this she began to remove me from her, leaving just my head remaining, and then forcing me back in painfully fast. She felt her third climax rising and couldn’t help herself any longer. She bucked faster, and with just three quick strokes I felt her walls lock us together as she came and cried out again, but even her soft warm cunt milking my rod wasn’t enough to drive me over the edge yet even though every part of my body was aching for release at that moment.

As she came down after flooding my crotch in a wave of her fluids I put my hands tenderly on her hips, and she continued. She moved at a somewhat slower pace having to build herself up again and I wasn’t far behind her as she did so.

As she neared her next orgasm she sat up over me giving me an all too clear view of our union for a second before she reached a free paw down to rub herself and accelerate her pleasure. Soon after she changed positions she threw her head back again, but this time, even though her walls latched onto me she continued to force me in and out of her.

Finally I could take no more and I arched my back while holding her down on me with my hands, groaning as I shot my third load of the night into her. She cried out louder as she felt me plow into her and release myself, she rubbed harder on her clit and I felt her walls convulse again and again as she rode out her long climax, accentuated by my seed filling her womb and mixing with her fluids as they soaked the male underneath her.

She continued to gasp even after I relaxed and laid back, though when I did so she weakly pulled herself up and off of me, covering my crotch in our mixed juices. I shivered when she got off me and opened my eyes to see what she was doing.

Once she ended our tie she crawled up and laid next to me, placing a paw on my cheek to turn my head towards her as she brought her lips to mine. As her tongue invaded my mouth I didn’t fight back, though I did enjoy it.

“Thank you…” She said in her normal sweet and loving tone as she ended her kiss and snuggled my shoulder.

“Any time sweetie…” I responded and kissed her gently on the forehead, remaining still for a short time before getting up with her and heading back to where our things were. We took one last dip in the hot springs to clean up before drying ourselves off to get some sleep. As we lay down Luca cuddled me close and playfully began conversation.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” She began, taking a cheerful curious tone as she smiled cutely at me, knowing I couldn’t rightly deny it.

“Yes… But you really had me scared there for a while…” I replied with a chuckle.

“I did!? When? I thought you were just acting!” She asked frantically, hoping she hadn’t altered my opinion of her.

“When you started your punishment thing…” I answered, with a wavering tone but also showing her I understood and found it funny now. She blushed as she looked at me and thought specifically about that part of the night.

“I’m so sorry! I got…lost in my heat… I was having so much fun with what you were doing…” She said timidly with an obvious embarrassment, but I only laughed which got her to calm down and look at me with a fake angry look. When I stopped laughing I wrapped her in a hug to show her I knew it was nothing.

“Don’t worry. I thought it was your heat taking you for a loop, but it was so strange to see that look in your eye. I honestly couldn’t tell if you were joking or if I was about to loose my ability to mate with you…” I whispered happily in her ear, but what I got in return made me hold her away from me to look in her eyes.

“Next time you may… if you’re not careful… my loving mate…” She whispered and as I forced her away she gave me a seductive glare that masked her amusement perfectly, though she couldn’t hold our gaze long before giggling.

Once I saw her laugh I hugged her tight and said, “Don’t do that…” playfully., but she only giggled more and never agreed to anything. After that we quickly fell asleep with my arms wrapped around her.

She had taken one of the pills Joy gave her, every day since we left, and the next morning she took one as well. Her heat subsided from the previous night’s actions but we decided to stay another few days at the hot spring since no one expected us home any time soon. But on our fourth day at the springs Luca suddenly started feeling her heat again and much worse this time. We had continued our shenanigans through those four days and I could think of no reason why her heat would return so suddenly and with such intensity.

I woke up late that morning, but found no Luca next to me. I figured she had just gone out to the bathroom or had already beaten me to the springs that morning for a dip so I didn’t panic. I had my swimsuit on so if anyone did happen by in the night they wouldn’t find a human naked and nuzzling a pokemon… That wouldn’t end well.

So once I woke myself up I went to the springs to see if she was there. I didn’t see her right away but I knew where the comfortable places to sit were so I got in and looked around. Finding nothing I started to get a bit worried so I sat down and closed my eyes, relaxing but concentrating and going into wave sight. Once I was in the trance I looked around our camp site, I found nothing, next around the grassy clearing Luca had taken me too, nothing. Now I was worried, but I knew one last thing I could do that was guaranteed to find her. I concentrated hard on her life force, focusing intently until my vision started to move, the motion got faster and faster until it suddenly focused on Luca.

What I saw immediately snapped me out of my trance as I jumped out of the water and headed in the direction my sight had taken me.

“Hold on Luca I’m coming…” I whispered to myself as I quickly threw on my shoes and ran off. Soon after I started running I went back into wave sight. While I ran it was much easier to use wave sight than trying to predict what I would run into, and it made it easier to find Luca as well. I stopped when I had gotten in her path and just as she burst through the bushes in front of me I wrapped her in a hug. She screamed and struggled until I managed to say to her, “Luca no listen it’s me! Everything’s fine I’m here!”

Her eyes snapped open and looked up at me with surprise through her tears.

“Felix?! No you shouldn’t have come he’ll kill you! He already threatened to…! Let me go I’ll take care of him and come back…” She said frantically as she struggled to get away again to continue running.

“No. I know what’s after you and I won’t let this happen! I’ll snap his neck if he tries to hurt you, don’t worry everything will be fine.” I said reassuringly which got her to stop struggling and start crying on my chest. As I finished an Arcanine stepped from the bushes, but something very unexpected happened.

“Ah… you’re that trainer she wanted me to spare earlier. I don’t know how you found us but you either leave her to me or you don’t walk away from here! Why am I wasting my breath… you don’t understand me, none of you humans understand us.” The Arcanine said in a growling and sadistic tone. I couldn’t believe that I had actually understood what he said but I didn’t have time to worry about that, and as Luca began trying to tell me in general what he said I only replied. “Ya I heard him.” Which surprised Luca as much as the Arcanine.

“You… you what?!” The Arcanine managed, temporarily forgetting what he wanted, though I already knew from his drooling cock which was hanging out of his sheath. His size was impressive… and I didn’t just mean his dick. He was a big dog and if I wasn’t careful I would most likely end up as a chew toy.

“I said I heard you…! Now stay away from my mate…! I don’t give a damn about your… “needs” but you won’t have my Luca to satisfy you, now LEAVE!” I yelled at the Arcanine which made him take a step back, though weather it was the fact that I was actually standing up to him or the fact that I had said “my mate” I didn’t know.

“Hmph. You think you can tell me off like that human! I’m nearly twice your size what are you going to do about it, you have no pokemon besides that sniveling girl you call your mate!” He replied as he regained himself and growled at Luca and I once again.

“I’ll do this…” Was my calm answer as I removed on hand from Luca and focused everything I had into my palm just as Luca had taught me. In a split second a blue ball of energy formed around a crackling white center. I had succeeded in making an aura sphere!

Once I knew it was stable I turned to put myself between Luca and the Arcanine as I leveled the ball at his face. His gaze shifted from mad and lustful to scared out of his mind as I did so and he took several steps back, but wasn’t going to leave just yet.

Seeing this I pointed the ball at his feet and fired. He yelped and jumped back again watching as a cloud of dirt came up around a smoking crater about ten feet in diameter. As the dust cleared he expected not to see us, but I already had a second sphere leveled at his face once more.

“OK OK! I’m gone!” He said with a cracking voice as he turned and ran off, putting some distance between us before stopping to catch his breath.

Meanwhile I turned back to Luca who was still clutching at my chest.

“It’s alright hon. Let’s get back to the spring you can explain there.” I whispered softly as I held her like I knew she wanted me to.

“Right…” She said sadly through her tears as she turned and started walking with me back to the springs. Once we were there I eased her into the water and joined her, never leaving contact with her as we sat down together with her leaning on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry Felix… He was right next to us when I woke up… He said he could smell my heat and if I wanted you to live I had to let him have his way with me… I couldn’t fight, he was right next to you and with one swipe he could have killed you before anything I did could have made a difference so I agreed and he led me away from you, but I couldn’t let him. I ran but my heat kept tripping me up… I couldn’t get away… and I couldn’t fight either… None of my body would cooperate…” She said as she kept crying on my shoulder, but with what she said I couldn’t blame her, though I didn’t like where she had left off.

“Honey… He didn’t get his wish did he…?” I said sternly, almost afraid of the answer, but it was clear to Luca I wasn’t mad at her.

“No… well not exactly…” She said as new tears began streaming from her eyes, and I felt a burning rage building inside me. ‘I let that bastard go… I swear I’ll hunt him down…!’ I though angrily before Luca continued.

“Felix please understand… I had no choice… he caught me, I couldn’t run… I tripped on a root and I fell he was on me in a flash…” She said frantically seeing I was getting mad.

“Luca… What happened…? He didn’t rape you did he…? Cause I swear if he…!” I replied as I held her firmly by the shoulders but she interrupted me and looked down at the water.

“No… he didn’t… he never got that far… but I… I… it was the only thing I could think of to get him away… Felix I…” She stammered as if she had let him violate her, though I understood now what had happened and why his cock had been so wet when I found the two of them, but seeing as Luca wasn’t covered in his seed I figured she had second thoughts and started running again once he was so wrapped up in his taste of oral treatment.

“Shhh. I think I understand now…” I said kindly as I brought her into a hug where she clutched my chest again and continued crying.

After two hours she had calmed down, but was still clutching me as she leaned on me. “Would you feel better if we left?” I asked once I knew she had relaxed from her ordeal.

“No… I’m just happy having you here. I don’t want that Arcanine to have ruined our time out here.” She said sadly, but sincerely with a nuzzle letting me see she wasn’t going to let this bother her. After a moment of continuing to lean on me she sighed loudly, and the feeling her hot breath on my bare skin reminded me of her condition.

“Honey are you alright…? If your heat returned like that you have to be feeling it…” I asked as I rubbed her shoulder.

“You have no idea… Now I know how Lady must have felt waiting for Umbreon…” She said after another sigh mixed with sarcastic laughter.

“Do you have any idea why this would have happened? I mean we haven’t exactly been refraining…” I continued caringly hoping she had an answer because I sure didn’t.

“I don’t know… It must be some kind of conflict between those pills and my heat. One wants satisfied but the other won’t let it…” She replied with more of a half angry annoyed tone, which showed me the shock she had this morning was wearing off and just talking about her cycle was driving her up a wall.

“Do you want to start early today? You sound like you need it.” I asked, still remaining calm and caring.

“Yeeesss…” She said as she sighed again, and hugged me tight. I could only imagine how horny she was id she was answering like that...

“Alright, but why don’t I start. Something tells me you’re going to have more energy than me later…” I said with a smile as I stroked her fur again.

“As long as you’re inside me I don’t care…” She replied with a giggle, which almost scared me since she never spoke like that, except that I knew her heat was really bothering her, which explained it in my book.

“Alright.” I replied as I laughed with her and let her go so I could remove my shorts. Once I was naked she started looking me over hungrily, but kept her head for my sake…

I sat back down in the water and she came over to me, sitting on my lap facing towards me at first, but I asked her to turn around for a change. She agreed without argument and quickly leaned back onto me laying her head on my shoulder as she spread her legs letting her hot sex come to rest on my already stiff member. At the touch she sighed happily, with just that small touch letting a wave of relief wash over her though the burning in her belly continued to grow.

“Ready…?” I asked one last time but only got a few heavy breaths in response. With that I began slowly, lifting her slightly so I could position myself to slide into her.

Once I was in position I let her fall on me, getting sharp gasps from both of us and an uncomfortable wiggle from Luca, begging me to continue. Wasting no time I began pulling back out of her only to thrust back in as quickly as before. She kept gasping and as with the first night at the springs she orgasmed on only my third entry.

Luca howled at the sky as the pleasure hit her but I didn’t stop. I continued lifting her as I pulled back what little I could from my sitting position before sinking back into her tight tunnel. She only howled louder at this, but after a time her climax subsided. Once it did I sped up slightly allowing myself to enjoy the experience a little more this time, and as she cried out again I once again forced my way through, holding back as long as I could, but ultimately shaking violently as I pushed in and found release in her sopping wet cavern as it held me fast, pulsating around me.

Though my mind was clouded I found the will to rub her clit with my finger, causing her cry to become even shriller as I prolonged her bliss. I shot my seed into her waiting womb but it was nowhere near what she needed.

As we both came down from our highs Luca continued rubbing her clit with her paw as she shakily got up and turned around. I could only sit there and watch as my mate readied to take me again. She straddled me like she had before we started and pressed her throbbing lips to my now rapidly rehardening cock. She then held my head with her paws as she kissed me and started humping my cock though not actually taking me inside her.

I returned her kiss and as I fought her tongue with mine I felt her moan and half yelp through our embrace. As she finally let herself take me she broke our kiss to hug me tight and gasp once again with her eyes shut tight. I tried to help her by thrusting into her but she had me pinned.

After a few seconds however she began pulling herself off me and impaling herself right back down in rapid succession. Her hot soft walls felt incredible but it would take a while before I could satisfy her lust again, though that mattered little to Luca as she drove onward, sending ripples through the calm spring water.

She was entirely lost now and all I could pray for was that I had the endurance to keep going for her sake. At the moment I could feel her tight cunt gripping and massaging my throbbing rod. Due to her heat she went through climax after climax trying to get me to release, and from the sounds of her cries I though it was painful for her, though she would not stop and from her quivering body I knew she was so far into a pleasured state that I guess only a woman could reach.

As she continued to wildly force me into her I finally felt my second climax rising fast. I cried her name as I hugged her tight and thrust hard into her, holding her down on me as far as she would go. She practically screamed at the feeling it gave her, her hot swollen lips pressed to my crotch as my member twitched and sprayed her inner cavity, coating it with my seed. I felt her orgasm as I did this, her throbbing walls bit down on me harder this time and pulsed with her heart beat, gripping and releasing me as fast as they could trying to squeeze what they needed out of me.

As we once again came down she gasped hard, trying to catch her breath since she could not inhale during her experience. “Luca… I don’t know… if I can... keep this up…” I gasped tiredly but she wouldn’t have it. She removed herself from me, stepped out of the water and lay down on her front as she gasped and responded with a caring tone I would never have expected.

“Just… once… more… then we… can take… a break...” She gasped as she lay there on the warm rocks.

“Okay…” I said as I tiredly forced myself to get out of the water to join her. I needed something to get me stiff enough for her again and as she raised her butt in the air and waved her tail in front of me I laid down and put my head under her, bringing her rump down to me with my hands, effectively burying my face in her crotch.

“Felix… no… That won…ahhh…” She protested but lost her words as I stuck my tongue out and began forcing it inside her. It was a strange taste with both mine and her various fluids mixed inside, but I didn’t care, and coupled with her now blatantly obvious scent which filled my nostrils I was hard in no time though I intended to continue, giving her one climax like this.

I pulled her close and drove my tongue in as she gasped again, wiggling her ass over me through the discomforting pleasure she now had. Before long I felt her walls throbbing again and I continued to explore her with vigor. Finally with a strange squelch she came, forcing her nectar into my mouth and on my face, making her scent even stronger.

I drank down what I could, thoroughly enjoying the experience once again and realizing her legs had given out. She was clutching the rocks and crying through the waves of pleasure that rocked through her. But as I took my head out from under her and knelt behind her she found the strength to raise her rear end up for me.

“Please… take me again…” She gasped through her tears, and as I replied, “Alright.” lovingly I positioned myself at her dripping cunt once again.

She watched me get ready and as my head touched her lips she gasped as her reflexes made her move back, forcing me deep inside her. I gasped as well as I once again found myself in that hot chasm, but knew I had a purpose and quickly withdrew to start the entire process over again.

I didn’t know if it was my imagination or not but Luca’s sex felt as though it were getting tighter with each time I came within her. After I gave her her first orgasm in our doggy style position I knew it wasn’t my imagination.

Her swollen walls were getting larger, making it increasingly difficult for me to move, though the sensation of her vice like confines was incredible. I could no longer move when she came and could only shiver in anticipation as her walls milked me for nothing.

Once I could continue, I did, and plowed through her clenching sex as she gasped underneath me sounding like she was having a hard time breathing through the experience. Finally after her second climax in this position I shot my seed into her once again, coming hard and gripping her hips as I humped her hard that last time causing her to cry out in ecstasy again, though this time she did not climax with me.

When I could no longer feel Luca’s sex holding me in place I slowly withdrew from her, letting a mixture of our fluids fall to the rocks below. Once I was no longer supporting her Luca let her hind end fall to the rocks haphazardly, though she was now crying as she lay there.

I couldn’t stand to see my mate crying, especially after something like that so I crawled up to her and lay on the rocks beside her as I put my arm across her shoulders.

“I’m sorry Felix…! I’m so sorryyy…” She said through her tears with her eyes shut tight though she was facing me.

“It’s ok… Don’t worry, I’m here…” I said reassuringly which only got her to continue.

“It won’t stop… My heat won’t go away… I don’t want to do this to you! Sex for the sole purpose of satisfying my lust! It’s not fair! I can’t ask that of you……” She said as she sobbed uncontrollably.

I knew there was nothing I could say that would make her feel better. Any explanation would be insignificant, even if it was the truth. So instead I summoned my strength and rolled her towards me and brought her close as she cried. She didn’t struggle from my touch but it could have been that she simply didn’t have the strength.

“No… Please don’t tell me it’s alright… You don’t deserve that…” She said, continuing to sob but calming down slightly.

“I don’t care honey… Remember that. You need this, that’s that, don’t think on it further… just relax, you’re fine and I’m here that’s all that matters.” I said caringly as I nuzzled her lightly through my embrace. After that she didn’t respond and tried to relax. I held her there as she fell asleep and shortly after, I joined her.

Meanwhile! Back at Felix’s home.

Umbreon and Lady continued caring for their pups, but without Felix and Luca there things had become somewhat dull, even though Leo and Latias often got the pups riled up.

Lady was looking for a change of pace and thought Umbreon would like the same since all he had been doing for the past few weeks was caring for her. Umbreon enjoyed the affections of his two daughters but tried to get Vulpix a little more active as well, but had varying degrees of success.

On the sixth day Luca and Felix had been gone Lady needed something to break the monotony, and when she saw Umbreon resting in the middle of the floor in a not so modest pose she snickered as an idea came to her.

While she was carrying her pups she really wished Umbreon would have noticed how horny she occasionally got. Though she really didn’t mind him not noticing, it would have been nice to get a serious relief rather than wait it out for half the day.

The pups had just fallen asleep for a midafternoon nap on the bed and Lady knew even if they woke up they would just play amongst themselves harmlessly. So she padded over to Umbreon and before giving him a long lick up the center of his face she observed him one last time.

He was lying on the floor, rolled halfway on his back with his paws splayed every which way. If Lady had really wanted to give him a wakeup call she would have licked his sheath which he had left out in the open.

Umbreon grimaced as Lady gave him a long sweet lick from nose to forehead, then opened his eyes as he rolled his paws to the floor unconsciously.

“What is it Lady?” He asked innocently but still with a characteristic subordinate tone to his voice. He knew Lady loved it when he played with her, pretending to be dominant but he didn’t act like that all the time, it just wasn’t his personality.

“Mind following me?” She asked cutely as she nuzzled Umbreon.

“Sure. What for?” He answered as he leaned into her affections then got up as she started walking out of the room.

“You’ll see…” She said playfully, which threw up a red flag for Umbreon.

‘Uh oh… I think I’m in for something…’ Umbreon thought as he followed her, wondering why her tails seemed to be moving in such a cheerful manner all of the sudden. Umbreon’s self trained ability to resist and ignore a female’s scent was turning out to be a completely misplaced skill… Or he might have picked up the slight change from Lady and gotten a clue for what was coming to him.

Having become adept as escaping the house Lady opened the door with her tails and the two of them headed outside and towards the tree line that bordered the back yard, though neither of them noticed they had picked up a shadow…

Leo lay in the living room with Tarzan, simply relaxing. He wasn’t quite asleep but had nothing to do. Latias was out training in the park with Ashley, Kail and Whiskers. He wanted no part in that even if Latias was his friend, he knew how tough his aunt was, let alone how serious Whiskers took things… He didn’t know how Kail put up with it.

As he lay there he noticed Lady lead Umbreon outside. He smiled to himself as he closed his eyes again, but after taking a few whiffs of the air he noticed a strange scent. He couldn’t ignore it since it lingered, and it reminded him of his mothers scent from before she left. He sighed after inhaling it deeply, thinking back to how he promised his dad he wouldn’t let it bother him.

But what Felix didn’t know was that Leo couldn’t help himself after they left. That night he couldn’t get his mothers scent out of his head and went up to their room to fall asleep. Everyone simply thought he missed his parents, but the truth was his mother’s strange scent made him feel oddly happy, he couldn’t quite describe it but it was a nice smell to him.

After noticing Lady’s scent in the air Leo only got more curious. He already knew what the scent was from, and he knew his dad had told him not to go looking for sex, but that was a warning for his own lust. He knew he didn’t love Lady in that way, and another realization was convincing him to follow the pair just to see something he was curious about.

Felix had told him never to rush into things with a girl because of her scent. Leo had been taught that the girl he shared such an experience with was supposed to be special to him, and whether they ended up together or not, to have a relationship purely for sex was something Felix warned him never to do.

Leo understood his father entirely but he couldn’t bring himself to ignore it any longer. He had to know what happened, he never asked his dad how things actually went, he figured that would be far too uncomfortable of a conversation for both of them, but if he simply happened to see Lady and Umbreon, what was the harm…?

With that thought Leo got up off of Tarzan. Tarzan didn’t realize, and kept right on sleeping while Leo quietly snuck out of the house to follow Lady and Umbreon, but by the time he had made up his mind the couple had already made it to the tree line.

Now Lady had some fun and broke into a run into the lightly forested land. Umbreon sighed and smiled, thinking she just wanted to exercise and have some fun… Little did he know how right he was… Still he hunkered down giving her a slight head start before taking off with a quick attack and bouncing off trees while following Lady’s scent to catch her.

Leo ran to the tree line as he saw Umbreon disappear. ‘Hmm. If I go on the ground they’ll hear me before I get close… Ah.’ He thought as he looked at the forest floor, covered in twigs leaves and the like. As he finished his thought he looked up and realized that the tree branches would be a great place to jump from without being heard.

In an instant Leo sprang to the highest branch he could jump to and was off, jumping from branch to branch as quietly and agilely as he could. It wasn’t long before he spotted Umbreon and Lady who had stopped in a tiny clearing where the sun shown through the canopy. Anticipation started to flood his mind and he quickly leapt to the lower branches to avoid being seen, and also taking the care to remain downwind of the pair. He got as close as he dared while still managing to see the two and watched intently, occasionally getting whiffs of their scents on the very light breeze that still ran through the trees.

“Alright Latias. That’s enough for today. Good job!” Ashley said cheerfully as Latias floated up to her. Ashley pet the dragons head as she nuzzled Ashley’s neck, she really was a loving creature.

Kail only stood by smiling, silently thinking to himself that he couldn’t have asked for anything more, and about how he could never repay Felix for giving him this life.

Once Latias had gotten her attention she took a human guise and hugged Kail, hanging on him for a change while Ashley bent down to give some attention to whiskers, who, around Ashley, was much more of a playful kitten than the psycho she was around the rest of the family.

The four of them started heading back to the house once they had finished their training. Latias was being her usual innocent self looking around curiously even though she had seen everything along the walk a hundred times before, but when they made it to the house Latias quickly ran in to find Leo, hoping to now have the chance to play with him.

When she entered the living room her happy smile turned to a sad frown. He wasn’t there… She knew he pretty much always stayed with Tarzan when she wasn’t around, and since his parent’s were away he couldn’t have run off with them. Still hoping to find him Latias peeked into the pup’s room, thinking maybe he was playing with them. Seeing that the pups were sleeping she knew he couldn’t be in there. With one last thought she shed her human disguise and flew quickly up the stairs to Felix’s bedroom, wondering if Leo might have been missing his parents again.

Still finding no trace of Leo she let her wings droop and her head hang as she went back downstairs where Ashley and the others had settled into the living room to relax.

“What’s wrong Latias?” Ashley asked as she saw the dragon come in looking depressed. Latias drifted over onto the couch and landed beside Ashley laying her head on her trainer’s lap.

“I can’t find Leo… I thought he might want to do something after I was done practicing…” She admitted sadly, still wondering where Leo had gone.

“I think he went outside for some exercise. I saw him leap into a tree earlier while you and Whiskers were battling.” Kail said, offering what he could to cheer Latias up. Ashley was petting the dragon’s neck as she lay in her lap, but at Kail’s reply Latias raised her head quickly to look at him curiously.

“Really?! Would you mind if I went to see him mommy?” Latias asked Ashley with her happy voice renewed.

“Of course, go find him.” Ashley replied cheerfully, thinking of how cute she was with her obsession over Leo. With that Latias started hovering and quickly but carefully exited the house, taking off like a jet once she had the open space to fly.

“Did you really see him go into the trees?” Ashley asked Kail curiously.

“Ya. I don’t know what he was doing, but I’m guessing he was just bored.” Kail replied as he stretched and laid back in the chair he was sitting in. What Kail had failed to notice was Lady and Umbreon entering the tree line first...

“Thank you, that really cheered her up.” Ashley said kindly, getting a happy smile from Kail.

As Umbreon reached the clearing he slowed to a walk and looked around trying to find Lady. “Honey? I know you’re here!” He said as he looked. Her scent flooded the clearing so he knew she was here, but as to where specifically he couldn’t tell. He stopped in the center of the area and began to turn around to look behind him, though when he did he suddenly found himself nose to nose with Lady.

Lady giggled as Umbreon yelped and fell backwards in surprise. Not giving him the chance to get up Lady stepped over him, and nuzzled him sweetly.

“What’s got you so loving today?” Umbreon asked nicely, not really caring either way since he was enjoying her affections.

“Just a change of pace. Aren’t our pups beautiful?” She asked in her sweet loving tone as she lay down just off to the side of Umbreon, letting her tails fall over him.

“They get that from their mother, not from me…” He replied happily as he snuggled her fur.

“I beg to differ. Vulpix takes after you greatly. He’s always looking out for his sisters, and he even has your pelt.” Lady continued as she began dragging her tails over Umbreon. He murred happily and nuzzled her once again as she continued, but he now realized why they had come all the way out to the woods…

“Mmmm… I think I know why you wanted me to follow you…” He said sweetly, getting a lick and a giggle from Lady as he finished. A split second after her lick one of Lady’s tails brushed up Umbreon’s sheath and over his pink tip causing him to moan happily.

Hearing his reaction Lady stopped her tails, getting Umbreon to look at her as she crawled backwards to put her head near his emerging member. She looked up at him teasingly as he started breathing heavier just watching her. Content with his reaction she stuck her tongue out and gave him a few light licks, coaxing the sensitive organ out to its full length as Umbreon moaned again and again, tensing up with each of her sweet licks.

“Ahh… Lady… hold on…” Umbreon managed shakily as he tried to roll to his side to get her to stop momentarily, but as he did so she growled playfully and nipped his sheath hard enough for him to feel a bit of pain. “Ahh!” He exclaimed as he quickly finished rolling to avoid getting bitten harder. He looked to Lady with a hurt look but she only smiled back at him, knowing he had enjoyed it since as she bit him a glob of pre soaked his black fur.

Umbreon knew he couldn’t be mad at her, she was just teasing, though her action had hurt. Once he shook off his shock he got up and moved behind Lady, if she wanted to play, he was going to tease her as well…

Once he was behind Lady and she had moved her tails for him, knowing what he was doing, he breathed her scent deeply, allowing the sweet smell to have its effect on him. After a second smaller whiff he moved closer and goosed her, putting his cold nose to her hot slit.

Lady flinched and yelped at his cold nose but didn’t move away, and after the initial contact she murred contently.

Umbreon snickered to himself at his mate’s reaction. ‘Gotcha.’ He though cheerfully as he withdrew his nose and replaced it with his tongue, getting a very pleased sigh from lady as her eyes lidded. This was a new action to him but he quickly found what worked, and after cleaning her outer regions of what was there he began working his long rough tongue deeper, causing Lady’s moans to become louder and even more pleasure filled.

“Oooohhhh Umbreonnnn…” Lady moaned through his licks which got progressively deeper into her tight tunnel.

Umbreon’s own member was now throbbing in the air, getting a slight brush against his fur every now and then which occasionally made him moan through his efforts to please his mate.

Inexperienced at his current task Umbreon failed to notice just how far he was driving Lady. She had now let her front half rest on the ground as he continued and she moaned and gasped, her tails tensing and twitching as he reached places even she couldn’t if she tried.

Unaware of what he was doing Umbreon continued trying to get deeper, and finding Lady’s taste addictive. Every pass of his tongue dragged more of her sweet nectar into his mouth where he quickly swallowed and went back for more, each time finding that her cavern was wetter than before. He felt her convulse each time and try grabbing his tongue which easily slipped out of her slick wall’s grasp, still he continued until he felt her soft flesh pulse around his tongue in a strong and irregular fashion. At that moment his mouth was flooded with her sweet fluids and he pulled back, getting showered as she whined loud and happily with her eyes shut tight.

Umbreon sat down after his abnormal shower and began licking his lips and what he could reach of his face as Lady regained herself. Though as he sat his throbbing rod brushed solidly with his belly, eliciting a whine and another spurt of pre from him.

As Lady’s high finally faded she opened her eyes to see Umbreon watching her, with a few strings of her cum on his forehead where he couldn’t quite reach with his tongue. She snickered at first then laughed hysterically at the sight of his blue ring lightly glowing, looking like a target which she had unwittingly hit square in the center.

“What?” Umbreon said innocently and curiously as he watched Lady fall to her side as she laughed.

“Your ring…” She said as she calmed down, and got up to move over to him.

“What about it?” Umbreon said as he gave a cross eyed look to his forehead, trying in vain to see what she was talking about.

“You have a little… something…” She said as she fought back another laugh and passed her tongue trough his fur when she reached him.

Umbreon though about it as Lady licked him but when he realized what she meant he fought back his own laugh as he blushed, causing his ring to glow brighter. As he did this though he temporarily forgot about Lady, and was reminded as one of her tails found his erection. He gasped and flinched from the soft touch getting another giggle from Lady as she continued around from behind him and flashed him her rump again.

“Wanna take care of that?” She asked in a teasing loving tone.

Umbreon sighed in anticipation at the sight of his mate acting so sexy for him. “I.... If you don’t mind…” He replied cutely as he padded up behind her and rubbed his head on her left flank. Another giggle from Lady gave him his answer, but before he mounted her he took another deep whiff of her scent, enjoying the aroma as he nuzzled his head through the base of her tails and hoped up on her

Lady twitched slightly with every prod Umbreon made to find her entrance. When he made contact Lady sighed shakily as Umbreon moaned and began sinking himself deeper into her confines.

‘What is he…?’ Leo thought to himself as he watched Umbreon start licking Lady from behind. ‘Well what ever he’s doing she likes it…’ He continued as he watched curiously while their scents got stronger with each breeze. ‘I know it’s wrong, but that scent is so nice…’ Leo thought as he watched, barely noticing the strange feeling that was slowly growing inside him.

As Lady cried out Leo watched intently, trying to figure out what Umbreon had managed to do, but as he squinted and bent over to get that little inch closer something rubbed his belly fur causing him to gasp slightly and quickly reverse his movement from the feeling. ‘What…? Oh…’ Leo though as he looked down and realized his own penis had grown from its sheath.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened to him, but it was the first time he wasn’t embarrassed by it. It wasn’t as if this “condition” happened to him in public, but rather while they were traveling, however he always managed to hide it from the others, one way or another.

Only slightly embarrassed by his current situation, but knowing his presence was still a secret he figured there was no sense trying to hide it, and coming to the conclusion of most humanoid males he tenderly wrapped a paw around his virgin member. Getting those first few waves of pleasure Leo closed his eyes and moaned, trying to stay quiet so he wasn’t discovered. Slowly he began to stroke himself, getting more of that pleasant pleasure he had found, but at the same time he opened his eyes to watch as Lady and Umbreon continued, with Umbreon mounting Lady and slowly beginning to sink himself into her.

Leo watched through his half lidded eyes, half wondering what actually having a mate would feel like, but thinking it would feel similar to what he was doing to himself at the moment.

Latias reached the edge of the trees in the backyard. She looked around for any sign of Leo but found nothing. Not to be discouraged she stuck her nose up and began sniffing the air. She caught a faint whiff of something she faintly recognized, but ignored it and kept looking for Leo. With little trouble she found his scent and opened her eyes in the direction it was coming from. “Leo!” She chirped happily and began floating through the trees as fast as she dared without loosing his trail, but as the other smells began to get stronger she slowed down and started using her eyes more, purring curiously every now and then when she stopped to look around until she finally caught a glimpse of blue fur.

She giggled to herself and quietly began floating towards Leo from behind, now completely ignoring any smells and sounds from her forest surroundings. When she got to a few feet behind the tree Leo was in her eyes started glowing a light blue as she used her psychic abilities.

Completely focused on Lady and Umbreon Leo was completely oblivious to Latias’ arrival. That is until he suddenly began lifting from the branch he was crouching on. Extremely surprised and embarrassed Leo tried to stifle his gasp and with a lightning fast move brought his paws to cover his shame as he flushed beat red, though in his surprise he couldn’t figure out who had caught him.

Still oblivious and just happy she had found Leo, Latias floated him around to her side of the tree and gave him a sweet lick on the cheek. When Leo felt this his eyes snapped open and he looked Latias in the face with a horribly scared and embarrassed look, before quickly averted his gaze.

“What’s wrong?” Latias purred curiously as she watched Leo’s reaction. From what she knew, Leo was always glad she was around, and he didn’t look mad at the moment, so why wouldn’t he look at her?

“I… Latias…? Could we go somewhere else…?” Leo whispered shakily, trying to buy himself time as his entire body tensed up slightly.

Latias wasn’t satisfied with his answer and innocently followed Leo’s paws with her gaze. Seeing he appeared to be hiding something she floated down slightly and tried to pry one of his paws away with her own paw.

Having closed his eyes again Leo failed to realize and yelped quietly a second time as she tried, flinching and holding his paws tighter. “Latias!” He exclaimed as he did so, blushing even deeper if it was at all possible.

It was now that a strange scent from Leo caught her attention, and it was coming from whatever he was hiding. She didn’t mind Leo trying to hide something, but now she was more curious than ever and wanted to know what all this was about. She carefully lowered Leo to the ground, floating next to him as she nosed and tugged at his arms once or twice on the way down. “Come on please show me.” She kept asking Leo playfully yet seriously, though Leo only remained silent, and refused to look at her.

As soon as Leo no longer felt Latias’s psychic hold on him he bolted away from Lady and Umbreon. “Leo?!” Latias said sadly as she watched Leo bounce off trees away from her. She quickly gave chase matching him move for move as she flew.

“Why did SHE have to find me… of all people… I have to stall till this fades… Oh come on hurry… Wah…! No not again…!” Leo whispered to himself, mumbling more in thought than audible words, finishing as he once again replaced his paws, getting lifted off the ground by Latias’ powers for a second time.

“Why did you run…? What’s wrong?” Latias asked in a slightly hurt voice.

“No… Latias, nothings wrong … Please just let me go. I’ll meet you at the house so we can play.” Leo replied with his same embarrassed tone as he floated there covering himself, though his efforts only prolonged his condition because of the tickle of his fur.

“Please tell me. What don’t you want me to see?” Latias continued as she held Leo fast, but her attitude was returning to normal since she had been comforted by Leo’s words.

“Latias I can’t! I mean I don’t want to… Pleas just let me go!” Leo begged frantically, still unable to look Latias in the eye but also unwittingly ignoring what she was doing. She came closer to him and once again looked at his paws, now piecing things together. Though the biggest hint for her was that Leo failed to completely hide himself, and she saw a pink tip from between his wrists.

Latias gave Leo a small lick on his exposed member causing him to gasp in panic and cover himself completely, but it also got him to speak.

“Latias what!!!?” He managed as he opened his eyes again to see Latias looking cutely up at him with a red flush in her cheeks. He relaxed ever so slightly from her gaze and as she set him down on the ground again, though this time he didn’t run off.

As Latias completely released Leo she brought her head up and kissed Leo on the lips. He flinched in surprise and his eyes were so wide it was as if they would pop out of his head. When Latias broke her kiss Leo stood there, no longer trying to cover himself, but utterly lost. As he looked her in the eyes again he unconsciously wrapped his paws around her to bring her into a hug, since in his mind he knew she liked it when he did this. Latias craned her neck and nuzzled Leo lovingly as he did the same to her.

“Latias I can’t…” Leo began through their embrace, but was interrupted by a giggle from her before she offered her words.

“Don’t worry. I’m not so naive. Ashley told me about this, and I’ve seen Kail doing something alone, but I don’t know what.” She said casually, as was her nature. Even things like this rarely got her flustered. Though it was whether she didn’t understand these things or that they just didn’t bother her that was the unanswered question…

“Would you let me help you?” She offered innocently though their embrace, which made Leo gag as he answered.

“Latias I can’t… it’s…” He stuttered as he blushed again, but she met his gaze which made him freeze up, though his mind continued to race. ‘I can’t do that with Latias… She doesn’t know what it means… does she…? And what about dad? He said…… He said the girl had to be special to me…’ He thought, coming to a realization, though he hesitated before speaking again.

“Latias… Why did you come to find me?” Leo asked sincerely and kindly as a different feeling began to take hold of his heart.

“Because I wanted to be with you.” She replied letting her happy tone return gradually, and giving him a smile as she released her embrace and floated in front of him.

“But why?” Leo asked as he relaxed slightly for some unknown reason.

“I don’t know. Your fun and I like you.” She replied, again with her normal casually happy tone. As she replied she covertly reached a claw out and touched Leo’s gradually shrinking erection, but as he flinched she giggled and continued speaking.

“Ashley says you’re supposed to share something like that with someone special to you…” She said almost sadly as she blushed and looked at the ground. From the way she said it Leo thought she was doubting that she meant something to him, but little did he know she was trying to ask him something herself.

“No. Latias it’s not that… I…” Leo began caringly but she giggled through her previous tone and cut him off as she hovered closer to him.

“I know… I wasn’t suggesting that… Leo I don’t think I’ve felt like this about anyone… I know I act loving towards anyone that’s nice to me but you’re… different…” She said as she managed to get close enough to nuzzle him under the chin. Caught off guard with her words Leo couldn’t believe what he heard.

“H… how…?” Was all he could ask in response, but Latias giggled again.

“I don’t know… you just are… Ashley told me not to let anyone “touch” me unless I really liked them and knew them… Leo please let me help you…” She continued as she cuddled Leo who had now wrapped his paws around her again. Through all of this Latias found herself getting aroused as well, and if Leo would let her…

“O…Ok Latias, but… I don’t… I mean I haven’t…” Leo stammered calmly as he blushed and held Latias to him, his member getting harder now just from holding her.

Latias giggled again and replied as she wiggled to look Leo lovingly in the eyes. “Neither have I… but I don’t think it’s hard…” As she finished she let Leo go and gently floated to the ground, lying on her back and giving Leo a full view of her.

Leo shuttered at the sight of Latias offering herself to him. He had agreed, and from what he saw Latias wanted this too, but what was he supposed to do now…? ‘Maybe if I do what Umbreon did to Lady… but lick her…? There…?’ He thought quickly and decided to give it a try, if nothing else just to satisfy his curiosity. He knelt down to Latias, catching her strong scent now that he was paying attention. It was much different than Lady’s, but he liked it better…

He stuck his nose down until it was almost touching her and took a deep breath as Latias sighed and lay her head back happily, just thinking about what he was going to do to her made her happy.

Without a second though Leo lapped lightly at her swollen pink lips making Latias cry out in pleasure. ‘Hmm. She likes it too, but why did Umbreon? I didn’t taste anything…’ Leo thought as he smiled at Latias’ reaction. Again without a second though Leo gave her another lick, and then another, gradually pushing harder and finding that her lips would spread apart for his tongue. Finally with his sixth lick and Latias gasping wildly and arching her back through his motions he slipped inside her, sending Latias over the edge as she cried out louder and juices began to flow out and around Leo’s tongue. As his taste buds were flooded in his first taste of a female Leo pulled back and watched Latias writhe in her quickly fading experience.

Not expecting the taste he got Leo took a moment to think about it, and found he rather liked Latias’ spicy sweet taste. ‘Wow so that’s why Umbreon did that… She really liked it, but Lady liked this part more…’ Leo thought as he gently crawled up Latias causing her to crane her neck to look at him with a blushing but caring look. When he came within reach Latias brought Leo into a kiss and reflexively began exploring his mouth with her tongue, only to have Leo return the favor. She could feel Leo’s member poking and rubbing her, though she didn’t know if he was trying to find her or not.

After kissing him for a few seconds she decided to take things into her own hands and reached out with her mind to position Leo at her entrance. It worked but when Leo suddenly felt those soft warm lips he reflexively thrust into her, sinking himself halfway in before finding the control to stop and gasp as they broke the kiss together.

Once he got used to the feel of Latias’ pulsing walls Leo looked down at her while still trying to catch his breath. “Latias… you’re… incredible…” he said, getting only a happy purr back as she squirmed beneath him, just wishing he would continue.

Finding the will to continue Leo started pushing himself in deeper, loosing his breath again as he did so, but before he could hilt himself inside her something stopped him. He nudged the unseen internal barrier but it wouldn’t yield. Unsure of whether to continue he relaxed and tried to get used to what he was feeling as he looked over Latias who had realized he had stopped.

“Go… Ahead… I wanted you to… be my first…” She gasped as she looked up to him with a happy look Leo had never seen from her before.

“Okay…” Leo said and pulled back before pushing forward slightly harder, breaking Latias’ virginity and sinking himself the rest of the way in with one motion. Latias chirped in pain and continued to writhe as a few tears began to well up in her eyes, but feeling Leo hilted within her was quickly getting rid of the pain.

“Latias?! I didn’t… hurt you did I… O god you’re bleeding…!” Leo managed through his own gasps of pleasure, looking down at their union for some reason he couldn’t explain. At his realization he started to withdraw from Latias, feeling incredibly guilty for hurting her, and like this no less, but Latias stopped him from pulling entirely out of her.

“No… Please Leo… I knew this would happen… Just keep going… I’m fine… Really…” She said though her voice reflected a slight pain. This did little to ease Leo’s guilt but if she wanted him to continue, he thought he might be able to at least help her feel less of her pain.

“Al… alright then…” Leo replied and began to push back into her, this time finding it easier to continue without loosing himself in the feeling. As he once again hilted in Latias she moaned Leo’s name happily.

Getting comfortable with the motion Leo started moving more rapidly. Feeling Latias around him was quickly bringing his climax though he didn’t know what the feeling was, but Latias was ahead of him and as Leo quickly thrust into her for the sixth time she cried out and hugged Leo with her arms as they came together.

Feeling Latias’ tunnel suddenly throb and grow to hold him inside was too much for Leo and he too clutched Latias as he came within her, letting all his tension out with his first time.

At the feeling of his twitching member inside her Latias only held Leo tighter as her walls clenched tighter and tighter continuing to give her wave after wave of pure pleasure which was only intensified by the added sensation of Leo’s seed coating her walls and filling her womb.

Leo had no idea sex felt like this, it felt so good it was almost painful for him, but he didn’t want it to ever stop. He didn’t know what was going on inside Latias either, or what he had managed to do for her but he could barely concentrate on that at the moment as he focused only on her tunnel rubbing and milking his sensitive male flesh for everything it was worth as he let her have it.

Far too soon their sensations began to fade, they both twitched and convulsed lightly from the feeling of the other’s wet organ, but ultimately they were spent. Leo lay on top of Latias as he continued to breathe heavily, feeling his body rise and fall slightly as Latias tried to catch her breath as well.

Once Leo regained his mind from the experience he remembered Latias had started bleeding. Gently he propped himself up and started to slid out of her, trying to resist the feeling it once again gave him though Latias only enjoyed his motion and wiggled slightly as he did so.

Once he was free Leo knelt down to look at Latias’ slit, in the urgency of his thoughts he failed to realize he was looking intently at a female’s privates. Oddly enough to Leo he could only smell Latias’ and his mixed scents of arousal and musk. Unable to pick out a blood scent anywhere and seeing that it appeared she wasn’t bleeding any longer he relaxed from his slight panic.

He still felt guilty about doing that to Latias since he didn’t know it was actually supposed to happen. He wanted to show her he was sorry, and the only way he thought of came more from his pokemon instincts. Without hesitating he licked at Latias’ soft down, trying to clean her blood and fluids out of her beautiful coat.

“Leooooo…” She moaned lovingly as she kept her eyes closed and moved her head in an uncomfortable pleasure as Leo ran his tongue gently through her down, working his way purposefully to her still swollen lips. When he reached them he decided to continue, since she was obviously still enjoying this and since her scent was so sweet and pleasant to his nose. Since last time he hadn’t gotten far before Latias came he decided to explore her a little quicker this time and after thoroughly cleaning her outer down he lapped once at her slit before pushing his tongue into her, getting a sharp gasp from Latias as she arched her back and cried his name again.

This time there was something more to what Leo experienced. His head was half swimming from her scent, and he knew his dad had warned him about that but somehow it felt right with Latias.

Beyond the taste he had experienced before was the slight iron addition from the small amount of blood that remained, and his own fluids which was a taste he couldn’t quite describe.

He continued to explore Latias’ now convulsing tunnel and before long he once again pushed her over the edge and felt her warms nectar flood his tongue as her walls gripped at him.

As she came down he lapped what he could from inside her, only prolonging her experience and when he had gotten all he could find he tenderly liked her hot entrance a few times to be sure. All the while Latias continued to moan and writhe in place, only calming down once Leo stopped entirely to crawl up beside her, placing his head next to hers.

She eagerly kissed him again and with a slight laugh Leo returned her kiss swirling and fighting her tongue with his. Once they broke the kiss Latias rolled to her side and nuzzled Leo’s neck affectionately with a happy whine. Leo held her close to him and nuzzled her back, stroking her neck with his paw as they lay there simply happy to have one another.

Lady growled in pleasure as Umbreon pushed into her. Umbreon only sighed as his breath started to leave him, and reversed his motions once he was fully into her.

“Lady… You’re so hot…” Umbreon managed as he began pulling out of his mate.

“Thank you…” Lady said with half a giggle and wiggled her rump slightly to get Umbreon to reflexively force himself in quicker than before, beginning a rhythm for the two of them.

Umbreon gasped again as he began humping her, gradually picking up speed with every entry. Once he got used to his motions he leaned forward, putting more of his weight on Lady and thrusting harder into her, yet as he did so he nuzzled her fur and licked her neck sweetly.

Feeling Umbreon’s affections Lady tried to clear her mind enough to return the favor. She brought her tails around to snake their ways across his body, keeping as much of themselves in contact with him as possible, though one tail in particular made it’s way past the base of his tail to his balls, tickling his tail hole with her fur on the way passed.

Feeling the soft appendage on his rear Umbreon whined as he tensed in surprise and thrust even harder that single time into Lady’s confines, causing her to yelp in pleasure from the sudden rough touch.

“Ahh… Ladyy…” Umbreon managed as he felt his now fully grown knot starting to make it farther and farther past Lady’s outer lips with each of his thrusts.

“I… know…” Lady responded through her own shaky voice. She too felt Umbreon’s knot forcing its way in and wanted it more now than ever. She knew what it felt like the last time that beautiful organ was inside her and she wanted to experience it again and give the same to Umbreon.

He continued to thrust at her, and she could feel that he only needed a little more to seal her. Desperately wanting the feeling, she used her tails to assist him and brought him quickly towards her causing him to yelp as his knot was enveloped in her boiling depths, immediately sending him over the edge as he started spraying his thick seed into her, coating every surface.

Lady howled as her motion succeeded in tying Umbreon to her. Her walls convulsed wildly around his pink shaft, rubbing it madly as she came with him, though as her experience faded a second rose quickly from Umbreon continuing to move his knot and spurt his seed into her. As her second climax hit her she cried out again, feeling Umbreon attempt in vain to exit her before squirming uncomfortably as his throbbing member continued to twitch in her.

After feeling his mate climax a second time to him Umbreon whined at the pleasure he couldn’t escape, but as she continued to milk him his spurts became less volumes and his twitches less frequent. Though he was spent his knot wasn’t making it easier for him, he continued to squirt small amounts of his cum into her as he wiggled from the experience which only served to give Lady her third climax, and Umbreon joined her in howling as it hit her.

Despite both of them having their own intense experiences neither of them was truly tired. Umbreon stayed in position until Lady’s third orgasm faded before throwing his leg over her and turning so they were facing butt to butt. Both of them shivered slightly as Umbreon’s knot twisted. Lady stood up on all four of her shaking legs to make the position more comfortable for Umbreon as she playfully started running her tails over his body.

“So do you think Leo let Latias help him out?” Lady asked cheerfully, trying to make their wait a little more interesting.

“What?! Where was Leo?” Was Umbreon’s surprised reply as he glanced around quickly.

“You mean to tell my you didn’t realize you were followed?” Lady asked with a stifled laugh.

“No!” Umbreon said as he blushed deeply, craning his neck to look at Lady. “This isn’t a joke is it…?” He asked with only half a smile at the thought of how he would have to explain this.

Lady giggled and brushed a tail under his chin as she replied. “Nope… But Latias found him… and I wonder what she did. It’s not hard to see she likes Leo though I don’t know about love at that age. Still… no harm in a close friendship is there sweetie?” Lady explained happily which relaxed Umbreon enough to chuckle at her remark and agree.

Lady and Umbreon waited out the rest of their tie and cleaned each other up once they were separated, though they only made a bigger mess with Lady getting to vigorous and Umbreon returning the favor, and had to clean each other again…

After the second time they managed to stay clean and started heading back through the woods towards the house, stopping to roll in the grass of the backyard as a last ditch effort to cover their musky smells. Once they were done messing around they returned to the pups so Lady could nurse them and so the two of them could get some food themselves.

“Latias we have to go back to the house sometime it’s getting late.” Leo said as he lay there with Latias. They had just enjoyed each others company once they had finished. Latias kept nuzzling Leo happily, she just loved the feeling she got when she was with him, and now that Leo realized how she felt he found new enjoyment in holding her close to him.

“Ok.” She purred happily and started to lift herself off the ground, while at the same time grabbing Leo with her psychic abilities and setting him up on his own feet.

“Thanks.” Leo said with a laugh and a smile getting a giggle back from Latias as the two of them started walking back towards the house, with Latias holding Leo’s arm and resting her head on him as they walked.

“Uh Latias…? Something I wanted to say before… Your scent, it’s... It’s nice…” Leo said as they exited the woods, blushing lightly as he looked at her. She returned Leo’s gaze as her own cheeks blushed though she only smiled and giggled at him.

When they reached the house Leo kept trying to think of how to explain himself to the others, but before he could walk with Latias into the main part of the house Latias laughed and started tugging him towards the shower. Though he didn’t understand at the first tug he caught on as Latias persisted. He smiled and went with her to the shower, getting in with her and kindly helping her wash her down with the shampoo Ashley had specially for her.

Once Leo had finished Latias returned the favor, helping Leo thoroughly clean his fur, though she enjoyed catching his tail more than anything.

When the two were done they dried off and went upstairs as though nothing had happened, though they both knew they were much closer to each other now, and neither of them would have wanted it any other way.

When I awoke later that day I found that I was still hugging Luca. She was still sleeping, but her face was twisted in what looked like a pained grimace. Just as I was about to caress her head with my hand her eyes snapped open as she gasped and sat bolt upright.

“What’s wrong!” I asked quickly as I sat up with her, placing my hand on her back, but instead of answering she quickly turned her gaze to me and wrapped me in a hug with a sigh of relief.

“Bad dream?” I asked caringly as I embraced her again and rubbed her back soothingly.

“Ya… It was strange… like someone was separating us.” She replied softly as she relaxed in my arms.

“You know I’d never let that happen...” I continued, whispering in her ear and getting her to smile and snuggle my chest.

“I know…” She replied and released me slightly to look up at me with a happy face.
“Is your heat still bothering you honey?” I asked as I stood up and helped her up with me.

“Not at the moment thankfully… even if it was I wouldn’t put you through that again.” She answered sadly and looked at her feet as we went back to the water.

“Sweetie please stop blaming yourself for that… Think about it. If I wasn’t enjoying being with you, don’t you think you’d have a much harder time satisfying your heat with me?” I replied, starting out pleadingly and ending with a coy tone. She thought about it for a moment before stopping in her tracks.

“Felix…! I can’t believe you just said that…” She scolded playfully, now knowing exactly what I meant.

“What?! All I’m saying is that if I wasn’t willing to cooperate, I’d probably still be trying to get you off of me…” I answered happily with a teasing smile but only found myself being tackled to the ground.

“Maybe I shouldn’t be so nice then…” Luca said with a rather convincing voice, but from her inability to hide her smile I knew she was joking.

“Or maybe I should try being a more satisfying mate?” I said submissively in a tone that matched hers.

“Not possible… You’re already too good for me…” She said in a kind caring voice as she ended our game and nuzzled my neck.

“If anything you’ve got that backwards…” I replied quietly and got back up with her. I could tell she would have argued with me but we both let the subject drop, knowing it would only lead in circles.

We took another dip in the springs and got something to eat for the night. I could tell Luca’s heat was still bothering her, though from what I saw it wasn’t as bad as that morning.

When we settled down for the night Luca didn’t seem tired, though it wasn’t a normal energy she had. “Is it your heat or what happened this morning that’s bothering you…?” I asked caringly as she sat next to me, unwilling to lay down.

“More what happened…” She replied as she looked at her paws sadly.

“Well. It’s not as warm tonight. If we slept in the sleeping bag nothing could happen, you’d wake me up getting out of the bag if anyone tried to force you.” I replied with a cheerful solution to her dilemma, which, to my relief, got her to smile lightly though she sighed sadly as if something was still bothering her.

“What’s wrong?” I replied, taking my caring tone once again as I sat up and moved closer to her.

“Nothing… Everything… I don’t know…” She replied at first looking at her paws as I put my arm over her shoulder and let her lean on me. “I hate my heat cycle and things just don’t feel right… I don’t know I’m probably just making problems for myself again.” She continued, sounding like life had just gotten her down slightly though I couldn’t understand why.

“What do you mean…?” I asked almost reluctantly as I matched her tone. Truth was she was scaring me a great deal with her words, and I hoped she didn’t mean that things didn’t feel right with me…

“I wanted to make this trip special for you too, but it always ends up going back to my heat. Just once I was hoping I could show you how much you meant to me, and through it all you continually have to satisfy MY lust, you had to save me from a horny Arcanine, and here again you have to comfort me because I can’t help but fail in all my attempts…” She explained remorsefully, but through it all I only felt relieved, this was something I could remedy.

“Oh honey… You don’t have to do anything to show me how you feel! You know I love taking care of you, but it’s not your fault, so please don’t feel bad… It’s just my personality, I don’t like to let the people I care about do things for me. Please remember you don’t have to do ANYthing to show me how you feel, and nothing could measure up to you anyway. I’m sure Lady’s told you to ignore what I say and get me something or do something for me anyway. I may not like having people do things for me, but I will never get upset about it if they did.” I replied lovingly as I rubbed her arm slightly. I couldn’t tell if my words were helping or not but she wasn’t fighting me at least.

“But…” She tried to argue though I cut her off as I continued.

“No… If you really want to do something for me every now and then, tell Leo. He’s really good at keeping secrets and he’ll help you do what ever you want for me… even if it’s getting me alone…” As I finished I acted like I was reluctant to say my last addition which got a soft giggle from the loving Lucario in my arms.

“Thank you… I just can’t convince myself that you really know how I feel… It’s hard for me when I don’t want to do anything to upset you, and when it seems like you’ll be mad if I get you something…” She replied with a nuzzle, but after cuddling me for a short time she wiggled for me to release her, which I did, though reluctantly. As I let her go she leaned over to our pack and dug through its contents.

“What are you looking for?” I asked curiously, silently hoping she really hadn’t gotten me something…

“Something I should have been wearing the whole week…” She replied as she finally found the choker Leo and I had given her for her birthday. “Would you mind…?” She asked as she turned towards me and placed the necklace in my hand which I gladly put around her neck.

“Feel better?” I asked as she came close to me again and hugged me tight.

“Ya… but I’m still not tired, or maybe I’m still worried I don’t know.” She said through her embrace. From her voice I could tell she was happy, though I hadn’t fully succeeded in calming her restless mind.

“Why don’t you let me take care of that then…” I replied with a loving tone and started rubbing her lower back and waist with one of my roaming hands. She giggled and answered “Ok” as her body tensed slightly in anticipation.

I gently lay her back on the soft thin bedding of our open sleeping back and removed the pants I had put on for the evening. Luca watched me strip at her feet revealing my already hard member. She only smiled happily, and somehow knew she was giving me the only gift I could never refuse, herself.

I crawled up her body until my head was even with hers, she returned my loving gaze and leaned into me as I kissed her passionately. Unknown to me this was exactly what she needed to easy her mind about her heat. She hated how our last session seemed so dispassionate and focused solely on her, but feeling my tongue mingle with hers and the taste of our mixed saliva’s relaxed her and made her incredibly happy.

I kept as much of my body as possible in contact with hers through our kiss, lightly and slowly rocking over her, dragging my member through the soft fur just above her entrance. I could feel her warm arousal from where I was and knew she was enjoying every bit of my actions.

While keeping my lip lock with her I began moving myself further south until I was rubbing my length along her slit but not entering her. Feeling her warmth intensify again and my skin become slick with her fluids made the wait even harder, but I endured, and continued gradually working south until I was in position to enter her.

Slowly and purposefully I slipped my head inside, controlling my own reaction, but breaking our kiss so Luca could take a few deep breaths before continuing. Once she had regained her self almost completely I kissed her lovingly on the nose and moved my face to her neck. She didn’t know what I was doing, but didn’t object.

I had wanted to do it for quite a long time, and as I started to push my throbbing member into her I nipped lightly at her neck, avoiding her necklace and getting just enough of her skin to pinch and get her to yelp lightly as I did so.

Though it was a yelp I could tell she enjoyed it since she began squirming slightly and moaning as I nipped her again in a different spot. After the first two times I thought of something else I should be doing and as I nipped her again I licked the little wound sweetly causing her to moan more. As I continued to slowly nip and lick Luca’s neck I sped up my entries, now pushing into her at a steady rate and feeling her swollen walls become wetter and wetter until I finally sent her over the edge.

Though her walls griped at my invading organ I continued to move, but at a slow pace, sending shivers of intense pleasure through her body as I began to only lick the area I had been teasing. Her orgasm lasted far longer than this morning, and finally I couldn’t stand forcing my way into her tight tunnel.

I withdrew quickly and plowed into her one final time, cumming with her as her orgasm reached a new high from my rapid entry and partly from my brushing her pleasure spot. I hugged her tightly, forgetting about any other motion as her silky walls milked me hard, coaxing me to forcefully shoot my hot seed into her. Again the feeling only drove her higher as I coated her inner walls for the fourth time that day.

My twitching member kept her going, while at the same time brought her down slowly. When she had regained a heavy but controlled breathing pattern I nuzzled her cheek, which got a whine and a tired nuzzle back. I remained inside her for a time as the remnants of both our orgasm’s faded, but as they did I watched as Luca slowly drifted off, catching her breath as she fell asleep with a happy expression.

“Sleep tight my love… I won’t let anything happen to you…” I whispered in her ear after kissing her lightly on the cheek. Once she was asleep I pulled my now half soft member from her, getting one final happy moan from her as she stirred ever so slightly.

I slipped my pants back on and sat beside Luca. I watched her sleep peacefully as I stayed up for more than half the night. At one point the bushes rustled and I turned my head only to hear the rustling start moving away. From the size I knew it wasn’t the Arcanine from last night, and I guessed it was some other normal sized canine pokemon.

Sadly I couldn’t stay up the whole night and at about 3 in the morning I fell asleep while slumped in my sitting position.

The next morning both Luca and I slept in. It was around 11 before a noise from behind me snapped me into consciousness. My eyes snapped open as I spun quickly, somehow forming an aura sphere without concentrating and leveling it at the source of the sound with a serious glare on my face.

“Chupa!!!” The Pachirisu squeaked in surprise and scampered off into the bushes. I sighed in relief and let the aura sphere fade away as my arm returned to my side.

“Hmmm? What’s wrong sweetie?” Luca asked as she groaned and started waking up.

“Nothing. Just a Pachirisu.” I replied as I turned back to her and ran my hand over her head before kissing her forehead. She smiled and giggled lightly as she sat up and rubbed her eyes before noticing something about my position.

“You stayed up last night didn’t you…? Did you get any sleep?” She asked with a sad but happy tone.

“Ya I got some. You feeling any better?” I replied with a smile. I had gotten plenty of sleep since she had slept in.

“I’m fine now. I can’t feel my heat so it’s either subsided or satisfied for the time being. You didn’t have to stay up to protect me you know… but thank you…” She answered as she sat up and stretched, smiling warmly at me as she finished and relaxed.

“So what would you like to do today then?” I continued as I put my arm around her.

“Let’s just head home. By the time we get there I’m sure my heat will be over and I miss Leo and the others.” She replied and leaned on me slightly.

“Alright, sounds good to me.” I said and gave her a hug before starting to pack up. It didn’t take me long and before we left we washed off in the springs. Once I was dressed we headed off on the two day trip home.
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