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Pokemon Legends by XD385


Concealed Desires

"You can't catch me, Uncle Latios!" "Don't get your head in the clouds! Oh wait, we're already there." Amber laughed as she soared in the sky above Pallet Town, her uncle trying to catch her in a playful little game of tag. The little Latias would frequently look down at her father, Ash, who was watching. A few days had passed since they had completely destroyed XD-386, Missingno, and everyone was eager to just relax. Onyx was still with Guy Wozaki somewhere in the Sinnoh region, but no one was too worried and were expecting to hear from them in four weeks.

"Catch me, Daddy! I'm falling!" Amber stopped levitating herself and went into a freefall, much to the horror of her uncle! "Amber, what's wrong!?" Latios flew down to her and saw she was just fine. "I'm OK, Uncle Latios! I just want Daddy to catch me!" Latios had a bad feeling about this, but backed off anyway. Amber went speeding towards the ground.

"Oh man...I gotcha! I gotcha!" Ash held out his arms to catch his daughter. Despite the speed she was falling at, Amber landed right in Ash's arms. "You really scared me that time, Amber." Amber looked up at her father and smiled, "You've always been there for me, Daddy. I knew that you wouldn't let me get hurt." This touched Ash to his core. He tightly, but gently squeezed his tiny daughter, causing her to let out a coo.

"Hey, #1, toss me that wrench." Substitute #2 told Substitute #1. A group of Substitutes of Neo were adding a couple of rooms onto the Ketchum household. The real Neo supervised the work while looking over his shoulder to watch his brother-in-law and niece playing. He had discussed adding a few more rooms on with his mother-in-law, Delia Ketchum, when XD-130, otherwise known as Frost, chose to stay with them. She claimed that she wanted to stay because she owed Ash her life or something to that extent, but Neo knew that the true reason was much more serious.

As Mewtwo looked through the newspaper, he came across an article on the front page that made him smile. Latias floated over to him and asked, "You don't smile often. What's so funny?" Mewtwo replied, "It's not funny. Just heartwarming. According to this article, there has been an epidemic of half human Pokemon births in several areas." Latias remembered her wedding in Altomare when, even though it was mid day, the Northern Lights waved across the sky. Neo said that her bond to Ash was responsible. It signified the coming of a new era of acceptance between humans and Pokemon. She saw that he wasn't joking in the least.

"So, whatcha doing, Frost?" Neo spoke without even looking behind him. Frost had perched herself at the very top of the house and was observing Ash playing with Amber. "Oh, not much. I'm just keeping an eye on Ash." Neo snickered, "Ya know, that's supposed to be MY job. I am his Guardian, after all." "Whatever. I just owe him my life, so I'm returning the favor." Neo started to snicker loudly, which started to get on Frost's nerves.

"What's so funny about being in debt? I wasn't trying to make you laugh!" Neo took a breath and replied, "I'm just surprised you said that with a straight face when you weren't giving me the whole story! I know about your feelings for him. My Ralts DNA gives me the power to sense emotions, including love." Frost's face went red as she yelled, "NO, I DON'T! YOU'RE JUST LIKE JAZZ; ALWAYS POKING FUN AT THINGS ABOUT ME THAT YOU KNOW ISN'T TRUE!!!" Frost began to gather Shadow energy into her claws, but Neo warned, "Don't even go there. If you try to kill me, you will be the one who dies." Frost paused for a moment, and then dispersed the Shadow energy. "Besides, you know that Ash is already taken. Even if you really did love Ash like that, you still wouldn't be able to do anything." Neo saw Frost turn away from him. However, after a few seconds, he saw tears falling from her face. "I know." In a sudden puff of dark mist, Frost disappeared.

Running through a forest, Frost cried, "Why?! Why can't I just let him go?! I know I shouldn't feel this way about him, but why can't I help it?!" Soon, Frost collapsed next to a tiny stream. "I know I shouldn't.....but I feel drawn to him all the time. What makes me so attracted to him?" Frost crawled over to the stream and looked into her reflection in the gently running water. She immediately noticed a difference in her eyes. "I haven't looked at myself for a long time. My eyes are different somehow. They seem...gentler...not as cold as they used to be. Is it because of him?" As she stared at her face in the water, the answers began to emerge. Soon, tears began to fall from Frost's eyes again, but instead of sorrow, these were tears of joy. "I see now. changed me. You made me understand that life should be treasured, not destroyed. I used to live only to kill, but you brought light back into my blackened heart. I finally get it. I don't just owe him my life. I owe him everything! I now know for certain. Ash...I..." Climbing to her knees, Frost yelled, "I LOVE YOU!!!"

"Do you really mean that?" Frost jumped at the voice behind her and turned with a look of panic, but calmed down when she saw that it was just Neo. "Yep, you really are just like Jazz, always sneaking up on me to scare the hell out of me. What do you want?" Neo grinned, "I heard everything." Frost blushed, "I see. So, are you going to tell Ash?" Neo shook his head, "Of course not. That's something only you can do. However, considering that he's married, you better have a little word with Latias before you decide to yank his pants off." Neo then turned to head back home, but first, he said, "Just don't get lost on the way back. OK, little dudette?" Frost looked up, but Neo was already gone. "Was that Jazz in disguise? Hmmmm...."

Bayleef was resting on her bed upstairs while looking out the window. She watched as Ash ascended into his silver haired form so he could fly with Amber. He tried to catch her and, although he was faster, she always managed to swoop out of his way. Although Bayleef enjoyed watching her niece play with her father, this time was different. She felt absolutely awful that she wasn't watching her own daughter playing with Ash. She looked down at her belly, remembering the one time that she and Ash made love. She could remember the warm sensation of his seed filling her womb. That night, she had prayed that she would become pregnant, but her prayer went unanswered. "Latias...I envy you..." Grieving over her inability to bear Ash's child, Bayleef buried her head in her pillow and cried.

Latias came flying upstairs to ask Bayleef if she wouldn't mind babysitting Amber while she and Ash went out to dinner. "Bayleef, would" Latias saw Bayleef crying with her face in a pillow. "Bayleef, what's wrong? I've never seen you cry like this." Bayleef, still choking, managed to look at Latias and said, "You just don't know what it's like. Ever since I learned that you and Ash had fallen in love, it's been torture. From the moment I joined him in Johto, I lived for him. I wanted nothing more than to bear his offspring and raise a family with him by my side. I love him more than anything. But I'll never be able to fulfill my desire now that you are married to him. It's just not fair! Why must you be the only woman he can impregnate?!" Bayleef burst into tears again and buried her face in the pillow.

Latias was shocked by just how much Bayleef loved Ash. Her devotion to him was astronomical. Latias raised her right arm and looked at her wedding bracelet. It was gold with a single sapphire. (Have I truly been so selfish? I always feared that Ash would stop loving me if he mated with another female. That is why I kept him to myself. But now that I remember, he was still so sweet to Bayleef after she came with us. But he never grew distant from me. He loved us both. Is it really wrong for a man to impregnate more than one woman? Couldn't we all just live together as a single big family?) Latias felt tears building in her eyes. (I've made her suffer so much. I shouldn't be so selfish.)

Latias placed her arm on Bayleef's head. "Bayleef, please stop crying. I need to tell you something important." After a moment, Bayleef managed to stop bawling, although tears were still falling from her eyes. Latias put her arm on Bayleef's shoulder, "I'm sorry. I have been so selfish all this time. I was worried that Ash would no longer love me if he mated with another woman. But I was wrong. I know that he loves us both. Just because we are married doesn't mean that he can't love you or any other woman." Bayleef gave a look of astonishment. "Be here tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing your child." Bayleef started to cry again, but in sheer joy. "Latias.....THANK YOU!" Bayleef threw her vines around Latias, hugging her out of happiness.

Unknown to the two ladies, a figure clung to the ceiling just outside the door. A single tear of joy fell from the figure's face. "Thank you..."

Later that night, Latias pulled Ash over for a private conversation. "So, what's up, Latias?" Latias had a somewhat sad smile on her face, "I've been so selfish for so long, keeping you to myself when I know that there are other women who love you as much as I do." Ash noticed Latias hint towards the stairs and looked over to see Bayleef give him a sexy wink before heading upstairs. " don't really mean...?" She touched his face with her claw, "I do. Bayleef has been grieving over not being able to have a child by you all because we are married. But that shouldn't stop you from loving others like you do me." Ash couldn't believe what Latias was telling him. Suddenly, she kissed him and said, "We will be one big family. Go to her, Ash. Go on." Latias nudged Ash up the stairs to the door of Bayleef's bedroom.

"She's waiting." Latias whispered to Ash before flying back downstairs. For a moment, Ash just stood at the door, wondering if what he was about to do was really the right thing. "Should I really do this? Bayleef was so happy the first time, but was it right?" Gathering his courage, Ash turned the knob and stepped inside. He took several more steps in when he noticed that the room was empty. However, he jumped when he heard the door slam behind him. When he turned, he saw Bayleef locking it with her vines. When she turned around, Ash sweated at the look in her eyes.

"So, did Latias tell you?" Ash nodded. "Well, let's get started." Before Ash could react; Bayleef began to strip his clothes from his body. "I've wanted this for so long." After a moment, Ash stood nude, his face red. "I just can't get over how attractive your body is, even though you're just a child." Just then, it occurred to Bayleef. "Um, Ash? How old are you?" Puzzled by her question, Ash answered, "I'm 14 years old now........huh?" Ash realized what Bayleef was getting at and looked in a full body mirror that Neo had installed. As he looked his body over, something didn't add up. "What's going on here?! I don't look as old as I should! I still look only 12 years old!" Bayleef spoke, "It is strange, but I think it's good that you still look so young. Your children seem to like having a child as their father. You understand them better than anyone." Ash saw the wisdom in her words. "I see what you mean. I guess I shouldn't complain about how I look when I'm the toughest guy on the planet!"

Bayleef wrapped her vines around Ash, "You'll always be the champion in my heart. Now get ready." She threw Ash down onto her bed. "Bayleef, wait!" Bayleef was standing over Ash. "I...I just don't feel right. I don't..." Bayleef brought her lips to Ash's and gave him a brief, but sweet kiss. "I know what your problem is. Just a minute." She walked backwards and got down on her knees. Very gently, she used one of her vines to hold Ash's member up. After giving a few licks, Bayleef took the whole thing in her mouth and began to deep throat it. Ash shuddered at the pleasure filled sensations flooding his body, remembering the last time she did that. He let out a loud groan as his member grew painfully stiff. He was sure that Bayleef was going to keep going until he orgasmed, but soon felt her remove her mouth. The pressure was almost painful, but Ash blushed when Bayleef turned around. "I see that you're ready. Let's do it right this time."

Ash just sat there with his member standing proud. He was quite embarrassed at the sight of Bayleef's rump, but deep down, he knew he wanted this too. Ash got on his knees and gripped Bayleef's hips. "This is only the second time I've done this, so cut me some slack if I do it wrong." "I have faith in you." Slowly, Ash bucked his hips forward, gasping as he felt the tender folds of flesh envelope his manhood. Bayleef was equally pleased as her yellow face went red with a blush. "'s every bit as lovely as the last time! Harder!" "OK!" Leaning forward, Ash began to quickly buck his hips into Bayleef's flower. "'re right! I should have done this sooner! I love you!" Bayleef couldn't even speak as she gasped with pleasure with every forward motion Ash made. Bayleef let out a sigh as her body tensed up in an orgasm, her juices spraying past Ash's lovestick. However, she wasn't done by a long shot.

"Bayleef...I'm...I'm gonna..." Ash leaned forward greatly and threw his arms around Bayleef's neck. "ERRRRGGGHHHH!!!" Ash groaned loudly as he had an explosive orgasm. Bayleef screamed in pleasure and excitement as she felt Ash pumping his sperm into her womb. However, she knew that one orgasm would not be enough.

" know one load of your seed isn't enough to get me pregnant. I...need more..." Bayleef panted as sweat cascaded down her neck. "I know...I want to help you have a baby...but I'm bushed! I don't think I...wait. What's that?" Bayleef looked around, "What's what? I don't see anyone." As Bayleef turned her head, some of the leaves on her neck brushed Ash's nose. After inhaling the aroma from them, Ash felt rejuvenated and wide awake. "THAT'S IT!" Bayleef looked back in surprise. "I remember! The leaves on your neck makes anyone who smells them energetic and filled with energy! I bet I could pump out 10 orgasms now!" Bayleef smiled, "Then let's not waste any time! Give me your love, Ash!" Ash replied with a forceful thrust into Bayleef's womanhood, making her gasp from the force. "Whoa! Those spices must have really brought out your wild side, huh?!" Ash was in too much of a frenzy to pay much attention to whatever Bayleef said. After another 10 orgasms, and a dozen more by Bayleef, fatigue finally caught up to Ash. He gently pulled out his limp and overworked member. He was stunned by how much of his own sperm covered it.

"That's it...I'm done...I can't put out anymore..." Ash collapsed at the end of the bed. With what little strength she had, Bayleef crawled over to him and laid her head next to his. "I feel so full. One more load and I possibly would have burst." Neither of them had any real idea just how full Bayleef's womb was. With every breath she took, a tiny bit of Ash's sperm would ooze out of her flower. " you think we did it?" Bayleef whispered, "I don't know, but I really hope we did. If we failed, we can just try again later." Before Ash could pass out, Bayleef pressed her lips against his, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Ash replied in kind with a weak, but gentle touch of his tongue. After they broke the kiss, the two lovers fell asleep in a tender embrace.

Just outside the window, a pair of excited eyes watched the two lovers sleeping. "Ash...I would never had guessed that you were such stud! I'll see you tomorrow."

Frost snuck back into her bedroom through the window, which was finally completed only a couple of hours before. "I never would have guessed you would be so curious as to watch them in the act." Frost nearly jumped out of her fur to find Neo waiting next to the window! "Darn it! Did you pick up that habit from Jazz?!" Neo tried to not laugh, "Give me a break! I was just gonna give you some advice on how to get Ash with you alone! Care for a listen?" This got Frost's attention. "I'm all ears!" "OK. First, I'll........and you take.......he will surely..................................and then you do what you have to. OK?" Frost surprised Neo by letting out a loud giggle while blushing heavily. "It's the perfect plan! Uh, Neo?" Neo bent down, "What's up?" Frost looked down, "Would willing to be...our child's godfather?" Neo got a funny look on his face. "Man, you've REALLY got it all figured out, huh?! Actually, since Ash is my brother-in-law, your kid will be my nephew. Or niece, depending on what gender it is." Frost gave Neo a playful punch, "Thanks. Personally, I'm hoping it's a girl. Now leave. I've got to get my sleep for tomorrow."

"Morning, dear." Ash awoke to something nuzzling his face. "Oh, morning, Bayleef. Did you sleep well?" Bayleef sighed, "That was the most pleasant sleep I ever had. Hurry, get dressed. I want Neo to check if I'm going to have a baby." This got Ash excited. In a minute, he was clothed and running for the stairs.

"Morning, lovebirds! I take it you want a physical?" Ash and Bayleef blushed. "Actually, I want you to check" Neo laughed, "I get the idea! OK, hold still." Neo walked over to Bayleef and rested his hand on her side. After a moment, a weird look came across his face. Ash noticed and asked, "Well? Did we do it?" Neo slowly turned his face to him and asked, "Ash? Just how much did you put in her last night?" Amber overheard and flew over and asked, "What? What did Daddy put in Aunt Bayleef?" Ash blushed, "Uh, nothing important! Um, I think I heard Grandma call for you outside." Amber smiled, "OK! Coming, Grandma!" Once Amber was outside, Ash answered Neo's question, "Well, the leaves on Bayleef's neck made me feel frisky, I guess. I think we kept at it for about an hour." Neo turned a little green. "Good grief, you probably filled her with over a gallon of your...stuff! There's quite a bit left." Bayleef shook her body and could feel something moving deep inside her. "No matter. I'll continue with analysis."

Neo continued to move his hand over Bayleef's belly, trying to sense any life. Ash and Bayleef held their breathes in anticipation of Neo's findings. After what felt like an eternity, Neo took his hand off of Bayleef's belly. "So, is there anything in there?" Neo looked at Ash and smiled, "Well done. A healthy fetus has just started to develop inside." At this discovery, Bayleef reared up and planted her legs against Ash's chest. "WE DID IT! WE REALLY DID IT! I'M GONNA HAVE A BABY! I'M GONNA HAVE A BABY! I LOVE YOU, ASH! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" Bayleef cried hysterically, overjoyed that she was finally going to give birth to her one true love's child. "I.....I'm really happy, too..." Ash could hardly talk as he choked on his tears. Somehow, knowing that Bayleef was pregnant with his child was overwhelming to him, but in a good way.

Latias flew inside through an open window to find her husband being smothered with kisses from Bayleef. "Well, did I miss something?!" Bayleef wasted no time in telling Latias the good news. "We did it! I'm gonna have a baby!" Latias was speechless at first, but embraced Bayleef while crying. "I'm so happy for you! Ash, thank you for loving her like you love me. I'm really looking forward to meeting your child!" Ash blushed at how accepting his wife was. Neo butted in, "Well, now that we have a baby on the way, how about I throw a barbeque this evening in celebration?" Ash looked at Neo with a hungry stare, "Oh man, it's been forever since I had a cheeseburger! Fire up the grill!"

That evening, the whole Ketchum family had gathered for a barbeque in the backyard. Mewtwo was handling the cooking without even touching the equipment. He worked everything with telekinesis. Ash had to stop himself from laughing every time he looked at him. The apron Mewtwo was wearing didn't match him at all.

"Man, Mewtwo. I had no idea you could cook so well!" Ash said while scarfing down a cheeseburger. "Hmph. Even a fool could fry a burger. By the way, here's one for you." Mewtwo levitated a freshly made cheeseburger over to Ash. "Thanks! I'll bet yours are even better than Brock's!" Mewtwo blushed, "Oh, well, I don't know about that. Thanks anyway."

Ash took a seat next to Latias. "Mewtwo sure seems capable of cooking for many people." Ash nodded, "I could never picture him cooking at all. Anyway, time to chow down!" However, just as Ash was about to chomp on the burger, something zoomed by him at speeds at made it seem like a blur. When Ash did chomp down, instead of a burger, he took a bite out of his fingers!

"YEOWCH!!! What the?! Where's my cheeseburger?!" As if to answer, someone whistled from behind him. Standing about 20 feet away was Frost with the cheeseburger in her hand. With a smirk, she said, "Is this what you're looking for?" Ash was surprised that Frost would snatch food from him, but no one was going to get in between him and his dinner. "Frost, give that back!" Frost merely grinned, "If you want it so bad, come and get it!" In a flash, Frost took off at high speed towards a nearby forest. "Darn it! Have it your way!" Knowing he had no chance of catching up to Frost on his own, Ash ascended into his first form, his hair a silver color. At about the speed that Frost was moving at, Ash rocketed toward the forest, leaving everyone wondering what had gotten into Frost. Everyone except Neo, that is. (I wonder what she has planned for him.)

"Frost! Give that cheeseburger back! I know you're here!" The sun had almost set as ten minutes passed while Ash leapt through the branches, thinking he could get the drop on Frost from above. Suddenly, Ash heard a whistle. When he looked down, he saw Frost standing next to a narrow stream with his cheeseburger. "I won't run. Now come and get it." Suspicious, Ash walked over to her and snatched the burger from her. In under a minute, he had devoured the whole thing. "What's wrong with you? If you wanted to play tag, you should have told me. Why did you lure me out here?" Frost blushed and replied, "It was all I could think of to get to be alone with you." Ash raised an eyebrow at this. "You want to talk to me privately?" Frost shyly nodded. (OK. I have him right where I want him. But how do I tell him? I've never been good with talking about my feelings. What should I say?)

A moment passed where neither of the two spoke. At last, Frost whispered, "Ash, why did you let me stay with you?" Ash showed a look of shock. Frost continued, "I've always lived to kill until I met you. Why didn't you just leave me? I would have been OK in the wild. Why did you not want me to leave?" Ash could see that Frost was blushing deeply. He turned his back to Frost and spoke, "I already told you why the last time you tried to kill me. However..." Frost looked puzzled, "However? What else do you want to say?" Ash was silent for a moment, trying to find the right words. "I guess I wasn't telling you the whole story. I said that I could never hate someone who thought they were doing the right thing, but there was more to it than that. I guess I never said it because I was sure that you would claw my face off." Frost almost gasped at this. "What do you mean?"

Ash began to blush just a little. "Well, I always thought that you were kind of scary at times, but you were never disrespectful to anyone. You were always brave and fought so hard to protect me from Ryyo. You always said that you were just repaying your debt to me, but I always had a hunch that there was more to it than that. What's more...I always thought that you were......beautiful." Frost couldn't believe what she was hearing. (Please say it...please say it...please...) Ash turned around partially with his eyes closed, as if expecting terrible pain. "Frost...I think I've always.......loved you." Ash waited about ten seconds before opening his eyes, wondering why Frost had not gone at him with claws extended. When he looked down at the little Sneasel, he saw that tears were cascading down her pretty little face. "Frost...?" She choked, "Ash...I LOVE YOU, TOO!" The Shadow Sneasel leapt at Ash with enough force to knock him flat on his back. Ash gasped for breath as Frost sobbed into his shirt.

(I've never seen her cry like this.) Ash gently rubbed Frost's head until she stopped crying. "Frost...did you really mean that?" Frost looked up at him; her face matted with tears, and smiled, "Of course I meant it. Every word of it. You changed me. I lived only to kill, but you showed me that life is something to cherish. You protected me from your own friends and family when they thought I was still a threat. I couldn't help but love you after that. You've always been so sweet to me." Frost quickly joined lips with Ash, still crying, but relieved that Ash cared for her just as much. Ash embraced her little body, gently kissing her back. Soon, they broke the kiss, but Ash could tell that Frost loved it and joined lips with her again, this time more intimately. He reached out with his tongue to reach Frost's. She did the same and the two became lost in each other's touch. Frost's mind was purged of all the negative thoughts that normally plagued Shadow Pokemon and was filled with wonderful thoughts of her being together with the boy who accepted her for what she was.

The two lovers pulled away from each other, a string of their saliva dangling for a moment before breaking. Frost threw her arms around Ash's neck, clinging tightly as if she was afraid to let go. Ash rested his hand on the back of her head. A moment later, Frost looked Ash in the eyes. "Ash. I need to tell you something. I don't want to cherish life anymore. I want to MAKE it." Ash stared in shock, but Frost shushed him. "I know what Latias told you. What's wrong with adding one more member to the family?" Ash just remained silent, but nodded, knowing that Frost probably wasn't going to take no for an answer.

First, Frost began to get Ash out of his shirt, marveling at his bare body. She began to sweetly lick his neck and worked her way down to his belly. Ash shivered as he felt Frost make her way down his body. Once she reached his pants, Frost yanked them off with a quick pull. (So beautiful. It's even lovelier up close.) Frost asked Ash to sit up for a moment, which he complied. Frost gently licked his member all the way up to the tip and took the whole thing in her mouth, causing Ash to groan with pleasure. (She's good! Is this really her first time?) Frost continued deepthroating Ash's member while becoming more and more aroused, although it was hard to tell through her black fur. Eventually, Ash let out a loud groan as he was on the verge of an orgasm. Frost took his member out of her mouth, but kept moving her hand up and down it. "It's OK. You can let it go." Ash let out an even louder groan as unique sound was made as a stream of warm sperm was splashed all over Frost's face. Frost closed her eyes and held her mouth open to catch any sperm that fell off her face. It had a very sweet flavor.

"Well, now that we're all warmed up, let's get started on the real thing." Frost started licking Ash's member again to maintain its stiffness. Ash had become exhausted from that last one and was lying down. Frost climbed onto his belly and stood just above his pointed member. Ash looked up at her and was stunned by how beautiful she was in the moonlight. "Ready, handsome?" Ash weakly nodded. With a lot of force, Frost brought herself down hard. Ash noticed that she didn't gasp in pain, but soon a trickle of blood began to slide down his shaft. "Frost, didn't it hurt?" She looked at him with a compassionate gaze, "Thanks for your concern. Yes, it did hurt, but my body has developed a certain degree of pain tolerance. You do remember the pain I went through during the process of becoming XD-130. The pain I felt just now was a tickle compared to that."

Frost began to move herself up and down while moaning in pleasure. Ash groaned, " feel so tight!" Frost replied, "But you feel enormous! OH YES! KEEP GOING!" Frost was screaming in ecstasy as she felt pleasure she never thought possible. It didn't take too long for Frost to have her very first orgasm. She screamed at the top of her lungs, scaring off a flock of Pidgey that had settled in the branches of a nearby tree. Ash could not believe how much fluid Frost's body had put out with one orgasm. His upper thighs were soaked. But Frost wasn't going to stop until she felt Ash's sticky seed inside her. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait long. "Frost...oof! Here it comes! AGGGHHHH!!!" Ash let out a yell that echoed through the trees as he fired his warm sperm into Frost's womb. The sensation of it filling her was something Frost could not describe. As if something missing had just been returned to her.

Once Frost could feel no more fluid filling her, she weakly lifted herself off Ash's tired member and collapsed onto his chest. Ash gently rested his hand on her back before passing out. Frost managed to look up at Ash one more time before passing out as well as footsteps were approaching.

"Sleep tight, lovebirds." Neo quietly began to tiptoe out of Frost's bedroom. He had told everyone about Frost's plan and followed the two into the forest just in case they fell asleep from exhaustion. "Neo..." Neo turned around and saw Frost looking at him like she was going to fall asleep any second now. "Please...I want to know..." Neo understood and placed his hand over the blanket where her body was covered. After a moment, he smiled. "One of his sperm has just entered your egg. You're going to have a baby." With tears in her eyes, Frost whispered, "Thank you..." just before falling asleep. As Neo headed off to bed himself, he wondered if she and Bayleef's children would be born before Onyx returned.

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