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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

The Last Straw!

Grunt: "Sir! The trainer and his Lucario are alone, he has no other pokemon with him."
???: "You're sure he only has one Lucario with him...?"
Grunt: "Yes sir."
???: "Good, you know what to do then..."
Grunt: "Right!"

Luca and I continued home as happy as ever. Luca had calmed down since beginning of our trip, but she still seemed a bit giddy and when simply walking beside me she wanted to keep a hold of my arm.

The first night away from the springs she snuggled up close to me. I loved it when she was affectionate and eagerly returned her sentiments, cuddling her back whenever she nuzzled me. It was the best feeling in the world to see her so happy, even though I knew she wasn't going to let me be quite so protective of her anymore.

It wasn't that I had previously been intentionally protecting her, it was just my nature to take care of those I loved, and sometimes I became a little to overzealous.

"What are you looking at?" Luca asked innocently while walking backwards in front of me. I had been watching her when I started drifting into my own random thoughts.

"Hmm? Just you." I replied with a smile as I looked in her eyes which got a smile back as she hugged and kissed me quickly before allowing me to continue walking with her.

We spent one last night camping out and continued home the next morning, but as we continued on our way both Luca and I got the strange feeling that we were being watched. A few times we checked with our wave sight but didn't find anything, which made things even stranger.

There wasn't the usual clamor of wild pokemon around us, and when some random pokemon did jump out we both practically jumped out of our skins in surprise. After half an hour of walking like this though we got used to it and continued on casually.

We were only two miles from home when we found out why everything was so quiet. An invisible reflect attack blocked the path we were walking. I slammed into it first and recoiled, falling to the ground. Luca was walking just a little behind me and avoided the wall when I suddenly fell back. She was immediately at my side though asking if I was alright, but I didn't even have time to answer her before a Scyther came up behind her and crossed its blades at her neck.

I finished my curse and as I rubbed my aching head I opened my eyes. When I saw Luca's legs were tensed and that she was shaking slightly I quickly looked up to see the Scyther. Convinced that it had Luca immobilized, lest she loose her head, the Scyther had its gaze fixed on me as I stood up and angrily told it to let her go.

"Not this time..." A voice said as a man in an all too familiar uniform walked up behind the Scyther.

Enraged I charged an aura sphere and leveled it right in the Scyther's face. "I said let her go......" I said coldly as the bug locked gazes with me. I saw it swallow hard but it didn't release Luca. Instead it moved its blades to tighten its embrace, causing Luca to whimper as she regained a slight control over her voice.

A look of fear flashed through my eyes as I looked at the blades pressed to my mate's neck. It was a costly mistake on my part because the Scyther immediately knew I would do nothing to endanger Luca further. My heart was torn. I couldn't let them win... I knew nothing good could come of this, but I could think of no way to free Luca and escape.

"Fine... But take me. I'm the one you want not her." I said, keeping my hardened unfeeling voice and shifting my glare to the Darkrai member who now had a smirk on his face, however I didn't lower my sphere from its position, lest I be completely helpless to save Luca.

"I suggest you lower your attack... You wouldn't want her death on your hands now would you...?" The grunt said with a horrid smile on his face. It made me sick, but I had no doubt he would follow through with his threat. My arm shook in protest as I let the sphere dissipate and lowered it to my side. As I did so I looked to Luca who had her eyes fixed on me, but she couldn't bring herself to move or speak... fortunately for me since the look in her eyes was driving a dagger through my heart. She was scared out of her mind, and her wavering eyes pleaded me not to leave her to her, apparent, fate.

I knew very well Luca wasn't a coward, and if she had even the slightest chance of getting out of the situation without injury she would have already taken it. However the Scyther had her entirely immobilized. If she even tried to move to break free one of the scythes would no doubt deliver a fatal wound.

"You're wrong SHE is the one we want! Think of it this way... You owe us a Lucario after the one you stole... She's strong... I think the boss would be willing to forget the other pokemon you stole from the island in exchange for her..." The grunt spoke again, this time with a taunting voice as he stifled a laugh at my situation.

I couldn't take it anymore and simply listening to him was making my blood boil, but as the grunt finished the Scyther took a step back from me pressing his blades a little harder to Luca and forcing her to walk back with him.

"Felix..." She squeaked as a tear soaked her fur, it was obvious she was pleading me to do SOMEthing.

"No! I'm the one that did those things take me! I won't let you take her! Let her go!!!" I said forcefully and pleadingly, but at the same time spread my hands to show I wouldn't put up a fight.

"Somehow I think this is worse than what the boss could do to you..." A second voice from behind me said in the same amused voice as the other grunt. I knew there had to be more than one assailant or at least more than one pokemon since Scyther couldn't use reflect. However I had a sinking feeling that there were more lying in wait if their comrades needed help.

My mind raced, I HAD to find a way out of this. Loosing Luca wasn't an option... I just couldn't! The Scyther kept back slowly away from me but I managed to keep taking small steps in the same direction, not allowing him to get further away. I still had Luca's ball which flashed through my mind in an instant, at least I knew they couldn't take her entirely from me as long as I had that, but the problem was that it would take far too long for me to get her ball and withdraw her. By that time I knew what would have happened...

Every realization I came to saddened me more and with every thought I felt further and further away from Luca.

The Scyther was faster and stronger then me. There was no way for me to physically stop him from harming her.

There was no way for me to use wave guidance, it would take to long.

Trying to withdraw her was a lost cause, bargaining wasn't working... I was out of options and time, I had to do something, but just as I was about to rush the Scyther in an attempt at self sacrifice something hit me hard in the jaw.

I fell to the ground with a split lip, and as I looked up I saw a Charizard looking rather satisfied, while the grunt behind him smirked. 'Great... now there's three...' I thought as I stood up and reassumed my submissive pose from before.

"Look, I'm begging you. Just let her go... Kill me if you want, but let her go!" I pleaded as a last ditch effort. Luca tried to call my name but was cut short as she yelped quietly once again from Scyther holding her in place.

By this point my heart was steadily sinking, the situation was hopeless. There was just no way I could free Luca without getting her hurt... or worse. I finally reached the point where desperation kicked in, just as the Charizard spun to hit me with its thick tail.
My eyes quickly flooded with tears as I let my rage out. I crouched down with my legs and ducked the tail as it swung heavily over my head. At the same time I charged two aura spheres and gritted my teeth. As I stood back up I leveled one of the spheres in the Charizard's chest and let it fly...

The resulting explosion shrouded me and the Charizard in smoke, but the dragon like pokemon quickly came back into view as it collapsed backwards from the point blank shot, hitting the grounded with a pained growl.

I knew I had no chance at winning this fight, which was made even more obvious when two of the grunts each released another pokemon. As the Charizard gradually stood back up the other two pokemon readied for a fight. I was now facing a Charizard, a Beedrill, and an Abomasnow.

Now the grunts simply laughed at me as what had begun as an attempt to save my mate, turned into a fight for survival on both our parts. I still had one aura sphere charged and the Beedrill looked like the flimsiest target, so when I noticed the Abomasnow shuffle for a better position I hurled the sphere at the bug. The sphere exploded right in its face as I had planned and sent the light pokemon sailing into a tree, knocking it out of the fight as the impact made it black out.

Meanwhile the Charizard took another swing at me, though I used my spinning momentum to parry it's head butt just in time to come face to face with the Abomasnow, which was about to release an attack itself. I didn't know how I was doing what I was, but it seemed I was actually winning this fight, even though I continued to feel the pain in my heart and the frustration in my muscles.

Just as the Abomasnow began to exhale its attack I let my legs give out, which put me flat on the ground but opened the path for the Abomasnow's ice shard attack to pelt the Charizard behind me. It roared in frustration as it was hit, though the attack didn't actually hurt it one bit.

I smirked at the sound of Charizard's cry but could have cared less about him. I quickly pushed off of the ground and stood with a cold glare aimed at the Abomasnow. All the frustration I felt before welled up and I could stand it no longer. With little thought as to what I was actually doing I raised my hands over my head and charged as strong of an aura sphere as I could.

I had it stable in a spilt second and immediately leveled it at the Abomasnow's chest. It flinched when it realized there was no escape and the look on its face was even more terrified than Luca's.

I knew full well why it was so scared, but with what was happening I didn't care... I released the sphere and in an instant it exploded on its target, charring the Abomasnow's white coat and knocking it back like the Charizard before, but this time... it wasn't getting back up...

Its chest was charred and collapsed inward slightly from the blast, it wasn't breathing and its eyes had already lost focus as it hit the ground... dead...

I turned to face the remaining Charizard as the smoke was gradually blown around my form. The fire dragon simply watched with horror as I killed its teammate, and it too was now frozen as I stared it down.

"Last chance... I won't fight anymore if you let her g......" I spoke, but I was cut off by a blow to the back of my head. My vision started to double as I lost control of my body and fell forward.

"L...Luca... forgive... me......" I stuttered as I fell, trying to focus one last time on her before I blacked out, unsure if I would wake again...

"Felix!!!" Luca screamed as Felix fell from the blow to his head from the Gallade that had come up behind him. The Scyther that had held her prisoner had loosened its grip so that one of the other pokemon could carry her away, but when she noticed the loosened embrace she brought one of her wrist spikes up and quickly forced the blades away with a harsh grinding metal sound.

In surprise the Scyther slashed haphazardly at her, catching her with the tip of its blade. The slash cut right through the clasp of Luca's necklace along its path, and gave her a deep gash across her right shoulder blade.

The pain of the cut didn't faze Luca as she collapsed on Felix and clutched at his back, crying, her fresh blood soaking into his shirt as her necklace landed, forgotten, in the path between Felix's body and the Scyther.

Luca quickly tried to wrap her arms around Felix and pick him up to try and run but it was no use, she couldn't find the strength to carry him alone and she wasn't given the chance before the Scyther knocked her in the back of her head with the blunt side of its scythe. She collapsed without a sound on top of Felix with tears still streaming from her eyes.

"Damnit... Why did you slash at her you worthless bug...!" The first grunt spoke now that they only had details to tie up. The Scyther folded its blades and cowered from its trainer, knowing what could be its punishment. The grunt only huffed angrily and withdrew the Scyther back into its ball.

"Pick her up lets go." The second grunt commanded the Charizard, who had shaken off its earlier bewilderment so as to avoid being seen as week by the grunts. It clamored over to Luca and grabbed her limp light form and set her on its shoulder, being careful not to wake her or injure her further.

"Good we've got what we came for now let's get back to the facility before she wakes up..." The third grunt chimed in tossing out two more pokeballs which released a very depressed looking Togekiss and a Salamance. He then withdrew the Gallade and commanded the Togekiss to carry him while the first grunt climbed onto the Salamance. The second grunt mounted his Charizard and the three lifted off and began flying quickly in the direction of the nearest Darkrai facility.

Through the entire flight Luca's tears continued to flow as a pained expression remained on her face. The deep wound on her shoulder was still bleeding, though the bleeding gradually slowed, but not before annoyed the hell out of the Charizard. However it didn't complain and continued to fly as fast as it could.

When the trio landed they immediately set Luca in a large cage where a medic haphazardly tended to her wound, giving it enough attention so that she wouldn't have to worry about it but not near as much as Nurse Joy would have, which meant that Luca would ultimately be left with a scar under her fur. Once the medic was done they locked the cage and put it on a truck to be taken to another facility.

"Damnit!!! We forgot its ball!" One of the grunts exclaimed with a wide eyed angry look, not aimed at anyone in particular.

"Don't worry about it... Once that Lucario's spirit is broken it'll do anything we say. Who cares if that trainer still has the ball. It's not like he'll actually find his "precious" Lucario." One of the other grunts jeered, laughing with the others as he finished before the group headed into the facility to get their next mission...

"Uhhh... God what happened... LUCA!!!???" I groaned as I held my head and pushed myself up off the ground. It took a split second for me to remember what had transpired through the splitting headache I had, but as I yelled Luca's name I sat bolt upright with wide eyes and started looking around.

"FUCK!!!" I cursed as I shut my eyes tight letting tears start falling from them as I found nothing in my view except the corpse of the Abomasnow from my fight to save Luca.

"Damnit damnit damnit..." I kept repeating to myself in an angry depressed mumble, only being interrupted when I noticed a cold wetness on my back. Thinking little of it I reached around to the spot and rubbed slightly with my hand expecting it to just a bit of water from the trees or something, but when I brought my hand around and saw it covered in a crimson red liquid I froze.

A new wave of tears started flowing from my eyes, I couldn't remember the last time I felt this panicked and hopeless. I practically tore off my shirt to look at the blood stain. It had pooled in a malformed circle about five inches in diameter.

Loosing what little self control I had I pressed the shirt to my face, smearing the blood on my cheek as I desperately cried into the cloth. The only consolation I had was that Luca's body wasn't around, and there was no other pools of blood, which gave me the hope that she was still alive... somewhere.

After a few minutes of sitting there I couldn't cry any longer. There was a sharp tightness in my chest that was causing me a great deal of pain, but my mind was blank... I quite simply didn't know what to do.

As I let my hands fall to my lap with my bloodied shirt I stared off into space and let my mind wander, trying to think of how to proceed.

Should I go home and tell everyone what happened, or just go searching alone? If I didn't go home first everyone would worry and they would eventually try to find me. The more I thought the more I realized I didn't stand a chance alone, seeing as I couldn't protect Luca before, and if I tried finding her now there was guaranteed to be more pokemon than the few I faced originally.

As I thought what to do my eyes flitted randomly in front of me, until they came to rest on Luca's necklace. I stared in disbelief for a minute before crawling the few feet and taking it in my hand. The clasp had been sliced clean through. As I looked at the broken gift I found the strength to stand up. I then clenched the necklace in my hand and closed my eyes for a second before starting towards home for some reason or another.

By the time I got home I had put my shirt back on, but my legs still felt weak, as did my heart. I didn't look up once as I walked those long two miles. I had tried to use wave sight to find Luca hoping desperately that I might get lucky, but it was no use, she was just to far away for it to work.

As I finally came to my house I rounded the corner to enter through the side door, but before I could lay a hand on the knob I heard a high pitched laugh from the back yard. I sadly turned my head to see Latias playing with Leo, it seemed nothing had changed while Luca and I had been gone...

As they played Latias looked briefly in the direction of the house. It was just a quick glance but she saw me looking at the two of them and looked back to make sure she wasn't seeing things. She then squeaked happily and started to fly towards me.

With my newfound ability I could understand her words, she had yelled my name happily at the sight of me, which had also gotten Leo to look in the same direction. He to started running as fast as he could, and easily matched Latias' speed.

"Dad! Your back...! Wh... where's mom...?" Leo exclaimed, extremely happy at first, but as he stopped in front of me to finish and saw the sad look on my face he became worried.

"Find Kail and meet me upstairs... I'll tell you then..." I replied sadly and turned away from my son before I started crying again. I hardly knew what made me answer him, nor could I figure out what I had decided to do, it just seemed to happen on its own.

The others greeted me happily but I didn't answer. I just went to mine and Luca's room and changed shirts before anyone else figured out what the red blotch was. Luckily enough I had unconsciously rinsed my face in a stream before making it home, otherwise I would have attracted much more attention than I already did.

Lady was hurt that I didn't even pet her before going upstairs, and while Umbreon wasn't too disappointed by the lack of attention he did realize something was wrong. He sweetly followed Lady back into my parent's room as she dragged her tails behind her, and as she lay down he nuzzled and cuddled her telling her it wasn't her fault and that something else was wrong. She wasn't crying but she did rub Umbreon sadly as he and the pups settled down together for a while.

My sister tried to follow me up the stairs but stopped when I closed the door behind me. Shortly after Leo and Latias joined Ashley and Kail at the base of the stairs, each of them looking at the door and wondering just what had happened to make me act like this, since usually I was always kind and cheerful.

Once I had changed I sat on the bed and pulled Luca's necklace from my pocket and her ball from my belt. As I sat there looking at the two items I heard the door open then close again, and shortly after Leo walked around the corner followed by Kail.

"Dad...?" Leo began hesitantly, but before he could say anything more I cut in.

"Leo... I won't lie to you... Darkrai took your mother..." I said bluntly without looking up. Kail's face immediately took a horrified look while Leo just went wide eyed. He would have collapsed to the ground if Kail hadn't been next to him and helped him to the floor.

"But... how...?" Leo stammered in bewilderment as Kail remained silent, wondering the same thing.

"As we were coming home three grunts attacked us... In the end I couldn't protect her and they had her immobilized... I got knocked out and when I woke up this was all I found..." I explained as I replaced Luca's ball on my belt and held her necklace out for Leo to see.

"But... But..." Leo stuttered again, unable to form actual sentences any longer.

"What should we do...?" Kail finally asked in a concerned voice, and unconsciously picking his words carefully.

"I need your help... I can't try to get her back alone it's not possible... Leo I don't want to endanger you, and Kail I can't ask you to leave Ashley for this but I'm begging you both... I need help and I can't take anyone else. I won't endanger my sister and Lady and Umbreon have pups now. I won't make them leave their new family so soon... I've given this a lot of thought... you two are the only one's I can turn to..." I pleaded remorsefully. I knew they wouldn't refuse but I had to make it clear why I had chosen them.

"I'm sure Ashley will understand... I'll help." Kail responded quickly once I had finished.

"I'd do anything for you and mom, dad... I'm not letting you go alone..." Leo said after Kail had broken the silence, and Leo's racing train of thought.

"... Thank you... If you're ready we'll leave now... I don't want to waste time..." I said as I finally looked up at them both to see them gazing intently at me.

"Alright, I'll tell Ashley. Do you mind if I explain things to her and the others...?" Kail said as he got up, but remained facing me for an answer before he left.

"You can tell Ashley, and she can tell my parents, but I don't want you to tell anyone else... They'll only try to come with us... I'll tell Lady and Umbreon. And make sure my sister knows I won't have her coming either..." I replied, which got a nod from Kail before he turned to head downstairs, but Leo remained where he was, though he had looked down at the ground.

"Leo, I'm sorry... I couldn't stop them... I can't blame you for hating me, but please help me find her..." I started sadly, letting myself feel the pain in my chest since my son was the only one with me. I couldn't even look at Leo as I finished, I was convinced he would never forgive me for loosing his mother, but as I looked away Leo couldn't help himself any longer. I heard him sniffle twice and as I brought myself to look at his feet I saw a few tears hit the carpet.

At the moment I didn't feel worthy of my son, and even though a big part of me thought he would blame me for what happened I felt I had nothing more to loose so I reached out and put my arm gently around his shoulders. I half expected him to throw my arm off and run away upset, but I was surprised at how much of a relief it was to me when Leo didn't resist my touch and leaned onto me as he started crying a bit harder. Feeling his reaction I hugged him tighter and let my fears of him leaving me melt away.

"Why...? Why her...? How are we going to find her...? Dad, what if she's..." Leo managed through his tears, begging me for answers.

"I promise you we'll find her... This isn't your fault, your mother and I gave Darkrai some significant losses... I never wanted you to get involved in this, but I need you..." I replied as I simply sat there rubbing Leo's back, intending to stay with him for as long as he needed.

Another minute later Leo had calmed down but was still crying as he leaned on me, however I heard something going on at the foot of the stairs. It was only voices, and it didn't sound like a wrestling match, but I suspected we were about to have company, which at the moment I didn't mind.

I heard a muffled "Latias! No! Leave them alone..." from Ashley, which alerted me to who would be our visitor, and somehow I knew she wanted to see Leo. I looked up just in time to see Latias crane her head timidly around the corner. I managed a weak smile through my depressed state and motioned lightly with my head for her to come over.

"Someone else wants to make sure you're alright..." I said to Leo as I looked back down to him and released my embrace slightly. Leo had his eyes shut as he sniffled, but when I spoke they suddenly snapped open and he quickly rubbed them as he turned away from Latias. He gradually sat up and released me entirely as I did the same, but he still wouldn't turn to Latias, even as she came right up behind him, then floated to his side and craned her neck around to look at him. I could tell she knew something had happened, and I knew all to well the look she had on her face. It was that sad caring look I had given my companions so many times when something was wrong, but that was about where the similarities stopped. I noticed that Leo was acting as if he didn't want her to see him, and I understood, to a degree. He was after all a guy and he didn't want to look weak, especially in front of someone he cared for, though I actually didn't know how much they cared for each other...

Leo had once again closed his eyes and was sniffling as he tried to hold back his tears. He was still broken up, but as before, he didn't want to show it. Latias looked over to me with that sad look as if wondering what would do this to him, but that was something I didn't want to answer for her. Instead I stiffly got up and patted Leo on the shoulder as I left the two alone adding, "I'm going to go talk with Lady... I'll be downstairs..." as reassurance that I wouldn't leave him behind.

"Leo...?" Latias said in her beautiful voice, which actually stung Leo with how sad it sounded.

"Please... I don't want you to see me like this..." Leo pleaded as he clenched his eyes tighter squeezing a few more tears from them, but Latias didn't leave. Instead she floated around so she was completely in front of him and licked his nose tenderly, getting the taste of a few tears from when he had been crying on me.

Once again Leo couldn't help himself and reflexively grabbed Latias and hugger her tight as his sobs renewed, which got a soft yelp of surprise from her before she returned his embrace and snaked her long neck around him.

"Latias I don't know what to do... My mother's been taken... I'm scared... and what if I let my dad down..." Let cried as he nuzzled her neck since she had remained with him.

"Ashley says I can't come with you... I want to! I don't want anything to happen to you..." Latias replied sadly after a long pause and once Leo had calmed down slightly, but his response wasn't exactly what she expected.

"No... You stay with Ashley... I don't know where my dad's going to take us but he won't even take Lady... And if that's the case I know he's planning something I wouldn't want you with us for... I'm sorry Latias... but I won't let you come either..." Leo replied as his tears slowed further, and as he regained himself to the point where he could stroke her neck gently.

"I know... Just promise me you'll come back..." She replied as she released him so she could look him in the eyes.

As Leo met her gaze he realized she had tears in her eyes, knowing she wouldn't be able to accompany him.

"I will... I promise..." Leo answered as he put a paw on the side of her face and wiped a tear from her eye, before kissing her sweetly in the center of the triangle on her forehead. After his answer she hugged him tight again which he returned, though his resolve had returned thanks to her. The two wiped their eyes and headed downstairs together to help Felix get ready.

My sister immediately began to apologize for not stopping Latias as I reached the bottom of the stairs. I told her it was fine, in a more cheerful voice than she expected which showed her I wasn't upset about it, and I started towards Lady and Umbreon's room when Ashley spoke up once again.

"Felix... I'm sorry... I know you love her. Are you sure you won't let me help...?" She asked with a concerned and sincere voice, but she already knew my answer.

"No. I'd just like to bring Kail. He might know where they took her and I think he'd like to repay Darkrai for what they did to him... I'm sorry ... it's nothing personal... I just don't want to get anyone else involved... or this might happen all over again..." I replied with my own concerned tone, and I saw that she understood. With a half disappointed nod she turned and returned to the living room to speak with Kail before he left, while I continued in to see Lady.

I found my oldest companion lying with Umbreon and their pups, the pups had fallen asleep, but both the parents raised their heads as I came in and sat down with them.

"What happened...?" Lady whined sadly, though she didn't expect me to really understand her.

"Luca was taken by Darkrai..." I replied as I ran my hand through her fur, and returned her gaze.

"You understood her...?" Umbreon said in a surprised tone, though he meant his question as more of a test. If I understood him as well I would answer his question. If not I would have most likely continued with an explanation of the situation.

"Yes... It's something I... we, discovered during our trip. I just wish I could have shown it to you in a better way..." I answered with a forced smile at Umbreon as I rubbed his head as well. They both shared the same surprised look but knew what I meant with my last comment and thought it best not to ask how we had discovered the ability.

"You're leaving to find her aren't you...?" Lady continued sadly as she laid her head in my lap, and I knew she had figured out what I was going to do.

"Yes..." Was my only reply as I prepared myself for the next question.

"And you want us to stay here..." Umbreon continued off of Lady's thought which was what I had been readying myself for.

"Yes..." I replied, and once again fell silent, ready for the barrage of arguments, but all that came was a whine from Lady as she nuzzled my leg.

"We already know you won't let us come... and we know why... but that doesn't change the fact we want to help..." She replied sadly, including Umbreon in her words since she knew he felt the same way.

"I know... But you can't leave your pups and I don't want to risk loosing you both as well. I'm sorry but I think it's better if I just take Kail and Leo... Please understand... This way I at least know you two are safe..." I answered with more of a plea. My voice had returned to a sad begging tone, even though I knew they understood my decision and weren't going to fight with me about it. Instead Lady raised her head and gave me a lick on the cheek, while Umbreon licked the hand I was petting him with, showing me they both understood and wouldn't make this harder for me.

"Thank you..." I said as I wrapped an arm around each one of them and hugged them tight, letting a few new tears soak into their pelts as I did so.

I spent a little more time with the couple just talking to them. The pups were developing fine and Lady moved her tails to let my pet each of them before I left, though I didn't wake them. After that I went and packed a new bag and asked Kail and Leo if they were ready. They both nodded and got up to follow me out of the house, as did Lady, Umbreon Ashley and Latias.

Sadly my parents weren't home, Dad was at work and mother had gone out shopping just before I got back. Although once I thought about it I was thankful they weren't there, they would have made much more of a fuss than I wanted to deal with at the moment and I just had to get going again.

We exited the house and started saying our goodbyes since I wasn't sure when we would be back. I didn't intend to come home until I had found Luca, no matter how long it took...

Ashley gave me one last hug and handed Kail's ball to me afterwards, once she was done Latias gave me a tight hug and wished me luck which I responded to by returning her embrace and stroking her head while I thanked her. As Latias and Ashley continued to Kail and Leo, Lady and Umbreon wished me luck one last time while I gave them each a hug and thanked them again for understanding.

Once I stood up I saw that Ashley had finished her goodbyes but Latias had just gotten to Leo. I turned just in time to see Latias tear up and blush slightly as she kissed Leo sincerely and quickly on the lips before hugging him tight. It wasn't her normal way of saying good bye, but it didn't faze Leo seeing as he smiled warmly and hugged her back. It sent me for quite a loop though, but oddly enough it raised my spirits slightly to see such a sweet scene, especially since lately all I could think about was the horrid picture of Luca with two Scyther blades pressed to her neck...

I got the impression that Leo didn't notice I had seen Latias' goodbye, since he didn't try to defend himself and wasn't embarrassed about it. He might have changed a little while Luca and I were gone, but I knew he wouldn't have changed that much. Still I knew that was a more personal conversation I would have to bring up once we were on the road.

Ashley and the others watched us walk off down the road in the direction I had originally come from earlier that day. It was getting late and we wouldn't make it far before we had to make camp, but I couldn't stand staying at the house for the night. It would have been too agonizing to think that I wasn't setting out immediately to find Luca, but thankfully Kail and Leo understood and as far as I knew didn't mind. So we continued on down the path until I ran out of energy. Through the entire walk though we were silent, I was lost in thought, as was Leo, but Kail seemed intent on the road ahead, watching for something or anything, I really couldn't tell.

Chapter End Notes:

Please! Please! Don't give up on this story and I am sorry for making it sad. ;.;

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